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Subject: Kyle Houston Performance Evaluation Date: October 15, 2013 Inez, After reviewing Kyle Houstons performance

reviews, I do not believe he is ready for a promotion to team leader at this time. There are several areas where I think Kyle can improve and I will discuss those below. Kyle has several strong qualities that will make him a great team leader eventually; he just needs a little improvement first. Kyles contributing, listening, and facilitating group problem solving skills were evaluated by 15 of his peers; his overall score was a 2.42 out of 3, which I would like to see higher before being promoted to team leader. Kyles highest score was in contributing, where he received a 2.83 out of 3, with a range of scores from 2 to 3. His peers said that Kyle attends every meeting, and offers good ideas and suggestions. Kyle is also very punctual and meets all of his deadlines. Kyle seems like a great team member and someone who takes his work very seriously. I believe that Kyle could be a team leader in the future, and his contributing skills will be very beneficial in that position. Listening was Kyles lowest score. He received a 1.96 out of 3, with a range of scores from 0 to 3. Because this skill is critical as a team leader, this worries me the most. Receiving a zero as a rating means that someone believes Kyle is an inferior listener, and we at Anders want every team leader to be an excellent listener. Even though Kyle has never missed a meeting and lets other members talk, he has a tendency to summarize what other members say. There are times when he does not let his coworkers finish their sentences, and their ideas are not heard. In turn, Kyle makes other team members feel as if their ideas arent important. In the future, Kyle should let other members express their ideas freely. In facilitating group problem solving, Kyle received a 2.18 out of 3, with a range of scores from 0 to 3. As I said above, any time there is a score of zero, I am concerned. However, I am not as concerned with this low score as I am with listening. Kyle asks and defines questions in order to stay on topic and organize discussion. One of the only problems with Kyles group problem solving skills was that Kyle often discards all but what he believes is the best solution; in Kyles perspective, one solution may seem to be superior, but there could be a better solution. Kyle needs to work on being open to many different solutions, not just what he thinks is best. I do believe that eventually, Kyle can be an excellent team leader. He needs to work specifically on his listening and group problem solving skills. I will talk to Kyle later this week and review his scores with him. I will get his input on where he thinks he should improve and how we can accomplish this. Im going to suggest to Kyle that he take on more projects that require listening; this will not only improve his listening skills, but his group problem solving skills as well. I really want to see Kyle as a team leader and believe he can be a great one eventually. I want to thank you for trusting me with this decision. I take my job very seriously and am proud that you chose me to make such a big decision. I hope you will come to me again in the future for any other decisions. Thanks, Emily Bresette Team Leader, Anders Consulting