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The Order of the Skulls and Bones Part 2

Learning new information is a constant journey. Even in old age, we will gauge and decipher
new pieces of facts or information to develop our thinking (plus benefit our soul). Living
around today is a blessing. Our forefathers lived and died, so we could live now in trying to do best
thereby we can have a chance in living a good life. In life, your perspectives on issues get clearer. I
certainly regret the mistakes that I’ve made in my life, but what’s really important is how I act in the
present and the future (along with the realization that repentance is fine for God is always able to
forgive). Today, I stand as a man. I regret the stereotypes that exist about human beings. I believe
in the full equality of all human beings regardless of their nationality or background. We should
think in a mindset of strength, meekness, and an appreciation of the unique Universe we live
in. The occult society of the Skulls and Bones have been exposed heavily among the real people in
the alternative media. That Secret Society’s secrets are spread out over many quarters. One of the
reasons why I write on such a subject is because I love to learn. I love to write. I love to look at
images and I love to create things. I did research myself in my first long exposure of the Skulls and
Bones. This first work that I’ve done on this subject was formed in 2003. To recap, the Skulls and
Bones was formulated in Yale University by 2 men. Their names are General William Huntington
Russell and Alphonso Taft. Taft was the father of President William Howard Taft (plus
Alphonso Taft existed as a Secretary of War under the Grant administration in 1876). William
H. Taft was on the Supreme Court and ironically was a Bonesman. Russell is accused of going into
Germany to learn esoteric knowledge as an instrument to develop the Skulls and Bones (which is
nicknamed Chapter 322 or "The Brotherhood of Death"). Their oaths are secret. Videotapes recently
have recorded some of the rituals occurring in Yale. All members of the Skulls and Bones must do
an occult resurrection ceremony, while they are inside of a coffin. Sexual rites are done (like the
person in the coffin confessing their sexual secrets, etc.) and they come out of the coffin as being
"born again." This is the mocking of the real born again Christian experience. Soon, the new
initiate bows next to people dressed as the Pope and Don Quioxite. Both people are Papal icons
and many of the Papal elites are Bonesmen like the late William F. Buckely Jr.. The Skulls and
Bones recruit Juniors at Yale, while they fully function as members by the time of their Senior year.
The Bonesmen meet annually on Dear Island in St. Lawrence River (which is located at in
Northern New York State. This is close to the Canadian border). The Skulls and Bones'
corporate name is "The Russell Trust." Only 15 members can be apart of this Secret Society per
year. Females can now join this organization. The first ritual for new recruits occur in the vaulted
Yale building called the "Tomb." Today anyone can join with the secret society including females.
New members of the Skulls and Bones are called a Knight of Eulogia. Therefore, the
journey of life continues onward.

The following is recall of various information about the Bavarian Illuminati. There has been a lot of
disinformation about the Illuminati especially by the mainstream media and some of Dan Brown’s
works. Dan Brown ignored the reality of how various groups want a new world order like some in the
CFR, Bilderbergers, Pilgrims, etc. Brown made the error that the scientist Galileo was apart of the
Illuminati, which isn’t true. The Angels and Demons film made even more individuals to heighten
their interest in the Illuminati as well. Other Illuminist groups have existed before 1776 as well. The
Illuminati is a historical organization. The Bavarian Illuminati came in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt.
Freemason John Robison, who is a professor of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, wrote
about the Illuminati in his book called "Proofs of a Conspiracy." He believed that the Illuminati
wanted to rule the Earth by aligning with Freemasons first. Ironically, Weishaupt would later become
a Freemason. Robison’s “Proofs of a Conspiracy” was first published in 1798. He wrote that:

"This was in 1777. Weishaupt had long been scheming the establishment of an
Association or Order, which, in time, should govern the world." (John Robinson,
"Proofs of A Conspiracy," [Forgotten Books, 1994], pg. 59).

This Illuminati order was formed to create an one world order: "The aim of the Order is now more
fully told him. It is, in one sentence, "to make of the human race, without any distinction of nation,
condition, or profession, one good and happy family." (John Robison, "Proofs of a Conspiracy,"
[Forgotten Books, 1994], pg. 78).

The author John Robison is a well known scholar. The news of the Illuminati reached Rev. G. W.
Synder. Synder wrote George Washington about the evil group of the Illuminati wanting to ruin
liberty and government (by overthrowing all government and religion). President George
Washington responded to the letter from Synder by writting that:

"...It was not my intention to doubt that, the Doctrines of the Illuminati, and
principles of Jacobinsims had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no
one is more truly satisfied of this fact than I am. The idea that I meant to convey,
was that I did not believe that the Lodges of Free Masons in this country had as
Societies, endeavored to propagate the diabolical tenets of the first,...or pernicious
principles of the latter (if they are susceptible of separation). The individuals of
them may have done it, that the founder, or instrument employed to found, the
Democratic Societies in the United States, may have been the objects; and
actually had separation of the People form their Government in view, is too evident
to be questioned..." (October 24, 1798, John C. Fitzpatrick, George
Washington, The Writings of George Washington from the Original
Manuscript Sources, 1745-1799, Vol. 36 pg. 518).

So, George Washington was convinced that the doctrines of the Illuminati was already
spread into the states. George Washington believed that the Illuminati infiltrated certain
Lodge members and some Democratic Societies. Stephen McDowell wrote a book called
"Apostle of Liberty: The World-Changing Leadership of George Washington on 2007 in pgs.
159 and 160 that George Washington was only in Freemasonic activities no more than a
dozen times in his life (which was minimal involvement. He wrote that Masons exploit
Washington's fame to justify Masonry). Author Henry Martin wrote that:
"Weishaupt...proposed as the end of Illuminism, the abolition of property, social authority,
nationality, and the return of the human race to the happy state in which it formed only a
single family without artificial needs without artificial sciences, every father being priest and
magistrate. Priest of we know not what religion...for in spite of their frequent invocations of
the God of nature, many indications lead us to conclude that Weishaupt had like Diderot and
d'Holbach, no other God than Nature herself..." (Freemason Henry Martin, Histoire de France
depius les temps les plus recules jusqu'en 1789, XVI, 533).

Even Timothy Dwight wrote about the Illuminati trying to overthrowing the government to form an
one world order: "...The great and good ends proposed by the Illuminati the ultimate objects of their
union are the overthrow of religion, government, and human society civil and domestics.." (Timothy
Dwight IV [1752-1817], "The Duty of Americans July 4, 1798. Dwight was the President of Yale).

The President of Harvard Josephus Willard exposed the Illuminati trying to ruin institutions as well in
religion, etc. He did this in July of 1812. Today, the principles of Illuminism like a one world
agenda (and creating an Utopian society) are embarced by Bilderberger, Trilateralist, and
CFR member David Rockefeller. James Warburg even called for world government by
commenting that: "We shall have world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or
consent.." (Statement by Council of Foreign Relations members James Warburg to Senate Foreign
Relations Committee, February 17th, 1955). So the Illuminati doctrine of globalism & an Utopian
society is ever real today. New Age occultists like HP Blavatsky wanted a world order as well those
individuals in Theosophy (but Blavatsky didn't want to take part in politics, but use the tactics of
promoting a new Age Aquarian policy). The Theosophical Society became more political when
they've aligned with Lucis Trust plus the United Nations. The Lucis Trust is on the economy and
social council of the U.N (as admitted by the United Nations Office in Geneva, International Geneva
Yearbook 2009: Organization and Activities of International Institutions). Lucis Trust was once called
Lucifer Publishing. Today, the United Nations promotes Theosophy via Lucis Trust. Freemasonry
is certainly aligned with this plan of a new world order or a new age in the Earth as admitted
by Freemason C. William Smith's "God's Plan in America" from the 1950 New Age Magazine.
Smith writes in that magazine that:

"...As stated before, God's Plan in America is a nonsectarian plan. Our Constitution
is nonsectarian. Our great American Public Schools . . . God's chosen schools . . .
are nonsectarian. The Great Spirit behind this great nation is nonsectarian. Our
great American Public Schools have never taken away from any child the freedom
of will, freedom of spirit or freedom of mind. That is the divine reason that Great
God our King has chosen the Great American Public Schools to pave the way for
the new race, the new religion and the new civilization that is taking place in
America...Any mother, father or guardian who is responsible for the taking away
of freedom of mind, freedom of will or freedom of spirit is the lowest criminal on
this earth, because they take away from that child the God-given right to become a
part of God's great plan in America for the dawn of the New Age of the world."

Albert Pike, 33°, was one of the greatest Masonic leaders. Articles praising Pike abound in official
Masonic publications. His book Morals and Dogma, written in second half of the 19th century,
reveals the expectation of esoteric groups to become the world's leaders, "...the World
will soon come to us for its Sovereigns and Pontiffs. We
shall constitute the equilibrium of the Universe, and be
rulers over the Masters of the World." (Morals and Dogma, p. 817,
referring to the goal of esoteric groups). E. Cahill wrote the book called “Freemasonry and the Anti
Christian Movement.” In it, Cahill wrote that the Italian Masonic Constitution,
almost identical to the original Masonic Constitution of
Anderson of 1723, states in Article 6 "It [Italian Masonry]
proposes to itself as its first object to unite all free men
in one vast family, which may and ought to take the place of
all Churches. . .thereby to constitute the true and only
Church of Humanity." That proves that some in Masonry want to take over the
churches. E. H. Cahill seems to be pro-Papacy and pro-Jesuit though. The Jesuits are a secretive,
wicked order that have infiltrated governments and were involved in harming believers of God for
centuries. Edmond Paris is one out of many authors documenting the nefarious history of the Jesuit
Order. The skeptics have no excuse to deny this information or deny plans of those wanting to
institute an Utopian New world order as well. New Ager Alice Bailey admitted that she wants a
merging of religion with the Mysteries to promote the new world order (in esoteric views or the
revival of the Mysteries to the public. This is similar to Theosophy). This is confirmed by another
source from a Theosophist:
"...Speaking in Chicago in 1927, Dr. Besant spoke likewise on the world Religion or fellowship faiths,
the world University and the Revival of the Mysteries, these being 'three practical measures to which
the Theosophical Society will devote itself largely during the next half century...' Let us consider the
restoration of the Mysteries. It is well known among the members of the Co-Masonic
movement...that its work has been faithfully continued to the present time and that its number of
Lodges has steadfastly increased. Yet it seems to me that we may expect in the near future, when
world peace has been ensured last, still greater changes or rather an extension of the Masonic part
of the work for we are told that it is destined to further the revival of the Mysteries. I image that at
such an auspicious time when the inner and outer worlds will have...come much nearer together,
some of the great leaders of the hierarchy might take part in the outer work of reconstruction and
will then become recognized leaders of the new World Government.." (N. Sri Ram, Lucifer
Thesophist Magazine, January 1960-August 1960, [Kessinger Publishing], pg. 259).

The promotion of the mysteries and the occult is nothing new King James I didn’t believe in
Queen Elizabeth’s sympathies for Rosicurican and occultist John Dee. Dee appealed to the
king for help in trying to clear his reputation from charges of conjuring devils. The King
ignored him. Dr. John Dee lived in poverty until his death in 1608. Before his death, he
influenced Holy Roman Empire Rudolf in 1608. Rudolf lived in Prague and Dr. John Dee
traveled there to met with him. Rudolf II and his father Maximilian II were members of the
Order of the Garter. Rudolf II moved his capital from Vienna to Prague, because Prague (in
Bohemia) has an occult inspired court, a place of magic, a supportive attitude toward
alchemy. One good thing that Emperor Rudolf II was that he promoted some religious people
in Bohemia. Unfortunately, Rudoff II devoted a lot of money to building a library and having
Hermetic works like the Cicatrix (which talks about Sabian themes). The Jewish population
of Prague had some success. Although, many Jewish people were oppressed in an evil
The Zeitgeist film was produced by Peter Joseph, a proponent of the inherently
technocratic Venus Project. This Venus Project was created by Jacques Fresco in
1975. Fresco like Zeitgeist wants to create a classless money-less society.
Theosophical and Masonic ideals are promoted in Zeitgeist. The narrator of
Zeitgeist even admits in the film that: “…Government and the concept of the
state will eventually be outgrown entirely replaced by the objective system of
global resource management and technological organization…” This cash-
less society is also pro-Marxism. Peter J. Boettke admitted that: “…Even at
the height of the Stalin regime, no attempt was made to achieve the Marxian
utopia of a moneyless, comprehensively planned economic order…” Their
goals couldn’t’ be any clearer. Zeitgeist’s premise of trying to getting rid of the
state and the government is equated to wish to abolish the Constitution (which
relates to the concept of the nation-state). The founder of Zeitgeist Peter Joseph
calls man God in an interview with Mark Dice of Resistance Radio. I don’t agree
with Dice on every issue though.

Hence, Thesophists and Masons are spreading esoterism and seek the new world order. The
Zeitgeist film promotes this agenda of an Utopian globalized society or a new world order. One
reason is that Zeitgeist appeal to Theosophists and Freemasons (by citing their sources as an
excuse to promote anti-religious ideology plus anti-nationhood views. Zeitgeist cites these sources
in favorable terms like Churchward, world government proponent 33rd Degree Freemason Manly P.
Hall, the Egyptologist Gerald Massey who wrote for Lucifer Magazine, Freemason Albert Pike, pro-
Theosophist Jordan Maxwell, Freemason plus Druid Godfrey Higgins (HP Blavatsky quotes him in
her Lucifer Magazine), and HP Blavatsky. Zeitgeist promotes Archaya S, Druid Higgins, and the
false Messiah Kristumanti. Archaya S is an interesting shill that some people knew about. Keith
Thomspon and Chris White have exposed her for many months in their Zeitgeist exposes.
That's great. Her famous book is called the "The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever
Sold." Here's a summary of her anti-Christian errors. She claims that the 12 signs of the
zodiac influenced the creation of the 12 apostles by Jesus Christ. That's false since the
division into the celestial sections did not occur until a meeting of the International
Astronomical Union in the 20th century. She lies and said that the Hebrews were moon
worshippers when the Torah forbade worship of the stars or the Hosts of Heaven. Archaya S
is wrong to assume that Krishna was crucified like Jesus Christ. There are absolutely no
Indian gods portrayed as crucified at all. She believed that the Gospels were only penned in
150 A.D. That's false since the Christians Clement and Polycarp wrote quote their writings of
the apostles years before 150 A.D. The p52 papyrus mentioned a moment ago dates to
around 125 A.D.. p75 dates to between 175-225. Regardless of what she says Jesus Christ's
existence has been confirmed by even secular writers, which includes Tacitus, and others.
She gets the history of Freemasonry completely wrong. She believes that the Rock relating
to Peter is Masonic, the carpenter table is a Masonic symbol, and that Josephus knew of the
Masons (and that he was one). The problem is that modern Masonry came about in the
Grand Lodge of 1717 A.D. So, it would be impossible for Jospehus to be a Mason. The New
Testament include teachings against Masonry like being against death oaths, that Jesus
Christ is the only way to Heaven (thereby rejecting Universalism,), etc. She shows no
evidence that the story of Lazarus rising from the dead is an Egyptian myth. Her other
sources aren't scholars at all. Acharya S's real name is D. Murdoch. She believes in the lie
that Christianity is responsible for atrocities when Jesus Christ would never support the
Crusades, Inquisition, Holocaust, the international slave trade, etc. The people who either
originated or carried out these evil deeds aren't Christains, but either sinful people who are
fake Christians (like Papists) and non-Christians. Atheist movements in the 20th century
murdered over 100 million people in the 20th century alone (especially by Mao, Stalin, the
Khmer Rouge, and others). Zeitgeist promotes the eliminate of money, the elimination of private
property virtually, the bashing of religious liberty, and the unification of people into one (in a program
similar to the Venus Project), which is the new world order agenda. Zeitgeist advocated a world
system in Masonic and Theosophic values. Zeitgeist claims not to be political, but reject the
concepts of race, nation, and class believing that the Earth is one single organism. They want to
tear down governmental states. Zeitgeist want a global resource and technological organization
while the government plus the state is eliminated. This is anti-Constitution and blatant treason since
they want world unification.

*This work is about adding new information pertaining to the Skulls and Bones. Plus, I want to
expose definitions and missing links in order to paint a wide encompassing picture on this very
secretive, occult secret society.
More on Geronimo's bones

The story about Geronimo's bones are a continuing occurence. BBC from June 21, 2009 reported
that the Justice Department is trying to stop a lawsuit to return Geronimo's remains held at
the Skulls and Bones' headquarters in Yale. U.S. officials have moved to block a legal bid by
descendants of the Apache leader Gernomino to have his remains reburied. Gernomino's
relatives say that some body parts were stolen in about 100 years ago by members of a
secret society that is linked to Yale University to keep in their clubhouse. His descendants
filed this suit on February 17, 2009, which was the 100 year anniversary of the Apache
warrior Geronimo's death. Their relatives want to rebury the warrior, who died in 1909 near
his birthplace in New Mexico. The Washington Post reported that the defendants include
President Barack Obama, Yale University & the Order of the Skulls and Bones, and the
Russell Trust Association. The suit accuses 4 Bones men of stealing the bones of Geronimo.
The alleged robbers were Prescott Bush, Charles C. Haffner, Henry Neil Mallon, and Ellery
James. Bush, Mallon, and James were Bonesmen since 1917 and Haffner was a Bonesman
in 1919. In the 1980’s an Apache leader, Ned Anderson, was making inquiries into the remains of
Geronimo, buried at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Ned Anderson received a document from an anonymous
Skull and Bones member. The informant said that “in May of 1918, Prescott Bush and five other
officers at Fort Sill desecrated the grave of Geronimo. They took turns watching while they robbed
the grave, taking items including a skull, some other bones, a horse bit and straps. These prizes
were taken back to the Tomb, the home of the Skull and Bones Society at Yale in New Haven,
Connecticut. They were put into a display case, which members and visitors could easily view upon
entry to the building.” Haffner was a General in WWII and then chair of the printing company of R.
R. Donnelly & Sons. The excerpt from the document, titled Continuation of the History of Our Order
for the Century Celebration, June 17, 1933, by The Little Devil of D’121 accuses Haffner of stealing
Geronimo's skull. Prescott Bush of course was the father and grandfather of 2 U.S. President. He
was a Connecticut businessman and a supporter of Planned Parenthood. James was a banker with
Brown Brothers Harriman, but he died in 1932. Mallon became the chair of the oilfield service called
"Dresser Industries." He was the first employer of George H. W. Bush in 1948. Ron Rosenbaum, in
a July 16, 2000 article, “I Stole the Head of Prescott Bush! More Scary Skull and Bones Tales,”
confirms its authenticity. On “A Continuation of the History of Our Order …,” Rosenbaum wrote that
Prescott Bush was stationed in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, which was the site of Geromino's tomb. Marc
Wortman wrote the 2006 book entitled, "The Millionare's Unit." That book says that Marc found a
1918 letter by Bonesman Winter Mead ('19) to Boneman F. Trubee Davison ('18) at the Sterling
Memorial Library about the Geronimo theft account being done by Bonemen. Gernomio died in
1909 after he voluntarily surrended in 1886 (He lead raids against American and Mexican troops
throughout the Southwest). On pgs. 137-138, Wortman writes that:

"...In a long disputed act, in May 1918, six of the Bonesmen on hand at Fort Sill, all
army captains, dug open the grave. A month later, Geronimo’s skull and other personal
artifacts taken from the grave arrived at the Skull & Bones tomb in New Haven. “The
skull of the worthy Geronimo the Terrible,” confirmed Trubee’s society mate Winter
Mead, still a student on campus, “exhumed from its tomb at Fort Sill by your club and
the K-t [Skull & Bones code for "Knight." or new member] Haffner, is now safe inside
the T-[Tomb] together with his well-worn leathers, bit & saddle horn.” He voiced no
objection to the new pieces in the Bones’ collection...."

Wortman is a founder senior editor of the Yale Alumni Magazine. These actions aren't unusual,
because the Skull and Bones are encouraged to “crook” for the Order, to prove their worth. An
anonymous Bonesman told Alexandra Robbins, “I’m in Bones; [t]his is part of our initiation. We have
to ‘crook’ something. The tomb is full of things, with plaques reading ‘crooked by’ and then a name.
Even George Bush, the director of the CIA, has a plaque in there - ‘crooked by George Bush, 1948′”
(Secrets of the Tomb, p. 147). The Justice Department has asked a federal judge to dismiss
their lawsuit. This is wild, because people have a right to return the theft of a dead Native
American's body if that body was stolen from the Skulls and Bones Secret Society. The
Skulls and Bones was of course created in 1832 by William Huntington Russell and his
fellow classmate Alphonso Taft. Russell wanted to revive the Mysteries in America during
the time of the fervent anti-Masonic movement. In fact, in the early 1800's was the peak of
the anti-Masonic Movement, which was after the unjust murder of William Morgan by
Freemasons. For most of its history, Skull & Bones operated as a peer society with Scroll
and Key and, later, Wolf's Head, two of Yale's other property-owning senior societies. Skull
and Bones also owns a campground island in the St. Lawrence River in upstate New York
named Deer Island. "The 40-acre (160,000 m2) retreat is intended to give Bonesmen an
opportunity to 'get together and rekindle old friendships.' A century ago the island sported
tennis courts and its softball fields were surrounded by rhubarb plants and gooseberry
bushes. Today, the Skulls and Bones is one easy way to expose the new world order. Some
of their members are famous in the intelligence community, education, the corporate world,
and other spheres of influence. The most famous Bonesmen are of course George H. W.
Bush and George W. Bush. These 2 men represent what the Skulls and Bones are all about.
The Skulls and Bones use feign piety as an excuse to promote control in society. Their
history is famous for being complicit in the Opium trade, the Civil War, and funding the
Nazis. Averill Harriman not just Prescott Bush are Bonesmen who financially aided Hitler and
the Nazis. Prescott Bush is George W. Bush's grandfather. Today, the Skulls and Bones are
very active today. They recruit from students in Yale University. Prescott Bush's business
arrangements aiding Hitler's Third Reich has been confirmed by the conclusive research of John
Buchannan. Not surprisingly, some from Yale are in the elite. The Skulls and Bones Secret
Society have been discussed in numerous books and movies. The truth about the Skulls and
Bones' true history and agenda has been exposed greatly for a number of years. The truth
ought to be known fully on the Geronimo issue.
John Kerry

I guess you want my opinion on this man. John Kerry won the Iowa Caucus plus the New
Hampshire Caucus in late January 2004 in a strong lead to be the Democratic nominee for the
Democratic ticket back in 2004. He lost the 2004 Presidential election to George W. Bush. Bush and
Kerry are distant cousins. The old 2004 Presidential campaign of Bush vs. Kerry is nothing
more than a Republicrat system unless either men radically changes. Both Bush and Kerry
are related to Hugh Hefner as well. To this day he is a Senator and a supporter faithfully of
President Barack Obama. As a Yale graduate, he’s a member of the occultic Skulls and Bones in
1966 and part of the Council of Foreign Relations. David Thorne (Kerry’s brother in law in his
first marriage) was a Skulls and Bones member. John Kerry was one of the leaders who led women
into the Skulls and Bones. John Forbes Kerry admired JFK greatly and even accompanied JFK
at a yacht in 1962. The Kennedy family and Kerry's family (which included the Forbes and
Winthrop families) were known allies plus friends. According to John Kerry, when he told the
president he was about to enter Yale University, Kennedy grimaced, because he had gone to rival
Harvard University. Kerry later recalled, "He smiled at me, laughed and said: 'Oh, don't worry about
it. You know I'm a Yale man too now.'" According to Kerry "The President uttered that famous
comment about how he had the best of two worlds now: a Harvard education and Yale degree", in
reference to the honorary degree he had received from Yale a few months earlier. Later that day, a
White House photographer snapped a photo of Kerry sailing with John F. Kennedy and his
family in Narragansett Bay. John Kerry is not President John F. Kennedy since JFK supported the
individual right to own guns, he supported an across the board tax cuts, he publicly opposed secret
societies, he criticized the Yalta agreement (that gave Eastern Europe to the Soviets for decades on
end), and he was more moderate than Kerry is today. In Vietnam, John Kerry was a Lieutenant in
the Navy becoming a decorated Vietnam War hero.

JFK is with a young John Kerry. The Wintrop and Kennedy families are also there.

John Kerry had awards in the Silver Star and the Purple Heart whose ribbons he threw in the water.
Kerry rescued a man stranded in the water of Vietnam under heavy gunfire. I respect that except his
Secret Society affiliations. He also in the 1970’s held hearings to end Vietnam with other G.I.s. In
other words, John Kerry soon disagreed with the Vietnam War. War veterans have praised and
criticized John Kerry for his actions. Many of Kerry’s protesters were legitimate displays of the
First Amendment. Other radicals were either infiltrated by the government or supported the
Communist North Vietnamese, which I don’t agree with. I don't agree with the Vietnam war,
but I won't suck up to the government of North Vietnam back then. Today, the nation of
Vietnam exists. His heritage interested me as well. The Boston Globe hired a genealogist
named Felix Gundacker to check John Kerry’s background. The Institute for Historical Family
Research in Vienna, Austria did the study. The researchers say that these findings are 1,000%
accurate on its conclusion. The Boston Globe article on February 2, 2003 exposed their findings
proving that Kerry’s paternal grandfather was Felix Kohn who was a Hungarian (Ashkenazi) Jewish
person. Felix Kohn lived in the Czech Republic and by 1902; he changed his name to Frederick A.
Kerry to outwardly convert to Roman Catholicism. Fritz's elder brother Otto in 1887 or 1896
converted from Judaism in order to escape violent anti-Semitism. Fritz son was Fred Kerry and his
son was Richard Kerry (which was the father of John Kerry). John Kerry's great-uncle and great-
aunt, Ida Kerry's brother Otto and sister Jenni, died in Nazi concentration camps.

Kohn committed suicide later in his life. Kerry therefore possesses Jewish heritage and Irish
Catholic, British, & French heritage from a Wall Street vintage. Kerry is the second child of Richard
John Kerry, a Foreign Service Officer and an attorney for the Bureau of United Nations Affairs, and
Rosemary Forbes Kerry, a World War II nurse and member of the wealthy Scottish-American
Forbes family. Your heritage is your heritage and it really doesn’t matter regardless. He fought
against the illegal war in Panama, which is good. One of the reasons John Kerry is now very famous
is by his investigation of the Iran/Contra affair. He was courageous in starting the investigation of the
corrupt BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International) company, but he didn’t finish the job.
Kerry took up the investigation at 1989 from the Senate and even had a 1,200-page record exposing
the BCCI/Iran-Contra folly. Despite North's claims (of no American government drug running from
the time of Jimmy Carter onward, which is a lie), Senator John Kerry's 1988 Subcommittee on
Terrorism, Narcotics and International Operations found numerous references to drug trafficking
within Mr. North's own notebooks (that North and the White House had substantially edited and
censored). The Subcommittee reviewed 2,848 pages of spiral-bound notes taken by Mr. North
between September, 1984 through November 1986 and concluded: "In reviewing these note-books,
the Committee staff found a number of references to narcotics, terrorism and related matters which
appeared relevant and material to the Subcommittee's inquiry.... the Notebooks do contain
numerous reference to drugs, terrorism, and to the attempts of the Committee itself to investigate
what North was doing in connection with his secret support of the Contras." Pages 145–147 of the
Subcommittee's report directly quote 15 North notebook entries related to drug trafficking. An entry
from July 12, 1985 states "$14 million to finance came from drugs".

Little was done to Bush, Reagan, Rodriquez, Casper Weinberger involved in this affair, but only to
low-level folks involved like Oliver North [a Knight of Malta, who escaped jail time to host War
Stories] and John Pointdexter (Kerry used kid gloves by utilizing Lawrence Walsh, a special
prosecutor to handle it). Orrin Hatch told Kerry to quiet up the allegations and Kerry did until
1991 when the BCCI went bankrupt. Even in 1992, when Kerry rightfully targeted Mueller (who
suppressed evidence to protect the Bush Crime Family through the BCCI), Kerry had a conflict of
interest. The proof is that Kerry headed a group of U.S. Senators who accepted campaign funds
from the BCCI. Kerry’s committee also refused to delve into the Chicago branch office of the BCCI
and the BNL (Banca Nazuole Del Lavoro). The BNL bank had secret business partnerships
between George H. W. Bush and Saddam Hussein exposed by Sherman Skolnick in the Spotlight
August 19, 1991. What a revolution would of happened if Bush and Co. would have been convicted
of treason against America (for drug running, population control actions, etc.), but it never
occurred. John Kerry never accomplished the task because he is a blood brother to Bush 41 and
Bush 43 aligned with his fellow Bonesmen in the Skulls and Bones. At 1991, there was the case o f
the missing POWs/MIAs also.
John Kerry believes in the obscene lie that killing an unborn baby by ripping its body parts
out is equated to choice.

Conclusive evidence manifests of U.S. military soldiers still living in Vietnam, but Kerry
debunked it regardless of reliable accounts of confirmed sightings. Even a Soviet KGB
General openly admitted that many U.S. troops were shipped to Soviet KGB prisons during
the Vietnam War for interrogation purposes. John Kerry and John McCain went on a fact-
finding tour in 1991 and now openly recommended that the U.S. recognize the Communist
Saigon government as legitimate, which is bogus, and a dishonor to the POWs. John
McCain is known to disrespect one relative of a POW in Washington, D.C. John Heinz, a U.S.
Senator from Pennsylvania (himself part of the Skulls and Bones) died in an airplane crash
just when he was about to expose U.S. government complicity in many domestic and foreign
assassinations. Heinz’s wife is Teresa Heinz who later married John Kerry. Kerry’s wife’s
fortune is estimated at $550 million by the Associated Press since Teresa inherited the Heinz
food fortune after John Heinz’s death. According to Texe Marrs, Teresa also has ties to the
U.N. and even Enron to the criminal Ken Lay. Kerry and Bush are tied together in many ways
indeed. Rand Beers was George W. Bush’s chief counter-terrorism adviser on Bush’s
National Security Council. Beers resigned in June 2003 for the then Bush administration’s
handling of the war on terrorism and Iraq. Rand Beers was John Kerry’s senior foreign
policy advisor when Kerry ran for President. This contrived war on terrorism is continuing
since the CIA directly created al-Qaeda and made Osama bin Laden what he is today. Some
maintain that this could be a smooth transition from Bush to Obama is to make tyranny more
gradual instead of blatant. It’s neo-liberals (liberal extremists) and neo-conservatives ruining
this country in a Hegelian Dialect to form the New World Order.

Rand Beers replaced Lt. Colonel Oliver North after North was fired in 1987 by the Iran-Contra
scandal. After 9/11, Beers committed perjury by testifying before Congress that Columbia and
Ecuadorian rebels had links to Al-Qaeda. He was caught lying on tape by Al Giordano (Narconews
publisher). Rand Beers is not listed as part of the CFR, but he was a key contributor to it exposed by
a 1996 CFR report “Making Intelligence Smarter.” A CFR panel headed by AIG Chairman Maurice
“Hank” Greenberg produced this and Al Giordano (a Narconews publisher) called Beers a “CFR
type.” John Kerry voted for the illegal war in Iraq despite his retracting saying that I didn’t expect
Bush to rush to war. He should of known full well that Bush is on a power trip and way before 9/11,
Bush wanted to attack Iraq being a sovereign nation under false pretexts. Some people are
pacificists and others are anti-war. The Iraq War doesn't fit even a remote definition of a just war at
all. Kerry still believes that Saudi Arabia had involvement in 9/11, which is very limited since the
Saudis can't make NORAD standdown or causing Building Number Seven to collapse.

Kerry will discuss about bad intelligence in Iraq and CIA leaks, but not touch the
ultimate truth of 9/11 (which is that political elites and certain intelligence
agencies funded the hijackers and created the atmosphere for 9/11 to occur). John
Kerry believes in eliminating tax cuts for the rich and helping the environment. I
believe in helping the environment, but not believing in frauds like man-made
global warming or the anti-national sovereignty Kyoto Treaty at all. John Kerry
continues though to be anti-gun, pro-abortion (even supporting population
control), and pro-big centralized government to this day. Religiously, he is a
Roman Catholic. People say that he carries a rosary, a prayer book, and a St.
Christopher medal (which is the patron "saint" of travelers) when he campaigned.
He is known for being intellectual in the way he outline his speeches and the way
he fashion his specific arguments on political issues. John Kerry is the total
representation of an establishment liberal member of the Skulls and Bones.

New Haven, Connecticut

Yale and the tomb of the Skulls and Bones are situated in New Haven, Connecticut. It's certainly
reasonable to describe a critical evaluation of the esoteric components of that city. The reason is
because the occult imagery plus the architecture of New Haven is a reflection of the occult portions
of the Skulls and Bones Secret Society. Native Americans are the first residents of New Haven.
European settlers came into New Haven Governor Elihu Yale and his cousin David Elihu.
David Elihu's father was one of the original European settlers of New Haven. Once centuries
ago, New Haven existed as a determined theocracy with only male church members called the
Elect. These people embraced a form of Calvinistic theology. Only a handful of men controlled the
political policies in the location like voting, owning land, and holding office. By 1664, the Colony of
Connecticut owned the land's 7 pillars. Previously, the town in 1638, New Haven Colony had land
made up of 9 squares using Magnetic North. Dr. Ezra Stiles was one of the first Presidents of
Yale University. He was a Freemason and was pro-astrology according to some people. His
diary presented an old map of New Haven in the formation again of 9 squares. This old map
showed a skulls and bones image in the center of New Haven (in the city's graveyard). Even George
Washington visited New Haven back in 1778 to commemorate the town's incorporation. Today, the
Skulls and Bones meet each Thursday night together at a Temple at High Street surrounded by the
Yale Campus in New Haven. New Haven became a town by 1784. Vernon Stauffer from 1918 wrote
a book called, "Body, Mind & Spirit" on page 374 talking more about Connecticut's history:

"At Ridgefield, Connecticut, the declaration was made that America had been caught in the meshes
of the net, which the Illuminati had attempted to cast over all nations. At New Haven it was asserted
that the socities of Illuminism, having wrought fearful havoc and ruin in Europe, were now known to
be extensively engaged in communiating infection and death to the citizens and institutions of this
nation. At Hartford the society of the Illuminati and theoccult lodges of Freemasonry were
represented as having "exhausted the powers of the human mind, in inventing and combining a
series of dread mysteries, unhallowed machinations and disastrous plots" with the dissemination of
the principles of Voltaire and his school as the main objective in view..." pg. 308-309. This book
have Dr. Morse and other accusing the Bavarian Illuminati's offshoots infiltrating certain parts of
New England.
The oldest family plot cemetery in the USA was created in 1797 as the Garden of the Dead. This
was the New Haven Burying Ground at the High Street. This place is also called the Grove Street
Cemetery. This cemetery is found in the center of the Yale University campus. The whole
area is about 18 acres of land today or 73,000 m². The perimeter of the cemetery was
surrounded by an eight foot (2.4 m) stone wall in 1848-49, and the entrance on Grove Street
is a brownstone Egyptian Revival gateway, designed by Henry Austin, and built in 1845. A
syndicate of 32 families are buried there. The old graved were relocated from the old churchyard or
the Green in 1821. Famous persons buried there include Eli Whitney (he invented the cotton gin),
Roger Sherman, Charles Goodyear, and other Yale Presidents. This area is located in downtown
New Haven filled in the area of about 16 acres (It has obelisks and monuments). The entrance of
the facility is oriented in an Egyptian/Revival style. In 1845, Henry Austin built the entrance. It's
made up of the same brownstone as the Tomb. The inscription on the structure reads, "The Dead
Shall be Raised" beneath an image of a winged sun disk. The winged sun disk in the occult
represented Horus achieving wings under the knowledge of Thoth. Horus is the son of Osiris and
Isis in ancient Egyptian mythology. The Crypt of Saint John is a mausoleum that existed from the
1870's. Again, it has the winged sun disk on its entrance. The people buried there are Samuel St.
John and his wife.
The meaning of the skulls and crossbones

The seminal logo of the Skulls and Bones is the skulls and crossbones. It has many meaning that
stretches centuries and thousands of years. The crossbone image typically in the modern world
describes poison, death, evil, and of course piracy. Even the Jesuits embraced the symbol. In
ancient Egypt, the pharaoh King Tutankhamen's tomb was orientated in an X-fashion, which is
similar to the crossbones emblem. The letter X is known to the ancients as representing the
Chaldean (or Babylonian) sky god according to Dr. C. J. Koster. Koster is the head of the Institute
for Scripture Research in South Africa. Koster said that the letter X was an ancient symbol of the
sun deity and it has sexual connotations. X to Texe Marrs means to the ancient Egyptians about
Osiris or devotion to Osiris. Freemasonry uses the X symbol for many purposes. In Freemasonry,
the skulls and crossbones are found in Masonic imagery and rituals. 33° Scottish Rite Freemason
Jim Tresner wrote about the meaning of X in his article entitled, "Seventeenth Degree, Knight Of
The East And West" for the July 2000 Scottish Rite Journal. Tresner admits that the apron of the
17th degree had 10 Yuds (or the character of the Hebrew alphabet and the first letter of the
Tetragammaton). He calls the 10 Yuds or Tetractys as symbolic of the 10 manifestations of God (or
the Sephiroth) that created the Universe in the Kabbalah. So, Freemasonry loves the Kabbalah. He
says that the crossing of cordons in a X pattern is known as an ancient symbol of change or
transformation. This X symbol has been called the cross of St. Andrew. Tresner elaborates on the
17th degree as:

"...There are two cordons, one of black and one of white, which are worn from
shoulder to hip, the white from right to left and the black from left to right. They
symbolize duality—night-day, male-female, mercy-severity, etc.—just as do Jachin
and Boaz. The fact that they cross each other suggests the union of opposites or
equilibrium...The jewel of the Degree is a heptagonal (seven-sided) medal, made half
of gold and half of silver or mother of pearl. The combination symbolizes the sun and
the moon, Osiris and Isis, the power which creates and the power which nurtures—
again, the same symbolism as in Jachin and Boaz. In the center on the front is an
engraving of a lamb resting on a book with seven seals. On each seal is an initial of the
name of one of the last seven Sephiroth, and in the angles of the jewel the initials are
repeated. It should be noted that this book with seven seals is not the Bible's Book of
Seven Seals, which only Christ was worthy to open. But it's important to remember
that this Degree, which features John the Baptist as a major character, immediately
precedes the Eighteenth Degree in which the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth are
prominent and the New Law of Love is announced. As John the Baptist was seen as a
precursor to Jesus of Nazareth, so the front of the jewel is a signal that this Degree
concerns itself with the raw spirituality preached by John, which is to be refined and
focused in the teachings of the Nazarene. The back of the jewel is a balance scale in
equipoise. On the pans rest the hilts of two swords which cross. They thus from a
Cross of St. Andrew, symbol of change and transformation long associated in medieval
and renaissance art with the coming of the Messiah "who shall make all things new."
This Degree, then, provides a sort of spiritual jolt or jump start in preparation for the
transformation, refinement, and redefinition which is to come..."

Jim Tresner admits that this degree corresponds to spiritual transformation, but you don't need a
Masonic ritual to have a better connection with God at all. We should have that connection by
repenting of our sins and following the commandments of God. Not to mention that according to
page 158 of Richardson's Monitor of Freemasonry, the password of Abaddon is used in the 17th
degree. Abaddon is the demon that God allows to punish sinners during the Tribulation (or the angel
of the bottomless pill as found in Revelation 9:11). People have called Abaddon as a synomym for
Satan as well. The first sign of the Super Excellent Master Degree look as a X image (with 2 arms
crossed on the chest of a man). On another apron is described by Cornelius Moore in 1859, this
apron is:

"...An Apron of black velvet of a triangular form, trimmed in silver lace. On the top or flap is
a triangle, with twelve holes perforated through it; in the centre of the triangle is a cross and
serpent; on the centre of the apron is a scull and cross bones, and at equal distance from
them, in a triangular form, a star with seven points; in the centre of each star a red cross..."
~From The Craftsman and Freemasons Guide, 1859

There are researchers who believed that the Knights Templar utilized this symbol of the skull and
crossbones. Freemason Biagent and others wrote in their "Holy Blood and Holy Grail" book
about a mythical story of a lady of Maraclea was dead and the Templar found a skulls and
crossbones burial. Real skulls and bones were used to mark the entrances of Spanish
cemeteries centuries ago called campo santo. The Chi-Rho image is another prelude of the
skulls and crossbones archetype. Chi Rho comes from the 2 Greek letters of chi (or X) and rho (or
the letter of P). Some Christians believe that Chi-Rho originated with the first 2 letters of Jesus
Christ in the Greek language (or Christos). Yet, this isn't all of the case. Images of Chi-Rho has
been found inscribed on rocks dating from 2,500 B.C. Sumeria, and was interpreted as ‘a
combination of the two Sun-symbols’ – symbols of the ancient shining ones. According to "An
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols" was also used on the coins of Ptolemeus III from
247-222 BC, as well as being an emblem of the Chaldean sky/sun god and has the definition
‘Everlasting Father Sun.' Sir Flinders Petrie is an Egyptologist who said that the Chi-Rho monogram
was the emblem of the Egyptian god Horus. Constantine claimed see this Labarum image of Chi-
Rho in trying to be victorious against his adversaries. He claimed that a voice told him "By this sign,
you will conquer." Constantine was a false Christian who was a closet sun worshipper and wasn't
baptized until he was on his deathbed. He organized an unification of church and state that stified
religious liberty in the ancient Roman Empire. The Papacy adopted the skull and crossbones symbol
is a stylized Papal miter and the two keys. This symbol of the Skull and Crossbones shows up
according to the late Brother Alberto Rivera on a flag used during the Extreme Jesuit Oath
of Induction. In the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Virginia, USA, there is an anteroom
with a large portrait of the Colonial period Grand Master Lafayette wearing the Templar Apron
bearing the ‘skull and crossbones.’ The skull and crossbones have a strange history indeed.

The Thule Society & Skulls and Bones connection

The Thule Society is similar to the Skulls and Bones group in a myriad of ways. Yet, it's first
to define what the Thule Society is all about. The Thule Society was based in Germany. The
German language classified this organization as Thule-Gesellschaft. It was a very occult
group, which was based in Munich. Thule is from the mythical northern country from Greek
legend (which is called Scandinavia ironically according to researchers). The pre-Thule
Society group called the Germanenorden (or the Order of the Teutons) was a secret
society formed in 1911. Later, Thule Society founder Walter Nauhaus worked with
Rudolf von Sebbottendorf to formally dedicate the Thule Society in August 18, 1918.
This Society believes that Aryans existed from Thule (and then from Atlantis). Some
people in the Thule Society as Sebottendorff admitted were not interested in occult theories,
but promoting racism against Jewish people (and hated Communist). Adolf Hitler was
accused of being famous member of it and other scholars deny this. Rudolf Hess and Hans
Frank are definitely members of the Thule Society (including Karl Fiehler, Wilhelm Frick,
Heinrich Jost, and others). Rudolf von Sebottendorff had withdrawn from the Thule Society
in 1919, but in 1933 he returned to Germany in the hope of reviving it (He lived in Turkey at
the time of the end of his life). By the 1930's, the Thule Society lost their power since the
Nazi Party grew into such a influence in German government and esoteric aims. According to
Ravenscroft's, "Spear of Destiny" on pg. 161, The Thule Society had Satanists doing black magic
rituals and they were: "solely concerned with raising their consciousness by means of rituals to
awareness of evil and nonhuman intelligences in the universe; and with achieving means of
communication with these intelligences." The New Age Dictionary defines ritual as a "ceremony to
restore balance with nature...and bring back lost harmony and sacredness." Rituals were done
regularly in occult circles to allow demonic or spiritual forces among the participants. Ravenscroft
believed that Hitler was a member of the Thule Society and he did sexual rituals plus he was a
sexual pervert (which is definitely historically true). The Anti-Semite Dietrich Eckart worked with
Hitler from August 14, 1919 until Eckart's death in December 26, 1923. Eckart died of a heart
attack. He participated in the Beer Hall Putsch (or a rebellion against the policies of the German
government. He was among the early members of the NSDAP or the National Socialist German
Workers Party). In Hitler And The New Age, author Bob Rosio recorded the words of Meister Eckart:

"I shall have influenced history more than any other German. Follow Hitler! I have initiated him into
the secret doctrine, opened his centers to vision and given him the means to communicate with the
powers." Rosio claimed that Hitler went through a Luciferic initiation in this quote of his:
"He established communication with Lucifer, from whom he openly coveted possession…entering
into the service of Satan through a Luciferic initiation."

According to Ravenscroft, the Thule Society believed that they contacted a hierarchy of
Superman or Secret Chiefs of the Third Order. The agenda of Superman is a transhumanist
goal in the 21st century dealing with making man via technology into a god-like being (which
is supported by some Freemasons like of course W. L. Wilmhurst). The Nazis and their allies
believe in Madame Blavatsky's view (as found in her book called "The Secret Doctrine" that the
supermen had escaped the destruction of Atlantis with their higher levels of consciousness intact.
The supermen to the Nazis were Aryans. These occultism views along with social Darwinian, and a
distorted view of Evolution inspired the Nazis to carry out the Holocaust with their Death Camps, etc.
As many already realize, Adolf Hitler have had a long history with supporting occult beliefs and
reading occult literature. Hitler loved to real the works of Madame HP Blavatsky (just like
Jordan Maxwell). HP Blavatsky was a Luciferian by her own quotation: “…For it is he who
was the “Harbinger of Light,” bright radiant Lucifer, who opened the eyes of automaton
(Adam) created by Jehovah, as alleged; and he who was first to whisper, “In the day yea eat
there of, ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil” — can only be regarded in the light
of a Saviour. An “adversary” to Jehovah … he still remains in esoteric truth the ever loving
“Messenger”… who conferred on us spiritual instead of physical immortality …” She is the
co-founder of the Theosophical Society (along with her Freemason friend Henry Olcott),
which believe in Universalism or that there is some truth in all religion. In 1879, HP Blavatsky
launched the “Theosophist” monthly magazine in India. By 1887, she created the Lucifer magazine
in London and in 1888 she wrote the Secret Doctrine book. The Secret Doctrine is Blavatsky‘s
magnum opus. Theosophical Society is an integral part of the modern New Age Movement and New
Agers readily read or consume the literature from the Theosophical Society.
This is an old picture of Charles Leadbeater on the left, Anne Besant in the middle,
and Freemason Colonel Henry Olcott. This picture occurred in December of
1905. Charles Leadbeater was a famous Anglican clergyman and was accused
of being a pedophile. He was apart of co-Masonry and was in the Liberal Catholic
Church by 1915. The Liberal Catholic Church used sacraments and was open to
embrace reincarnation and other theosophical views. In 1920, C.W. Leadbeater
published a book for the use of the clergy of the Liberal Catholic Church called The
Science of the Sacraments. The book has pictures what Leadbeater said he saw
with his claimed clairvoyant ability to observe etheric matter with his third eye. The
pictures show the effect of performing the sacraments on the distribution of
etheric matter within the vicinity of the congregation. The Liberal Catholic
Church believes that other major religions possess revelations from God.

By 1891, the Theosophical Society was headed by Annie Besant (who was a New Ager). Anne
Besant was a Socialist (via a close relationship with the Irish Fabian Socialist
George Bernard Shaw), Feminist, and another New World order advocate.
Blavatsky wanted Besant to be her successor. Blavatsky praised Annie in loving
terms with words like: “…Dearest…”, “My Dearest,” and “My Darling Penelope…”
Annie believed that Freemasonry and co-Freemasonry represented a true
brotherhood where men and women united to improve the existence of all humanity
Besant is known to have a daughter named Mabel. Freemason & notorious pedophile
Charles Leadbeater was a leader in the Theosophical Society with Besant as well. Their works were
translated and published in German to Theosophy-based groups in Germany plus Austria. Some of
these societies influenced the make of the Nazis. The logo of the Theosophical Society has a
Hexagram, a serpent eating its own tail (called the ourboros), the crown, and a swastika. The
reversed swastika (which was a sun symbol in ancient civilizations from the Native Americans to
ancient Hindus) was embraced by the Nazis. Now, Hitler and the Nazi used occultism as an excuse
to commit the Holocaust, which is wrong. Heinrich Himmler was another pro-occult man.
Himmler was an astrologist who believed that the Nazis SS were the 20th century
version of the Knights Templars. Some of the SS ceremonies were take place while
folks hold lighted torches. He wanted 12 people sitting at his table to represent the
King Arthur story. King Arthur was a story about a Celtic chief fighting against
the Roman Empire and other tribes in ancient Britain. Himmler viewed the SS as a
new aristocracy or a new group of human beings (of soldiers, academics, and
administrators merged into one. Himmler headed some Nazi concentration camps
to exterminate innocent human beings). Heinrich Himmler was racist and believed
in trying to create a “master race.” He called Jewish people vermin. The similarities
between the Skulls and Bones and the Thule Society include that: each influenced or funded the
Third Reich, each have secret ceremonies to be apart of the group, occultism is found in each
group, its founders were of Anglo-American/Germanic background, each are accused of doing
sexual rituals (The Skulls and Bones definitely are involved in such things. The Nazis worked
at Wewseberg Castle Nazi SS to act similar to Teutonic Knights), and each have nefarious
goals in the world from undue control of society to bigotry. After WWII, followers of Theosophy like
Alice Bailey wants the one world order. She is the wife of 32nd Degree Freemason Foster Bailey.
Bailey even claimed that his spirit guide was Master D.K. or Djwhal Khul. Djwhal Khul is a so-
called Tibetan master who promoted the plan of the Hierarchy of Ascended Masters. Alice
formed Lucis Trust as a means to spread New Age thought:

“Preparation too must be given to the developing of higher psychic powers...Hospitals and
schools will appear under the direct guidance of the Masters; Teachers... will train the
minds of the pupils to be responsive to direct inspiration from above. ”
- The Externalization of the Hierarchy, pp. 516-517
The demoralization of authentic Christianity has been a goal of Theosophists. Some of
them and their ilk use the lie that Hitler or George W. Bush (who violated real Christian
principles by joining occult secret orders, promoting torture, passing laws that violate the
Constitution, have 2 immoral wars, etc.) are true Christians as an excuse to demonize
collectively all Christians. They (or Theosophy supporters like Jordan Maxwell. Maxwell
respects the work of Luciferian H.P. Blavatsky especially the book Isis Unveiled. Jordan
Maxwell loves the work of 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason Manly P. Hall as well)
even expose some truth about the falsehoods of the official story of 9/11, how the elite
obsess with occult symbolism, and the problems of the Federal Reserve. They use these
exposures as an excuse to bash nearly all monotheist religious thinking in general in order
to promote the New Age/Mystery Religion paradigm. The woman in the above image is
Alice Bailey.

The New Age Movement today is not readily centralized. Its spread among many nations
under a myriad of different titles. The New Age atmosphere consists of the merging of the
traditions of Eastern metaphysical teachings, Wiccan inspired beliefs, Western occult
tradition, and the rest of the Mysteries in the world over. These Mystery School tenets have
existed for thousands of years indeed. Alice Bailey created the Arcane School to teach
people these occult principles. Bailey praised Freemasonry and desired a new universal
religion. Bailey wrote in 1957 that, "The Masonic movement... is the custodian of the law;
it is the home of the Mysteries and the seat of initiation. It holds in its symbolism the ritual
of Deity, and the way of salvation is pictorially preserved in its work. ... It is a far
more occult organization than can be realised, and is
intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists. In its ceremonials lie
hid the wielding of the forces connected with the growth and life of the kingdoms of nature
and the unfoldment of the divine aspects in man."

She also wrote in 1957 that: "... when the new universal religion has sway and the nature of
esotericism is understood-will be the utilisation of the banded esoteric organisms, the
Masonic organism and the Church organism as initiating centres. These three groups
converge as their inner sanctuaries are approached. There is no dissociation between the
One Universal Church, the sacred inner Lodge of all true Masons, and the inner-most
circles of esoteric societies." Universal religious groups exist today like Bah’ai. Bailey
believes that “Master DK” wants a New group of world serves to establish a new world
religion that can evolve humanity into perfection. This is equivalent to Age of Aquarius and
a pro-witchcraft source admits that:

“…The Age of Aquarius: A time that is believed by those within the New Age
Movement that will herald a time of peace, love, and universal brotherhood. The
term has come to signify spiritual, Occult, and metaphysical teachings and
practices as well as their mainstream acceptance…”

-Essential Wicca p. 312-313

She or Alice believes in the Great Invocation, triangle organizations, and other things to get
this accomplished. Alice Bailey additionally desired for seed groups to infiltrate sectors
of society. Today, the New Age Movement are going strong with deluded leaders like
Benjamin Crème (who promotes his false Messiah called Maitreya, whose name according
to some adds up to 666. Crème follows the Jesuit-invented heresy & lie of Preterism to
claim that Maitreya is a good person, which he isn’t), Eckhart Tolle, Shakti Gawain,
Deepak Chopra, J.Z. Knight, and many others to name a few. Each of them maintain (in
their books, seminars, television shows, films, etc.) that so-called “spirit guides” can help
man to ascend into “enlightenment” via various degrees. Benjamin Crème loves
Freemasonry as a way to get his New Age agenda rolling. Jesus Christ predicted that the
end times will have false Christs as found in Matthew 23, 24. He is right since Maitreya is
definitely a false Christ. The spirit guides commonly tell non-biblical statements and
Christians have called these entities demons. They promote an obsession with “self help”
(in thinking that humans can be literally equivalent spiritually with God) which disregard
the power of Almighty God to help people. They readily deny sin, judgments, and some
even deny the existence of evil. The New Age Movement isn’t new, because the ancient
Mysteries of Babylon, Egypt, India, China, etc. have a key influence on the New Age
teachings today. One example is how the Christian Caryl Matrisciana have proven
the the Hindu concept of karma, kudalini, yoga, etc. are common features of
New Age doctrine. Esotericism is found in Masonry of course with Albert
Pike admitting in his Morals and Dogma book that deception is sent into the
lower degrees. That is why Freemasons deny that Masonry is related to
Christianity. Mackey in his History of Freemasonry & Concordant Orders,
p.771 states, "Masonry does ...not teach the 'Trinity in Unity' as Christians
understand it; furthermore, it does not teach that T.G. A. 0: T. U. is
Immanuel, the God with us, the Christ. Templary is called the Masonic
Christian Order, but modern Masonry is not Christian." Alice Bailey supported
the New Age-filled group of the United Nations as well:

"The atomic bomb does not belong to the three nations who perfected it ... It belongs to the
United Nations for use ... It does not essentially matter whether that aggression is the
gesture of any particular nation or group of nations, or whether it is generated by the
political groups of any powerful religious organization, such as the Church of Rome, who
are as yet unable to leave politics alone ..." [The Externalization of the Hierarchy, P.
The Order of Cincinnati

The Society of Cincinnati is a secret organization that has existed for centuries. Fritz Springmeier
have compared this group to the U.S. version of the UK's Order of the Garter. The Order of the
Garter is an inner, secret group within the Order of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem (This is the
British counterpart of the Papal Knights of Malta, which have agreed with each other since 1963.
1963 is ironically the time after both groups are suspected of killing John F. Kennedy and covering it
up according to many researchers). The Knights of the Garters are globalist leaders, which are
stronger than most Bilderbergers. One famous Order of the Garter member is Lord Peter
Carrington, who is a member of the Order of Osiris plus other occult groups according to Fritz
Springmeier. It has branches in America and France. It was founded in 1783 as a means to
preserve the ideas and fellowship of the Revolutionary war officials. It wanted the government to
honor pledges to the offices who fought for American independence. Today, they exist as a group
that promotes public interest in the American Revolution via its library, museum collections,
programs, publications, exhibitions, and other activities. Major General Henry Knox probably formed
it. Its first meeting as held in Fishkill, NY during May 1783 (in Mount Gulian or Verplanck House)
before the British evacuated New York City. Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Hamilton attend the
meeting. The membership included officers of the French Army, Navy, and other ranks. The
society is named after Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus. He was a person who left his farm to
accept a term as Roman Consul then served as Magister Populi. He experienced a battle
then went into the Senate. Later, he went back into plowing. So, the Senate praised him as doing
selfless service. The French Society of Cincinnati came about by King Louis XVI in July 4, 1784 or
Independence Day. The first President of the Order of Cincinnati was President George Washington
from December 1783, then Alexander Hamilton in 1799. George Washington, as President of the
Society of the Cincinnatus, has been proven also by an engraved document. That document
was signed and dated on May 5, 1784 as a certificate of membership in the Society for
Colonel Gamaliel Bradford, countersigned by Henry Knox as Secretary of the Society. 23
signers of the U.S. Constitution were members as well. Their logo is the Bald Eagle which was
made by Major Pierre L'Enfant (and French officer who joined the American Army in 1777).
L'Enfant was one designer of Washington D.C., but he soon quit the operations over the
disagreements with Thomas Jefferson plus other people. Many folks of the Cincinnati worked
with the youth like the direct and collateral descendants of officers of the Army, Navy, and
Marines who served during the Revolution. People pay hundreds of dollars to just join the

The medallions at the center of the Cincinnati Eagle depict, on the obverse, Cincinnatus receiving
his sword from the Roman Senators and, on the reverse, Cincinnatus at his plow being crowned by
the figure of Pheme (personification of fame). The Society's colors, light blue and white, symbolize
the fraternal bond between the United States and France. Today, its national headquarters are in
Anderson House in Washington, D.C. James Monroe, and the Marquis de Lafayette were members.
On their website, you still must be a member to see some of their meeting information. Even in
2009, very few people know about the Society of the Cincinnati. Fritz Springemeier wrote the
following information on this group:

"...At least 15 Presidents have been honorary members. Pres. Franklin Pierce and Zachery Taylor
(his father was an Original Member) were hereditary members. Many of the high ranking Masons
who were also officers in the Revolution were Original Members. Three prominent Freemasons who
were big in the Society of the Cincinnati were Henry Beekman Livingston (1750-1831), James Mann
(1759-1832), and Hardy Murfee (1752-1809). Hardy served as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of
North Carolina beginning in 1789. I noticed that many very busy elite People were spending a lot of
money and time on this Society, whatever its purpose was. The Society had a museum, and a
headquarters building in Washington, D.C. on Massachusetts Ave, N.W., and state chapters. But
why? The stated purpose of the organization ditn’t seem to explain the interest people put into the
organization. Why spend time belonging to an organization whose only purpose is to commemorate
the fact that all Its members are descendents of Revolutionary War officers? The purpose of the
organization is “To render permanent the cordial affection subsisting among the officers.” O.K. I can
understand a group of officers who are all veterans of a war getting together. But their
descendents? We are talking about a war whose fighting basically ended in 1781. That’s over 200
years ago. Would my busy descendents care to visit with some other Vietnam vets’ great-great-
great grandchildren 200 years from now?

Yet, my 1983 World Almanac (which lists in fine print about 1,300 associations) gives the
membership of the Society of the Cincinnati at 2,800. Other sources indicated that the organization
had an affiliate organization in France. But how? How could an organization which was open to only
descendents of select Revolutionary Officers be so Identical in purpose to something in France for
frenchmen? I could understand why, but only If the stated purposes were not the whole story. As
you can see I was very suspicious of the Society of the Cincinnati, it appears I had stumbled onto
something big. But I hadn’t been able to tie the Society in with the Illuminati-until I stepped up my
research on the duPonts. The tie-in between the Illuminati and the Society of the Cincinnati came
when I began investigating what I thought might turn out to be an obscure Person. His name was
Leighton Coleman (1837-19??) and he was married to Francis (Fanny) Elizabeth, daughter of Alexis
Irenée du Pont (1816-57). Alexis died in an accident. Occult bloodline power can pass through
women or men, so it was worth it to investigate Leighton Coleman. Leighton Coleman turned out to
be the Bishop of the State of Delaware for the Episcopal Church. He was a prime mover in the
temperance movement (which I had already discovered was Illuminati controlled). Further Leighton
was grand chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Freemasons in Pennsylvania, Grand Prelate of the
Knights Templar, and chaplain of the Delaware Society of the Cincinnati. Another of the top 13
Illuminati families is the Kennedy family. There is a connection to the Society of the Cincinnati with
this family too. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (ex-wife to both J.F.K. and Aristotle Onassis)
had a grandfather named Major Bouvier, who invented a family genealogy which was mostly fiction
which was self-published in 1925 as Our Forebears, but tbe fantasy Bouvier genealogy allowed him
and his sons Bud and Black Jack to get into The Society of the Cincinnati. (see A Woman Named
Jackie, by C. David Heymann, p. 18) All three Bouviers were very proud of their memberships and
would proudly display their boutonnieres on their labels showing membership...." (Fritz Springmeier,
"The Bloodlines of the Illuminati," The Dupont family)

The Society of the Cincinnati use piety as an excuse to promote the existence of hereditary
aristocracy in America when real Patriots fought against a centralized aristocracy ruling our
land. That is why the anti-Federalists were heavily anti-centralized government and wanted a
Bill of Rights to protect individual liberties. In fact, the Society of Cincinnati, especially its
members, were highly responsible for turning American from the Articles of Confederation
(when each state had their own money, laws, etc.) into a very strong central government, a
national bank, etc. Many Presidents are members and Benjamin Franklin was an honorary
member. The Society of the Cincinnati is a key group that signifies an American hereditary
Barry Seal and 1982

Barry Seal was one of the most controversial figures of the history of the American Drug War. He
was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on July 16, 1939. Stories attest to this relationship with the
Skulls and Bones-filled Bush family. It's been rumored that ex-Governor of Texas and ex-President
George W. Bush and his brother (who is a K of C member) & ex-Florida Governor Jeb Bush
allegedly was caught in videotape in 1985 picking up kilos of cocaine. Seal is said to have catch
them doing this in a DEA sting. Seal felt that then Vice President George H. W. Bush had dealt
him badly. He believed that Bush would of handled his legal affairs better. while Seal would
work at Mena, Arkansas (working for Bush and Oliver North). Barry Seal soon died after 1985
when the videotape incident allegedly took place. King Air 2000 was apart of Barry Seal's fleet of
smuggling aircraft. Strangely, Texas officials found out that the plane was a favorite of then Texas
Governor George W. Bush. That is precisely why Barry Seal had a connection with the CIA. The
CIA denies that. Yet, FAA records found that Barry Seal piloted and controlled planes that were
owned by the same Phoenix, AZ company named Greycos. Greycos is owned by the majority
proprietory airline named Saturn Air Transport. The history of the aircraft is found in the records kept
by Barry Seal's widow named Debbie. Daniel Hospsicker believed that this Beeach Craft King Air
200s were purchased by a Phoenix-based corporation acting as a front for John Singlaub. John
Singlaub has connections to the Vatican, the CNP, and the rest of the global elite. Tosh
Plumlee believed that Barry Seal worked for Ted Shackley and the CIA. Tosh said that: "Barry
Seal did a lot of d___ good stuff in the late 60s. In 67 and 68 he was with Air America in South
Vietnam and Laos during Search and Destroy and Special Ops with Ted Shackley's boys. He'd
been recruited for Special Ops because of the Cuban thing."
This famous picture was dates in January 22, 1963. This place was at the “La
Reforma” nightclub in Mexico City. Barry Seal’s widow owned the photograph.
From clockwise from the front left are alleged to be David Sanchez Morales, Porter
Goss, Barry Seal, Guillermo Novo Smapol, Ignacio Novo Sampol, Carlos Alberto
de Diego Aday, Richard Cain (which is unconfirmed), Arsenio Felipe de Diego
Aday, Tosh Plumlee, and Virgilio Gonzalez.

There is more to Barry Seal as well. He was the son of a candy wholesaler and his father was a
member of the Ku Klux Klan. He was obsessed with aircraft and took his first solo flight at the age of
15. He advertised banners for a living. He joined the CAP or the Civil Air Patrol in 1955. Soon, he
took part in a CAP joint training mission with the New Orleans unit that was run by David Ferrie. A
former CAP member named John Odom said that Seal met with Lee Harvey Oswald during this
training. Tosh Plumlee believed that Barry Seal worked for the CIA as early as the mid 1950's.
He wrote that: "...Barry Seal was involved with military intelligence in the early days...
Military intelligence was the real game, with the CIA just acting as logistical people. Barry
was a peripheral player back then, but he was a CIA 'contract' pilot all the way back to 1956
or 1957." Seal in 1958 send weapons into Fidel Castro in order to fight against the Fulgencio
Batista regime in Cuba. This was went part of the CIA supported the overthrow of Batista. Then, the
CIA switched sides after Fidel Castro gained power. Barry Seal is accused of being a CIA pilot in
Guatemala and Gerry Hemming claimed that Seal was a member of Operation 40 in the early
1960's. Operation 40 was a secret plan to have covert war with Fidel Castro's regime, but it was
unsuccessful. Seal acted strangely according to his wife during the time of the Kennedy
assassination. According to his wife, Deborah, "Barry Seal flew a getaway plane out of Dallas after
JFK was killed." In July 1st, 1972, Barry Seal was arrested in New Orleans, because he was
accused of sending C4 explosives to anti-Castro Cubans in Mexico. A trial came against him in
June of 1974. There was a mistrial and Barry Seal was released. What was so significant about
1982 then? By 1982 Barry Seal was bringing in drugs to the United States on behalf of the Medellin

Seal moved his base of operations from Louisiana to Mena, an obscure airport in the secluded
mountains of western Arkansas. Seal told friends that he once made $1.5 million on a single
cocaine flight. According to Michael Levin's "The Big White Lie: The CIA and the Cocaine/Crack
Epidemic, Seal worked directly for Sonia Atala, who is a CIA protected drug baron. Seal's drug
smuggling caught up with him. He was arrested in 1984 at Fort Lauderdale, Florida for money
laundering and Quaalude smuggling. So, Seal negotiated a plea deal to be an informant for the
DEA. He wanted to testify against his former Colombian employers. Many of them were into jail.
Back in 1984, DEA informant was reported by the Washington Times in an article that Seal
infiltrated successfully the Medellin cartel operations in Panama. Oliver North leaked the story to
cover up the criminal acts of the Contras and promote the story of the Nicaraguan Sandinistas'
involvement in the drug trade. Frankly, the Contras and the Sandinistas did terror and drug
trafficking. He died in February 19, 1986 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Seal was murdered by
Colombian gunmen while in federal custody. According to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in
The Sunday Telegraph of October 9, 1994, one of Seal's associates claimed that between
1980 and his murder in 1986, Seal imported 36 metric tonnes of cocaine, three tonnes of
heroin and 104 tonnes of marijuana.
Other Groups

These are the following Secret Societies in Yale and other Universities:

-Scroll and Key (from Yale)

-Wolf’s Head (from Yale)
- Book and Snake (from Yale)
-Eliahu (from Yale)
-Berzelius (from Yale)
-St. Elmo (from Yale)
-Manuscript (from Yale)
-Ivy Club and Cottage Club (from Princeton)
-AUV (from Andover)
-The Porcelain Club and the Fly Club (at Harvard) The Wolf’s Head and other Yale Secret
Societies have an equally important role in political affairs as the Skulls and Bones have.
Here are more information on some of these major Secret Societies.

Skulls and Bones has. The Skulls and Bones is just one of the more popular subjects that folks love
to expose. The Wolf's Head is an undergraduate senior Secret Society at Yale University. It gains
116 junior year Yale College students. The undergraduate members spend their senior year as a
delegation answerable to the graduate body. Its legal name of past members are known as the
Phelps Association. The Wolf’s Head came into prominence by 1884. This was when 15 members
of the Yale Class of 1884 choose to create the Third Society that evolved into the Wolf's Head
Society by the Phelps Trust Association in 1883. Charles Pierpont Phelps is the name where the
Phelps Trust Association comes from. The Pierpont family has a serious history connecting with
Yale. Re. James Pierpont promoted the creation of Yale. According to Fritz Springmeier, the Phelps
descend from the brother of Oliver Cromwell's private secretary. The Wolf's Head wanted to counter
the dominance of the Skulls and Boens in undergraduate and university affairs. This needed the
attempt to ban undergraduate secret societies in Yale. Its early members were called "Grey Friars."
Yale by the late 1800's were dominated by 3 secret societies of the Skulls and Bones, Scroll and
Key, and Wolf's Head. The Wolf's Head Society dominated the social pyramid bricked by freshman,
sophomore, and junior socieites (including campaus organizations, athletic teams, clubs, and

Its logo is a wolf's head near an inverted ankh (that is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic meaning life
or resurrection). Females have tapped and have joined as late as 1992 in the Wolf's Head. The
Hall is a building that this Secret society meets. It was built in ca. 1924 by Bertram Grosvenor
Goodhue. That building is on York Street and it's surrounded by the Yale Daily News' Briton Hadden
Memorial building, the Yale Drama School and its theatre (both gifts from E. Harkness). The
Grosvenor family is well known as a prominent bloodline in European Royal history. Prominent Wolf
Head’s members include Cyrus Vance, Malcolm Baldrige, Arthur Hill Christy, and Thomas
McCance. Wolf Head members have important families in them like the Phelps, Rogers, House,
Hill, Carrington, and Lovejoy (according to Fritz Springmeier, these Wolf’s Head’s members work
with the du Ponts, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Harriman, Reynolds, and the Merovingian
bloodlines). Some Wolf’s Head members are son of generals (like H. W. Slocum. His father was
General Slocum). Some of them indeed worked in WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam (They include
Captain G. Brush of WWI, 2nd Lt. W.W. Collins the 3rd during WWII, and J. G. Keller of WWII).
Keller was a major in the field artillery. Lewis Edward Lehrman is a multimillionare that is worth at
least $600 million. He was the director of Rite Aid and is a member of the Wolf's Head. Lehrman is
also a famous Knight of Malta. Pilgrim Society member, and banker, William B. Hill is apart of the
Wolf's Head as well.
Alexandra Robbins is the woman in the left image.

Ironically, Alexandra Robbins was a Scroll and Key member, who wrote an article on the Skulls and
Bones back in May 2000 (which is found in the Atlantic Online. She was a 1998 Yale graduate and
is one the staff of the New Yorker‘s Washington Bureau). Alexandra Robbins is famous for her
recent book entitled “Pledged.“ This book talks about her undercover work in exposing sorority life.
She writes that there is emotional and physical abuse, eating disorders, and binge drinking in
numerous sororities. Alexandra talked with one sorority women that destroyed her friendship with
another women over a sorority rivalry. Some have accused Alexandra Robbins of outlining a puff
piece on the Skulls and Bones, because she omits how the Bonesmen’s initiation ceremony is more
occult, satanic than what she is presenting. One example is Mr. Alper’s account about the
Skulls and Bones mocking the Lord Jesus Christ’s communion by eating blood (including
other blasphemy). "Is the President's Soul in Jeopardy? An Evangelical Christian
Looks at Bush's Skull and Bones Initiation" is the article written by Lewis Alper, from
Counter Punch, on November 26, 2005 that has the following information that Robbins
didn’t reveal about the Skulls and Bones:

“…With a hood placed on his head, the text of the Robbins book reports, the initiate is
"marched throughout the Tomb on a pseudo-tour, during which the knights and
patriarchs shriek in high-pitched voices jokes about the initiate's girlfriend or dog,
akin to benign 'yo' mama' cracks." (p.119.) Although resembling Carnival rites in
many cultures, in fact the ritual soon begins to teeter dangerously toward other dark
ceremonies from anti-Christian secret societies of the past. The society has a story it
claims gives historical and even religious credibility and sanction to these rites. The
society's adopted myth states that the Roman goddess Eulogia ascended into
heaven in 322 BC. The society's lore refers to the 'First Miracle of the origin of
our Goddess' (Robbins, p.84) and to her "second coming" to Yale in 1832 to
found the society. "Eulogia! Eulogia! Eulogia!" the "Bonesmen" shriek as the initiate
is escorted into the inner temple before he is compelled to sign his name to an oath of
After this the initiate is brought before a picture of Judas Iscariot, whose name the
group screams three times, and then he is led to the heart of the rite: the initiate is
pushed to his knees before a human skull filled with blood placed at the foot of a
human skeleton called Madame Pompadour.

The crowd "implores him to 'Drink it! Drink it! Drink it!'" and he does. Then he is
hurried to a man dressed as the Pope. "But not before the D whips him in the face with
his tail. The initiate bends to kiss the Pope's slippered toe on the skull." (Robbins,
p.120.) This is the core of the very un-Christian and blasphemous rite that enfolded so
many members of the Bush clan into the secret society, mirroring similar rites from
earlier blasphemous societies and indeed even some devil-worshipping sects. Now we
must pause and consider these rites. What might they mean today? What do the
initiators intend by having young men in the rigors of modern education submit
to these un-Christian rites? Whom do they hope the young men will become as a
result? And what actually happens to those who undergo these rites?

I was shocked to discover that the Goddess Eulogia is a fabrication. And not a simple
fabrication but one that leads us to something very specific. There never was a Roman
goddess by that name. However, students of New Testament Greek know that eulogia
is one of the names given to the sacrament as in St. Paul's first letter to the
Corinthians: "The cup of blessing ('eulogia') which we bless, is it not the communion
of the blood of Christ?" Alarming to me and perhaps it will be to you, rather than
honoring the sacrament, we see that the secret society initiation culminates in a
parody of partaking of the blood of Christ. This parody is known in other contexts as
the sinful Black Mass. We know Black Mass is not truly parody but blasphemy and
sacrilege. Invoking Judas, dishonoring the Pope and violating the sacrament is terrible
sacrilege…The ancestral pattern is clear: Trading with the enemy and profiting from
war. The Skull and Bones initiation, to the degree it sets young men on a path of
ruthless worldly seeking and flaunting of Christian values, was successful. Prescott
Bush's legacy, it heart-renderingly appears, is alive and well and living in the White
House--and if we are silent we are all implicated…" (the end of the article source)

So, these abominable rituals of the Skulls and Bones outline their character
in history. The Scroll and Key was invented in 1841 being the 2nd oldest
Secret Society of Yale University. Scroll and Key was established by John
Porter, William Kingsley, Samuel Perkins, Enos Taft, Lebbeus Chapin,
George Jackson, Homer Sprague, Charlton Lewis, Calvin Child and Josiah
Harmer. They disagreed with some of the elections to the Skulls and Bones.
These group was organized by 12 members of the Yale Class of 1842 and one man named William
Kingsley was the Class of 1843. In the Scroll and Key, new members are called Keys. They meet
Thursday and Sunday nights during their senior year in their windowless "Tomb." There are
alternating dark and light bands of stone, ornate column capitals at the entrance, and pattern
pierced stone window screens at the Tomb. The Scroll and Key contribute greatly to Yale over the
year. The John Addison Porter Prize (is a Scroll and Key Prize) is an award sent by Yale since 1872.
The Keys have provided an endowment for the founding of the Yale University Press in 1917. This
Press funds the publication of the Yale Shakespeare and other scholarly works. The architecture of
the Scroll and Key building is interesting. Richard Morris Hunt was a famous 19th century architect
that help develop the Scroll and Key building. Tax records show that the Scroll and Key has an
endowment worth several million dollars more than its elder counterpart of the Skulls and Bones.
Scroll and Keys members have many elites like the Skulls and Bones have (some of them are
descendants from the Mayflower). Knight of Malta J. Peter Grace, Stone Phillips, Paul Mellon, and
others. Cyrus Vance and Sargent Shriver (who were famous political figures of the 20th century)
were in the Scroll and Key as well.Vance was the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and was the
Secretary of the Army. Shriver was apart of the Peace Corps, he was a Special Olympics, and 1972
Democratic Vice-Presidential Candidate.

Berzelius was a secret Society that was named after one founding fathers of modern chemistry
named Swedish scientist Jöns Jakob Berzelius. It was founded in 1848 and it's called "BZ." The
Colony Foundation or the alumni trust organization owns the society's building. Outsiders refer to
the building as a 'tomb', the customary appellation for a secret society structure at Yale, however,
many BZ members refer to their building as "The Hall." This is likely a transferred linguistic remnant
of the tradition of the 'Sheff' secret societies, which had 'halls' for residential use and 'tombs' as
separate meeting places, in contrast to the Yale College senior secret societies, which maintained
only 'tombs. The Berzelius tomb building has symbols in symmetrical front patterns, a shield, and
other patterns.

Other Famous Bonesmen Personages

As many already realize many of the blue blood families are in the Skulls and Bones Secret Society.
The blue blood families are related to the older Black Nobility families and European Royalty. These
families are related to the heads of the ancient Empires of Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Merovingians,
etc. This secret society is common around generations of families. Cutting Edge ministries believe
that generational witchcraft is developed among some of these families who are members since of
course the ceremonies of the Skulls and Bones are blatantly occult and unscriptural. That is why
high level members of the Skulls and Bones are related to each other. This has been exposed
greatly by researcher Fritz Springmeier:

"The Taft family has been an important bloodline in the Skull and Bones. George Bush is
related to both the Taft family and the Merovingians. President Clinton is also related to the
Taft family … A leading genealogist in England has said that Bill Clinton has a great deal
of Merovingian blood, too." [Fritz Springmeier, Bloodlines of the Illuminati, p. 315]

"Prince Charles is also related to Robert E. Lee and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson … he is also a
distant relative of JFK." [Ibid]

Bill Clinton is also descendant of some Russells. Prince Charles’s first wife is Princess Diana.
Princess Diana was related to many people like William Vincent Astor, McGeorge Bundy,
Pierre Samuel DuPont IV, J.D. Rockefellers I, II, III, and IV, plus David Rockefeller,
Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Teddy Roosevelt, Brigham Young, Bertrand Russell, John
Pierpoint Morgan, Henry Cabot Lodge. One of Harriman and Prescott Bush’s friends
was Eugene Stetson (‘34). Stestson was an assistant manager for Prescott Bush at
Brown Borthers, Harriman’s New York office. He organized H. Smith Richardson
Foundation. According to Kris Millegan, the foundation since the late 1950’s,
participated in the MKLUTRA. MKULTRA back in the day was the CIA’s domestic
covert psychological warfare operation. The Richardson Foundation helped to
finance the testing of LSD (which was a psychotropic drug plus others) at
Bridgewater Hospital in Massachusetts. That place was the center of some of the
most harsh MK-ULTRA experiments. Millegan wrote the following of the

“…During the Iran-Contra operations, the H. Smith Richardson Foundation was a

"private donors steering committee," working with the National Security Council to
co-ordinate the Office of Public Diplomacy. This was an effort to propagandize in
favor of and run cover for the Iran-Contra operations, and to coordinate published
attacks on opponents of the program. The H. Smith Richardson Foundation also
runs the Center for Creative Leadership at Langley to "train leaders of the
CIA," as well as another center near Greensboro, North Carolina, that trains
CIA and Secret Service Agents. Almost everyone who achieves the military rank
of general also gets this training. This is just the tip of an iceberg. You also have
eugenics and population control, suppressed history and technology, yearly
retreats, profitable partnerships with brutal dictators, deals with "terrorists", the
involvement of the Knights of Malta, war-mongering and profiteering, mind-control,
secret societies for teens, ritual magic and more -- all spinning the dark threads in
the web of conspiracy that our spinning blue ball has gotten caught in….” (Kris
Millegan’s “World History: Plan or Accident?” as found in “The Order of the Skulls
and Bones: Everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask”)
Amos Pinchot (who is apart of the Skull & Bones) is a founder of the American Civil
Liberties Union. The ACLU have been headed by humanists, CFR members, and globalists
for decades. They are right on some issues like being against torture, and opposing the
Patriot Act, but they are readily anti-Second Amendment plus they are anti-religious liberty
(plus pro-abortion). They contradict their support for liberty when they want to deny liberty
among certain human beigns.

The Rockefellers' genealogy has been controversial. There has been the old lie that
the Rockefellers are not directly of Jewish descent. Willie Martin popularized this
myth. He claimed that Jewish historian Malcolm H. Stern wrote the "Americans of
Jewish Descent" book proving that the Rockefellers comes from the Sephardic Jewish
people (or Marranos from Spain and Portugal). It's ironic that Martin would believe
that when people of his ilk follow the libel that most Jewish people are Gentile
Khazars. The Book is huge. The reality is the entire Rockefeller family isn't Jewish.
Godfrey S. Rockefeller did married a Jewish woman named Helen Gratz. Even
Michael Collins Piper, who is a person not known for loving Zionists or Israel said
that: "...Rockefellers who have Jewish blood in their veins stem from the time of
Godfrey Rockefeller, who married on Helen Gratz, who was Jewish. Their family
members and heirs, by the way, were raised in the Episcopal Church and have had
little if anything to do with Jewish or Israeli affairs. Godfrey Rockefeller, in fact, was
from a separate line of the Rockefeller family, descended from one of the brothers of
John D. Rockefeller, Sr. and was a second cousin to the famed Rockefeller brothers -
Nelson, David, Laurence, and John D. III. Thus, any traces of Jewish blood in
Godfrey’s heirs cannot be ascribed to the better known branch of the Rockefeller
family..." The Rockefellers ultimately are of German descent. They didn't migrate
from Spain, Turkey, or France at all. They aren't of Marrano descent. One of the
ancesters were Goddard Rockenfeller (from ca. 1590), Johann Wilhelm Rockenfeller
(*ca. 1628,†1702) and Johannes Rockenfeller (*ca. 1634,†1684). Johann Peter was the
son of Johannes Rockenfeller. Johann Peter's grandson was William. Willaim's son
was Godfrey (who married Lucy Avery in 1806. Avery's ancestors came from the
Puritans or Edmund Ironside. Ironside was the English King being crowned in 1016).
Godfrey and Lucy's son was William Avery Rockefeller (1810-1906). They lived all
over the nation from Cleveland, Ohio to New York City. Godfrey S. Rockefeller was
apart of the Scroll and Key. The Scroll and Key is a Yale Secret Societies that is allied
with the Skulls and Bones (with the Bush Family as many of its members). Percy
Rockefeller has been apart of the Skulls and Bones since 1908. Percy was the director
of Brown Brothers Harriman, Standard Oil, and Remington Arms. The Rockefellers
have an interesting history (some of their family members have promoted the
new world order agenda for a long time. The Rockefeller's Standard Oil company
aided the Third Reich during WWII. They were known to fund Communists,
eugenicists, abortion, and population control for many decades. They are some
of the most powerful families in America especially in the 20th century) and
their ancestors aren't Jewish at all.

Certainly some of the old George W. Bush administration's members were Bonesmen. That time of
the Bush 43 administration was probably the peak of the Bonesmen membership in the White
House. Bush is one and he was initiated in 1968. Bush appointed many Bonesmen like Evan Griffith
Galbraith (who was in the group since 1950. He was Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld rep., a
Defense advisor and worked with NATO). The Bonesman since 1953 William Henry Donaldson was
the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. A Bonesman since 1953 George
Herbert Walkter III was the U.S. Ambassador to Hungary, and Bonesman since 1979 Edward E.
McNally was the Senior Associated Counsel and apart of the Office of Homeland Security. During
the Barack Obama years, an economic assistant Austan Goolsbee is a Bonesman. Austan supports
economic globalization and the failed trade deal of NAFTA.
The Persian Gulf War

The Persian Gulf War was a new era in America history. It took place from August 2, 1990 to
February 28, 1991. In 1990, Skulls and Bones member George H.W. Bush and the 41st United
States President provoked a war with Saddam Hussein. I remember the Persian Gulf War as a
child. It occurred when I was in the 2nd grade in elementary school. George H. W. Bush was
already a member of the Bohemian Grove, he was awarded by the Knights of Malta, and he
was awarded by the British Empire. Before that war, the USA supplied Iraq with anthrax and
other weapons to fight the Iranians during the 1980's. U.S. National Security Decision
Directive 114 – concluded in 1983, the same year as Rumsfeld's friendly visit to Baghdad –
gave formal sanction to billions of dollars in loan guarantees and other credits to Baghdad.
Even Rumsfeld had dealings with Saddam Hussein in 1983. Iraq had a mixed relationship with the
West. America didn't like Iraq having been an ally of the Soviet Union. That is why the CIA backed a
coup against the Iraqi leader Qasim in the 1960’s, because the West accused Qasim of having links
with the Communists from the Soviet Union. The U.S. also didn't appreciate Iraqi support for militant
groups like Abu Nidal. The US remained officially neutral after the invasion of Iran that became the
Iran–Iraq War, although it assisted Iraq covertly. In March 1982, however, Iran began a successful
counteroffensive - Operation Undeniable Victory, and the United States increased support for Iraq to
prevent Iran forcing a surrender. After the ceasefire in the Iraqi/Iran war was signed in August 1988,
Iraq was virtually bankrupt. The reason is that they owed most of the debt to Saudi Arabia and
Kuwait. Iraq wanted both nations to forgive their debts, but they didn't. Iraq accused Kuwait of
harming the Iraqi economy by exceeding its OPEC quotas and driving down the price of oil. Oil
prices doing down had a catastrophic impact on the Iraqi economy. One big reason for the Iraqi
invasion of Kuwait was that Iraq claimed that Kuwait was apart of the Ottoman Empire's province of
Basra (i.e. Kuwait belonged to Iraq ultimately). Back in 1899, Kuwait's al-Sabah family
concluded a protectorate agreement where it assigned responsibility for its foreign affairs to
Britain. Britain drew the borders of Iraq and Kuwait. The British deliberately tried to limit Iraq's
access to the ocean, so that any future Iraqi government would not threaten Britain's domination of
the Persian Gulf. Iraqi refuse to accept the border and didn't recognize the Kuwaiti government until
1963. In late July 1990, Iraqi and Kuwaiti negotiations to solve their problems failed. So, Iraq
massed troops on its border with the emirate. August 2, 1990 was when Iraq launched an invasion.
The main thrust was conducted by commandos deployed by helicopters and boats to attack Kuwait
City, while other divisions seized the airports and two airbases.

On July 25, 1990, the United States Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, told Hussein that the
Iraq/Kuwait dispute was an Arabic matter, not one that affects the United States. On August 2,
1990, believing that the United States' Ambassador's word meant something, Hussein
invaded Kuwait. In "retaliation" for the invasion George H. W. Bush and the United Nations
authorized Desert Storm, which concerned a border dispute between Kuwait and Iraq. When
Saddam invaded Kuwait (before the Persian Gulf War), Iraq was met with immediate economic
sanctions by the members of the UN Security Council. Saddam Hussein classified this
conflict as the "Mother of all Battles." Shortly after Desert Storm began, Bonesman
George H. W. Bush pronounced that this the beginning of a "New World Order."
George Bush was one of the first people to publicly announce the New World Order
in the world during the 1990's. The war had America work with a coalition force
from 34 nations to fight Iraq. The U.S. and Canada had troops working with America as
well. There were aerial and ground combat troops confined to Iraq, Kuwait, and bordering
areas of Saudi Arabia. Iraq launched missiles against coalition military targets in Saudi Arabia. Iraq
sent missiles in Israeli civilian centers as well. They wanted Iraqi forces to leave Kuwait. Even Saudi
Arabia, Egypt, and UK contributed in favor of America in the war. Saudi Arabia paid 40 billion of the
60 billion dollars of the conduct of the war. Baghdad, Iraq's capital, and the United Nations-enforced
"no fly zone" which was at the 33rd degree of north latitude. Sophisticated technology was used in
this war like precision guided munitions, the US Air Force guided missile AGM-130, cluster bombs
(which show disperse submunitions and is very harmful), GPS units, AWACS (or the Airborne
Warning and Control System), and other weapons. Iraq used scud missiles in the war. 190 coalition
troops were killed by Iraqi combatants. The Persian Gulf was heavily televised. This was the first
time where people globally saw live pictures of missiles hitting their targets and fighters taking off
from aircraft carriers. The Allied forces want to present the accuracy of their weapons. ABC's Peter
Jennings, CBS's Dan Rather, and NBC's Tom Brokaw anchored their evening newscasts when air
strikes began on January 16, 1991. ABC correspondent Gary Sherpard saw bombs going on. CNN
had the most popular coverage of the war. Its correspondents named John Holliman and Peter
Arnett showed audio circuit reports of the Al-Rashid Hotel as air strikes began. Although, the
coverage of the war was more restrictive than the coverage of the Vietnam War. That fly zone
ended of course with the Iraq War of 2003. The Iraq War was a much more dangerous battlefield
than the Persian Gulf War (both Presidents in the beginning of each of these wars were apart of the
Skulls and Bones Secret Society). George H. W. Bush wanted a new world order
after finishing the Persian Gulf War and George W. Bush desired a world
democratic revolution to be a result of the Iraq War. George W. Bush even
publicly endorsed a new order of the ages in his Inaugural Address as well.
So, the agenda of these Presidents are very clear.
Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite passed away recently. He was called the most trusted anchor in America. He
was on the desk of the major anchor chair of CBS from 1962 to 1981. He spoke about crisis,
victories, and tragedies. Walter Cronkite became extremely famous destruction
of the evil, terrible assassination of President John F. Kennedy in November
22, 1963. I wasn’t alive back then, but my parents were. Cronkite even celebrated the
journey of NASA putting man on the moon on July 20, 1969. Today is the 40th year
anniversary of that event. There is although a secret history of Walter Cronkite that few
people realize. Cronkite was the former intelligence officer who was lured away from his UPI
Moscow desk by Operation Mockingbird's Phil Graham. As many realize, the corporate
media is filled with spies, government agents, and intelligence opratives. The CIA have had
assets in many major news publications to control the spread of information. This has been
confirmed by numerous FOIA documents. Even the Frank Church's committee exposed this
truth in the mid 1970's. Some of the journalists working the CIA’s side of the street
“were Pulitzer Prize winners, distinguished reporters who considered themselves
ambassadors-without-portfolio for their country,” Carl Bernstein wrote in an
article published in Rolling Stone in October, 1977. “Most were less exalted: foreign
correspondents who found that their association with the Agency helped their work;
stringers and freelancers who were as interested it the derring-do of the spy business as in
filing articles, and, the smallest category, full-time CIA employees masquerading as
journalists abroad.” Alex Constantine wrote in his The Depraved Spies and Moguls of the
CIA’s Operation MOCKINGBIRD that it wasn't until 1982 that the CIA openly admitted that
reporters were on the payroll and acted as case officers or agents in the field. This power
can cause the manipulation of public opinion as well. The 1950's was the time when the
CIA's covert operation budget for global propaganda climbed a lot. About 3,000 salaried and
contract CIA employees were engaged in propaganda effort The 1950's was the time when
the CIA's covert operation budget for global propaganda climbed a lot. About 3,000 salaried
and contract CIA employees were engaged in propaganda efforts. The cost of this evil was
estimated to be about $265 million a year by 1978. This is a larger budget than the
combined expenditures of Reuters, UPI, and the AP news syndicates.

Walter Cronkite is so pro-abortion that he featured a CBS documentary in favor of abortion

back in 1965. This is the first of its kind in history called "Abortion and the Law." They claim
to tackle the issue in an impartial basis, but Cronkite spoke throughout the series in favor of
legalizing abortion on demand. Cronkite showed testimonies of people about illegal
abortions and didn't show any concrete pro-life viewpoint. He believed that illegal abortion
cause medical complications while omitting the mental, psychological, and physical health
risks of abortion itself. He claims that 80% of married people have abortion like that justifies
it when it doesn't. Cronkite used his status to promote globalism. He says that women are in
fear and seek illegal abortions per year. Cronkite in an activist fashion wants the laws to
change in America about abortion. Cronkite concludes, "We believe the moral, medical, social,
and economic aspects of abortion should be opened to public discussion, for if changes in the law
are advisable, this can only be done by the American people themselves. This is Walter Cronkite for
CBS Reports. Good night." Walter had his wish and more babies have been aborted
since 1973 than in the 1960's. Over 4,400 abortion occur daily now in America
alone. He accepted the 1999 Norman Cousins Global Governance Award at the ceremony at
the United Nations. He even gave a speech where he advocated global government or world
government (with a world police, etc. that violates American sovereignty. He had the nerve
to compare the colonies with the justification to form the new world order when the colonies
were decentralized). He was so extremist in his advocacy of world government that he
sarcastically wanted even if Satan was the head of it by saying: “...and join me and I'm glad to
sit here at the right hand of Satan." Cronkite was a famous person in the Bohemian Grove and
he was a DeMolay member as a child. The Demolay is a Masonic children organization that
some go on into Freemasonry by the time they reach 21 years old.
On September 9, 2009, pro-N.W.O. adherents and other establishment figures were in the
Lincoln Center (in New York City) to have strange memorial toward Walter Cronkite. It was
strange since Cronkite already passed away on July 17th, 2009. Some point to the occult
significance of the date being 09/09/09 or 9-9-9. 9 is a Prime Number. According to the book
"Numbers: Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues" by W. W. Westcott nine holds great
significance among many Masonic orders and secret societies. He said, "There is a Masonic
order of Nine Elected Knights in which nine roses, nine lights, and nine knocks are used."
In fact the number nine is the number of "the earth under evil influences." There are 9
Mususes or sister goddesses in ancient Greek mythology. Even the ancient Romans
held a feast in the memory of the dead at every ninth year. The 9 (which is the first
square of an odd number) look similar to an upside down 6. 6 is the number of man
and the triple 6 is the Biblical Number of the Beast. Freemason and occult Wyn
Westcott found out that when 9 is multiplied by any number, the sum of the
individual digits always equals to 9. One example is 9 x 12=108, hence 1+0+8=9.
Another one is 9 x 3=27, hence 2+7=9. In the memorial, people praised him like
President Barack Obama, ex-President Bill Clinton, high level Freemason Buzz
Aldrin, and Bohemian Grover Mickey Hart, who is a drummer of the Grateful Dead.
Walter Cronkite was right on some points, but he was under the agenda of the CIA at the
behest of the ruling elite.

*The lesson here is that we should act and live peacefully. We should get involved in our
lives to help people, exercise, learn about God, wake people up about the new world order
including other real issues, participate in authentic charities, don’t trust evil people, and
other common sense measures. We should live our lives faithfully and with legitimacy. In
the near future God willing, I will expose tons of more information on other subjects.
The Number 33

Secret Societies certainly embrace the number of 33. Occultist Elizabeth van
Buren admitted that: “In Spiritual Numerology, '33' symbolizes the highest
spiritual conscious attainable by the human being."-Elizabeth van Buren,
“The Secret of the Illuminati” (pgs. 161-2). 33 is the number of the highest
degree in Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (although other degrees are higher than
33). 11 x 3=33. There are 33 vertebrae in the human spine, the skull has 22 bones,
and the rib cage had 11 true ribs (with a 12th rib that isn‘t considered real). The
human body and its organs have been created with 3 dimensional fractal geometry
(in the nervous and circulatory system). Senses in the human body are sent into
the brain by the nervous system. In a way, humans are highly develop biochemical
machines, especially among the brain. Occultists exploit the human spine to
promote kundalini. Kundalini to Hindus and New Agers deals with serpent power
that travels from the lower spine to the Third eye chakra to bring "enlightenment."
The Kundalini serpernt has been superimposed in the Kabbalic tree of Life (whose
crown is called kether). This serpent to New Agers represent movement of energy
in the universe like the space/time continuum, the birth death and rebirth cycle,
etc. The serpent is similar to the serpent (or Satan) talking with Adam plus Eve in
the book of Genesis. He claims that he can bring man illumination, but lies and
causes evil in the Universe. The doubled headed serpent is the caduceus (of
Hermes, Mercury, Thoth, Big Pharma, etc. Hermes is a false god of wisdom that
pagans believed inspired man to create cities, learn science, study the stars, etc.).
Mercury or Hermes is a known role model in Freemasonry. According to Albert
Mackey’s “Encylopedia of Freemasonry”:

“…The Caduceus then-the original meaning of which word is a herald's staff-as the
attribute of a life-restoring God, is in its primary. meaning the symbol of immortality; so in
Freemasonry the rod of the Senior Deacon, or the Master of Ceremonies, is but an analogue
or representation of the Hermean Caduceus. This officer, as leading the aspirant through the
forms of initiation into his new birth or Masonic regeneration, and teaching him in the
solemn ceremonies of the Third Degree the lesson of eternal life, may well use the magic
wand as a representation of it, which was the attribute of that ancient deity who brought the
dead into life…”

Wings are on top of the caduceus, which is similar to military, police, and pilot pins.
There are 33 turns in a complete sequence of human DNA. In fact, the image above
is a Sumerian depiction of the caduceus. The ancients knew some of these
principles. The ancients were more scientifically and technology advanced than
what the mainstream history books tell us. Atlantean mythology talk about the
Tree of Life and the serpent.

The Selling of skulls and bones remains

Christie's website are selling remains from Skulls and Bones. “Grisly trophies from
Yale University’s mysterious Skull and Bones society, whose members include
former president George W. Bush, are to go on auction in New York this month,”
reports Agence France-Presse. “The human skull and two large bones are estimated to
sell for between 10,000 and 20,000 dollars on January 22 at Christie’s,” located on
Rockefeller Plaza in New York. The symbolism of the skulls and bones are found in the
Secret Society. This group has been nicknamed the Brotherhood of Death. Some view
it as the American version of the Thule Society of the Thule =Gesellschaft in Germany
(The Skulls and Bones financed Hitler have been proven by Kris Milllenerian's "Fleshing
Out Skulls and Bones" book). Bonesman Averell Harriman worked with German
industrialist Fritz Thyssen to fund and support Hitler. Thyssen wrote a book entitled I
Paid Hitler. Prescott Bush, the grandfather of president George W. Bush, was a
business partner with Harriman and instrumental in the Nazi funding network. The
Thule Society was the foundational in creating the German Workers' Party or the
Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei. Its members were found in the top echelons of the Nazi
Party like Rudolf Hess and Alfred Rosenberg. Thule members have been accused of
doing Satanism and sex magic from which Aleister Crowley was a member. Crowley
worshipped Satan in the 20th century. That is why Hitler was obsessed with the occult
and the Thule Society. The SS even used the death heads symbol called the Totenkopf
emblem that Arnold Schwarzenegger wears. Arnold is a son of a Nazi including the
current Governor of California. Author the late Anthony Sutton proved that the Skulls
and Bones held a key post in the Soviet Bank called Ruskombank and Bonesman
Harriman was a prime supporter of the Soviets (with finance and diplomatic
assistance, which was against State Department regulations at the time).
During his time at the Hoover Institute Sutton wrote a major study entitled Western
Technology and Soviet Economic Development, detailing how the West played a major
role in developing Soviet Union from its very beginnings up until at least the 1970s.
The Bonesmen were called the Russell Trust and now are the Russell Trust Association
incorporate terms. In the 20th century, the Russell Trust Association is listed the New
York City headquarters of Brown Brothers Harriman as its address. “I think Skull and
Bones has had slightly more success than the mafia in the sense that the leaders of the
five families are all doing 100 years in jail, and the leaders of the Skull and Bones
families are doing four and eight years in the White House,” Ron Rosenbaum, author
and columnist for the New York Observer, told CBS News in 2003. They have sick
rituals of praising death, confessing sexual secrets, kissing a skull, reenacting murder,
etc. How the bones relic were on the auction block is unknown. It's not a secret that
the elite deal with Satanism, death art, etc. They are indeed an order of death since
they promote wars, population control, abortion, eugenics, etc.
Appendix A: The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd is a premiere movie that relates to the Skulls and Bones and
wicked history of the Central Intelligence Agency. This spy film came out in 2006.
There’s no doubt about its controversial nature. Much of the movie is based on real
events of the Yale Skulls and Bones Secret Society including the CIA. The Good
Shepherd movie expose that the Skulls and Bones are recruited from top
aristocratic families to allow people to control the White House, the CIA, FBI,
etc. The film was a 10 year project of the director Robert DeNiro. Robert DeNiro
is an intelligent man and has been pro-Jesuit for decades. One example is how he
starred in the movie called “The Mission” which praised the Jesuit religious efforts
in South America. The real history is that the Jesuits enslaved the Guriani Native
Americans, while the Mission portrayed the Jesuits as benefactors and protectors
of the native from the Spanish. Matt Damon (who is called Edward Wilson in the
movie) played the role of James Jesus Angleton (plus Richard M. Bissell Jr.) and
Angleton had key ties to the Vatican. The movie said that a leak caused the failure
of the invasion, but it was due to cover issues, and other reasons. Wilson joins the
Skulls and Bones in the film in 1939. Damon’s character was tapped in the Skulls
and Bones. Damon’s wife in the film is played by Council on Foreign Relations
member Angelina Jolie. In the movie "Tomb Raider" Jolie’s real-life father Jon
Voight plays a leader in the Illuminati. Jon Voight also played Papal Caesar JPII
in a made for TV movie. In 2009, Voight is famous for calling Barack Obama a
false prophet, because he disagrees with some of his policies. DeNiro plays the
role of the Papal Knight of St. Sylvester and Knight of Malta General “Wild” Bill
Donovan (he was one of the founders of the CIA). DeNiro’s character of Bill
Sullivan tells Matt Damon’s character (or Edward Wilson) that the U.S. will need
to get involved in the war, so he has been asked to create an intelligence agency
made up of “patriotic young men” with certain backgrounds. Sullivan tells Wilson
that they must be “…no Jews, Negroes, and very few Catholics that's because I'm a
Catholic…” This is a dead giveaway that Sullivan is really the Roman Catholic head of the
CIA Bill Donovan. Wilson says to his assistant (who some feel is Raymond Rocca) when
reading his dossier, that: "Trained at Ignatius Loyola High School and graduated from
Fordham." Some members of the early CIA were so racist that Wilson’s son bride was
murdered (via being thrown out of an airplane) because she was Black. Joe Pesci (who
plays a Mafioso showing the cooperation between the Archbishop of New York's
allied Mafia Commission and the American intelligence community) has a role.
Pesci’s character says that "…Italians in this country have their families and the

The movie accurately shows how the CIA (whom Jesuit-trained Brocco in the film
uses torture like water boarding against people. The Jesuit-inspired SS and
Gestapo did similar torture techniques back in WWII), British Intelligence, and the
KGB worked together in promoting the hoax of the Cold War. The movie ignores
how deep Vatican agents helped to form the CIA. The CIA had much of the OSS
and the Nazi SS (including Bonesmen, etc.) merged together. Much of the Nazis
came into America to built up U.S. intelligence in a program called Operation
Paperclip. The Grace family via Knight of Malta J. Peter Grace had a big role in this
Operation Paperclip. Ironically, the Nazi SS as admitted by Himmler and others
were based off the Jesuit Order. Ironically, the Shepherd is a name relating to Jesus
Christ and the movie uses the Good Shepherd in ironic terms of the evil covert acts
of the CIA. At the end of the film, someone hands a dollar bill to another agent.
The camera is focuses on the Pyramid on the Bill that represents the establishment
of the novus ordo seclorum or the new order of the ages in the world. There is the
All Seeing Eye in it representing the eye of Horus, etc. The eye to the Mason is the
GAOTU or the Great Architect of the Universe. The CIA have been caught in
many corrupt activities since it was formed in 1947 from rigging elections to
assassinations or overthrowing democratically elected governments (in places
like Guatemala and Iran). Secret orders are known to try to infiltrate
movements. One example is how the JBS was founded by 32nd Degree
Freemason Robert Welch. He was an agent for Nelson Rockefeller. The Council
for National Policy are known allies of the John Birch Society. The JBS was an
intelligence operation with its roots in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) which
became the CIA. Its domestic surveillance arm, Western Goals Foundation,
worked with Reinhard Gehlen, one of Hitler’s top intelligence officers. The JBS,
which presented itself as a right-wing patriotic org fighting communist infiltration in
America, was eventually exposed for being a “controlled opposition front” once it
was known that its leadership consisted of CFR members and leaders of the
Federal Reserve. Robert DeNiro isn’t finished. He says that he wants to bring out
2 sequels to the Good Shepherd. One will bring the action forward from 1961 to
1989 (and the fall of the Berlin wall). The others shows its protagonist or Edward
Wilson all the up to the present day. This Good Shepherd series is apparently a
movie about the covert acts of the Cold War and beyond.

Appendix B: The Hells Fire Club

The Hell Fire Club were made up members of King George III's government that performed
sexual rituals, a Black Mass, and some were into Devil worship. Philip, Duke of Wharton
formed a similar group that mocked religion. Wharton would found the very first Hellfire
Club in London in 1719. Wharton would be the Grand Master of the London Grand Lodge
in 1722. The Duke of Wharton admitted men and women as equals, which was taboo in
other clubs. They would ridicule religion and met on Sundays on different times. Sir
Francis Dashwood or Baron Le Despencer was the high priest of the group (which is the 2nd
main era of the Club from 1749 to 1760 or 1766). The club motto was Fais ce que tu
voudras (Do what thou wilt), a philosophy of life associated with François Rabelais'
fictional abbey at Thélème and later used by Aleister Crowley. Francois Rabelais was a
known writer of controversial literature for its time. Francois was once a Franciscan
priest and became a famous humanist. Do what thou wilt means that you can do what
you want to do. The worship of the human will is key New Age doctrine. Do whalt thou
wilt is a philosophy that denies the will of God. Francis Dashwood would enact pranks
against people as a trickster. He was in the Royal Court of St. Petersburg and dressed up as
the King of Sweden (which was a great enemy of Russia at the time). Dashwood used
Medmenham Abbey as a place for meetings of his Hellfire Club. Underneath the Abbey,
Dashwood had a series of caves carved out from an existing one. It was decorated again
with mythological themes, phallic symbols and other items of a sexual nature. Horace
Walpole accused members of Dashwood’s club of using pagan rituals, to sacrifices to
Bacchus and Venus, and other festivals. Dashwood would be a Catholic, flirt with the
Jacobite cause, and would later be a Satanist (according to some researchers). Benjamin
Franklin, who was a Freemason, would be a member of the Hell Fire Club. Now, authors
like Michael Howard believe that Franklin utilized the Hell Fire Club as a conduit to
influence policies of the British government (along with continuing the American
Revolution). Some speculate that Dashwood might of been a closeted Roman Catholic after

In 1998, workmen restoring Franklin's London home dug up the remains of six
children and four adults hidden below the home. The London Times reported on
February 11, 1998: "...Initial estimates are that the bones are about 200 years old and were
buried at the time Franklin was living in the house, which was his home from 1757 to 1762,
and from 1764 to 1775...." Skulls and bones look like they have been dissected, sawn, or
cut. One skull have been drilled with several holes. Crimes could of been done here.
Strange things go on in the secret society world. That is why the 10 bodies were found at
the home of Freemason & possible Rosicrucian Benjamin Franklin. It's interesting to note
that Franklin was apart of the Hellfire Club (which is the 18th century version of the
Bohemian Grove). Again, the Hellfire Club had black masses, orgies, and Devil
worship like the Bohemian Grove have sex orgies plus mock human sacrifice.

Sonia Sotomayor last year accepted an invitation to join the Belizean Grove.
This is an elite, little known women's only group. It was created as a female
counterweight to the all male Bohemian Grove. The Bohemian Grove is an
occult group where top business leaders, judges, politicians, media figures,
etc. hang out in Northern California. The Cremation of Care ceremony is apart of
the Bohemian Grove where they praise an owl statue that relates to the Goddess
Minerva (and other iconography). The ceremony cremate a coffin effigy of "Dull
Care" at the base of the owl altar. The owl statue is about 40 feet tall. There are
male and female prostitutes in the Bohemian Grove as well. The Belizean female
Grove has about 125 members. It has Army generals, Wall Street executives, and
former ambassadors. The group is based in New York. This group was
connected to Sotomayor via her answers on a questionnaire that Sonia
submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Susan Stautberg and 26 other
founding members created the Belizean Grove nearly 10 years ago. They have
meetings in NYC and the off the record 3 day retreat in Central or South America. Its
members there have cocktail parties with U.S. diplomats and host country officials. At
last year’s retreat in Lima, Peru, for instance, Sotomayor and the other members
attended a reception at the American Embassy with U.S. Ambassador to Peru P.
Michael McKinley and several female members of the Peruvian cabinet, Stautberg
said. Sotomayor, a federal appellate judge, gave a presentation on the challenges the
judiciary faces in maintaining its independence from the legislative and executive
branches. In a quote on the group’s website, Sotomayor called the Grove “an
extraordinary grouping of talented, compassionate and passionate women. I am
deeply honored to have been included. The joy of participating in your fun in Peru
was wonderful.” These women participate in panel discussion on public policy and
business affairs. They handle key decision making in the profit, non profit, and social
sectors. They work with other women to improve themselves. Susan was a former
Washington bureau chief for Westinghouse Broadcasting. Susan wants the
Belizean Grove to be secretive, especially under the media radar. In other words,
they don't want us to know what this exclusive, invitation only group (which was
created by the global elite) is doing. To join the Belizean Grove, you have to be
recommended and an advisory board decides who joins. Some join who have a good
personality or a sense of humor. According to Stautberg, a former Washington
bureau chief for Westinghouse Broadcasting, Sotomayor was recommended by Mari
Carmen Aponte, who was a former Carter administration official who later served as
Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration in Washington.
Stautberg stressed that male “spouses, partners and adult children” are permitted to
go on the optional post-retreat expeditions (last year’s was to Machu Picchu and the
Sacred Valley). She said that even though “no man has ever applied to be a
member. ... If they did, we would certainly vote on it.” Sotomayor believes
that the Belizean Grove isn't discriminatory in terms of gender. Stautberg
claims that her Grove is non partisan and it isn't nefarious. We shall see. Sotomayor's
association with this group might indicate that she is apart of the establishment. If she
is elected to the Supreme Court, she want follow the globalist agenda (that is anti-
Constitution, anti-Bill of Rights, and especially anti-national sovereignty of America).
There is no proof yet that the Belizean Grove engages in the Cremation of Care-like
rituals, do pagan ceremonies, have prostitutes, etc. Today, Sonia Sotomayor isn’t a
member of the Belizean Grove anymore. One of the most famous Secret Societies in the
world is Freemasonry. Freemasonry accepting the Ancient Mysteries concepts has
been admitted by high level Masons themselves:

"The presence in the modern Masonic system, of many of the emblems,

symbols and allegories of the ancient Temples of Initiation, as well as
certain rites performed therein, has persuaded the most learned among
Masonic scholars to conclude that Masonry is of very ancient origin, and is,
in some aspects, the modern successor of, and heir to, the sublime
Mysteries of the Temple of Solomon, and of the Temples of India,
Chaldea, Egypt, Greece, and Rome, as well as the basic doctrine of the
Essenes, Gnostics and other mystic Orders.” (Monitor of the Lodge, Grand
Lodge of Texas, pg. xiv).
Other famous people are in Freemasonry. 32° Freemason Cecil B. de Mille (a producer
and actor) produced the film "The Ten Commandments." 33° Freemason President
François Mitterrand allowed Chinese American architect I. M. Pei to build the Louvre
Pyramid in France with more than 666 plates. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. talked about
a Brotherhood. A Past Grand Master of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Georgia made
MLK was a honorary Freemason after his death. Many Masons disagree with that
action since it was rushed. Benjamin Netanyahu (according to Texe Marrs and Texe
said he admitted to this in the Israeli publication Shishi, Spring 1994) was a
Freemason as well. Freemasonry being involved in manipulation against the lower
level ones has been admitted by Albert Pike. Freemason Michael Baigent is a famous
skeptic of mainstream Christianity. I find it's interesting to note that Michael is an
editor of the magazine Freemasonry Today. Freemason Robert Lomas believes in
these theories about Jesus having a bloodline as well. Lomas in his book speculates
that Jesus was Masonic when that isn’t the case at all for numerous reasons. People
talk about the City (an independent City near London) all of the time. What's not
known by many is that 62 Lord Mayors of London are members of the Masters of the
Guildhall Masonic Lodge. The Lodge have many vital officials of the City of London as
mentioned by Fritz Springmeier. No females are permitted at male Masonic functions.
If Freemasonry is so compatible with Biblical Christianity, then why does
Freemasonry accept the pro-Muslim, Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic
Shrine (or Shriners). Masons who want to become Shriners must swear an oath
praising Allah and Muhammad. According to John Daniel, Freemasons use the
Eleusinian Mysteries of Greece as an influence in the initiation ceremony of the 3rd
Degree Master Mason. There's always a Solomon link to the Masons. As early as the
1800's, Quatour Coronati Lodge member Sir Charles Warren advocated the rebuilding
of Solomon's Temple. Executive Intelligence Review on December 3rd, 2000 wrote
that members of British Freemasonry support rebuilding Solomon's Temple. The
Grand Mother Lodge of British Freemasonry is headed by the Queen's first cousin, the
Duke of Kent. Many Masons go on into the hardcore occult like Foster Bailey and
George MacGregor. 33rd Degree Freemason Manly P. Hall went as far as writing that:
"When the Mason learns the key to the warrior block is the proper application
of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his Craft. The
seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands.." (Lost Keys of Freemasonry, 1976).

Some use the evils in Freemasonry to bash every single early American or slander all
of American culture. The truth is that many Founding Fathers were Freemasons, yet
some rejected Secret Societies. Ordinary citizens opposed Masonry and the Illuminati
in America way back in the 1700's and early 1800's. Even President John F. Kennedy
opposed the influence of secret societies as being unwarranted in the conduct of the
American government. Some Freemasons have been known to being anti-liberty, anti-
gun, pro-abortion, etc. from Arlen Specter on down. John Quincy Adams, who is The
Sixth President of The United States, opposed Freemasonry and said that: "I am
prepared to complete the demonstration before God and man, that the Masonic oaths,
obligations and penalties, cannot, by any possibility, be reconciled to the laws of
morality, of Christianity, or of the land…" (J.Q. Adam's letter to Ed. Livingston).
John Quincy Adams is certainly a hero for trying to free the captive African people on the
slave ship of Armistad. Hence, the deal is that dynamic American heroes exist back then
and today.

Well, I won’t stop showing the truth as long as I’m

alive and living on this Earth.

By Timothy

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