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Ecotech Institutes Clean Jobs Index Shows More Than One Million Clean Energy Jobs Exist
National study, from the third quarter of 2013, also notes an increase in alternative fueling stations and ranks the top states in energy efficiency Denver, Colo, November 21, 2013 - Ecotech Institutes Clean Jobs Index, a tool to compare states use and development of clean energy, found more than one million job postings in the clean energy sector from July 1, 2013, through eptember 30, 2013! "his sho#s a $% percent increase in needed clean energy employees, evidence that the sector is rapidly gro#ing and in need of e&perts! Ecotech Institute, the first and only school dedicated to educating students solely in clean energy fields such as solar, wind and renewable energy, launched the 'lean Jobs Inde& in January 2013 to provide objective job information about the clean tech industry! "he Inde& also loo(s at various sustainability factors such as alternative fueling stations, )EE* projects and total energy consumption in all $0 states! "he 'lean Jobs Inde& defines a clean tech job as one #here #or(ers ma(e their business more environmentally friendly, use fe#er natural resources or produce goods or provide services that benefit the environment! "o complement the increase in these clean energy job opportunities, 1,$%3 ne# alternative fueling stations opened across the +nited tates since the second ,uarter 2013! -et#een the months of July and eptember, .a#aii, /regon, 0ashington and "ennessee had the most alternative fueling stations per capita! Highlights from the Clean Jobs Index, Q3 2013 Number of U. . Clean Jobs !ostings" 1,011,23% 3a $% percent increase from 42 20135 Ne# $lternati%e &ueling 1,$%3 tations ' in(e Q2 2013)" tations '!er Ca,ita)"

tates *ith the +ost $lternati%e &ueling

.a#aii, /regon, 0ashington and "ennessee In Q3, -hio +o%ed &rom in /nerg0 /ffi(ien(0 to 2nd in the Nation 1he +ost /nerg0 /ffi(ient tates 'in no ,arti(ular order)" 'alifornia, 'onnecticut, 6aryland, 6assachusetts, 6innesota, 7e# 8or(, /hio, /regon, 9hode Island:, ;ermont and 0ashington tates *ith the +ost In(enti%es for ustainabilit0 and 2ene#ables 'in no ,arti(ular order)" 'alifornia, "e&as, 6innesota, 0ashington and /regon :39hode Island added more incentives and rebates than any other state in 43!5 <"his data sho#s a long=a#aited boom in the clean tech industry, from the increases in alternative fueling options to a massive amount of clean job opportunities,> said ?yle 'rider, Ecotech Institutes @rogram 'hair and 6anager of Environmental /perations! < tates no# offer more sustainability and rene#able incentives than #eve ever seen before, #hich proves that theyre ta(ing the po#er of the industry seriously! In the state of the current economy, over 1 million job opportunities is a truly incredible statistic! 0ere proud that Ecotech is the only higher education institution out there devoted entirely to helping students become successful professionals in this rapidly e&panding sector!> Ecotech Institutes 'lean Jobs Inde& is an aggregation of statistics by state, developed on a number of factors! )EE* projects, energy efficiency, green pricing, net metering, total energy consumption and alternative fueling stations are all considered #hen ran(ing states! .igher inde& numbers suggest a states propensity to embrace rene#able energy and energy efficiency! It may also indicate a greater possibility for employment in that local clean economy sector, though the 'lean Jobs Inde& in no #ay indicates the presence or the promise of any specific job opportunities! *ata is gathered regularly from independent research entities includingA Bmerican 'ouncil for an Energy=Efficient Economy, *atabase of tate Incentives for 9ene#ables C Efficiency, +! ! Energy Information Bdministration, +! ! *epartment of Energy and the +! ! Dreen -uilding 'ouncil! "o learn more about the 'lean Jobs Inde&, please visit ###!ecotechinstitute!comEcleanjobsinde&! "o learn more about Ecotech Institute, go to ###!ecotechinstitute!com! $bout /(ote(h Institute Ecotech Institute is the first and only college entirely focused on preparing Bmericas #or(force for careers in rene#able energy and sustainability and is accredited by the Bccrediting 'ouncil for Independent 'olleges and chools! )aunched in Bpril 2010 in *enver, 'olorado, it offers eight highly practical rene#able energy degree programs that provide graduates #ith s(ills valued by todays alternative rene#able energy employers! 'lasses start once per ,uarter and applications are al#ays accepted! Financial assistance is available to those #ho ,ualify! Ecotech Institute is a division of Education 'orporation of Bmerica! For more information about Ecotech Institute, visit ###!ecotechinstitute!com or call G22=32H= $$2H! III