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English Language Essay Writing

Choose between 3 essay topics Write only on one topic- the one you feel most prepared for The essay part covers all of Units 3&4, so be prepared for anything It is compulsory to use the provided stimulus material.

Preparing for section C What do I need to know? o Metalanguage and linguistic terms and concepts What do I need to understand? o Contemporary language use What do I need to be able to do? o Write a relevant and controlled essay Metalanguage Refers to key linguistic concepts, associated with the five subsystems o Phonetics/phonology o Morphology/lexicology o Syntax o Semantics o Discourse analysis Also think about functions of language and modes of language Using metalanguage means you are able to be very succinct in explaining your ideas= detailed/specific, but efficient Contemporary language use Language is a living organism As a language student, you must be aware of the contemporary status of English in Australia Keep track of: o Current status of English language in a globalised world o Various factors that contribute to the development or decline of standards or language o Emerging trends or attitudes in terms of language use o The social values that are upheld or challenged through our current language use Issues involving language in the media in 2013 Language death of indigenous aboriginal languages The word 'niggardly' Scott Morrison- new minister for immigration - asylum seekers should be referred to as 'illegals' General advice Use original and contemporary examples as much as possible Refer to contemporary issues of language use in AUSTRALIAN society Have a strong opinion about the current status of language Essay topic ^ stimulus material ^ contemporary language use

^linguist's views ^subsystems Intro

Reword topic State your contention Signpost your main ideas for body paragraphs

Bodies Identify main point for each body paragraph Identify supporting examples (3-4) to discuss each man idea Make appropriate use of metalanguage Make effective use of ideas implied by stimulus materials Conclusion "Technology has made language more offensive". Discuss with reference to at least 2 subsystems. Paragraph 1 Social media o Misunderstanding o Anonymity Semantics Syntax Discourse Phonology Paragraph 2 Tech = more spontaneity , Less planning Syntax Modes of language Paragraph 3 Tech not changing language- people changing language! Language change Functions of language Showing two sides- argue both sides the whole time

It's not technology that's changing language, people are changing language. They just happen to have technology now.