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How Corporations work?

In the mid-1800s the corporation became a legal "person, owing to some constitutional amendments, which has his own personality" of pure self-interest. They exhibit every instinct of psychopaths. According to Milton Friedman the corporation works with remorseless externalities" and is responsible for countless cases of illness, death, poverty, pollution, exploitation and lies. But the question remains- what of the people who runs the corporations. Do they have a ethical mindset? The people who work for corporations may be good people, upstanding citizens in their communities, but when they enter the corporation's world, they become slaves to the corporations-always running after profit. As Sam Gibara, Former CEO and Chairman of Goodyear Tire, explains, "If you really had a free hand, if you really did what you wanted to do that suited your personal thoughts and your personal priorities, you'd act differently." The Corporation solely exists to maximize shareholders wealth. The corporations can even turn and manipulate world disasters into making profit out of those situations. The Corporations were never a big fan of democracy. In their single minded drive for profit, they always saw democracy as an obstacle. In fact they prefer dictatorship. Media is one of main forces that the corporation uses to manipulate the common citizens. Initiative Vice President Lucy Hughes states that: "You can manipulate consumers into wanting, and therefore buying your products. It's a game." Justification As I said before the corporations has their own personalities" of pure self-interest. Diagnostic criteria of the World Health Organization and the standard diagnostic tool of psychiatrists and psychologists have pretty much shown that the so called legal person (the corporations) has a highly anti-social personality. In the fourth paragraph, I said the corporations, in their single minded drive for profit, always saw democracy as an obstacle. A case study shows that the database assistance of the punch card technology supplied to Adolf Hitlers regime by IBM during world war 2, actually made it possible to kill so many Jews. The devices required monthly servicing by IBM technical persons, and several machines were housed in some of the most notorious concentration camps. The film documents that IBM was knowledgeable about how the machines were being put to use, and yet continued to supply the support needed to keep the technology in place.