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(Established under section 3 of UGC Act, 1956)

Course & Branch !"E#$#AE% &itle of the 'a(er $ireless & !obile Co))unications !a*" !ar+s ,.ub" Code /350-0(0--,1-9) &i)e 3 2ours 3ate -411010-1.ession A5

'A7& # A Ans:er A%% the ;uestions 1" 0" 3" 4" 5" 6"

(6 8 5 9 3-)

$hat are the (ri<ac= and authentication re>uire)ents of :ireless net:or+s? 5a)e the t:o i)(ortant issues in )obilit= )ana@e)ent" $hat are the t:o ste(s in handoff? 2o: does G.! con<ert 456 bits of the s(eech, data or control si@nal into a nor)al burst of 156"05 bits? $h= is (o:er control i)(ortant in C3!A? Gi<e three reasons :h= it is difficult to detect collisions at the trans)itter in :ireless net:or+s" 'A7& A B (5 * 1- 9 5-) Ans:er A%% the ;uestions


3ra: the flo: chart to describe the i)(ortant issues in<ol<ed in the handoff )echanis)" Also differentiate soft handoff and hard handoff in cellular net:or+s"


(or) (a) 3ra: the architecture of 'C." 3iscuss b= co)(arin@ it :ith cellular technolo@=" (b) $rite short notes on cordless (hone technolo@="


Gi<e the t=(es of interfaces in an B.35 net:or+s and e*(lain" Also )ention the t=(es of channels in B.35 :ith suitable s+etches" (or) 1-" Enu)erate the features and :or+in@ of a 'AC. net:or+ si@nalin@ usin@ B.35" 11" 3ra: the architecture of a G.! s=ste) and e*(lain" Also e*(lain C%7 identification al@orith) in )obilit= )ana@e)ent of a G.! s=ste)" (or) 10" 3iscuss the G.! (rotocol architecture of a G.! net:or+ :ith neat s+etch" 13" $rite short notes on (a) 2andoff )ana@e)ent in G'7. (b) 'rotocol la=ers in G'7. (or) 14" .+etch out the architecture of $A' based on the la=ers" $hat are the three (rotocols that can be thou@ht of as D@lue la=ersE in $A'? 15" E*(lain 3#G s=ste)s :ith suitable s+etches" (or) 16" 3escribe the $ireless local loo( ($%%) architecture and $%% FA! functions"
This is my Wireless Networks (or you can say Mobile Systems/Mobile Communications) Question Paper. hope this will help some o! our C"ans. #. +. 2. 5. 7. $e!ine the n!rastructure an% &% 'oc Networks o! """()*+.## o! wireless ,&N. "-plain in %etail about ' P".,&N an% /,0"T11T'. Contrast between them. "-plain in %etail about Satellite Systems basics ie3 4"13,"13M"1. "-plain in %etail about &%'oc Networks with a neat %ia6ram. "-plain in %etail about Tra%itional TCP3 n%irect TCP3 Snoopin6 TCP. Contrast between these three

types. 8. "-plain about Wireless Telephony &pplications. 9. "-plain about Wireless Transport ,ayer Security. ). "-plain in %etail about Multiple-in63 Mo%ulation an% Sprea% Spectrum. :. "-plain 4SM architecture. #*. $e!ine ,&N3 W&P3 ,C&P3 WM, script3 Snoopin63 n!rare%3 /luetooth3 T"T.&3 4SM3 0TMS.