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Honors Chemistry

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U n i t 3 : T y p e s o f R e a c t i o n s

Reaction Prediction and Observations

For the followin reactions! in yo"r la# note#oo$

a% Predict the prod"cts of the reaction and #alance the e&"ation' #% Descri#e the o#ser(ations yo" wo"ld ma$e while the reaction proceeded' c% Determine the type of reaction' )f it is a redo* reaction! determine what is o*idi+ed and red"ced' , % solid copper is added to sil(er nitrate sol"tion E&"ation: C"-s% . /0 N13 /0 . C"-N13%/ -a&% B,F1R,: copper is a #rownish shiny metal! sil(er nitrate is colorless and clear sol"tion AFT,R: copper appears to disappear2 crystals of shiny sil(er metal appear2 the sol"tion color t"rns to #l"e/ reen -d"e to the presence of C" /. ions% T3P,: 4in le Replacement/ Redo* C" is o*idi+ed and 0 . is red"ced2 / electrons were transferred' 5' 0 sol"tion of copper -))% chloride is electroly+ed' 1#ser(e the two electrodes' ,&"ation: C"Cl/ -a&% C" -s% . Cl/ 6efore: 0fter: Clear colorless sol"tion Copper #ecomes a #rownish/oran e solid/metal! chloride #"##les'

Type: Decomposition reaction -)f applica#le: o*idi+ed7 Cl 8 red"ced7 C"/.% /' 9inc metal and iodine solid are mi*ed and react in the presence of water -water is not a reactant% Teacher demo ,&"ation: 9n -s% . )/ -s% 9n)/ -a&% 6efore: 0fter: 9inc sil(er metal and )odine solid' Clear colorless li&"id

Type: 4ynthesis reaction -)f applica#le: o*idi+ed7 9n /. red"ced7 )/8 % 3' 9inc iodide sol"tion is electroly+ed' )n a petri dish! dissol(e a small amo"nt of +inc iodide in /: m; distilled water' ,lectroly+e the sol"tion with the cor$ with / pins and the #attery' 0fter o#ser(in ! add in 3 drops of starch sol"tion' ,&"ation: 9n)/ -a&% 9n -s% . )/ 6efore: 0fter: Clear colorless li&"id 9inc powder and )odine powder

Type: Decomposition -)f applica#le: o*idi+ed7 ) 8 red"ced7 )/8 %

<' 4odi"m metal is added to water' Teacher Demonstration ,&"ation: Na -s% . H/1 -l% Na1 -a&% . H/ 6efore: 0fter: 4odi"m metal mi*ed in water Colorless sol"tion! hydro en as'

Type: Do"#le replacement -)f applica#le: o*idi+ed7 Na red"ced7 Cl /=% Test for Gases For each of the followin test! ma$e additional o#ser(ations of what pro(ides a positi(e test for the as prod"ced' >' ?a nesi"m metal is added to hydrochloric acid' 4and a piece of ma nesi"m metal' )n a medi"m si+e test t"#e! add / cm of hydrochloric acid and the ma nesi"m metal' Use yo"r fin er to close the top of the test t"#e while yo"r partner li hts a wooden splint' @"ic$ly place the #"rnin splint into the test t"#e witho"t to"chin the li&"id' ,&"ation: ? -s% . /HCl -a&% ? Cl/ -a&% . H/ - % 6efore: 0fter: Type: sil(er metal in clear colorless sol"tion Clear colorless li&"id with as 4in le Replacement -)f applica#le: o*idi+ed7 ? red"ced7 H .%

Test for Hydro en as: Hydro en as was prod"ced Com#"stion reaction for hydro en as: /H / - % . 1/ - % /H/1 -l%