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Cleaning the Turbocharger in Service Dry Cleaning - Turbine

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The tendency to fouling on the gas side of turbochargers depends on the combustion conditions, which are a result of the load and the maintenance condition of the engine as well as the quality of the fuel oil used. Fouling of the gas ways will cause higher exhaust gas temperatures and higher wall temperatures of the combustion chamber components and will also lead to a higher fuel consumption rate. Tests and practical experience have shown that radial-flow turbines can be successfully cleaned by the dry cleaning method. This cleaning method employs cleaning agents consisting of dry solid bodies in the form of granules. A certain amount of these granules, depending on the turbocharger size, is, by means of compressed air, blown into the exhaust gas line before the gas inlet casing of the turbocharger. The injection of granules is done by means of working air with a pressure of 5-7 bar. On account of their hardness, particularly suited blasting agents such as nut-shells, broken or artificially shaped activated charcoal with a grain size of 1.0 mm to max. 1.5 mm should be used as cleaning agents. The solid bodies have a mechanical cleaning effect which removes any deposits on nozzle vanes and turbine blades. Dry cleaning can be executed at full engine load and does not require any subsequent operating period of the engine in order to dry out the exhaust system.

Cleaning System
The cleaning system consists of a cleaning agent container (2) with a capacity of approx. 0.5 liters and a removable cover. Furthermore the system consists of an air valve (3), a closing valve (1) and two snap on connectors. The position numbers (2) and (3) indicate the system's "blow-gun". Only one "blow-gun" is used for each engine plant. The blow-gun is working according to the ejector principle with pressure air (working air) at 5-7 bar as driven medium. Injection time approx. 2 min. Air consumption approx. 5 Nm3/2 min.

1 3 5

Closing valve Air valve Exhaust pipe

2 4 6

Container working air inlet Snap coupling

Fig 1 Arrangement of dry cleaning of turbocharger - Turbine.

Experience has shown that regular cleaning intervals are essential to successful cleaning, as ex-cessive fouling is thus avoided. For cleaning intervals see the instruction book. The cleaning intervals can be shorter or longer based on operational experience.

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B 16 01 1 General

Cleaning the Turbocharger in Service Dry Cleaning - Turbine

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Dry cleaning of turbochargers

Suppliers of cleaning agents:


"Solf Blast Grit, Grade 14/25" TURCO Products B.V. Verl. Blokkenweg 12, Tel.:08380 - 31380,

617 AD EDE - Holland Fax.: 08380 - 37069


Designation unknown Neptunes Vinke B.V. Schuttevaerweg 24, Potbus 11032, Tel.: 010 - 4373166

3044 BB Rotterdam 3004 E.A. Rotterdam, Holland Fax.: 4623466


"Grade 16/10" FA. Poul Auer GmbH Strahltechnik D-6800 Mainheim 31, Germany


"Granulated Nut Shells" Eisenwerke Wrth GmbH + Co. 4107 Bad Friederichshall, Germany Tel.: 0 71 36-60 01


"Soft Blasting Grade 12/3a" H.S. Hansen Eftf. 2100 Copenhagen , Tel.:(31) 29 97 00 Kattegatvej 2 Denmark Telex: 19038


"Crushed Nutshells" Brigantine, Hong Kong


"Turbine Wash" Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co. Ishiko Bldg., 2-9-7 Yassu, Chuo-Ku Tokyo 104, Japan Tel.: 03-2 77-42 91

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Cleaning the Turbocharger in Service Dry Cleaning - Turbine

B 16 01 1 General


"A-C Cleaner" (Activated Coal) Mitsui Kozan Co. Ltd. (Fuel Dept.) Yamaguchi Bldg., 2-1-1 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-Ku Tokyo 103, Japan


"OMT-701" Marix KK Kimura Bldg., 6-2-1 Shinbashi Minato-Ku, Tokyo 105, Japan Tel.: 03-4 36-63 71, Telex: 242-7232 MAIX J


"OMT-701" OMT Incorporated 4F, Kiji Bldg., 2-8 Hatchobori, 4-chome, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 104, Japan Tel.: 03-5 53-50 77, Telex: 252-2747 OMTINC J


"Marine Grid No. 14" (Walnut) Hikawa Marine Kaigan-Dori 1-1-1, Tel.: 0 78-3 21-66 56

Kobe 650, Japan


"Marine Grid No. 14" Mashin Shokai Irie-Dori, 3-1-13, Hyogo-Ku Kobe 652, Japan Tel.: 0 78-6 51-15 81


Granulate MAN B&W Diesel A/S Teglholmsgade 41 Tel.: +45 33 851100

2450 Kbenhavn SV, Danmark Fax.: +45 33 851030

The list is for guidance only and must not be considered complete. We undertake no responsibility that might be caused by these or other products.

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