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Suhong Cai Consumer Behavior 3rd paper 11/2/2013

Culture Influences in Chinese Consumers Behavior One of the most important attributes of culture is its nationality. Culture is one of important attributes its nationality or mass. All nationalities in the world are in their own special natural environment and social and historical conditions. These factors created different styles of national culture. In this way, because of the different consumer behavior of culture of all ethnic groups also would be different. The first thing is Chinese traditional culture's influence on consumer behavior, most of people in China care about the relationship between human and nature; the Chinese believe "fate". So, most Chinese people blamed all the unpleasant or misfortune to fate. When they meet product service failed or the service is lousy, Chinese less make a complaint, but when Chinese selecting consumption they will pay attention on sales personnel's "fate". There is another thing worth to mention is Chinese people is a kind of keep the past in their mind, therefore, its easy for them to have a higher brand loyalty. The second thing I would like to talk about is the influence of Confucian culture on luxury consumption behavior. On the self-concept, people think the interdependent relationship between people is the most important. Most peoples behavior is based on the basic relationship between with others, which include family, culture, occupation and social relations, etc. Chinese people more depend on their self-centered, care about the reaction of their purchasing behavior of the people who related to them. The individuals who live under the influence of the Confucius traditional culture are always live under the stress of the expectations of others, like the stress of

their families or friends. One more important thing is people pursue the balance of the individual and group interests, in the society which influenced by Confucian culture, people are more emphasis on meet the groups interests as the center instead of achieve their personal objects. People tend to sacrifice personal interests to achieve organizational interests. In another way, the balance of the individual and group interests reflect on the interest of the individual should obey family, culture, occupation and social relations and such also the basic interpersonal contact need. Therefore, the result is individual success is important for their family, most of time Chinese people purchase luxury stuffs are not their personal behavior, but for their family needs or career needs. The last factor is social fashions impact on consumer behavior. Social psychology make the commodity consumption presents a specific phenomenon. Social psychology may have wide different because of the age, the change of the regional, peoples habits and personal cultural. For example, red color means rich and happiness in Chinese traditional culture, so people's marriage wedding is fond of red, to show celebration atmosphere. Peoples lifestyle is the social activity given by their culture, culture and lifestyle has a very close relation, culture provides people lifestyle and education teaches people in what way to live. In different social and cultural background, people lifestyle will have huge differences; will naturally create different consumer psychology and purchasing behavior. Such as girls prefer more fashion cloth, more people eat western countries style food and so on. In a conclusion, this paper is just explains the culture influence on Chinese consumer behavior in some aspects. But we can learn, the different aspects of culture will make different influence on consumers and the influence of culture happens in every country.

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