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Bodyline - Unit 11 GulMohar: Reader 8 More Reading Worksheets Read this extract and answer

Bodyline - Unit 11

GulMohar: Reader 8

More Reading Worksheets

Read this extract and answer the questions that


You have heard about thrilling games Similarly there are thrilling feats performed by different people in a circus . Here’s an interesting story.

Mr John was the manager of a small circus, which used go from one town to another and give shows to the local people. It was not a rich circus, so John was not able to get the best circus performers.

In his circus, he had a man who walked on a tightrope stretched high above the floor. But one day the man fell down and was seriously hurt. He was taken to hospital, and Mr Jones found himself without a tightrope walker. A few days later, a long- haired young man came to Mr Jone’s office and said, “I am a tightrope walker. I have heard that you need one.’ Mr Jones was very happy and said, “Yes I do want one. I shall ask my men to put up the rope and you can show me what you can do.” Now, in most circuses they spread a wide net under the tightrope so that if the tightrope-walker falls, he does not hurt himself. As this young was new, Mr Jones ordered his men to put up the safety net The young man had gone to change his clothes, and now he came out wearing the sparkling clothes which people usually wear for that kind of work. He climbed up to the tightrope and began to walk along it. He danced on the rope and jumped on it and did all kinds of clever things. Mr Jones was very pleased. He praised the young man and then asked, “Can you do these clever things without a net?’ “No, sir,” confessed the long-haired young man, “I daren’t . If I didn’t wear a net, my hair would fall all over my face and in my eyes, and I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to see what I was doing!”

Give answers to these questions.

1. Why did Mr.Jone’s circus need a new tightrope walker?

2. What do they use a net for in a circus?

3. Why did Mr Jones praise the young man?

4. What net was Mr Jones talking about?

5. What net was the tightrope walker talking about?

Structure and Usage Worksheets

I Match the clauses in column A with those in column B to make sensible sentences:

Column A

Column B

1.If we win this match

a.I would not lose temper.

2.If we had won this match

b.we would have become zonal champions.

3.If we won this match

c.the crops would have been damaged.

4.If an eastern wind is blowing

d.we will accept the job.

5.If it rained heavily

e.we would win the tournament

6.If it had rained heavily usually brings rain.

7.If I were you

g.we’ll reach the finals.

8.If the terms suit us

h.the river might overflow its banks.

II Complete the following sentences using suitable ‘IF’ clauses:


You would get better results



the air gets colder


, you wouldn’t recognize her


You should apply for leave immediately



I might have bought that beautiful camera


, you wouldn’t have been fined


You can buy this medicine only



the train stops

Words in Use Worksheets

Choose the correct expressions to complete the following sentences:

back out

fall out

knock down

run out

wear out

let off

call upon

give up

see through

call off

1. I felt grieved when he

of his promise to help me.

2. Unfortunately, I was

to give evidence against my best friend.

3. Whenever Karan

with his friend, he becomes very tense.

4. I know the competition is stiff, but don’t

5. While crossing the road, she was

6. In spite of the mistake being serious, he was

7. The supplies of petrol are sure to

by a speeding car.

with a warning.

8. We could easily

9. These shoes have

their clever tricks.

very quickly.

10.Since the workers’ demands have been met they have

the strike.



Below are some situations you could easily find yourself in at school. What do you say in each situation? Write down your ideas on the lines provided.

1) When you are late.

2) When you forget to bring your homework assignment.

3) When you ask your tutor to postpone the assignment deadline by a week.

4) When you notice an error your tutor has written on the board.

5) When your tutor wrongly interprets what you have said.

6) When you are unable to answer a question.

7) When you want to go to the toilet.

8) When you need to leave early.

9) When you go to your tutor's office asking him / her to help you with some work.

10) When you wish to challenge a grade your tutor has given you for an assignment.



Read the passage given below and write a summary

Oil palm is a newcomer among the crops in Malaya and has proved ideally suited to local conditions; yields being among the highest in the world. The crop now covers about 140,000 acres and is still expanding. It is at present grown solely on large plantations because of the high capital cost of oil-extracting equipment, but the government is now introducing the crop to small holders on selected land settlement schemes.

One of the major weakness of Malaya’s agriculture is its lack of flexibility. The predominance of perennial corps, particularly of rubber, makes it vulnerable to price fluctuations, especially since these crops are grown mainly for world markets. Competition from synthetic rubber, and the consequent decline in prices, has in fact forced the government to review the situation. Late last year, three world authorities on agriculture were called in to investigate and make recommendations on the direction future agricultural development should take. Their report is now being considered . Among other things , recommendations included the planting of annual crops such as corn, sugar, wheat and vegetables. The report also called for the speedy completion of the country’s soil map, drew attention to the inadequacy of research facilities, and urged a greater drive on agricultural education. Possibilities for the exploitation of the country’s timber resources were also pointed out. Timber , although a major export earner (third after rubber and tin), has tended to be neglected because of the comparatively low average quality of the forests and the difficulties of access into virgin mountain jungle.

One of the aims of government, apart from diversification in agriculture, its to become self- sufficient in most of its food requirements. Last year 23 percent of imports were food stuffs. Extensive irrigation projects are in hand to bring much rice-growing land under double cropping so that the country may be able to produce nearly enough rice for its own needs by the end of the decade.



More Reading


1.The man who was doing it for him hurt himself and was hospitalized.

2. A net is used in a circus for tight rope walkers not to get hurt in case they fall down.

3. He performed very well, he was able to all kind of clever things.

4.Mr Jones was talking about the net that is spread under the tightrope walkers for them not to get hurt in the event of their falling down. 5.The tightrope walker was talking about the net which he was wearing for his hair not to fall on his face and

cover his eyes, and that may affect his performance as he may not be to see properly.

Structure and Usage Worksheets

Answers I

I 1-g








Answers II

(This is an open ended exercise. Any correct answer may be accepted.)

1.You would get better results if you followed the guidelines 2.If we climb higher, the air gets colder 3.If you saw her now , you wouldn’t recognize her 4.You should apply for leave immediately if your passport is ready 5.If I had got my cheque book, I might have bought that beautiful camera 6.If you had returned the books in time, you wouldn’t have been fined 7.You can buy this medicine only if you have a doctor’s prescription 8.If this chain is pulled, the train stop.

Words in Use Worksheets

1. I felt grieved when he backed out of his promise to help me

2.Unfortunately, I was called upon to give evidence against my best friend 3.Whenever Karan falls out with his friend, he becomes very tense 4.I know the competition is stiff, but don’t give up

5.While crossing the road, she was knocked down by a speeding car 6.In spite of the mistake being serious, he was let off with a warning 7.The supplies of petrol are sure to run out 8.These shoes have worn out very quickly 9.We could easily see through their clever tricks.

10.Since the workers’ demands have been met they have called off the strike.



These answers are simply suggested answers Accept other suitable answers:

1) I'm (very) sorry for being late (Please excuse me).

2) I'm (terribly) sorry but I seem to have forgotten my homework - (Please excuse me).

3) We were wondering whether you could (possibly) postpone the deadline by a week.

4) Excuse me Sir / Miss, but there seems to be an error in what you've written.

5) I think you (may) have misunderstood my point. What I was trying to say was

6) I'm afraid I'm not sure how to answer; perhaps somebody else would like to answer.

7) Excuse me but I wish to be excused for a while.

8) I'm afraid I will need to leave early today.

9) Excuse me for interrupting you but I was wondering whether you could (possibly) help me with

10) Thank you for your grade Sir / Miss but I would like to ask you to reconsider it as I low/too high. My reasons for asking you to reconsider are



Final version of the summary

feel it is unfair/too

Malaya’s palm oil production has risen and should rise more. The palm hitherto grown on big plantations is now cultivated in small farms. Malaya’s many economic problems, stemming largely from dependence on yearly crops, particularly rubber. Experts have advocated the diversification of agriculture, more into research, increased education facilities, completion of the country’s oil survey, and more timber production. The Government is trying to increase rice production to feed its population and success is expected before the end of the decade.