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End-of-term test 2 Test A


Listen to a conversation. What are Alan
and Julie mainly talking about? (2 marks)
a making plans to go out
b what they like doing at the weekend
c what they and their families did last weekend
2 Choose the correct answers. (8 marks)
1 Whats happening on Friday night?
a Julie and Alan are going out.
b Julies parents are going out.
c Julie is going to a concert.
2 Whats happening on Saturday evening?
a a music concert c an exhibition
b a talk at the cinema
3 What do we definitely know about Julies sister?
a She really liked the film.
b Shes been to see the film twice.
c Shes watched all of Danny Boyles films.
4 Whos going to get the exhibition tickets?
a Julie b Julies sister c Alans brother
3 Choose the correct words. (12 marks)
Hi! Im Josh. Im fifteen and I go to a secondary /
primary / single-sex school with my sister.
Yesterday I (1) made / wrote / took a difficult exam.
I really hope I (2) pass / mark / fail! In the evening,
I wanted to relax, so I watched a science
(3) novel / fantasy / fiction film. The special
(4) settings / effects / subtitles were amazing, and
the film was really exciting and (5) colourful / dull /
interested. I didnt notice that it was three hours
long, so I ended (6) up / for / with going to bed late!
4 Complete the sentences. (8 marks)
1 Im sorry, I cant go out tonight. Im looking
a______________ my little brother this evening.
2 This portrait was his m______________. He never
painted anything better.
3 I think our head teacher should e______________
bullies from school so they cant come back.
4 It was a very a______________ book. It made me
Language focus
5 Choose the correct words. (12 marks)
Its cold! I ll shut / m shutting / m going to
shut the window.
1 I might / will / should go to the party. Im not
sure yet.
2 I couldnt / cant / wont be able to speak
English when I was four.
3 We mustnt / shouldnt / dont have to study
more than one language if we dont want to.
4 Theyve finished eat / to eat / eating dinner.
5 Id like go / to go / going there again.
6 You mustnt / dont have to / couldnt go in
that room! Its just for teachers!
6 Complete the first conditional and second
conditional sentences. (10 marks)
If its sunny tomorrow, well go to the beach.
(we / go / to the beach)
1 If I speak to him, ___________________________.
(I / ask / him)
2 Well look on the website if ____________________
____________________ . (we / need / the address)
3 My teacher would be really happy if ___________
________________________. (I / get / top / marks)
4 If you won the lottery, _______________________
________________________ . (you / not be / poor)
5 If you dont do the washing-up, ______________
__________________________. (I / not help / you)
7 Complete the sentences using the passive form
of the verbs. (10 marks)
Guernica was painted (paint) by Picasso.
1 ________________ the film ______________
________________ (produce) last year?
2 All the fish are fresh they _________________
_________________ (catch) early this morning.
3 The houses have a modern design and they
______________________ (make) from wood.
4 This painting ____________________________
(not include) in last years exhibition.
5 ______________ the competition _____________
(hold) every year?
End-of-term test 2 Test A
8 Complete the sentences about films. Use
the correct form of the verbs and your own
ideas. (8 marks)
My favourite film (set) is set in Tuscany in Italy.
1 I dont mind (watch) _________________________
but I hate (watch) __________________________.
2 My favourite film (direct) ____________________
3 When you go to the cinema, you (have to) ____
4 If I (be / a famous film star) __________________
9 Read the text. Then answer the questions.
(10 marks)
This Monet exhibition is one of the most important
exhibitions of the year. At least ten of the eighty
paintings here are on show for the first time. The
earliest paintings are landscapes which were
painted during his teenage years in Le Havre,
France. The later masterpieces include the
scenes painted on the Normandy coast in the
early 1880s. You can also see the series of Views
of the Thames, such as Charing Cross Bridge and
Waterloo Bridge, which were begun on Monets
trips to London between 1899 and 1901.
The gallerys ticket sales record was broken
before the doors were opened. The critics love
the exhibition, and it has received excellent
reviews. If visitors continue to come, it will be the
gallerys most successful exhibition since it was
opened by the Queen in 1901.
Monets work has always attracted attention. The
painting Cliffs near Dieppe was stolen twice. The
first time, in 1998, it was stolen by the museums
manager. It was stolen for the second time in
2007, but unfortunately it wasnt found again.
1 How many works of art are there?
2 Where were the oldest works of art painted?

3 When was Monet in London?
4 What is the connection between the gallery and
the royal family? ___________________________
5 When was one of the paintings stolen?
10 Match questions and statements 15 with
responses af. Then choose the correct words
to complete the responses. (10 marks)
Are you sure? c
1 Whats the matter? ___
2 Have you got a minute? ___
3 Try this one! ___
4 What on earth is that? ___
5 What about this one? Is it any good? ___
a Im not sure. It looks a bit as / like a cat!
b Of sure / course. What can I do for you?
c Yes, definitely / really.
d OK. Ill trust / hope you.
e Id only recommend that for / if you like horror.
f Nothing. I dont want / like to talk about it.
11 Write about an art gallery or a museum you have
visited. Use the ideas to help you. (10 marks)
Paragraph 1: Introduction
Where is the place? What can you see there?
Paragraph 2: Your opinion
What did you like / dislike? Why?
My favourite painting / exhibit is ...
It was painted / made ...
Paragraph 3: Your recommendations
All in all, I would / wouldnt recommend ...

Total marks: Listening _______ / 10 Vocabulary _______ / 20 Language focus _______ / 40
Reading _______ / 10 Communication _______ / 10 Writing _______ / 10 TOTAL _______ / 100