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September 11th 2013

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Bargaining Board And You your way through college

The Student Activites

Vol.90, Issue 1

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The Sports Corner:

By CHEYNE JWONES n a summer of sports that seemed to be dominated by rule breaking, fines, and suspensions, I thought it would be appropriate to examine some of the most extreme punishments handed out in the history of organized athletics: The Death Penalty: Many college teams have received the Death Penalty, which is a suspension of an entire program for one or more years. Some of the most famous of these are Kentucky Basketball (1952-53), Long Island University Basketball (1951-57), and Southwestern Louisiana basketball (now Louisiana-Lafayette), which was given the Death Penalty for two complete years, the largest-ever penalty handed out to a Division I program. Southern Methodist University football: The school was given the Death Penalty in 1987. They were banned from all activities in 87, forbid two home games in 1988, cut 55 scholarships, and were forbidden offcampus recruiting for two years. SMU has yet to ever really recover. MLB Players: Since January 2004, Major League Baseball has started to increase the severity of punishments handed out to those that have a positive test for performanceenhancing drugs. In that time, 67 players have been suspended: 29 from the U.S., 20 from the Dominican Republic, 11 from Venezuela, three from Cuba, two from Puerto Rico and Mexico, and one each from Australia, Columbia, Japan, and Spain. Of course, the most famous of these suspensions are recent suspensions significant of Miguel Tejada (105 games) and the pending suspension of Alex Rodriguez (211 games). The USC Trojans football team: Because of star runningback Reggie Bush receiving gifts from agents and boosters, the Trojans had to vacate their 2004 National Championship team, all wins from 2005, and Reggie Bush was stripped of his Heisman Trophy. The team also lost 30 scholarships and was banned from postseason play for two years. Penn State football: In light of the evidence supporting that the coaching staff was involved in a decade-long cover-up of a sex scandal, Penn State was hit with some harsh penalties, including a loss of $60 million, a four year bowl ban, loss of 20 scholarships, and a vacation of all wins from 1998-2011. McLaren F1: In 2007, the McLaren F1 team was implicated in Formula 1s version of the Spygate scandal, and were handed out a huge penalty$100 million; the team was also banned from that years Constructors Championship (which resulted in a loss of the chance to win

he next time that I hear the words, I'm bored. Theres nothing to do on campus, come out of a students mouth I will flip my desk over in a fit of confused irritation. The Student Activities Board, more casually known as SAB, is an organization that caters to students. Its main purpose is to give students something to do. The SAB provides the student body with free, usually weekly, involvement and entertainment. In fact, the organization is funded tens of thousands of dollars by ASMSUB in order to put on programs. In case you werent aware, these funds dont come from nowhere. The money comes from your student fees, so these events arent exactly free to you. You already paid for a portion of each event, so why not learn about them? (For a full report on how


student fees are allocated, check out the last issue in last years volume on These programs arent always run-of-the-mill, Oriental Trading Company catalog parties. Quite often, SAB invites renowned comedians or pays for the rights to watch blockbuster movies on the big screen.

Sometimes SAB even hosts dances. In fact, all of the events held for Welcome Week here at MSUB are due partly to efforts put forth by the members of the activities board, a board of which there are currently only five members, but more on that later.

Keeping Your

o college students, pen ny-pi nch i ng, scrimping, and shaking purses to find the last of the change in the deep dark corners are not unfamiliar concepts. The life of a full-time student, or even a part-time student, can be extremely busy, occupied by hectic work schedules, intensive course requirements, and juggling social and family lives. In short, saving those pennies can be difficult. This is one reason for looking into the savings available to students through Study Bargains. The ability to implement general coursework in reallife situations and provide

a service to others is both rewarding and rare, however Study Bargains is an example of one such feat. The business was begun by Montana State University Billings students Thomas Staffileno, Jack Hepp, AJ Weir, Devin Card, and Brad Wilson as a project for their Small Business and Entrepreneurship class last year.


See SAB, p10

Health In Mind

Suspensions in Sports

Geologic History Offers Adventure

Does your professor require you to use, or do they make use of



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a trophy and prize money). larizing figure in the history of baseball (at least before A-Rod and Barry Bonds), Rose was one of the greatest players ever. In his 23 year career with 17 All-Star game appearances, his achievements include MLB records for hits (4256), games played (3562), at-bats (14,053), and outs (10,328), and also three World Series rings, three batting titles, one MVP, two Gold Gloves, and the Rookie of the Year award. But, Rose was an avid gambler, and amidst accusations that he bet on games, including those involving his own team, Rose accepted a LIFELONG ban from baseball. Not only did this cost him years of managing and coaching, but it also cost Rose a shot at the Hall of Fame. The Black Socks: After throwing the 1919 World Series, eight members of the Chicago White Socks were suspended for life, most notably Shoeless Joe Jackson. Ron Artest: On November 19, 2004, Artest was involved in the Brawl at the Palace, in which Artest actually fought with fans in the stands during a game. Artest was suspended for the rest of the season and postseason, which amounted to a total of 86 gamesthe longest NBA suspension for an on-court incident; Latrell Sprewell has the second longest suspension at 68 games.


As described by Darla Tyler-McSherry, Director of Student Health Services (SHS) at Montana State University Billings, Student Health Services seems to be the well-kept secret here on campus. For this and other reason, it is time to remove the veil of uncertainty and reveal what SHS is and what it has to offer MSU Billings student population. SHS is funded by a fee automatically charged to students registered for seven credits or more in the amount of $60.25 each semester. Services provided encompass medical, mental See SUSPENSION, p12 health, and wellness.

Working closely with St. Vincents Hospital, SHS is able to bring in two Nurse Practitioners and one Registered Nurse, in addition to a Registered Nurse hired directly through MSU Billings, boasting a total of thirty-hours of provider presence each week. Our employees have a real passion for student health and helping them to thrive academically and socially in all aspects of their lives, explained Tyler-McSherry. These individuals are able to respond to minor emergencies on campus, however more often medical attention is sought from emergency responders.

See HEALTH, p4

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We also have a few changes in staff. A few people are no longer with us. Former Editor-in-Chief Leah Campbell and Copy Editor Shawna Willoughby both graduated last year. Serene Crees has also left us. Our new staff members are Ashlee Twiford, taking over the Culture section. Cheyne Jones will be writing for both Sports and Culture. Cheyne just joined us at MSUB. Caroline Eliot, also a new face around here, will be writing an exciting new column, but you will just have to read through the rest of our first issue to see what it is about. Rachele Willoughby will be joining us as our copy editor. She will have her work cut out for her, thats for sure. Returning this year is Patricia Hampton, our News and Campus Life writer. Tabitha Maust, our adventurous outdoors writer. Cory Lovec with sports. Last but not least, the ever opinionated Holly Daniels. For our returning management, we have James Hickman with layout and design and Nate Evans, Assistant Editor. David Crisp will be returning as our Advisor. David teaches German here at MSUB. He is also the Editor of the Billings Outnother school year, and another new Retort editor. We post. do seem to go through them about as frequently as Hogwarts went through Defense Against the Dark Arts I hope you all have had a great first week, and will enjoy our teachers. first issue. If you have any comments, or want to submit something for publication, feel free to stop by our office in the SUB, Along with the change in Editor, The Retort itself has gone room 220, or email me at through some changes of its own. Our website has received a face lift, and so has the print edition. Quite obviously, the look and feel of the paper has changed. We have a new logo, have gone from 12 to 16 pages, and have changed some of the sections around. There are also a couple of new features, but youll have to keep reading the rest of this issue to find them.

Chris Claus


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The Retort is currently seeking writers from the City College. You would write 2-3 articles per issue. Topics would include everything from teacher and student interviews, bios, news articles, anything to do with what is going on out at the City College campus. This is a paid position, staff writers are paid per article. Its a great way to get to know your college and fellow students better and earn a little pocket money at the same time. Submit your resumes, along with a sample of your writing to: or drop them off on the main campus, SUB room 220.
The Retort encourages the submission of Letters To The Editor. Letters must be under 750 words in length and include a name and email address. The Retort reserves the right to edit for space and possible libel. Letters should deal with subject matter relevant to the students, faculty, or staff of MSU Billings. The Retort is published biweekly. Letters must be submitted by our submission date (eight days prior to our next publication date). Submit Letters To The Editor to The Retort is made possible in part by student fees allocated by ASMSUB. The Publications Board of ASMSUB advises The Retort, leaving content decisions to the editors. Reasonable care is taken to ensure that The Retort articles and other information in this publication and website are up-to-date and accurate as possible, as of the time of publication, but no responsibility can be taken by The Retort or Montana State University Billings for any errors or omissions contained herein or online. Furthermore, responsibility for any losses, damages or distress resulting from adherence to any information made available through this publication and our website is not the responsibility of The Retort or Montana State University Billings. The opinions by expressed columnists are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Retort or Montana State University Billings.

Your name here! Want to be on the pub board? Contact Mary Owen.

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featuring SARAH KNOBEL

By LEANNE GILBERTSON Northcutt Steel Gallery SU Billings Department of Arts Faculty Exhibition opens on Thursday, September 5 and will be on view through October 10 at the Northcutt Steele Gallery. This group exhibition displays the diverse talents of faculty working across a broad range of media and will feature the digital video installations and photography series, Icescapes, by recently hired faculty, Assistant Professor Sarah Knobel. Knobels Icescapes series responds critically to the history of western landscape photography and comments upon the striking confrontations of the natural topography with evidence of industrial production and consumption that the artist viewed upon her recent move to the area. Knobel begins with cheaply made, largely petroleum-based products, such as toys, party items, souvenirs, and decorative household goods that she purchases at discount stores. She assembles these objects and freezes them in molds and then photographs their inevitable deformations as they melt. Alternately, she suspends her configurations in water and films their subtle disintegrations over time. The resulting still and moving images are comprised of complex layers of textures and colors in which her chosen synthetic materials begin to visually mimic geological formations and processes. The documented decay of these forms acquires a mysterious, otherworldly beautya sublime for the twenty-first century. Sarah Knobel joined the faculty in 2012 after completing a fellowship at Hamiltonian Gallery in Washington D.C. where she pursued a studio practice in photography, video, animation,

A notable career, an enduring legacy

Endowed assets more than tripled from $6 million to $19 million. Scholarship dollars awarded each year were increased from $432,000 to $1.3 million annually. Portfolio managers across the country would be envious to have produced that much wealth for their clients in such a short time period, commented Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services, Terrie Iverson. The best part is that Marilynns clients are MSUB students. For all of Millers financial accomplishments, it is the human aspect that she will miss most. I have been privileged to be a member of the platform party during MSUB commencements: watching the hundreds of graduates receiving their diplomas walk one by one across the stage in front of me, excited, well-prepared and ready to take on the world is inspiring, she says. Thats what its all about: improving peoples lives. Miller improved the lives of more than just MSUB students. It is amazing to think about Marilynns spheres of influence, noted MSU Billings Chancellor Rolf Groseth. Whether it is a student who needs assistance, a faculty member who is looking for program support, a local business person searching for a way to make a lasting difference, or a legislator who needs guidance, Marilynn resonates with each of them. She can work with anyone and most importantly is respected by everyone. Miller has left the foundation in the perfect position to take the next evolutionary step. I was blessed to work with a superb board, professional and effective staff, as well as many loyal and generous donors, said Miller. The next president & CEO of the foundation not only will have the advantage of taking the reins of a nonprofit corporation that is fiscally robust, but also will enjoy the unusual benefit of working with an excellent professional advancement consultant from the Gonser Gerber firm, with whom the foundation has contracted for the next couple of years. This is a wonderful opportunity for a qualified higher education advancement professional. When asked about Millers accomplishments, former Chancellor Ron Sexton remarked, Quite honestly, she is the most remarkable development and fundraising person we have in Billings. I was fortunate that I had a front-row seat for many years to witness the magic of Marilynn. She is extremely passionate about our institution and that passion is infectious, which is why it was almost impossible to tell her no. Marilynn put the MSUB Foundation on the map and has given the organization a strong presence in the community, commented current Foundation Board of Trustees Chair Tim Schruth. I marvel at how she is able to maximize the potential and productivity of a board consisting solely of volunteers. It is quite a testament to Marilynn and the rest of the staff at the foundation. Her presence will be missed most of all by the talented staff she has worked alongside for so many years. Marilynn is the ultimate mentor, said Jill Hirschi, Director of Donor Relations and Annual Giving. She is someone who handles every situation with grace. Many of us will look back on our careers and take pride in making a difference in the lives of those we have known. Marilynn Miller will get to look back on her career and think about the difference she will make in the lives of those she will never have the chance to meet. A national search for a new president and CEO will commence on September 15. MSU Billings would like to announce a successor prior to Millers departure on December 31, 2013. It is our intent to move swiftly, said Chancellor Groseth. It would be wonderful for the next leader we select to have an opportunity to learn from the best in the business. The MSUB family wishes Marilynn and her family all the best. She will be greatly missed but we take solace in knowing she is only a phone call away.

and installation. She received her MFA from the University of Cincinnatis Design, Architecture, Art and Planning Program in 2004 and has an active exhibition record of national and international solo, group, juried, and invitational exhibitions. For more information about the artist visit: www.sarahknobel. com. The Northcutt Steele Gallery is located on the first floor of

the Liberal Arts on the Montana State University-Billings campus. The gallery is open Monday Friday from 8:00am 4:30 pm. For more information visit www. or www. For media inquiries and more images contact Leanne Gilbertson, Director of Northcutt Steele Gallery, leanne.gilbertson@; (406) 657-2903.

By MSU BILLINGS News Services SU Billings Foundation President and Chief Executive Officer, Marilynn Miller, has announced she plans to retire at the end of 2013. Miller began her tenure with the MSU Billings Foundation on February 1, 2000. She previously served as the executive director at Billings Area Catholic Education Trust and director of development at the Yellowstone Art Museum before that.

I have loved my career, said Miller. From a purely professional perspective, the highpoint of my tenure at the MSU Billings Foundation was the success of the first-ever comprehensive campaign for Montana State University Billings, the People, Pride & Promise Campaign, which raised $30.1million. Millers numbers are staggering when you put them in historical perspective. During her 13year tenure net assets at the foundation have grown from $7.9 million to just over $22 million.

Campus Life
The Foundation of
By PATRICIA HAMPTON t is elating to arrive home at the close of a long day, open the mailbox, and discover a crisp white envelope from the Montana State University Billings Foundation congratulating a student for being awarded a scholarship. But what is the MSUB Foundation, and where to the funds for these scholarships originate? The Foundation is a non-profit organization that opened its doors in 1968, forty-one years after the founding of MSU Billings (then called Eastern Montana State Normal School). At this time in the Universitys history, enrollment was above three-thousand students. The MSUB Foundation provides support to students in the form of scholarships to further their educational goals and, as stated in their mission statement, promotes philanthropy, campus and community partnerships, and educational opportunities. On December 31, 2012, the MSUB Foundation came to the conclusion of a three year campaign called the Opportunity Campaign. The goal of the associated fundraising was to compile a total of $6 million in funds to support scholarships. At the close of the campaign, $7.2 million had been raised. The campaign was chaired by former Montana State University Billings Chancellor Ronald P. Sexton following a forty-two year career at the University. Scholarship dollars are allocated with different qualifying criteria depending upon the specific scholarship guidelines. Whether based upon GPA, major, areas of interest, or personal background, students are awarded hundreds of scholarships each academic year. The Foundations most prolific fundraiser is called the MSU Billings Foundation Wine & Food Festival, and is held annually in May. This essential fundraiser was in-



Scholarship Support T

stated in 1992, as a means of bringing more attention to the university within the larger Billings community while encouraging contributions to scholarship funding. At the time that scholarship funds are contributed to the Foundation, they are divided into one of three categories: the Pooled Scholarship fund, Named Annual Scholarships, and Named Endowed Scholarships. The Pooled Scholarship Fund is open to gifts of less than $500 to give individuals and groups (which are unable to support their own named scholarships) an opportunity to contribute to the overall scholarship fund. When an individual contributes to a Named Annual Scholarship, they are essentially pledging an amount of $500 or more annually and can name their scholarship and design the award criteria themselves. The final category of Named Endowed Scholarships are for contributions of $10,000 or more, invested to fund scholarships continually over many years. The next time the crisp white envelope arrives in the mail congratulating you on your achievements, be sure to think on the generosity of all who work to fund educational goals at Montana State University Billings.

he course is designed for students to run a business plan for the length of a semester and maintain financial statements. Staffileno commented on the origin of this particular route for the project. We first thought of a rewards program for students that work our; every time they work out they would receive credit toward earning coupons for local businesses, he explained. Recognizing the limitations that this would have on their market however, the group changed their angle. Rather than targeting those who work out specifically, all MSUB students were considered potential clients. Living in an age where technology is at the forefront of individuals minds and is a readily available and frequented resource, it was determined that the internet and social media would be the most promising means of reaching these students. Apps were considered as possible options, but were found to be too expensive. In consultation with several campus officials including Jackets & Co. Director Chad Schreier, Aaron Clingingsmith of University Relations, and College of Business instructor Brenda Dockery, the group finalized their marketing and business plan. The team set off with support from the local community and campus. Red Robin and Off the Leaf both committed to posting coupons on the website. Jason Aupied, the Director of Sodexo, also was excited about the idea and we posted coupons for Stingers, Jazzmans, and SubConnections Staffileno explained. For those in constant need of a coffee or smoothie fix from Stingers, keep an eye on Study Bargains for more coupons this semester. Due to the lateness in the year, there was some difficulty in bringing a wide variety of businesses on board with the site, however the students look forward to gaining commitments from additional businesses as the new academic year begins. Rockpile has promised that once the groups Facebook page reaches 300 likes, they will post a coupon on the site. Study Bargains is intended to continue as a student organization through the College of Business this fall. Staffileno described this plan, indicating that the club will be able to make its own profit by allowing students to practice their sales skills and by acquiring support from local businesses. We hope that in the future, we will be able to make enough sales to help the community and/or provide a scholarship for business students. To view and redeem the coupons available through Study Bargains, simply visit www. and like their page on Facebook for regular updates.

SHS can be viewed in some respects as an on campus walk-in clinic. They can cater to the needs of students with sore throats, rashes, womens wellness issues, and much more. The only real difference between a traditional walk-in clinic and SHS is the absence of an X-ray machine and a full lab. Nurses in SHS are able to write prescriptions, they will just need to be filled at an off-campus pharmacy. There are three mental health counselors working with SHS as well. These counselors are able to help students find clarity or new perspectives, as well as facing the challenges of homesickness, relationship difficulties, roommate conflicts, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, there is an online mental health screening available through the SHS portion of the MSUB website These online screenings are meant not as a means of diagnosis, but as a step to determining if additional help should be sought. Other online resources are available on their website. Not only are the hours of operation and locations readily displayed on their primary page, but there are links to numerous other useful pages. Student Health101, an online magazine specifically catering to college students, is featured prominently on the main page. This magazine features everything from study tips, to healthy lifestyle choices. Comprehensive wellness is an important mission of SHS as well. HEROES, a student organization associated with SHS, focuses on alternative and educational activities for students to engage in. Their focus has and will continue to primarily include suicide prevention, consent, physical fitness, nutrition, and tobacco awareness. They recently were successful in moving MSU Billings to becoming a tobacco free campus, effective August 15, 2012. HEROES also advocates eating healthy on campus, appropriate sleeping habits, and alcohol awareness. Tyler-McSherry also commented that there will be a stronger campaign for sexual assault prevention, much of which will be incorporated into the First Six Weeks programming. A new feature SHS is looking to implement is massage therapy. This service will be provided for an additional semester fee (which has not yet been determined), and will be open to all students, faculty, and staff. Both the Main campus and City College campus have a Student Health Services Office, which both implement Medicat electronic health records. Recently, SHS conducted a National College Health Assessment surveying 4,000 random students and derived the following results.

Campus LIfe

What SHS Does For You

ing the challenges of homesickness, relationship difficulties, roommate conflicts, anxiety, As described by Darla Tyler- and depression. Additionally, McSherry, Director of Student there is an online mental health Health Services (SHS) at Mon- screening available through the tana State University Billings, SHS portion of the MSUB webStudent Health Services seems site ( to be the well-kept secret here therapy/). These online screenon campus. For this and other ings are meant not as a means of reason, it is time to remove the diagnosis, but as a step to deterveil of uncertainty and reveal mining if additional help should what SHS is and what it has to be sought. offer MSU Billings student popOther online resources are ulation. available on their website. Not SHS is funded by a fee auto- only are the hours of operation matically charged to students and locations readily displayed registered for seven credits or on their primary page, but there more in the amount of $60.25 are links to numerous other useeach semester. Services provid- ful pages. Student Health101, ed encompass medical, mental an online magazine specificalhealth, and wellness. ly catering to college students, is featured prominently on the main page. This magazine features evOverall utilization: Meeting the Needs of Students erything from study SHS Utilization tips, to healthy lifestyle University Campus choices. 928 Provider visits Comprehensive well589 RN visits ness is an important 779 Counselor visits mission of SHS as well. City College HEROES, a student or48 Provider visits ganization associated 200 RN visits with SHS, focuses on al139 Counselor visits ternative and educationWellness/HEROES Outreach al activities for students 1,247 participants in outreach activities to engage in. Their fo177.5 contact hours conducted by staff cus has and will continand volunteers ue to primarily include Fresh Air Advocates conducted 49 hours suicide prevention, conof outreach and made 848 contacts sent, physical fitness, nutrition, and tobacco Working closely with St. Vin- awareness. They recently were cents Hospital, SHS is able to successful in moving MSU Billbring in two Nurse Practitio- ings to becoming a tobacco free ners and one Registered Nurse, campus, effective August 15, in addition to a Registered Nurse 2012. HEROES also advocates hired directly through MSU eating healthy on campus, apBillings, boasting a total of thir- propriate sleeping habits, and alty-hours of provider presence cohol awareness. each week. Our employees have Tyler-McSherry also coma real passion for student health mented that there will be a stronand helping them to thrive aca- ger campaign for sexual assault demically and socially in all as- prevention, much of which will pects of their lives, explained be incorporated into the First Tyler-McSherry. These individ- Six Weeks programming. uals are able to respond to minor A new feature SHS is lookemergencies on campus, howev- ing to implement is massage er more often medical attention therapy. This service will be is sought from emergency re- provided for an additional sesponders. mester fee (which has not yet In the American College been determined), and will be Health Association Patient Sat- open to all students, faculty, isfaction Assessment Survey, and staff. MSUB surpassed the national Both the Main campus and averages as follows City College campus have a Student Health Services Office, which both impleAgree or Strongly Agree responses ment Medicat electronic health records. Recently, SHS conMSUB Natl ducted a National ColSatisfied with registration staff lege Health Assessment 96% 90% surveying 4,000 random Satisfied w/ staff assisting provide students and derived the 96 % 93% following results. Provider listened carefully to concerns 89 91% 90% report their health Overall satisfaction with visit as good, very good, or 89% 87% excellent Recommend the HS to another student 89% mostly or al88% 86% ways wear their seatbelt SHS can be viewed in some 13% report being in an emorespects as an on campus walk- tionally abusive relationship in clinic. They can cater to last 12 months the needs of students with sore 89% feel very safe on campus throats, rashes, womens well- Significant increase in workness issues, and much more. ing 40 and 40+ hours/week The only real difference be- Also, students are reporting tween a traditional walk-in clin- lower levels of drinking and ic and SHS is the absence of an tobacco usage. X-ray machine and a full lab. Nurses in SHS are able to write Student Health Services conprescriptions, they will just tinues to update its facilities to need to be filled at an off-cam- expand the services they are able pus pharmacy. to offer to students. If you have There are three mental health any questions or would like to counselors working with SHS as contact Student Health Services, well. These counselors are able feel free to call them at (406)657to help students find clarity or or visit their office on the second new perspectives, as well as fac- floor of Petro Hall. By PATRICIA HAMPTON University Campus Clinic & Counseling Monday-Friday 8:00a - 5:00p City College Clinic: Mon, 1p-4:30p; Wed, 9a - 12p; Tue & Thu, 11p - 2p Counseling: Call for counseling appointments. Phone: (406) 657-2153 City College Phone: (406) 247-3027 Emergency Care: St. Vincent Healthcare 1233 N 30th Street Phone: (406) 657-7000 Billings Clinic Hospital 2800 10th Ave N Phone: (406) 657-4000

If you would like to join HEROES apply online at: HEROES or call Triniti Halverson at 406-657-2153!

Billings Catholic Campus Ministry welcoming students back with cookies!

By HOLLY DANIELS ecently Max Lennington, the Yellowstone County assessor, treasurer, and most aggravatingly, superintendent of schools, has been accused of not one, but two acts of plagiarism in letters to the editor published by the Billings Gazette. The two letters were both summarizations from far-right tea party sites explaining why he "hates" the Obamas and why he believes that President Obama should be impeached. While both letters are chock full of their own problems, falsifications, and ridiculous rhetoric, the issue is less about the content of the letters and more about the fact that he did not cite the original sources. As superintendent of Yellowstone County schools, Mr. Lennington should know better. As college students, we should all know the importance of citing sources and the importance of using good sources. While Lennington is merely the most recent example, I have often seen this same tactic used in online discussions, blogs, and message boards. The argument seems to be, If you want to know the source, look it up. That is not how sources work. It doesn't matter if you are quoting the first line of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, you need to attribute those words to the person you took them from. Of course, the source can easily be verified, that's the point of citing it. You use the source to back up your own points and give people the place where you found it so that they can see the original for themselves. This happens most often in conversation when people say I read somewhere that ... This means nothing. I can say with certainty that I read somewhere that zombies are on their way to devour us right now, but I read it in a work of fiction so it means nothing. If your goal is to actually make me start zombie-proof-

The Importance Facebook Reports

of Sources O
ing the house, what you need to say is, I read in Scientific American that zombies are on their way to devour us right now. By citing your source as a credible work of non-fiction, you are proving that you did not simply make the idea up. If I disbelieve you, I can easily go to Scientific American and see for myself if zombies are coming to devour us or not. This brings us to the next reason you need to cite sources, so that people can see if they are credible or not. There is a good chance that what you are saying is not true if you say, I read in Zombie Paranoia Monthly that zombies are coming to devour us right now. Of course that's what you read there. The publication's sole purpose is to try and convince you that you will be devoured by zombies. That is not a credible source. This comes up often when arguing with people who are trying to prove a point that is factually incorrect. If the only sources they can cite to prove their point are sources that exist for no other reason than to provide a place for people to cite when arguing a factually incorrect point, they are probably wrong. As college students, we need to keep the importance of sources in mind not only when writing papers for class, but also every time we want to make a valid point or make ourselves understood. If we don't do this, we run the risk of looking like a paranoid delusional or even worse, getting called out for plagiarism on a public forum like Max Lennington.


My Year as a Second Class Netizen.

By CHRIS CLAUS At the beginning of last year, I made the same decision as many other college students. I purchased a tablet. I did a lot of research, weighed the pros and cons of the three ecosystems, android, ios, and windows surface. In the end, I decided to go with the latest iPad. I knew I was going to be doing a lot more than just playing games, browsing Facebook, and watching Netflix on it, so I picked up a keyboard case for it. With a few app purchases, namely an office suite, and a handful of free apps, I felt that I was as ready for the year ahead of me as I could be. My goal was to do as much as I could using only my tablet. I knew there were some things I would have to use a regular computer for. My job at The Retort, editing my photography in Photoshop, and most real gaming, were all done on desktop computers. For everything else like taking notes in class, writing class papers, or day to day internet browsing, I used my tablet. For a while, things were going great. My tablet weighed so much less than my laptop, and was a lot more convenient to carry around. Then slowly but surely, the appeal of it began to wear off. I learned that as far as most of the internet was concerned, I was a second class citizen. Nearly every website out there has a special mobile version, or an app you can install. These are great if youre browsing the net on your phone, they are designed to load faster, have simpler layouts, and to work with a majority of devices. Typically, I would visit a page, it would partially load, then it would detect that I am using a tablet, and would redirect me to the mobile version of their site. Then I would have to scroll down to the bottom, click the View Desktop Version link, and wait for it to load the regular version it had half loaded before. You would think the fun would stop there, but you would be wrong. Once the website loaded, it would take anywhere from five to twenty five seconds, usually when you were reading something such as a headline or a blurb, but always while you were reading, a notification would popup. This site has an app for that; do you want to download it? No, I dont want to install an app for every site I visit, as the meme goes, aint nobody got time for that. Whats worse than that is one site in particular, YouTube. I spend a lot of time on YouTube. I watch music videos, or have it play music playlists in the background, watch news clips, funny videos, even video tutorials and lessons. When watching YouTube on a regular computer, everything works; every video you click on will play. The only exception is in the event that YouTube has recently received a DMCA takedown notice, but thats a relatively small percentage of the videos available. YouTube is a whole different animal on a tablet. Its comparable to Russian roulette. Sometimes the video will play. Youve pulled the trigger, and lucked into an empty chamber. This tends to be the case on most regular user uploaded videos, videos that have nothing to do with Hollywood or the entertainment industry. Then you try to watch a music video, or a movie trailer, or a clip from a movie, or anything remotely entertaining. You click on the video, and get the dreaded The content owner has not made this video available on mobile devices. Bam. You pulled the trigger and were unlucky enough that there was a bullet in the chamber. For some reason, someone watching a video on a tablet is totally different than someone watching a video on a laptop.

ver the summer, I had the unfortunate experience of attempting to report a couple of pages to Facebook for violation of their terms of service. Now, understand that I am not a person who gets reporthappy, sending in every page that I disagree with or reporting people just because I don't like them. There were two pages I felt needed to be reported. One advocated domestic violence, and another advocated genocide of everyone who practices the Muslim religion. Now Facebook's terms of service clearly state that We do not permit individuals or groups to attack others based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition. However, when I reported a page that was blatantly stating that women are lesser creatures and should be physically abused for it, I was told that this did not violate the above terms. I was also told that the page posting various pictures and statuses featuring ethnic slurs directed at members of the Muslim religion and saying that they should be shot on sight did not constitute hate speech either. I was confused at first because both of those pages very clearly violate the terms that Facebook itself laid out. What I found out later is that each report is reviewed by a different person. If that single person agrees that the page violates the terms than it will be removed, if they do not agree or simply do not want to look any further into the matter, than the page will remain. So what are we to do when we stumble across the dark places of Facebook that are not fit for human consumption? The secret is apparently to just keep reporting the page. Since each report is reviewed by a different person, there is a good chance that

somebody will, eventually, actually take a good long look at the page and at the terms of service and realize that the content posted specifically violates their terms of service. I found that it is particularly helpful if multiple people are reporting the page because it draws more attention to the issue. The same holds true for people who are harassing you on Facebook. If they were not removed after harassing you the first time and they continue to do so, keep reporting them. Even though Facebook is considered by many to be a public place, there are still basic standards of decency that we need to maintain in public areas. If a page or a person is advocating violence against another group, we as Facebook users should not allow their words to stand uncontested. People have a right to their opinion, but that does not mean they have a right to a platform.

Never mind that anything a tablet can do, a laptop can do better. Anywhere a tablet can go, a laptop can go. The last big difference is the ads. Oh gods, the ads. The internet is full of them. I spent so many years browsing the internet using a wonderful program called Adblock Plus. If I ever saw an ad, it was because I wanted to. On the sites I visited regularly, and trusted. A.k.a. the sites that didnt have popups or ads that

auto-played sound, I had them in my whitelist. Sites Ive never been to before, or ones that were known ad abusers, I never saw a single ad. It was nirvana. Turns out, you cant install plugins in any browser on an iPad. I know things might be different on other tablets. Adblock has an android version for instance, but that doesnt change the fact that tablet users are second class citizens, and will probably remain so.


The Gluttonous

Greed that is

Okay, now that I have your attention...
By CAROLINE ELIOT need to say, sex without consent is rape. Choosing to have sexual relationship is huge deal, but healthy conversations can aid the relationship (and make it more enjoyable). Having consent means making sure both people are respecting each other's sexual and personal boundaries and avoids miscommunication. The conversation of consent needs to make clear either Yes! or No! to the prospect of having sex and definitely not Maybe after a few drinks. Consent, put bluntly, means saying to someone, Yes, I give you permission to enter my body. Pretty personal when it is put like that right? And it is personal. Sex is a huge deal. It can lead to other, complex situations like becoming pregnant, STDs, HIV, and possibly having a bad reputation, but I will leave that for another article. Consent is a vocal agreement to participate in any sexual activities that occur between people. Both participants must ask for and receive consent and they must respect the other persons answer. Consent cannot be given when drunk or high, under fear or force, or as an obligation. Consent cannot be assumed and needs to be given each time things progress to the next level. This means just

By HOLLY DANIELS personally do not shop at Walmart. I disagree with their shady business practices and I hate the way that they treat their employees. I don't hate the people who work at Walmart. I don't hate their prices or their products. I hate their business practices and therefore choose not to spend my money there. This summer, Washington, DC passed a law requiring that Walmart pay its employees a living wage. According to The Economist, the law states that employers who make more than $1 billion annually and have stores larger than 75,000 square feet must pay their employees no less than $12.50 per hour. Walmart, promptly responding to the legislation, stated that they will not build three planned stores in the city and additionally, will seriously reconsider opening the three that are already under construction. This means that Walmart, as a whole, is willing to take an enormous financial loss by pulling out of three major construction sites simply to avoid paying employees a wage that they can live on. WalMart isn't doing this because paying employees $12.50 per hour will break the bank, they are doing it because they don't want the public to know they can afford it. They know that they can pay their employees more and still continue to provide the same products and services they always have at the same prices they do now. What money they would lose amounts to pocket change for the company. However, once a precedent is set, and once people realize that Walmart will continue to be Walmart even though the employees are able to live off their jobs, other places might want Walmart to pay more. Walmart makes enough money that they can easily afford to pay each and every one of their employees a wage they can live on and still continue to offer the same services they do now. The only thing that would change would be their profits. Now many people argue, Aren't they allowed to make money at what they do? Yes, yes they are. But we're discussing the difference between a glutinous amount of money and an amount that is simply disgusting. This legislation will not mean that any of the Walton children suddenly have to move into tenements or even force them to buy a smaller jet. They already have so much money that they literally can not spend it faster than they make it, they would not even notice a drop in their profits if it weren't for the change in the numbers. As things stand right now, those at the top are making an

amount of money that is so obscene most of us can't even imagine it. Meanwhile, those at the bottom, doing the actual labor, those with families to feed who are willing to do whatever it takes to care for their loved ones, are suffering. Many workers at WalMart make so little that they require public assistance benefits like food stamps just to survive. This means that the tax payers are subsidizing WalMart's profits. They refuse to pay their employees more and know that the U.S. will foot the bill. This is greed, pure and simple. There is no justification for it. By threatening to pull out of Washington DC instead of paying their employees more, Walmart is blatantly stating that they do not care about the welfare of those that work the bottom of the totem pole if it is going to cut into their bank accounts. This is the rhetoric that I cannot stand. I cannot justify sending a single penny of my hard-earned money to people who will only use it to abuse those less fortunate. I encourage others to join the cause. If I am the only one who stops shopping there, it won't make a difference, but if people begin to shop elsewhere in droves, that will start to cut into their profits far more than the cost to treat people like people. Maybe if enough of us speak up, we can begin to change the course of the juggernaut that Walmart has become.

because the person bought dinner, a movie, flowers, and a necklace doesnt mean it's consent to have sex. Consent can also be taken back at any time and must be respected immediately. So, that means if one person wants to back out, they have every right to do so, and the intimacy must stop there. There should not be any intimidation or pressure to have sex. If, at any point, someone is forcing you to do something youre not comfortable with, get out of the relationship. Consent cannot be given if an individual is intoxicated, EVER. When people get drunk things are not as clear and people make questionable decisions, so the best way to avoid being accused or being assaulted is to NOT HAVE DRUNK SEX. Easier said than done, but a one night fling could be life changing for you or someone else. The question is then, how do you ask for consent without sounding like reading someone their rights? Use simple questions! Consent can still be fun, and a sign of respect to your partner. Some great ways to bring it up are questions like How are you feeling? or, What would you like me to do next? and, May I? or, Are you okay with this? It doesnt have to be complicated but it does have to genuine! So, why should people talk about consent in their relationships? Receiving consent before sex is much better than potentially sexually assaulting someone. Talking about consent does not ruin the moment; it starts more open conversations and makes for a healthier relationship (or a better hookup!). Girls and guys can never just guess what the other is thinking, so tell you must tell your partner. If you are too embarrassed to talk about sex, then you probably shouldnt do it. Have a question for Caroline? Ask her at sex@


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ACROSS 1. Walk in water 5. Young sheep 10. Bit of gossip 14. Astringent 15. Poplar tree 16. Rational 17. Coarse file 18. A type of biologist 20. Ways of doing things 22. Income 23. Ottoman officer 24. Daisylike bloom 25. Protuberances 32. Creepy 33. Arm of the sea 34. Preschooler 37. After-bath powder 38. Give off

39. Arithmetic 40. Operative 41. French for Our 42. Eagles nest 43. Whats received from parents 45. Slash 49. French for Word 50. Goddess of healing 53. Praise 57. Graniteware 59. River of Spain 60. Skin disease 61. Not fluid 62. Narrow opening 63. Bobbin 64. Leave out 65. Oceans DOWN

1. Not cool 2. Wings 3. Powdery dirt 4. Forceful 5. A four-wheel covered carriage 6. Garments of goat hair 7. Got together 8. Make unclear 9. Arid 10. Small islands 11. Corrupt 12. Follow as a result 13. Gauge 19. Nautical for stop 21. Monster 25. Animal companions 26. Harvest 27. Paris airport 28. Coming after fifth 29. Accustom 30. Not younger 31. Born as 34. Mountain pool 35. Ear-related 36. You (archaic) 38. Many millennia 39. Vegetarian 41. Daughter of a sibling 42. At the peak of 44. Hinder 45. Lance 46. Javelin 47. Absurd 48. Dromedary 51. If not 52. Absent Without Leave 53. Dry 54. Competent 55. Murres 56. Specks 58. Former boxing champ

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Meet the Staff of The Retort 2013-14

Cory D. Lovec Patricia Hampton

I am a senior English Education major, minoring in Spanish Education. This will be my fourth and final year as a member of The Retort staff as I prepare to graduate in the Spring. As an English major, I think I can safely say that reading and writing are important to me. I've been known to read through books like crazy and never just one at a time, that would not be enough! As for writing, my outlet early on was working on the high school yearbook staff, and now I am able to continue similarly with The Retort. In time as I wrote more for myself and found what I was truly passionate about where my writing was most meaningful to me my writing became my own. My other passion? This is something very few people know about me: I love to dance theres nothing that can lift my spirits like dancing around the room. I learned a bit in the eighth grade, and returned to it freshman year at MSU Billings, and Im so glad that I did! So if you see me dancing around here on campus, dont be surprised, and by all means join in! As this is my final year at MSUB, I think on the next several months and I look forward to the courses, programs, events, and activities that I will be involved with this year. I look forward to all of the opportunities that lie ahead, and of course, to a great final year here at The Retort!

Cheyne Jones

My name is Cheyne Jones and I am a 23 year old junior at MSU Billings. Im majoring in Public Relations and Mass Communications. My wife and I moved to Billings in August of 2013 to finish our college degrees. We are expecting our first child in January (Its a boy!) and we are looking forward to growing as a family and making new friends in Montana! I grew up in Logan, UT and moved to Seattle, WA on my 20th birthday. I will always consider Seattle to be my chosen hometown. I love the city, I love the water, I love the food and I love the beer. I grew up a Seattle Seahawks and Mariners fan as well, so that doesnt hurt! Ill be covering nightlife in Billings for The Retort well as contributing in the sports section and handling our Snap Judgment opinions column. If youre interested in my late night ramblings or enraged thoughts during a Seahawks game (in 140 characters or less), you can follow me on Twitter @12thMan_CJones. Want Cheyne to write a Backstage Pass column on your band? Email him at local@

Ashlee Twiford

"I feel strange writing a detailed bio from an objective standpoint, so I am going to spare some of the awkwardness; allow me to introduce myself as me. My name is Laura-Ashlee Twiford and I am currently a second year student in the education program. I am pursuing a degree in order to someday teach English at the secondary level. With that, its probably easy to believe that I have an affinity for reading and writing but less obvious is my fascination with mathematics and science. I consider myself a person that is excitable. Basically, I am passionate about stuff. I am from Anchorage, Alaska and I spent the majority of my life up there. I came to Billings not only to get an education but also be somewhere new, and get away from the peers I spent my formative years with. As I said earlier, my fascination with humanities is never ending. However, my fascination with people goes beyond that. I am happy to be in Billings meeting new people, and I am happier still to be a part of a group where I can write about the people that I meet. Needless to say, being a part of The Retort is right where I want to be.

James Hickman

James Dean Hickman is a local freelance writer, editor, and graphic designer who occasionally goes to class at MSUB. His work has been featured in The Billings Outpost, The Billings Gazette,, #OneNation Magazine, The Rook, The Metaphor, and various other outlets. He and some of his closest friends had the brilliant idea to make a local magazine during the slow and agonizing death of print media. Somehow NOISE & COLOR recently celebrated its one year anniversary, a fact that he doesnt seem to shut up about. Late last year him and yet another group of his closest friends started the arts advocacy collective known as Canvas. Canvas produces Montana Slam, the Magic City Music Awards, Extended Exposure, Montana After Dark, and various other arts brands. He has is involved in a handful of other projects and serves on a few important boards but frankly we decided not to mention them, his ego is big enough as it is. Needless to say he doesnt enjoy much free-time. He likes long walks on the beach, and Oxford commas.

Cory D. Lovec is a 21 yearold senior at MSU Billings, majoring in chemistry and minoring in both mathematics and physics, while also fulfilling requirements for pre-pharmacy. This is his 4th year as Sports Editor at The Retort. He is a very avid sports fan, stating that he loves ALL sports, but admits to being partial to footballthe NFL in particular. Cory watches all the sports he can, and says that his TV is on ESPN at least 90% of the time. Cory is also a huge fan of music, and owns roughly 300 CDswith an eclectic taste in music ranging from rock and metal to country, classical, and jazzwith rock music being his favorite (Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown Hinder, Matchbox 20, and Jason Aldean are his so-called Favorite 5). Cory is also a trumpet player for the MSUB Pep Band, and attends every home Mens and Womens basketball games, and also states that he tries to go to as many other sporting events as possible. Hes in the MSUB University Honors Program, and is also the president of the campuss Chemistry Club. Cory says that: Its amazing Ive been writing for The Retort for four years already! Its been an adventure to watch both myself and The Retort grow and mature. Writing for The Retort has really been an honor! Its amazing to be able to write about something that Im so passionate about. Its a great feeling when readers give me feedback on an article they would like to seeor simply tell me that they liked one of my articles. The Retort has also been a great pathway to meet new people (like some of the athletes Ive interviewed and of course my coworkers). All-in-all, working at The Retort has been a great experience, and my only hope is that we as a paper (and of course my section too!) continue to grow in popularity with our students.

Chris Claus Caroline Eliot Rachele Willoughby

Rachele Willoughby was born and raised in Billings, Montana, where she first conceived the aspiration of becoming a physician as a very young girl. She is currently a junior, studying biology at MSU Billings with hopes of going on to medical school in Colorado, where they will, if her luck holds out, allow her to see the insides of people. When not mending sentences and policing commas, she enjoys most types of math, all the sciences, and speculative fiction, both written and televised, as well as goodnaturedly terrorizing her husband and kids.

Caroline Eliot is a senior in the sociology department at MSU Billings and an avid runner. Raised in Bozeman, she attended school at Seattle Pacific for two years before returning to Montana. Caroline has volunteered for American Civil Liberties Union helping to fight discrimination in Washington State. She continues her push for social justice in the Billings community as an advocate for individual rights and liberties. When she is not changing the world, she can be found in the mountains fishing, hiking, camping, skiing, and exploring all of Big Sky Country and its beauty. Have a question for Caroline? You can email her at

Chris Claus is a 28 year old Junior majoring in Sociology. He spends more time in the retort office than the CDC has determined is healthy. He spends most of his days running around franticly, muttering about deadlines and article length. The rest of the time, he is buried under piles of homework. He joined The Retort in the Fall of 2012, as the Online Editor. By spring of 2013, he was the Assistant Editor, working closely with then Editor Leah Campbell. He seems to be doing well at it so far. At least there havent been any official complaints or inquiries. Then again, the first issue has just come out. If you would like to contact him, the best way is to offer to buy him a beer at a local brewpub. Or, if you prefer, by email at editor@msubretort. org by phone at 406-657-2193 or, if you must, in person at The Retort office SUB Room 220.

Holly Daniels

Holly is a very opinionated person. Seriously, she has an opinion on almost anything and she likes to back those opinions up with facts. She is working toward a bachelor of fine arts with a minor in Sociology so she knows what she is talking about most of the time. One of here favorite past times is beating people over the head with truths such as feminism. She dreams of one day transforming this country into a socialist utopia along the lines of the federation in Star Trek. She plans on doing this with the help of her Iron Man style suit just as soon as she figures out how to build an arc reactor. We finally figured that if we cant get her to shut up we might as well get her to write all her blather down.

Nate Evans

Nate Evans is a non-traditional student with his hand in many cookie jars. In addition to taking over as the Business Manager of The Retort, he is also; the Managing Editor of The Rook for 20122013, a member of the University Honors Program, a full time student, an entrepreneur, a husband, and the father of three children.



After recent events, what are your thoughts on the U.S. becoming involved in Syria after the use of chemical weapons?

Abdul Rhanan Freshman Environmental Studies

I have been to Syria several times and they have a problem, a big problem. They are dealing with it, but we are not in Syria so we dont know exactly what is happening. I support some people there that are against the government because they are trying to protect themselves, but I dont support other people who arent from Syria that go there and get involved.

Patrick Hewett Freshman Human Services

Id have to say that I agree with it in a sense that it is not okay to use chemical warfare, but I do understand that we are already in two wars right now with Afghanistan and Iraq. So its kind of a double-edged sword as far as Im concerned. It needs to be done, but are we the people that should do it or should we let NATO take care of it because that is their responsibility? They should be the one that steps in and regulates that sort of thing.

Shirley Dahlweiner Junior Sociology Native American Studies

Im not too sure about it. I stand behind Obama and I feel like he has good sense. I feel like not enough people are giving him a chance. I think he needs to do what he needs to do.

Jeff Wilson Freshman Business Administration Wayne Vaughn Auditing Student

I think we ought to wait and see. Im not sure that we should just jump right into it. I think we probably should invade somewhat, not on a fullscale though. I would definitely do something that would help to prevent the future use of chemical weapons.


I spoke with Brooke Goodman, the new president of the board, she claimed that SAB is, really [meant] to get people involved. It seems that SAB isnt dedicated strictly to giving you something to do. Maybe Goodman should expand her initial statement of for the students into for the students, by the students, more on this later as well. She herself doesnt want to put on programs that students wont attend. During our interview she told me that they usually judge which programs to keep and which to do again based on attendance. Of course, that means if an event isnt well attended they wont plan another just like it. She also spent her job as a summer orientation guide compelling the new students to pitch in ideas. Still, Goodman and the four other members are doing a lot on their own. Students have multiple opportunities to be aware of what events the SAB are running on what day. The activities board has its own calendar of events on the MSUB website. Just recently a texting service was established in order to keep students posted. Any student can subscribe by texting MSUBSAB to 71441, no smart phone required. Given the fact that students dont often check the MSUB website and tend to ignore automated text messages, SAB posts a huge amount of promotional signs around campus. Every event they host is also posted in the Campus Leak at least 3 days in advance. So where is the obstacle? If students are informed and bored, why are there only 5 members and minimal attendance? Part of our culture as a student body is founded in what activities we do as a group and within our community. Goodman hopes I'll use this article to implore people to attend the programs (the next of which is the movie Hitch on September 16th.) More than just attending, students also have the opportunity to speak about the events they wish to see, and to join the board to help plan. As I said earlier, SAB is a board of only 5 people and they have seats open for about 12. If this is going to be an organization run for the students, by the students, they are going to need more help.

Another Year, a New

By ASHLEE TWIFORD elcome back to school. Welcome back to the morning, afternoon, and evening grinds. While I know that in one moment I can be excited about returning to scholarly discussions with my peers and doing something more gratifying than remedial summer jobs, the next moment can easily become bitter. That is, when I remember that I will have to stay alert to write papers that I dont care about or slave over meritless study preparations for the next exam. Still, were all here to push the damn rock up the damn hill. Im here to provide you with awesome, free, and hopefully somewhat novel tools to help you get there. No more Step one in your endeavor to simplifying your studies is to have a professional student email. I recommend Gmail because it also provides the Google Drive App. This is a place where you can upload your files online and keep them organized. This is a lifesaver for me because I have an incredible knack for losing USB drives. Google Drive also offers live document editing if you cant meet up with a peer to polish that essay. The live editing also comes in handy as a dynamic agenda for meetings that arent exactly in person. Cats probably have nothing to do with your research paper. This one might be another, well, duh. Still, when I mention the concept to my peers they look at me like I am some kind of genius for applying it. The world is a distracting place and the internet certainly isnt an exception. I oftentimes find myself an hour outside of what I initially started to do because of a conversation with my mother on Facebook, or an interesting video on YouTube that led to 12 more interesting videos on YouTube. I eventually decided to put my browser on lockdown. Most browsers have add-ons that you can use to customize the interface to your taste. Mozilla Firefox offers Block-Site, a place where you can password lock and blacklist certain sites that you just impulsively check. I have no idea what my professor is saying Wolfram Alpha is possibly the best search engine Ive used when I need help with specific math exercises. Go to the website ( and type in a simple function. The results show the graph, minimums and maximums, and more. Sure, you smarty pants can figure simple ones out on your own, but it really helps with more complicated functions. Especially when youve been slaving at the same problem for what seems like forever and cant seem to convince yourself that 2 hours of sleep is enough. Wolfram Alpha gives you everything you need to work backwards in an exercise. It comes with a warning though, do not let this tool allow you to shortchange yourself. Hold yourself accountable to comprehend the concepts. Chances are that tests are worth more than your homework anyway. For understanding the bigger picture I, and several other math and biology professors, recommend Khan Academy. If you havent heard of it then I have no idea how you made it this far. This website is filled with video tutorial style aids that can guide you in math, science and humanities. The instructor is calm, relatable, and easy to understand if sometimes your professor isnt cutting it. App for that? If you are required to take a math course as part of your degree and hope to run away from it as quickly as possible once you are done, chances are that you dont want to spend over 80 dollars on a

Rock, a Steeper Hill

calculator. If you have your own computer, there is a trick. With every calculator that Texas Instruments sells they offer something called a software development kit. Its basically a tool that allows people to create their own programs and save their calculations. The best part of the application is the play feature. Essentially it is a picture with buttons that looks and functions the exact same way as any TI-83. You can download the kit for free from the TI website. Theres a learning curve to figuring out how to use it, but I definitely found the effort to be worth the cost. Write pretty. The internet is filled with guides that teach students how to write more effectively. Reference pages seem to be the bane of students existence. Many places online actually build your bibliography for you. While Easybib and Bibme work equally well, I prefer Calvin Colleges Knight Cite ( knighcite). The site is actually open to the public and works in a similar fashion to Easybib and Bibme without all of the ads. As with any citation machine there are certain things that it cannot detect. Make sure all capitalizations are correct and double check with the manuals. Remember, bibliography generators are really only designed to save you the stress of formatting. Habits Clichs are clichs for a reason. I have three useful ones that get me through every year without fail. Number 1: Learning is a process, make mistakes and ask questions. Number 2: You cant do everything in a night the same way you could in a week. Take the time you need. Number 3: You cant do all of the work alone. With a determined mind and ready tools, that damned rock doesnt stand a chance.

Tami Haaland
the Poet Laureate



By ASHLEE TWIFORD he first piece of Tami Haalands poetry that I experienced, was in her own voice and this womans voice sounds like poetry. If you dont know who Tami Haaland is and what she does, then I suggest you do what I did. Get out from under that rock, get to know her, and learn about her accomplishments. Believe me, there are many. Take any creative writing course at Montana State University Billings and youll quickly learn that Montana is harbor to a lot of accomplished authors. This Universitys very own, Tami Haaland, is no exception as she was recently awarded the title of Montana states poet laureate. Haaland was nominated by the previous poet laureate Sandra Alcosser. With heart and mind she serves the world of poetry and its followers well, said Alcosser to the Billings Gazette on the day of her awarding. I understand why she would say so. I first listened to her poem Inquest in which she discusses the emotional aftermath of a young boys suicide. When I heard it, I was sitting at the kitchen table, listening to Haaland recite it herself in a PRX radio interview. My 11 year old sister said, It doesnt sound like poetry usually sounds. It sounds more like a story. While wiping my face off I told her that she was right; its an appropriate observation and very similar to the one I had. Haalands poems read like stories. I believe that is something anyone can enjoy, especially fiction writers who are afraid to dip their toe into the waters of poetry. My eleven-year-old sister was able to identify it. The characteristic quality may be in her voice. It could be in the fact that her language isnt trying to trick you; its actually inviting you in. So when I say get out from under your rock and listen to Tami Haaland, Im telling you that poets and poetry followers will enjoy her work. I also believe it goes beyond that. Anyone else with a heart for fiction can really connect with her pieces. She said it herself, in the same PRX interview, Poets can conjure up characters in the same way that fiction writers do. With that in mind, I guess its safe to say that I agree with Alcosser. She will serve poetry and poetry followers well. What does this mean? As poet laureate for the state of Montana what will she have to do? She is already so accomplished and, not to mention, busy. You know her as a professor at MSUB. On top of that, she has been teaching writing at the womens correctional facility since 2008. Both of her poetry books are well received and awarded. Her first book, Breath in Every Room, won the Nicholas Roerich Prize from Story Line Press, and her second, When We Wake in the Night, was a finalist for the May Swenson Award. Her work has also been anthologized in over a dozen publications. Lately she worked with the Arts Without Boundaries program to help establish a writing project at McKinley Elementary School. Indeed, Haalands resume is a heavy one; this award is just the tip of the iceberg for her. It seems that, for Haaland, being poet laureate will include continuing what she is already doing, working to promote and share poetry throughout the state of Montana in whatever way seems best. Right now the best way seems to be working with the youth. A big bullet point on Haalands agenda includes working with Governor Bullock on expanding youth literacy and creative writing programs. She has also been working as a member of Humanities Montana to create a speakers bureau program. As poet laureate, her work doesnt come with a pay check, but she is still eager to serve. I can probably speak for the entire university when I say, congratulations, you have made us proud.

Myke Bogan

hen you think of music in Billings, Im willing to bet that one of the last things that comes to min is hip-hop. The music scene is littered with southern rock, country, and classic rock cover bands. I went out in search of originality and my search led me to a man named Myke Bogan. Originally from Southern California, Myke now spends his time between Portland/Billings/South Dakota and when he isnt on the road. Mykes style of hip-hop is built upon powerful beats, intelligent, flowing rhymes, and sharp wordplay that all accumulate into a story that gets listeners minds thinking and their heads bobbing. Mykes a self-proclaimed lyrical architect and, after you listen to one song, youll be proclaiming it too. Three years ago, hip-hop artist Myke Bogan was in the same situation that most of us are in today. Myke was pursuing a degree in Journalism in South Dakota, hanging out and living the student life. Rapping in basements with his buddies for fun, Myke quickly learned that he had a knack for hiphop and, at the urging of friends, decided that he wanted to pursue a music career. Of course, his mom made him finish his journalism degree first.Fast forward to today; Myke just released his third album Pretty Hesh and has been touring the Northwest performing and promoting the album. You could say that hes made some incredible progress; on August 23rd, Myke performed in Boise, ID along with Snoop Dogg and Zion I. When I asked what advice he would give to an aspiring artist, coming up and wanting to get to a spot similar to his, Myke said its important to find yourself. First and foremost find yourself. Find yourself in the music that you make and think of how you want to go about doing things. Study, study, study, study, study and when you start, go, and dont stop. Invest in yourself and do the work that is required. Its a full-on grind. On Friday, August 30th, Myke Bogan and his team celebrated the release of Pretty Hesh at The Railyard on Montana Avenue downtown. The set up for a venue of this size is perfect. A raised stage at the back of the room, a fairly narrow standing-room only section for the audience and a bar right at the entrance all make for an excellent performance house. With loud music, 27 different beer tap handles and $3 tall boys all day, every day, The Railyard should be at the top of the list for anyone looking to check out a cool place for a fun show. Have you ever experienced something in your life that youll never forget? Have you ever gone to a performance and left so completely blown away that you had to just sit back and think to yourself Did that really just happen? For the couple hundred fans at Myke Bogans show on August, 30th we did. Mykes albums are solid. If youre a rap fan, you can throw in any of his three mix tapes and be completely satisfied every minute youre listening. Its enjoyable and its really, really good hip-hop. However, his recorded music doesnt even come close to his live performance. Every single person in The Railyard that night experienced something magical. The crowd was as into this performance as any youll ever see. The rhymes were on point and perfectly emphasized to create the perfect balance between the beat and the emcee. It takes guts to come out and put on a performance as raw and as powerful as what we saw, but putting it on the line for a great performance is something that Bogan doesnt shy away from. I asked Myke what line from his music would best define his career to this point, he said, Im the kind of guy thatd rather bet the 5 to 9 than ever work a 9 to 5. Bogans hip-hop is on point and would be enjoyed by anyone who likes hip-hop or just good music to listen to. Why should you listen to it? I asked Myke that question for you, If you love hip-hop, I think that youll enjoy it. If you hear music, if you want to talk about a message or a story or somebody whos probably doing a lot of things that you can relate to, thats why you should listen to it. Not because its the hottest stuff out or Im unique or Im different, no. Its because its genuine. Its my journal, my diary and my story and Im choosing to share it with you. Questions? Comments? Suggestions on who/ where I should review next? Send me your feedback at

Pete Rose: Possibly the most poMarty McSorley: Originally known as somewhat of a personal enforcer for Wayne Gretzky (and someone who was a fairly popular player), McSorley took it too far when, as a member of the Bruins, he hit opposing player Donald Brasher in the head with his stick, giving him a Grade 3 concussion; he was suspended for the rest of his season (23 games including playoffs). After the season, he was found guilty of assault with a weapon, was given 18 months of probation, and his suspension was extended for another year. He never returned to the NHL. NFL Players: The NFL has handed out many suspensions throughout the years. Two Giants playersFrank Filchock and Merle Hapeswere given lifelong bans for taking bribes to fix the 1946 NFL Championship game against the Bears (both were eventually reinstated, but were out years). AlexKarras (DT, Lions) and Paul Hornung (RB, Green Bay) were both given yearlong bans in 1963 for betting on NFL games. Drug use has also become a problem recently, with a litany of suspensions handed out, most around 4 games. The Patriots were penalized quite harshly for the Spygate scandal. But the harshest penalty for a single organization for a single year may be the New Orleans Saints. The New Orleans Saints, Bountygate: Following a long, drawn out investigation, the Saints were harshly pounded in 2012 by Com missioner Roger Goodell and the NFL for the installment and use of a Bounty Program. The Penalty included the suspension of four players for 3, 4, 8, and 16 games, and the suspension of 4 coaches (including Head Coach Sean Payton) for 6 and 8 games, the entire season, and indefinitely. The Saints were forced to give up significant draft picks as well. Although all of the players suspensions were eventually overturned, the Saints finished with a losing record in 2012.

The Retorts NFL Team Predictions

By CORY LOVEC And CHEYNE JWONES The final series of Ray Lewis' career was a goal line stand to win the Lombardi Trophy. As Ray said on the podium, how could it be any better than that? John Harbaugh, coach of the Baltimore Ravens, gave that quote while hoisting the Lombardi Trophy February 3rd. Following the trend of the last 10 years of Super Bowls, last season ended as excitingly as any season ever has. But the NFL may be the most unpredictable sport in the nation; even just keeping the lights on during the game isnt guaranteed. Needless to say, with us playing the experts, we are going to break down each division, resulting in our division winners, wildcard picks, and Super Bowl predictions (for our predicted award winners, see NFL Award Predictions 2013-2014). Here are our picks: NFC North Cory Lovec: Cheyne Jones: 1) Green Bay 1) Minnesota 2) Chicago 2) Green Bay 3) Detroit 3) Detroit 4) Minnesota 4) Chicago Lovec: The NFC North is as competitive as any division in the league. But the Pack seem like the cream of the crop again, with the other three teams duking it out for second place. With Rodgers at QB, Green Bay will be consistent title contenders every year. All four teams in the division could be in the running for the playoffs until the last few weeks. NFC South Lovec: Jones: 1) Atlanta 1) New Orleans 2) New Orleans*(wildcard) 2) Atlanta*(wildcard) 3) Carolina 3) Tampa Bay 4) Tampa Bay 4) Carolina Jones: The winner of this division may not be decided until the final few weeks of the season. The Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints both feature two of the leagues elite quarterback (Matt Ryan and Drew Brees respectively). Both teams have high-output, high-efficiency passing attacks that are notorious for posting big numbers. I give the edge to the Saints, although Atlantas addition of Steven Jackson at runningback could be the difference maker for the Falcons. NFC East Lovec: Jones: 1) Dallas 1) N.Y. Giants 2) Washington 2) Washington 3) N.Y. Giants 3) Dallas 4) Philadelphia 4) Philadelphia Lovec: Im not a Dallas fan by any means, but this could be their year to once again capture the division title (in a relatively weak division), with a very solid roster and playmakers around. The Eagles will have some growing pains. The Redskins werelets be honesthot at the right time last year, and RGIIIs knee gives me worries. The Giants have had many injuries, and on paper, just dont look that great. NFC West Lovec: Jones: 1) Seattle 1) Seattle 2) San Francisco* 2) San Francisco* 3) Arizona 3) Arizona 4) St. Louis 4) St. Louis Jones: One of two divisions that we agree top-to-bottom on. Arguably the toughest division in football last year only got stronger this offseason. The reigning NFC champion San Francisco 49ers added last years Super Bowl hero Anquan Boldin at wide receiver. The Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams both bolstered their offenses and defenses through the draft. The Seattle Seahawks are considered by


The Retorts NFL Awards and Recognitions Predictions

By CORY LOVEC And CHEYNE JONES In the spirit of the NFL far and away the most popular sport in Americastarting, we thought we would not only predict division winners and Super Bowls (see NFL Team Predictions 2013-2014), but also would predict the award winners for the 2013-2014 season. Here are our picks for some of the most coveted awards in football: NFL MVP Cory Lovec: Aaron Rodgers. Most NFL analysts agree that right now he is the most talented and complete quarterback in the league. Necessity dictates his selection as MVP. Rodgers is in a very competitive division and conference, and with a rookie running-back he will have to be the MVP-caliber player he has been the last few years for the Pack to get back to the Super Bowl. Cheyne Jones: Drew Brees. The return of New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton will have no greater effect on anyone than the star QB. Paytons tendency to move the ball through the air will give Brees a chance to surpass 5,000 yards passing and 40+ touchdowns for the third year in a row. Offensive Player of the Year (POY) Lovec: Drew Brees. Reunited with Sean Payton, Brees should be excellent once again. The only player in NFL history to have three seasons with 5000+ yards passing, Brees should be electric as ever, and no doubt will improve his accuracy, as he had too many interceptions last year. Brees is poised to bring the Saints back after a sub-par year. Jones: Tom Brady. The addition of Danny Amendola to the Patriots receiving corps will once again give Brady a reliable slot receiver. Assuming tight end Rob Gronkowski can stay healthy throughout the year, Brady will put up numbers that rival that of MVP Drew Brees. Defensive POY Lovec: Patrick Willis. He was the leader of a defense that was actually the reason the 49ers lost the Super Bowl, as they let the Ravens jump to a 28-6 lead. He and the rest of the defense have a lot to prove this season, and he has every tool to do sowith a great supporting cast. Jones: Richard Sherman. The outspoken Seattle Seahawks cornerback will put an end to the question of who the best cornerback (and defensive player for that matter) in the league is. Expect at least 12 interceptions and 25 passes deflected, leading to one of the most dominating performances at the position in years. Offensive Rookie of the Year (ROY) Lovec: Eddie Lacy. Lacy is essentially the only runner in an offense that wants to run the ball more. He looked good in the preseason, and has the best chance of any rookie to immediately contribute to a winning team. Plus, runningbacks tend to adapt to the game quicker than wide receivers do. Having Aaron Rodgers as his quarterback definitely wont hurt him either. Jones: Tavon Austin. Austin will provide quarterback Sam Bradford with a new favorite toy. Austin is lightning fast and will be involved in nearly every facet of the Rams game plan. Youll see Austin catching passes, lining up in the backfield, running the ball and returning kicks. Hes a cant-miss rookie at the wide receiver position this year. Defensive Rookie of the Year (ROY) Lovec: Tyrann Mathieu. Mathieu was my choice for the best steal of the NFL Draft. He had 1st-Round talent and playmaking ability, but dropped in the draft due to drug and personal/ integrity issues. He had a great preseason, and can also make noise in the return game as well. He has vowed that his drug days are over; if that is true, the Cardinals could have a hidden gem on their hands. Jones: Tyrann Mathieu. The one award we can agree on is Mathieu at Defensive ROY. Mathieu has a knack for making big plays on defense and has the hands of a wide receiver. The Honey Badger looking to create a more positive image for himself in the NFL will also create one of the best feel-good stories in the league over the course of the year. Comeback Player of the Year (POY) Lovec: Maurice Jones-Drew. Robert Griffin III and Darrelle Revis will both have cases to make for this selection too. With RGIIIs knee fresh off surgery, and Washington vowing to run him less, RGIII will have to adapt his style of playand that will take away some of his dynamism. Revis has chances to prove himself vs. Steve Smith, Julio Jones and Roddy White, and Marques Colston, and may just sneak away with the award. But MJD will once again be the focal point of the Jaguars offense, and has the talent and will

many to be Super Bowl favorites this year after the addition of wide receiver Percy Harvinalthough the soonest hell be able to return from offseason hip surgery would be Week 6. Russell Wilsons development as an elite quarterback in the game coupled with a punishing running game and the leagues best defensive backfield will help the Seahawks to the leagues best record at the end of the regular season. AFC North Lovec: Jones: 1) Baltimore 1) Baltimore 2) Cincinnati* 2) Pittsburgh* 3) Pittsburgh 3) Cincinnati* 4) Cleveland 4) Cleveland Lovec: There have been a ton of changes in this division. Its tough to not pick Pittsburgh, but on paper they just dont look good enough. Dont be surprised, however if they somehow make the playoffs. Im not a huge Flacco fan, and Baltimore has had a large roster turnover, but GM Ozzie Newsome seems always to quickly refill any potential holes. Cincinnati has to prove they are good enough to be #1, and until they do, Baltimore gets my pick. AFC South Lovec: Jones: 1) Houston 1) Houston 2) Indianapolis* 2) Indianapolis 3) Tennessee 3) Tennessee 4) Jacksonville 4) Jacksonville Jones: The second division that we agree top-to-bottom on. Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts will finish in 2nd place in their star quarterbacks sophomore campaign. Houston will continue to control this division until Luck and his Colts can unseat the Texans led by Arian Foster. AFC East Lovec: Jones: 1) New England 1) New England 2) Miami 2) Buffalo 3) Buffalo 3) Miami 4) N.Y. Jets 4) N.Y. Jets Lovec: New England will easily win this division. Another 12+ win season should be in the cards for the Pats. Miami spent big this offseason, but theyll have to gel on the field. They could be a playoff contender, and with a great defense, the fate of the Dolphins will be in Ryan Tannehills hands. Literally. AFC West Lovec: Jones: 1) Denver 1) Denver 2) Kansas City 2) San Diego 3) San Diego 3) Kansas City 4) Oakland 4) Oakland Jones: A full season removed from multiple neck surgeries and Peyton Manning appears to be 100% back to his old form. A tough defense will only get better once Von Miller returns from his early season suspension. Throw Wes Welker into the already solid platoon of receivers and Manning will have plenty of opportunities to strike through the air. Super Bowl Lovec: Jones: Green Bay over New England Seattle over Houston Lovec: I dont like predicting Super Bowls (I think its bad football karma), but since I had to, here goes. Im not about to go against these two teams and the two best QBs in the league; the QBs are talented enough to more than make up for any potential weaknesses. Time and time again Tom Brady and Bill Belichick find a way to win, and Brady is primed to make his 6th Super Bowl appearance. Aaron Rodgers is ready to prove himself after getting exited from the playoffs early the last two years. Green Bay will squeak out a win in another classic, high scoring Super Bowl. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Send us your feedback at

to be one of this years leading rushers. Like last year, it should be close. Jones: Philip Rivers. Coming off of his worst year since 2007 in terms of passing yardage and touchdowns, Rivers will benefit from a healthy Antonio Gates and Ryan Matthews. Rivers will once again throw for over 4,000 yards and at least 30 touchdowns as the resurgent Chargers fall just short of edging out the Broncos for the AFC West division title. Coach of the Year Lovec: Sean Payton. Payton will be rewarded after a yearlong suspension. His Saints will be tough this year; Brees and Payton are so in-tune to each other, and just have so much chemistryalmost like theyve been married for 20 years. The Saints could be a dark-horse Super Bowl contender. Mike Tomlin has the potential to win this award if the Steelers overcome some major deficiencies and have a good year. Jones: Pete Carroll. Capping off one of the greatest four-year turnarounds in NFL history, Pete Carroll will have taken his Seahawks from winning the NFC West with a losing record in 2010 (7-9) to having the leagues best record, best roster and the franchises first Super Bowl victory.



Seeing (Crimson) Red Again: College Football Predictions

to ever win two in a row in the BCS era, and are looking to become the first college team ever to complete a three-peat. Since his 2-6 debut in 2007, Nick Saban has led the Crimson Tide to a 61-7 record, 5 bowl game appearances, 4 bowl wins, and three National Championships in the last four years; Alabama has also seemingly been a breeding ground for NFL talent (obviously a main reason they win), as they have had double the number of first round picks of any team over the past few years. Yes, the Tide are the favorites to win another championship, but there are many quality teams that believe it is finally their chance to end the year hoisting that BCS National Championship Trophy. Ohio State went into the season with the AP #2 ranking, hoping to follow up an undefeated season in 2012 with a National Championship in 2013. QB Braxton Miller is a Heisman Trophy candidate, and if he lives up to the hype, Ohio State could just sneak into the National Championship game. The high-flying Oregon Ducks offense (without their Head Coach and mastermind Chip Kelly) has them hoping that they can capture the title that has been within reach the past few years but has eluded them. Teams like Louisville and Clemson may have started the season as slight underdogs, but have the talent, explosiveness, and all-round roster depth to contendas well as them both having Heisman Candidate QBs in Teddy Bridgewater and Tajh Boyd, respectively.

By CORY LOVEC nother exciting year of college football is just underway. What a bang it started with! Heisman candidate JaDeveon Clowney debuted in the first game of the year, followed by his fellow candidates in a host of games the first week that had analysts talkingwhether about the antics of Johnny Football Manziel, Famous Jameis Winston, or what could be the game of the year between Georgia and Clemson. Yes, college football is finally back. But, as is typical in college athletics, the teams named as preseason fa-

Steroids and Baseball: Good For Business?

By CORY LOVEC magine yourself in the following situation; youre a common fan attending a professional baseball game at a Major League stadium. A lower bowl ticket behind the right field fence costs you $35. Parking in the stadium parking garage is another $25 ($10 if you want to find a cheap parking lot a mile away and walk to the park). A 15 oz. domestic draft beer will on average run you about $6.15, and lets face it, youre not going to make that last all 9 innings and enjoy it. A hot dog on average in MLB stadiums will be $4.15. This means by the time you get to your seat, and assuming youve brought yourself a date or a freeloading buddy, youve spent nearly $130. Dont get me wrong, I love the game of baseball and nothing beats watching a game in a Major League park with a cold beer in your hand. An average game, where both starting pitchers with fastballs that top out at 92 MPH, throw 6 or 7 innings scattering 5 to 8 hit between the two of them and possibly allowing a run or two to score throughout the game is entertaining. Its classic baseball. However, wouldnt you rather spend that money on a game where your starting pitchers are throwing 99-103 MPH, all of your hitters are considered power hitters and if they connect on a pitch the ball is blasted over the fence? Wouldnt you rather watch a pitcher with speed and command with the potential to strike out 10 to 15 batters per game? Wouldnt you rather see a back-and-forth score enter double digits with multiple home runs for either team? Wouldnt you rather spend your hard-earned money on a genuinely exciting game of baseball? I know I would. If you were to ask most front office executives in the game of baseball these same questions, my bet is theyll say yes. The money is in the long ball. Fans pay top dollar to fill the seats and watch superstar hitters do what they do best; hit. That being said, steroids are one way that has proven to help increase power and production at the plate for ball players with tangible results. Steroids are in no way healthy for the body or for the mind if misused, but that doesnt mean that, from a business perspective, if monitored and administered by team doctors, they dont have the potential to increase earning potential for the league by making the game more entertaining for the fans. Take for example, the 1998 season home run record chase. Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa had 55 homers a piece heading into the final month of the season and were chasing Maris 37year standing record. The chase culminated with McGwire blasting 5 home runs in 3 days to take the all-time season home run record. Sosa finished with 66 home runs that year. In 2001 Barry Bonds broke McGwires record by hitting 73 home runs in a season and, in 2006, hit MLB career record home run 762. Both Bonds and McGwire will forever have asterisks next to their names in the record books for their use (knowingly or unknowingly) of performance enhancing steroids. The list of players who have used steroids in Major League Baseball is staggering. Superstar caliber players, former MVPs and Cy Young and Gold Glove award winners are littered throughout the list. On July 22, in the most recent wave of steroid controversy, MLB suspended 13 players, including 2011 National League MVP Ryan Braun, for

vorites are the same teams that tend to litter the Associated Press Top 25 each year. The AP Preseason Top 10 was as follows: 1) Alabama, 2) Ohio State, 3) Oregon, 4) Stanford, 5) Georgia, 6) South Carolina, 7) Texas A&M, 8) Clemson, 9) Louisville, 10) Florida. Now, a couple weeks in, this has already changed, but you can clearly see that the list is very typical of the last few years of college footballexcept maybe in that teams like Texas and USC are not mentioned. New season, same old story. The Southeastern Conference (SEC) is simply the best con ference in college football, and has been for nearly a decade.

But following some surprising and disappointing bowl game losses last year, the SEC ac tually has something to prove this year, because it seems as thoughjust maybethe rest of the college football has finally started to catch up. Yet, the SEC still boasts what is the best dynasty in college football since Florida State and Nebraska in the 1990s: the two-time defending champion Alabama Crimson Tide. The Tide have been rolling ever since Head Coach Nick Sabans second year. Alabama is the prohibited favorite to win yet another championship this year. They are the first team

Florida State could be this years Texas A&M, with an explosive redshirt freshman quarterback named Famous Jameis Winston and a loaded roster around him. Speaking of Texas A&M, if Johnny Football can settle down and come close to duplicating his 2012 Heisman seasonmost-importantly beating Alabamathe Aggies could see themselves in the BCS Championship game. Lets face it though, the SEC has a luxury that no other conference in college football has: an SEC team can lose a game and still make the National Championship, whereas if a team like Louisville, Clemson, or Oregon lose, it may take them out of the BCS picture completely. Thats the problem with the non-playoff BCS system, but thats a conversation for another day. In college football, every game really does matter, and thats part of what makes the game so exciting. In this season, just like any other season, surprises are bound to happen. I pick Alabama over Clemson in the BCS National Championship. It's maybe not the most surprising pick, but I just call it as I see it. Who knows though for sure? There are so many questions. Can Louisville actually be a contendereven if they win every game? Who will be this years Notre Dame? Or Texas A&M? Can Famous Jameis do what Johnny Football did last year? And maybe the biggest question: can Alabama three-repeat? Thats what every team outside Tuscaloosa is trying to prevent, and we are all watching.

their involvement with the Biogenesis Clinic that was supplying these players with Performance Enhancing Drugs. Three players who served suspensions in 2012 for testing positive for PEDs received no additional suspensions. The only player to receive an extended suspension is threetime American League MVP Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez was hit with a 211 game suspension (through the end of the 2014 season) on August 5. It is the longest drug-related suspension in baseball to date. Anabolic steroids effect testosterone in the body. They increase protein within the cells and promote overall cell growth. Controlled studies have shown that the increase of muscle mass as well as strength improvements (both of which are the reasons you see increased home run numbers) while using anabolic steroids are possible, but incredibly dose dependent. There are many adverse effects that are caused by the abuse of steroids

as well. Damage to the immune system and liver, an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart attack are a few of the many physical side-effects of the misuse of steroids. Also possible with long-term misuse of steroids are, psychiatric effects such as an increase in aggression (commonly referred to as roid rage), violence, depression and suicidal thoughtsSteroids and Baseball can occur. Steroids, like any other substance abuse situation, are unhealthy for the body and for the mind. This doesnt mean that, from a business perspective, if legally controlled and administered by team physicians with the consent of the players, that they would be bad for the game; rather, they could be just what todays game needs. An increase in power numbers would increase the excitement and entertainment at every game, potentially skyrocketing attendance and creating more revenue for the players, teams and the league.

9/16 Women's Soccer vs University of Mary Billings 9/21 Mens Cross Country at Montana State University Invitational Bozeman 9/21 Womens Cross Country at Montana State University Invitational Bozeman 9/21 Womens Soccer vs Western Washington University 9/26 Womens Soccer at Seattle Pacific University 9/28 Mens Cross Country at Rocky Mountain Shootout Boulder, CO 9/28 Womens Cross Country at Rocky Mountain Shootout Boulder, CO For more sporting events, rosters, and news, check out

By TABBY MAUST f you think of a bloodhound, nose to the ground in hot pursuit of someone or something, then the idea of a rockhound might not be as foreign to you as you think! Rockhounds are the people who are in search of, well, rocks, but the cool ones. They search for minerals, semi-precious stones, fossils, and more. Our state offers ample opportunity for a rockhound to go on the hunt due to our prehistoric seas. With their disappearance, our state became a veritable treasure trove (which is fitting for the Treasure State!) of minerals and marine fossils. In some instances these deposits are large enough to be a significant nature resource such as the Butte copper deposit there are others that are small enough to only interest the rockhound. You dont have to be a geologist in order to enjoy a day of rockhounding, though a bit of knowledge regarding our states geological history wouldnt hurt ones appreciation during a rockhounding expedition. Some of our oldest rocks, known as basement rocks, date back 3.2 billion years, which should give you an idea of what sorts of treasures are lurking in our rocks, waiting to be uncovered. Our state has been shaped by seas, mountains, volcanoes, and glaciers, all of which have left their mark. While there are rockhounding sites all over the state which would require an adventurous road trip, you can start rock hounding right around Billings this afternoon. It's a fun outdoor activity suited for the entire family. However, there are a few rules to know before you hit the trail. Amateur rockhounding, that which does not use mechanical equipment or blasting, is generally allowed with a permit, free, or special permission. Yet a rockhounder still needs to know what type of land they are allowed to rockhound on. In general, Forest Service Land and BLM land are free and open to a rockhound as long as they are doing it for a hobby(versus, say, selling their findings on the internet). National parks, monuments, and wildlife refuges do not allow rockhounding unless a permit is obtained. Tribal land, private land, and mining claims are generally not allowed unless a special negotiation is made with the land owner in question. Keeping these little rules in mind, which are actually quite limited all things considered, will ensure that you have a safe and fun time while out rockhounding. The closest location is Riverfront Park, which any good Billingsite should know for its picnic areas, walking trails, and of course, its ducks who love to munch on stale bread from children. However, to start your rockhounding, skip this area (dont worry, the ducks will be waiting for you on your journey back!) and head back to the Yellowstone. During the dry season when the river recedes from its banks, petrified wood and agates in every shade, from nearly clear to rosy pink are left uncovered. While it may seem that these agates are just a pretty rock,


Geologic History Offers Fun and Adventure

their history dates back far before even the Yellowstone was created. Dating back sixty million years, these little beauties were created when volcanic flows cooled. After finding a pocket full of agates, you can hop back in your car and head for the South Hills. Following Old Blue Creek Road for around two miles, you can pull over at South Hills OHV Park and start the hunt. These hills offer crystals and even fossils if one is willing to look hard enough. Next on the list is Stratford Hill, which can be found in the direction of the landfill. One needs to drive on this same road (Hillcrest) until it turns into gravel and forks, and one needs to stay left. After driving about five miles, one needs to turn left onto Stratford Road and will see a cut out of shale after about two miles. This area provides ample examples of fossils which includes fish scales, marine plants, and ammonites imprints. Some of the best examples are found by splitting the large pieces of shale with a rock hammer, whereas others can be found simply by keeping an eye open. These are the three closest and most abundant areas for rockhounding around Billings, but if youre looking for a day trip, there are many more areas in which one can go. Areas around the towns of Roundup, Lavina, Belfry, and Forsyth all offer unique opportunities to uncover yet another part of Montanas rich geological history. The possibilities to pursue a hobby in rockhounding in our state are truly only limited by the distance youre willing to go! Happy hunting!

Superior Archery Helps Set You

By TABBY MAUST It is no secret that hunting is a popular sport in our state. From deer to moose and ducks to bears, each year the allure of these animals draw out men and women alike. They gear up and head into the woods to bring something home. Yet there is more than one way to bag that next trophy, one that is sometimes overlooked. This method is what Superior Archery is all about. Located just between Billings and Lockwood, guarded by their signature white buffalo, this store is locally owned. It opened in 200. Here you can find everything that the beginning and the experienced archer needs in order to prepare for hunting seasonbows, arrows, gear, and lessons. But why go bow and arrow when you can just stick with your regular rifle? The bow season is longer, you can hunt in nicer weather, and there are less people to contend with, says Kris Schaff who works at Superior Archery. With a bow, you can start your hunting season as early as August 15th and extend it all the way through rifle season. Schaff also says that there are no limitations as to what you can hunt with a bowone can go after all big game as well as birds. And when I say all big game I mean all big game. Dangerous animals such as wolves, bears, and mountain lions are not off the table with a bow. All you have to do is get a little closer, they arent any harder to kill than with a rifle, reassures Schaff. With all the advantages to using a bow, the only thing left is to gear up and head out! But you have to make a pit stop at Superior Archery. The owners believe that archery, no matter if it is for hunting or for sport, can be fun for the whole family and that "The beauty of archery is you can have fun at any skill level. You do not need to be the best; you simply need an interest in having a good time. The team of experts at Superior Archery are there to outfit you for the hunt or for fun, no matter if youve been using bows for years, if you are brand new, or if you want to introduce your children to the sport. Group lessons for children start at just 5 dollars and one-on-one lessons are 40 dollars for half an hour of personal attention. However, this isnt the only area in which the experts here pay close attention to their customers. We set you up with what fits you, we get you more than just a bow, says Schaff. In fact, there are seven criteria in which Superior Archery: draw length, draw weight, eye dominance issues, axle to axle lengths, brace height, IBO speed selection, and your budget. Here, they arent just trying to sell you the most expensive bow, they simply want to find the bow that is going to work the best for you. After they find you the perfect bow, they are also available to care for your bow for its entire life. They do a good job of tuning and setting up your bow. Half

up for Bow Hunting Season

of the people that are out there are working with equipment that isnt right, says customer Nick Barta, who was so thrilled with the service at Superior Archery that he pitched in during my interview. Once you have the bow that is best for you, Superior Archery has the perfect set-up for you to practice with it year round. With both indoor and outdoor ranges available, you can choose whether you want to bear our sometimes brutal Montana weather or enjoy something with a little more temperature control! However, if want more of the real-world experience, the outdoor range is open in our blistering summer heat as well as during our freezing winter snow. All you needs is six dollars and the desire to have a little fun! While the stationary targets can provide good practice, Superior Archery also offers the opportunity to really gear-up for the hunting season with their techno hunt game. This virtual hunting experience allows participants to shoot at a variety of game with blunt-tipped arrows and get a score on the quality of their shot. While this may be a virtual experience, it can certainly help a budding hunter practice their shota skill that will come in handy as you have to get just a little closer to your game (including the bears!) with a bow. When asked for a favorite bow hunting story, Schaff grinned and said Theyre all good, and theyre all long. Which means that youll just have to stop by, try them for yourself, and get ready for a bow hunt!



Like a Hike: Four Dances Recreation Area

By TABBY MAUST tanding at the top of the rise, I admired the sprawl of Billings, the winding of the Yellowstone, and the shadows of the mountains beyond. The views awed me, the breeze ruffled my hair, and the sun baked the sandstone beneath my feet. I felt invigorated, alive, on top of the world(or at least Billings). However, my feelings were not shared by all. I think Im gonna barf, lamented my companion, Ashley Murray, nursing student at City College. The heat showed on her flushed face, her dragging feet kicked up dust, and her eyes clearly said, This is not the nice little walk that you had promised me! Its true, I may have had a slightly different idea of what a nice little walk could be. Scaling up and down the trails tracing over the bluffs that jutted above the Yellowstone at the Four Dances Recreation Area wasnt quite a walk in the park nor was it a trial meant for billy goats. Yet this little gem simply cant be passed up by the outdoor enthusiast or the casual hiker due to its proximity and striking views. Named after the Chief Four Dances from the Crow tribe, this area traditionally was use as a fasting location and includes the famous Sacrifice Cliff, whose story is not entirely clear. While it is sure that it includes smallpox, one telling has a band of stricken Crow riding over the cliff to save their tribe and yet another telling relays the story of a farmers sick children who ride over the cliff to save their family. While the area comes from an interesting background, it is now meant for hiking in the summer and snow shoeing as well as cross-country skiing in the winter. While no motor vehicles or bicycles are allowed, our furry friends (such as my cocker spaniel, Dante who has a particular fondness for this area) are more than welcome if they are on a leash. While this may seem restrictive in an open area with minimal foot traffic(we were the only car in the parking area during our stay here), during the summer this rule can keep your pooch safe from the rattlesnakes that may be basking off path. Which, of course, also means that wandering off-trail in the summer months is not wise for anyone who would rather avoid a painful, not to mention venomous, snake bite. A mile and a half of trails are available for exploration here. Half the trails trace across the top of the bluffs, where they offer spectacular views of our city as well as homes to peregrine falcons which can be seen soaring to the sandstone to roost. One simply must be wary between April and August not to go far off trails, as it could disturb the nest of these beautiful birds of prey. The second half of the trail swirls around the bluffs down to the river, offering fishing and swimming for the dogs or if you were anything like us on that hot summer day, its a perfect spot for a little dip for you as well! I think youre going to have to air lift me out of here, Ashley commented as we loafed about in the shallows of the river, my dog paddling around us. I laughed, looking back towards the steep trail that we had just descended. While the journey downward is all about not tumbling down, it was clear that the journey up would be a good workout. Yet again, Ashley and I did not see eye to eye. WHYYYYYYY? she moaned as we trudged upward, passing the ponderosas and the fragrant sage. Again, I laughed but could certainly see where her complaints came from as the incline became steeper and steeper forcing us to lean forward in our ascent. Thus I would say that young children or those who are not prepared for a bit of a climb may not be the happiest of camp-

ers in this area. Yet as we reached our car amidst the tall, brown grass and the flitting grasshoppers I couldnt help but ask the panting and sweating Ashley, Did ya have fun? And yes, she did roll her eyes at me, but her smile betrayed her: Yeah, I guess so!

The Nitty Gritty:

Four Dances Recreation Area Length: 1.5 miles total Difficulty: Moderate with steep inclines Pets, Children: pets are allowed on-leash. Area may be difficult for young children How to Get There: Take I-90 toward Lockwood to the Highway 87 off-ramp and take a right on Coburn Road that is marked for Pictograph Caves. Drive a little over a mile and look for a brown sign announcing the name of the area on your right.

The Truth Behind the Hacks, Camping Style

By TABBY MAUST Surely, during your browsing around the internet , youve run into a couple life hacks, such as cutting cake with dental floss or putting pancake mix in a ketchup bottle for easy pouring. For those of us who simply cant stay away from the outdoors, the camping hacks may certainly have piqued your interest. Yet, one must wonder, how many of these things actually work? This, my friends, is exactly what I am here to answer. After careful selection of the most interesting and questionable camping hacks around, here are the hard facts. You can make homemade coffee bags using coffee filters and dental floss. FALSE For the coffee lover, this hack seems ideal as it makes coffee as portable as teaall you need is hot water! However, simply making the coffee bags proved difficult as the filters tore easily while packing the coffee. Double filters corrected this problem, but certainly not the taste. The coffee that resulted was watery and nearly tasteless except for the mint dental floss! The picture of Amber Murray, biology major at MSUB, sipping her morning disaster says it all. I recommend using Starbucks to-go instant coffee instead. You can roast Starbursts over the fire. TRUE This may sound strange, but is actually quite delicious! When put over the fire, the candies bubble and caramelize, creating a crunchy outer later and a warm, soft inside full of fruity flavor. If over-cooked, the Starbursts turn into something not unlike hard candy but are still pleasant to eat. The only warning here is that the candies do drip molten hot sugar that you dont want on yourself and they have a tendency to melt off your roasting stick far faster than a marshmallow would. Mixing Mountain Dew, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide will create a lantern. FALSE Not just any false, but a big fat false. We followed our recipe to a tee (1/4 cup of Mountain Dew, a pinch of baking soda, and three cap-fulls of peroxide) and shook the mixture with all our might and achieved a big whopping NOTHING. We were disappointed but not totally discouraged and thus tried adding more of the ingredients, we started all over with different amounts of the ingredients, and perfored the scientific method out in the woods, all to no avail. No matter what way you look at it, this was a huge dud. You can use Doritos as kindling. TRUE These things basically burst into flames! I simply poured a fun-size bag of Doritos under my firewood, lit a few, and within seconds the whole pileand, more importantly, my firewoodwere on fire. The chips are quick to go up so make sure you have your fire wood in place when you light your pile. The only negative side to using Doritos is that they have a tendency to pop, so beware. You can use dryer lint in a toilet paper roll as a fire starter.


This little fire starter is easy to make and certainly catches fire, but is rather slow burning. In other words, it will work to set small twigs on fire in order to build up a fire but wont roar into flames as the Doritos would.

Where Are Your Student Fees Going?

he City College Connection is a student newsletter dedicated to highlighting the students, faculty, staff, offices, and events at City College. The Connection began as a student project for a web design class and expanded to publishing jointly with the Campus Leak last year. It is student-run and student-written. As part of City Colleges new comprehensive community college mission, the City College Connection hopes to continue to evolve and expand

into independent publication and to represent the City College campus community. Students can be involved on a one-time contributor basis or can join the newsletter club as regular participants. There are roles for writers, editors, business managers, photographers, promotions organizers among other duties. Be on the alert for our booth at the City College Club Expo on Monday, Sept. 16 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Regular club meeting times for Fall 2013 will be announced at that time.

[Editors Note: This was origionally printed in Vol 89 Iss 6. It is being reprinted to make sure our new students know where their money is going.] By PATRICIA HAMPTON ach semester, students are required to pay a set amount toward tuition and fees. Tuition, of course, goes toward the expenses associated directly with our academics. The materials that the instructors bring to class, paying the instructors themselves, and other associated costs are covered under this. But what exactly are those nondescript fees? Thinking in terms of a full-time student who is a Montana resident, the tuition cost is $2198.40 per semester, but where does the other $656.80 in fees get distributed? The first fee, assessed of all students when they enroll in courses, and which is non-refundable even if a student withdraws from classes before the start of the term, is the registration fee. This amounts to $30 each semester regardless of status (part-time, full-time, etc.). If a student were to search around on the MSU Billings website, at some point they may come across the Inventory and Validation of Fees charts that are posted, breaking down the exact costs of education on our campuses. If, however, a student does not know exactly what they are looking for, or invest a certain degree of time and commitment to the task, the fees are not clearly explained. Of course on the MyInfo login students are able to see Departmental Charge or Health Fee, but these are not explained in full detail.

Registration Fee: $30 Tuition: $2198.40 Building Fee: $127 Computer Fee: $43.20 Activity Fee: $42.50 Rec Activity Fee: $20.00 Health Fee: $58.50 Student Union Fee: $47.00

Academic Building Fee: $30.00 Equipment Fee: $42.00 ASC: $46.80 Tech Replacement Fee: $82.00 Library Fee: $42.80 Athletic Fee: $45.00 TOTAL: $2855.20

These fees are assessed of all students qualifying in this category, regardless of whether or not they use the services for which they are associated. The health fee alone of $58.50 goes to fund the Student Health Services office (SHS). This office employs a registered nurse to be on hand to assist students with ailments from the sniffles to a twisted ankle. Students fees enable them to be seen by the nurse and receive mild medications or even crutches if the situation so warrants. So the next time you are feeling a little under the weather, or you scrape your knee, remember that students are welcome to visit SHS and receive medical attention. Do you ever take an hour out of your week to walk over to Alterowitz gym and walk around the track, or beat the racquetball for half an hour? This is the type of opportunity that is afforded students by the $20.00 per semester rec activity fee. There is no need to pay for that gym membership, or avoid getting in shape because you are not able to afford it, when you have the Recreation Activities Center right on the other side of 27th Street. Are you enrolled in classes on campus that require you to write papers, conduct research, cite your sources, or complete math equations? The $46.80 Academic Support Center fee is contributed to the running of the Academic Support Center located on the first floor of the Student Union Building. There is a computer lab where students can complete and print their assignments, as well as tutors available in most academic disciplines to help students through any difficulties that they are facing in their coursework.

The final fee which will be looked into specifically is the activity fee of $42.50 each semester. These funds are pooled and account for the estimated $300,000.00 allocated by the Associated Students of Montana State University Billings each semester. These are funds designed to be returned to students in the form of programming, travel funds for student organizations, and other student activity related expenses. The Student Activities Board (SAB) is allocated tens of thousands of dollars each year to bring programming to MSUB students. Each time a movie is shown by SAB, or a magician spends his Wednesday night in Petro Theater, these events are being brought to campus through the funding of students. Publications such as The Retort and The Rook are also funded by ASMSUB allocations, and cater to activities, events, and publications pertaining to students. In addition to these, there is a contingency fund. This years contingency fund allocated $19,480.35 to student organizations which requested monetary support for programs, and more frequently, for members of their organizations to travel to conferences and workshops to represent MSUB. So the next time you are walking down the stairwell in McMullen to make your next payment, remember what your fees are going toward. Take the opportunity to watch that free movie in Petro Theater, attend events supported by student organizations, visit the library and borrow the books and movies at your fingertips, and take advantage of the academic support available to you in the ASC.

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