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Press Release: 20/11/2013 EasyBiz Teams Up With Major Accounting Firms Recently breaking through the $1 billion milestone

of loans provided to small and medium sized businesses across Australia, Sydney-based broker EasyBiz Finance Group Pty Ltd has formed strategic alliances with several major accounting firms. Hall Chadwick, Bentleys and Peroys are now working with EasyBiz to help their clients cope with day to day challenges to their businesses, including cash flow, provision of working capital, commercial loans, business advice and mentoring. The accounting firms have chosen EasyBiz to work with as the business financier and broker has access to 39 lenders and 22 different loan products, with the skills and contacts from the non-bank industry to come up with creative initiatives to rescue or expand small and medium sized businesses. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EasyBiz Finance, Mr Dominic Lambrinos, said We are attractive to accounting firms who are finding that there are alternatives to traditional methods in solving their clients business or financing problems. We investigate cash flows and prospects of businesses when working with accounting firms, rather than simply relying on using the business owners properties as collateral for financing. We are directing our clients to these firms to provide expert advice in rescuing or growing their businesses, he added. Mr Lambrinos has been in the finance and accounting sector over the last 34 years, having become a partner in a chartered accounting firm at 26 and leaving the profession at 34 years of age to establish a finance and equity raising practice. Mr David Kenney, managing partner of Hall Chadwick said We are generating strong results for our clients when we send them to EasyBiz, which looks at their situations in a different way to traditional brokers and lenders. EasyBizs access to a wide variety of lenders allows for them and us to identify a range of options in rescuing, sustaining or expanding our clients businesses, he added.

Mr Kevin Cranfield of Bentleys said We have developed an alliance with EasyBiz to help our clients achieve their day to day and long term goals, part of which is to access creative financing arrangements. We recognise the tough terms now imposed on businesses by the major banks since the Global Financial Crisis and they are seeking alternatives to the traditional funding routes, he added. The accounting firms and EasyBiz have already facilitated the inception or growth of businesses like Little Brewing Company and new retailer at The Grounds in Alexandria and Salts Meat Cheese.

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