ICC2009, Hammamet Tunisia, May 2009


0I,2#ase 0ervice :rchitecture !or :''$ication2 a"are O'tica$ Net"or(
:. Cam'i, >. Cerroni, *. Cora%%a, 3. Ca$$egati
D6I0 University o! 5o$ogna 5o$ogna, IT:/? @a$ o.cam'i,"a$ter.cerroni, giorgio.cora%%a,!ranco.ca$$egatiA Buni#o.it

5. Martini, 3. 5aronce$$i,
CNIT ,isa, Ita$y @#ar#ara.martini, !a#io.#aronce$$i A Bcnit.it

-. Martini, ,. Casto$ i
0cuo$a 0u'eriore 0antC:nna ,isa, IT:/? @va$erio.martini, casto$ iA Bsssu'.it

Abstract— This papers reports a test-bed implementation of an application-aware optical network where IT applications may request a given resource (i.e. remote storage space, remote computation, media stream, etc. and the communication facilities required to connect to it with proper grade of service, fully relying on the network infrastructure. Index Terms— !"#$%, %&&', %I#, '!', &ptical network, application aware



uture IT services aim at the integration an management o! resources an services "ithin istri#ute , heterogeneous, ynamic environments. The rea$i%ation o! this goa$ re&uires the isintegration o! numerous #arriers that norma$$y se'arate com'uting systems an a''$ication services !rom ata net"or( in!rastructures. One o! the (ey issues is to 'rovi e so$utions on #ri ging remote IT)*ri systems an services +e.g. su'ercom'uters, ata centers, I,T-. "ith emerging an 'romising o'tica$ trans'ort net"or( techno$ogies +e.g. Inte$$igent O'tica$ Net"or(s. These net"or(s are e&ui''e "ith Contro$ ,$ane +C,. !unctiona$ity, e.g. ty'ica$$y #ase on the *enera$i%e Mu$ti,rotoco$ /a#e$ 0"itching +*M,/0. 'rotoco$ suite -, "hich #asica$$y automates the circuit 'rovisioning across the net"or( an e1'oses such ca'a#i$ities to c$ient no es through User to Net"or( Inter!ace +UNI.. Ho"ever these net"or(s sti$$ $ac( the ca'a#i$ities to !u$!i$$ connectivity service re&uests issue #y IT a''$ications ue to i!!erent grain in the resource escri'tion carrie #y a''$ication service re&uest an that han $e #y the net"or( service 'rimitives o! C,. This suggests the nee !or ne" net"or( e$ements 'rovi ing a ne" set o! !unctiona$ity su''orting a''$ication2to2net"or( interaction. The core 'ro'osa$ o! this 'a'er is to 'rovi e !u$$ a''$ication a"are net"or(ing. This term has #een use &uite e1tensive$y in the $ast eca e, o!ten "ith s$ight$y i!!erent !ocus.
4 This "or( has #een "as 'artia$$y !un e #y the 5ON62'ro7ect +85ui$ ing the 3uture O'tica$ Net"or( in 6uro'e., a Net"or( o! 61ce$$ence !un e #y the 6uro'ean Commission through the 9th ICT23rame"or( ,rogramme.

:ccor ing to the 'revious statements, the goa$ here is to 'rovi e the a''$ication "ith the o''ortunity to re&uest a given resource +i.e. remote storage s'ace, remote com'utation, me ia stream, etc.. an the communication !aci$ities re&uire to connect to it "ith 'ro'er gra e o! service !u$$y re$ying on the net"or( in!rastructure. The !o$$o"ing action 'oints are crucia$ to this en ; • ma(e the a''$ication ca'a#$e o! e1changing semantica$$y rich messages "ith the net"or( to issue service re&uests !or the negotiation an reservation o! nee e resources • choose a semantica$$y rich $anguage that is genera$ enough to #e usea#$e #y any sort o! a''$ication !or any 'ossi#$e (in • ena#$e the <techno$ogy in e'en ent= contro$ o! net"or( resources #y ma''ing the service re&uest into C, irectives. It "ou$ #e o! great va$ue to so$ve these action 'oints "ithout any ma7or im'$ementation e!!ort, #ut using e1isting #ui$ ing #$oc(s, suita#$y arrange . >e #e$ieve one o! the crucia$ resu$ts o! this "or( is that "e are a#$e to 'rove #y means o! a test2#e im'$ementation that this is 'ossi#$e. In the 'ro'ose architecture the net"or( resource reservation is rea$i%e uring the a''$ication signa$ing thus rea$i%ing the on2 eman service 'rovisioning to a''$ications "ith the re&uire &ua$ity o! service. The a''$ication signa$ing is #ase on 0ession Initiation ,rotoco$ +0I,.. The session management messages carry a genera$ resource escri'tion 'ay$oa that contains the a''$ication re&uest to the net"or( in a user oriente $anguage. This "or( 'ro'oses to use the Resource Descri'tion 3rame"or( +RD3. $anguage - !o$$o"ing the i eas 'resente in -. The service re&uests issue #y a''$ications nee to #e trans$ate in a consistent an net"or(2s'eci!ic irectives. : service architecture !or C,2ena#$e trans'ort net"or(, ca$$e 0ervice Oriente O'tica$ Net"or( +0OON. - is e1'$oite to !u$!i$ the service re&uests issue #y a''$ications "hi$e mas(ing the trans'ort re$ate im'$ementation etai$s !rom the a#stract re&uest o! the service. 0OON a$$o"s net"or( techno$ogies to #e in e'en ent !rom !uture evo$ution o! the net"or( services an the C, to #e un#ur ene o! the service2re$ate

. is a stan ar 0I. a net"or( to'o$ogy.. It is $ogica$$y su#2 ivi e into three mo u$es.e. The 'a'er is organi%e as !o$$o"s E II. !or re'resenting in!ormation -.2M. The so$ution 'resente in the 'a'er is su''orte #y the escri'tion o! a 'rototy'e im'$ementation. 0'eci!ica$$y the Session layer NET-M SIP-M DSE MI Service Plane DSE SOON Optical Transport network Edg e rou te r 3igure D. May 2009 !unctiona$ity. B. The e1'eriments escri#e sho" that the net"or( can #e ma e <a''$ication a"are= rather easi$y e1'$oiting e1isting techno$ogy.g. • sessions are use to han $e the communication re&uests an maintain their state #y ma''ing it into session attri#utesG • the 0I..2M an 0I. : iscussion o! ho" cou$ #e manage a''$ication resources is escri#e +in a simi$ar architecture. session set2u'. Overview of SOON The 0OON .. 7itter.2M may sen the in!ormation a#out the service 'ro!i$e o! a given session to the 0OON D06.$ane +0. En d-use r ap plication APP-M AO-M Re so urce 2 a''$ication 'rotoco$s that may #e enca'su$ate in the 0I. sus'ension an retrieva$. The i ea to use RD3 to escri#e net"or(s re$ate conce'ts is not ne". !or instance.. e$ay.me iates the interaction #et"een &ua$i!ie ''$ications. H :''$ication mo u$e +:. 'ro1y im'$ementation enhance "ith inter!aces to"ar s the u''er an $o"er mo u$es.ICC2009. 0erver. This a''roach a$rea y 'rove success!u$ in a 'revious e1'eriment re!erring to a scenario !o *ri a''$ications over O'tica$ 5urst 0"itche net"or( -. The Net"or( Descri'tion /anguage +ND/./0 C. genera$ enough to 'rovi e net"or( in!ormation e1change in e'en ent$y !rom the net"or(ing techno$ogy. H 0I. Than(s to the N6T2M the 0I.. that "i$$ trigger the net"or(s into creating the connections re&uire to trans'ort the ata !$o".. +see :./02ena#$e o'tica$ net"or(. 5an "i th.'rovi es onto$ogy !or com'uter net"or(s an can #e use to easi$y escri#e.M. thus un erstan ing the re$ate communication nee s an ma''ing them into sessions. messagesG H Net"or( mo u$e +N6T2M./0 net"or(s !or the invocation o! Jo02ena#$e an high2#an "i th connectivity services. an +*.. in 'rinci'$e a net"or( omain cou$ have 7ust one 0I. that "i$$ #e the su#7ect o! a !urther "or(. the 0OON D06 in this "or(. . the net"or( no es. The Resource Description Framework The Resource Descri'tion 3rame"or( +RD3. mo u$e +0I..:.2M managing the "ho$e omain or many o! them co2$ocate "ith +some o!. A. 'ro'ose in . searching an reserving resources. acting on to' o! the +*. C.e. etc. a$$o"ing the !orma$i%ation o! a "i e variety o! resources as "e$$ as resources state. The $ogica$ architecture is 'resente in 3ig.. : nice an im'ortant !eature o! the architecture 'ro'ose here is that it is a$so consistent "ith the Ne1t *eneration Net"or( s'eci!ications #y ITU2T as "i$$ #e iscusse $ater in the 'a'er. >e ca$$ this $anguage Net"or( Resource Descri'tion /anguage +NRD/.M. RD3 'rovi es genera$ metho o! mo e$ing in!ormation through a variety o! synta1 !ormats. 'rotoco$ is use to manage the sessions since it 'rovi es a$$ the 'rimitives !or user authentication. 'rotoco$ get into '$ay. Than(s to NRD/ each communication can #e enrich "ith etai$e in!ormation a#out Jo0 an net"or( re&uirements +i. 'arses an un erstan s the . The :O2M is a#ove the 0OON an ta$(s irect$y "ith the en user a''$ications. D "here three $ogica$ $ayers are in evi ence.. nonethe$ess ND/ a$one is not enough !or our 'ur'oses. The net"or( cou'$e "ith the service $ayer constitutes the 0ervice Oriente O'tica$ Net"or( +0OON. :s out$ine 'revious$y this architecture may manage #oth a''$ication resources an net"or( resources. 5ecause o! s'ace reasons "e can not go into a etai$e escri'tion o! the NRD/ onto$ogy. This is "here the session conce't an the 0I. architecture.. 'ro1y. Nonethe$ess in this "or( "e !ocus on the net"or( resource 'rovisioning an in the !o$$o"ing "i$$ re!er to this s'eci!ic case on$y. i. since it !ocuses on the escri'tion o! net"or( e$ements. :''$ication oriente net"or( architecture. The 0OON architecture im'$ements a 0ervice . Application Oriented Network module >e assume the net"or( is e&ui''e "ith :''$ication Oriente Mo u$es +:O2M. in -. : session $ayer managing the a''$ication signa$ing. There!ore "e nee a RD3 synta1 that is a#$e to escri#e <communication nee s=.2M the :O2M may assist a''$ications into 'u#$ishing. sho"ing the various mo u$es an their intercation. the service '$ane managing the ma''ing #et"een service an net"or( re&uests an the *M. to manage a''$ication a"are net"or(ing. is a#$e to interact "ith the net"or(. The $ogica$ scheme is sho"n in 3igure D. e!ine #y >IC.. Here "e nee to co'e "ith net"or( resource re&uests. e. Hammamet Tunisia. *iven the nature o! a 0I. Com#ining the communication ca'a#i$ities o! :.2M. is a genera$2 'ur'ose $anguage./IC:TION :>:R6 N6T>ORF :RCHIT6CTUR6 :ND 5UI/DIN* 5/OCF0 This section escri#es the 'ro'ose architecture an the re$evant #ui$ ing #$oc(s.. >e !o$$o" here the same 'rinci'$e..ro1y 0I.

U5/I0H message. e. This is achieve through a istri#ute signa$ing among <service e$ements= that consists in one Centra$i%e 0ervice 6$ement +C06. The invo$ve D06s are o#taine !rom the in!ormation store in the Net"or( To'o$ogy Resource Data#ase +NTRD. 2 +#. rinciple of operation The 'ro'ose architectures !o$$o"s in 'rinci'$es three i!!erent 'hases. 2 there is an e1am'$e o! an user "anting to trans!er a #u$( o! ata to a storage $ocation over a ata communication channe$ o! given characteristics. The reservation 'hase !o$$o"s an enriche reservation schema o! a stan ar 0I. To the 'ur'ose o! this "or(. The :O2M must (no" the avai$a#i$ity o! the storage $ocation that has #een 'u#$ishe +3ig.. a$$ su''orte #y the 0I. To !u$!i$ the service re&uest. net"or(.. the main 0ervice 0tratum !unctiona$ entity is the 0ervice Contro$ 3unction +0C3. The im'$ementation o! D06 an C06 an ho" the NTRD is !i$$e has #een escri#e in -. Reserve. an "ith the D06s invo$ve in the service 'rovisioning in or er to agree on the net"or( K"i e settings to #e 'er!orme on the e ge net"or( no es. one !or each e ge net"or( no e. The C06. . the user +U:D. 'u#$ication.. In or er to start the communication session the !o$$o"ing ste's shou$ #e 'er!orme G • u!lish. the user can a''$y !or a reservation as soon as the 'osition an the avai$a#i$ity o! the resource is !oun into the net"or(. D. 2 +a. The stan ar IN-IT6 re&uest cou'$es "ith the NRD/ ocument is a#$e to s'eci!y a set o! net"or( re&uirements that are 'recon itions to a''$ication session..g.g. since :O2M is a"are a#out the a''$ication resources su#mitte into its o"n omain.. 2 +c. $in( #an "i th avai$a#i$ity chec(. • Search. The etai$e 'roce ure "i$$ #e e1'$aine in 0ection I-. the Resource User :gent +U:2. These 'rimitives may inc$u e con!iguration comman s. shou$ 'u#$ish to the :O2M its o"n a''$ication resources #y means o! a NRD/ escri'tion enca'su$ate into the #o y o! a generic 0I. The :O2M "i$$ ia$og "ith 0OON to reserve the re&uire net"or( resources e1'resse into the NRD/ +3ig.. May 2009 0.. #'' O( I)*ITE #'' O( RESER*E . 2 +#L.. investigates such resources avai$a#i$ity sen ing a 0I. an a num#er o! Distri#ute 0ervice 6$ements +D06s. The starting o! any communication session is rea$i%e #y means o! a mu$ti'art IN-IT6 0I. as "e$$ as the resource status monitoring. the D06 triggers a signa$$ing message e1change "ith the C06 to authenticate an authori%e the a''$ication. 'er!orms a''$ication i enti!ication an authori%es the re$evant service re&uests using the in!ormation store in its 0ervice /eve$ :greement +0/:. The user "i$$ #e a vise #y means o! 0I.ICC2009. name 0ervice 0tratum an Trans'ort 0tratum. The 0C3s <include resource control" re#istration" and authentication and authori$ation functions . Hammamet Tunisia.. The D06 'rocesses net"or( service re&uests issue #y a''$ications. e./0 C. the N*N architecture is com'ose o! t"o sets o! !unctiona$ities... message enca'su$ating an a''$ication 'rotoco$ an a NRD/ ocument +3ig. 2 + L.. signa$ing !or 'rovi ing on2 eman trans'ort net"or( services "ith a $eve$ o! a#straction suita#$e !or #eing invo(e #y a''$ications.. iscovery.. The 0U50CRI56 message trans'ort in its #o y an NRD/ escri'tion co$$ecting #oth the en&uiries to the a''$ication resources an the net"or( etai$s. 0U50RI56 message to the :O2M inc$u ing the re&uire communication nee s to !ina$i%e the trans!er +3ig. Service Stratum NGN NGN terminal terminal Service -ontrol +unction S-+" Other NGN Rs )A-+ )A-+ Customer Customer Premises Premises Equipment Equipment End-User Functions RA-+ RA-+ Transport Function Transport Stratum 3igure I. 61am'$e o! o'eration at the a''$ication $eve$. 2 + . ata#ase.e. :O2M in this "or(... 'rotoco$ an centere on the :O2M. This stage a$$o"s the co$$ection o! the a''$ication resources in the :''$ication Oriente Net"or( mo u$e. Then the invo$ve D06s issue the techno$ogy2 e'en ent 'rimitives to the contro$$e e ge net"or( no es. The N*N architecture Re!erring to 3ig.IN* TO N*N This section 'rovi es the ma''ing #et"een im'$emente #ui$ ing #$oc(s "ith N*N !unctiona$ities to sho" the corres'on ence o! this research "or( "ith stan ar N*N 'rinci'$es -. i. e1'$oits the source2initiate *M. not sho"n in the !igure. 3or sa(e o! sim'$icity in 3ig. circuit set2u'. M:. NOTI3? message regar ing the etai$e 'osition an avai$a#i$ity o! I • the resources +3ig. The :O2M search into the 'u#$ishe resources i! the re&ueste a''$ication resources are avai$a#$e an su#se&uent$y ia$og "ith 0OON to chec( the re&uire trans'ort resources +3ig. noti!ication an reservation.. III. in terms o! en 2host a ress an 'erceive &ua$ity o! service ./" d/" 3igure 2.. D. AO-M User UA !" SIP-M SOO) PU$%IS& #'' O( Resource UA #" a" ." SU$S-RI$E #'' O( -&E-( c" d" )OTI+.

org/raptor/. May 2009 )RD% Service )ET-M UA.opensips.2M has #een #ui$t using an o'ensource 0I. #ase on the . . I.ractica$$y. issuing N6TCON3 irectives -. N:C3 R:. o! vie" the 0C3 corres'on s to the :O2M. User :gents +U:. ER PE! DSE 2 Q ER2 PE1 Resource ! " at the service Re0uest Availa. DSE 3 #'' O( resource authori%ation ! #" A-( an ! $" reservation. to assure the com'$ete reacha#i$ity.6RIM6NT:/ :CTI-IT? A.g.. technolo#&" network topolo#&" connectivit&" resource The 0ervice .2PD-+E DSE 3 DSE +E# ICC2009. Hammamet Tunisia.ility Resource reservation #y Response !%" Availa. The RACF e(ecutes polic&) them running an instance o! the D06 mo u$e an e&ui''e !ased transport resource control upon the re*uest of SCF" "ith /inu1 v2. reser-ation t. = -.rou/. stac( +http://www. the 0C3 DATA TRA)S+ER re'resents the >e start "ith a !e" im'$ementation etai$s.pjsip...2#ase ca$$ or mu$time ia trans!er.TOR RD3 'arser +http://librdf. )etwork setting Re0uest The 0C3 is res'onsi#$e !'" )etwork setting Re0uest !or e1tracting service ! )" Service )etwork setting !(" )etwork setting re&uirements Response )RD% Response Response !rom service !(" ! " -onnectivity set-up ! *" Response signa$ing an I)*ITE sen ing a ! 2" re&uest to #'' O( R:C3 !or ! 3" net"or( Net+or./02 /inu1 5o1 has #een 'rovi e "ith 6thernet inter!ace connecte to the contro$$e 6R an set "ith a 'u#$ic I.g.G a''$ication resources invo$ve in the content transmission. The Trans'ort 0tratum 'rovi es I. • the 0I. 6ach the R:C3 an N:C3 corres'on to the 0.N0I. e. • the :.ility !2" !3" ! *" Re0uest level= an $andwit3 availa. ma1 #an "i th.ility !$" Response interacting "ith the -onnectivity -onnectivity Trans'ort set-up !'" !&" Re0uest set-up !&" Re0uest 0tratum -. I-. a resses determines transport resource availa!ilit&" makes admission decision" and applies controls to transport functions. 2. 'ro1y 0I.. . The NRD/ mo u$es have #een im'$emente e1'$oiting the Resource an : mission Contro$ 3unction +R:C3. !or the contro$ o! +http://www. . Test)!ed Description This section 'resents the test#e use to va$i ate the 'ro'ose architecture an e1amines a signa$$ing e1am'$e. use as en 2user termina$s are 0I.2#ase connectivity services !or the #ene!it o! 0C3s "ith the su''ort o! the enhance "ith the ca'a#i$ity to sen a mu$ti'art IN-IT6 Net"or( :ttachment Contro$ 3unction +N:C3. s'eci!ica$$y to the The 0I.org/.ility !#" Re0uest trigger the net"or( resources $andwit3 availa.org/. uring a e. The D06M contro$s the 3rom this "e can argue that !rom a !unctiona$ 'oint o! vie" 6RM +"ith MPD. !or +*.2M an N6T2M.UAA UE A I)*ITE SIP-M TR..$ane is com'ose #y I /inu1 5o1es. In this 'roo! o! conce't test2#e the NRD/ has #een 'rovi e R:C3 <provides an a!stract view of transport network "ith the ca'a#i$ity to re&uest a 're e!ine #an "i th an infrastructure to the SCF % such as network transport C$ass o! service on$y. e$ay #oun ..M. an the massage an an NRD/ mo u$e.ro1y 0erver or -i eo 0erver. su''ort R:C3 "ith in!ormation re$ate to su#scri'tion 'ro!i$e. 6M. ena#$e trans'ort net"or(s -. signa$$ing "ithin a service 'rovi er in!rastructure among.O o'erating system an have 'u#$ic I. means o! an a 2hoc o'ensi's e1terna$ mo u$es "hich 0I. 3rom a !unctiona$ 'oint e!ine an NRD/ 'arser an the inter!ace to 0OON.2M an the N6T2M has #een im'$emente #y such as co ec. each o! utili$ation and 'oS mechanisms.

Hammamet Tunisia. the IN-IT6 message is !or"ar to the estination +D2.. Carro$$. D06I o#tains the a resses o! the re$evant 6Rs +i. -.2M enca'su$ating. :CFNO>/6D*M6NT The :uthors "ish to than( Mr. the N6T2M sen s #ac( to 0I. Tenth I3I. in the #o y.)M. "e consi er on$y one :O2M cou'$es to D06I.. 'ath. DR2D9 May 200R. 0D. :ccor ing$y D06D an D062 issues the N6TCON3 irectives. to D06I to reserve resources !or a Jo02ena#$e ata trans!er across the M.. 3. as "e$$ as the service 'arameters e1tracte !rom +D. 200Q..e. htt'.. the D06D com'ares the avai$a#$e #an "i th "ith the re&ueste #an "i th an sen s the <Resource Availa!ilit& Response= +O. #an "i th. Nice.2M ecou'$es the message #o y an sen s the NRD/ 'art to the N6T2M +DL. 20M#it)s !or HD vi eo trans!er. to D06D $in(e to 6RD containing such re&uirements. an R0-.. O0. CONC/U0ION In this 'a'er "e have sho"n an architectura$ im'$ementation o! an a''$ication2a"are o'tica$ net"or(.rotoco$ is use on to' o! the 0OON architecture to esta#$ish a''$ication sessions accor ing to the a''$ication re&uirements an then the net"or( contro$ '$ane is triggere . May 2009 5.. i.= In.g. 6RD. i. +se Case :n e1am'$e o! ho" the test2#e "or(s is 'rovi e "ith re!erence to 3igure R..)I666 0ym'osium on Integrate Net"or( Management. an RD3. D062. an an :CF !o$$o" to 'ositive$y c$ose the session +DR. to en!orce the 'ro'er tra!!ic 'o$icy that ena#$e the me ia !$o" generate #y U6 termina$s to #e ma''e to the 'act connecting 6RD an 6R2. 'rotoco$s "ith e1tension !or D02T6 -.ICC2009."I.. to the corres'on ent 6Rs that in turn 'er!orms the re&ueste con!iguration an sen s #ac( the <Network settin# Response= +S.2M u'on registration. D06D. the transmit rate is re&ueste o! &ueue e icate to trans!er e$ay2 sensitive 'ac(ets at the out'ut inter!ace to"ar s 6R2. an an NRD/ ocument containing the net"or( resource re&uests. Here a U:: an U:5 are 're2registere as authori%e users in the 0I.. U2V UIV UQV . Farim Tor(man !or their contri#ution to the im'$ementation o! the test2#e . the D06D an D062 the resu$t o! router con!iguration to D06I that in turn sen s the <Service Response= +DD. <Network settin# Re*uest= +S. *. F$yne.. :rchitecture= I6T3.))""".2M. gra e o! service. an o! the D06s connecte to those 6Rs +i. This a''roach in 'rinci'$e enriches the net"or( "ith a num#er o! a''$ication oriente !eatures than(s to the rich session oriente semantic o! 0I. e$ay2sensitive tra!!ic. 3rance.. nee e #an "i th +e. Then. The NRD/ is reattache to the #o y o! the IN-IT6 message in or er to (ee' the net"or( status a$ong the 0I. i../0 routers that are interconnecte as sho"n in 3ig.2M "hich e1tract the NRD/ in or er to 'er!orm the net"or( reservation #y means o! N6T2M. inter!aces an su''ort M... .rotoco$ /a#e$ 0"itching +*M. >hen the trans'ort has #een reserve the 200 OF is !or"ar e to the U6a +DQ..org)TR)200Q)R6C2r !2conce'ts2200Q02D0) Neroen van er Ham. >hen receiving the <Bandwidth Availa!ilit& Response= +R. Conce'ts an :#stract 0ynta1=.. 5aronce$$i. the TRC2 36D sen s a <Bandwidth Availa!ilit& Re*uest< +Q. >hen the resource reservation has #een success!u$$y rea$i%e . To this en the 0ession Initiation . 6R2. I! the #an "i th is avai$a#$e.2M a NRD/ ocument "ith the current net"or( status +DDL.N. <Using the Net"or( Descri'tion /anguage in O'tica$ Net"or(s. 3i$i''o Tangheri an Mr. the D06I sen s to the D06D an D062 the <Connectivit& Set)up Re*uest= +9.e. D06I trans$ates the service 'arameters into net"or( resource re&uirements. to the 6RD to get the #an "i th that is actua$$y use #y e1isting voice 'ac(et trans!ers #et"een 6RD an 6R2.e. 6R2 an 6RI are con!igure as 'rovi er 6 ge Router +6R.ao$a *rosso. May 2009 SP DSE DSE3 R AO-M DSE2 0Aa 0A1 ER3 ER CE CR CR CR 36 ER2 CE IP/ MPLS Metro Netwo rk 3igure Q. N. The N6T2M sen s a <Service Re*uest= +2. Q. Then. to N6T2M "ith the va$ue :CF i! the con!iguration has #een 'ro'er$y 'er!orme . etc. :$$ the si1 routers are e&ui''e "ith 3ast 6thernet +36. The routers ca$$e 6RD..g....g. U'on receiving <Resource Availa!ilit& Re*uest=. than(s to the in!ormation store in NTRD. 0u#se&uent$y sen s a <Resource Availa!ilit& Re*uest< +I. Then. Test2#e architecture The metro2core net"or( com'rises si1 I. a resses o! U:: an U:5 +avai$a#$e at 0I. :n ree Toon( an Cees e /aat. Martini./0.e. :ccor ing$y. The 200 OF message goes through the 0I. the 0I. >ithout $ac(ing in genera$ity. e1'$oting the D06s. its o"n a''$ication 'rotoco$ an an NRD/ ocument containing the net"or( re&uirements !rom the U6# 'oint o! vie" +DI. to D06I. Casto$ i 8: Nove$ 0ervice Oriente 3rame"or( !or :utomatica$$y 0"itche Trans'ort Net"or(8 9th I3I. .3. >IC Recommen ation.)I666 Internationa$ 0ym'osium on Integrate Net"or( Management +IM./0 net"or(. 0'eci!ica$$y. to create the re&uire trans'ort net"or(. <Resource Descri'tion 3rame"or( +RD3..o$. i! U:5 is vi eo server U:: "ants to o"n$oa a vi eo.e. R636R6NC60 UDV R3C I9QR <*enera$i%e Mu$ti2.g. :t some stage U:: "ants to esta#$ish a communication session "ith the U65 +e. containing in!ormation a#out the success or !ai$ure o! such con!iguration. The routers name CR are con!igure as core routers. U6# re'$ies "ith a 200 OF message to the 0I.. The ata e1change can start into the reserve channe$ across the trans'ort net"or(. Octo#er 200Q. U:: sen s an IN-IT6 message ma e o! t"o 'artsG an a''$ication 'rotoco$ escri#ing the session +e. other"ise it sen s a N:CF. B. Rona$ van er ./0. an category o! tra!!ic +e. 0uch a re&uest contains the I.

an Im'$ementation=. <*enera$ overvie" o! N*N=. Casto$ i 80u''orting Contro$ . 200S.ICC2009. *eneric . 3. 200S. Issue D0. /e 3aucheur. an . Decem#er 200O 3. /ai.200S. Hammamet Tunisia. >.200D. Tervas et a$.= 0e'tem#er 200O ITU2T ?. *ermany. -. 5ra%i$. I666. <0I. :'ri$ 200S ITU2T ?. <3unctiona$ re&uirements an architecture o! the N*N re$ease D.. architecture.= Integrate Net"or( Management +IM. =N6TCON3 Con!iguration .20D2. <Resource an a mission contro$ !unctions in ne1t generation net"or(s. <Re&uirements !or 0u''ort o! Di!!erentiate 0ervice :"are M. Martini.= I6T3 R3C Q9QD.2ena#$e O'tica$ 5urst 0"itching architectures an 'rotoco$s !or a''$ication2a"are o'tica$ net"or(s=. Martini.0DO Feith Fnightson et a$ <N*N :rchitecture.02.comnet.. oi. -o$ume QI.D0. May 2009 URV *. -. 5. 0a$va or. Oct.$ane2ena#$e Trans'ort Net"or(s "ithin ITU2T Ne1t *eneration Net"or( +N*N. May 2009 3. 5aronce$$i.D0DO)7. Communications Maga%ine. Munich . Martini. Com'uter Net"or(s. 5aronce$$i.= Net"or( O'eration an Management 0ym'osium +NOM0. Martini.= I6T3 R3C IROQ. Nu$y 200I O UOV U9V USV U9V UD0V UDDV UD2V UDIV . 200R. an . 5.2DDD.rinci'$es 3unctiona$ :rchitecture. 6nns.. Casto$ i <: istri#ute signa$ing !or the 'rovisioning o! on2 eman -.rotoco$.N services in trans'ort net"or(s. Decem#er 200Q ITU2T ?./0 Tra!!ic 6ngineering.= 0e'tem#er 200O R. 2009.