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September 14, 2012 The Honorable Rahm Emanuel Mayor of Chicago 121 North LaSalle Street, Room 507

Chicago, Illinois 60602 Dear Mayor Emanuel, The National Trust for Historic Preservation recently completed a landmark recommendation report documenting the significance of architect Bertrand Goldbergs Prentice Womens Hospital. The report confirms what we already believed: that the historic Prentice exceeds the criteria for Chicago landmark designation, that it is truly singular in construction and layout, and that it changed the course of modern hospital design. As members of the architecture community, we believe Goldbergs Prentice should be given a permanent place in Chicagos cityscape. A building this significant this unique in the world should be preserved and reused. Prentice was a culminating work for Bertrand Goldberg, who most famously designed Chicagos Marina City. Over his 60-year career, Goldberg designed eight major hospitals around the country; Prentice is the only one located in his hometown. His ideas for improving hospital design helped redefine patient- and family-centered care. Prentices cloverleaf tower exemplifies the belief that patients should be grouped in communities around a nursing center, creating quiet villages that improve proximity and sightlines between nurses and patients, welcome fathers into birthing rooms, and place mothers closer to their babies in the nursery. Prentice also propelled advances in the fields of architecture and engineering that are still recognized today. Its cantilevered concrete shell broke with precedent and remains unique in the world. The result created columnfree floors that today allow great flexibility for reuse options. Upon completion in 1975, critics and engineers worldwide celebrated Prentice as a breakthrough in structural engineering. The legacy of Bertrand Goldbergs Prentice Womens Hospital is unmistakable. It stands as a testament to the Chicago-led architectural innovation that sets this city apart. Chicagos global reputation as a nurturer of bold and innovative architecture will wither if the city cannot preserve its most important achievements. Reuse options abound. We urge you, the Commission on Landmarks, and the City Council to grant this building landmark designation and preserve Chicagos historic architectural legacy. Sincerely, Tadao Ando
Pritzker Prize 1995 Osaka, Japan

Gustavo F. Araoz
President, International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) Washington, District of Columbia

Joe Antunovich, AIA

Chicago, Illinois

Carol R. Bentel, FAIA William Baker, PE, SE

Chicago, Illinois Chair, National AIA Committee on Design 2008 Locust Valley, New York


David Brininstool, AIA

Chicago, Illinois

Phil Hamp, FAIA

Chicago, Illinois

Denise Scott Brown, RIBA, Int. FRIBA

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Donald J. Hackl, FAIA

Chancellor of the AIA College of Fellows 2009 Chicago, Illinois

Sheridan Burke
President, ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on 20th Century Heritage (ISC20C) Sydney, Australia

Gunny Harboe, FAIA

Vice President, ICOMOS ISC20C; Board Member DOCOMOMO_US Chicago, Illinois

Jean Carroon, FAIA

Chair, National AIA Historic Resources Committee 2012 Boston, Massachusetts

Jack Hartray, FAIA

Chicago, Illinois

Louise Cox, HFAIA

President, Union of International Architects (UIA) 2008-2011 Sydney, Australia

Jacques Herzog, HFAIA

Pritzker Prize 2001 Basel, Switzerland

Dan Coffey, FAIA

Chicago, Illinois

Jrg Haspel
Vice President, ICOMOS Germany Berlin, Germany

Dirk Denison, FAIA

Chicago, Illinois

Malcolm Holzman, FAIA

New York, New York

Walter Eckenhoff, FAIA

Chicago, Illinois

Eugene C. Hopkins, FAIA

AIA President 2004 Ann Arbor, Michigan

John Eifler, FAIA

Chicago, Illinois

Bjarke Ingels Philip Enquist, FAIA

Chicago, Illinois AIA Institute Honor Award 2012 Copenhagen, Denmark

Doug Farr, AIA

Chicago, Illinois

Marlene Imirzian, AIA

Chair, National AIA Committee on Design 2013 Phoenix, Arizona

David N. Fixler, FAIA

President, DOCOMOMO_US/New England Boston, Massachusetts

Thomas Jacobs, AIA

American Institute of Architects' Young Architects Award 2012 Chicago, IL

Jeanne Gang, FAIA

MacArthur Fellow 2011 Chicago, Illinois

Richard Keating, FAIA

Los Angeles, California

Frank Gehry, FAIA

AIA Gold Medal 1999; Pritzker Prize 1989 Los Angeles, California

Thomas Kerwin, FAIA

Chicago, Illinois

Stephen J. Kelley, AIA, SE, FAPT, FUSICOMOS Geoff Goldberg, AIA

Chicago, Illinois President, ICOMOS ISCARSAH Chicago, Illinois


Jackie Koo, AIA

Chicago, Illinois

Kyle Normandin
Secretary General, ICOMOS ISC20C Los Angeles, California

Leonard Koroski, FAIA

Chicago, Illinois

Renzo Piano, HFAIA

Pritzker Prize 1998 Genoa, Italy

Ronald Krueck, FAIA

Chicago, Illinois

Louis R. Pounders, FAIA

Chair, National AIA Committee on Design 2009 Memphis, Tennessee

Judith Kirshner
Dean, College of Architecture and the Arts, UIC

Brian Lee, FAIA

Chicago, Illinois

Theodore Prudon, FAIA

President, DOCOMOMO_US New York, New York

Dirk Lohan, FAIA

Chicago, Illinois

Jack Pyburn, FAIA

Past Chair, National AIA Historic Resources Committee Atlanta, Georgia

Brad Lynch
Chicago, Illinois

Donna Robertson, FAIA

Professor and John and Jeanne Rowe Chair, Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, Illinois

John Macsai, FAIA

Chicago, IL

Jeffrey McCarthy, FAIA

Chicago, Illinois

Kevin Roche, FAIA

Pritzker Prize 1982 Hamden, Connecticut

George Miller, FAIA

National AIA President 2010 New York, New York

John Ronan, AIA

Chicago, Illinois

Robert L. Meckfessel, FAIA

Board Member, DOCOMOMO_US Dallas, Texas

John I. Schlossman, FAIA

Chicago, IL

Mike Mense, FAIA

Chair, National AIA Committee on Design 2012 Anchorage, Alaska

Peter Schlossman, AIA

Chicago, IL

Ken Schroeder, FAIA

Chicago, Illinois

Michael Mills, FAIA

Past Chair, National AIA Historic Resources Committee Princeton, New Jersey

Mark Sexton, FAIA

Chicago, Illinois

Pierre de Meuron, HFAIA

Pritzker Prize 2001 Basel, Switzerland

Bob Somol, Ph.D., J.D.

Director, University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Architecture Chicago, Illinois

Joost Moolhuijzen
Paris, France

Eduardo Souto de Moura, HFAIA

Pritzker Prize 2011 Porto, Portugal


Tristan d'Estre Sterk, AIA, SBA Netherlands

AIA Chicago Dubin Family Young Architect of the Year 2011 Chicago, Illinois

Tod Williams, FAIA

New York, New York

Ross Wimer, FAIA Billie Tsien, AIA

New York, New York Chicago, Illinois

Antony Wood Richard Tomlinson II, FAIA

Chicago, Illinois Studio Associate Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, Illinois

Joe Valerio, FAIA

Chicago, Illinois

David Woodhouse, FAIA

Chicago, Illinois

Robert Venturi, FAIA Emeritus, Int. FRIBA

Pritzker Prize 1991 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kulapat Yantrasast
Silpathorn Award 2009 New York, New York

John Vinci, FAIA

Chicago, Illinois

Siegfried Zhiqiang Wu, Ph.D.

Vice President, Tongji University; Chief Planner, World Expo 2010 Shanghai, China

Charles Waldheim
Chair, Department of Landscape Architecture, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts

Andrew Zago
Faculty, Southern California Institute of Architecture Los Angeles, California

Dan Wheeler, FAIA

Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Anke Zalivako

Research Fellow - 20th Century Heritage, Technical University of Berlin Berlin, Germany

Sarah Whiting, Ph.D., Associate AIA

Dean of College of Architecture, Rice University Houston, Texas

CC: Commissioner Andrew Mooney, Dept. of Housing and Economic Development nd Alderman Brendan Reilly (42 Ward) Commissioner Rafael Leon, Commission on Chicago Landmarks Commissioner John Baird, Commission on Chicago Landmarks Commissioner Anita Blanchard, Commission on Chicago Landmarks Commissioner James Houlihan, Commission on Chicago Landmarks Commissioner Tony Hu, Commission on Chicago Landmarks Commissioner Christopher Reed, Commission on Chicago Landmarks Commissioner Mary Ann Smith, Commission on Chicago Landmarks Commissioner Ernest Wong, Commission on Chicago Landmarks


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