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Venus Retrograde Period

Venus will turn retrograde at 17-degrees Aries 43 minutes on Thursday March 8th 2 1 at !" 8 PM #P$T%& $he will 'e retrograde (or a little more than ! wee)s& $he will go direct at 1-degree Aries 27 minutes on Thursday A*ril 1+th 2 1 at +"3! PM #P,T%& Retrograde motion is the a**arent re-erse in direction o( a *lanet in its mo-ement through the .odiac& /'-iously the *lanet does not really mo-e 'ac)wards in s*ace0 howe-er0 due to its *osition in relationshi* to the 1arth2s it does a**ear to 'e doing 3ust that during the retrograde *eriod& 4t is *hysically 3ust an illusion due to the *ositions o( the *lanet which is in retrograde motion and the 1arth in their *ath around the $un at this *oint in time& This is what we re(er to as the retrograde *eriod& /n a *sychological and5or emotional le-el it does a((ect us dee*ly& 4t e-en a((ects our *ersonal *hysical world many times as well& Retrograde means the same as *lacing a R1 'e(ore a word0 conce*t or action& $ince Venus is our *ersonal *lanet o( 6eauty0 7o-e0 $e80 Money0 ,esires and Values& And also deals with how we relate to oursel-es0 our 'ody0 en-ironment0 others and 9od5$*irit& Venus Retrograde as)s us to Rewor)0 Redo0 Rearrange0 Reorgani.e0 Renegotiate0 Reassess0 Rea**ly and Re-enter all things *ertaining to Venus in our li-es& Venus will 'e retrograde in the sign o( Aries& Aries has to do with $el( Assertion0 4nitiating Action0 Anger0 :orce(ulness0 Machinery0 Money and 6usiness Matters& 1ach sign o( the .odiac will 'e a((ected di((erently naturally 'y how Venus in Aries will interact with each $un sign0 so let us ta)e a loo) and see how& AR41$-sel(0 'ody0 a**earance0 sel(-*ro3ection and attitudes& TA;R;$-re-iew5re-eal *ast0 charity0 those con(ined0 hidden things0 secrets0 s*irit and unconscious& 91M4<4-(riends0 grou*s0 large organi.ations0 large cor*orations0 li(e goals0 the une8*ected and things you ha-e no control o-er& =A<=1R-career5*ro(ession0 *u'lic image0 mother0 re*utation and legacy& 71/-higher education0 'elie( systems0 legal issues0 tra-el0 and things (oreign& V4R9/-3oint (inances0 de't0 loans0 credit0 releasing and inheritances& 746RA-relationshi*s0 *artnershi*s0 agreements0 contracts and marriage& $=/RP4/-wor)0 daily routine0 health0 *ets0 la'or unions and ser-ice to others& $A94TTAR4;$-creati-e e8*ression0 children0 *lay5(un0 ris)s and romance&

=APR4=/R<-home5residence0 security needs0 (amily0 *ro*erty and (ather& A>;AR4;$-immediate en-ironment0 si'lings0 'lood relati-es0 *ersonal trans*ortation and way o( tal)ing5thin)ing& P4$=1$-*ersonal (inances0 *ersonal resources0 *ossessions0 -alues0 desires and (ood& 4t is my ho*e that this in(ormation will gi-e you a heads u* and assist you in ma)ing the most o( this Venus Retrograde *eriod this year& 9ood luc) and ha**y ad-entures&