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坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版

大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.614

The Sutra of Sitting Dhyāna Samadhi
Translated by Tripitaka Master Kumarajiva o !ao"in# Fascicle I Words spoken by guiding teachers are hard to meet, For those who hear them and delight, how difficult it is. What great people enjoy listening, Petty people despise. Sentient beings can be pitied and sadly regarded, For they plummet into aging and dying, a dangerous path. Wild men dote on their love slaves; n a place to be feared, they are deluded and are unafraid. ! world may be big or small "ut the #harma is devoid of the e$istence of permanence. !ll do not long remain "ut temporarily appear like lightning. %his body belongs to old age and death&& !ll sicknesses' place of return. ! thin layer of skin covers impurities Foolishness and confusion are reasons for being deceived. (ou are always the thief of aging Swallowing and e$tinguishing the bla)ing colors of prime. *ike strands of flowers that wither and rot, #amaged and lost, they are of no value. +urdhagata's merits and virtues !llow him to be with ,akra, the lord of heavens, as they are seated. ! favorable retribution of blessings vast and numerous %o this day are they still peacefully here%his king among gods and humans, s endowed with the most sensual pleasures; "ut at the time of death, he undergoes e$treme pain and hurt. CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1.14% &''1(11(') 1

坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 From this you may reali)e insights. !ll desires are tender and delightful at first, "ut later become tremendous suffering. So too !j.ta/atru was initially good, "ut he eliminated his clan, a tragedy that came later. %his body is a vessel for filth With nine apertures constantly leaking vice. So too the nari sores 0annot be cured with any medicine.

大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.614

%he power of the cart&like skeleton is minimal; Sinews and veins ensnare while consciousness circle about 1the skeleton2. (ou think it is a wonderful vehicle !nd bear it shamelessly. #ead men gather in this place; %hose abandoned are strewn about among the tombstones. While alive we protect and cherish it; !t death it is completely abandoned and forsaken. 0onstantly be mindful, just like so. Single&mindedly contemplate and do not be scattered; Shatter delusion and reverse the dark night; 3aise a torch and with it clearly see. f abandoned were the abiding in the Four +indfulnesses, %he mind will not create no evil, *ike an elephant la$ and unchained, t shall never follow and walk down the path. Functioning on this karma today 0reating that action tomorrow, #elightfully attached, no suffering is seen; Without reali)ing, the bandit of death arrives. 3ushing about for the sake of our duties; CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1.14% &''1(11(') &

坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 4ther people's business is also not left idle. (et the bandit of death does not wait; When it arrives, there is not escaping that condition. *ike a thirsty deer that approaches a spring !nd drinks the water that runs one way. %he hunter is neither kind nor helpful. Forbidding the deer to drink, it was killed beforehand. ! deluded man is like so too, #iligently tending to all business matters. %he arrival of death does not wait. Who will be your protector thenPeople in their hearts hope for wealth and nobility, %he five desires never satisfy them. "ut the likes of kings in major countries 0annot avoid this misery, mmortals who uphold the arrow&like mantras !lso cannot avoid death and birth. %he elephant of impermanence stomps So ants and leeches become like dirt, *et us leave aside all humans, For all "uddhas of proper and true enlightenment !nd of transcendence by crossing the flow of birth and death, !lso do not stay forever. From this therefore know, (our lovable pleasures Should all be abandoned soon; Single&mindedly seek nirvana. *ater the body is relin5uished at the time of death&& Who will certify the self+oreover, those who have encountered the #harma 6ewel !nd those who have not7 CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1.14% &''1(11(')

大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.614


614 4nce in a long while the sun&like "uddha comes out !nd shatters the darkness of great ignorance. you respect the "uddhadharma. %he foremost place of eternal bliss. %he great sage points to phenomena and speaks. Where did come fromWhere was bornWhere will attain liberationWho shall clarify all these doubts%he "uddhist sage with all modes of wisdom *ong unmet now emerges in the world. (ou are developing for the sake of sentient beings. f you do not rela$ "ut single&mindedly and constantly walk the path. %his can demolish your knot&like doubts. With sharp wisdom. the #harma is not hard. With wholeheartedness. CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. you draw near good people.14% &''1(11(') 4 . Who can know at the time of death %o which path they will be destinedFor instance. "e single&minded and do not rela$. With it the release of all these lights %hat show us the human path is no path. (ou ought to pursue the marks of the reality of #harma. 8e e$plains wisdom and the source of wisdom&& %hese two do not lean on anything outside. 4thers do not enjoy true benefits "ut eagerly attach to base and evil thoughts. Soon you will attain nirvana.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. 8aving reached the path. a lamp in the wind #oes not know the season of its demise.

know the source of flavors. So deserved is the ac5uired food. it is no different. %herefore do not form fondness. %hen the bottomless pit of afflictions is deep. When various forms of suffering arrive 3egret and resentment cannot touch you. With the four offerings :now your limit and know contentment. 8ow can you sleep in peace%herefore you should wake up !nd not let sleep cover your mind. "efore the mighty terror is completely removed. "ut avoid being greedy for its taste. t would be best that you are diligent and vigorous. !waken to thoughts and be aware of all conditions. Sitting beneath the tree in ragged robes. !nd the sea of birth and death is boundless.14% &''1(11(') ) .614 CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. n the lotus posture. %he boat that ferries over suffering is not yet built. Fondness for fineries yields sadness and suffering. sit among the trees. 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. Sleep soundly without waking yourself. 8aving eaten.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 #etesting the filth of the impure body. n leisure 5uietude. Fine or flat. t leads you to self&defeat and demise. 9nmindful of the world as impermanent&& Something to be feared and yet you are unafraid. cultivating the goal of stillness. f you are not tired of being in the midst of e$istence. Pick up the mind and do not la$. (ou leave suffering and attain liberation.

(ou should diligently pursue this gain. 0elestial food the taste of sweet dew !nd celestial maidens who entertain with these. T-e master s-ould ask t-e "uestion% 01o you up-old t-e pre/epts purely23 0No serious o enses and evil devian/es23 4 you say t-at you ad-ere to t-e ive old pre/epts purely and -ave /ommitted no serious o enses or evil devian/es% t-en t-e 1-arma o t-e pat. %ake this as the reason for self restraint. !lthough not yet attained irst arrives at a master.ill tell you% 07ike someone . 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. Watching from a palace of seven jewels. !ou may leave and #o ba/k% be dili#ent% re/ite t-e sutras% en/oura#e /-an#e and CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. 4 you say t-at you -ave broken t-e pre/epts% t-e master s-ould a#ain ask% 06-at pre/epts -ave you broken23 4 you say a major pre/ept% t-e master . f beings were in heavenly palaces.s pla/e. !mong humans where elites are served. "ut all had been a part of tau#-t ne5t. n the hells they swallow iron pellets.-ose ears and nose -ave been amputated% t-ere is no need to look in t-e mirror.verything has been accepted in total. fires of e$crement and stool. f beings were among animals and beasts. . Weary furthermore of things painful and pleasurable. Snot. vomit.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 n a world of karma in action %he pleasant and the unpleasant do not change. <nashed grass is deemed most flavorful. f beings were among hungry ghosts.-o studies dhy. saliva and all impurities&& %hese would be considered delicacies. %he seven delicacies are replete with many flavors.614 +omeone . "la)ing hot the metal suddenly e$plodes.14% &''1(11(') 6 . Pus. =ow again what is there to love about them"ack and forth among worlds.

orry.orries T-ey tend to be more emotional and pleadin#.spee/ li#-t. 6-en t-eir ire o desire burns uriously% t-ey o ten e5perien/e re#ret and /-an#e t-eir minds.orried over minor losses.s. T-ey are not o/used in t-eir studies and like to roam t-e orests and #ardens. T-ey like to build relations-ips and riends-ips but do not enjoy bein# alone.rinkled and be t-e irst to /onvey a . T-ey are ond o and atta/-ed to beddin#% dress and de/oration% in/ense and lo. T-eir -atred and resentment are sli#-t and t-eir sadness and .mu/.s . T-ey like to .ives and /on/ubines% speak a lot and believe t-e -eaviest or you2 More se5ual desire2 More -atred2 More delusion23 6-at does it mean by observin# your appearan/e2 T-e look o t-ose .s are s-allo. T-ey abide in t-eir pleasures and atta/-ments% ollo. T-eir vie. Adept in observin# people.t-eir ideas to t-e typi/al vie. T-ey /onverse and debate /apably.arm% t-eir perspiration odorous% t-eir skin is deli/ate and -air t-in.s-o.ill e5plain t-e 1-arma o t-e di erent realms dependin# on your si/kness.ers. T-ey like to play <psy/-olo#i/al= -ide and seek.undertakin#s. T-ey enjoy repeatin# /li/->s and /an or/e t-emselves to .ords and enjoy /ultivatin# blessin#s as karma.el/ome and #reet t-em. 6-en t-ere are virtuous ones nearby% t-ey .3 4 ot-er pre/epts .614 /reate blessin#s so t-at you may plant t-e /auses and /onditions or t-e 1-arma on t-e pat.lust appears /asual and easy:#oin#. T-eir minds are on t-eir rooms and t-ey enjoy . T-ey . lo.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.-en t-ey a/"uire ot-er people. T-ey -ave t-e . T-ey enjoy adornin# t-emselves and like to look at embroideries and dra. T-ey are erudite and learned% ond o and atta/-ed to literature and re/itation. T-ey beauti y . and nearsi#-ted.ear a smile and bear -umiliation. T-ey are e5tremely -appy . t-ey /annot be patient . T-eir bodies are .ork.a . T-ey -ave a pleasant /ountenan/e and a/ility .t-eir belon#in#s and eel lu/ky .t-ou#-ts o . t-ey /lip t-eir nails and #room t-eir o a monkey. T-ey are stin#y .it-ered tree is irri#ated urt-er% it .ealt-. T-ey are easily surprised and ri#-tened all o a and /ry.a/"uirin# little and e5tremely . 8or instan/e% t-ou#. T-eir .s sentiments% t-ey -ave many ears. t-ey atta/. T-ey tend to be more . T-ey jud#e someone.-ite teet. T-eir bodies are ine% so t% and /annot .-at makes t-em /om ortable.ers% leaves or be/ome born in t-e -eavens and e5perien/e no di i/ulty in a #roup.ill not #ro. t-ey keep many . T-ey -earts tend to be so t and tender% /apable o bein# sympat-eti/. CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. T-ey immediately resolve problems t-ey -ear or t-e sake o t-eir .in uture lives. as t-ey . T-eir determination is sli#-t in t-eir undertakin#s and t-ey #o or .14% &''1(11(') ? .ere broken% at t-at time you s-ould be tau#-t to repent a//ordin# to t-e /old or and pursuin# t-e se/ular mainstream. t-ey a/t . T-ey are easily obstru/ted and easily pleased. 8or t-is li etime% you may orever #ive up. T-ey enjoy /leanliness and /lean /lot-es.alk alon#. 4 you be/ome pure and t-e master -as t-e 9eavenly Eye or t-e ability to read minds% -e . T-ey -ave multiple te/-ni/al skills.s look to be beauti ul or u#ly% and t-ey trust .is.ei#-t /lot-in#% /rave desire and emale beauty. 4 -e does not yet -ave t-ose abilities% -e s-ould observe your appearan/e or ask you urt-er% 0Amon# t-e t-ree poisons% .

坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版

大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.614

T-ey dis/riminate bet,een t-ose ,-o are beauti ul and u#ly. T-ey are sympat-eti/ to and sad about t-ose su erin# and perse/uted. T-ey are e#otisti/al% /ompetitive and re use -arassment and bullyin#. T-ey like to pra/ti/e #enerosity and re/eive #ood people. T-ey ,ill s-are deli/ious oods t-ey a/"uire ,it- ot-ers. T-ey do not remember details at -and but set t-eir #oals on ,-at is distant and #reat. T-eir vision is atta/-ed to lookin# at orm and sensuality. T-ey are not t-orou#- ,itt-eir tasks. T-ey do not -ave lon#:term ,orries and kno, t-e ,orld and its se/ular ,ays. T-ey ,at/- e5pressions /losely and test people.s -earts by /ontradi/tin# t-em. T-ey speak s,eetly and debate ,it- ,isdom. T-e riends-ips t-ey build are volatile. T-eir -airs are e, and t-in. T-ey sleep little. 6-et-er sittin#% re/linin#% ,alkin# or standin#% t-ey do not or#et t-eir looks and /omportment. T-ey /an "ui/kly res/ue all valuables; t-ey re#ret a ter t-ey #ive a,ay somet-in#. T-ey are "ui/k to /at/- t-e unstated meanin#. 8urt-ermore% a ter re/overin# somet-in#% t-ey tend to or#et. T-ey /-eris- movement and a/tion. T-ey -ave di i/ulty /-an#in# t-emselves and leavin# desire be-ind. T-ey /ommit o enses t-at are sli#-t and minor. T-ese are t-e various marks o lust and desire. T-e marks o people ,-o are -ate ul and an#ry are t-at t-ey tend to be sad and a li/ted. T-ey be/ome violent suddenly and -arbor an#er. T-ey are /rude in t-eir display o p-ysi/al a/tion and spee/-. T-ey /an bear all kinds o su erin# but not a/tual tasks. T-ey are more o ten sad and less o ten -appy. T-ey /an do #reat evil and -ave no sympat-y. T-ey enjoy i#-ts and ar#uments. T-eir looks are -a##ard and ,it-ered. T-ey urro, t-eir bro,s and look askan/e. T-ey -ave a -ard time speakin#% bein# pleased% ,orkin# and a#reein#. T-eir minds are like abs/esses so t-ey e5pose people.s s-ort/omin#s. T-ey are brutal in t-eir ar#uments over meanin# and /annot be tamed. T-ey are not easily a e/ted% not easy to be around and do not /ry easily. T-ey -ave di i/ulty spittin# up t-e poisons t-ey nurse. T-ey do not or#et ,-at t-ey -ave re/eived and re/ited. T-ey -ave many /apabilities and /lever skills and tend not to be la@y. T-ey do t-in#s "ui/kly and remain silent ,-ile aimin# or a #oal. T-eir ideas are pro ound and di i/ult to understand. T-ey /an repay kindness re/eived. T-ey are /apable o #at-erin# people to#et-er and take /are o problems and people. T-ey /annot be de eated and /an /omplete undertakin#s. T-ey are di i/ult to distra/t and -ave e, ears or di i/ulties. 8or e5ample% lions /annot be tamed; t-ey -ead do,n one dire/tion and do not turn ba/k% ,orkin# and advan/in# uns,ervin#ly. T-ey remember rat-er t-an or#et. T-ey ,orry mu/-. T-ey /ontemplate% re/ite and pra/ti/e% memori@e and up-old pra/ti/es. T-ey /an #ive a lot and do not e5pe/t petty avors in return. T-ey -ave t-e s-arp a/ulties o a tea/-er. T-ey are apart rom desires ,-en alone and -ave e, se5ual desires. 4nside t-ey al,ays ,is- to ,in and are ond o and atta/-ed to anni-ilisti/ vie,s. T-eir eyes al,ays stare -ate ully but t-eir ,ords are true. T-ey e5plain t-in#s lo#i/ally and /learly. T-ey -ave e, relatives and riends and are stead ast ,it,ork. T-ey -ave a solid memory and do not or#et. More o ten t-ey -ave stren#t- in t-eir mus/les% ,it- ,ide s-oulders and /-est% a lar#e ore-ead and neat -air. T-ey are stubborn and di i/ult to tame. T-ey do not or#et problems easily. T-ey /an leave desire on t-eir o,n and tend to in/ur CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1.14% &''1(11(') A

坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版

大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.614

serious o enses. T-ese are t-e various marks o -atred and an#er. T-e marks o people ,-o are oolis- and deluded are t-at t-ey tend to be more skepti/al and more re#ret ul. T-ey are la@y and not opinionated. T-ey are /on/eited and do not yield easily. T-eir arro#an/e is di i/ult to tolerate. T-ey do not believe ,-at is believable and believe ,-at are unbelievable. T-ey do not kno, to be respe/t ul and yet believe ,-atever t-ey en/ounter. T-ey -ave many tea/-ers% bein# ras- and restless% unembarrassed and abrupt. T-ey do not t-ink be ore t-ey a/t; urt-ermore% t-ey tea/- ot-ers to be muddled and violent. T-ey are not sele/tive about relatives and riends. T-ey do not #room t-emselves. T-ey enjoy tea/-ers o various pat-s and do not distin#uis- bet,een #ood and evil. T-ey or#et -ard eelin#s easily. T-eir sense a/ulties are dull and t-ey are la5. T-ey /riti/i@e and slander t-e pra/ti/e o #enerosity and are unsympat-eti/. T-ey destroy brid#es o 1-arma and do not understand t-in#s ,it- ,-i/- t-ey /ome into /onta/t. T-eir an#ry eyes do not make /onta/t. T-ey -ave no intelli#en/e or in#enuity. T-ey -ave many ,ants and are pessimisti/. T-ey -ave a lot o doubt and little ait-. T-ey -ate #ood people and /ommit o enses t-at ruin t-eir blessin#s. T-ey /annot tell ,-at are /onsidered kind ,ords and /annot understand mistakes. T-ey do not a//ept e5-ortations or parables. T-eir dear ones leave t-em be-ind and t-eir enemies resent t-em. T-ey kno, no manners and enjoy speakin# -ars-ly. T-ey -ave lon# beards% -air and nails; t-eir teet- and /lot-es tend to be dirty. T-ey are at t-e /ommand o ot-ers and -ave no ear or t-ose pla/es to be eared. T-ey are sad in -appy situations and -appy in sad situations. T-ey lau#- ,-en t-ey s-ould be melan/-oly; t-ey are melan/-oly ,-en t-ey s-ould be lau#-in#. T-ey ,ill ollo, i dra##ed alon# and /annot tolerate -ards-ip. T-ey /annot tell t-e di eren/e amon# t-e various lavors. T-ey rarely leave desires be-ind. T-ey /ommit pro oundly serious o enses. T-ese are t-e various marks o oolis-ness and delusion. 4 people -ad more lust and desire% t-ey may be /ured ,it- t-e 1-arma pra/ti/e o impurity. 4 people -ad more -atred and an#er% t-ey may be /ured ,it- t-e 1-arma pra/ti/e o kindness. 4 people -ad more oolis-ness and delusion% t-ey may be /ured ,it- t-e 1-arma pra/ti/e o /ontemplatin# /auses and /onditions. 4 people t-ou#-t a lot% t-ey may be /ured ,it- t-e 1-arma pra/ti/e o /easin# t-ou#-ts. 4 people dis/riminated a lot% t-ey may be /ured ,it- t-e 1-arma pra/ti/e o bein# mind ul o t-e Budd-a. All su/- various si/knesses and ot-ers may be /ured ,itvarious 1-arma pra/ti/es.

1. T-e 1-arma Bra/ti/e or Curin# Creed and 1esire Beople ,it- more lust and desire may pra/ti/e t-e Contemplation o 4mpurities. 4mpurities ill t-e body rom -air to eet. T-e body /onsists o various impuritiesD -air% body -air% nails% teet-% deli/ate and /oarse skin% blood% les-% mus/les% veins% bone marro,s% liver% lun#% -eart% spleen% kidney%

CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1.14% &''1(11(')


坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版

大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.614

stoma/-% lar#e intestines% small intestines% e5/rement% urine% saliva% s,eat% tears% s/um% makeup% pus% brain% membrane% bile% saliva% mi/ro:/ellular skin% at and brain membrane. 8urt-ermore% or t-ose more advan/ed in t-e /ontemplation o impurities% /ontemplate t-e body as blue% bruised% s,ollen% ripped% rottin#% bleedin#% smeared and looded ,it- stinkin# pus% eaten and /-e,ed in/ompletely% and bones dispersed and burnt. T-is is t-e /ontemplation o impurities. 8urt-ermore% people ,it- more lust -ave seven kinds o love. Ber-aps t-ey are atta/-ed to beauty% to upri#-t eatures% to demeanors% to voi/es% to t-at ,-i/- is ine and smoot-% to sentient bein#s% or are ond o and atta/-ed to all o t-ese. 4 t-ey ,ere atta/-ed beauty% t-ey s-ould pra/ti/e t-e /ontemplation 1-arma o blue bruises. !ello,% red and ot-er impure /olors are also done t-is ,ay% urt-ermore. 4 t-ey ,ere atta/-ed to upri#-t eatures% t-ey s-ould pra/ti/e t-e /ontemplation 1-arma o a s,ollen body dispersin#. 4 t-ey ,ere atta/-ed to demeanors% t-ey s-ould pra/ti/e t-e /ontemplation 1-arma o blood smearin# t-e bones o a res- /orpse. 4 t-ey ,ere atta/-ed to voi/es% t-ey s-ould pra/ti/e t-e /ontemplation 1-arma o a plu##ed up p-aryn5% ,-i/- leads to deat-. 4 t-ey ,ere atta/-ed to t-at ,-i/- is ine and smoot-% t-ey s-ould pra/ti/e t-e /ontemplation 1-arma o t-e dryin#% ,it-erin# and ailin# o e5posed bones. 4 t-ey ,ere ond o sentient bein#s% t-ey s-ould pra/ti/e t-ese si5 kinds o /ontemplations. 4 t-ey ,ere ond o and atta/-ed to everyt-in#% /ontemplate all t-ese pervasively. Ber-aps do various /ontemplations at one time t-en /-an#e and do di erent /ontemplations. T-is is /alled t-e Contemplation o 4mpurities. FuestionD 4 t-e body is impure like a stinkin# and rottin# /adaver% rom ,-ere did atta/-ment develop2 4 people ,ere atta/-ed to a pure body% t-ey s-ould also be atta/-ed to a stinkin# and rottin# body. 4 t-ey ,ere not atta/-ed to a stinkin# body% t-ey s-ould not be atta/-ed to a pure body eit-er. T-e t,o types o bodies are e"uivalent. 4 ,e pursue t-is line o t-inkin#% bot- are a/tually and /ompletely pure% ri#-t2 T-is is possible. T-e minds o people are /ra@y and deluded; o//luded by perversions% t-ey /onsider impurities pure. 4 t-e perverse mind ,ere to s-atter% people ,ould a/"uire t-e /ontemplation o t-e 1-arma o t-e mark o reality. 6e ,ould t-en kno, t-at impurities are de/eptive and unreal. 8urt-ermore% /orpses are devoid o ire% li e% /ons/iousness% and all or#ans. 6-en people kno, t-e trut- t-en no atta/-ment o//urs in t-e mind. T-e mind% bein# perverted% deluded and atta/-ed% /onsiders t-e body possessed o ,armt-% li e% /ons/iousness and all normal sense or#ans. 8urt-ermore% ,-en t-e mind is atta/-ed to orm% it is /onsidered pure; ,-en t-ou#-ts o ondness and atta/-ment /ease% t-en t-ey kno, orm is impure. 4 orm ,ere truly pure% it s-ould al,ays be pure. But t-at is not so no,. 7ike a do# t-at eats e5/rement /onsiders it pure% -umans look at t-at and ind it most impure. T-ere is not a sin#le pure pla/e inside or outside o t-e body. 4 people ,ere atta/-ed to t-e body.s e5terior% ,e /an take o t-e t-in e5terior skin o t-e body and reali@e t-at t-e body is impure% not to mention t-e *6 t-in#s inside t-e body. 8urt-ermore% dedu/in# t-at t-e /auses and /onditions o t-e body and various impurities ,ere ormed by a /ombination o a at-er and a mot-er.s sperm% blood and su/- impurities% ,e reali@e

CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1.14% &''1(11(')


6-en t-ou#-ts #o out to various /onditions% #ently pull t-e t-ou#-ts ba/k.614 t-at t-e body t-at . 8urt-ermore% t-is /ontemplation also /onsists o t-ree sta#esD or t-ose .it.ordsD 08o/us on one s"uare in/. T-e obje/t o meditation is like t-e pole. t-at in birt.ordsD 0$isuali@e t-e body . T-e mind t-at a/"uires t-is 1-arma% t-ou#its body is in t-e 1esire Healm% its our elements are e5tremely #reat% so t and -appy.-ite bones are a pervasive li#-t and a .in t-e body% t-e -eart devoid o any skin and les-. 6-en t-e mind #oes outside% restrain and -old it. Clot-in# and beddin# also stink and are un/lean% not to mention deat-.ordsD 0T-ink about torn skin.t-e /enter o t-e 8orm Healm. 6-en t-ere is a lurry o t-ou#-ts durin# t-is /ontemplation% do not let t-e t-ou#-ts o/us on t-e Tie t-ou#-ts to ive spotsD t-e /ranium% ore-ead% bet. 4 t-ey . +e/ond% a/in# t-e bones and /ontemplatin# t-em% t-e marks o t-e . T-ree% a mind t-at abides in one pla/e is /alled t-e /ontemplation o purity. Mind ulness is like t-e rope and lo/k. 6-en t-ou#-ts #o out to various /onditions% #ently pull t-e t-ou#-ts ba/k. Hestrain t-e mind #radually and make it stay .at/-es t-e mind just so too. 9en/e% you s-ould kno. 4 dhy.ould be t-ree si#nsD T-e body eels pleasant% so t and li#-t. A pra/titioner . -en/e it is pleased and坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.ill stay put and rest t-ere a ter be/omin# tired.ays be mind ul and observe t-e over -er baby so t-at it does not all.-o -ave been pra/ti/in# or t-ose .it-out lettin# t-ou#-ts #o to t-in#s outside. T-e s-een to t-e bones is just like .itt-e dhy.s% tip o t-e nose and t-e -eart. T-e mind is analo#ous to a monkey. Keep t-e o/us in t-ese ive spots just so and /ontemplate t-e bones .3 4 t-e mind is e5tremely tired% stay . At t-is time t-ey rea/.t-e les-% -en/e t-is is /alled t-e /ontemplation o purity.and #uard t-e obje/t o meditation% lettin# #o o t-e e5ternals. 4ts /olor and -ue are pure and /lean% s-iny and pleasant. Gn/e t-e impurities are eliminated% /ontemplate a naked skin and les-.ays releasin# impurities. dhy.t-e obje/t o samadhi -ad been attained% t-ere .and deat-% inside and out% t-e body is impure.-ite /olor t-at s-ines purely. T-is is also like a mot-er% /onstantly . T-is is /alled t-e be#inners.-o -ave been pra/ti/in# or a lon# time. 6e /an CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. 6-en t-e mind rea/-es t-is "uiet spa/e% it is t-e /ontemplation o purity.-o are startin# to pra/ti/e% t-ose .na 1-arma or a/"uirin# t-e mind o t-e 8orm Healm. T-e bones are /ontemplated .-ite sno.e a/"uired is al. 6ere t-e mind to abide or a lon# time% t-en it s-ould be t-e dhy. Al.3 4 t-ey -ave been pra/ti/in# or a lon# time% t-ey s-ould be tau#-t t-ese .3 4 t-ey -ave been pra/ti/in#% t-ey s-ould be tau#-t t-ese .ere startin# to pra/ti/e% t-ey s-ould be tau#-t t-ese . T-e mind t-at a//ords .na 1-arma.een t-e eyebro. 6-en t-ou#-ts #o out to various /onditions% #ently pull t-e t-ou#-ts ba/k. Con/entrate on t-e /ranium .14% &''1(11(') 11 . 8or e5ample% a monkey tied to a pole .it-out lettin# t-ou#-ts #o to t-e 1-arma is t-e 1-arma o t-e 8orm Healm..

ordsD 0Be kind to t-ose .t-e state o tyin# t-e mind to kindness . or ourselves t-ese t-ree marks above even t-ou#.ise.14% &''1(11(') 1& . Amon# t-e t-ree sta#es des/ribed earlier% t-e be#inners do not initially -ave su/.is.t-em upon t-ose about . At t-at time% you immediately attain t-e kindness lettin# it t-ink ot-er.ot-ers do not see t-em. joy upon t-em2 6ere pra/titioners to a/"uire various joys o t-e body and mind and .makes you -appy. /over t-e .e resent and -ate% -o.-o are startin# to pra/ti/e% t-ose .. but or evil people .it-out lettin# it t-ink ot-er.t-e state o tyin# t-e mind to kindness .is. joy upon dear ones% t-en t-at one t-ou#-t o all o t-em a/"uirin# t-e same makes your mind #reat and 6-en ot-er t-ou#-ts about various /onditions o//ur% t-ey #ently pull t-em ba/ CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. do you besto.t-em -appiness.-ere t-rou#-out t-e ten dire/tions is t-e same.t-ose you resent and -ate a/"uire joy in t-e same .-en /old% attain /oolness .-o -ave been pra/ti/in# -ave /ultivated or t-ree or our li etimes and t-ose . 8or t-ose . T-ose dear to you% neutral to you% -ate ul to you et/.e .3 4 t-ey -ave been pra/ti/in# a lon# time% t-ey s-ould be tau#-t t-ese .e be empat-eti/ and urt-ermore .-o -ave been pra/ti/in# or a lon# time -ave studied t-is or -undreds o li etimes. 6-at does it mean by besto. /an . T-e 1-arma Bra/ti/e or Curin# 9atred and An#er 4 people tend to -ave more -atred and an#er% t-ey s-ould study t-e t-ree 1-arma pra/ti/es o kindnessD or t-ose .ordsD 0Be kind to dear ones.-o are startin# to pra/ti/e% t-ey s-ould be tau#-t . 6-at does it mean by ul illin# t-e . T-ey rea/. !ou see sentient bein#s be ore your mind and understand t-is si#-t% .3 FuestionD 8or our dear ones and t-ose about .-en t-e pra/ti/e rea/-es a /ertain level.ould attain /lot-in# .-i/. T-ese various attainments t-e pra/titioners enjoy and .to o and brin#in# joy to dear ones2 6ere pra/titioners to a/"uire various joys o t-e body and mind% t-ey . T-e #reat mind bein# pure% you see all sentient bein#s t-rou#-out t-e ten dire/tions just like .ealt.itt-ese .t-em upon dear eel neutral% .t-ou#-ts% t-ose .坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.ise.idely and in inite bein#s are made -appy. 9o. every.-o -ave been pra/ti/in# or t-ose .ordsD 0Be kind to t-ose you resent and -ate.614 kno.-om .ay you .in# joy upon t-ose to .-om t-ey eel neutral% t-ey rea/.-o -ave been pra/ti/in# or a lon# time.-om .-en -ot% attain ood and drink .-om you eel neutral..-en -un#ry and t-irsty% attain .-en poor% and attain t-e /easin# o breat. &.is. 6-en ot-er t-ou#-ts about various /onditions o//ur% t-ey #ently pull t-em ba/k.3 4 t-ey -ave been pra/ti/in#% t-ey s-ould be tau#-t t-ese .-om you eel neutral2 6ere pra/titioners to a/"uire various joys o t-e body and mind and .

CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ o resentment. and urt-er% in/ur resentment and evil2 6e .e indul#e in -ars.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.e . /ould .ere no resentment and -atred% 8urt-ermore% .14% &''1(11(') 1* . Moreover% /onsider t-ese .3 Iust as t-e Budd-a saidD %o repay hatred with hatred 8atred will only come back.erD 6e s-ould besto. %o be free of hatred and anger s the #harma of a great man.e dro. no ot-er ault is more e#re#ious.ide array o su erin#% -o. !s if eyes that do not see. ! petty man is hateful and angry So cannot move this mountain. %he harm itself shall cease. 4n addition% be mind ul o t-e boundless -umaneness and virtue o our pra/ti/in# t-is 1-arma% .e are mind ul o t-ese . 9o.e avoid t-e onset o su erin#% a li/tions and evils2 7ike t-orns t-at pri/k t-e body% t-e number o bitter t-orns is /ountless. Add -atred to somet-in# and its poison be/omes di i/ult to restri/t.ill be patient .ers o kindness and /annot be burn ot-ers% .614 besto./ontains vast po..n out t-eir #oodness . t-ese individuals . /ould . -appiness upon t-em2 /ould patien/e /ome ort-2 Batien/e /omes ort.sounds and /-an#e /olors to su o/ate t-e -eart2 8urt-ermore% t-e eelin# skandha amon# t-e 8ive Skandhas is t-e re/eiver o evil amidst t-e . 8atred and anger unavenged 0an break large army legions. 6-y2 T-ese people -ave various aspe/ts o #oodness% t-e pure /auses in t-e 1-arma.ear t-e sandals o patien/e. 8atred is a serious poison. /an .e -ate t-em no. /an .ordsD 04 t-ere . %hat mutilates and mars so many.ere per-aps my relatives and dear ones in lives past.t-em and /onsider t-em our bene a/ resentment is our bene a/tor.ordsD 06-ile draped .orst. 8atred is a great blindness. 4 s-all #uard t-em and .t-e robes o 1-arma outside% 4 pra/ti/e patien/e inside. alt-ou#. f it does not harm you. 8urt-ermore% amon# t-e multitude o evils% t-e retribution or -atred is t-e .a sin#le in/ident o resentment2 8urt-ermore% /onsider -o. No. -appiness upon t-em. T-e multitude o resentment is numerous and /annot be eliminated.-i/.e are really -armin# ourselves. As sramanas% -o. -o.

-o -ave been pra/ti/in# or t-ose .3 4 t-ey -ave been pra/ti/in#% t-ey s-ould be tau#-t t-ese .. 6ust so these various e$amples 3epresent countless poisons of hatred.ere startin# to pra/ti/e% t-ey s-ould be tau#-t t-ese . 6-en t-ou#-ts #o out to various /onditions% pull t-em ba/k #ently.614 4 people tend to -ave more oolis-ness and delusion% t-ey s-ould study t-e t-ree 1-arma pra/ti/es o /ontemplationD or t-ose . !lways practice kindness in the heart %o put an end to hatred and anger.ordsD 0A/tivities /ondition /ons/iousness% /ons/iousness /onditions name and orm% name and orm /ondition t-e si5 entran/es% t-e si5 entran/es /ondition /onta/t% /onta/t /onditions eelin#% eelin# /onditions love% love /onditions #raspin#% and #raspin# /onditions e5isten/e./onditions old a#e and deat-.-o -ave been pra/ti/in# or a lon# time. 6-en t-ou#-ts #o out to various /onditions% pull t-em ba/k #ently. 6ust as hatred and anger Should be removed immediately. 6-en t-ou#-ts #o out to various /onditions% pull t-em ba/k #ently.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 8atred is dust and scum %hat taints the pure heart.-ile i#noran/e /onditions /ondu/t. Contemplate just so and do not let t-ou#-ts #o out.3 4 t-ey -ave been pra/ti/in# a lon# time% t-ey s-ould be tau#-t t-ese .14% &''1(11(') 14 . *. 4 t-ey . So a venomous snake in a room Will harm people if unremoved.-o are startin# to pra/ti/e% t-ose .ordsD 0Birt. Contemplate just so and do not let t-ou#-ts #o out.ordsD 04#noran/e /onditions a/tivities% a/tivities /ondition /ons/iousness% /ons/iousness /onditions name and orm% name and orm /ondition t-e si5 entran/es% t-e si5 entran/es /ondition /onta/t% /onta/t /onditions eelin#% eelin# /onditions love% love /onditions #raspin#% #raspin# /onditions e5isten/e% e5isten/es /onditions birt-% and birt. Contemplate just so and do not let t-ou#-ts #o out. T-e 1-arma Bra/ti/e or Curin# 8oolis-ness and 1elusion 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. 6-at does it mean by i#noran/e -ere2 CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1.ise individuals understand ./onditions old a#e and deat.-ile t-e rest are i#norant.3 FuestionD All . T-is is t-e Samadhi 1oor o Kindness.

We have eyes but no wisdom&& %his analogy is just so too7 0auses and conditions lead to e$tinction. 3oaming in the dark. t-ey abandon all #oodness and #rasp all evil.erD 4#noran/e means understandin# not-in#. t is the thief that robs beings of their understanding. %he mind attaches to evil dharmas While distancing and abandoning good dharmas. 4#noran/e and /onditions on up to old a#e and deat.are just so too.614 Ans. %hey still will not know.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. (et blind men enter them and walk. :arma leads to the migrating return of suffering. bliss. t-ey s-atter t-e mark o reality and are atta/-ed to illusory alseness. %houghts about permanence. true self and purity !re calculated into the Five +kand-as. We grasp what we should not. Without knowing virtuous karma. we chase down the wrong paths. CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. We abandon instead what we should grasp. %hey create the causes for mental knots and servants. >arious ve$ations are on this dangerous path. Stomping on plants. 3obbing understanding from the past and future too.s -ave.14% &''1(11(') 1) . T-is is a brie e5planation.s -ave none and t-e -ave:not. Iust as t-e 0Mark o 4#noran/e C-apter3 saysD Without understanding beneficial dharmas. >e$ations lead to an accumulation of karma. Wisdom that understands is like the rising sun. Studying hard the comprehensive #harmas of the way. *ike boring a hole into logs to generate a fire. we become lame. 4#noran/e -ere means t-at it /an /reate e5isten/e in uture livesD t-e -ave.

and easy to see. 4n /ountin# people% or instan/e% one and one are t.14% &''1(11(') 16 . 4 t-e breat. t-e in-alation and t-e e5-alation. 6-et-er t-e T-e si5 pra/ti/es o .ordsD 0Count as you pause and /ontemplate% turnin# t-e /ontemplation into one o purity. 4.n.-ile you /ount rom t.itmu/.deviant vie.3 4 t-ey -ave been pra/ti/in#% t-ey s-ould be tau#-t t-ese .to pursue a pure mind and enter t-e proper pat-% t-ey must irst eliminate t-ree orms o /rude t-ou#-t and attentiveness% t-en t-e t-ree orms o ine t-ou#-t and lon# or s-ort% /ount rom one to FuestionD 6-y /ount2 Ans.various deviant vie. T-e se/ond type /onsists o t-ose . 6-en t-e e5-alation /on/ludes% /ount Jt.ordsD 0Count rom one to ten as you ollo.ordsD 08o/us on bein# mind ul .s and it is or t-em t-at t-e Budd-a said t-ey s-all /ontemplate /auses and /onditions to learn samadhi.-o . 8or e5ample% a #old di##er irst ilters out t-e pebbles% t-en eliminates t-e ine #rains% so -e . 4 t-ey .areness stop% in/ludin# t-ou#-ts and a. 4t also stops all t-inkin# and o/us is a/"uired. FuestionD 6-at are /rude si/knesses2 6-at are ine si/knesses2 CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1.p.p. T-ou#-ts and breat-in# bot.delusion /ontemplate /auses and /onditions2 -ave been pra/ti/in# and per-aps t-ere are t-ose . Gne type is like o5 and s-eep. 4 you make a mistake .-o -ave been pra/ti/in# or a lon# time.. T-e 1-arma Bra/ti/e or Curin# T-inkin# and Attentiveness 4 people tend to -ave more t-ou#-ts and attentiveness% t-ey s-ould study t-e 1-arma pra/ti/es o .-ile /ountin# in-alations and e5-alations.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.o.-en t-e mind is tied to /ountin#% all t-inkin# and all a.o% t.areness about desire% an#er% ve5ation% relatives% nations% and immortality. T-ere are t-ree types o studentsD per-aps t-ere are t-ose .erD Be/ause it is easier to a//ess t-e /ontemplation o impermanen/e t-at . 1elusion and /on usion /over t-ese deluded individuals .nasati samadhi are divided into 16 parts.stop in a sin#le pla/e in t-e mind. /an people . T-e impermanen/e o /omin# into bein# and t-e /easin# to be o t-e body and t-e mind is similar and di i/ult to see in /ontinuity.ere startin# to pra/ti/e% t-ey s-ould be tau#-t t-ese .nasati samadhi. 6-at does it mean to /ount 0one? as t-e mind noti/es t-e in-alation2 6-en t-e in-alation ends% /ount not yet /omplete and is /ounted% t-en t-at does not /ount. Gn/e t-e si5 types o attentiveness are eliminated% t-ey s-all a/"uire all pure d-armas.o types o deluded individuals..erD T-ere are t. 8urt-ermore% .n.o to nine% t-en start a#ain rom one.-o are startin# to pra/ti/e% per-aps t-ere are t-ose .ill ne5t obtain ine sand o #old. 9o.3 4 t-ey -ave been pra/ti/in# or a lon# time% t-ey s-ould be tau#-t t-ese .o and t.ever% t-e impermanen/e o t-e /omin# into bein# and t-e /easin# to be o in-alations and e5-alations are easy to kno. 8or t-ose .o is our% t-ree times t-ree is nine.614 FuestionD Causes and /onditions o t-e Budd-ad-arma are most pro ound% -o.

and of no value !re the various pursuits of desire for mi$ed&up pleasures. (our family members cared for you and together supported you. %hen they suffer discontent when they get their hearts' desire. CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. What conditions lead you to indulge your mind just so(our parents gave birth to and raised you. (ou do not sleep in the same room with a woman. (our mind always cohabits with the fire of desire.-o -ave not rea/-ed t-e pat. 6-at is proper /ontemplation2 Seeing people with much desire suffer as they pursue desire !nd suffer too as they guard what they have attained. 7ater t-e attainment o t-e pat. %hough you know you cannot ruin your precepts of the body.-ave not ended t-eir mental knots and servants. the cause of sadness and afflictions. untrue.e eliminate t-em2 Ans. #esires are effervescent and empty.orld. FuestionD T-ose .ay into t-e mind and /reate /-aos. never being apart. T-e si5 types o t-inkin# and attentiveness or/e t-eir . /an uproot t-e ori#ins o t-e mental knots and servants. "ut the snakes of desire and mental knots fill the room of your mind. Broper /ontemplation /an /over but /annot uproot t-em yet.14% &''1(11(') 1? . %hey suffer greatly in sadness and ve$ations due to loss.eary o t-e . Gn/e t-ese attentivenesses are eliminated% you attain all pure d-armas.erD A mind t-at is . do . 9nstable. !ll who share them should reali)e this and abandon them.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. 6ust as an ar-at with the si$ supernatural powers %eaches his disciples about the attentiveness for desire saying7 (ou do not break the precepts.o non:out lo. 6ust as venomous snakes enter someone's room.614 Ans. Will bring harm if not removed immediately. (ou are a monk who seeks the path. 9o. Attentiveness or relatives% nations% and immortality are t-e t-ree so:/alled ine si/knesses. (ou linger out of love and joy. you keep your precepts pure.erD Attentiveness or desire% an#er% and ve5ation are t-e t-ree so:/alled /rude si/knesses.

%herefore always be mindful and practice compassion Without developing hatred and evil thoughts within. 0ompassion and hatred and afflictions are incomparable. do not hate or be afflicted.614 T-ese are t-e various e5-ortations on attentiveness or desire. sickness and death. T-ese are t-e various proper /ontemplations to eliminate attentiveness or desire. !nd were they always mindful and practice good dharmas. 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.e eliminate attentiveness or -atred and an#er2 Ans. compassion ceases. do . 6ust as brightness and darkness are different spaces.erD From out of the womb comes birth of constant suffering. 8ow could good people be mindful of sentient beings %hen further benefit by being hateful and afflictedWere they wishing to harm another out of hatred or anger. f you uphold the pure precepts with hateful and angry thoughts. (ou can leave them without another thought. (ou will self&destruct and ruin any gain in the #harma. 6ust as the elephants enter water to bathe %hen paint their bodies with mud. #elighting and loving each other without parting momentarily.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 !ll of them sobbed because they so cherished you. CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. %hey first burn themselves before they reach another. f you are mindful of hatred and afflictions. +indful of compassion. %ogether with desire you play without satiation. Sentient beings. "ut your mind always resides in attentiveness for desire.verything always undergoes old age. your hatred and afflictions 5uell. !nd various whippings and suffering in a thousand forms. .14% &''1(11(') 1A . FuestionD 9o. (ou always enjoy being with the fire of desire.

they already brought disaster onto themselves. @! bandit just robbed meA? 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.-ere to -ide . "y being obse5uious.ealt-% t-ere are many -ideouts. they practice what the "uddhas are mindful of. %hey drown themselves in endless suffering. T-ese are t-e various proper /ontemplations or eliminatin# attentiveness or -atred and an#er. #rowning out too others' minds of purity. %herefore you should avoid thoughts unwholesome. do not self&proclaim that cultivate goodness. slanderous and harmful without kindness or humaneness"efore they harm others. >arious illnesses alternate to bother them perpetually %he thief that is death waits in ambush.-o steal #oodness /ome. %hough this is the cause of bad karma in the world. !lways be mindful of wholesome dharmas with a joyous heart. %his is unwholesomeness where both you and lose. 3eaching the path of eternal bliss that is nirvana. 8ow can good people add ve$ations furthermore. do .erD %here are thousands of kinds of sentient beings. CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. always ready to assassinate.3 T-ese are t-e various e5-ortations on -atred and an#er.614 +omeone asks% 06-o robbed you23 T-ey say% 04 am not a raid o bein# robbed o my money.els o #ood roots and t-e robbers o attentiveness /ome to .14% &''1(11(') 1E . (ou will be happy in this life and future ones too. T-ere is no.-en robbers . t is forgivable for laypeople to become afflicted. 4 do not /olle/t money or pursue .re/k my #ain. 6-at money robber /an atta/k me2 4 a//umulate t-e various 1-arma je.orldly #ain. (ou will lose your benefits and harm others too. f your mind collects unwholesome attentivenesses. 4 /an evade robbers o material .e eliminate attentiveness or ve5ation2 Ans.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 n their mind. 6ust as practitioners in aranyas 3aise their hands and cry. FuestionD 9o.

ay. !dorn yourself with various core merit and virtue. relatives. Non:relatives in past lives are no. e$horting and bitterly critici)ing7 how foolish you are.erD 6e s-ould /ontemplate t-is . 8ardship and maladies of the body and mind are endless.-o are not our relatives2 4t is only be/ause o oolis-ness and delusion t-at .14% &''1(11(') &' . 8ow can you wish for offerings that benefit your body%hirst. T-ese are t-e various proper /ontemplations or eliminatin# attentiveness or ve5ation. cold.e eliminate attentiveness or relatives2 Ans. hunger. CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1.-o are our relatives and . f you wish for offerings. 7i e and deat. 6ealousy naturally wrecks the core of merit and virtue. For individuals in aranyas who become jealous. %here are arhats who read others' minds %eaching. you shall collect them yourself. or become erudite (ou wear the dyed robes in vain and ruin your #harma body. non:relatives in uture lives are no. meditate. FuestionD 9o. "eings are often trapped in these afflictions. (ou are indeed a beggar and a despised evil man.orld are led by /onditions o personal karma:: .in t-e . monastics who pursue the path of purity #evelop hatred and harbor envy. do . and thousands of sufferings. 8ardship entangle them and a multitude of ve$ations gather. Why would we e$acerbate them if we were compassionateT-ese are t-e various e5-ortations on attentiveness or ve5ation. heat. 8ow can good people add to these ve$ations6ust as a diseased sore is pricked with a needle 4r a prisoner whose sentence is not yet decided.614 nstead. 3eleasing to$ic fires in cool clouds. We should know that this evil offense is e$tremely deep.e a//identally develop atta/-ments and /onsider some people our relatives.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. f you do not uphold precepts.

1ue to /auses and /onditions% people develop love.orld is un i5ed and . 9avin# dear ones /annot bene it us% but a/tually do -arm. be/ause o t-e release o t-e /ondition% t-ere is dispersion.-at are you doin# or t-em in t-is li etime2 !ou /annot -elp past relatives% just as past relatives /annot -elp you. /lose to ea/.ay.e are distant. Be/ause o t-e /ondition o #rabbin#% t-ere is union. Contemplate in t-is . T-ere are no i5ed or true /auses and /onditions or retributions. 8or e5ample% dry sand /onditions a -and t-at rolls it and -andles it. 8or e5ample% an artist .ay.3 6-et-er someone is a relative or not <is not important=.e to /ontradi/t t-eir .坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.% a ter a lon# time% t-e relation .it-out bounds. T-e . bein# atta/-ed to relatives% you /annot be liberated be/ause you are tied do. Ea/. CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1ue to t-e /auses and /onditions o love% t-ere is /-an#e and /on/lusion.-o are de initely my relatives or return to love and atta/-ment2 A s-aved -ead and dyed robes are si#ns o liberation. .ill be/ome non:relatives /ertainty. T-e /-ildren . 6e mutually dra.ot-er. and relatives in t-is li e are not relatives in t-e past. 4 at t-e time o birt-% non:relatives rom past lives .e .ere .ere or/ed to be/ome t-eir relatives% t-en at t-e time o deat-% t-ey . T-is is just so too. +in/e neit-er o you /an -elp one anot-er% t-ou#-ts about relatives or non:relatives are in vain.t-eir .-o miss t-eir relativesD 0Iust as bad people .is. 6ere . !ou -ave already le t -ome% .is-es% .s /-ild dies% parents in t-ree realms instantaneously and simultaneously /ry and -oller% de/eivin# parents and spouse in t-e -eavens% parents and spouse in t-e -uman realm% and parents amon# dra#ons too.ill / le t:-ome dis/iples .ould be t-ieves. 6e develop tainted atta/-ments and t-ey mani est paints emale ima#es is ond o t-em and atta/-ed. T-ese are t-e various proper /ontemplations or eliminatin# attentiveness or relatives.14% &''1(11(') &1 .to eat t-eir vomit% you are t-e same .e are relatives.e . T-ey stop breat-in# and end t-eir lives as i plummetin# into a dark pit. -avin# no dear ones is -armless% but a/tually bene its us #reatly. T-e T-ree Healms are impermanent and you transmi#rate . .n by avertin#.614 relatives. 6-en /onditions #at-er% .someone is a relative no.ill not be atta/-ed to your relatives.-y do you . Iust as sentient bein#s t-rou#-out t-e ten dire/tions transmi#rate% it is not /ertain . Iust as someone.orld. !ou -ad relatives in lives past% .-en /onditions disperse% . At t-at time% t-eir relatives and amily members are alive and .ould be dear ones.-o .it.ere -eld and nurtured% t-ere ore s-ould pay ba/k. 6-en people are about to die% t-ere is no more mind or /ons/iousness% t-ey stare strai#-t a-ead . . 8or e5ample% birds per/-ed on a tree #at-er in t-e evenin# ly o in t-e mornin# a//ordin# to /onditions% amilies and relatives are t-e same .ay and you .t-inks di erently in t-is . Iust as an arhat tea/-es ne.e to a//ord . Barents raise t-eir /-ildren s-ould t-ey deserve payba/k in old a#e.

-o is at pea/e2 T-e e5pe/tation t-at an e5-alation . T-ere are no lands .ot-er. 4 in lives past% none o t-e people .a kni e or s-oot . FuestionD imminent2 8or e5ample% murderers stab .er o deat.-o are most .ays .-o are at pea/e% be/ause t-ey -ave e. 6-y2 4t is be/ause t-e /ause and t-e base o sadness and a li/tions are t-e our elements.or everyone% re#ardless o .ise% t-ey s-ould not be atta/-ed to t-ese t-ou#-ts. T-ese are t-e various proper /ontemplations to eliminate attentiveness or nations. no /ountry is al.tender pleas or /lever de/eptions.ill .and su erin#.ays arrives ollo. t-ey s-ould not -eed any o mental knots and servants so t-at minds do not be/ome a li/ted. 6-y2 At t-e time o types o su erin#. Even i t-ere .ill enter a#ain is not to be trusted.ere sa e and a luent /ountries% t-ere still e5ist mental knots o a li/tion t-at /reate problems or t-e mind. 9o. 6-y2 T-e various o enses o a /ountry burn as seasons pro#ress.ays at pea/e.erD 4 pra/titioners /onstantly t-ink about t-eir /ountry o abundan/e% stability% and its many #ood people% t-ey are al. 4n li e and t-e .er opinions and lon#er li espans% are deluded up-oldin# t-e pre/epts or bein# dili#ent in pra/ti/e eit-er.pra/titioners% i t-ey .614 FuestionD 9o.-en deat. 8urt-ermore% some lands are e5tremely /old . Not-in# /an over/ome t-e mi#-ty or/e o deat-.e trust talk o immortality orever .-atever skill or stren#t-% t-e body is t-e /ause and /ondition or all sadness and a li/tions. +o .ake up. /an .to kill. T-e our elements /reate orm like t-e our venomous snakes and t-ey do not support ea/.e eliminate attentiveness or immortality2 Ans. do . T-ey . 4 people . t-ey /annot avoid deat.ays led by t-e rope t-at is attentiveness or a nation.o types o su erin#D t-e /onstant su erin# o t-e body and o t-e mind.e eliminate attentiveness or nations2 Ans.arro.-et-er t-ey are youn# or old% elite or lo. do . All bein#s under#o t.ill #o to pla/es o o ense and so in/eption on to old a#e. CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. A #ood /ountry is one /apable o eliminatin# mis/ellaneous evils and . T-ey /annot evade it .坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.erD 6e s-ould tea/.ere born in #ood amilies% belon#ed to a superior /lan% or -ad .-ile some lands are e5tremely -ot% some lands e5perien/e amine% some lands e5perien/e pla#ue% some lands -ave many t-ieves% and some lands -ave anar/-y.-en people #o to sleep% t-ey -ope and e5pe/t t-at t-ey . T-ose .or pro.14% &''1(11(') && . 8urt-ermore% . 8urt-ermore% no /ountry is e5empt rom old a#e% si/kness% deat.-ere. T-e matter o deat. Any land t-ey #o to are not devoid o su erin#. t-ere ore it is not a #ood / t-e +u erin# in t-is p-ysi/al body leaves only lead to su erin# in a body else. 6e s-ould not be atta/-ed to t-e ne#ative t-ou#-ts about t-ese various lands. /an over/ome deat-.onder ul .ere able to es/ape deat-% no #reatly . T-is p-enomenon is not to be trusted.innin# talents% skills% stren#t.ere .s be/ause t-ey -ave no sympat-y and in /lass% and possessin# .ill t-eir attentiveness.ise individuals t-ese t. 4t is be/ause starvation and e5treme ati#ue e5ist in all lands.orld% t-e po.

T-e . 6-y do you say you .ill immediately a/"uire t-e title o bein# oremost in a proper pat.-en% .orld and enter t-e pat-2 6-y do you -ave t-ese attentivenesses2 +ome people are dead be ore birt-. t-em to enjoy various deli#-ts most supreme and radiant. A at-er is like a seed% a mot-er is like a ine land% t-e o enses and blessin#s o /auses and /onditions in past lives are like t-e moisturi@in# rain. At t-e time o t-is attainment% t-ey . T-ere ore you s-ould kno. T-ere ore do not believe in immortality and pro/laim% 04 .isdom and virtues o all -eavenly and -uman lords% su/.is like a -arvest /olle/tor.t-e t-ieves o CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. to detest t-e .614 T-ere ore% you s-ould kno. and t-e day a ter. 1o not trust t-e mi#-ty t-ie .o//urs and all mental knots and servants vanis-.orld are about to /ease% and yet t-at is not /onsidered -ealt-y.eaned% durin# /-ild-ood% durin# t-eir prime or durin# old a#e. 8rom t-ese% t-e pla/e o pea/e is rea/-ed.ondrous po.ill do t-is today and do t-at tomorro.ill de initely a#e and be able to .ers bloom% t-ey all. All t-ese t-ieves o in t-e midst o all t-ese periods.ait to enter t-e pat-2 6-o /an #uarantee and /laim t-at you .al.ers. +entient bein#s are like #rains. to dili#ently apply your e orts and pursue t-e pat.ill remain or lon#2 T-e -uman li e is just so too. +ome die durin# birt-% .it. . t-e /y/le o birt. T-is is t-e so:/alled result o leavin# -ome.ers% t-ey are able to smas. 8or e5ample% trees and -eavenly kin#s . .ays remove people% murderin# t-em be ore t-ey are old. T-e t-ree karmas be/ome most pure and t-ey are never /on/eived a#ain.orld is empty like .ay and eliminatin# ine t-ou#-ts and attentiveness later% t-e mind be/omes puri ied and birt.-en breast: ed% . t-at -uman lives are endan#ered% ra#ile and /annot be relied upon at all times.-o aided #od in battlin# and de eatin# t-e armies o asuras% allo.14% &''1(11(') &* .and ruits are bore% t-ey all.ater bubbles.ill believe t-at t-is tree . T-eir a li/tions re#ardin# t-e .n in darkness. T-e mind a/"uires ease. T-e 1-arma Healm o By readin# various sutras and be/omin# erudite% t-ey immediately attain t-eir retribution.-en .arenesses says% 06-y do you not kno. 1o not trust t-e /onstant /al/ulations about a li e o lon#evity.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. .ays tries to kill% t-e e5isten/e o t-e .e /annot trust it even or a brie moment.ill . By irst eliminatin# /rude t-ou#-ts and attentiveness in t-is . Iust as t-e t-ie o deat. t-ey . Iust as an arhat tea/-es dis/iples a li/ted by all t-ese a.3 T-ese are t-e various proper /ontemplations on eliminatin# attentiveness or immortality.virtuous and .alk t-e pat-2 8or e5ample% a #iant tree on a steep /li /ollapses at its roots due to -eavy storms above and -eavy loods belo. 6-o .o pea/e.. and yet t-ey return to dro.-o lives .-en t-e ruits are not yet ripe% t-ey all. 6-at is /onsidered -ealt-y is . 6-en lo. T-is t-ie is like a ti#er t-at /leverly /on/eals itsel .ill not -ave broken t-e armies o demon kin#s in vain.

it-out separatin# at all.-ereas t-e met-od o /ountin# t-e breat. Gn/e e5-aled% it /eases. !ou /annot t-ink about somet-in# else even momentarily .n.ind o//urs .enters. bein#s are dro.s rom all dire/tions durin# various dhy. 8or e5ample% .-y .tendin# monkeys is t-at t-ey are easily lost% so more #uardin# o//urs.614 a li/tion% "uell t-e ire o t-e t-ree poisons and enjoy purity.erD No. t-e /ountin# met-od% you s-ould pra/ti/e a//ordin#ly to end all t-ou#-ts and attentivenesses.o.3 8or e5ample% a /reditor initially pursues a debtor . Gn/e you kno. T-is is t-e same . an e5-alation to its /ompletion but do not /ount 0t. 6-en t-e nose and and study t-e si5 d-armas to end all t-inkin# and attentiveness.ater kept in t-e mout.invite it in% t-en air enters.ater spit out is /old.arm . t-at t-e /auses and /onditions or in-alations and e5-alations are CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. you lose /ount . opens% air /eases.3 8ollo.14% &''1(11(') &4 . T-ere is not-in# t-at is about to be released and not-in# to enter. 6-en t-e e5-alation rea/-es t-e mout. T-ere ore kno. Gn/e in-aled% t-e breat.e mind ully /ount t-e breat-.-ile t-e /ool bree@e blo.-en irst endin# t-ou#-ts and attentivenesses. 9o. /auses and /onditions. 6-y2 An e5-alation .t-e an. T-ere ore you s-ould /ount your breat.and t-e nose% t-e e5-alation /eases. Contemplate in t-is .arm .it. 4 t-e /auses and /onditions o nose and mout. 4t /omes ortrom t-ese ne. FuestionD 4 t-e ot-er 8our Contemplations on impurity and mind ulness o t-e Budd-a also end t-ou#-ts and attentiveness% . 8urt-ermore% amon# t-e youn#% t-e stron# and t-e elderly:: youn#sters -ave lon#er in-alations% t-ose in t-eir prime -ave even in-alations and e5-alations% . FuestionD An in-alation and an e5-alation make one breat-. t-e di eren/e bet. 4t is be/ause t-e mind stirs t-at t-ere are /old. Cold be/omes . an in-alation to its /ompletion but do not /ount 0one. T-ere ore it is not one elders -ave lon#er e5-alations. 4n tendin# o5% or e5ample% t-ere is t-e p-enomenon t-at sin/e it is di i/ult to lose an o5en% little #uardin# o// outside air% breat..ill kno.-ile .is "ui/k:pa/ed and easily turned.p. Ans. !ou . 8or instan/e% as soon as t-e bello.ay% in-alation t-at is released is di erent and e5-alation t-at /omes in is di erent.akenin#s o t-e senses.nin# in t-e sea o t-e t-ree poisons .na samadhis and t-e seven a.arm and .is . 8ollo.erD T-e rest o t-e 1-armas o /ontemplation are rela5in# and di i/ult to lose.ill return a#ain. Moreover% air #enerated rom around t-e navel seems similar and /ontinuous.-ile in-alations are /ool.-en various /onditions /ombine . T-is is . 8or e5ample% .-en you t-ink about somet-in# else even your -ead.-y only /ount t-e breat-2 Ans.een in-alations and e5-alations at t-at time. t-ey are able to kindly re#ard -o. 6-en t-e mind is s/attered in t-ese various . .坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. 6-ereas t-e p-enomenon ./eases.2 E5-alations are .-ile /ountin# your breat. T-ey are able to rela5 and rest in pea/e in t-e orest o nirvana.armt.ays% be mind ul o .ay.

itt-e met-od o t-e breat. 8or e5ample% a #uard stands by t-e door and observes t-e /omin#s and #oin#s o people. FuestionD 6-y2 6-en t-e mind is s/attered% t-e /ontemplation disappears. T-e mind at a stop is t-e sameD it kno.-ere% t-en /ontemplatin# t-at t-ere is no tra/e a ter t-e breat. t-eir /omin# into bein# and /easin# to be are impermanent. By i5in# t-e mind on one pla/e% it is /alled 0stoppin#.-ile it is mind ul o t-e in and out breat-.ellin# on t-e #ates o t-e breat-% you kno. T-ose . Eliminate t-e 8ive Coverin#s and all a li/tions.-en t-e breat.3 8urt-ermore% residin# in t-e met-od o stoppin# is / irst be/ome amiliar .坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 pra/ti/e t-e met-od o stoppin#. T-ere ore kno. By leavin# be-ind t-e /ruder met-od o /ontemplation and abandonin# d.-o pra/ti/e t-e met-od o stoppin# stops /ountin# as t-e mind stills% attention is on t-e #ates o t-e air as t-ey are mind ul o t-e in and out breat-. eart-% . and /onsider t-ese 0my breat-s.erD To end t-ou#-ts and attentiveness so t-at t-e mind is not s/ air and no di erent t-an air outside. Contemplate just so.o out lo. t-e /omin# into bein# and t-e /easin# to be o t-e 8ive Skandhas durin# e5-alation is distin/t.3 Breat. t-at breat-s are impermanent. T-e same .s . 6-ile ollo. Con used individuals do not kno. By /ontemplatin# sin#ularly% /ontemplation #ro..s stirrin# produ/es in-alations. 8urt-ermore% t-e earlier and di erent studies o /ontemplation are similar to t-e pat. Fuit /ountin# and t-e mind is at leisure . -en/e t-e mind is sin#le:pointed . by pra/ti/in# #ood T-e /auses and /onditions o t-e ive elements /ombine and produ/e /ons/ .and nose. t-at t-e pursuit o in-alation and e5-alation is /alled t-e t-roat% /-est% and t-en t-e navel. Alt-ou#.14% &''1(11(') &) .o bein# mind ul o in-alations and e5-alations% no./ons/iousness% in t-at is does not e5ist be/ause o t-e sel .in t-at breat-s e5ist due to a /ombination o /auses and /onditions and disappear due to t-e dispersion o /auses and /onditions is /alled t-e met-od o Turnin# Contemplation.-ile t-e /auses and /onditions o t-e mind. CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. T-is is /onsidered purity. 6-en t-e breat. t-e mind alone -as be/ome pure be/ause o t-is 1-arma o purity. E5-alations are led:in by t-e /auses and /onditions o t-e nose and t-e mout.elve Entran/es% and t-e Ei#-teen Kp-oldin#s in-aled% it moves rom t-e nose and mout.-i/is /alled t-e met-od o /ontemplation.614 alse and illusory. T-e same #oes or t-e 8ive Skandhas% t-e T.ater% ire% and spa/e are just so similar to t-e pat./omes rom no. Contemplatin# t-at t-e 8ive Skandhas are impermanent% bein# mind ul t-at t-e produ/tion and e5tin/tion o in-alations and e5-alations are impermanent% seein# t-at t-e start o t-e irst e5-aled% #oin# rom t-e navel to t-e /-est% t-roat% t-en t-e mout.stoppin# and /ontemplatin# a li/tions% impurities and a s/attered mind% no. Gn/e you are amiliar . t-e non: out lo.ork. T-e /omin# into bein# and t-e /easin# to be o t-e 8ive Skandhas durin# in-alation is distin/t.s% .and /ountin# it% t-e mind is not stable be/ause o t-e many disruptions to t-e mind. T-is is /alled t-e Turnin# Contemplation.

it is as i -e #ot some -elp and .坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.e really do stop t-ou#-ts about pain% . No.-et-er air is enterin# or e5itin#. 6-en irst startin# to learn about breat-in#% i our bodies . +in#le:mindedly be mind ul o t-e in-alations and e5-alations .ere to #et some rest .e kno. t-e true marks o t-e body and no.e pra/ti/e t-e si5 types o . Ber-aps -e is /arryin# a -eavy load or pantin#% so -is breat-s are relatively s-ort.-ile bein# mind ul o t-e in and out breat-s and a/"uire t-e d-armas o . is ull .na and CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. air enterin# and e5itin# t-e nose and mout.and nose alone% it also observes in-alations and e5-alations t-rou#-out all -air pores and t-e nine apertures.ater seepin# into sand too.e . T-ere ore .-o is ri#-tened /limbs up a /alled joy.areness and kno. ne5t% t-e pain o /ir/ulation stops be/ause t-ou#-ts about t-e body stop.-ile under e5treme pressure at t-at point% -e .p.614 8urt-ermore% t-ou#-ts stop .orld% patien/e .ite5-alation. T-e initial means o in-alation in t-e 16 Bra/ti/es are t-e +i5 Bn. t-ere ore .ould abandon it /ompletely.t-is% t-e impure pat.-ile initially /ontemplatin# t-e body and #radually all t-ou#-ts about t-e body stop. 8urt-ermore% t-e joy o pain durin# 8irst #hy. later a deli#-t pervades t-e entire body and is /alled joy. Contemplate t-e 16 Bra/ti/es . Gur a. t-at .t-em% .e love t-e joy rom bein# mind ul o in-alations and e5-alations% and bein# mind ul o in-alations and e5-alations add to our deli#-t% . t-at breat-s pervade t-e body and /ir/ulate despite t-e p-ysi/al body. 8urt-ermore% t-e mind does not /ontemplate t-e in and out breat-s o t-e lon#.ould be -appy. T-e a.e are -appy.areness and kno.-et-er lon# or s-ort. As our bodies be/ome li#-ter and so ter in dhy. 8urt-ermore% .ay. 8urt-ermore% t-ou#-ts about in-alations stop. 9en/e . ..-et-er breat-s are lon# or s-ort. All breat-s belon# to t-ese Bra/ti/es. Also% .o out o e5-alations /over all pores% rom t-e eet to t-e -air% are like .14% &''1(11(') &6 . 8urt-ermore% .e already kno. t-e true marks o t-e /ountin# met-od in t-e mind.ater seepin# into kno.p. Contemplate t-e entire body and see t-at it is . 6it. Ne5t% t-ou#-ts about t-e pains o pra/ti/e stop.-i/.-en t-e mind is pleased initially% it is /alled joy. is distant and t-ou#-ts abide in t-e 1-arma no. +o -ere -is released rom jail. Also% on bein# mind ul o t-e breat-s #oin# in and out:: it eliminates la5ness% sleepiness% and -eaviness o t-e mind.armt-% summit% patien/e% oremost in t-e .e are 6e are mind ul o -o. 4t rea/-es a li#-tness in t-e mind and tenderness t-at are enjoyed dependin# on t-e type o /over t-e body rom t-e toes to all t-e pores like . 4 -e .are t-e same .ere la5% sleepy or -eavy% . 8or e5ample% someone . Also% on bein# mind ul o in-alations and e5-alations. all breat-s pervade t-e body and t-e /omin#s and #oin#s o t-e breat-s. Iust as t-e bello.n. 4t is t-e same .net. 6it. T-is is /alled purity.isdom .su erin# and on up to /ompre-ensive . t-ey are eit-er lon#er or s-orter.o /ate#ories.-ere t-e air travels t-rou#-out% just like -oles to lotus roots or a is.e talk about .na samadhi% . 6e /ontemplate all in-alations and e5-alations o t-e entire body.e are truly

t-e Bartin# o is /alled eelin#s o joy t-at enjoy various a/tivities o t-e mind.3 6-en t-e mind is bein# liberated% also be mind ul o in-alations and e5-alations.-i/.erD As an antidote to t. t-at is t-e pla/e o pea/e and stability.-ile bein# mind ul o in-alations and e5-alations. Iust as t-e mind a/ts to trans/end a li/tions% t-e mind t-ere ore /reates joy .oman% no person% no doin#% and no re/eivin#% . Abandonin# all tainted love% a li/tions over t-e body and mind% t-e 8ive Skandhas% and all /onditioned d-armas means oremost pea/e and stability. Iust as t-e +utra says% 0A o/used mind is t-e pat-. 8urt-ermore% i t-e mind is not pleased% en/oura#e it to be/ome more deli#-ted. T-is is /alled t-e Contemplation o A//ordin# . To /ontemplate in t-is .it. Ioy does not /ome ort. T-is is /alled t-e Contemplation o A//ordin# . 4 t-e mind is not o/used% or/e it to be/ome o/used. a s/attered mind is not t-e pat-.ay is /alled t-e Contemplation o Heleasin# and 1ispersin#.t-e Contemplation o 4mpermanen/e. Contemplate impermanen/e also means bein# mind ul o in-alations and e5-alations. 6-en t-e mind is makin# deli#-t% it irst eels t-e deli#-ts o bein# mind ul o in-alations and At t-e time o produ/tion% all d-armas are born out o emptiness.14% &''1(11(') &? .on its o. t-ere ore it is about t-e makin# o deli#-t. All t-e su erin# o mental knots and servants s-all end t-ere. Contemplate t-e partin# o t-e knot o desire .it-out a sel . at t-e same time be mind ul o in-alations and e5-alations. A mind apart rom all mental knots is t-e oremost /alled a//ordin# .坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.-ile bein# mind ul o in-alations and e5-alations.orld due to a /ombination o past /auses and /onditions.-ile bein# mind ul o t-e impermanen/e o in-alations and e5-alations is /alled releasin# and dispersin#. Contemplate abandonment . FuestionD 6-y do . 6-en t-e mind is bein# #at-ered% also be mind ul o in-alations and e5-alations.mind ulness.t-e +toppin# and Contemplatin# o 1-arma T-ou#-ts. Beople trans/end #radually. All /onditioned d-armas mani est and emer#e in t-e present .na are /alled deli#-t . As /ontemplation ends% also be mind ul o in-alations and e5-alations. Contemplate all d-armas as impermanent. T-is is /alled t-e stoppin# o t-ou#-t in developin# liberation.-ile t-e joy o pain durin# T-ird #hy.ay. Also% in bein# mind ul o t-e breat. 8or e5ample% a s-eep enters t-e bus-es .o mindstatesD eit-er a mindstate t-at is s/attered or /olle/ted. T-ere is no man% no .614 +e/ond #hy. 6-en t-e mind is reein# itsel o all t-e knots o a li/tion% it is t-e same .it.e make deli#-t on purpose2 Ans. 4 your t-ou#-ts are not ree% or/e t-em to be/ome ree./omin# and #oin#% all produ/tion and e5tin/tion d-armas o t-e mind% tainted or untainted d-armas o t-e mind% d-armas o a s/attered or /olle/ted mind% proper or deviant d-armas o t-e mind and su/.it.ill be /overed by t-ose bus-es. CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. Contemplate t-e releasin# and dispersin# o /onditioned d-armas . T-is /ontemplation is /alled A//ordin# . at t-e time o e5tin/tion% all d-armas /ease in emptiness. T-ey disperse be/ause /auses and /onditions deteriorate.marks o t-e mind are /alled t-e mind.s a/tivities. Contemplate all d-armas as impermanent% produ/tion and e5tin/tion are empty and End.n% rat-er% it is /reated by t-e mind.

Iust as 4 see t-e Budd-a ima#e no. At t-at time% t-e mind. tie you to one pla/ T-e Budd-a -ad *& -allmarks o a #reat manD 1. T-ree types o individuals pra/ti/e t-e Samadhi o bein# Mind ul o t-e Budd-aD per-aps t-ere are t-ose .ere amon# t-e -un#ry #-osts% you su ered starvation.ill be no di erent t-an . 4 you .-eels arise beneat.ere startin# to pra/ti/e% t-ey s-ould #o to a Budd-a ima#e.ill never a#ain be trapped be/ause o you and urt-ermore su er -ards-ip and venom. T-e 1-arma Bra/ti/e or Curin# 1iver#en/e T-e i t.t-em sayin#% 0!ou s-ould reprimand your mindD you -ave su ered in/al/ulable o enses t-rou#-out boundless birt-s and deat-s and repeatedly a/e various orms o su erin# . 4 . T-ousand:spoked .ed #rass.ere in t-e animal realm% you ate e5/rement and /-e.ere sad and a li/ted over t-e loss o desire.-eavy o enses . T-e in#ers and toes are lon#. T-e -ands and eet are net:like.ay% t-ink about seein# t-is past Budd-a . As t-eir mind. 9ave t-e mind d. me. &. 4 .-o -ave been pra/ti/in# or a lon# time. Ber-aps t-ey s-ould be tau#-t to look at and /ontemplate t-e ine eatures o t-e Budd-a ima#e.ere in t-e -eavens% you . *.s eye . 4 you .ill no.614 ). 4t is be/ause you are al.eyes see. 4.ere in t-e -ells% you s. Contemplation. At t-at time you s-ould urt-er t-ink% 0T-is is an ima#e o .ill not be s/attered. 4 t-e mind does not abide% t-e master s-ould tea/. Gt-er t-ou#-ts are #at-ered:in so t-at t-e t-ou#-ts are al. 4 t-ey . 4 you .ays trap me% so no.t-e sole o t-e eet.14% &''1(11(') &A .-at t-e t-at 4 e5perien/e t-ese p-ysi/al and mental a li/tions and endless su erin#.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 T-ese are /alled t-e 16 Bra/ti/es.-en -e irst des/ended. 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. 4 s-all trap you.-o are startin# to pra/ti/e% per-aps t-ere are t-ose .-o made t-e universe "uake .ill ollo. T-e -eels are proje/tin#.-o -ave been pra/ti/in# and per-aps t-ere are t-ose .% t-e ima#e never /ame and 4 never . CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1.. !ou al. 4n t-is .-om2 4t is t-e eatures o t-e ima#e o +-akyamuni Budd-a in t-e e5/eption. T-ese individuals are tau#-t to o/us on t-e Samadhi o bein# Mind ul o t-e Budd-a.3 1o t-is /ontinuously and t-e mind . Ea/. 4 you .eature is /lear in t-eir minds as t-ey /on/entrate on absorbin# t-em until t-ey return to a "uiet pla/e.pra/ti/e /ures a/tions t-at are diver#ent% /overin# people .ays on t-e ima#e.s eye /ontemplates t-e Budd-a ima#e so t-at t-eir t-ou#-ts do not turn% t-ey o/us on t-e ima#e and reje/t ot-er t-ou#-ts. 4 s-all dis/ipline you no. 6ell:supported and even soles.t-e Budd-a. T-ey . !ou .ed and drank li"uid /opper and ate burnin# iron pellets.ill see t-e li#-t rom t-e eatures o a Budd-a ima#e.-o besee/.it. ).ays .ere in t-e -uman realm% you e5perien/ed poverty and -ards-ip. 4 you .ell like t-is is /alled t-e Be#inners.

11. T-e arms -an# past belo. *. *'.are /rystal and rounded. T-e s-oulders are evenly rounded. T-e eyelas-es are like t-ose o a /o. *&.een t-e teet.een t-e +in#le -airs arise% t-ey to ea/. &'. A mi#-ty ton#ue t-at is . 1). &A.n o -is -ead /annot be seen. An aura t-e diameter o t. moon and t-e /olor o blue lapis la@uli.-ite ilament bet.a /a.14% &''1(11(') &E . 9is body is like NMrMyaṇa. T-e e5perien/e o t-e inest tastes . &E. T-e our /anine teet.-en -e is standin#.. 6.ards.ide% lon# and t-in. T-e lo. ?. A. 4. ).n o -is -ead protrudes . &&. T-e eyes are very blue. 9is joints are like -ooks. T-e -air pointin# up.s is lon#% ine and /ir/les to t-e ri#-t.and evenly. &1. E. ?. +even parts o -is body are ull. is lion:like. 1'. &*. T-e skin s-ines like #old. t-at is deep and ar:rea/-in#.s are like t-e ne. 8urt-ermore% -e -ad A' se/ondary /-ara/teristi/s. T-e ja. 16. 1A. *1. 1E.l. T-ere are orty teet-. T-e . 1&. 9e turns about like t-at o a part o t-e le# is like an antelopeLs. 1*. &6. 1?. t-e knees . A tall and strai#-t body. T-ere are no #aps bet. &.o meters around t-e body. &?. A voi/e like a kalavinka bird. +kin t-at is t-in and re ined. T-e voi/e o "rahm. 9is nose is strai#-t and tall and -is nostrils are not overtly visible. 1. CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. T-e areas belo. A rame like Nya#rod-a. &4. -is armpits are even and ine. 14. T-e ankles are raised -i#.pore. T-e #enital is . T-e /ro.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.614 6.and t-eir roots are deep. dark% bla/k in /olor% turnin# in rin#s to t-e ri#-t. T-e /ro.-en tastin#. 9is eye bro. T-e upper part o t-e body is lion:like. &). 9is ears are ine.

4'. 9is pores emit a ra#ran/e. All enjoy be-oldin# -im.614 A. 9is mi#-t s-akes up everyt-in#. *). 9is a/e is not rid#es.and rounded . 1'. &*. 9is body is not / &1. 41. 9is -air s. 9is ankles are deep and not readily visible. 1). 4&.-ile standin# Nstandin# unmoved like a royal o5O. T-e lines in -is palms and on -is soles are /lear and strai#-t. 16.ardlyO. *6. 9e is at pea/e . *&.ilts. All evil bein#s are deli#-ted at t-e si#-t o -im. 14. *'. 9is lips are t-e /olor o apples. 9is appearan/e is upri#-t and not sedu/tive. CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. 9is knees -ave no protrudin# knee/aps. 9is navel is round% deep% and not protrudin#. 9is voi/e is deep. &'. 9is a/e is like a moon.irls to t-e ri#-t. Bein#s are not ri#-tened by t-e si#-t o -im. *?. 9is -ands and eet and ull. 1*. *4. 9is in#ernails and toenails are smoot. *A. T-e lines in -is palms are /ontinuous.ays re res-ed and never . 9is body is al. 44.a rosy tint. 9is -ands and eet are auspi/ious Nprevious versions say t-ey /an #rasp in. *E. 9is body is al. &&.emits a ra#ran/e. T-e lines in -is palms are lon#. & o various /olors. &4.alks our in/-es o t-e #round . *1. **. 9e is di#ni ied. 9is body is illed out N/on/eived in Mar/.ardly and out. 9is in#ernails and toenails are t-in and s-one . 1?.and born in 8ebruaryO.14% &''1(11(') *' . 1&. 9is veins are deep and not readily visible. 9is mout. 9is a/e is lar#e and -andsome. 1A. 9e -as t-e demeanor o a lion. 4*. &?. 9is in#erprints and toe prints are like adorned dra. &). 9is a/e is ull. &6.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. 9e -as a beauti ul #ait% like t-at o a kin#:elep-ant.-ile leavin# imprints on t-e #round. 1E. 9is body is so t. 9e .ays radiant. 11. E. &E. 9is body is ree o impurities.

)E. 6).are s-arp. 9is -air /urls up. 9is -ands and eet are rosy like t-e /olor o lotuses. ?&. ?E.-i/. )*. 9is ton#ue is t-in.orlds. 9is ton#ue is lar#e and red. 9is body is still. 9is -air is so t. 9is -air is neat. 9e -as a beauti ul #ait% like t-at o a s. )4.s-ines upon in inite .it. 4?. -im /ompletely by si#-t. A'. 9is -air is ine. 9is eyes are lon# and . 4E. 9e speaks t-e 1-arma /ontinuously and se" not /onve5. 9is body -air is an imma/ulate /olor o pure red. 9is -ands and eet are ull and /lean. 9is body is -eavy. 9is -air is t-e /olor o dark lapis la@uli.a voi/e t-at a//ords .t-e marks o t-e nine aperturesO. )1. 9e -as t-e /-ara/ter o virtue on -is /-est and t-e /-ara/ter o auspi/iousness on -is -ands and eet% t-e li#-t o . ) 4A. 9is stoma/.-i/.alks. 9e is not -indered by lan#ua#e.t-e audien/e.-o be-old -im /annot kno. ?*. 9is voi/e /ontains a ull ran#e Nt-e Budd-a is replete . 66. CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. 9is -air is lon#. )6. 6E.ard sentient bein#s.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. ?4. 9e -as a brilliant aura around -im% . 61. 9is -air does not split. ?6. )'. All bein#s .ide. ?'. 9is stoma/.s-ines on -im . 9e speaks t-e 1-arma . 9is -ead is like a +aṇḍala ruit Nt-is ruit is neit-er round nor lon#O. ?A. Bein#s never tire o seein# -im. 9is apertures are ull N-e is replete . 6A. 6'.it-out de i/ient or e5/ess. 9is body is lar#e. NNot-in# named -ere be/ause t-ere are no C-inese terms or t-isO. 9e is impartial 4). ?). )). 6?.14% &''1(11(') *1 .ard. 64. )?.is not readily seen and does not protrude. 9e is not atta/-ed to tea/-in# and is not #reedy or dis/iples. ?1. 6&.an. 9e -as a ull -ead o -air. 46. 9is body is lon#.-ile -e . 6*. ??.6' types o voi/eO. 9is voi/e rea/-es t-e entire audien/e .it. 9is teet. )&.

orld.isdom% bottomless kno. 9e be-eld t-e tree o enli#-tenment as -e irst turned t-e 1-arma .means understandin#% trut-% t-e pat. 9e le t t-e -omeli e% dili#ently pra/ti/ed as/eti/ism and tamed t-e demon army beneat.ere sun# and played as o erin#s% lo.ill see t-em.ere /lear and s-one ar t-rou#-out t-e ten dire/tions .% and .t-e Bod-i Tree.isdom o t-e .it-out a tea/-er% t-ere ore -e understands #ood /ondu/ts.ords.O !rhat NT-e opposite o a /on used ool. 6-en t-eir t-ou#-ts /ondition t-e e5ternals% t-ey are #at-ered:in. t-ere ore -e is /alled .O Saṃpanna Nper e/tly reali@ed. t-ere ore /alled true enli#-tenment o e5/eption. .gata C%atha is t-e same as . T-e .gata. %ath. Killin# arro#an/e and ot-er t-ieves #ive -im t-e name% killer o samadhi as bo. +in/e t-ey see t-e Budd-as and -ear t-em speak t-e 1-arma% t-ey may ask "uestions so t-at t-e Budd-a speaks t-e 1-arma to unravel t-eir nets o doubt.-i/.o Budd-as% and even all p-ysi/al bodies o Budd-as in endless . 4t #uides all #reatly virtuous inite #reat .-eel. urt-ermore% never /omes be/ause e5isten/e is in t-e uture.O ! Carhat means killer o t-ieves. T-is .n irst arrived% -e reali@ed E"ual and Broper Enli#-tenment. 4n t-e latter part o t-e ni#-t .orld. Saṃbuddha means enli#-tenin# to all% enli#-tenin# to t-e /ause o su erin#% t-e /ause and pra/ti/in# or nirvana.led#e% and an in/al/ulable "uantity o virtue.O Saṃbuddha Nsamya means true.s t-e /auses o t-e .s truly /annot be turned and are /ompre-ensive .and rea/-ed nirvana.isdom.-i/. T-e p-ysi/al Budd-a in t-is . t-e .14% &''1(11(') *& .O 0araṇa Cvidya means understandin#.isdom to kno.orld and t-e end o t-e pat-. A/ross t-e sky% musi/ .ay% t-ou#-ts do not be/ome s/attered.n like a ra#rant do.O Samyak NT-e opposite o dimness.orlds t-rou#-out t-e ten dire/tions. 0arana means #ood /ondu/ remainder. Celestial bein#s a.ise one kno..means . As lon# as t-ey .npour.O Sugata Nunderstandin# .-en da.isdom as arro.ell% attains . -en/e at t-at time% bein#s see one Budd-a% t. None o t-e in inite bra-mM #ods% demons and t-e multitude o sa#es is /omparable to -im% not to mention CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. (4t means t-e unsurpassed d-arma o #oodness and sa#ely . By pra/ti/in# pure /ondu/ts% -e alone be/omes t-e #reatly enli#-tened .o pea/e or all sa#es /omin#.O *oka&vid Ct-e opposite o loka% . 9e -as t-e .ere in initely reverent.oke and /erti ied to t-e pat. 9avin# a/"uired t-e met-od o bein# mind ul o t-e Budd-a% you s-all urt-ermore be mind ul o t-e meritorious 1-arma body o t-e Budd-a .ers rained do.ay inspired /ountlessly many bein#s so t-ey o/used on bein# mind ul o t-e Budd-a and not t-ink about any e5ternal /onditions.O >idya NT-e opposite o endin# t-e ni#-t.614 Kpon birt-% -e .ell% or arti/ulates aultlessly. T-e Budd-a t-us /omes. All bein#s .isdom. 9e traveled t-e Triple Healm alone and turned to #lan/e like a kin#:elep-ant. T-e Budd-a takes patien/e as armor% vi#or as s-ield% dhy.O ! t-ey .alked seven steps and uttered important . 9is luminous eatures .坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. T-e our proper understandin#s and vie. Knderstandin# re ers to t-ree types.

be able to see Budd-as t-rou#-out t-e ten dire/tions as one Budd-a.O #eva&manu ṣy. -en/e spittin# out emale #enitalia.s -onorable virtues are #reat% t-ere ore it means unsurpassed.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.anders and t-ou#-ts are on t-e ive sense obje/ts or t-e si5 types o attentivenesses% t-en you s-ould en/oura#e and e5-ort yoursel to dis/ipline your mind.t-e Bod-i tree% -e is t-ere ore /alled Budd-a "hagav. 6-y2 T-e Budd-a is e5tremely /ompassionate or t-e sake o all% savin# bein#s .sta NT-e opposite o /ompletely -un#ry. 4 t-e mind . to /onstru/t stupas% -e /annot /ompare to a pra/titioner .ay so t-at no bein#s be/ome lost on t-e pat-.ell in t-e supreme d-arma o non:retreat. Be able to see one Budd-a as Budd-as t-rou#-out t-e ten dire/tions. 4 someone . T-e Budd-a is t-ere ore /alled t-e tamin# -ero and d-arma dis/iplinarian. you to rea/.O At t-at time% be mind ul urt-ermore o t-e spiritual virtues o t-e t. Knderstandin# everyt-in# rom sittin# underneat.t. 9e dis/iplines in t-is . #amya means able to speak% able to trans orm% -ero% and dis/iplinarian..your mind and not /on/entrate on bein# mind ul o t-e Budd-a and disappoint t-eir tremendous #ra/e2 9ad t-e Budd-a not emer#ed in t-e . 4t means tea/-er o #ods and -umans .O "uddha "hagav.isdom o t-e Budd-a is t-e oremost amon# all . /an you be la5 . 9o.14% &''1(11(') ** .-o /an /ompletely ree all people o t-eir a li/tions and al.ill reali@e t-e Samadhi o bein# Mind ul o t-e Budd-a.614 surpassin# -im. Ne5t% return to seein# one Budd-a. 9o. 8orever abandonin# t-e emale #enitalia. Kno. and nirvana.nirvana% t-e samadhis and .-o o ers t-e 1-arma so t-at ot-ers rea/.isdom% t-e Budd-a sometimes speak tenderly and elo"uently% sometimes bitterly and ur#ently% or -e models t-e tea/-in#. T-e Budd-a.O Purusa&damya CPurusa means #reat -ero.ays d. 8urt-ermore bha means emale #enitalia and vat means spit out.a #reat reputation.t NBra/ti/in# t-e impossible in t-e past% present and uture.ould be no -uman pat-% t-e pat.t-at .ere to o er s/ented lo.ers or o er t-eir bones% les-% blood% and marro.orld% t-ere . Iust as individuals /an per/eive one /olor as t-e /olors #old% silver% /rystal% and lapis la@uli a//ordin# to t-eir individual pleasure. -ead% eyes% marro.o devas or pat. Even i you reap not-in# rom bein# mind ul o t-e Budd-a% you s-ould nevert-eless be dili#ent and o/used% never or#ettin# to repay t-e kindness o t-e t-e Budd-a.O Sarathi . Contemplate t-en% t-at t-e -uman body is di i/ult to a/"uire and t-e Budd-ad-arma is di i/ult to en/ounter. 4t means -e is one . /an bein# mind ul o t-e Budd-a allo. At t-at time% /ontemplate only t.-en t-e mind is at ease and t-ou#-ts do not roam and be/ome s/attered% you .#reat kindness% #reat /ompassion and #reat .ould still leave -im o.o t-in#sD t-e body o t-e Budd-a in spa/e and t-e merits and virtues o t-e Budd-a.ṇaṃ NT-e opposite o a . t-ere ore% it is said t-at t-e sun is bri#-test amon# all li#-ts and t-e .isdom o CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1.illin# slave. and pra/ti/e all endin# and unendin# d-armas. At t-e time . 9ave no ot-er t-ou#-ts.o Budd-as% t-ree% our% ive Budd-as and even in inite o t-em t-rou#-out spa/e and t-e realms too.

Gnly by leavin# desire do people be/ome at pea/e and e5tremely -appy in body and mind. T-ey s-ould a/t e5pediently and urt-er learn about t-e 8irst #hy. <6ants= are di i/ult to a/"uire and easy to lose. Iust as a temporary loan /annot maintain lastin# aut-ority and just as dreams are blurry and end soon% desire is a problem.-o eat ruits% . T-e more t-ey #et% t-e more t-ey su er. 4t is bitter to seek it and bitter to -ave it. T-ey are insatiable like ire ueled . 1esire t-at reaps not-in# is like a do# #na. 1esire is t-e poisonous . T-is is /alled t-e Samadhi o bein# Mind ul o t-e Budd-a% .at-ed by lust.allo. Beople atta/-ed to desire .it-out /on/entration2 Bra/titioners s-ould Samadhi 8as/i/le 4 %he Sutra of Sitting #hy. it is just like deer t-at /-ase a ter sounds or someone t-irsty drinks salt . Gr just like immortals . desires and joy but mu/. -ooks. T-ey s-ould be mind ul o t-e 8irst and abandon love and desire.leads to t-e disembarkin# o all orms o su erin#.-i/.ine t-at ools and deludes so t-at people die drunk. 1esire is a de/eptive raud t-at /ommands ools% .-en 7ord Pakra o ers -im a seat.l .it.t-e surname Na-usa% driven by desire% ell amon# pyt-ons. do t-ey /ontemplate desire2 Kno. T-ey -ave very streams.lo#s or o/eans s.e must CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. 7ike Murd-a#ata% t-ou#. Be ore be/omin# mind ul% t-e deluded mind is already disturbed% not to mention . All bein#s are diseased due to desire% . t-at desire is impermanent and t-e enemy o merit and virtue. it is like illusion and trans ormation% empty and unattainable.ater. T-e vi#orous pursuit o desire makes t-em su er tremendously.% live in se/lusion deep in t-e mountains in pursuit o t-e pat-.t-at s. 9o.e s-ould kno.n seven types o #ems and rules over t-e our /ontinents% -e remains dissatis ied even . Iust as t-e Cold 6-eel Turnin# Kin# . do t-ey abandon t-em2 Contemplate e5/essive desires in t-e 1esire Healm as bein# impure and as an array o un. T-ey are still disturbed by t-e a li/tions o t-e 1esire Healm. Beople atta/-ed to desire dra. T-ey are nevert-eless and unavoidably -urt by t-ieves o desire. 4n seekin# t-e 8irst #hy.itlots o uel -as a lot o use and a lar#e lame% desire is like a pie/e o meat /au#-t in a bra.ill never be at pea/e in t-e pleasurable pla/es o t-e -eavens% not to mention t-e -uman realm. Essentially% it is like mot-s t-at poun/e on a ire or is.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. %he Sutra of Sitting #hy.resentment and venom.614 Budd-a-ood .ays /on/entrate and not let t-eir minds be s/attered% so t-ey may see t-e Budd-a and ask "uestions. T-ere ore .-e rains Samadhi 8as/i/le 44 Translated by Tripitaka Master Kumarajiva o !ao"in# At t-at time t-e pra/titioners may -ave rea/-ed sin#le:pointed /on/entration o t-e mind but -ave not yet a/-ieved samadhi. 9o.-en it is s.14% &''1(11(') *4 . Iust as a ire .in# on dry bones.eliminates diver#en/e and ot-er serious o .-olesomeness. t-at desire is a -arm ul to5in.-i/.na as pea/e ul and joyous.-o su er e5/ru/iatin# pain% never at ease. in bad riends and are distan/ed by #ood people.allo.-ere all t-e birds /ompete or and #rass and let t-eir -air #ro.

T-ey do not resent or /ompete and do not enjoy i#-tin# or losin# t-eir sin#leness o mind. t-ey are like t-ose s/or/-ed #ettin# s-ade or like t-e poor a/"uirin# ri/-es. T-ey do not de/eive . T-ey kno. near and /omply . t-ose .na at t-at time. T-ey do not i#-t durin# 6-en t-ey are pure and joyous inside% t-ey rea/.-en asleep% at t-is point in t-e se"uen/e% t-ey develop t-e samadhi o purity .na /ultivators -ave rea/-ed t-e sin#leness o mind2 Ans.ill t-en a/"uire t-e samadhi o t-e 8irst At t-at time% t-e mind /ontemplates t-is deli#-t as a o samadhi. 7ike .areness /ontemplation disturb dhy.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. T-eir mind is restraint in t-eir diet and are not atta/-ed to desirable lavors.t-e +e/ond #hy.o t-in#s in t-is a. T-ey are -umble and respe/t ul to.ully and deli#-t ully /on/entrate on doin# so .-o are already o/used in.ays dra.ort-y.614 e5tin#uis.e kno. T.erD T-eir a/es are pleasant and lustrous. T-eir eyes are not #lued to orm and t-ey enjoy spiritual virtues and t-e po.#ood tea/-ers and kind and /ontemplate t-e #ood and t-e u#ly aspe/ts o dis/rimination% t-en t-ere is t-e sin#leness o mind. T-ey are strai#-t or.-o dili#ently% ait.ard seniors% peers and ire o desire.areness or /ontemplation.areness o t-e deli#-ts o t-e 8irst #hy. Contemplate -o.patien/e. . T-ey dili#ently /ultivate and up-old t-e pre/epts /ompletely.p-ysi/al #estures and are approa/-able. T-ey . T-ey a//ept pure donations and kno. T-ey re/ite t-e sutras . Bra/titioners .aves stir% pra/titioners . T-ey immediately a//ess t-e a. T-ey . T-ey are tender . FuestionD 9o.-en dhy. 6e kno. Gri#inally t-ey did not a//ess t-e still and "uiet mind% no. T-ey enjoy bein# alone in "uiet pla/es and remain patient and una e/ted by -ards-ip or -appiness. T-ey /an pra/ti/e t-e leave be-ind t-e bla@e o desire% and a/"uire /ool and re res-in# samadhi.-en e5-austed or eelin# at pea/e . T-ey al.-en .ake up eelin# li#-t and . T-ey do not a//ept any impure o erin#s amon# t-e our types o o erin#s.areness /ontemplations use t-e met-od o no deli#-t so t-ey may leave t-e sta#e o deli#-t and attain t-e joy t-at sa#es and . T-eir minds are pure.-o -ave t-ese various /-ara/teristi/s -ave rea/-ed t-e sin#leness o mind. T-ey are al.ard and trust.o types o #ivin# and eliminate t-e deviant t-rou#.ort-y CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. detestable t-e mind o desire is and knots and a li/tions are /ompletely eliminated. do .ays joyous and do not be/ome an#ry in situations eli/itin# an#er.n and s-attered arro#an/ -arm or miserliness and envy.-en t-ey are .ardly are rustrated by Contemplate t-e various merits and virtues o /ontemplative dhy. T-ey are #entle by nature% -arborin# no . 7ike #ettin# some rest .t-e 1-arma pra/ti/es.ays on t-e samadhi.14% &''1(11(') *) . T-ey are not #reedy or ame or #ain% but -ave kno/ked do.ell.ill improve t-eir mind so t-at t-ey are not s/attered.-en to be /ontent.areness /ontemplation. t-eir /apa/ity and . T-ey are not /on/eited and rarely parti/ipate in ar#uments. Iust as t-e above a. T-ey stroll alon# upri#-tly . t-ey -ave t-is a.a sense o t-at is /lear and still be/omes turbid .proper t-ou#-t and t-eir t-ou#-ts a//ord .

+tirrin# due to joy in t-e T-ird inite bein#s t-rou#-out t-e ten dire/tions.a sin#le:pointedness o mind% .it. Beyond t-is% t-ere is no more joy. A e/ted% t-ere is su erin#. T-ere ore t-e spa/e o neit-er t-ou#-t nor non:t-ou#-t is t-e oremost in pea/e and stability.t-at spa/e o not-in# . su erin#% t-ey /an s-atter a multitude o a li/tions and rea/.#hy. Al.-o are . At CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. T-ey /an break displeasure% /ausin# in inite bein#s to be eliminates su erin# and joy% .na. Neit-er su erin# nor joyous% t-ey #uard pure t-ou#-ts .in inite bein#s.ondrous abandon t-is su erin# o joy. T-ey kno. 4t is a oolis. T-ere ore t-e Budd-a said% oremost in prote/tin# purity at its best is t-e 8ourt. Be mind ul o t-e merit and virtue o t-at spa/e o not-in# . T-ey irst abandon sadness and deli#-t% t-en eliminate t-ou#-ts o su erin# and joy. By #uardin# so t-eir t-ou#-ts are pure% so enter t-e is /alled su erin#.ould be many problems.-i/. 9en/e t-e 8ourt. Be mind ul o t-at pla/e o in inite /ons/iousness and /ontemplate t-e aults o t-at spa/e o emptiness. Bra/ti/in# and bein# mind ul o su/.-atsoever and /ontemplate t-e aults o t-at spa/e o /ons/iousness. Bein# /ompassionately sympat-eti/ o sentient bein#s. t-ey rea/.14% &''1(11(') *6 . 4nitially t-ey a/"uire joy and destroy t-e poison o -atred and an#er% s-arin# t-at in turn .-i/. Ber-aps t-ere are pra/titioners . Cradually /ontemplate t-e spa/e o emptiness and s-atter t-ou#-ts about inner and e5ternal orm and eliminate dualisti/ t-ou#-ts.a sin#leness o o/us.-en somet-in# stirs% it is a e/ted. T-ere ore t-e T-ird #hy.s you to /apture /ons/iousness.and mind ully prote/t joy. At t-at time% t-ey attain t-e Samadhi o Compassion. 1o not t-ink about any orm but /ontemplate t-e spa/e o endless emptiness. +a#es say t-at prote/tin# joy is di i/ult or ot-ers to abandon% but it is t-e oremost orm o joy. t-ere ore all sa#es at all levels o purity say kindness is t-e oremost orm o joy.t-e Samadhi o Kindness at t-at time.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. 8urt-ermore% t-ose .ill lead t-em to t-e T-ird /alled t-e unmovin# pla/e.-olesome and .onder ul merit. 4 t-ere .s you to /apture t-at spa/e o emptiness.t-at spa/e o neit-er t-ou#-t nor si/kness% skin disease or no t-ou#-ts..#hy. Contemplate t-e aults o t-e spa/e o not-in# . T-ey -ave abandoned deli#-t% t-ere ore kno. Be mind ul o t-e spa/e o not-in# .a met-od allo.a met-od allo. Be mind ul o t-e spa/e o neit-er t-ou#-t nor no:t-ou#-t.minded and #uarded .-o move irst rom t-e irst #round to t-e upper #rounds% t-en pra/ti/e kindness in t-e upper #rounds.and deluded spa/e i t-ere .s you to rea/. t-e trut.#hy. Be mind ul o t-e merit and virtue o in inite /ons/iousness.ays /ontemplate t-e aults o orm and be mind ul o t-e samadhi derived in t-at spa/e o emptiness and its supremely t-e mind is una e/ met-od allo.ere any t-ou#-ts at all% t-ere . Bra/ti/in# and bein# mind ul o su/.na. t-e trut.-atsoever and be mind ul o t-e merit and virtue o neit-er t-ou#-t nor non:t-ou#-t. +in/e not-in# is #oin# on% .-atsoever. 6-y is joy a problem2 4n t-e 8irst #hy.a met-od allo.s you to rea/. Bra/ti/in# and bein# mind ul o su/.na takes joy to be a problem.614 ones talk about. Bra/ti/in# and bein# mind ul o su/.

o types o CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. Be able to sin#le:mindedly /ontemplate T-e /onsists o our resultsD one% t-e T-ird #hy.-i/.element. T-is is t-e /ore to t-e initial development o spiritual /onsists o t-ree resultsD one% t-e +e/ond #hy. Bra/titioners must /on/entrate on t-e samadhi o desire% t-e samadhi o vi#or% t-e samadhi o sin#le:mindedness% and t-e samadhi o .o% t-e 1esire Healm.o% t-e T-ird near is e5tin#uis-ed and t-at .na% t-ree% t-e 8irst /ontains 8ive HesultsD one% t-e 8ourt. 7earn to /ontemplate t-e our elements.-ile redu/tion in samadhi due to desire is /onsidered pettyO%坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 %reatisesD t.ill de initely #o and t-ree% t-e 1esire Healm.14% &''1(11(') *? . And like a monkey t-at alls rom -i#. Cradually you .614 t-at time% t-ey attain t-e Samadhi o 1eli#-t and /an s-atter t-e su erin# o T-e 8irst #hy. 7ike baby birds learnin# to ly and /-ildren learnin# to . T-e body is un-indered like a bird in li#-t. T-ere are 14 trans ormational mindstates in o a -eavy storm is intense and ar:rea/-in#.o% t-e 8irst #hy.ers.si5 or seven eet% t-en ba/k do.ill rea/.ers o desire% vi#or% samadhi and .t-e Samadhi o a Brote/ted ul t-ree% t-e +e/ond #hy. 6-en t-e body is smaller% it /an be done.y. Ne5t study t-e 8ive +piritual Bo. T-e +e/ond t.-i/. 8urt-ermore% you /an trans orm various obje/ts. T-ey /ontemplate in inite bein#s t-rou#-out t-e ten dire/tions dire/tly and rea/. 8urt-ermore% you s-ould learn to ima#ine distant destinations as bein# /lose.ater% ire% . T-e T-ird #hy.alk% /ontemplate and re le/t on t-e mi#-t o t-e mind so you . t-ere ore t-at .-en you irst try you may be o t-e #round -al a oot or a and ive% t-e 1esire Healm. 7ike someone .o% t-e +e/ond #hy.ers so your p-ysi/al body /an ly and trans orm .-o /an loat -as an e5tremely po.ers o desire% vi#or% samadhi and . T-e T-ird and is just so .ood element /ontains t-e seeds o t-e eart.ind% spa/e% #old% silver% and ot-er #ems. Contemplate t-e t-ree elements and not t-e element o eart-.isdom are tremendous% t-e body /an be li and t. T-e rest o t-e spiritual and our% t-e 1esire sin#le:mindedly /ontemplate t-e body as bein# li#-t and . 7ike /ontemplatin# a tree bein# planted into t-e #round% . 8urt-ermore% /ontemplate t-e Healm o an Empty our% t-e 8irst problems so you must be vi#ilant and dili#ent. 6-en t-e o/us is not s/attered% you are at ease.ays pra/ti/e t-is / ul mind% -en/e does not sink. Al. 6-y2 T-e .altitudes does not e5perien/e any p-ysi/al pain be/ause o a po.ers are just as stated in t-e +ah.isdom. 6-et-er #reat or sli#-t Ne5/essive samadhi .nas eliminate deli#-t. T-e po.o resultsD one% t-e 8irst #hy. 7ike t-e po. T-e +e/ond similarly% . +o it is .re#ard to desire is /onsidered #reat .t-e remainin# seeds eliminated% t-is tree t-en turns into distant emer#es.t.ood element /ontains various seed elements.#hy. T-is is just so too. 6-y2 T-e . 6-en t-e po.ei#-tedness at all times. Al.isdom make t-e body be able to ly.

Bra/titioners .e s-ould not abandon it /onstantly. 4 .to s-atter perversion s-all study t-e 8our Mind ulnesses% stoppin# and /ontemplatin#. T-e body /ontains *6 di erent obje/ts% t-ere ore impure. 6e s-ould /ontemplate t-at . 4 su/. Bursuin# t-e opposite se5 outside% . 4t is due to t-e /omin# into bein# o /auses and /onditions and t-e various a li/tions asso/iated .it.e may /on/lude t-at t-ere is pleasure and t-ere is no pleasure. various aspe/ts o t-e body are ull o problems. 4 t-e d-armas o t-e mind /li/k . 1ue to t-e perversions o t-e body% t-ere is permanen/e% bliss% true sel and be/ome perverted and atta/-ed to t-is body2 4t is be/ause .na t-en nirvana.e s-ould -ave no pleasure.-o -ead strai#-t or nirvana -ave not yet ended a li/tions and -ave not yet rea/-ed dhy. 6it.e kno. T-ese are not true pleasures. . 1edu/in# in t-is .e /onsider it pleasurable . 6-y2 4 t-ere . T-is is /alled nirvana.e are atta/-ed to t-is body. 4n t-e midst o major su erin#s% .it% t-ou#-ts about t-e body stops and t-e body.e apply medi/ine to a pain ul .it. -o.-en major su erin# turns into minor su t-ose .e5perien/es . Bra/ti/e t-is /ontemplation.delusion% t-en t-ere is neit-er su erin# nor pleasure. T-e body is really impermanent% ull o su erin#% impure and /ontains no true sel . Ber-aps t-ey enjoy samadhi more be/ause it makes t-em -appy. 4 lust is pleasure t-en .e e5perien/e pleasure by /onsumin# ood and /lot-in#.s mark o reality is just so. Iust as . Contemplate -o.e t-ink about p-ysi/al pleasures and pains.ere lust . Ans.-i/is not true pleasure.-o .e /onsider past su erin# to be su erin# but ne.itimpermanen/e t-at t-ere is su erin#. Bra/ti/e t-is /ontemplationD /ontemplate t-e insides o t-e body% /ontemplate t-e outside o t-e body% and /ontemplate t-e body inside and out.ound and /onsider t-e stoppin# o pain pleasurable. +ometimes t-ere are /auses or pleasure and sometimes t-ere /auses or su erin#.e say% e5ternal e5perien/es are pleasures . t-e su erin# o lust.ere true pleasure% t-en .love% t-en t-ere is pleasure. T-ose -ead strai#-t or T-ose . 8urt-ermore% .a mind not s/attered in t-eir strai#-ta.e do abandon it% t-en it s-ould not be pleasurable.ever% su erin# develops on/e pleasure is over% .it. 1ue to t-e ondness or and atta/-ments to t-e body in various situations% sentient bein#s be/ome in erior.erD T-ere is no pleasure.614 individuals amon# t-e dis/iples o t-e 6orld 9onored Gne study t-e 8ive Bra/ti/es .e really /annot a/"uire pleasure and pain2 6-y not2 4t is be/ause .坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. 7ust s-ould not be pleasure.more .-atred% t-en t-ere is su erin#.-en t-ey /li/k .ould not seek t-e opposite se5 t-en people . 1ue to t-e love or pleasure and pain% .e /-an#e a -eavy load rom one s-oulder to anot-er and /onsider t-e /-an#e pleasurable% it is a/tually not /onstant pleasure% just as t-e "uality o -eat to ire never abates% even temporarily.ay pursuit o nirvana by trans/endin# love and ot-er a li/tions. 6-y do .isdom more be/ause t-ey are a raid o -ards-ip. Gr .an aim or nirvana.ay% . Iust as . per-aps t-ey enjoy .-en t-ey /li/k .more samadhi irst study dhy. .it. su erin# pleasures. .e /onsider minor su erin#s to CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. but t-ey o/us .-ile /auses and /onditions are not ne/essarily pleasures. 4ll at ease% t-ere is no true sel .14% &''1(11(') *A .

is -o. Iust as t-e sun loves t-e pearl% . T-ou#-ts about desire and no desire are t-e same .-et-er t-ou#-ts% desire and ot-er mindstates resonate or not .it.-en t-ere is pain in su erin#.ellin# and yet it is not . . 6is-in# to see% t-ese /ome into bein# by /ombinin# .t-e 1-arma. No. Any /ondition on its o. T-e eye /ons/iousness is t-e same . Contemplate and /onsider . 1ue to our perversions% .-om t-is mind a -ost% t-ere is 6-y2 Born out o /auses and /onditions is impermanen/e. 8urt-ermore% /ontemplate to . T-e -ost . 4t neit-er d.ays be joyous% never or#ettin# t-em eit-er.-en t-e CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. arro. T-is is /alled t-e +toppin# o T-ou#-ts about t-e Mind.-i/. and . t-at t-e mind eels pain and pleasure but eelin#s t-emselves are neit-er pain ul nor pleasurable.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 erin#% t-e absen/e o ease. 6-ere t-ere .een t-e t.t-e onset o old a#e and detest or desire% t-ey kno. 4t does not d.-ere t-ere is somet-in# already e5istent no. t-at t-e mind is empty.-en t-ese /onditions /ombine% t-ere is ire. just as someone .n /annot produ/e ire./ abidin# in t-e 8our Mind ulnesses.ay.ell% so it seems like t-ere is produ/tion. -o. !ou /annot a//ess it by pursuin# it beyond t-is pla/e eit-er. ill at ease% t-ere is no -ost.% you s-ould urt-er /ontemplate overall t-at you /annot a//ess t-e -ost . t-ou#-ts o pain stop. returns to not-in#Q-en/e impermanen/e.ill /onsider -is bein# able to live a pleasure.14% &''1(11(') *E . Iust as someone . Ea/. . 6e s-ould kno.ere pleasure truly% t-en t-ey s-ould not #ro.impermanen/e% su erin#.e /onsider it all one. 4 permanen/e% you s-ould none ori#inally no. /ontemplate pleasure .it. T-e Budd-a said% 0Contemplate su erin# .o.-ipped severely instead .ay% ea/. 4 it .-ei#-tened lust% desire is pleasurable. 4 t-ere is al.ever . .-o deserves to die is . T-ere ore t-e Budd-a said% 07ike illusions and trans ormations% t-e present mind /ontemplates t-e past and t-ere may be t-ou#-ts o su erin#% pleasure or neutrality.ays su er or al. Brodu/tion and e5tin/tion do not d. and e5perien/es neit-er su erin# nor pleasure s-ould /ontemplate t-e impermanen/e o produ/tion and e5tin/tion% .ays a #od% t-en t-ere is no a li/tion or o ense rom killin# and no nirvana. . Contemplate and kno. dun# and various /onditions t-at /ome to#et-er% ire t-en /omes into bein#.ully /annot be rea/-ed.-o /ontemplates di erent and ea/.t-e eye /ons/iousness. 6-at does it mean by emptiness2 8rom /auses and /onditions /ome eyes and orm or us to see% re/all and t-ink about. 6it. Iust as t-ese various /auses and /onditions o p-ysi/al pleasure /annot be attained% pleasure lost is also su erin#.-ere t-ere is t-e sun% t-ere is t-e pearl. t-at desire is no pleasure.614 be pleasurable. +imilarly% /ontemplate t-e inside o t-e mind% t-e outside o t-e mind and t-e mind inside and out. 4 t-e body is #od% t-en .ell in: bet.eary o it. 4 you /annot a//ess permanen/e% you /annot a//ess impermanen/e eit-er.-en t-ere is pain in pleasure.-o is s-ot .due to /auses and /onditions. it e5ists.t-ou#-t is di erent and /eases.dry -ay% /o.ells in t-e eyes nor in orm. 4t -as no 6-y t-e mind2 T-e mind is impermanent and /omes ort. 6it. !ou t-en /annot a//ess t-e mind 1-arma o t-e earlier uni"ue /ontemplation o p-ysi/al pain.

orld. 4 pra/titioners -ave stopped t-eir t-ou#-ts about t-e 1-arma% bein# .坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. and ot-ers o t-e Ei#-t old Bat.ell /an s-oot and kill t-eir -ated love and ot-ers% various a li/tions and karma /ome ort. Ioylessness is t-e trut.-ereby t-ey vainly up-old t-e pre/epts% vainly enjoy dhy. /ombine% a /ause be/ause similar results are #enerated% #enerative be/ause all /ondu/ts /an be a/"uired .O.rom t-e various lies about no -eaven% no time% and no sense obje/ts.. Contemplate t-ese our aspe/ts o pra/ti/eD /umulative be/ause a li/tions and karma o out lo.ay . 6-en t-ey a/"uire deep /amatha% t-ey d.3 Buildin# on t-eir po. Non:Budd-ists /laim t-is #enesis /an /reate all t-in#s% ..-olesome d-armas. t-ere ore non:Budd-ists /annot enter nirvana. 6-y2 T-e pra/ti/e o /ombinin# t-e t-ree 1-armas o pre/epts% samadhi and .ould be no uture lives and no o enses or blessin#s.eary o t-e .-en t-ey enter nirvana.ay% all d-armas are empty and ill at ease be/ause t-ey /ome into bein# due to a /ombination o /auses and /onditions and /ease to be due to t-e deterioration in /auses and /onditions.14% &''1(11(') 4' . A li/tions and karma produ/e t-ese su erin#s.1-arma and /ontemplate t-at all marks o d-arma are utter su erin# and joyless. dhy. Also% t-ere .er o vi#or% t-ey a/"uire pro ound /amatha Nt-ose in deep /amatha reside in t-e sin#le pla/e o mind.614 impermanent body /eases to be% #od s-ould /ease to be Nnon:Budd-ists /onsider t-e initial ormation o all materiality to be t-e #enesis o t-e .na samadhi is t-e speedy bo.ay to nirvana% unlike t-e non: and /onditional be/ause dissimilar results /ontinue. T-e /omin# to#et-er o t-ese /onditions is /alled t-e +toppin# o T-ou#-ts about t-e 1-arma. Bra/titioners t-en pra/ti/e t-e /ontemplation o t-e 8our Conditions o t-e 1-arma bein# like ar/-ery.ell in t-e stoppin# o mind ulness about t-e ourt.ord -as no parallel term in C-ina.% and . Broper vie. and arro. Heplete .-i/.isdom is t-e s-arp arro.O.and bein# t-at t-ere is not t-e sli#-test bit o permanen/e% bliss% true sel % and purity% t-ey ask% J6-at more do 4 e5pe/t rom t-is emptiness2 4 s-ould enter nirvana and abide in t-e most .t-ese t-ree items% pra/titioners /an kill t-e t-ie o a li/tions.isdom in t-e Budd-ad-arma allo. various as/eti/ pra/ti/es .it-out a sel be/ause t-ere is no subje/t or obje/t. 4t is t-e same . T-is .is /alled /reation. By /ontemplatin# t-e absen/e o a -ost in t-is . T-e pre/epts are t-e lat pie/e o land. .s emptiness% old a#e% si/kness and samadhi and vainly possess . 8or e5ample% someone standin# on lat #round -old a bo.orld. T-e /auses o su erin# su/. T-e various lies about no realms o orm and ormlessness and t-e #enesis o t-e . pra/titioners to enter nirvana. T-ese su erin#s /ompletely /ease . Contemplate t-ese our aspe/ts o su erin#D impermanent be/ause t-ey /ome rom /auses and /onditions% bitter be/ause t-e body and mind are a li/ted% empty be/ause t-ere is not-in# to attain% and .-ile everyt-in# else is a t-e .isdom.-en t-e t-ree 1-armas are pra/ti/ed in / Contemplate t-ese our aspe/ts o /ompletionD bolted be/ause all CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1.

-o spoke t-is 1-arma :: it . 8or e5ample% drillin# into a lo# or ire releases smoke at irst% t-is is . Contemplate just so and attain t-e non:out lo. 04 4 do not -ave Budd-ist dis/iples as ine CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ /alled t-e 1-arma o 9eat.614 a li/tions /over it% e5tin#uis-ed be/ause it eliminates t-e ire o a li/tions% . T-ey irst try and beat t-emselves . 4 t-e -idden veins appear% t-ey kno.ay /alled t-e e5isten/e o -eat.-y t-is d-arma is /alled -eat. 7ike people .el% t-ey enjoy ait-% purity% and #reat -appiness.-i/.o nirvana.-o drill a .ay be/ause it /an lead to nirvana% proper be/ause it is not upside do. t-ere is -eat and t-ey .isdom. Iust as milk turns into #-ee% t-ese individuals /ontemplate t-e true marks o t-e 1-arma and kno. Bra/titioners at t-at time are very mu/. Advan/e and make pro#ress% t-ere is urt-ermore .-o t-en retreated% kno. 6isdom in t-e si5 #rounds is t-e oundation or all d-armas o non:out lo.-et-er t-ey . ueled by various a li/tions is t-at it burns a. t-at t-ey 4t is also /alled t-e ability to a/"uire t-e roots o #oodness to nirvana.3 At t-at time% t-ey /onsider . . t-at t-ey -ave .it.out t-ese enjoy t-e 1-arma o 9eat% . 6-y is it /alled -eat2 4t is /alled t-e 1-arma o 9eat be/ause t-ese pra/titioners are al.-i/.ild men.-ere t-e ed#es are not in t-e middle% it .orld passes.ill soon #at-er . By re/eivin# t-e Budd-a je.el% t-ey enjoy ait-% purity% and #reat -appiness.-at is /alled t-e 1-arma o t-e +ummit.-ere all sa#es -ead% and a departure be/ause . A//ordin# to earlier +anskrit editions% t-ese are not ordinary t-e Budd-a% t-e 6orld 9onored Gne. T-e mind loves t-is 1-arma or it is t-e true 1-arma t-at /an eliminate various su erin#s and troubles asso/iated .isdom .-o are atta/-ed to and -appy about some train o t-ou#-t% -eat is in t-e -eart at t-at mud kno.. 7ike people a raid o deat.ill live.ant to out lo. 6it-out t-is 1-arma% .14% &''1(11(') 41 .isdom23 By re/eivin# t-e 1-arma je.-o stru/k some t-ieves .n% a trail be/ause it is . T-ese individuals -ead strai#-t or nirvana and enter t-e 1-arma o 9eat. 4t is t-e initial si#n or t-e pat. .orks as a metap-or -ereO.ell and tou/. All uels o a li/tion% t-e ire o out lo.ays dili#ent.nirvana and see t-is pat-. T-ose ..-o /an prevent any a li/tion2 09o. d-arma o similarity% .% 04 s-all be/ome liberated rom su erin#.onder ul be/ause it is t-e oremost amon# all d-armas and trans/endental be/ause t-e . T-e se/ond type eliminates atta/-ments more and enjoys true . 7ike people ..o types o individuals amon# dis/iples o t-e Budd-a.on and eel sa e. Nsin/e t-e mirror is a sur a/e .and .old a#e% si/kness and deat-.t-e si#ns o -eat -ave a/"uired deep o/us so t-at t-e mirror o true 1-arma tou/-es t-e ed#es o t-e realm o no:out lo. T-is is /alled t-e e5isten/e o t-e 1-arma o are /alled .-i/. 4t is also like listeners o t-e 1-arma .-o e5perien/e a /rude orm o non: lo.isdom% t-e initial si#n o t-e ire o .a sti/k.ill de initely live. T-ere are t.-o /an do t-is pea/e ully Nt-ose .orld.orries and ve5ations are relieved o .坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. /an 4 understand a little bit o t-is true . Gne enjoys bein# o/used more and pursues a pat. T-e 1-arma o roots o #oodness /ontains 16 Bra/ti/es and 8our Conditions o t-e Trut-. Bra/titioners su/.s . Contemplate t-ese our aspe/ts o t-e pat-D t-e .na samadhi% . 6ild men .ill de initely rea/ pea/e and t-ink to t-emselves% 04 .

el% t-ey a/"uire t-e purity o t-e sin#leness o mind /ombined .-at is patien/e e"uivalent2 4t a//ords .14% &''1(11(') 4& .orld as ull o su erin# and devoid o and t-ere is not-in# more supreme. 6-at does it mean by little ait-2 4t is a little amon# t-e Budd-as% Bod-isattvas% Pratyekabuddhas and arhats% but a lot amon# .-i/. Iust as t-e Par.yanDa Sutra saysD %he "uddha.ild men.t-e pra/ti/es o t-e 8our Noble Trut-s% t-ere ore /alled patien/e. 4n t-e midst o t-e Triple Ie. 8urt-ermore% /ontemplate t-e entire .it.isdom% .true . 6-at is patien/e2 Contemplatin# t-e 8ive Skandhas as bein# impermanent% . dies. %o the point that he plummets from the #harma summit. 4t is also /alled t-e ability to a/"uire roots o #oodness or nirvana. T-e Ei#-t old Broper Bat/an ensure t-at pra/titioners rea/. To .in bein# patient . 8urt-ermore% it /an s-atter or be lost% t-ere ore /alled little. T-e end to t-e /onditions o -abits and kno. dies. /an 4 understand a little bit o t-is true . with material support. %he spouting of bamboo is in truth the same.isdom23 By re/eivin# t-e +an#-a je. ! mule. T-ere is urt-er patien/e in t-eir CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. At t-at time% do not s-irk ba/k% do not re#ret and do not retreat. once with offspring. 8urt-ermore% or t-ose . 9appily enterin# patien/e is /alled 9avin# t-e Cood roots or Batien/e. 4t is ull o su erin# be/ause -abits% love and ot-er a li/tions. T-is kind o ait.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. the #harma and the Sangha jewels !nyone with a bit of pure faith 8ave what is called the good roots of the summit (ou shall focus and continue to uphold these. Shattered and lost. Iust as t-e #harmapada saysD "ananas are produced but really are dead. ! petty re#rets and no doubts is /alled patien/e.isdom devoid o out lo.-o -ave not yet ended t-eir various mental knots and servants and not yet a/"uired t-e in inite .614 /ompanions% -o. T-e t-ree types o #ood roots in/lude t-e superior% avera#e% and in erior ones durin# t-e t-ree periods o time. ! petty man wins fame "ut his purity completely lost.o nirvana and understand and /ontemplate t-e 8ive Skandhas% t-e 8our Noble Trut-s and t-e 16 Bra/ti/es urt-er.% < ait-= is t-ere ore /onsidered 0little. it is no gain.el% t-ey enjoy ait-% purity% and #reat a sel % ull o su erin# and empty% t-e mind is patient and does not retreat% -en/e /alled patien/e.led#e is /alled t-e supreme 1-arma% t-ere is none more t-e #ood roots or t-e summit% /alled t-e 1-arma o t-e +ummit.3 1ili#ently o/us on enterin# t-e pat.

-i/. By pra/ti/in# t-ese orms o .s in t-e 1esire Healm.elve Mental Knots t-at entan#le us in t-e 8ormless Healm. Beople . Abidin# in t-e impermanen/e o t-e 8our Condu/ts and t-e absen/e o t-e sel in su erin# and emptiness simultaneously% /ontemplate t-e sin#le trut. 6-en t-e .t-e 1-arma and t-e pat.isdom.isdom Nimpartial .isdom o su erin#% t-e . Beyond t-e t-ird and t-e ourt.-o -ave parted .t-e d-arma o su erin# eliminates t-e su erin# o mental knots and servants% and /erti ies to t-e . .o patien/e . Bra/ti/es o patien/e .led#e o t-e 1-arma end t-e Ei#-t Mental Knots t-at entan#le us in CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. T-e su erin# o relative orbearan/e and su erin# o relative kno.o t-e su erin# o t-e 8our Mindstates.t-e 1-arma and t-e .isdom o non:out lo. to -ead to.isdom are reali@ed in t-e to make re"uent pro#ress in bein# sin#le:minded are e5tremely .isdom rom t-e d-arma o su erin# and t-e patien/e ..isdom t-at is reali@ed in t-e utureO is a//omplis-ed at t-at 8or instan/e% a mountain o boulders /annot loat on or be moved by . T-is is /alled t-e Batien/e . T-ose .ard nirvana% t-is kind o o/us is /alled t-e oremost 1-arma in t-e .t-e 1-arma o +u erin# Nt-e d-arma is a d-arma o non:out lo.isdom o non:out lo.orld.t-ey -ave not yet a/"uired t-e .it. minds.led#e o ot-ers.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.isdom o t-e 1-arma% relative . $arious mental knots and servants% various a li/tions% doubts and re#rets enter t-eir minds and yet /annot break <t-eir ait-=.14% &''1(11(') 4* .ind and .mindstates% pra/titioners reali@e t-e 8our 8orms o 6isdomD t-e .ind blo.isdom o patien/e.isdom.-ere pra/titioners are patient and ait.614 midst.isdom o t-e 1-arma. 6is-in# to understand t-e eatures o t-e 8our Noble Trut-s% t-ey vo. T-e pat. +e/ondly% t-e t-ou#.isdom o t-e 1-arma end t-e +even Mental Knots t-at entan#le us in t-e 1esire Healm and t-e T.aspe/t o . pra/titioners to a/"uire t-e trut. Iust as an individual a5es a bundle o /rop and just as a s-arp kni e sli/es bamboo% bend .-en t-e . Iust as t-e Budd-a says so in t-e #harmapadaD !mong the proper views in the world. 6-y /ontemplate t-e ive eelin# skandhas o t-e 1esire Healm as impermanent and t-at su erin# and emptiness are .isdom and impartial .s is t-e skill and t-e .it-out a sel 2 Bein# patient in t-eir midst is to enter .o At t-at time% pra/titioners a/"uire uni"ue and impartial .ul .t-e s-ared /onditions.isdom o su erin#% and impartial . -en/e t-e ten mental knots end.allo. T-is p-enomenon /an mana#e t-e end to su erin# and entan#lements by vie.isdom o t-e 1-arma% t-e .it.ild men.eary o t-e a/tivities in t-e .desire stren#t-en t-e reali@ation o t-e kno. t-is is t-ere ore /alled patien/e.ater. 8as anyone who ac5uired many.o su erin# and be patient . Ne5t t-e .orld.isdom stren#t-ens. is a/"uired% t-e number one .s in t-e .led#e end t-e 1A Knots% .orld are /alled t-e #oods roots o patien/e. T-is situation earns pra/titioners t-e name true and #ood .isdom e5-austively alon# t-e pat-% ea/. For millions of millennia even "ut never fall into evil realmsBroper vie.

t-ose .g.s-arp sense a/ulties are /alled t-ose .-o enter nirvana in 8ormless -ave not parted . an. All mental knots are CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. T-e pat.mins .supreme pra/ti/e. and an.mins .ill de initely enter nirvana in t-is li etime.mins .-o love ait-. T-eir vie.-o -ave not parted .mins Nmeanin# 0none:returner3O.g.g.ill enter t-e pat.% t-ey are t-ere ore /alled srotap.nnas.g.ere to use met-ods o out lo. an.ill enter nirvana durin# mid:skandha body. t-ose .-o . 8urt-ermore% t-ere are nine types o knots in t-e 1esire Healm Nt-e supreme amon# t-e supreme% t-e avera#e amon# t-e supreme% t-e in erior amon# t-e supreme% t-e supreme amon# t-e avera#e% t-e avera#e amon# t-e avera#e% t-e in erior amon# t-e avera#e% t-e supreme amon# t-e in erior% t-e avera#e amon# t-e in erior% and t-e in erior amon# t-e in eriorO. an.mins . T-ose .mins . T-e pat.-o truly .g.o relative patien/e and t-e pat.mins . an.g.nna (下子上子).mins Nmeanin# 0on/e:returner3O. 8or t-ose . T-ose . 8or t-ose .ill es/ape t-e evil realms. to irst end t-e +i5 Types o Mental Knots t-at entan#le us in t-e 1esire Healm% t-ey .-ose t-ree mental knots -ave ended and t-ree poisons -ave t-inned are /alled sakṛd.mins .s. an.t-e 1-arma.s o t-e trut.led#e is /alled srotap. T-ere are nine types o mental knots in t-e 8orm and 8ormless Healms.desire but -ave ended t-eir AA Mental Knots% t-ey are /alled srotap.g. an. 1ull sense a/ulties are /alled Bra/ti/in# in A//ord .desire% t-ey are /alled t-ose at t-e level o t-e 8irst 8ruition.-o do not dili#ently seek to enter nirvana.-o be/ame born t-ou#t-ey -ave already entered nirvana.-o enter nirvana in t-e !kaniṣṭha 9eaven.g. T-e Ei#-t old Broper Batand t-e *? Means are streams t-at lead us to nirvana. all marks o t-e 1-arma.nnas.-o -ave ended t-e +i5 Crades o Mental Knots and a/"uired t-e 16 Mindstates% t-ey are /alled sakṛd.-o dili#ently seek to enter nirvana.g. 8urt-ermore% sin/e t-ey -ave t-e #ood roots to enjoy t-e result o non:out T-ey -ave a/"uired t-e 16 Mindstates.g.-o .14% &''1(11(') 44 .614 t-e 1esire Healm.-o -ave an initial amount o merit and . T-ere are nine types o an.-o be/ome /erti ied in t-eir very bodies. +e/ondly% or t-ose .-ave severed and t-eir t-ou#-ts -ave ended.o relative kno.-o a/"uire vie.nnas.ill be/ome reborn in a amily or t-ree li etimes.g.-o -ave irst severed t-e nine #rades o mental knots and a/"uired t-e 16 Mindstates are /alled an.g.-o enter nirvana .o seein# t-e trut-.-o ollo. an. T-ose .led#e end t-e 14 Mental Knots t-at entan#le us in t-e 8orm and 8ormless Healms. an. T-ose .minsD T-ey are dis/iples o t-e Budd-a .-o are aimin# or ar-ats-ip. 4 t-e t-ree types o mental knots end% t-en t-ey . T-e 16 Mindstates enable t-e s-arp sense a/ulties in t-e 1) mindstates. T-eir mental knots o t-inkin# -ave not yet ended and t-ey s-all be/ome reborn or yet anot-er seven li etimes. t-ey are /alled srotap. t-is stream are srotap.itdull sense a/ulties are /alled t-ose .nnas.g.g.o relative kno.g.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.8ait-.mins .mins 4 ordinary individuals .mins. t-is is /alled t-e Bra/ti/in# in A//ord . T-ey a/"uire t-e 16 Mindstates and are /alled sakṛd.

isdom o aranya samadhi Nt-e C-inese re er to t-is as t-e aranya . CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1.-ere Kauṣṭ-ila slept and a battle / t-ey urt-ermore do not seek merit but .or t-e .immersed T-ose .na to all /onditioned d-armas.led#e% dili#en/e and vi#or% t-ey are able to rea/.-o are immersed in 6ay. 6it- urt-er s-arpened sense a/ulties and dili#ent vi#or% t-ey enter various dhy. T-ose .na +ta#es% t-e 8our 8ormless Samadhis% t-e 8our 4mpartial Mindstates% t-e Ei#-t 8orms o 7iberation% t-e Ei#-t +uperior +ta#es% t-e Eleven 4nterje/tions% t-e Nine +e"uen/es% and t-e si5tspiritual po.-en t-ey enter nirvana.led#e and immersed pro#ress% t-ey /ome to detest #ain and /ontemplate sui/ide.-o must kno. T-ose .-o do not retreat rom t-e 1-arma% t-ose o t-e 1-arma o deat-% t-ose .little #ain% kno.o liberation applies all .na sta#es and -ave ended all out lo.isdom to /ultivatin# all roots o #oodness.-o retreat rom t-e 1-arma are #iven t-at name be/ause t-ey pra/ti/e t-e 8ive 1-armas o Hetreat.-o #uard t-e 1-arma are #iven t-at name be/ause . T-ose .-o are liberated in total% t-ose .ait or t-e time . +ome arhats are al. T-ose . T-ose .614 s-attered .-o retreat rom t-e 1-arma% t-ose . T-ere are nine types o arhatsD T-ose . T-ey -ave trans/ended t-e samadhi derived rom bein# permeated in t-e T-ree 7iberation 1oors o #hy.s and marks means be/omin# atta/-ed to t-e mind ulness o t-e /alled .immersed T-is is /alled t-e a/"uirin# o t-e Non: retreatin# 1-arma and t-e 4ndestru/tible 1-arma. T-ose o t-e 1-arma o deat.led#e and #reat pro#ress% t-ey prote/t t-emselves.eary o satis a/tion .ays t-e /ase o PMriputra and Ma-Mmaud#alyMyana enterin# t-e pottery -ouse . t-e 1-arma are #iven t-at name be/ause .s-arp kno.ays pra/ti/es emptiness and stillness.led#e% t-ose .it. +ome arhats seek t-e 8our #hy.t-e >ajra Samadhi o t-e /ontention% .-o are liberated in total are #iven t-at name be/ause t-ey -ave rea/-ed t-e various dhy.-i/. T-ose .indestru/tible liberation in t-e mind.s in varyin# de#rees.are #iven t-at name be/ause . An e5ample o i#-tin# .isdom% t-ose .led#e and s-arp pro#ress t-ey pra/ti/e t-e 8ive 1-armas o non: Hetreat.-o #uard t-e 1-arma% t-ose .it. T-e earlier edition says t-at +ub-uti al.isdom are #iven t-at name be/ause t-ey -ave not been able to enter t-e various dhy.led#e and avera#e pro#ress% t-ey abide at a level .-o embody indestru/tible 1-arma% t-ose .-o are liberated based on .it-out doin#% or empty and still.-o must kno.-o do not retreat rom t-e 1-arma are #iven t-at name be/ause .na sta#es and not yet ended all out lo. T-e and t-e lettin# #o o t-em N7ettin# #o o t-e T-ree 7iberation 1oors% bein# empty o vo.-o are immersed in pro#ress.t-e initial sta#e o t-e indestru/tible liberation in t-e mind.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.elve 1oors in reverseO.-o abide in t-e 1-arma are #iven t-at name be/ause . Bein# empty o vo.s-arp kno.-o embody indestru/tible 1-arma are #iven t-at name be/ause . t-e 1-arma% t-ose .-ere t-ey neit-er advan/e nor pra/ti/es non:/ontention s-all prote/t sentient bein#s so t-ey do not i#-t.avera#e kno.s and marks. T-is is /alled ar-ats-ip. T-eir .14% &''1(11(') 4) . -en/e -e is naturally . T-ose .-o are liberated based on .it.s in varyin# de#rees.led#e% #reat pro#ress% t-ey rea/.it. +omeone .-o abide in t-e 1-arma% t-ose .

enterin# .it. all d-armas and are able to di erentiate t-orou#-ly and e ortlessly% enterin# and kno. Pratyekabuddhas /an di erentiate sli#-tly% but t-ey /annot enter and kno.614 4n times .as only one bra/elet le t% t-en it .it. all /ondu/ts are impermanent% all d-armas are . understandin# . T-ou#. in dept.many or e.mins in t-eir sevent. T-ose o t-e in erior type are already durin# t-e -eat o t-e summer% -e ordered a youn# servant to rub o5 -ead /-andana in/ense on -im. 8or pra/titioners interested in Budd-a-ood% .e /annot tell t-e di eren/e amon# t-e bran/-es in lookin# at a tree rom a distan/e.ere no Budd-as in t-e .-en t-ey meditate% t-ey s-ould irst o/us t-eir minds CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1.ay.-en t-ere is no Budd-ad-arma% t-ey . t-ey are /alled Pratyekabuddhas.-en t-ere is no Budd-ad-arma% t-ey . +ound 9earers /an kno.-ose #ood roots and /ondu/ts -ave matured be/ome Pratyekabuddhas . Iust as . t-ey are /alled superior Pratyekabuddhas.ill be/ome sakṛd.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 in dept-.-is supernatural ability to travel% -e le t t-e and ruits rom beneat.. li e and entered t-e mountains. At a time .it-out a -ost and t-at only nirvana is #ood and pea/e ul.e /an tell t-e di eren/e in t-e bran/ sittin# on a bed made o seven kinds o #ems up on a to.-o -ave parted . /loser in% . +-e .ay but /annot di erentiate or kno.ill not #et to be dis/iples.14% &''1(11(') 46 . robes donned -im naturally.g.orld% no Budd-ad-arma% and no dis/iples o t-e Budd-a% t-ose . 9air ell o o -is -ead.isdom and vi#or% t-ey retreat Nsu/.eary o t-e . At t-at time% t-ey be/ome . T-ese are /alled avera#e Pratyekabuddhas.e /an /ompletely tell apart t-e bran/-es% leaves% lo. T-e Budd-as kno.een lo. +ome people seek Budd-a-ood but due to /onditions and little .orld% no Budd-ad-arma% and no dis/iples o t-e Budd-a% t-ose .as ordered to take t-e bra/elets o one by one so t-e noise de/reased until t-ere . T-ere are t-ree types o PratyekabuddhasD superior% avera#e and in erior. T-e kin# reali@ed and uttered% 0T-e ministers and /iti@ens o t-is /ountry and t-e sta and maids -ere are similarly busy and re"uently bot-ered.orld% t-ey leave t-e -omeli e to attain t-e .isdom li#-tly .ay. urt-ermore% t-ey s-ould not under#o an ei#-t.isdom deeply% t-ey are /alled Budd-as. 6ere sakṛ to all d-armas% t-ey are /alled arhats. 9e le t t-e desire emer#e as etime as -uman bein#s.-en t-ere .as PMriputraO. Enterin# .ore a lot o bra/elets on -er arms and t-e /onstant jin#lin# o t-e ban#les bot-ered t-e kin# .3 At t-at time% -e le t desire and .-en t-ere are no Budd-as in t-e . 4n times . 6-ile t-ey are plantin# roots o #oodness or be/omin# Pratyekabuddhas% t-eir roots o #oodness ripen but t-ere is no Budd-ad-arma. T-ese are t-e /auses and /onditions or an avera#e be/ome Pratyekabuddhas. +ound 9earers /an /ontemplate in t-is .ould not be able to be dis/ /omplete silen/e. +ome people .nnas. ine eatures.orld and leave t-e -omeli e to attain t-e .it.ers and leaves% . T-ey be/ome Pratyekabuddhas t-en.mins to be/ome born or a se/ond li etime .-ile /ontemplatin# alone% -e be/ame a Pratyekabuddha.isdom to an avera#e e5tent% t-ey are /alled Pratyekabuddhas. in dept-.eit-er. 8or instan/e% Kin# $aranasi .-en -e .g. 6eary o t-e .erin# pavilion% and . T-ey be/ome Pratyekabuddhas t-en.e /annot tell t-e di eren/e bet. urt-ermore t-ey s-ould not under#o a t-ird li bein# rubbed. T-e youn# servant .t-e tree. T-ey .

Iust o/us on all t-e p-ysi/al bodies o t-e Budd-as in t-e air.o types o bodies o a Budd-a are t-e same . T-ey t-en attain #reat kindness% #reat /ompassion and ease. CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1.ill rea/.s. T-e 8our 8earlessnesses% t-e 8ive Eyes% t-e Ten Bo. May t-ey s-atter t-e demoni/ multitudes outside and atta/k t-e t-ieves o knots inside strai#-t on . 6-ereas all bein#s all into t-e deep pit o birt.14% &''1(11(') 4? .ay% pra/titioners .ear t-ree s-ields o bodies in t-is .and 06-en .ill 4 a/"uire t-e mi#-tily meritorious body o a Budd-a23 8urt-ermore% makin# t-is #reat vo. 1o not t-ink about any orm in t-e universe and ot-er t-in#s in t-e universe. 4t is t-e same or t-e dire/tions sout-% .3 Bra/titioners t-ink% 0T-e s. T-ey . No ot-er retribution is ne/essary. May t-ey make key oat-s and .-y . -e su ers rom -un#er% poverty% and -ards-ip.and turnin# ba/k. 9e eats e5/rement and mud.t-e lavor o 1-arma based on t-e Budd-as. May t-ey use listenin#% re/itin#% up-oldin#% in"uirin#% /ontemplatin# and /ondu/t as t-eir ladder in rea/-in# or ruitions. Al.esome% . May t-ey a/"uire all Budd-ad-armas.ays mind ul o t-e eatures o Budd-as. T-e Budd-as possess t-ese various types o in inite merit% so .ind% mountains% trees% #rass or plants. 9avin# rea/-ed t-is samadhi% t-ey s-all be mind ul o t-e Budd-as.ould sentient bein#s seek any ot-er karma and not Budd-a-ood2 8or e5ample% t-e blind son o an elite amily alls into a lar#e and deep pit.-ere all Budd-as t-rou#-out t-e t-ree periods o time and in t-e ten dire/tions are be ore t-eir .s in t-is . T-e merits and virtues o all bodies o Budd-as are a.-o .ay out.ill t-en see *''%''' @illion kinds o Budd-as in initely.and deat.e t-ink to ourselves and .s% and all virtue.-i/.and every one o t-e in inite vo. At t-at time% t-ey .s.-ere else% #ently pull it ba/k so t-at it is mind ul o t-e bodies o t-e Budd-as. 1o not o/us on eart-% .at/-es t-e /onstellations in t-e ni#-t sky% millions o stars o in inite kinds are all seen.t-e Samadhi o +eein# Everyt-in# .614 on t-e p-ysi/al bodies o all Budd-as t-rou#-out t-e ten dire/tions in t-e t-ree periods o time.ay and make vo. 4 t-e mind is some.s abide in ea/.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 t-e Bod-isattvas.eet de.3 8urt-ermore% to t-ink% 0All bein#s are so sad. 8or e5ample% in t-e middle o a /lear sea stands t-e #olden kin# o mountains% Mt. T-ese t-ree vo. 6-en t-e Bod-isattvas a/"uire samadhi% t-i/k layers o o ense t-rou#-out in inite eons be/ome t-in and t-in layers o o ense disappear.% 0May all my blessin#s rom t-e past and present be dire/ted to t-e pursuit o Budd-a-ood.ay.ays emittin# in inite li#-ts o purity in t-e blue sky. 9is at-er pities -im and .s eye. May 4 make t-em ull . T-ey /onsist o *& -allmarks and A' subsidiary /-ara/teristi/s% al. various merits and virtues.ater% ire% . assortment o in inite merit% all .#reat /ompassion 4 s-all res/ue all bein#s so t-ey reali@e Budd-a-ood and rea/t-e ot-er s-ore o birt. bodies are t-e same.e5pedients% res/ues -im out o t-e deep pit and eed -im superior deli/a/y.ers% t-e 1A Kni"ue 1-armas /an eliminate boundless su erin#s and res/ue bein#s .ill see all Budd-as dependin# on t-e dire/tion o t-eir o/us% like someone . 4#noran/e is on its initial .it.-o are a#in#% dyin#% or in ear so t-at t-ey enjoy nirvana t-at is /onstant and bliss ul. 6is-in# to reali@e Budd-a-ood to save sentient bein#s% t-ey are mind ul in t-is . +umeru.ay% . 7ike a -u#e ire bla@in# in t-e dark o t-e ni#-t or like a banner o seven je.els in t-e temple o #reat /-arity% t-e Budd-as.isdom% all understandin#% all vie.est% and nort-% t-e our /orners% @enit.:like merits and virtues o t-e t.and eat all kinds o impurities.

4 s-all save t-em so t-ey rea/. 6-y am 4 atta/-ed to su/.a /andle in -and% -e re/o#ni@es all t-e di erent types o beans% .restlers% i t-e pra/titioner de eats t-e mind% t-en it is tamed and stays put% .ard personal salvation2 04 s-all emulate t-e Bod-isattvas and pra/ti/e t-e /ontemplation o impurity% eliminate lust% trans orm sentient bein#s on a vast s/ale% and not dro.% veins% blood% liver% lun#s% intestines% stoma/-% stool% urine% tears and saliva /an be /ontemplated as impure in nine .#reat merit and virtue% -elp sentient bein#s make t-e t-ree vo.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 Samadhi o Mind ulness o t-e Budd-as..t-e mind. Abide in t-ese t-ree /onditions and en#a#e in a /onstant battle . 1o not let t-ou#-ts run to ot-er t-in#s% .-ave more lust s-ould irst /ontemplate t-eir bodies. /an . Al.areness is t-e /omponent /ons/iousness. 8o/us on /ontemplatin# kindness and #reat /ompassion% .een t-e eyebro.-en .impurities2 Contemplate t-e kno.-ile t-e sa/ks /ontain e5/ bones% les-% skin% marro.blood and les./leansed in t-at area and /on/entrate on t-e bones.eary o t-e troubles and seek to part .it.o open skin .-o a//ord .it. 4 s-all o/us on one in/. 8urt-ermore% /ontemplate t-e si5 /omponents o t-e bodyD solidity is t-e /omponent eart-% moisture is t-e /omponent .are or pure% -en/e developin# various o ense de ilements% 4 s-all li t t-em onto t-e #round o s.-eat and #rains. Iust as someone .-i/.ays /ontemplate in t-is .-o pra/ti/e t-e Bod-isattva pat.3 T-ose .e be like monkeys and rabbits t-at ear ridin# on .t-e pat.e be/ome .led#e o impurities /ome rom /auses and /onditions. At t-at time% t-ey s-ould brin# ort.and deat-% 4 s-all /ontemplate -o.are neit-er permanent nor impermanent% neit-er pure nor impure.o purity. 8urt-ermore% 4 s-all study and seek all 1-armas.n in my dis#ust based on t-e /ontemplation o to be/ome e5tin#uis-ed soon and enter nirvana.ater and -en/e only -ead to. 6-y do .e a/"uire t-e marks o true d-arma. 9o. 8urt-ermore% -avin# /ontemplated impurities and #ro.eary o t-e impurities in t-e body and seek nirvana2 Iust as an elep-ant rides on t-e .eet de.s and on t-e ore-ead. 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.ind% aperture is t-e /omponent emptiness and a.e be/ome e5tin/t and enter nirvana . t-e pra/ti/e o purity is tied to t-e t-ree spots o t-e mindD t-e tip o t-e nose% bet.o .s to its ountain-ead% .n .-o enters t-e #ranary . marks o reality% .14% &''1(11(') 4A .it.ardly and do not let t-ou#-ts run out. Also% just as t-e a bull is slau#-tered into si5 parts% t-e body% -ead and t-e our limbs are ea/.ay and do not let it t-ink about e5ternals% #ently pull ba/k t-ou#-ts t-at run out to t-e e5ternals. 0+in/e no sentient bein# is a.ays.ater% -eat is t-e /omponent ire% movement is t-e /omponent .614 4 amon# t-e t-ree poisons% t-ose . T-e *6 obje/ts su/. 8urt-ermore% sentient bein#s o t-e 1esire Healm enjoy and are atta/-ed to impurities like do#s t-at eat / a di erent pla/e% t-e body . Gn/e o/used% t-ey #ro. Iust like t.its nine apertures /onstantly drip impurities .my 1-arma s-ould pursue t-e marks o /alled t-e CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. .eary o t-e /y/le o birt.t-is body% .-en t-ey /ontra/t ot-er e5ternal t-in#s% #ently pull t-em ba/k. 6-en t-ou#-ts run out to e5ternal /onditions% pull t-em ba/k in.-i/.

vast and boundless kindness and purity and . T-ose .ays .erD Kindness is a 1-arma o t-e mind and /omes rom t-e t-ese are on t-e pat. FuestionD 6-y are t-ey not mind ul o sentient bein#s t-rou#-out t-e ten dire/tions simultaneously2 Ans.t-e truly pure 1-arma o nirvana% 4 s-all save sentient bein#s so t-ey attain true bliss. 4 4 .more t-ou#-ts o impurity% t-e mind #ro. 8or t-e sake o sentient bein#s% 4 s-all di erentiate t-e marks o t-ese various 4ndestru/tible and immovable% t-ey are /alled t-e true si#ns o all d-armas Nleavin# means en/ounterin# t-e d-armas o arhatsO.and .it.sentient bein#s to a/"uire t-e bene its o t-is 1-arma.s . sometimes t-ey are in t-e -uman realm and sometimes t-ey are in t-e -ells. /an people . T-e true si#ns o all d-armas are neit-er pure nor impure. Kindness. 4 s-all dili#ently /reate various merits and virtues% tea/-in# sentient bein#s so t-ey understand t-e emptiness o t-e marks o t-e body. Bra/titioners do t-e same or bein#s t-rou#-out t-e ten dire/tions . Bra/ti/in# Bod-isattvas .-o abide in t-e samadhi o kindness and /ontemplate t-e true marks o all d-armas as pure% indestru/tible and immovable% .eary.-o pra/ti/e samadhi mindstates o kindness su/. +in/e t-e marks o 1-arma mani est% t-e true d-arma develops. ire t-at burns stron#ly /an dry moisture.enemies .to -arm t-em pra/ti/e kindness so t-at t-eir enemies be/ome -appier2 Ans. /an t-ese bein#s be/ome -appier2 CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. 6it.est% t-e our intermediary dire/tions and above and belo.#reat /ompassion based on .er t-ou#-ts o purity% t-e mind develops atta/-ments.3 6it.3 T-ose . Gn/e o/used% you s-all make t-is .erD 4t is easier to o/us on one dire/tion% and t-en /over all dire/tions in order.-o al.t-e Bod-isattvas are kind% -o. T-ou#.-o tend to be more -ate ul and an#ry s-all pra/ti/e kindness.614 sin#leness o mind.14% &''1(11(') 4E .e. do so too or sout-% nort. FuestionD 9o. 6-ile maintainin# t-is mindstate% /ontemplate all bein#s and see everyt-in# /learly as i all . FuestionD +ometimes sentient bein#s e5perien/e various orms o su erin#.o Bod-isattvas. 6-en t-ou#-ts #o out to di erent /onditions% #ently brin# t-em ba/ alterin# or distra/tin# t-eir mind.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. t-ere is neit-er s-uttin#:in nor leavin# t-e d-armas o /ontemplation. 8irst dire/t it at t-ose dear to you t-en in turn dire/t it to your enemies. Be mind ul o sentient bein#s in t-e east. 1is/ipline t-e mind to pra/ti/e kindness and do not let it t-ink about e5ternal t-in#s.ere be ore resentment or -atred% see all bein#s be ore your eyes. 6it.t-is samadhi% t-ey are kindly mind ul o all bein#s in t-e east so t-at t-ey attain t-e bliss o 06it.eariness% t-en t-is empty set o skeleton stays ar a. T-e bones are merely /overed by skin and are a/tually an a//umulation o impurities. T-is is /alled t-e Samadhi 1oor o Bod-isattvas.ay rom nirvana and enters t-e t-ree evil realms.ere sympat-eti/ally mind ul o sentient bein#s% .

er o t-e samadhi o kindness.alkin#% standin# and re/linin#. T-is is /alled #reat kindness.-o /an pra/ti/e kindness dissolve and tame t-e multitude o evil so t-at all #ods and #ood spirits al.orld% 4 s-ould pra/ti/e kindness. and in t-e uture pra/ti/e kindness to bene it all. Be /ontent .it-out t-e 1-arma. 6-en a li/tions burn t-e mind% kindness /an e5tin#uis.3 8urt-ermore% don t-e s-ield o #reat kindness to s-elter a#ainst t-e arro. just as de eated #enerals are ri#-tened% see all t-eir enemies as /oura#eous kni#-ts.erD +tudy t-e pre/epts so t-at t-ey are -eld purely% so t-at ait-:#oers rely on you and deli#-t in you.-o leaps over t-e t-ree evil realms. desires and pra/ti/e /omplyin# . Bra/titioners /ontemplate% 0Creat individuals no. Amon# t-e valuables o 1-arma based on poverty and #oodness% kindness is a most superior #em.s us to /ross t-e sea o birt.erD Bra/titioners t-ink to t-emselves% 09avin# le t t-e -ouse-olders.leads to ati#ue and e5treme su erin#.t-e sin#le:pointedness o mind. +tudy t-e various dhy. Kno. so t-at various -eated a li/tions be/ome /ool kindness and de. t-e time and messa#e .t-e 1-arma like me is ree o a li/tions be/ause 4 a//ord .-appiness.orld . T-e po.-o believe in #enerosity s-ould pra/ti/e bene ittin# ot-ers as t-e Budd-a said.614 Ans. Kindness is t-e stallion t-at /arries us into nirvana. 1o not a/t .it-out moderation% .坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 o t-e kindness samadhi /an make t-e mind untainted.and deat-.all people t-e joy o Budd-a-ood and nirvana. Bra/ti/in# kindness is to a//ord .14% &''1(11(') )' . /an pra/titioners . li e and t-e se/ular .it.s o a li/ 08urt-ermore% 4 pra/ti/e kindness in a .t-em. Kindness is t-e bold #eneral .3 Bod-isattvas pra/ti/e and -ead or t-e door o s.t-ey are p-ysi/ally dressed in dyed robes% t-eir minds s-ould not be dyed.t-e tea/-in#s o t-e Budd-a. Enjoy bein# in "uiet pla/es and never be la5. Adjust -eat and /old so t-at t-ey do not be/ome bot-ersome. FuestionD 6-at bene its are t-ere to pra/ti/in# t-e Samadhi o Kindness2 Kindness is t-e 1-arma boat t-at allo. t-at .erD 8irst emulate t-e traits o -appiness o -appy people so t-at t-ose . /an t-ey stren#t-en it2 Ans.kind tea/ samadhis and .ords and keep "uiet. Alon# t-e journey to nirvana% kindness is t-e sustenan/e or t-e .-o su er seem to -ave attained su/.and re/eived o erin#s in vain.ays a//ompany and support t-em. 1o not abandon /ontemplation in t-e irst part or t-e latter parts o t-e ni#-t.ay. 8urt-ermore% s-are . 4 CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ t-ey .3 8urt-ermore% t-ey t-ink% 0Beople .it. Kindness is t-e 1-arma medi/ine t-at dissolves resentment and unties t-e knots o venom. Iust as t-e Budd-a said% 0+omeone e5tremely -ot s-ould enter t-e /ool pool o joy.s-attered -ave rea/-ed t-e Samadhi o Kindness avoid losin# it% in a/t% -o.t-e 1-arma and t-e po. Hestrain t-e body and eat little and redu/e -arm ul sleep. +omeone .s us to /limb onto t-e plat orm o liberation. 4 am someone . T-ose . +ave on petty .t-e 1-arma in t-e midst o multitudes .isdom t-rou#. Kindness is t-e 1-arma ladder t-at allo.-i/. 4 am also blessed and aided. T-ese are kind a/ts t-at bene it. 8urt-ermore% t-ou#. FuestionD 9o.ill not -ave entered t-is pat.-ile sittin#% .

3 A brie e5planation o t-e Kindness Samadhi may be applied to. T-ose .o .is-ed to s-oot t-em to s-all pra/ti/e kindness to repay su/.it.-olesome bene its% ends -atred% opens t-e door o reputation% is t-e /ause or ine ields rom donors and rebirt. Iust as Kin# Kdan stated .kindness.ill e5perien/e t-e individuals% lets t-em up-old t-e pure pre/epts% develops t-eir .storerooms o sin/erity and 4n/omparable slanders +yamavati apadana in t-e :apilavastu SutraD 9e -ad All Budd-as and 6orld 9onored Gnes are t-ose /alled% . 4t is t-e true and proper pat.3 To repay kindness is to be mind ul o sentient bein#s so t-ey reali@e t-e bliss o Budd-a-ood and nirvana.% it .pea/e to repay t-eir kindness.t-e bliss o re res-in# / by one usin# )'' arro.3 8urt-ermore% t-ey t-ink% 0Creatly $irtuous Gnes /onsider it joy ul to re#ard all bein#s .ard t-ree /ate#ories o individualsD a inities .s li e eliminates all evils. 9e .li e% a inities .-o aim to return evil . 8urt-ermore% t-e po.-o -as )'' subordinates. A kind response /an tame /urses% -umiliations and o kindness /an make all be/ome joyous% t-eir bodies apart rom -eated a li/tions and illed .ered% 04 do not -ave any ma#i/.n t-e arro. Kindness is .-o -ave not yet be/ome enli#-tened are t-ose . <Kind individuals= /annot be a e/ted by t-e ive types o evil spee/.-en t-e kin# s-ot -er .spee/-. 8urt-ermore% kindness o ers .ealtand nobility. T-e ive types o evil spee/-D untimely spee/-% untrut.and various doors o .it. and #ave up t-e s-ootin#.a inities in t-e entered t-e Kindness Samadhi.0no a inities.anted to s-oot a#ain. it /an /onstru/t a mansion o .ot-er as t-at is .a inities or li e.kindness and sympat-y% 4 s-all do t-e same. !rhats and Pratyekabuddhas are t-ose .as s/ared and t-re. 4t is t-e /ause and root o .in t-e "rahm.3 T-is is CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1.% it ell to -er eet. T-e kin# .-at /ouples are meant to do.ives% one named 4n/omparable% t-e ot-er named 1-arma and no a inities.ul spee/-% unbene i/ial spee/-% unkind spee/-% and -ars. returned to t-e eet o t-e kin#.ill -ead strai#-t or your -eart. must be re errin# to .and /annot be -armed by all venomous -arm. Kin# Kdan released )'' s-otsO. 7et us talk to ea/.3 At t-at time% +yamavati enters t-e Kindness Samadhi so t-at . 9eavens% allo.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. Bra/ti/e kindness and blessin#s by re#ardin# all .-olesome 1-armas.-at leads to reputation and t-e /ore to respe/t and ear on t-e part o ot-ers. +yamavati told all -er subordinates% 0+tand be-ind me. T-e Kin# .isdom% and o ers en/ounters .o t-e Budd-as.s t-em to stay in pla/es apart rom desire% eliminates enemies and t-e roots o /ontention% invites praise rom all Budd-as and respe/t rom .14% &''1(11(') )1 . do. Kindness is t-e /ream o t-e /rop .-o are #ood people.isdom .it. 8or e5ample% a small pyre /annot -eat up t-e #reat o/ean Nbelo.bene i/ial e5tremely ri#-tened. +yamavati told t-e kin#% 0+top. T-e mi#-ty po. 9e asked% 06-at kind o ma#i/ do you -ave23 +-e ans.s. Kindness /an /olle/t joy and develop dili#en/ o leavin# t-e -ouse-older.3 T-e kin# . 4 you release t-at arro. 4 am a dis/iple o t-e Budd-a . T-e se/ond arro. T-ose .re#ard to merit and de/ip-ers .

/ause% /ondition% or /auses and /onditions. o ense d-armas or d-armas o no o ense.-i/. name and orm result rom t-e /ondition o /ons/iousness. su erin#% -abits% endin#% and t-e . +entient bein#s are pat-eti/ and do not kno.-i/. 4t does not kno.614 a brie e5planation o t-e pra/ti/e o t-e Kindness Samadhi. 6-at does it mean by a/tivities o t-e body2 4n-alin# and CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. inside% outside% or inside and out.isdom% rom seein# are /alled i#noran/e. T-ese various types o dark i#noran/e t-at prevent us rom kno. /onta/t results rom t-e /ondition o t-e si5 entran/es. to be/ome liberated. 4t does not kno.o types o delusionsD sel delusion t-at is s-attered . 4t does not kno.-ite d-armas. 6-at does it mean by a/tivity2 T-ere are t-ree types o a/tivitiesD a/tivities o t-e body% spee/. 4 s-all urt-er /ontemplate rom . /onta/t /eases to be be/ause eelin#s /ease to be. /ons/iousness results rom t-e /ondition o a/tivity. #oodness% t-e absen/e o #oodness% or #oodness and t-e absen/e o #oodness.3 8o/us and t-inkD birt.elve2 4#noran/e does kno. . or non:out lo. 4t does not kno. name and orm /ease to be be/ause t-e si5 entran/es /ease to be. 8o/us and t-inkD birt.e5perien/e -ards-ip% /onstantly be/omin# born% /onstantly a#in#% /onstantly #ettin# si/k% /onstantly dyin#% /onstantly be/omin# e5tin/t and /onstantly e5itin#. #raspin# /eases to be be/ause e5isten/e /eases to be. 4t does not and delusions about sentient bein#s t-at are s-attered . 4t does not rom . eelin#s result rom t-e /ondition o /onta/t. to distin#uis. karma% retribution or karmi/ retribution. 4#noran/e /onditions a/tivity. 4t does not kno. near or d-armas to stay a. 4t does not kno./onditions are t-ey born. 4t does not kno. 4t does not kno. o enses% blessin#s% or o enses and blessin#s. 4t does not kno. eelin#s /ease to be be/ause love /eases to be.-o tend to be more deluded amon# t-e t-ree poisons s-all /ontemplate t-e T. d-armas o out lo.ay rom.. e5isten/e /eases to be be/ause birt. 4t does not 4t does not kno. t-e si5 entran/es /ease to be be/ause /onta/t /eases to be.result due to /onditions. e5isten/e results rom t-e /ondition o #raspin#. and a/tivity results rom t-e /ondition o i#noran/e. t-e e5it and -o. love results rom t-e /ondition o eelin#s. about . 4t does not kno. Contemplate t-is% 0+entient bein#s and 4 bot./eases to be. 6-y are t-ere t./ease to be. and delusion /eases to be be/ause a/tivity /eases to be.een /auses and /onditions.3 8o/us and t-ink% 0Birt-% old a#e% si/kness and deat./omes be ore and a ter. Bra/ti/in# Bod-isattvas . t-e d-arma o true /erti i/ation.-at /omes be ore% .14% &''1(11(') )& . 4t does not kno. 4t does not kno.orldly d-arma or trans/endental d-arma. bla/k or . d-armas o t-e past% present or uture.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.and mind. d-armas to dra.results rom t-e /ondition o e5isten/e. t-e d-arma o t-e si5 /onta/ts. t-e Budd-a% t-e 1-arma% and t-e +an#-a./eases to be be/ause old a#e and deat. #raspin# results rom t-e /ondition o love.elve Means t-at s-atter t-e t. /ons/iousness /eases to be be/ause name and orm /ease to /omes a ter% and bott-at . t-e si5 entran/es result rom t-e /ondition o name and orm. love /eases to be be/ause #raspin# /eases to be.

T-at .-o -ave le t t-e -ouse-older. T-e same applies on up to /onta/t t-rou#. 6-at is /onta/t . 6-at are t-e our elements2 Eart-% . 4 t-ere is no a. 6-at is . T-at .-i/. 6-at are t-e si5 entran/es2 T-e inner si5 entran/es ran#e rom t-e inner entran/e o t-e eye to t-e inner entran/e o t-e mind. Cons/iousness /onditions name and orm.areness and /ontemplation o t-e a/tivities o spee/-2 4t is be/ause t-ey are a. Bain /omes rom -ot is ire. 6-at is t-e eelin# o neutrality2 A servant o T-ese are /alled t-e +i5 Types o Cons/ solid and -eavy is eart-.ind. 1ualities and non:dualities are /alled t-e /ompositions o orm. T-at . A/tivities /ondition /ons/iousness. Moreover% t-ere are .#hy. and t-e /ondu/t o li#-t and movin# is . Conta/t /onditions eelin#.#ives rise to eye /ons/iousness. 6-at is t-e eelin# o su erin#2 A servant o -atred. T-ere ore it is best to say t-at eelin#s and t-ou#-ts are still trouble or t-ose .t-e eye2 T-e eyes /ondition orm% .is moist and .-i/.-i/. 4t is /onne/ted to t-e mind.-olesome d-armas2 6-at is una e/ted /ondu/t2 T-e 8ourt.s . 6-y is t-ere a. 6-at is un.-olesome /ondu/t2 All un. t-ere ore t-ey are /alled a/tivities o t-e body. T-is is /alled a/tivities o spee/-. 6-at does it mean by /ons/iousness2 T-e si5 types o realms o /ons/iousness ran#e rom t-e eye /ons/iousness to t-e mind /ons/iousness. Name and orm /ondition t-e si5 entran/es.-olesome /ondu/ts in t-e 1esire Healm are also t-e t-ird #round in t-e 8orm Healm.orld are atta/-ed.-olesome /ondu/t .out 6-y2 T-ese are p-ysi/al 1-arma pra/ti/es.-olesome samadhi . 6-at is eelin#2 T-e t-ree types o eelin# are t-e eelin#s o joy% su erin# and neutrality. Gt-er orms /an be seen. eelin# is elt dependin# on t-e joys and su erin# in a realm.t-e mind.t-e mind.people in t-e . 6-at is t-e eelin# o joy2 A servant o love.14% &''1(11(') )* .t-e eyes. T-ere is none in t-e upper realms.t-e eye to /onta/t t-rou#. 6-at does it mean by name2 T-e our divisions o pain% t-ou#-ts% a/tivities and /ons/iousness in t-e 8ormless Healm are /alled name. in t-e 8ormless Healm are /alled a/tivities.-olesome /ondu/t% un.614 e5-alin# are a/tivities o t-e body.-at is /alled /onta/t . 6-at is eart-2 T-at . 6-at is /onta/t2 T-e si5 realms o /onta/t ran#e rom /onta/t . 6-at does it mean by orm2 T-e our elements and t-e /omposition o all orm are /alled orm. 8urt-ermore% t-e 1esire Healm is tied to a/tivities% t-e 8orm Healm is tied to a/tivities% and t-e 8ormless Healm is tied to a/tivities.-i/. 8urt-ermore% t-e eelin# o joy CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1.ater% ire and 6-at does it mean by a/tivities o t-e mind Npain re ers to t-e t-ree types o pain to .s li eO2 T-ou#-t re#ardin# pain is a d-arma o t-e mind. T-e si5 entran/es /ondition /onta/ T-e /ombination o name and orm are /alled name and orm. T-ese are /alled t-e si5 entran/es.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.-olesome /ondu/t2 All .areness and /ontemplation% t-ere is no is .it.are and /ontemplate be ore speakin#. T-e /ombination o t-ese t-ree is . t-ere ore it is /alled a/tivities o t-e mind.-olesome /ondu/t and una e/ted /ondu/t.-i/.out lo.

it-ers% .it. t-at t-ey /ome rom t-e seeds eit-er.-i/. Birt. in t-e Avi/i on up to t-e 9eaven o Gt-ers. Healm do. 6-at is deat-2 All bein#s every. 8rom do. 6-at is #raspin#2 Craspin# o desire% #raspin# o vie. 6-at is deat-2 T-e allin# o teet-% t-e #rayin# o -air% t-e .een t-e eyes and orm produ/es love and on up to /onta/t bet.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.rinklin# o skin% t-e ripenin# o t-e senses% t-e breakin# o t-e senses% and t-e /-okin# o breat-% t-e body -un/-es so t-at bein#s .are /alled birt-.orld /an avoid tou/-in# /auses and /onditions. 6it. T-e skandha body . 1elusion does not kno./onditions old a#e and deat-. E5isten/e /onditions birt-.erD Alt-ou#. FuestionD 4 t-ere /alled deat-.-en joy abides% su erin# e5tin#uis-es. T-ey die and lose t-eir li e% .an una e/ted mind t-at is tied to one t-ou#-t and does not t-ink about t-e e5ternals. Trans ormation o Ease are /alled t-e e5isten/e o desire. T-is is appli/able to old a#e and deat.s.614 produ/es joy% .t-ere is no sel % t-e si5 emotions /reate t-e /auses% t-e si5 sense obje/ts /reate CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1.n belo. 4t /an brin# ort. 7ove /onditions #raspin#.-i/. 6-at is t-e e5isten/e o ormlessness2 8rom spa/e and on up to t-e spa/e o neit-er t-ou#-t nor no t-ou#-t is /alled t-e e5isten/e o ormlessness. T-in#s do not /ome rom t-e -eavens% -umans and ot-er deviant /onditions.elve Causal 7inks .are o su erin# nor joy.% #raspin# o pre/epts% #raspin# o t-e sel % and #raspin# o lan#ua#e. T-e eelin# o su erin# produ/es su erin#% .elve Causal 7inks are empty and t-ere is no -ost.karma.buds% seeds do not kno. t-at t-ey /ome rom t-e buds . 6-at is love2 Conta/t bet. Contemplate t-e T. -en/e t-e name old a#e and deat-.-ile buds do not kno.n belo. 7ike seeds t-at develop into ve#etation t-rou#.t-e skandha o eelin#% bein#s a/"uire up-oldin#% enterin# and li e% .alk . T-e Bod-isattvas /ontemplate t-e T.o t-e T. ea/. But or t-e /ondition o i#noran/e% a/tivities /ome ort-.14% &''1(11(') )4 .it-out a -ost and a sel . 8irst a#e t-en dyin#. 6it. 4 Bod-isattvas abide in t-e mind% t-ey s-ould /ontemplate t-at t-e T. Contemplate and kno.-i/. 6-en t-e mind /onditions e5ternals% it is #ently brou#-t ba/k.ere no sel % no -ost and no a/tion% .elve Causal 7inks as . T-e eelin# o neutrality is neit-er a. on up to t-e !kaniṣṭha 9eaven are /alled t-e e5isten/e o orm.-ere retreat% all% plummet and be/ome e5tin/t. Craspin# /onditions e5isten/e.-en su erin# abides% joy e5tin#uis-es. 6-at is e5isten/e2 T-e t-ree types o e5isten/e are t-e e5isten/e o desire% t-e e5isten/e o orm and t-e e5isten/e o ormlessness.a /ane. 8eelin# /onditions love.and ot-ers.een mind and d-arma% also produ/in# love. 6-at is birt-2 $arious sentient bein#s are born rom various pla/es.-y are leavin# and /omin# e5plained as dyin# -ere and be/omin# born t-ere2 /alled a#in#. Iust as ve#etation outside -as no -ost% t-e sel only e5ists due to /al/ulations based on perverted vie. 6-at is t-e e5isten/e o orm2 8rom t-e "rahm. t-at t-e sel /reates t-e a/tivities. t-at t-e sel /omes rom t-e e5isten/e o delusion.elve Causal 7inks bein# born rom t-e t-ree periods o time% past% present and uture. a/tivities do not kno.elve Causal 7inks% not-in# in t-e .re#ard to t-e T.

-o T-at one si#n is no si#n% . T-e a/tivities and /onse"uen/es o #ood and evil are just so too.s dryin# t-e / PrajE.p.rom a sel . is just so too.erD 4 t-e +ah. +entient bein#s are de/eived by entan#led atta/-ments like someone .as none% no.3 6-at does it mean to /all impermanen/e and ot-er /ontemplations t-e proper vie.ers and leaves.614 t-e /onditions and in t-eir midst /ome t-e si5 /ons/iousnesses.-atsoever ot-er t-an emptiness. T-e 8ive Skandhas are t-e love or t-e pearl and t-e sun.lo. says% 0All d-armas do not /ome into bein# nor /ease to be.e talk about impermanen/e bein# unreal.ers and ruits earlier.and birt. All bein#s see impermanen/e% . T-e 8ive Skandhas /ome ort. t-at e5tin/tion o /auses is /ompletion.are o all karma. All /onditioned t-in#s are impermanent./ontains old a#e% si/kness and deat-. E5istent% it is t-en /onstant2 8irst t-ere .ns a pri/eless #em but does not kno.t-e proper and true 1-arma so t-at t-ey see t-e proper pat-. CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. dun# led to t-eir e5pedient union% -en/e ire o//urs.rom t-e /ausal links just as t-e #rains /ome ort. T-e sprouts% bran/-es% leaves and ot-ers /ome into bein# t-ere ore do not sever and are no di erent.2 Ans. Bra/titioners say% 0T-e 1-arma is impermanent. T-ere is /onstant perversion in impermanen/e makes some 6-y do /auses and /onditions /ome ort-2 T-ere are no permanent /auses and no permanent /onditions% so -o. but .14% &''1(11(') )) . t-at it is aut-enti/ and is de/eived by ot-ers.ere untrue2 4 it says emptiness t-at does not /ome into bein# nor /ease to be is a si#n o reality% t-en it s-ould not say it is o no si#n.t-e /auses and /onditions o seasons% it be/omes /omplete . At t-at time% Bod-isattvas be/ome #reatly /ompassionate% 04 s-all be/ome a Budd-a to trans orm sentient bein#s . t-at /ompletion is t-e pat-. T-ere ore t-e 8ive Skandhas /ome into bein# and t-e 8ive Skandhas emer#e in uture lives.-y does it say impermanen/e% su erin#% emptiness and ot-ers .-i/.it.3 FuestionD Iust as t-e /alled t-e proper vie.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. 9en/e .o proper vie. T-ese t-ree items /ombine so /onta/t o//urs and t-ou#-ts are a. su erin# and emptiness is .-i/. 8or instan/e% t-e /ause o t-e sun.3 Kno. Kno. /an t-e ruits t-at /ome ort. T-e /ontinuity o deat. 8urt-ermore% t-e Budd-a talks about t-e 8our says t-at all d-armas are empty and devoid o si#ns% . /omin# into bein# and /easin# o//ur on t-eir o.y.. T-ey are neit-er di erent nor one. E5ternally t-ey see all t-in#s .y.t-e our kinds o . T-is is also -o. T-e seeds are not t-e sprouts and did not /ome ort. t-ey a/"uire uture lives. kno.. and kno. 8or e5ample% a tree did not -ave any bran/-es% leaves% lo. 6-at you say earlier and later are in/onsistent.n. t-ere is not-in# . T-ere ore leavin# and /omin# are e5plained as dyin# -ere and be/omin# born t-ere. T-e seeds de#enerate t-ere ore t-ey are neit-er /onstant nor one.rom anyt-in# ot-er t-an sprouts. t-at love and ot-er /auses t-e T.elve Causal 7inks .ramit.isdom is t-e pat. 4t is not t-at t-ese ive skandhas #o to uture lives or t-at t-ese ive skandhas -ere are not le t be-ind to attain t-e ive skandhas in uture lives.

it.permanen/e and impermanen/e in emptiness /annot be attained.itre#ard to t-e moon.-o do not see stare at t-e in#er and are lost .o pra/ti/e% t-e /easin# o /ause is t-e trut.#ood vision see and point it out to t-ose . FuestionD T-ere are our types o e e/t% but only t-e trut.led#e and vie.3 !ou are t-e same .re#ard to t-e sel t-at does not a//ept t-e d-arma o impermanen/e2 T-e Budd-a said% 0+u erin# is t-e t-e real su erin# e5plained in t-e 8our Noble Trut-s.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. 4 4 s-atter e5isten/e and are /onstantly atta/-ed to impermanen/e% my d-arma s-ould be s-attered and t-e sel is not real.14% &''1(11(') )6 .on t-e irst or se/ond day% people . T-ose .3 Ans.o /easin#% and seein# t-at /ause and e e/t /ease is t-e trut.onder ul in its ability to alleviate si/knesses. 6-y2 T-e Budd-a said% 0Bot.-o do not see.ay.-o understand say% 08ool% . 6-y2 T-e po. t-at t-e medi/ine is .-at is t-ere to s-atter . !ou urt-er be/ome atta/-ed to . 6-y2 !ou say t-ere is no d-arma% t-en you say bot.elve Causal 7inks o Cause is t-e trut.proper o impermanen/e /an s-atter permanent e5isten/e. 6e s-ould kno. t-e in#er is not t-e moon. T-ose .ay% . 4 you pra/ti/e and a/"uire su/.it. 4 say t-at botpermanen/e and impermanen/e are unreal. To be atta/-ed to t-ese t. Iust as medi/ine% on/e taken to eliminate si/kness% is #one too.614 FuestionD 4 do not say t-at permanen/e is real and impermanen/e is unreal. !ou /annot understand t-e Ma-MyMna 1-arma be/ause you are atta/-ed to . Iust as poison is antidote or ot-er poisons.o 1ivisions o Cause and E e/tD t-e T. 4 it /an be s-attered or /reated% t-en it is not t-e Ma-MyMna.are perverted.-en it /omes ort.ill never be altered.ay is t-e true . All are empty and none5istent% t-ere ore <t-at d-arma= is real and not perverted.o is to be /ompletely perverted.-o /an make it not t-e .ay2 Iust as t-e sun may /ool% t-e moon may .3 6-o /an make you -appy2 T-e /ause o su erin# is a true /ause% .ed to e5press true prin/iples.elve Causal 7inks and t-e T.-y only stare at my in#er% t-e in#er is t-e /ondition or t-e moon.ords do not /orrespond .ind may stop movin#% t-e 8our Noble Trut-s . 6ords and sounds are not t-e marks o reality% but are borro.-o /an make it not end2 T-e end o t-e .arm up% or t-e .ords and sounds.-o /an make it so it is not a /ause2 T-e end o su erin# is true endin#% . T-e various true marks in t-e Ma-MyMna 1-arma /annot be s-attered be/ause t-ere is no doer. T-e our types o /ontemplation on /ause areD /olle/tion% /ause% /ondition% and produ/tion.ords and sounds and are o//luded as ar as true marks. Iust as t-e ne. +imilarly% i atta/-ments to impermanent d-armas s-ould be s-attered be/ause t-ey are unreal% t-en .o t-e .it.o su erin#% t-e T. T-ere are our types o /ontemplation on e e/tD impermanen/e% su erin#% emptiness and no sel .o su erin# is named% t-e rest o t-e CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. 4 t-e medi/ine does not disappear% t-en medi/ine be/omes a si/kness later. moon is very tiny .t-e 1-arma.elve Causal 7inks o E e/t is t-e trut.s% /ontemplate t-e /ombination o t-e T. T-e perversion o e5isten/e bein# /onstant is s-attered% t-ere ore /ontemplate impermanen/e.ay.erD !our .

Ans.talks about . 8o/us on t-is and truly believe it .ed by seven servants% .-i/. Contemplatin# and di erentiatin# bet.e talk about t-e trut. Bein#s ear deat.ers repeated2 bein# a e/ted is /alled t-e root o ait-. 4 t-e trut-s about impermanen/e% su erin#% emptiness and no sel .isdom. +u erin# is t-e oremost problem and joy is t-e oremost bene it.erD Kpon enterin# t-e pra/ti/e% pra/titioners initially attain some minor bene it% .-y are t-e roots and t-e po. To o/us . To o/us on dili#ently pursuin# t-e .areness is like t-e kin# ollo.ill say t-at t-e trut-s o emptiness and no sel are also aultless. T-is is /alled development leadin# to po.are /alled t-e trut. 9en/e t-e Budd-a only named t-e truto su erin# amon# t-e divisions o e e/ bein# s/attered is /alled proper mind ulness.ay is /alled t-e root o vi#or.614 trut-s are not named. eliminate t-e t-ree ot-er types o deviant karmas is /alled proper karma.-o% oppressed by su erin#% t-ink o impermanen/e and su ers . 4mpermanen/e is di +u erin# is somet-in# t-at all sentient bein#s detest and are . Broper a.ould be repeated.arenesses are /alled roots o . To /on/entrate t-e mind on one obje/t and not let it be/ome s/attered is /alled t-e root o our ot-er types o deviant . FuestionD to /ommit sui/ide . T-ese are /alled t-e 8ive Bo.t-e ot-er orms o deviant liveli-ood is /alled proper liveli-ood.are CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. Bart . it is not t-at t-e trut-s o impermanen/e% emptiness and no sel are none5istent. Bart . Eliminate deviant liveli-ood and #at-er:in t-e t-ree karmas o t-e body. T-ere ore by leavin# true su erin# is to a/"uire -appiness.a kni e but treat a t-ie .it. To not or#et to /on/entrate on bein# mind ul is /alled t-e root o mind ulness.14% &''1(11(') )? .areness. is su erin# di erent so t-at it is t-e only one amon# t-e t-ree t-at .one. T-ere may be people .-i/.o impermanen/e and you doubt it% you .itbitter medi/ine and a/upun/ture2 Ans. 8urt-ermore% i you say t-e trut.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. Gn/e bein#s understand t-e 8our Noble Trut-s and its true .ill doubt t-e trut.-i/.isdom% mind ulness% /on/entration and ot-ers% .o impermanen/e is aultless% you .ers.ay is proper e5pedien/ named2 Ans.o t-e .erD 4t is not about . T-ere ore t-e our are e5plained .is-in# to preserve bliss. Contemplate t-ese and t-ere are various bene its. Eliminate deviant liveli-ood and #at-er:in t-e our kinds o deviant .is #rasped. T-is is /alled proper a.erD 4 .ords and #at-er:in t-e our kinds o proper .o no sel .o su erin# and t-e trut. FuestionD 4s it not su erin# i someone .een impermanen/e and ot-er a. FuestionD T-e Ei#-t old Broper to a/"uire su erin# and .it-out desire. To /ontemplate .isdom% t-ere is no doubt or re#ret% bein# a e/ted is /alled proper /on/entration. +entient bein#s are a raid o it. T-e same di i/ulty /alled proper vie.ere e5plained% t-ey . To dili#ently /ontemplate in t-is .eary o .

ay% t-ey a/"uire t-e lavor o .and ot-ers.o t-in#s. All met-ods o t-e mind /ome are merit and virtue% .to be more dili#ent and enter t-e irst door o /on/entration and .elve Causal 7inks% t-e 8our Noble Trut-s% Abidin# in t-e 8our Mind ulnesses% 8our Broper 1ili#en/es% 8our +piritual 8ul illments% t-e 8ive Hoots% t-e 8ive Bo. o dili#ently pursuin# Budd-a-ood. .3 8urt-ermore% ponder t-ese our /onditionsD /ausal /onditions% se"uential /onditions% /onditioned /onditions and en-an/ed /onditions. Contemplatin# t-e T. Gne is #reat /ompassion% not . T-ese are se"uential /onditions.o t-e 8our Elements /ontains t-e our elements% t-e term is based on t-e majority o t-e / /alled Abidin# in t-e 8our Mind ulnesses. 4 not% t-en o t.ers% t-e +even A. 8urt-ermore% save sentient bein#s . 4nitial entry into non:out lo.ater% ire and . T-is .-i/.-i/. 4 t-ere .14% &''1(11(') )A .o t-e .ater% ire% and .ay% 4 s-ould not #rasp it or /erti y to it. /an se"uential /onditions be CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1.a/"uired its name a//ordin# to t-e a/tivity o #at-erin#:in t-e mind% .o% t-e pro ound kno.e s-ould not say t-at d-armas /ome rom /auses and /onditions. T./alled t-e 8our Mind ulnesses% 8our Broper 1ili#en/es% 8our +piritual 8ul illments% t-e 8ive Hoots et/. 4 -ave not entered nirvana due to t-e po. Bonder urt-er% 04 t-e e5planation is t-at d-armas irst /ome rom /auses and /onditions t-en .ind too.-i/.to enter t-e pro ound /ontemplation o t-e T. Iust as Abidin# in t-e 8our Mind ulnesses /ontains t-e 8our Broper 1ili#en/es% t-e 8our +piritual 8ul illments% t-e 8ive Hoots% t-e 8ive Bo.a o/used mind t-e pain o t-e body% . 4n t-is .ere not produ/ed and t-e met-ods o t-e mind rom t-e past .坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.akenin#. T-is applies to t-e elements o .614 /alled t-e roots at t-at time.ere lost% -o.rom /auses and / t-e Ei#-t old Broper Bat. Kpon initial entry onto t-e pat-% /ontemplate .o /ontemplation is /alled t-e +even T-ou#-ts on A. Eliminate t-e inal mindstate o past and present arhats. t-at . Entry onto t-e 1-armas so t-at t-ey /on/entrate on t-e vo.element. 8ive items stren#t-en t-em% .o t-e *? Means /ontains all means.-at t-e 1-arma o /ausal links is all about.% ea/.isdom is /alled t-e 8our +piritual 8ul illments. At t-at time% /ontemplate and t-ink% 04 understand t-at in /ontemplatin# and t-is . Iust as ea/. 6-y do 4 ollo. T-e remainder o past and present mindstates /onsists o t-e met-ods o t-e mind.elve Causal 7inks and t-is .ind% t-en t-e element is /alled t-e eart. T-e 8ive Causes are /auses and /onditions.-et-er it /omes earlier or later% less or more% its /ondu/t% level and /onditions. 6-y are t-ere /auses and /onditions2 4 d-armas .akenin#s% and t-e Ei#-t old Broper Bat.are /alled t-e 8our Broper 1ili#en/ t-e midst o /auses and /onditions eit-er.and less o . Conditional /onditions and en-an/ed /onditions /ondition all d-armas. +imilarly% ea/.-olesome d-armas rom t-e our types o dili#en/e% .is not true2 4 s-all ponder t-is sin/e 4 .are /alled t-e po. and t-e seein# o t-e trut.are /alled t-e Ei#-t old Broper Bat-.-i/.ere more elements o eart. to abandon sentient bein#s.e s-ould not say t-ey /ome ort.led#e o t-e true marks o all d-armas.-i/.ers% t-e +even A.ers. Brodu/tion /ontains -al a void s-ould not /ome rom /auses and /onditions eit-er.ay% t-ey are at pea/e.

14% &''1(11(') )E . t-ere ore e e/t does not /ome ort.ill s-atter delusion. E e/t belon#s to /auses and /onditions and mani ests rom t-e perip-eries o /auses and /onditions.-y do e e/t not mani est rom t-e perip-eris o non:/auses and non:/onditions2 4t is be/ause bot. t-at delusion is unattainable. 1elusion is i#noran/e. T-e Budd-a said t-e eyes #ive rise to deviant t-ou#-ts% be/ause orm /onditions t-e ed#e o delusion. 4 it is di i/ult% t-en all t-e more s-ould 4 Bod-isattvas /ontemplate t-e T.ere no e e/t in t-e midst o /auses and /onditions at irst but it mani ests% t-en . 6-y do you say t-ere is no /ause and e e/t2 Ans.ere true marks to all d-armas% bein#s .elve Causal 7inks and t-at i#noran/e /onditions a/tivities. T-e /auses and /onditions do not stand alone but belon# to ot-er /auses and /onditions. T-is is so too or ea/.n2 Causes and /onditions /an produ/e e e/t.-at do t-ey -ave to do /onstantly% /ount t-e in-alations and CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. 6-y does i#noran/e /ondition a/tivities2 Iust as spa/e neit-er /omes into bein# nor /eases to be% neit-er e5ists nor ends% and its in-erent nature is undamentally pure.e -ad no /onditions . 4 t-ere .it-out any in-erent nature% t-en t-e d-arma o e5isten/e /annot be a/" o anot-er% t-is e5planation is not so. 1edu/e one step at a time and kno. Bonderin# in t-is .it.-y is nirvana a /onditional /ondition2 4 all d-armas . 4t neit-er /omes into bein# nor /eases to be% neit-er e5ists nor ends% and its in-erent nature is undamentally pure.or on up to birt.elve Causal 7inks in t-is . 4t is neit-er in t-e east% .are none5istent. T-ey s-ould not /-an#ed. 4 t-e e e/t o /auses and /onditions /ome ort. 4t is more di i/ult to provide no response. T-ere is no true d-arma./onditions old a#e and deat-.ait or t-e eyes be/ause t-ey are outer delusions% .614 done2 4 . 6-y does e e/t /ome rom t-e perip-eries o /auses and /onditions2 T-ere is no e e/t in /auses and /onditions.ays be deluded. 6-y does t-is e e/t t-at belon#s to ot-er /auses and /onditions stand on its o. FuestionD T-e Budd-a e5plained t-e T. T-e same is so . T-is is t-ere ore not an e e/t. 4 /auses and /onditions .ait or orm but s-ould al.p. 6-at is t-ere or i#noran/e to rely upon and abide in2 4 it relies on t-e devian/es o t-e eyes% orm% or devian/es in /ons/iousness% it s-ould not abide in t-e eyes.-en /ombined in one pla/e% t-eir e e/t is indeed unobtainable. T-e nature o i#noran/e is just about no nature o understandin#% .me2 4 t-ey . +in/e t-ere is no e e/t% t-ere is neit-er /ondition nor t-e absen/e o /ondition.onder ul d-armas amon# t-e Budd-ad-arma% . 4 t-ere .-i/.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.i#noran/e% so .ould be di i/ult to save.-ere is t-ere to abide2 T-ere ore i#noran/e is not inside% outside or in:bet.een.t-e .ere indeed .ay . 4#noran/e is too.rom /auses and /onditions or t-e e5isten/e o non:/auses and non: /onditions. t-at sentient bein#s are de/eived and tied to su erin# and problems but easy to save.ay and kno.ere distin/t% .est% nort-% sout-% t-e our intermediary dire/tions% @enit.turns into understandin# .ere to depend on /ons/iousness% /ons/iousness is devoid o orm% duality% /onta/t% division or lo/ation. 4t does not /ome orm past lives and does not abide in uture lives. 4 Bod-isattvas tend to t-ink more% be mind ul o . 4 t-ey depend on orm% t-ey s-ould not .erD 8irst% 4 must provide an ans.

Bod-isattvas . T-ere ore e5isten/e returns to not-in#% -en/e t-ere is no permanent e5isten/e. +eek t-e true marks in all d-armasD t-e d-armas o orm and ormlessness% d-armas t-at /an be seen and /annot be seen% d-armas t-at are dual and nondual% d-armas o out and non:out lo. 9appiness is sou#-t .it.or #ood t-in#s% so may t-ey attain all t-ey .re#ard to various evil t-in#s su/. T-is is /alled t-e Batien/e .sin#leness o mind and eliminate t-e 8ive Coverin#s and a/tivities o desire.Brodu/tion and embody in inite merit and virtue% t-ey kno. 8urt-ermore% 4 s-all personally /ause in inite bein#s t-rou#-out t-e ten dire/tions to be saved and rea/.t-e 1-arma2 #radually attain and understand t-e true marks o all d-armas% as i bein# per umed.14% &''1(11(') 6' .it-out a /are or t-eir lives% t-at is not un-appiness. t-ere is e5isten/e. 6-at is t-e patien/e o produ/tion2 6it. 6-at does it mean by no impermanen/e2 Karmi/ retribution is not lost% e5ternal sense obje/ts are elt% and /auses and /onditions #ro.eary% ear ul% or obstru/ted.614 e5-alations rom one to ten . T-rou#. all bein#s do all kinds o evil but pra/titioners do not detest% retreat or turn All t-ese bein#s . .it. 6-at does it mean by no emptiness2 4t means t-at t-in#s enter rom t-e outside and inside and ea/. 6-at does it mean by no un-appiness2 9appiness o//urs due to eelin#s.tender and /ompliant 1-arma% and patien/e . 9o. but is doubly empat-eti/ and orms o su erin# due to t-e nature o impermanen/e and /onditions .-ile bein# patient . at t-e same time% be .bein# eels and CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. 8o/us . +-e does not /onsider t-e various impurities as evil. T-ere ore t-ere is no joy.s or t-e /-ild. 1o not be la5% . +-e eeds and raises t-e /-ild.t-is pra/ti/e Bod-isattvas rea/ lettin# t-e mind roam or s/atter.ay s-ould pra/ti/e t-ree types o patien/eD patien/e .a sin#leness o mind .as bein# s/olded% beaten or killed by all bein#s% Bod-isattvas are not a e/ted% an#ry or -ate ul. it is #enerated by tainted desire.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 to /ome into bein#. 8or instan/e% a kind mot-er loves -er /-ild. t-ere ore t-ere is no impermanen/e.ay rom pure and impure /ondu/ts. t-at merit and blessin#s are impermanent.eary o impermanen/e and /onstantly seek blessin#s% in/ludin# seekin# /onstant abidin# in t-e 1-arma or sentient bein#s.% /onditioned and un/onditioned% superior% avera#e% and in erior.-en t-ou#-ts /ondition e5ternals% brin# t-em ba/k. Bra/titioners are t-e same .Budd-a-ood.Bod-isattvas -ave a/"uired t-e Batien/e .it.e be #entle and /ompliant in bein# patient . 6-at does it mean by no joy2 T-ou#-ts o joy /ome rom ne.t-e produ/tion o 1-arma% patien/e . /an . Not only are t-ey patient% but t-ey are urt-ermore /ompassionate. 6it-out releasin# su/.produ/tion usin# t-ree types o /ontemplation.. 6-y are t-e si#ns o reality neit-er /onstant nor impermanent% neit-er joyous nor un-appy% neit-er empty nor not empty% and neit-er spiritual nor not spiritual2 6-y is t-ere no /onstant e5isten/e2 4t /omes rom /auses and /onditions.-o see t-e .t-ou#-ts in t-e mind% t-ey . 8irst t-ere is none no. 1o not t-ink about ot-er Be patient and not retreat% re#ret or be ri#-tened.

T-ose . 1ue to 1-arma% ait.and vi#or stren#t-en t-e bene its to sense a/ulties% t-is is /alled Batien/e . 4t is be/ause all bein#s believe it so% t-ere is no emptiness.and vi#or in t-e d-armas o -eat and summit. T-is is /alled non:retreat to an una e/ted spa/e.isdom% ait. attainments and ne. Batient individuals are patient .t-e 1-arma./ons/iousness is unobtainable.s% t-is is /alled patien/e. and it is neit-er eelin# nor atta/-ment.nirvana and non:out enters t-e 1-arma body and /an /reate various trans ormations% save all bein#s% be replete .614 understands uni"uely. T-is is an initial pra/ti/e o t-e 1ue to dis/rimination% it is unobtainable . At t-at time% t-e liberated arhat does not a/"uire t-e .t-e 1-arma is just so too. T-e t-ree evil realms are /ut o or t-em so t-at t-ey are al. 4t is be/ause o t-e retribution o o enses and blessin#s. Batien/e . t-em . Centle kno. To a/"uire t-e ruition o Bod-isattvas.isdom% ait.led#e% #entle ait.itt-e 1-arma is attained by developin# . 4n t-is .-en sou#-t. 4t is be/ause t-e realm o t-e sevent. At t-at time% t-ey attain t-e Pratyutpanna Samadhi% #reat /ompassion amon# sentient bein#s and entry into t-e prajnaparamita door.and #entle dili#en/e make it t-e Tender and Compliant Batien/e .isdom o non:produ/tion by in/reasin# vast bene its and turn t-em into liberation not i5ed to one time. 6-at does it mean by no non:emptiness2 4t means t-at union and ot-ers are true. T-ey a/"uire t-e .t-e Non:produ/tion o 1-arma.t-e +i5 Baramitas and make o erin#s to all o t-e mind% t-ere ore it is about no non:emptiness.-o -ave not rea/-ed t-e ruition o Bod-isattvas attain Batien/e . true /ondu/t is /alled t-e ruition o t-e Bod-isattvas.individual. t-ere ore t-e none5isten/e o t-e absen/e o 1-arma or Bod-isattvas. 6-at does it mean by Batien/e .it.t-e Non:produ/tion o 1-arma. All o t-eir -eavy o enses t-in and t-in ones e5tin#uis-. Iust as t-e nature o nirvana is t-e true mark o t-e 1-arma% . 6-at doe it mean by t-e none5isten/e o #ods2 4t means t-ere is no ease. t-is is . When practitioners focus in their search for the way. At t-at time% all Budd-as pure and reed o sta#nation and obstru/tion. 6ords /ompletely /ease and t-e a/tivities o t-e mind stop. it is neit-er e5isten/e nor void.isdom o non:produ/tion. CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ epit-et.ay% it does not /ome into bein# or /ease to be. T-ey all and be/ome reborn in t-e realm o Budd-as.t-e Non:produ/tion o 1-arma is just so too.s not /al/ulatin# ot-er t-in#s in t-e mind. it is not t-e absen/e o /omin# into bein# or /easin# to 4t is turned by t-e po. .14% &''1(11(') 61 . t-ere ore t-ere is t-e none5isten/e o reborn in t-e -eavens or amon# -umans. All Budd-as are mind ul o t-em.-y it is /alled patien/e. vie. %hey shall contemplate whenever convenient.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No.t-e Non:produ/tion o 1-arma2 Iust as in t-e above 1-arma o t-e marks o reality% .it. 7ater t-eir les. Tea/-in# sentient bein#s in t-e pure Budd-alands% reali@in# and ul illin# merits in t-e ten #rounds% t-ey se"uentially attain annutarasamyaksambod-i. 8or instan/e% amon# t-e +ound 9earer d-armas% patien/e . Batien/e . f they have no time and are 6-at does it mean by no absen/e o #ods2 T-ere are uture lives% t-e attainment o liberation% and ea/.

"reak off dry twigs in the hopes of fire %he fire is unfeasible since it is unwise. f softhearted men were la$ too. %he wind blows the bla)e but it never 5uells. do not be bold. 0ontemplate how much the strength of e$pedients in the mind %here are times to be diligent and times improper !ccord with the way in times proper but not others. 6ust as a small pyre helped by much fuel. t cannot receive any milk since it is unwise.614 !t the juncture of attaining. f you can regulate the mind with samadhi +ovements of breath just so let you reach samad-i. *ike an unborn calf fed with milk 0annot receive the milk since it is untimely. f the mind is restless. %hey should not practice drowning like so. 6ust as a great fire is blown by strong winds Will e$tinguish when doused by floods. 6ust as too many logs fuel a large pyre Which refuses to 5uell when strong winds blow. know the time and measure of your deeds.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 t would be a loss and not a gain. *ike drilling wet logs in the hopes of fire %he fire is unfeasible since it is untimely. "eing too bold will not win samadhi. 6ust as a few logs with no flame Will e$tinguish without the blowing wind. 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. f they were vigorous and courageous %hey would soon attain the way with swift health like so.14% &''1(11(') 6& . f they practice renunciation and stop passivity CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. f the calf were born and fed bull horn.

6ust as patients take fried medicine for wind&based diseases. People with confused and dark minds contemplate causes and conditions "y contemplating the individual truths.14% &''1(11(') 6* . 0ontemplate the truth of impurity and the mind reaches samad-i. delusions end. 6ust as someone who rides a tamed elephant Which obeys and does not stomp or block. 6ust as patients take warm&natured medicine for warm&natured diseases. %he dharma of practices works well in this way. 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. %he dharma of practices works well in this way. 6ust as patients take pasty medicine for wind&based diseases. 6ust as patients take warm&natured medicine for cold&natured diseases. %he dharma of practices works well in this way.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 Planning to restore the renounced. they live no more. *icentious individuals with a scattered mind may contemplate impurity. f they had much delusion with dark and shallow minds. they lose dharma protection 6ust as patients must take care of their health Were they to let go of renunciation. CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. f they had much lust and love a scattered mind %hey should not practice kindness and others at that time. f angry men practiced kindness =ever forsaking the practice of kindness. 6ust as patients take cold&natured medicine for cold&natured diseases. !ngry people add to their hatred contemplating evil. hatred dissolves.614 f they maintain the proper and impartial mind of renouncing thought Practice diligently in proper times and reali)ing the way fast. 6ust as patients take warm&natured medicine for cold&natured diseases. f they had much hatred and full of rage %hey should not practice impurity at that time. *icentious individuals who practice kindness benefit the deluded. "oth the dharmas of impurity and compassion 4nly add to their delusion and offer no help.

it is of no benefit. heat and Samadhi 8as/i/le 44 CBETA 電子大藏經系列 $ 1. %he diseases of lust. %he Sutra of Sitting #hy. and delusion end with medicine. 3ushing to blow without knowing the time 4r to drench it with water or to let it go.坐禪三昧經 CBETA 電子版 大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. f there is no benefit in the dharma. 9ntimely e$pedients cost benefits in the dharma. 6ust as a pharmacist faces three disease types 0an eliminate those based on cold.14% &''1(11(') 64 .614 6ust as a goldsmith uses a fan on the coal 9ntimely work makes him lose the dharma. anger. %he gold melts in high heat and dissolves Stopping before it melts. it cannot dissolve. Providing appropriate medicine as the "uddha does.