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GSM Academy collaborates with SDA Bocconi School of Management to offer 1 year concession for its students to pursue

Global Executive MBA

Advanced Masters Program in Management of Global Strategies (AMPGS) by GSM Academy is recognised by SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan Bangalore, 28th ovember, 2!"#$ Global Strategy and Management Academy (GSMAcademy), a %ioneer in %roviding global e&ec'tive management ed'cation in (ndia, today anno'nced that its )Advanced Masters Program in Management of Global Strategies* (AMPGS) has obtained global recognition from SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan, (taly+ ,n com%letion of AMPGS, st'dents interested in f'rther st'dies -ith global recognition have the o%tion to %'rs'e Global .&ec'tive MBA(G.MBA), a tri%le accredited Global MBA degree %rogram, at SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan+ AMPGS grad'ates -o'ld be given f'll academic and financial credits for the AMPGS %rogram and can /oin directly second year of the t-o year G.MBA+ G.MBA is accredited by Association to Advance 0ollegiate Schools of B'siness (AA0SB), .'ro%ean 1'ality (m%rovement System (.12(S)and Association of MBAs (AMBA)+ AMPGS %rogram is designed s%ecifically for management e&ec'tives, international e&ec'tive managers, 0.,s, and entre%rene'rs -ho are %lanning to establish and e&%and their b'siness across the -orld+ Advanced Masters Program in Management of Global Strategies (AMPGS) is a "3 months %rogram, delivered across fo'r cam%'ses covering So'th Asia, .'ro%e, orth America and .ast Asia by eminent ind'stry e&%erts and academicians+4he %rogram has onsite mod'les at to% rated international b'siness schools li5e 2niversity of 0alifornia, 6os Angeles,SDA Bocconi, Milan, .'ro%e and S'n 7atSen 2niversity B'siness School, G'ang8ho', 0hina+ 4he (ndian mod'le is held -ith %artici%ation of senior ((M fac'lty+ AMPGS foc'ses on bridging the 5no-ledge ga% of emerging managers and leaders in the global scenario on managing the com%le&ities of the fast changing economy by covering the follo-ing to%ics$ Managing a Global 0or%oration, Managing Global strategies, (nternational .conomics, Global Mar5eting, 9inancial :e%orting for Global ,%erations, (nnovation in ;igh 4ech 0om%anies, 4echnology Management, 0hinese and Asian .conomy, Advancing and .&ercising yo'r Strategy and B'siness for 0hina, Merging across 0'lt'res, Managing ,%erations in .'ro%ean 0or%orations, Global .conomic 0risis, ;i<4ech Mar5eting and global mar5et+ GSM Academy has trained senior e&ec'tives from Accent're, Ama8on, 0isco, Microsoft, 40S, (ntel, 4homson :e'ters, Sams'ng and many other leading com%anies+

Eligibility:Bachelors* degree, 8<"! years or more %rofessional e&%erience in technical =managerial ca%acity,middle to senior management %osition in b'siness organi8ations,entre%rene'rs -ith com%arable bac5gro'nd, orcandidates -ith e&ce%tional record can be considered on individ'al merit+ Total No. of Seats: 2! Duration of the program:"3 months Certification: 4he certificate -ill be %rovided by 206A Anderson School of Management, 6os Angeles, 2+S+A, SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan, (taly and (nternational School of B'siness and Management, G'ang8ho', 0hina for the res%ective mod'les+ (n addition, the overall certificate )Masters in Global Strategic Management* -ill be %rovided by the GSM Academy+ 4o enrol for >Advanced Masters Program in Management of Global Strategies?, %lease visit$ htt%$==gsmacademy+com=am%gs= About GSMAcademy: Global Strategy and Management Academy (GSMA) is a %ioneer in %roviding global e&ec'tive management ed'cation+ 9o'nded in 2!"2 by a reno-ned ((M<B %rofessor Dr+ S @rishna, GSM Academy offers a "3 months Advanced Masters Program in Global Strategies for the ne- age global managers and 0.,s to bridge the ga% in global strategies and management s5ills+ 4he %rogram offers a blended training mod'le thro'gh instr'ctor led classroom disc'ssions, %resentations, case st'dies, b'siness sim'lations, gro'% disc'ssions, field visits -hich enca%s'lates (ndia, 0hina, .'ro%e and 2SA mod'le by eminent ind'stry e&%erts and academicians+ 9or more information, %lease visit htt%$==gsmacademy+com=am%gs= AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA or media !ueries" please contact# 0hidananda BA, Sr+ Acco'nt .&ec'tive, P:;2BB chidanandaC%rh'b+com 8DE!D#FE!8 S'man Prasad, Asst+ Acco'nt .&ec'tive, P:;2BB s'manC%rh'b+com 888!#F8GG2