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ITEM TO BE CONSIDERED If LO considers that the application can be approved, the paper containing items like:

If related, a notification from every person/body who interest claim or whoever lease any part of the land excluded from registration, agrees to the application. notification of annual tax remainder. If the application made under !ection amendments, a notification that "#$ every %"& %c&, and approval approved sub'ect to

b) c)

LO prepares and issue consideration paper for State Authority


person/body as stated in %a& has agreed on those amendments. If application made by anyone under the letter of authori(ation issued by the land proprietor, notification Instructions "#$.
f) g) h) i)



re)uirements uthority

under under

!ection "*+ ,L- is fulfilled.




subsection %#& %a& and %b&& or %.& or /$& section dditional premium rate. Other fees included under ,ational Land -ode. ,ew tax rate. Other re)uirements from LO.


ITEM TO BE CONSIDERED If the application is approved, LO must:


0or approval under !ection "#$ %"& %a& ,otify applicant about the approval and the newly converted land title and the non1applied condition but stipulated by the !tate uthority.


LO notify approva decision to app icants


c)uire applicant to pay fees stipulated in 0orm +2.


0or applicant under !ection "#$ %"& %a&, %b& or %c& ,otify the applicants about the approval. c)uire applicant to pay fees stipulated in 0orm +2. c)uire applicants to submit proprietorship

i. ii.


document. LO prepares !e!orandu! of and conversion i!portance or cate"ory o#struction and su#!it the! to the re ated authori$ed re"istrar

3he memorandum must be in the +2. 3he memorandum in 0orm +2 is prepared when the approval is made. 3he memorandum is enclosed with the proprietorship document.

LO will note down the authority of endorsing, endorsing date, cancellation or other entries the date in the proprietorship document. 3hen the document is signed and sealed.

LO endorses cance s or enter other entries the proprietorship docu!ent

LO returns the documents back to the proprietor, and the acceptance must be validated. LO must ensure the entries made are tax registered if there is any amendment involving tax.




4efore any development can be start, there are some stages where we need to have an approval from local authorities. 3he purposes are:

3o make sure the development are systematic and follow the specification that stated by the local authorities. ny development must according to (one that approval by local authorities. ny development must be suitable and make sure all the guidelines and re)uirements will be carrying out. ny development that will be constructed will not disturb the natural environment at that site.

2. 3.


3he series of activities for statutory approval for construction that we have to face is 5evelopment Order. 3here are four processes involved before 5evelopment Order or 6lanning pproval can be issued:
a& b&

pproval pertaining to land matters pproval for 7nvironment Impact pro'ect only .8 9ectares& ssessment %7I & namely for pro'ect because our proposed more than *8 hectares %we did not need the 7I

c& d&

6lanning permission pplication for ,ew 5evelopment Order pproval.

6lanning permission is re)uired for all types of development prescribe the 3own and -ountry 6lanning ct "/+:. 3he application for planning permission ;4orang < has been submitted to the =a'lis 6embandaran 4atu 6ahat, 3own 6lanning 5epartment. 3he original process involves applying for approval of the layout plan of the proposed development. 5etails re)uired in the submission are listed in ;4orang O!-/>= 8"18+.

3he new development order involves is by submitting an application to the =a'lis pproval. 3he documents re)uired in the submission include the site and layout

6erbandaran 4atu 6ahat, 3own 6lanning 5epartment for 5evelopment Order plans, relevant application forms and submission fees and copies of title deeds.


External Department TNB (Electricity)

Water Work Telecommunications

Drainage & Irrigation De artment !ire "er#ices

En#ironment De artment "e$erage & Drainage De artment Internal Department %lanning De artment

&ity %arks & 'ecreation (e artment

&i#il Engineering & In)rastructure Work De artment Buil(ing De artment


Rece !e an" appl cat #n re$ %ter LCP Preparat #n I%%&e re'ecte" n#t ce C#mp#&n" pa(ment pr#ce%% Cla m ) Pa " De!el#pment c*ar$e pr#ce%% I%%&e De!el#pment Or"er Meet n$ +,-P.


=a'lis 6erbandaran 4atu 6ahat responsible to make an approval of the

application of building and services in our pro'ect. 4uilding department and planning permission will made together to approve the building plan approval. 3he basis for building regulation within the =a'lis 6erbandaran 4aru 6ahat is governed by the ?niform 4uilding by Law "/@$ %?44L "/@$& and !treet, 5rainage and 4uilding, "/+$.

rchitect that we appoint will prepared and signed the detail design for building

works and fro engineering work will prepared by registered engineered. In =a'lis 6erbandaran 4atu 6ahat, the submission is in one stop center that means all the approval from another department can get at the -entre. Ae do not have to go to other government departments.

3he approval of the building and services plans depends upon: 3he plans comply with various Laws, by laws and regulations that are currently in force or waivers granted to some specific areas of non1compliance due to allowable reasons.



3he various departments within =a'lis 6erbandaran 4atu 6ahat, federal government departments, statutory and private bodies such as ;Babatan 6erancangan 4andar dan 5esa<, ;6e'abat 3anah 5aerah<, ;Babatan >er'a Caya<, ;Babatan 6engairan dan !aliran<, ;3enaga ,asional 4erhad<, ;Babatan !ekitar<, ;Babatan 6erkhidmatan 6embentungan<, ;6ihak 4erkuasa re)uirement. lam ir< and

;Babatan 4omba dan 6enyelamat< giving their approval of the various utilities


W*ere re+uire(, ensure rele#ant consultants to su-mit an( o-tain Engineering, Bom-a, an( .%% an( /an(sca e a ro#al. 'e#ie$ Buil(ing %lan recei#e( )rom arc*itect an( rele#ant consultant. 'e+uest arc*itect0relate( consultants to #ali(ate t*e (esign, re are an( en(orse re+uire( co ies o) -uil(ing lan )or aut*orities ersonnel signature -e)ore su-mission Ensure arc*itect )ollo$s u $it* aut*ority )or -uil(ing lan a ro#al. 1eri)y )ees ayment

Is t*ere any comment )rom aut*ority2

'e+uest arc*itect to amen( an( resu-mit

Ensure t*at arc*itect )ollo$s u an( o-tain a ro#al letter an( a ro#e( Buil(ing %lan. 3aintain co y as er &!I. %rocee( $it* t*e re aration o) a(#ertising materials as er roce(ures



3here are two %#& important things need to be provided by our company.
a. -.

Laporan -adangan 6ema'uan %L-6& Layout 6lan.

4oth of these documents are prepared by our published urban planner, 9C6lanning -onsultant !dn. 4hd. company. Ahen applying the 6lanning pproval or familiar with ;>ebenaran =erancang< %>=& from Local uthorities. ccording to site area location, the developer should apply at =a'lis 6erbandaran 4atu 6ahat. 9owever, in this stage, the developer can do the soil investigation at his site before the >= is attained. In attaining the >= from the =6! at the O!-, there are several documents need to be submitted. 3he documents are:
1. 2.

formal application letter of >= for O!- and 3own 6lanning 5epartment. 3wo copies of the 2rant Latter of 6ower of ttorney %6 & which is registered by 9igh -ourt need to be issued. 0ive copies of the site pictures in $ or . si(e. !upporting letter from the 3echnical 5epartment if necessary. "+ of L-6 that consist:1

3. 4. 4.

copy of ;carian rasmi</ land title Land status Landlord names address and phone number. neighboring land owner for the purpose of notice to the neighboring 5evelopment 6roposal !chedule -ondition of ==>, %if necessary& 5evelopment surrounding 6ublic facilities in "km radius including the photo Legal access and the registered road name !ite and surrounding pictures
Cegistered 3own 6lanner, no. phone and address. Local planning development figure block according to Local 6lanning for

l and owner

4atu 6ahat 5istrict.


;4orang D of >=. .* copies of coloured layout plan in 8 / " si(ed with suitable scale and signed by a certified town planner, the owner and the applicant. =ake sure the issued plans contain the followings:
1. 2. 3. 4. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

>ey plan Location plan !ite plan Legal landlord information %2rant& Cegistered town planner Original lot and new lot if had 5evelopment activities types 4uilding height ,ame of road and the title at the layout plan

19. # copies of contour plan available %approved by certified surveyor& if needed. 11. "* copies of contour plan 12. # -5 layout plan for 6lanning 5epartment and 6ublic work 5epartment 13. $* copies of layout plan in . si(e.

ll the needed above documents had to be submitted to the Local uthority %=6>& in the application of >=. 3his layout plan has followed the =a'lis 6erbandaran 4atu 6ahat re)uirement. 0or the road, drainage and building plan is follow the kta Balan, 6arit dan 4angunan "/+$. 3here are several guidelines were following this act during the design of this layout plan:

3he layout plan approval is one of the principal submissions and approvals that need to be undertaken at the early stages of the pro'ect initiation stage following the feasibility stage. 3he application is made to the 6lanning and 4uilding -ontrol 5epartment. 3he application re)uired sets of layout plans and signed by the owner and containing details.


3he plant barrier must more than #8 ft from the road %not the public road& and must more than $8 ft from the edge of road. If this re)uirement is not follow, the developer will get penalty not more than C=#888. %6age #.& 7ach of the new roads must have pedestrian and must follow the guideline from local authority. %6age #$& 3he entire plan for develop the new road must approve under the written law before beginning enforce this act must terminate when end a year from beginning enforce this act. %6age #*& 3he local authority have right to amendment the plan for the road work %6age #:& 0actors must be considered when make sub division:
i. ii. iii. iv.

0orward field their premise respectively Aide their premise respectively Interest point will be found by those premises with widen the road Coad works amount and value already executed by any owner forward field or developer 6remise cost voluntarily submitted by owner to local authorities ny other matter in authorityEs opinion local is related and should consider %6age .# F ..&

v. vi.

6ayment should be made before built building on roadwork. If buildings want to be built will having forward field at one private street about it local authority can carry out his power under section allocation "" to re)uire so that road works implemented or to implement roadwork with his self. %6age .:& ny person planning want to start work to establish something new building should, but if exempted, apply to authority local to seek a decree from authorities local determine amount is wanted is deposited of road works and date in or previous the roadwork want to be completed. %6age .@& !ub'ect to uthoritiesE pproval !tate, party powerful local may prescribe name with which something road want known and can change whoever name road or any part from one road. %page $:&



5eveloper<s license and advertising sales permit can be applied via =inistry of ct

9ousing and Local 2overnment where license and advertising permit are control by =inistry of housing and local government in accordance with 9ousing 5eveloper %License and -ontrol& "/::. 3he department that is involved in this process is G4ahagian 6erlesenan dan >hidmat ,asihatD. 3he application will be processed according to the standard re)uirement stated by the ministry.

3he application can be applied by the individual, group, firm or organisation that ct %License and -ontrol& "/:: as

wish to develop housing more than $ units. ll the applications by the developer should comply with the Cule .%"&, 9ousing 5evelopers stated in the application form ;Badual <.

Ce)uirements for developer license application:


pplication 0orm 1 9ousing 5eveloper License pplication 0orm

0orm 3able

!upported 5ocuments
". 2rant 3itle %Original, Individual, pproval letter& #.

pproval Letter %-onversion and !ubdivision of land approval&

.. 6ayment notice/premium payment receipt $. 0orm / which has been certified *. 6re1computation 6lan approved by the Local 6lanning uthority :. Layout 6lan and !ite 6lan pproval +. 6ro'ected cash flow @. -opy of 0orm $/ -ompany

ct "/:*, 0orm #$ =emorandum and rticles of

/. -opy of company registration certificate

:-tain original co y o) D/ an( )or$ar( a co y to ;3 (De#), <:D (!&&&), <:D (3&") an( <:D ( lanning). 3aintain original co y as er &!I. <as t*e D/ e= ire(2 'ene$ t*e De#elo er /icense &ontinue to monitor #ali(ity o) D/ En(


Incor orate comments Start 'e+uest 3aster %ro>ect %rogramme(0 %ro>ect %rogramme( an( master %ro>ect &as* !lo$ ro>ection0 &as* !lo$ %ro>ection )rom <:D ("&&&) an( (<:D ( lanning) :-tain an( com ile t*e )ollo$ing (ocuments? @master layout lan, %re@com %lan, /an( &on#ersion A ro#al, %ayment o) %remiums

!or$ar( .a(ual A (B%BT) to ;3 (De#) )or e=ecution "u-mit t*e rele#ant (ocumentation to B%BT )or D/ a on t*e outcome o) a ro#al. Is D/ a lication a lication. !ollo$ u $it* aut*ority