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(Applicable or !"e ba!c"e# a$%i!!e$ ro% &'(()&'(&*
(I Year S+llab,# o-l+*


Ye-0apall+1 Moi-aba$ Ma-$al1 2.O.Hi%a+a!" Na3ar1 R.R.Di#!1 H+$eraba$)4'' '54 Fa6/2"o-e No.7(')89(:)&:454:1 Tel;'89(:)&:45441&'(:'( <eb#i!e;===.>bie!.e$,.i- ? e)%ail;pri-cipal@>bie!.e$,.i-


Aca$e%ic Re3,la!io-# &'(( or B. Tec" (Re3,lar*

(E ec!iAe or !"e #!,$e-!# a$%i!!e$ i-!o I +ear ro% !"e Aca$e%ic Year &'(()&'(& o-=ar$#* 1. Award of B.Te !. "e#ree A #!,$e-! =ill be $eclare$ eli3ible or !"e a=ar$ o !"e B. Tec". De3ree i "e ,l il# !"e ollo=i-3 aca$e%ic re3,la!io-#; $. %&r'&ed a o&r'e of '(&d) for *o( +e'' (!a* fo&r a ade,$ )ear' a*d *o( ,ore (!a* e$#!( a ade,$ )ear'. ii. -. /. Re#$'(er for -.. red$(' a*d 'e &re -.. red$(' S!,$e-!#1 ="o ail !o ,l ill all !"e aca$e%ic reB,ire%e-!# or !"e a=ar$ o !"e $e3ree =i!"i- ei3"! aca$e%ic +ear# ro% !"e +ear o !"eir a$%i##io-1 #"all or ei! !"eir #ea! i- B.Tec" co,r#e. Co&r'e' of '(&d) T"e ollo=i-3 co,r#e# o #!,$+ are o ere$ a! pre#e-! or #pecialiCa!io- or !"e B. Tec". Co,r#e; Bra-c" Co$e Bra-c" CiAil E-3i-eeri-3 Elec!rical a-$ Elec!ro-ic# E-3i-eeri-3 Mec"a-ical E-3i-eeri-3 Elec!ro-ic# a-$ Co%%,-ica!io- E-3i-eeri-3. Co%p,!er Scie-ce a-$ E-3i-eeri-3 Bio)Me$ical E-3i-eeri-3 I- or%a!io- Tec"-olo3+ Mi-i-3 E-3i-eeri-3 0. a-$ a-+ o!"er co,r#e a# approAe$ b+ !"e a,!"ori!ie# o !"e .BIET Cred$(' I Year Se%e#!er 2erio$# D Cre$i! 2erio$# D <ee0 # <ee0 T"eor+ ': 'E ': '& '9 )) 2rac!ical ': '9 ': Dra=i-3 '&TD':D '9 ': 'E Mi-i )) )) )) 2ro>ec! Co%pre"e- )) )) )) #iAe ViAa Voce Se%i-ar )) )) E 2ro>ec! )) )) (4 ro% !i%e !o !i%e.

Cre$i!# ': )) '& '& '9 '& '& '& ('


"$'(r$2&($o* a*d 3e$#!(a#e of Mar4'


ii. iii.




T"e per or%a-ce o a #!,$e-! i- eac" #e%e#!er D I +ear #"all be eAal,a!e$ #,b>ec! F=i#e =i!" a %a6i%,% o ('' %ar0# or !"eor+ a-$ 54 %ar0# or prac!ical #,b>ec!. I- a$$i!io-1 I-$,#!r+ orie-!e$ %i-i)pro>ec!1 #e%i-ar a-$ pro>ec! =or0 #"all be eAal,a!e$ or 4'1 4' a-$ &'' %ar0# re#pec!iAel+. For !"eor+ #,b>ec!# !"e $i#!rib,!io- #"all be &4 %ar0# or I-!er-al EAal,a!io- a-$ 54 %ar0# or !"e E-$)E6a%i-a!io-. For !"eor+ #,b>ec!#1 $,ri-3 !"e #e%e#!er !"ere #"all be & %i$ !er% e6a%i-a!io-#. Eac" %i$ !er% e6a%i-a!io- co-#i#!# o o-e ob>ec!iAe paper1 o-e #,b>ec!iAe paper a-$ o-e a##i3-%e-!. T"e ob>ec!iAe paper i# or (' %ar0# a-$ #,b>ec!iAe paper i# or (' %ar0#1 =i!" $,ra!io- o ( "o,r &' %i-,!e# (&' %i-,!e# or ob>ec!iAe a-$ E' %i-,!e# or #,b>ec!iAe paper*. Ob>ec!iAe paper i# #e! or &' bi!# o F %,l!iple c"oice B,e#!io-#1 ill)i- !"e bla-0#1 %a!c"i-3 !+pe B,e#!io-# F or !"e (' %ar0#. S,b>ec!iAe paper o eac" #e%e#!er #"all co-!ai- 9 ,ll B,e#!io-# (o-e ro% eac" ,-i!* o ="ic"1 !"e #!,$e-! "a# !o a-#=er & B,e#!io-#1 eac" carr+i-3 4 %ar0#. Fir#! %i$ !er% e6a%i-a!io- #"all be co-$,c!e$ or ()9 ,-i!# o #+llab,# a-$ #eco-$ %i$ !er% e6a%i-a!io- #"all be co-$,c!e$ or 4)8 ,-i!#. 4 %ar0# are alloca!e$ or A##i3-%e-!# (a# #peci ie$ b+ !"e co-cer-e$ #,b>ec! !eac"er* F ir#! A##i3-%e-! #"o,l$ be #,b%i!!e$ be ore !"e co-$,c! o !"e ir#! %i$1 a-$ !"e #eco-$ A##i3-%e-! #"o,l$ be #,b%i!!e$ be ore !"e co-$,c! o !"e #eco-$ %i$. T!e (o(a+ ,ar4' 'e &red 2) (!e '(&de*( $* ea ! ,$d (er, e5a,$*a($o* are e6a+&a(ed for -1 ,ar4'7 a*d (!e a6era#e of (!e (wo ,$d (er, e5a,$*a($o*' '!a++ 2e (a4e* a' (!e f$*a+ ,ar4' 'e &red 2) ea ! a*d$da(e. Ho=eAer1 or ir#! +ear1 !"ere #"all be : %i$ !er% e6a%i-a!io-# (eac" or &4 %ar0#*1 along with 3 assignments i- a #i%ilar pa!!er- a# aboAe G(#! %i$ #"all be ro% ()& ,-i!#1 &-$ %i$ ro% :)4 ,-i!# a-$ :r$ %i$ #"all be ro% E)8 ,-i!#H1 a-$ (!e a6era#e ,ar4' of (!e (!ree ,$d (er, e5a,$*a($o*' 'e &red (each evaluated for a total of 25 marks) $* ea ! '&28e ( '!a++ 2e o*'$dered a' f$*a+ ,ar4' for (!e $*(er*a+' 9 'e''$o*a+'. For prac!ical #,b>ec!# !"ere #"all be a co-!i-,o,# eAal,a!io- $,ri-3 !"e #e%e#!er or &4 #e##io-al %ar0# a-$ 4' e-$ e6a%i-a!io- %ar0#. O,! o !"e &4 %ar0# or i-!er-al1 $a+)!o)$a+ =or0 i- !"e labora!or+ #"all be eAal,a!e$ or (4 %ar0# a-$ i-!er-al e6a%i-a!io- or prac!ical #"all be eAal,a!e$ or (' %ar0# co-$,c!e$ b+ !"e co-cer-e$ labora!or+ !eac"er. T"e e-$ e6a%i-a!io- #"all be co-$,c!e$ =i!" e6!er-al e6a%i-er a-$ labora!or+ !eac"er. T"e e6!er-al e6a%i-er #"all be appoi-!e$ b+ !"e .BIET e6a%i-a!io- bra-c". For !"e #,b>ec! "aAi-3 $e#i3- a-$ D or $ra=i-31 (#,c" a# E-3i-eeri-3 Grap"ic#1 E-3i-eeri-3 Dra=i-31 Mac"i-e Dra=i-3* a-$ e#!i%a!io-1 (!e d$'(r$2&($o* '!a++ 2e -1 ,ar4' for $*(er*a+ e6a+&a($o* (1. ,ar4' for da):(o:da) wor4 a*d 1. ,ar4' for '&28e ($6e ;a;er a*d 1 ,ar4' for o28e ($6e ;a;er) a-$ 54 %ar0# or e-$ e6a%i-a!io-. T"ere #"all be !=o i-!er-al !e#!# i- a Se%e#!er a-$ aAera3e o !"e !=o #"all be co-#i$ere$ or !"e a=ar$ o %ar0# or i-!er-al !e#!#. Ho=eAer i- !"e I +ear cla##1 !"ere #"all be !"ree !e#!# a-$ !"e aAera3e o !"e !"ree %i$ !er% e6a%i-a!io-# =ill be !a0e- i-!o co-#i$era!io-. T"ere #"all be a- i-$,#!r+)orie-!e$ %i-i)2ro>ec!1 i- collabora!io- =i!" a- i-$,#!r+ o !"eir #pecialiCa!io-1 !o be !a0e- ,p $,ri-3 !"e Aaca!io- a !er III +ear II Se%e#!er e6a%i-a!io-. Ho=eAer1 !"e %i-i pro>ec! a-$ i!# repor! #"all be eAal,a!e$ =i!" !"e pro>ec! =or0 i- IV +ear II Se%e#!er. T"e i-$,#!r+ orie-!e$ %i-i pro>ec! #"all be #,b%i!!e$ i- repor! or% a-$ #"o,l$ be pre#e-!e$ be ore !"e co%%i!!ee1 ="ic" #"all be eAal,a!e$ or 4' %ar0#. T"e co%%i!!ee co-#i#!# o a- e6!er-al e6a%i-er1 "ea$ o !"e $epar!%e-!1 !"e #,perAi#or o %i-i pro>ec! a-$ a #e-ior ac,l!+ %e%ber o !"e $epar!%e-!. T"ere #"all be -o i-!er-al %ar0# or i-$,#!r+ orie-!e$ %i-i pro>ec!.


T"ere #"all be a #e%i-ar pre#e-!a!io- i- IV +ear II Se%e#!er. For !"e #e%i-ar1 !"e #!,$e-! #"all collec! !"e i- or%a!io- o- a #pecialiCe$ !opic a-$ prepare a !ec"-ical repor!1 #"o=i-3 "i# ,-$er#!a-$i-3 oAer !"e !opic1 a-$ #,b%i! !o !"e $epar!%e-!1 ="ic" #"all be eAal,a!e$ b+ !"e Depar!%e-!al co%%i!!ee co-#i#!i-3 o Hea$ o !"e $epar!%e-!1 #e%i-ar #,perAi#or a-$ a



#e-ior ac,l!+ %e%ber. T"e #e%i-ar repor! #"all be eAal,a!e$ or 4' %ar0#. T"ere #"all be -o e6!er-al e6a%i-a!io- or #e%i-ar. T"ere #"all be a Co%pre"e-#iAe ViAa)Voce i- IV +ear II #e%e#!er. T"e Co%pre"e-#iAe ViAa)Voce =ill be co-$,c!e$ b+ a Co%%i!!ee co-#i#!i-3 o (i* Hea$ o !"e Depar!%e-! (ii* !=o Se-ior Fac,l!+ %e%ber# o !"e Depar!%e-!. T"e Co%pre"e-#iAe ViAa)Voce i# ai%e$ !o a##e## !"e #!,$e-!#I ,-$er#!a-$i-3 i- Aario,# #,b>ec!# "e D #"e #!,$ie$ $,ri-3 !"e B.Tec" co,r#e o #!,$+. T"e Co%pre"e-#iAe ViAa)Voce i# eAal,a!e$ or ('' %ar0# b+ !"e Co%%i!!ee. T"ere are -o i-!er-al %ar0# or !"e Co%pre"e-#iAe AiAa)Aoce. O,! o a !o!al o &'' %ar0# or !"e pro>ec! =or01 4' %ar0# #"all be or I-!er-al EAal,a!io- a-$ (4' %ar0# or !"e E-$ Se%e#!er E6a%i-a!io-. T"e E-$ Se%e#!er E6a%i-a!io- (AiAa)Aoce* #"all be co-$,c!e$ b+ !"e #a%e co%%i!!ee appoi-!e$ or i-$,#!r+ orie-!e$ %i-i pro>ec!. Ia$$i!io- !"e pro>ec! #,perAi#or #"all al#o be i-cl,$e$ i- !"e co%%i!!ee. T"e !opic# or i-$,#!r+ orie-!e$ %i-i pro>ec!1 #e%i-ar a-$ pro>ec! =or0 #"all be $i ere-! ro% eac" o!"er. T"e eAal,a!io- o pro>ec! =or0 #"all be co-$,c!e$ a! !"e e-$ o !"e IV +ear. T"e I-!er-al EAal,a!io- #"all be o- !"e ba#i# o !=o #e%i-ar# 3iAe- b+ eac" #!,$e-! o- !"e !opic o "i# pro>ec!.



A((e*da* e Re=&$re,e*('> i. A #!,$e-! #"all be eli3ible !o appear or Colle3e E-$ e6a%i-a!io-# i "e acB,ire# a %i-i%,% o 54J o a!!e-$a-ce i- a33re3a!e o all !"e #,b>ec!#. ii. S"or!a3e o A!!e-$a-ce belo= E4J i- a33re3a!e #"all i- NO ca#e be co-$o-e$. iii. Co-$o-a!io- o #"or!a3e o a!!e-$a-ce i- a33re3a!e ,p !o ('J (E4J a-$ aboAe a-$ belo= 54J* i- eac" #e%e#!er or I +ear %a+ be 3ra-!e$ b+ !"e Colle3e Aca$e%ic Co%%i!!ee. iA. A #!,$e-! =ill -o! be pro%o!e$ !o !"e -e6! #e%e#!er ,-le## "e #a!i# ie# !"e a!!e-$a-ce reB,ire%e-! o !"e pre#e-! #e%e#!er D I +ear1 a# applicable. T"e+ %a+ #ee0 re)a$%i##io- or !"a! #e%e#!er D I +ear ="e- o ere$ -e6!. A. S!,$e-!# ="o#e #"or!a3e o a!!e-$a-ce i# -o! co-$o-e$ i- a-+ #e%e#!er D I +ear are -o! eli3ible !o !a0e !"eir e-$ e6a%i-a!io- o !"a! cla## a-$ !"eir re3i#!ra!io- #"all #!a-$ ca-celle$. Ai. A #!ip,la!e$ ee #"all be pa+able !o=ar$# co-$o-a!io- o #"or!a3e o a!!e-$a-ce. M$*$,&, A ade,$ Re=&$re,e*('> T"e ollo=i-3 aca$e%ic reB,ire%e-!# "aAe !o be #a!i# ie$ i- a$$i!io- !o !"e a!!e-$a-ce reB,ire%e-!# %e-!io-e$ i- i!e% -o.< i. A #!,$e-! #"all be $ee%e$ !o "aAe #a!i# ie$ !"e %i-i%,% aca$e%ic reB,ire%e-!# a-$ ear-e$ !"e cre$i!# allo!!e$ !o eac" !"eor+ or prac!ical $e#i3- or $ra=i-3 #,b>ec! or pro>ec! i "e #ec,re# -o! le## !"a- :4J o %ar0# i- !"e e-$ e6a%i-a!io- a-$ a %i-i%,% o 9'J o %ar0# i- !"e #,% !o!al o !"e i-!er-al eAal,a!io- a-$ e-$ e6a%i-a!io- !a0e- !o3e!"er. ii. A #!,$e-! #"all be pro%o!e$ ro% II !o III +ear o-l+ i "e ,l il# !"e aca$e%ic reB,ire%e-! of /?cre$i!# ro% o-e re3,lar a-$ o-e #,pple%e-!ar+ e6a%i-a!io-# o I +ear1 a-$ o-e re3,lar e6a%i-a!io- o II +ear I #e%e#!er irre#pec!iAe o ="e!"er !"e ca-$i$a!e !a0e# !"e e6a%i-a!ioor -o!.


A #!,$e-! #"all be pro%o!e$ ro% !"ir$ +ear !o o,r!" +ear o-l+ i "e ,l il# !"e aca$e%ic reB,ire%e-!# o !o!al <- re$i!# ro% !"e ollo=i-3 e6a%i-a!io-#1 ="e!"er !"e ca-$i$a!e !a0e# !"e e6a%i-a!io-# or -o!. a. T=o re3,lar a-$ !=o #,pple%e-!ar+ e6a%i-a!io-# o I +ear. b. T=o re3,lar a-$ o-e #,pple%e-!ar+ e6a%i-a!io-# o II +ear I #e%e#!er. c. O-e re3,lar a-$ o-e #,pple%e-!ar+ e6a%i-a!io-# o II +ear II #e%e#!er. $. O-e re3,lar e6a%i-a!io- o III +ear I #e%e#!er.




A #!,$e-! #"all re3i#!er a-$ p,! ,p %i-i%,% a!!e-$a-ce i- all &'' cre$i!# a-$ ear- !"e &'' cre$i!#. Mar0# ob!ai-e$ i- all &'' cre$i!# #"all be co-#i$ere$ or !"e calc,la!io- o perce-!a3e o %ar0#. A. S!,$e-!# ="o ail !o ear- &'' cre$i!# a# i-$ica!e$ i- !"e co,r#e #!r,c!,re =i!"i- ei3"! aca$e%ic +ear# ro% !"e +ear o !"eir a$%i##io- #"all or ei! !"eir #ea! i- B.Tec" co,r#e a-$ !"eir a$%i##io- #"all #!a-$ ca-celle$. Co&r'e ;a((er*> i. T"e e-!ire co,r#e o #!,$+ i# o o,r aca$e%ic +ear#. T"e ir#! +ear #"all be o- +earl+ pa!!era-$ !"e #eco-$1 !"ir$ a-$ o,r!" +ear# o- #e%e#!er pa!!er-. ii. A #!,$e-! eli3ible !o appear or !"e e-$ e6a%i-a!io- i- a #,b>ec!1 b,! ab#e-! a! i! or "a# aile$ i- !"e e-$ e6a%i-a!io- %a+ appear or !"a! #,b>ec! a! !"e #,pple%e-!ar+ e6a%i-a!io-. iii. <"e- a #!,$e-! i# $e!ai-e$ $,e !o lac0 o cre$i!# D #"or!a3e o a!!e-$a-ce "e %a+ be re) a$%i!!e$ ="e- !"e #e%e#!er D +ear i# o ere$ a !er ,l il%e-! o aca$e%ic re3,la!io-#1 ="erea# !"e aca$e%ic re3,la!io-# "ol$ 3oo$ =i!" !"e re3,la!io-# "e =a# ir#! a$%i!!e$. Award of C+a''> A !er a #!,$e-! "a# #a!i# ie$ !"e reB,ire%e-!# pre#cribe$ or !"e co%ple!io- o !"e pro3ra% a-$ i# eli3ible or !"e a=ar$ o B. Tec". De3ree "e #"all be place$ i- o-e o !"e ollo=i-3 o,r cla##e#; C+a'' Awarded Fir#! Cla## =i!" Di#!i-c!ioFir#! Cla## Seco-$ Cla## 2a## Cla## B of ,ar4' (o 2e 'e &red 5'J a-$ aboAe Belo= 5'J b,! -o! le## !"a- E'J Belo= E'J b,! -o! le## !"a- 4'J Belo= 4'J b,! -o! le## !"a- 9'J Fro% !"e a33re3a!e %ar0# #ec,re$ or !"e be#! &'' Cre$i!#.

(T"e %ar0# i- i-!er-al eAal,a!io- a-$ e-$ e6a%i-a!io- #"all be #"o=- #epara!el+ i- !"e %ar0# %e%ora-$,%* 1.. M$*$,&, I*'(r& ($o* "a)'> T"e %i-i%,% i-#!r,c!io- $a+# or eac" #e%e#!er D I +ear #"all be 7'D(8' clear i-#!r,c!io- $a+#. 11. T"ere #"all be -o bra-c" !ra-# er# a !er !"e co%ple!io- o a$%i##io- proce##. 1-. Ge*era+> i. <"ere !"e =or$# K"eL1 K"i%L1 K"i#L1 occ,r i- !"e re3,la!io-#1 !"e+ i-cl,$e K#"eL1 K"erL1 K"er#L. ii. T"e aca$e%ic re3,la!io- #"o,l$ be rea$ a# a ="ole or !"e p,rpo#e o a-+ i-!erpre!a!io-. iii. I- !"e ca#e o a-+ $o,b! or a%bi3,i!+ i- !"e i-!erpre!a!io- o !"e aboAe r,le#1 !"e $eci#io- o !"e .BIET i# i-al. iA. T"e .BIET %a+ c"a-3e or a%e-$ !"e aca$e%ic re3,la!io-# or #+llabi a! a-+ !i%e a-$ !"e c"a-3e# or a%e-$%e-!# %a$e #"all be applicable !o all !"e #!,$e-!# =i!" e ec! ro% !"e $a!e# -o!i ie$ b+ !"e .BIET. M)M)M

Academic Regulations for B. Tech. (Lateral ntr! "cheme) (E ec!iAe or !"e #!,$e-!# 3e!!i-3 a$%i!!e$ i-!o II +ear ro% !"e Aca$e%ic Year &'(()&'(& a-$ o-=ar$#* 1. T"e S!,$e-!# "aAe !o acB,ire (4' cre$i!# ro% II !o IV +ear o B.Tec". 2ro3ra% (Re3,lar* or !"e a=ar$ o !"e $e3ree. Re3i#!er or 11. cre$i!# a-$ #ec,re 11. cre$i!#. -. /. 0. S!,$e-!#1 ="o ail !o ,l il !"e reB,ire%e-! or !"e a=ar$ o !"e $e3ree i- E co-#ec,!iAe aca$e%ic +ear# ro% !"e +ear o a$%i##io-1 #"all or ei! !"eir #ea!. T"e #a%e a!!e-$a-ce re3,la!io-# are !o be a$op!e$ a# !"a! o B. Tec". (Re3,lar*. %ro,o($o* R&+e> A '(&de*( '!a++ 2e ;ro,o(ed fro, (!$rd )ear (o fo&r(! )ear o*+) $f !e f&+f$+' (!e a ade,$ re=&$re,e*(' of :5 red$(' fro, (!e e5a,$*a($o*'. a. T=o re3,lar a-$ o-e #,pple%e-!ar+ e6a%i-a!io-# o II +ear I #e%e#!er. b. O-e re3,lar a-$ o-e #,pple%e-!ar+ e6a%i-a!io-# o II +ear II #e%e#!er. c. O-e re3,lar e6a%i-a!io- o III +ear I #e%e#!er. Award of C+a''> A !er a #!,$e-! "a# #a!i# ie$ !"e reB,ire%e-!# pre#cribe$ or !"e co%ple!io- o !"e pro3ra% a-$ i# eli3ible or !"e a=ar$ o B. Tec". De3ree "e #"all be place$ i- o-e o !"e ollo=i-3 o,r cla##e#; Fir#! Cla## =i!" Di#!i-c!io5'J a-$ aboAe Fro% !"e a33re3a!e Fir#! Cla## Belo= 5'J b,! -o! le## !"a- E'J %ar0# #ec,re$ or Seco-$ Cla## Belo= E'J b,! -o! le## !"a- 4'J (4' Cre$i!#. 2a## Cla## Belo= 4'J b,! -o! le## !"a- 9'J (i.e. II +ear !o IV +ear* (T"e %ar0# i- i-!er-al eAal,a!io- a-$ e-$ e6a%i-a!io- #"all be #"o=- #epara!el+ i- !"e %ar0# %e%ora-$,%* All o!"er re3,la!io-# a# applicable or B. Tec". Fo,r)+ear $e3ree co,r#e (Re3,lar* =ill "ol$ 3oo$ or B. Tec". (La!eral E-!r+ Sc"e%e*




(AUTONOMOUS* B.TECH CIVIL ENGINEERING COURSE STRUCTURE I YEAR Co$e S,b>ec! E-3li#" Ma!"e%a!ic#)I E-3i-eeri-3 Mec"a-ic# E-3i-eeri-3 2"+#ic# E-3i-eeri-3 C"e%i#!r+ Co%p,!er 2ro3ra%%i-3 / Da!a S!r,c!,re# E-3i-eeri-3 Dra=i-3 Co%p,!er 2ro3ra%%i-3 Lab. E-3i-eeri-3 2"+#ic#/ E-3i-eeri-3 C"e%i#!r+ Lab. E-3li#" La-3,a3e Co%%,-ica!io- S0ill# Lab. E-3i-eeri-3 <or0#"opDIT <or0#"op To!al L & : : & & : & ) ) ) ) (5 L 9 9 : : : 9 ' ' &( L : 9 9 : 9 : ' ' &( TD2DD ) ( ( ( ) ) : : : : : (8 TD2DD ( ( ( ( ( ' : : (( TD2DD ( ( ( ' ( ( : : (( C 9 E E 9 9 E 9 9 9 9 9 4' C 9 9 : : : 9 & & &4 C : 9 9 : 9 : & & &4

II YEAR I SEMESTER Co$e S,b>ec! Ma!"e%a!ic#)II Elec!rical / Elec!ro-ic# E-3i-eeri-3 S!re-3!" o Ma!erial#)I S,rAe+i-3 Fl,i$ Mec"a-ic# Ma-a3erial Eco-o%ic# / Fi-a-cial A-al+#i# S,rAe+i-3 Lab)I. S!re-3!" o Ma!erial# Lab To!al II YEAR II SEMESTER Co$e S,b>ec! 2robabili!+ / S!a!i#!ic# S!re-3!" o Ma!erial#)II H+$ra,lic# / H+$ra,lic Mac"i-er+ E-Airo-%e-!al S!,$ie# S!r,c!,ral A-al+#i#)I B,il$i-3 Ma!erial#1 Co-#!r,c!io-/ 2la--i-3 Co%p,!er Ai$e$ Dra !i-3 o B,il$i-3# S,rAe+i-3 Lab.)II To!al

III YEAR I SEMESTER Co$e S,b>ec! Co-cre!e Tec"-olo3+ De#i3- o Rei- orce$ Co-cre!e S!r,c!,re# E-3i-eeri-3 Geolo3+ Geo!ec"-ical E-3i-eeri-3)I <a!er Re#o,rce# E-3i-eeri-3)I E+e ($6e:I <a!er Ma-a3e%e-! E-Airo-%e-!al I%pac! A##e##%e-! a-$ Ma-a3e%e-! A$Aa-ce$ S!r,c!,ral A-al+#i# Fl,i$ Mec"a-ic# / H+$ra,lic Mac"i-er+ Lab. E-3i-eeri-3 Geolo3+ Lab To!al III YEAR II SEMESTER Co$e S,b>ec! De#i3- o S!eel S!r,c!,re# E-Airo-%e-!al E-3i-eeri-3 <a!er Re#o,rce# E-3i-eeri-3)II Geo!ec"-ical E-3i-eeri-3)II Tra-#por!a!io- E-3i-eeri-3 O;e* E+e ($6e Co-#!r,c!io- Tec"-olo3+ a-$ 2ro>ec! Ma-a3e%e-! Urba- Di#a#!er I-!elli3e-! Co-!rol# S+#!e% I-!ellec!,al 2roper!+ Ri3"!# Geo!ec"-ical E-3i-eeri-3 Lab. A$Aa-ce$ E-3li#" Co%%,-ica!io- S0ill# Lab To!al

L : : 9 : 9 9

TD2DD ( & ( ( ( )

C : 9 9 : : 9

) ) &'

: : (&

& & &4

L : : : : 9 9

TD2DD & ( ( ( ( )

C 9 : : : 9 9

) ) &'

: : (&

& & &4

IV YEAR I SEMESTER Co$e S,b>ec! E+e ($6e:II Gro,-$ <a!er DeAelop%e-! Ma-a3e%e-! A$Aa-ce$ S!r,c!,ral De#i3Ele%e-!# o Ear!" N,a0e E-3i-eeri-3 <a!er#"e$ Ma-a3e%e-! GIS/ Re%o!e Se-#i-3 2aAe%e-! De#i3E#!i%a!i-3 / Co#!i-3 E+e ($6e:III <a!er Re#o,rce# 2la--i-3 / Ma-a3e%e-! Fi-i!e Ele%e-! Me!"o$# Di#a#!er Ma-a3e%e-! a-$ Mi!i3a!ioA$Aa-ce$ Fo,-$a!io- E-3i-eeri-3 Co-cre!e / Hi3" <a+ Ma!erial# Lab. E-Airo-%e-!al E-3i-eeri-3 Lab. To!al IV YEAR II SEMESTER Co$e S,b>ec! E+e ($6e:IC Gro,-$ I%proAe%e-! Tec"-iB,e# De#i3- a-$ Dra=i-3 o Irri3a!io- S!r,c!,re# Airpor! 2la--i-3 a-$ De#i32re #!re##e$ Co-cre!e S!r,c!,re# Da!a Ba#e Ma-a3e%e-! S+#!e%# Re"abili!a!io- a-$ Re!ro i!!i-3 o S!r,c!,re# Ma-a3e%e-! Scie-ce I-$,#!rial Trai-i-3 Se%i-ar 2ro>ec! Co%pre"e-#iAe ViAa To!al

L 9


C 9

: : : 9

( ( ( (

: : : 9

9 ) ) &(

( : : ((

9 & & &4

L :


C :

: : ) ) ) ) 7

( ) ) E (4 ) &:

: : & & (' & &4

Note : All End Examinations (Theory and Practical) are of three hours duration. T-Tutorial L Theory P Practical/Drawing C Credits


I Year B.Tech. C. .. &. INT'(D)CTI(N: In view of the growing importance of English as a tool for global communication and the conse uent emphasis on training students to ac uire communicative competence! the syllabus has been designed to develop linguistic and communicative competence of Engineering students. The prescribed boo"s and the exercises are meant to serve broadly as students# handboo"s. In the English classes! the focus should be on the s"ills of reading! writing! listening and spea"ing and for this the teachers should use the text prescribed for detailed study. $or example! the students should be encouraged to read the texts%selected paragraphs silently. The teachers can as" comprehension uestions to stimulate discussion and based on the discussions students can be made to write short paragraphs%essays etc. The text for non&detailed study is for extensive reading%reading for pleasure by the students. 'ence! it is suggested that they read it on their own with topics selected for discussion in the class. The time should be utili(ed for wor"ing out the exercises given after each section ! as also for supplementing the exercises with authentic materials of a similar "ind for example! from newspaper articles! advertisements! promotional material etc.. However, the stress in this syllabus is on skill development and practice of language skills. !. (B* CTI+ $: a. To improve the language proficiency of the students in English with emphasis on )*+, s"ills. b. To e uip the students to study academic sub-ects with greater facility through the theoretical and practical components of the English syllabus. c. To develop the study s"ills and communication s"ills in formal and informal situations. ,. $YLL-B)$: Listening $.ills: .b-ectives /. To enable students to develop their listening s"ill so that they may appreciate its role in the )*+, s"ills approach to language and improve their pronunciation 0. To e uip students with necessary training in listening so that can comprehend the speech of people of different bac"grounds and regions Students should be given practice in listening to the sounds of the language to be able to recognise them, to distinguish between them to mark stress and recognise and use the right intonation in sentences. 1 )istening for general content 1 )istening to fill up information 1 Intensive listening 1 )istening for specific information $/ $.ills: .b-ectives /. To ma"e students aware of the role of spea"ing in English and its contribution to their success. 0. To enable students to express themselves fluently and appropriately in social and professional contexts. 1 .ral practice 1 2escribing ob-ects%situations%people 1 +ole play 3 Individual%4roup activities (5sing exercises from all the nine units of the prescribed text6 Learning English : A ommunicative Approach.) 1 7ust A 8inute(7A8) *essions. 'eading $.ills: .b-ectives /. To develop an awareness in the students about the significance of silent reading and comprehension. 0. To develop the ability of students to guess the meanings of words from context and grasp the overall message of the text! draw inferences etc. 1 *"imming the text 1 5nderstanding the gist of an argument 1 Identifying the topic sentence 1 Inferring lexical and contextual meaning 1 5nderstanding discourse features 1 +ecogni(ing coherence%se uencing of sentences N(T : !he students will be trained in reading skills using the prescribed te"t for detailed study. !hey will be e"amined in reading and answering #uestions using $unseen% passages which may be taken from the non&detailed te"t or other authentic te"ts, such as maga'ines(newspaper articles. L T/P/D ! -/-/N#LI$% C "

0riting $.ills : .b-ectives /. To develop an awareness in the students about writing as an exact and formal s"ill 0. To e uip them with the components of different forms of writing! beginning with the lower order ones. 1 ,riting sentences 1 5se of appropriate vocabulary 1 Paragraph writing 1 9oherence and cohesiveness 1 :arration % description 1 :ote 8a"ing 1 $ormal and informal letter writing 1 Editing a passage ". T 1TB((2$ P' $C'IB D: In order to improve the proficiency of the student in the ac uisition of the four s"ills mentioned above! the following texts and course content! divided into ight )nits! are prescribed6 For Detailed study & 3irst Te4t 5oo. entitled 6 n7oying 8eryday nglish9: Pu5lished 5y $anga; Boo.s: %ydera5ad For Non-detailed study &. $econd te4t 5oo. 6Ins/iring $/eeches and Li8es9: Pu5lished 5y <aruthi Pu5lications: #untur A. *T52; 8ATE+IA)6 5nit 3I &. Cha/ter entitled Heavens Gate =ro; 6 n7oying 8eryday nglish9: Pu5lished 5y $anga; Boo.s: %ydera5ad ! Cha/ter entitled Haragovind Khorana =ro; 6Ins/iring $/eeches and Li8es9: Pu5lished 5y <aruthi Pu5lications: #untur 5nit 3II &. Cha/ter entitled Sir CV Raman: A ath!rea"er in the Saga o# $ndian S%ien%e =ro; 6 n7oying 8eryday nglish9: Pu5lished 5y $anga; Boo.s: %ydera5ad ! Cha/ter entitled Sam etroda =ro; 6Ins/iring $/eeches and Li8es9: Pu5lished 5y <aruthi Pu5lications: #untur 5nit 3III & Cha/ter entitled &he Connoisseur =ro; 6 n7oying 8eryday nglish9: Pu5lished 5y $anga; Boo.s: %ydera5ad ! Cha/ter entitled 'other &eresa =ro; 6Ins/iring $/eeches and Li8es9: Pu5lished 5y <aruthi Pu5lications: #untur 5nit 3I< &. Cha/ter entitled &he Cuddalore ()*erien%e =ro; 6 n7oying 8eryday nglish9: Pu5lished 5y $anga; Boo.s: %ydera5ad ! Cha/ter entitled Dr Amartya Kumar Sen =ro; 6Ins/iring $/eeches and Li8es9: Pu5lished 5y <aruthi Pu5lications: #untur 5nit 3< &. Cha/ter entitled +u!!ling ,ell Road =ro; 6 n7oying 8eryday nglish9: Pu5lished 5y $anga; Boo.s: %ydera5ad ! Cha/ter entitled $ Have a Dream 5y <artin Luther 2ing =ro; 6Ins/iring $/eeches and Li8es9: Pu5lished 5y <aruthi Pu5lications: #untur 5nit 3<I &. Cha/ter entitled -dds Against .s =ro; 6 n7oying 8eryday nglish9: Pu5lished 5y $anga; Boo.s: %ydera5ad ! Cha/ter entitled As" Not ,hat /our Country %an do #or you 5y *ohn 3 2ennedy =ro; 6Ins/iring $/eeches and Li8es9: Pu5lished 5y <aruthi Pu5lications: #untur = Exercises from the lessons not prescribed shall also be used for classroom tas"s. )nit +II 4ercises on +eading and ,riting *"ills +eading 9omprehension *ituational dialogues )etter writing Essay writing )nit +III Practice 4ercises on 'e;edial #ra;;ar co8ering 9ommon errors in English! *ub-ect&<erb agreement! 5se of Articles and Prepositions! Tense and aspect +oca5ulary de8elo/;ent co8ering *ynonyms > Antonyms! one&word substitutes! prefixes > suffixes! Idioms > phrases! words often confused.

' 3 ' /. 0. @. B.

NC $ : Inno8ate with nglish: - Course in nglish =or ngineering $tudents: edited by T *amson! $oundation ?oo"s English 4rammar Practice: 'a7 N Ba.shi: (rient Long;an. ==ecti8e nglish: edited by E *uresh Aumar! A +amaArishna +ao! P *reehari! Published by Pearson 'andboo" of English 4rammar> 5sage: <ar. Lester and Larry Beason: Tata <c #raw %ill. C. *po"en English: '.2. Bansal > *B %arrison: (rient Long;an. D. Technical 9ommunication! <eena.shi 'a;an: (4=ord )ni8ersity Press E. .b-ective English dgar Thor/e > $howic. Thor/e! Pearson ducation F. 4rammar 4ames: 'enu8olcuri <ario: Ca;5ridge )ni8ersity Press. G. 8urphy#s English 4rammar with 92: <ur/hy: Ca;5ridge )ni8ersity Press. /H. Everyday 2ialogues in English: 'o5ert *. Di4son: Prentice %all India P8t Ltd.: //. A?9 of 9ommon Errors Nigel D Turton: <ac <illan Pu5lishers. /0. ?asic <ocabulary dgar Thor/e > $howic. Thor/e! Pearson ducation /@. Effective Technical 9ommunication: < -shra= 'i?8i: Tata <c #raw %ill. /B. An Interactive 4rammar of 8odern English! $hi8endra 2. +er;a and %e;latha Nagara7an : 3ran. Bros > C( /C. A 9ommunicative 4rammar of English! #eo==rey Leech: *an $8art8i.: Pearson ducation /D. Enrich your English! Tha.ur 2 B P $inha: +i7ay Nicole I;/rints P8t Ltd.: /E. A 4rammar ?oo" for ;ou And I! C. dward #ood: <ac<illan Pu5lishers.


I Year B.Tech. C. .. L T/P/D , &/-/<-T% <-TIC$ I C @

)NIT I $eAuences $eries ?asic definitions of *e uences and series 3 9onvergences and divergence 3 +atio test 3 9omparison test 3 Integral test 3 9auchy#s root test 3 +aabe#s test 3 Absolute and conditional convergence )NIT II 3unctions o= $ingle +aria5le +olle#s Theorem 3 )agrange#s 8ean <alue Theorem 3 9auchy#s mean value Theorem 3 4enerali(ed 8ean <alue theorem (all theorems without proof) $unctions of several variables 3 $unctional dependence& 7acobian& 8axima and 8inima of functions of two variables with constraints and without constraints )NIT III -//lication o= $ingle 8aria5les +adius! 9entre and 9ircle of 9urvature 3 Evolutes and Envelopes 9urve tracing 3 9artesian ! polar and Parametric curves. )NIT I+ Integration > its a//lications +iemann *ums ! Integral +epresentation for lengths! Areas! <olumes and *urface areas in 9artesian and polar coordinates multiple integrals & double and triple integrals 3 change of order of integration& change of variable )NIT + Di==erential eAuations o= =irst order and their a//lications .verview of differential e uations& exact! linear and ?ernoulli. Applications to :ewton#s )aw of cooling! )aw of natural growth and decay! orthogonal tra-ectories and geometrical applications. )NIT +I %igher (rder Linear di==erential eAuations and their a//lications )inear differential e uations of second and higher order with constant coefficients! ax! and x ! e <(x)! x harmonic motion.

+'* term of the type f(I)J e


! *in ax! 9os


<(x)! method of variation of parameters. Applications bending of beams! Electrical circuits! simple

)NIT +II La/lace trans=or; and its a//lications to (rdinary di==erential eAuations )aplace transform of standard functions 3 Inverse transform 3 first shifting Theorem! Transforms of derivatives and integrals 3 5nit step function 3 second shifting theorem 3 2irac#s delta function 3 9onvolution theorem 3 Periodic function & 2ifferentiation and integration of transforms&Application of )aplace transforms to ordinary differential e uations. )NIT +III +ector Calculus <ector 9alculus6 4radient& 2ivergence& 9url and their related properties Potential function & )aplacian and second order operators. )ine integral 3 wor" done 33& *urface integrals & $lux of a vector valued function. <ector integrals theorems6 4reen#s &*to"e#s and 4auss#s 2ivergence Theorems (*tatement > their <erification) . T 1T B((2$: /. Engineering 8athematics 3 I by P.?. ?has"ara +ao! *.A.<.*. +ama 9hary! 8. ?hu-anga +ao. 0. Engineering 8athematics 3 I by 9. *han"araiah! <4* ?oo"lin"s. ' 3 ' NC $: /. Engineering 8athematics 3 I by T.A. <. Iyengar! ?. Arishna 4andhi > .thers! *. 9hand. 0. Engineering 8athematics 3 I by 2. *. 9handrase"har! Prison ?oo"s Pvt. )td. @. Engineering 8athematics 3 I by 4. *han"er +ao > .thers I.A. International Publications. B. 'igher Engineering 8athematics 3 ?.*. 4rewal! Ahanna Publications. C. Advance Engineering 8athematics by 7ain and *.+.A. Iyengar! :arosa Publications. D. A text ?oo" of A+E;*KI4#* Engineering 8athematics! <ol&/ 2r .A. +ama"rishna Prasad. ,I)E; publications


I Year B.Tech. C. . L , T/P/D &/-/C @

N#IN 'IN# < C%-NIC$ )NIT I Introduction to Engineering. 8echanics 3 ?asic 9oncepts. $yste;s o= 3orces : 9oplanar 9oncurrent $orces 3 9omponents in *pace 3 +esultant 3 8oment of $orce and its Application 3 9ouples and +esultant of $orce *ystems. )NIT II Auili5riu; o= $yste;s o= 3orces : $ree ?ody 2iagrams! E uations of E uilibrium of 9oplanar *ystems! *patial *ystems for concurrent forces. )amis Theorem! 4raphical method for the e uilibrium of coplanar forces! 9onverse of the law of Triangle of forces! converse of the law of polygon of forces condition of e uilibrium. )NIT III Centroid : 9entroids of simple figures (from basic principles ) 3 9entroids of 9omposite $igures Centre o= #ra8ity : 9entre of gravity of simple body (from basis principles)! centre of gravity of composite bodies! pappus theorem. )NIT I+ -rea ;o;ent o= Inertia : 2efinition 3 Polar 8oment of Inertia! Transfer Theorem! 8oments of Inertia of 9omposite $igures! Products of Inertia! Transfer $ormula for Product of Inertia. <ass <o;ent o= Inertia : 8oment of Inertia of 8asses! Transfer $ormula for 8ass 8oments of Inertia! mass moment of inertia of composite bodies. )NIT + Analysis of perfect frames ( Analytical 8ethod) 3 Types of $rames 3 Assumptions for forces in members of a perfect frame! 8ethod of -oints! 8ethod of sections! $orce table! 9antilever Trusses! *tructures with one end hinged and the other freely supported on rollers carrying hori(ontal or inclined loads. )NIT +I 2ine;atics : +ectilinear and 9urvilinear motions 3 <elocity and Acceleration 3 8otion of +igid ?ody 3 Types and their Analysis in Planar 8otion. 2inetics : Analysis as a Particle and Analysis as a +igid ?ody in Translation 3 9entral $orce 8otion 3 E uations of Plane 8otion 3 $ixed Axis +otation 3 +olling ?odies. )NIT +II 0or. nergy <ethod : E uations for Translation! ,or"&Energy Applications to Particle 8otion! 9onnected *ystem&$ixed Axis +otation and Plane 8otion. Impulse momentum method. )NIT +III Princi/le o= 8irtual wor.: E uilibrium of ideal systems! efficiency of simple machines! stable and unstable e uilibriums T 1T B((2$ : /. Engineering. 8echanics % Timoshen"o > ;oung. 0. Engineering. 8echanics % *.*. ?havi"atti > 7.4. +a-ase"harappa ' 3 ' NC $ : /. Engineering 8echanics % $edinand . ). *inger % 'arper 3 9ollins. 0. Engineering. 8echanics % Irving. '. *hames Prentice 3 'all. @. Engineering. 8echanics 5mesh +egl % Tayal. B. Engineering. 8echanics % +.<. Aul"arni > +.2. As"hev"ar C. Engineering. 8echanics%Ahurmi%*.9hand. D. Engineering. 8echanics % A) Aumar % Tata 8c4raw 'ill.


I Year B.Tech. C. . N#IN )NIT-I &. Bonding in $olids: Ionic ?ond! 9ovalent ?ond! 8etallic ?ond! 'ydrogen ?ond! <ander&,aal#s ?ond! 9alculation of 9ohesive Energy. !. Crystallogra/hy and Crystal $tructures: *pace )attice: 5nit 9ell! )attice Parameters! 9rystal *ystems! ?ravais )attices! 8iller Indices! 9rystal Planes and 2irections! Inter Planar *pacing of .rthogonal 9rystal *ystems! Atomic +adius! 9o&ordination :umber and Pac"ing $actor of *9! ?99! $99! 2iamond and hcp *tructures! *tructures of :a9l! Kn*! 9s9l. )NIT-II ,. 1-ray Di==raction: ?asic Principles! ?ragg#s )aw! )aue 8ethod! Powder 8ethod! Applications of I& ray 2iffraction. ". De=ects in Crystals: Point 2efects6 <acancies! *ubstitutional! Interstitial! $ren"el and *chott"y 2efectsL Mualitative treatment of line (Edge and *crew 2islocations) 2efects! ?urger#s <ector! *urface 2efects and <olume 2efects. )NIT-III B. le;ents o= $tatistical <echanics: 8axwell&?olt(man! ?ose&Einstein and $ermi&2irac *tatistics (Mualitative Treatment)! Photon gas ! ,ein#s )aw! +ayleigh&7eans law!! Planc"#s )aw of ?lac" ?ody +adiation! 9oncept of Electron 4as! $ermi Energy! 2ensity of *tates. @. Princi/les o= Cuantu; <echanics: ,aves and Particles! de ?roglie 'ypothesis ! 8atter ,aves! 2avisson and 4ermer#s Experiment! 4. P. Thomson Experiment! 'eisenberg#s 5ncertainty Principle! *chrNdinger#s Time Independent ,ave E uation & Physical *ignificance of the ,ave $unction & Particle in .ne 2imensional Potential ?ox. )NIT-I+ D. Band Theory o= $olids: Electron in a periodic Potential! ?loch Theorem! Aronig&Penny 8odel (Mualitative Treatment)! .rigin of Energy ?and $ormation in *olids! 9lassification of 8aterials into 9onductors! *emi 9onductors > Insulators! 9oncept of Effective 8ass of an Electron and 'ole. )NIT-+ E. $e;iconductor Physics: $ermi )evel in Intrinsic and Extrinsic *emiconductors! Intrinsic *emiconductors and 9arrier 9oncentration! Extrinsic *emiconductors and 9arrier 9oncentration! E uation of 9ontinuity! 2irect > Indirect ?and 4ap *emiconductors! 'all Effect. F. Physics o= $e;iconductor De8ices: $ormation of P: 7unction! .pen 9ircuit P: 7unction! Energy 2iagram of P: 2iode! I&< 9haracteristics of P: 7unction! P: 2iode as a +ectifier ($orward and +everse ?ias)! 2iode E uation! )E2! )92 and Photo 2iodes. L T/P/D ! &/-/'IN# P%Y$IC$ C "

)NIT-+I &G. Dielectric Pro/erties: Electric 2ipole! 2ipole 8oment! 2ielectric 9onstant! Polari(ability! Electric *usceptibility! 2isplacement <ector! Electronic! Ionic and .rientation Polari(ations and 9alculation of Polari(abilities & Internal $ields in *olids! 9lausius & 8ossotti E uation! Pie(o&electricity! Pyro&electricity and $erro& electricity. &&. <agnetic Pro/erties: Permeability! $ield Intensity! 8agnetic $ield Induction! 8agneti(ation! 8agnetic *usceptibility! .rigin of 8agnetic 8oment! ?ohr 8agneton! 9lassification of 2ia! Para and $erro 8agnetic 8aterials on the basis of 8agnetic 8oment! 2omain Theory of $erro 8agnetism on the basis of 'ysteresis 9urve! *oft and 'ard 8agnetic 8aterials! Properties of Anti&$erro and $erri 8agnetic 8aterials! $errites and their Applications! 9oncept of Perfect 2iamagnetism! 8eissner Effect! 8agnetic )evitation! Applications of *uperconductors. )NIT-+IIH &!. Lasers: 9haracteristics of )asers! *pontaneous and *timulated Emission of +adiation! 8eta&stable *tate! Population Inversion! )asing Action! Einstein#s 9oefficients and +elation between them! +uby )aser! 'elium&:eon )aser! 9arbon 2ioxide )aser! *emiconductor 2iode )aser! Applications of )asers. &,. 3i5er (/tics: Principle of .ptical $iber! Acceptance Angle and Acceptance 9one! :umerical Aperture! Types of .ptical $ibers and +efractive Index Profiles! Attenuation in .ptical $ibers! Application of .ptical $ibers. )NIT-+III &". -coustics o= Buildings > -coustic Cuieting: ?asic +e uirement of Acoustically 4ood 'all! +everberation and Time of +everberation! *abine#s $ormula for +everberation Time(Mualitative Treatment)! 8easurement of Absorption 9oefficient of a 8aterial! $actors Affecting The Architectural Acoustics and their +emedies. Acoustic Muieting6 Aspects of Acoustic Muieting! 8ethods of Muieting! Muieting for *pecific .bservers: 8ufflers! *ound&proofing. &B. Nanotechnology: .rigin of :anotechnology! :ano *cale! *urface to <olume +atio! Muantum 9onfinement! ?ottom&up $abrication6 *ol&gel! Precipitation! 9ombustion 8ethodsL Top&down $abrication6 9hemical <apour 2eposition! Physical <apour 2eposition! Pulsed )aser <apour 2eposition 8ethods! 9haracteri(ation(I+2>TE8) and Applications. T 1T B((2$: /. 0. @. Applied Physics 3 P.A.Palanisamy (*ciTech Publications (India) Pvt. )td.! $ifth Print 0HHF). Applied Physics 3 *... Pillai > *iva"ami (:ew Age International (P) )td.! *econd Edition 0HHF). Applied Physics 3 T. ?hima *han"aram > 4. Prasad (?.*. Publications! Third Edition 0HHF).

' 3 ' NC $: /. *olid *tate Physics 3 8. Armugam (Anuradha Publications). 0. 8odern Physics 3 +. 8urugeshan > A. *iva Prasath 3 *. 9hand > 9o. (for *tatistical 8echanics). @. A Text ?oo" of Engg Physics 3 8. :. Avadhanulu > P. 4. Ahsirsagar3 *. 9hand > 9o. (for acoustics). B. 8odern Physics by A. <i-aya Aumar! *. 9handralingam6 *. 9hand > 9o.)td C. :anotechnology 3 8.+atner > 2. +atner (Pearson Ed.). D. Introduction to *olid *tate Physics 3 9. Aittel (,iley Eastern). E. *olid *tate Physics 3 A.7. 2e""er (8acmillan). F. Applied Physics 3 8ani :aidu Pearson Education


I Year B.Tech. C. . L ! T/P/D -/-/C " N#IN 'IN# C% <I$T'Y )NIT I: lectroche;istry and Batteries: 9oncept of Electro 9hemistry! 9onductance&Electrolyte in solution! 9onductance&*pecific! E uivalent and molar conductance! Ionic mobilities! Aolrausch#s )aw. Application of conductance. E8$6 4alvanic 9ells! types of Electrodes! +eference Electrode (*9E! Muinhydrone electrode)! Ion *elective Electrodes (4lass Electrode) :ernest e uation! 9oncentration 9ells! 4alvanic series! Potentiometric titrations! :umerical problems. ?atteries6 Primary and secondary cells! (lead&Acid cell! :i&9d cell! )ithium cells). Applications of batteries! fuel cells 3 'ydrogen 3 .xygen fuel cells! Advantages of fuel cells. )NIT II: Corrosion and its corrosion control 6 Introduction! causes and different types of corrosion and effects of corrosion! theories of corrosion 3 9hemical! Electrochemical corrosion! corrosion reactions! factors affecting corrosion 3 :ature of metal 3 galvanic series! over voltage! purity of metal! nature of oxide film! nature of corrosion product. :ature of environment&effect of temperature! effect of p'! 'umidity! effect of oxidant. 9orrosion control methods 3 9athodic protection! sacrificial anode! impressed current cathode. *urface coatings 3 methods of application on metals& hot dipping! galvani(ing! tinning! cladding! electroplating & .rganic surface coatings 3 paints constituents and functions. )NIT III: Poly;ers: Types of Polymeri(ation! 8echanism (9hain growth > *tep growth).Plastics6 Thermoplastic resins > Thermo set resins. 9ompounding > fabrication of plastics! preparation! properties! engineering applications of6 polyethylene! P<9! P*! Teflon! ?a"elite! :ylon. 9onducting Polymers6 Poly acetylene! polyaniline! conduction! doping! applications. )i uid 9rystal polymers6 9haracteristics and uses +ubber 3 :atural rubber! vulcani(ation. Elastomers 3 ?una&s! ?utyl rubber! Thio"ol rubbers! $ibers 3 polyester! fiber reinforced plastics ($+P)! applications )NIT I+: 0ater: Introduction! 'ardness6 9auses! expression of hardness 3 units 3 types of hardness! estimation of temporary > permanent hardness of water! numerical problems. ?oiler troubles 3 *cale > sludge formation! caustic enbsittlement! corrosion! priming > foaming *oftening of water (Internal > external treatment&)ime soda! Keolite! Ion exchange process and :umerical problems) +everse osmosis! electro dialysis. )NIT +: $ur=ace Che;istry6 *olid surfaces! types of adsorption! )ongmuir adsorption isotherm! ?ET adsorption e uip. 9alculation of surface area of solid > application adsorption! classification of colloids! Electrical > optical properties micelles! applications of colloids in industry. :ano materials6 Introduction! preparation and applications of nano meterials )NIT +I: nergy sources: fuels! classification 3 conventional fuels (solid! li uid! gaseous) *olid fuels 3 coal 3 analysis 3 proximate and ultimate analysis and their significance )i uid fuels 3 primary 3 petroleum 3 refining of petroleum&crac"ing "noc"ing synthetic petrol 3 ?ergius and $ischer Tropsech#s processL 4aseous fuels 3 natural gas! analysis of flue gas by .rsat#s method 9ombustion 3 problems! 9alorific value of fuel 3 '9<! )9<! determination of calorific value by 7un"er#s gas calorie meter. )NIT +II: Phase rule6 2efinitions 3 phase! component! degree of freedom! phase rule e uitation. Phase diagrams 3 one component system6 water system. Two component system lead& silver system! heat treatment based on iron&carbon phase diagram! hardening! annealing. )NIT +III: <aterials Che;istry6 9ement6 composition of Portland cement! manufacture of port land 9ement! setting > hardening of cement (reactions). )ubricants6 9riteria of a good lubricant! mechanism! properties of lubricants6 9loud point! pour point!flash > fire point!<iscocity. +efractoriess6 9lassification! 9haracteristics of a good refractory. Insulators > conductors6 9lassification of insulators characteristics of thermal > electrical insulators and applications of *uperconductors (:b&*n alloy! ;?a 0 9u@ .E&x)! applications. T 1T B((2$: /. Text ?oo"s of Engineering 9hemistry by 9.P. 8urthy! 9.<. Agarwal! A. :aidu ?.*. Publications! 'yderabad (0HHD). 0. Text of Engineering 9hemistry by *.*. 2ara > 8u""ati *. 9hand > 9o!:ew 2elhi(0HHD) ' 3 ' NC B((2$ /. 0. @. B. C. Engineering 9hemistry by ?. *iva *han"ar 8c.4raw 'ill Publishing 9ompany )imited ! :ew 2elhi(0HHD) Enginering 9hemistry 7.9. Auriacase > 7. +a-aram! Tata 8c4raw 'ills co.! :ew 2elhi (0HHB). Engineering 9hemistry by P.9 7ain > 8onica 7ain! 2hanpatrai Publishing 9ompany (0HHF). 9hemistry of Engineering 8aterials by 9< Agarwal!9.P 8urthy! A.:aidu! ?* Publications. 9hemistry of Engineering 8eterials by +.P 8ani and A.:.8ishra! 9E:4A4E learning.

D. E. F.

Applied 9hemistry 3 A text for Engineering > Technology 3 *pringar (0HHC). Text ?oo" of Engineering 9hemistry 3 *hasi 9hawla! 2hantpat +ai publishing 9ompany! :ew2elhi (0HHF). Engineering 9hemistry 3 +. 4opalan! 2. <en"atappayya! 2.<. *ulochana :agara-an 3 <i"as Publishers (0HHF).


I Year B.Tech. C. . L , T/P/D -/-/C @

C(<P)T ' P'(#'-<<IN# -ND D-T- $T')CT)' $ )NIT - I Introduction to 9omputers 3 9omputer *ystems! 9omputing Environments! 9omputer )anguages! 9reating and running programmes! *oftware 2evelopment 8ethod! Algorithms! Pseudo code! flow charts! applying the software development method. )NIT - II Introduction to 9 )anguage 3 ?ac"ground! *imple 9 Programme! Identifiers! ?asic data types! <ariables! 9onstants! Input % .utput! .perators. Expressions! Precedence and Associativity! Expression Evaluation! Type conversions! ?it wise operators! *tatements! *imple 9 Programming examples. *election *tatements 3 if and switch statements! +epetition statements 3 while! for! do&while statements! )oop examples! other statements related to looping 3 brea"! continue! goto! *imple 9 Programming examples. )NIT - III 2esigning *tructured Programmes! $unctions! basics! user defined functions! inter function communication! *tandard functions! *cope! *torage classes&auto! register! static! extern! scope rules! type ualifiers! recursion& recursive functions! Preprocessor commands! example 9 programmes Arrays 3 9oncepts! using arrays in 9! inter function communication! array applications! two 3 dimensional arrays! multidimensional arrays! 9 programme examples. )NIT - I+ Pointers 3 Introduction (?asic 9oncepts)! Pointers for inter function communication! pointers to pointers! compatibility! memory allocation functions! array of pointers! programming applications! pointers to void! pointers to functions! command 3line arguments. *trings 3 9oncepts! 9 *trings! *tring Input % .utput functions! arrays of strings! string manipulation functions! string % data conversion! 9 programme examples. )NIT - + 2erived types 3 *tructures 3 2eclaration! definition and initiali(ation of structures! accessing structures! nested structures! arrays of structures! structures and functions! pointers to structures! self referential structures! unions! typedef! bit fields! enumerated types! 9 programming examples. )NIT - +I Input and .utput 3 9oncept of a file! streams! standard input % output functions! formatted input % output functions! text files and binary files! file input % output operations! file status functions (error handling)! 9 programme examples. )NIT +II *earching and *orting 3 *orting& selection sort! bubble sort! insertion sort! uic" sort! merge sort! *earching&linear and binary search methods. )NIT - +III 2ata *tructures 3 Introduction to 2ata *tructures! abstract data types! )inear list 3 singly lin"ed list implementation! insertion! deletion and searching operations on linear list! *tac"s&.perations! array and lin"ed representations of stac"s! stac" application& infix to postfix conversion! postfix expression evaluation! recursion implementation! Mueues&operations! array and lin"ed representations. T 1T B((2$ : /. 0. 9 Programming > 2ata *tructures! ?.A.$orou(an and +.$. 4ilberg! Third Edition! 9engage )earning. Problem *olving and Program 2esign in 9! 7.+. 'anly and E.?. Aoffman! $ifth Edition! Pearson education.

' 3 ' NC $: /. 9> 2ata structures 3 P. Padmanabham! Third Edition! ?.*. Publications. 0. The 9 Programming )anguage! ?.,. Aernighan and 2ennis 8.+itchie! P'I%Pearson Education @. 9 Programming with problem solving! 7.A. 7ones > A. 'arrow! dreamtech Press B. Programming in 9 3 *tephen 4. Aochan! III Edition! Pearson Eductaion. C. 9 for Engineers and *cientists! '.9heng! 8c.4raw&'ill International Edition D. 2ata *tructures using 9 3 A.8.Tanenbaum! ;.)angsam! and 8.7. Augenstein! Pearson Education % P'I E. 9 Programming > 2ata *tructures! E. ?alagurusamy! T8'. F. 9 Programming > 2ata *tructures! P. 2ey! 8 4hosh + There-a! .xford 5niversity Press G. 9> 2ata structures 3 E < Prasad and : ? <en"ateswarlu! *. 9hand>9o.


I Year B.Tech. C. . L ! T/P/D -/-/, C " N#IN 'IN# D'-0IN# )NIT I INT'(D)CTI(N T( N#IN 'IN# D'-0IN# : Principles of Engineering 4raphics and their *ignificance 3 2rawing Instruments and their 5se 3 9onventions in 2rawing 3 )ettering 3 ?I* 9onventions. 9urves used in Engineering Practice > their 9onstructions 6 a) 9onic *ections including the +ectangular 'yperbola 3 4eneral method only. b) 9ycloid! Epicycloid and 'ypocycloid c) Involute. d) *cales6 2ifferent types of *cales! Plain scales comparative scales! scales of chords. )NIT II D'-0IN# (3 P'(* CTI(N$ (' +I 0$ ('T%(#'-P%IC P'(* CTI(N IN 3I'$T -N#L P'(* CTI(N: Principles of .rthographic Pro-ections 3 9onventions 3 $irst and Third Angle! Pro-ections of Points and )ines inclined to both planes! True lengths! traces. )NIT III P'(* CTI(N$ (3 PL-N $ > $(LID$: Pro-ections of regular Planes! auxiliary planes and Auxiliary pro-ection inclined to both planes. Pro-ections of +egular *olids inclined to both planes 3 Auxiliary <iews. )NIT I+ $ CTI(N$ -ND $ CTI(N-L +I 0$6& +ight +egular *olids 3 Prism! 9ylinder! Pyramid! 9one 3 Auxiliary views. D + L(P< NT -ND INT 'P N T'-TI(N (3 $(LID$: 2evelopment of *urfaces of +ight! +egular *olids 3 Prisms! 9ylinder! Pyramid 9one and their parts. Interpenetration of +ight +egular *olids )NIT + INT '$ CTI(N (3 $(LID$:- Intersection of 9ylinder <s 9ylinder! 9ylinder <s Prism! 9ylinder <s 9one. )NIT - +I I$(< T'IC P'(* CTI(N$ : Principles of Isometric Pro-ection 3 Isometric *cale 3 Isometric <iews3 9onventions 3 Isometric <iews of )ines! Plane $igures! *imple and 9ompound *olids 3 Isometric Pro-ection of ob-ects having non& isometric lines. Isometric Pro-ection of *pherical Parts. )NIT +II T'-N$3('<-TI(N (3 P'(* CTI(N$ : 9onversion of Isometric <iews to .rthographic <iews 3 9onventions. )NIT +III P '$P CTI+ P'(* CTI(N$ : Perspective <iew 6 Points! )ines! Plane $igures and *imple *olids! <anishing Point 8ethods (4eneral 8ethod only). T 1T B((2 : /. Engineering 2rawing! :.2. ?hat % 9harotar 0. Engineering 2rawing and 4raphics! <enugopal % :ew age. @. Engineering 2rawing 3 ?asant Agrawal! T8' ' 3 ' /. 0. @. B. C. D. NC $ : Engineering drawing 3 P.7. *hah.*.9hand. Engineering 2rawing! :arayana and Aannaiah % *citech publishers. Engineering 2rawing& 7ohle%Tata 8acgraw 'ill. 9omputer Aided Engineering 2rawing& Trymba"a 8urthy& I.A. International. Engineering 2rawing 3 4rower. Engineering 4raphics for 2egree 3 A.9. 7ohn.


I Year B.Tech. C. . L T/P/D C G -/,/" C(<P)T ' P'(#'-<<IN# L-B

.b-ectives6 To ma"e the student learn a programming language. To teach the student to write programs in 9 to solve the problems. To Introduce the student to simple linear data structures such as lists! stac"s! ueues. 'eco;;ended $yste;s/$o=tware 'eAuire;ents: Intel based des"top P9 A:*I 9 9ompiler with *upporting Editors

0ee. l. aI ,rite a 9 program to find the sum of individual digits of a positive integer. 5I A $ibonacci *e uence is defined as follows6 the first and second terms in the se uence are H and /. *ubse uent terms are found by adding the preceding two terms in the se uence. ,rite a 9 program to generate the first n terms of the se uence. cI ,rite a 9 program to generate all the prime numbers between / and n! where n is a value supplied by the user. 0ee. !. aI ,rite a 9 program to calculate the following *um6 *umJ/&x0%0O PxB%BO&xD%DOPxF%FO&x/H%/HO 5I ,rite a 9 program toe find the roots of a uadratic e uation. 0ee. , aI ,rite 9 programs that use both recursive and non&recursive functions i) To find the factorial of a given integer. ii) To find the 492 (greatest common divisor) of two given integers. iii) To solve Towers of 'anoi problem. 0ee. " aI The total distance travelled by vehicle in Qt# seconds is given by distance J utP/%0at 0 where Qu# and Qa# are the initial velocity (m%sec.) and acceleration (m%sec0). ,rite 9 program to find the distance travelled at regular intervals of time given the values of Qu# and Qa#. The program should provide the flexibility to the user to select his own time intervals and repeat the calculations for different values of Qu# and Qa#. 5I ,rite a 9 program! which ta"es two integer operands and one operator from the user! performs the operation and then prints the result. (9onsider the operators P!&!=! %! R and use *witch *tatement) 0ee. B aI ,rite a 9 program to find both the largest and smallest number in a list of integers. 5I ,rite a 9 program that uses functions to perform the following6 i) Addition of Two 8atrices ii) 8ultiplication of Two 8atrices 0ee. @ aI ,rite a 9 program that uses functions to perform the following operations6 i) To insert a sub&string in to a given main string from a given position. ii) To delete n 9haracters from a given position in a given string. 5I ,rite a 9 program to determine if the given string is a palindrome or not 0ee. D aI ,rite a 9 program that displays the position or index in the string * where the string T begins! or 3 / if * doesn#t contain T. 5I ,rite a 9 program to count the lines! words and characters in a given text. 0ee. E aI ,rite a 9 program to generate Pascal#s triangle. 5I ,rite a 9 program to construct a pyramid of numbers. 0ee. F ,rite a 9 program to read in two numbers! x and n! and then compute the sum of this geometric progression6 /PxPx0Px@PSSSS.Pxn $or example6 if n is @ and x is C! then the program computes /PCP0CP/0C. Print x! n! the sum Perform error chec"ing. $or example! the formula does not ma"e sense for negative exponents 3 if n is less than H. 'ave your program print an error message if nTH! then go bac" and read in the next pair of numbers of without computing the sum. Are any values of x also illegal U If so! test for them too.

0ee. &G aI 0#s complement of a number is obtained by scanning it from right to left and complementing all the bits after the first appearance of a /. Thus 0#s complement of ///HH is HH/HH. ,rite a 9 program to find the 0#s complement of a binary number. 5I ,rite a 9 program to convert a +oman numeral to its decimal e uivalent. 0ee. && ,rite a 9 program that uses functions to perform the following operations6 i) +eading a complex number ii) ,riting a complex number iii) Addition of two complex numbers iv) 8ultiplication of two complex numbers (:ote6 represent complex number using a structure.) 0ee. &! aI ,rite a 9 program which copies one file to another. 5I ,rite a 9 program to reverse the first n characters in a file. (:ote6 The file name and n are specified on the command line.) 0ee. &, aI ,rite a 9 programme to display the contents of a file. 5I ,rite a 9 programme to merge two files into a third file ( i.e.! the contents of the first file followed by those of the second are put in the third file) 0ee. &" ,rite a 9 program that uses functions to perform the following operations on singly lin"ed list.6 i) 9reation ii) Insertion iii) 2eletion iv) Traversal 0ee. &B ,rite 9 programs that implement stac" (its operations) using i) Arrays ii) Pointers 0ee. &@ ,rite 9 programs that implement Mueue (its operations) using i) Arrays ii) Pointers 0ee. &D ,rite a 9 program that uses *tac" operations to perform the following6 i) 9onverting infix expression into postfix expression ii) Evaluating the postfix expression 0ee. &E ,rite a 9 program that implements the following sorting methods to sort a given list of integers in ascending order i) ?ubble sort ii) *election sort 0ee. &F ,rite 9 programs that use both recursive and non recursive functions to perform the following searching operations for a Aey value in a given list of integers 6 i) )inear search ii) ?inary search 0ee. !G ,rite 9 program that implements the following sorting method to sort a given list of integers in ascending order6 i) Muic" sort 0ee. !& ,rite 9 program that implement the following sorting method to sort a given list of integers in ascending order6 i) 8erge sort 0ee. !! ,rite 9 programs to implement the )agrange interpolation and :ewton& 4regory forward interpolation. 0ee. !, ,rite 9 programs to implement the linear regression and polynomial regression algorithms. 0ee. !" ,rite 9 programs to implement Trape(oidal and *impson methods.

Te4t Boo.s /. 9 programming and 2ata *tructures! P. Padmanabham! Third Edition! ?* Publications 0. 8astering 9! A.+. <enugopal and *.+. Prasad! T8' Publications. @. The *pirit of 9! an introduction to modern programming! 8.9ooper! 7aico Publishing 'ouse. B Practical 9 Programming!*teve .ualline!.#+eilly!*P2. T8' publications. C. 9omputer ?asics and 9 Programming! <. +a-araman! P'I Publications. D. 2ata structures and Program 2esign in 9!+.Aruse!9.).Tondo!?.P.)eung!8.*hashi!Pearson Education.


I Year B.Tech. C. . N#IN L G 'IN# P%Y$IC$ / N#IN T/P/D -/,/C "

'IN# C% <I$T'Y L-B

N#IN 'IN# P%Y$IC$ L-B J-ny twel8e e4/eri;ents co;/ulsoryI /. 0. @. B. C. D. E. F. G. /H. //. /0. /@. /B. /C. 2ispersive power of the material of a prism 3 *pectrometer 2etermination of wavelength of a source 3 2iffraction 4rating. :ewton#s +ings & +adius of curvature of plano convex lens. 8elde#s experiment 3 Transverse and longitudinal modes. Time constant of an +&9 circuit. )&9&+ circuit. 8agnetic field along the axis of current carrying coil 3 *tewart and 4ees method. *tudy the characteristics of )E2 and )A*E+ sources. *tudy the characteristics of p&i&n and avalanche photodiode detectors. ?ending losses of fibres. Evaluation of numerical aperture of given fibre. Energy gap of a material of p&n -unction. Thermo electric effect 3 *eebec" effect and Peltier effect. Torsional pendulum. *ingle slit diffraction using laser. N#IN 'IN# C% <I$T'Y L-B List o= 4/eri;ents J-ny &! o= the =ollowingI: Estimation of hardness of water by E2TA method. (or) Estimation of calcium in limestone by Permanganometry. <ineral -nalysis: 0 2etermination of percentage of copper in brass @ Estimation of manganese dioxide in pyrolusite. Instru;ental <ethods: B. Colori;etry: 2etermination of ferrous iron in cement by colorimetric method. (.r) Estimation of 9opper by 9olorimetric method. C. Conducto;etry: 9onductometric titration of strong acid <s strong base. (or) 9onductometric titration of mixture of acids <s strong base. D. Potentio;etry: Titration of strong acid <s strong base by potentiometry. (or) Titration of wea" acid <s strong base by potentiometry. Physical Pro/erties: E. 2etermination of viscosity of sample oil by redwood%oswald#s viscometer F. 2etermination *urface Tension of lubricants. Identi=ication and Pre/arations: G. Identification of functional groups present in organic compounds. /H. Preparation of organic compounds Asprin (or) ?en(imida(ole 2inetics: //. To determine the rate constant of hydrolysis of methyl acetate catalysed by an acid and also the energy of activation. (or) To study the "inetics of reaction between A0*0.F and AI. /0. 2emonstration Experiments ( Any .ne of the following) 6 a. 2etermination of dissociation constant of wea" acid&by P' metry b. Preparation of Thio"ol rubber c. Adsorption on 9harcoal d. 'eat of reaction T 1T B((2$: /. Practical Engineering 9hemistry by A. 8u""anti! etal! ?.*. Publications! 'yderabad. 0. Inorganic uantitative analysis! <ogel. ' 3 ' NC B((2$: /. Text ?oo" of engineering chemistry by +. :. 4oyal and 'arrmendra 4oel. 0. A text boo" on experiments and calculation Engg. *.*. 2ara. @. Instrumental methods of chemical analysis! 9hatwal! Anand! 'imalaya Publications. Titri;etry: a.


I Year B.Tech. C. . L G T/P/D -/,/C "

N#LI$% L-N#)-# C(<<)NIC-TI(N $2ILL$ L-B The Language La5 focuses on the production and practice of sounds of language and familiarises the students with the use of English in everyday situations and contexts. (57ecti8es: &. To e4/ose the students to a 8ariety o= sel=-instructional: learner-=riendly ;odes o= language learning. !. To hel/ the students culti8ate the ha5it o= reading /assages =ro; the co;/uter ;onitor: thus /ro8iding the; with the reAuired =acility to =ace co;/uter-5ased co;/etiti8e e4a;s such #' : T( 3L: #<-T etc. ,. To ena5le the; to learn 5etter /ronunciation through stress on word accent: intonation: and rhyth;. ". To train the; to use language e==ecti8ely to =ace inter8iews: grou/ discussions: /u5lic s/ B. To initiate the; into greater use o= the co;/uter in resu;e /re/aration: re/ort writing: =or;at-; etc. $YLL-B)$ : The following course content is prescribed for the nglish Language La5oratory sessions6 /. Introduction to the *ounds of English& <owels! 2iphthongs > 9onsonants. 0. Introduction to *tress and Intonation. @. *ituational 2ialogues % +ole Play. B. .ral Presentations& Prepared and Extempore. C. Q7ust A 8inute# *essions (7A8). D. 2escribing .b-ects % *ituations % People. E. Information Transfer F. 2ebate G. Telephoning *"ills. /H. 4iving 2irections. <ini;u; 'eAuire;ent: The nglish Language La5 shall ha8e two /arts: i) The Co;/uter aided Language La5 for DH students with DH systems! one master console! )A: facility and English language software for self& study by learners. ii) The Co;;unication $.ills La5 with movable chairs and audio&visual aids with a P.A *ystem! a T. <.! a digital stereo 3audio > video system and camcorder etc. $yste; 'eAuire;ent J %ardware co;/onentI: omputer network with Lan with minimum )* multimedia systems with the following specifications: i) P 3 I< Processor a) *peed 3 0.F 4'K b) +A8 3 C/0 8? 8inimum c) 'ard 2is" 3 FH 4? ii) 'eadphones of 'igh uality $uggested $o=tware: 1 9ambridge Advanced )earners# English 2ictionary with 92. 1 The +osetta *tone English )ibrary. 1 9larity Pronunciation Power 3 Part I. 1 8astering English in <ocabulary! 4rammar! *pellings! 9omposition 1 2orling Aindersley series of 4rammar! Punctuation! 9omposition etc. 1 )anguage in 5se! $oundation ?oo"s Pvt )td with 92. .xford Advanced )earner#s 9ompass! Eth Edition. 1 )earning to *pea" English & B 92s. 1 <ocabulary in 5se! 8ichael 8c9arthy! $elicity .#2en! 9ambridge. 1 8urphy#s English 4rammar! 9ambridge with 92. English in 8ind! 'erbert Puchta and 7eff *tran"s with 8eredith )evy! 9ambridge Boo.s $uggested =or nglish Language La5 Li5rary Jto 5e located within the la5 in addition to the CDs o= the te4t 5oo. which are loaded on the syste;sI: /. - %and5oo. =or nglish Language La5oratories 3 Prof. E. *uresh Aumar! P. *reehari! $oundation ?oo"s. 0. ==ecti8e Co;;unication > Pu5lic $/ by *. A. 8andal: 7aico Publishing 'ouse. @. nglish Con8ersation Practice by 4rant Taylor! Tata 8c4raw 'ill. B. $/ nglish e==ecti8ely by Arishna 8ohan! :. P. *ingh! 8ac 8illan Publishers. C. Co;;unicate or Colla/se: - %and5oo. o= ===ecti8e Pu5lic $/ #rou/ Discussions and Inter8iews ! by Pushpa )ata > Aumar: Prentice&'all of India. D. Learn Correct nglish: #ra;;ar: )sage and Co;/osition by *hiv. A. Aumar > 'emalatha :agara-an! Pearson )ongman E. $/o.en nglish by +. A. ?ansal > 7. ?. 'arrison! .rient )ongman.


nglish Language Co;;unication: - 'eader cu; La5 <anual 2r A +ama"rishna +ao! 2r. 4. :atanam > Prof. *. A. *an"aranarayanan! Anuradha Publications! 9hennai. G. ==ecti8e Technical Co;;unication! 8. Ashraf +i(vi! Tata 8c4raw&'ill. /H. - Practical Course in nglish Pronunciation ! (with two Audio cassettes) by 7. *ethi! Aamlesh *adanand > 2.<. 7indal! Prentice&'all of India Pvt. )td.! :ew 2elhi. //. - te4t 5oo. o= nglish Phonetics =or Indian $tudents by T. ?alasubramanian! 8ac 8illan /0. $/o.en nglish: - =oundation Course: Parts & > !: 2a;alesh $adanand and $usheela /unitha! .rient )ongman

DI$T'IB)TI(N -ND 0 I#%T-# (3 <-'2$ (nglish 0anguage 0a!oratory ra%ti%al a*er: /. The practical examinations for the English )anguage )aboratory shall be conducted as per the 5niversity norms prescribed for the core engineering practical sessions. 0. $or the )anguage lab sessions! there shall be a continuous evaluation during the year for 0C sessional mar"s and CH year&end Examination mar"s. .f the 0C mar"s! /C mar"s shall be awarded for day&to&day wor" and /H mar"s to be awarded by conducting Internal )ab Test(s). The year&end Examination shall be conducted by an external examiner% or the teacher concerned with the help of another member of the staff of the same department of the same institution.


I Year B.Tech. C. . N#IN &. T'-D $ 3(' 1 'CI$ $: -t least two e4ercises =ro; each trade: /. 9arpentry 0. $itting @. Tin&*mithy and 2evelopment of -obs carried out and soldering. B. ?lac" *mithy C. 'ouse&wiring D. $oundry E. ,elding F. Power tools in construction! wood wor"ing! electrical engineering and mechanical Engineering. G. IT ,or"shop&I 6 9omputer hard ware ! identification of parts ! 2isassembly! Assembly of computer to wor"ing condition! *imple diagnostic exercises. /H. IT wor"shop&II 6 Installation of .perating system windows and )inux ! simple diagnostic exercises. !. T'-D $ 3(' D <(N$T'-TI(N > 1P($)' : /. Plumbing 0. 8achine *hop @. 8etal 9utting (,ater Plasma) T 1T B((2: /. ,or" shop 8anual & P.Aannaiah% A.).:arayana% *citech Publishers. 0 ,or"shop 8anual by <en"at +eddy L T/P/D C G -/,/" 'IN# 0('2$%(P / IT 0('2$%(P


II Year B.Tech. C. . I $e; L " T/P/D &/-/C "

<-T% <-TIC$ II )NIT I: Linear $yste;s 8atrices6 Elementary row transformations 3 +an" 3 :ormal form & Echelon form 3 9onsistency 3 *olution of system of simultaneous linear homogeneous and non&homogeneous e uations. )NIT II : igen 8alues > igen 8ectors Eigen <alues! Eigen vectors & properties 3 9ayley&'amilton Theorem & Inverse and powers of a matrix by 9ayley&'amilton theorem 3 2iagonoli(ation of matrix. 9alculation of powers of matrix 3 8odal and spectral matrices. )NIT-III: Linear Trans=or;ations +eal matrices &*ymmetric! s"ew & symmetric! orthogonal! )inear Transformation & .rthogonal Transformation. 9omplex matrices6 'ermitian! *"ew&'ermitian and 5nitary 3 Eigen values and Eigen vectors of complex matrices and their properties. )NIT I+: Cuadratic =or;s Muadratic $orms & +eduction of uadratic form to canonical form 3 +an" & Positive! negative definite & semi definite & index & signature & *ylvester law! Applications of uadratic forms. )NIT-+ : 3ourier $eries and 3ourier trans=or;s $ourier *eries6 2etermination of $ourier coefficients 3 $ourier series 3 even and odd functions 3 $ourier series in an arbitrary interval 3 even and odd periodic continuation 3 'alf&range $ourier sine and cosine expansions. $ourier integral theorem & $ourier sine and cosine integrals. $ourier transforms 3 $ourier sine and cosine transforms 3 properties 3 inverse transforms 3 $inite $ourier transforms. )NIT +I : Introduction to /artial di==erential eAuations $ormation of partial differential e uations by elimination of arbitrary constants and arbitrary functions 3 solutions of first order linear ()agrange) e uation and nonlinear (standard type) e uations. )NIT +II: $olution o= /artial di==erential eAuations 9lassification of second order linear Partial 2ifferential E uations! separation of variables methods for the solutions of one dimensional heat e uation! wave e uation and two&dimensional )aplace#s e uation under initial and boundary conditions. )NIT-+III: K-Trans=or;s K&Transform&Properties&2amping rule&*hifting rule&Initial > $inal value theorems&9onvolution theorem&*olutions of difference e uation by K&Transform

T 1T B((2$: /. Engineering 8athematics 3 II by T.A.<. Iyengar! ?.Arishna 4andhi > .thers! *.9hand. 0. Engineering 8athematics by ?.<.+amana! Tata 8c.4rawhill Publications ' 3 ' NC $: /. Engineering 8athematics 3 II by P.?. ?has"ara +ao! *.A.<.*.+ama 9hary! 8.?hu-anga +ao! ?.*. Publications. 0. 'igher Engineering 8athematics by ?.*.4rewal! Ahanna Publications. @. Engineering 8athematics 3 II by 4.*han"ar +ao > .thers! I.A. International Publications. B. Engineering 8athematics 3 II by 9. *han"araiah! <i-aya Publications. C. Advanced Engineering 8athematics by 7ain and *.+.A. Iyengar! :arasa Publications. D. Engineering 8athematics 3 II by 2r. A. An-aneyulu > others! 2eepti Publications.


II Year B.Tech. C. . I $e; L " T/P/D &/-/C " 'IN#


)NIT-I L CT'IC-L CI'C)IT$: ?asic definitions! Types of elements! .hm#s )aw! +esistive networ"s! Airchhoff#s )aws! Inductive networ"s! 9apacitive networ"s! *eries! Parallel circuits and *tar&delta and deltastar transformations. )NIT II DC <-C%IN $: Principle of operation of 29 4enerator 3 emf e uation & types 3 29 motor types 3 tor ue e uation 3 applications 3 three point starter. )NIT III T'-N$3('< '$: Principle of operation of single phase transformers 3 emf e uation 3 losses 3 efficiency and regulation )NIT I+ -C <-C%IN $: Principle of operation of alternators 3 regulation by synchronous impedance method 3 Principle of operation of induction motor 3 slip 3 tor ue characteristics 3 applications. )NIT + IN$T')< NT$: ?asic Principle of indicating instruments 3 permanent magnet moving coil and moving iron instruments. )NIT +I DI(D -ND ITL$ C%-'-CT 'I$TIC$: P&: -unction diode! symbol! <&I 9haracteristics! 2iode Applications! +ectifiers 3 'alf wave! $ull wave and ?ridge rectifiers (simple Problems) )NIT +II T'-N$I$T('$: P&:&P and :&P&: 7unction transistor! Transistor as an amplifier! *9+ characteristics and applications )NIT +III: C-T%(D '-Y ($CILL($C(P : Principles of 9+T (9athode +ay Tube)! 2eflection! *ensitivity! Electrostatic and 8agnetic deflection! Applications of 9+. & <oltage! 9urrent and fre uency measurements. T 1T B((2$: /. Essentials of Electrical and 9omputer Engineering by 2avid <. Aerns! 7+. 7. 2avid Irwin 0. Principles of Electrical and Electronics Engineering by <.A.8ehta! *.9hand > 9o. ' 3 ' NC $ : /. Introduction to Electrical Engineering 3 8.* :aidu and *. Aama"shaiah! T8' Publ. 0. ?asic Electrical Engineering by Aothari and :agarath! T8' Publications! 0nd Edition. *-0-%-'L-L N %') T C%N(L(#IC-L )NI+ '$ITY %YD '-B-D II Year B.Tech. C. . I $e; L , T/P/D &/-/C ,

$T' N#T% (3 <-T 'I-L$ I )NIT I $I<PL $T' $$ $ -ND $T'-IN$ : Elasticity and plasticity 3 Types of stresses and strains 3 'oo"e#s law 3 stress 3 strain diagram for mild steel 3 ,or"ing stress 3 $actor of safety 3 )ateral strain! Poisson#s ratio and volumetric strain 3 Elastic moduli and the relationship between them 3 ?ars of varying section 3 composite bars 3 Temperature stresses. $T'-IN N '#Y 3 +esilience 3 4radual! sudden! impact and shoc" loadings 3 simple applications. )NIT II $% -' 3('C -ND B NDIN# <(< NT : 2efinition of beam 3 Types of beams 3 9oncept of shear force and bending moment 3 *.$ and ?.8 diagrams for cantilver! simply supported and overhanging beams sub-ected to point loads! uniformly distributed load! uniformly varying loads and combination of these loads 3 Point of contraflexure 3 +elation between *.$.! ?.8 and rate of loading at a section of a beam. )NIT III 3L 1)'-L $T' $$ $: Theory of simple bending 3 Assumptions 3 2erivation of bending e uation6 8%I J f%y J E%+ & :eutral axis 3 2etermination of bending stresses 3 *ection modulus of rectangular and circular sections (*olid and 'ollow)! I!T!Angle and 9hannel sections 3 2esign of simple beam sections. )NIT I+ $% -' $T' $$ $ : 2erivation of formula 3 *hear stress distribution across various beam sections li"e rectangular! circular! triangular! I! T angle sections.

)NIT + D 3L CTI(N (3 B -<$ : ?ending into a circular arc 3 slope! deflection and radius of curvature 3 2ifferential e uation for the elastic line of a beam 3 2ouble integration and 8acaulay#s methods 3 2etermination of slope and deflection for cantilever and simply supported beams sub-ected to point loads! 5.2.)! 5niformly varying load&8ohr#s theorems 3 8oment area method 3 application to simple cases including overhanging beams. )NIT +I P'INCIP-L $T' $$ $ -ND $T'-IN$ : Introduction 3 *tresses on an inclined section of a bar under axial loading 3 compound stresses 3 :ormal and tangential stresses on an inclined plane for biaxial stresses 3 Two perpendicular normal stresses accompanied by a state of simple shear 3 8ohr#s circle of stresses 3 Principal stresses and strains 3 Analytical and graphical solutions 3 <arious Theories of failures li"e 8aximum Principal stress theory 3 8aximum Principal strain theory 3 8aximum shear stress theory 3 8aximum strain energy theory 3 8aximum shear strain energy theory. )NIT +II T%IN CYLIND '$ : Thin seamless cylindrical shells 3 2erivation of formula for longitudinal and circumferential stresses 3 hoop! longitudinal and <olumetric strains 3 changes in dia! and volume of thin cylinders 3 Thin spherical shells. )NIT +III T%IC2 CYLIND '$ : Introduction )ame#s theory for thic" cylinders 3 2erivation of )ame#s formulae 3 distribution of hoop and radial stresses across thic"ness 3 design of thic" cylinders 3 compound cylinders 3 :ecessary difference of radii for shrin"age 3 Thic" spherical shells. T 1T B((2$: /. 8echanics of 8aterials 3 2r. ?. 9. Punmia! )axmi Publications. 0. *trength of 8aterials 3 ?. *. ?asavara-aiah! 5niversity Press! 'yderabad. ' 3 ' NC $ : /. 8echanics of *olid! by $erdinandp ?eer and others 3 Tata 8c.4rawhill Publications 0HHH. 0. *trength of 8aterials by *chaum#s out line series 3 8c. 4rawPhill International Editions. @. *trength of materials by +.A.+a-put! *.9hand > 9o! :ew 2elhi. B. *trength of 8aterials by A.+.?asu! 2hanpat +ai > 9o! :ai *arah! :ew 2elhi. C. *trength of 8aterials by ?havi Aatti. :ew Age Publications. D. *trength of 8aterials by +. *ubramanian! .xford 5niversity Press! :ew 2elhi


II Year B.Tech. C. .I $e; L T/P/D , &/-/$)'+ YIN# C ,

)NIT I INT'(D)CTI(N: plane surveying! .b-ectives! Principles and classifications. 2istance measurement conventions and methodsL use of chain and tape )NIT II: C(<P-$$ -ND PL-IN T-BL $ '+IC : .bstacles in distance measurement! field related numerical problems in compass survey! e uipment and procedure for plain table field wor". )NIT III L + LIN# -ND C(NT()'IN#: 9oncept and Terminology! Temporary and permanent ad-ustments& method of leveling. 9haracteristics and 5ses of contours& methods of conducting contour surveys and their plotting. )NIT I+ C(<P)T-TI(N (3 -' -$ -ND +(L)< $: Area from field notes! computation of areas along irregular boundaries and area consisting of regular boundaries. Emban"ments and cutting for a level section and two level sections! determination of the capacity of reservoir! volume of barrow pits. )NIT - + T% (D(LIT : Theodolite! description! uses and ad-ustments 3 temporary and permanent! measurement of hori(ontal and vertical angles. Principles of Electronic Theodolite. ! Traversing!Electronic 2istance measurement(E28). )NIT +I T-C% (< T'IC $)'+ YIN#: Trigonometric leveling ! *tadia and tangential methods of Tacheometry. 2istance and Elevation formulae for *taff vertical position. )NIT +II Cur8es: Types of curves! design and setting out 3 simple ! compound and vertical curves. )NIT - +III INDT'(D)CTI(N T( -D+-NC D $)'+ YIN# : Introduction to geodetic surveying! Total *tation and 4lobal positioning system! Introduction to 4eographic information system (4I*). T 1T B((2$: /. V*urveying (<ol 3 /! 0 > @)! by ?.9.Punmia! Asho" Aumar 7ain and Arun Aumar 7ain & )axmi Publications (P) ltd.! :ew 2elhi 0 .2uggal * A! V*urveying (<ol 3 / > 0)! Tata 8c.4raw 'ill Publishing 9o. )td. :ew 2elhi! 0HHB. @. Text boo" of surveying by 9.<en"ataramaiah! 5nversiities Press ' 3 ' NC $: /. Arthur + ?enton and Philip 7 Taety! Elements of Plane *urying! 8c4raw 'ill 3 0HHH 0. Arora A + V*urveying <ol /! 0 > @)! *tandard ?oo" 'ouse! 2elhi! 0HHB @. 9handra A 8! VPlane *urveyingW! :ew age International Pvt. )td.! Publishers! :ew 2elhi! 0HH0. B. 9handra A 8! V'igher *urveyingW! :ew age International Pvt. )td.! Publishers! :ew 2elhi! 0HH0. C. *urveying and levelling by +. *ubramanian! .xford university press! :ew 2elhi


II Year B.Tech. C. .I $e; L , T/P/D &/-/C ,

3L)ID < C%-NIC$ )NIT I INT'(D)CTI(N : 2imensions and units 3 Physical properties of fluids specific gravity! viscosity! surface tension! vapor pressure and their influences on fluid motion pressure at a point! Pascal#s law! 'ydrostatic law & atmospheric! gauge and vacuum pressure& measurement of pressure. Pressure gauges! 8anometers6 differential and 8icro 8anometers. )NTI II %YD'($T-TIC 3('C $ : 'ydrostatic forces on submerged plane! 'ori(ontal! <ertical! inclined and curved surfaces 3 9enter of pressure. 2erivations and problems. )NTI III 3L)ID 2IN <-TIC$ : 2escription of fluid flow! *tream line! path line and strea" lines and stream tube. 9lassification of flows 6 *teady! unsteady! uniform! non&uniform! laminar! turbulent! rotational and irrotational flows 3 E uation of continuity for one! two ! three dimensional flows 3 stream and velocity potential functions! flownet analysis. )NIT I+ 3L)ID DYN-<IC$: *urface and body forces 3 Euler#s and ?ernoulli#s e uations for flow along a stream line for @&2 flow! (:avier 3 sto"es e uations (Explanationary) 8omentum e uation and its application 3 forces on pipe bend. )NIT + B()ND-'Y L-Y ' T% ('Y : Approximate *olutions of :avier *to"e#s E uations 3 ?oundary layer 3 concepts! Prandtl contribution! 9haracteristics of boundary layer along a thin flat plate! <on"armen momentum integral e uation! laminar and turbulent ?oundary layers (no deviation)! ?) in transition! separation of ?)! control of ?)! flow around submerged ob-ects&2rag and )ift& 8agnus effect. )NIT +I L-<IN-' > T)'B)L NT 3L(0$ : +eynold#s experiment 3 9haracteristics of )aminar > Turbulent flows. $low between parallel plates! $low through long tubes! flow through inclined tubes. )NIT - +II CL($ D C(ND)IT 3L(0: )aws of $luid friction 3 2arcy#s e uation! 8inor losses 3 pipes in series 3 pipes in parallel 3 Total energy line and hydraulic gradient line. Pipe networ" problems! variation of friction factor with +eynold#s number 3 8oody#s 9hart.

)NIT +III < -$)' < NT (3 3L(0 6 Pitot tube! <enturi meter and orifice meter 3 classification of orifices! flow over rectangular! triangular and trape(oidal and *tepped notches & 3?road crested weirs. T 1T B((2$: /. $luid 8echanics by 8odi and *eth! *tandard boo" house. 0. Introduction to $luid 8achines by *.A.*om > 4.?iswas (Tata 8c.4rawhill publishers Pvt. )td.) @. Introduction to $luid 8achines by Edward 7. *haughnessy! 7r! Ira 8. Aat( and 7ames P. *chaffer ! .xford 5niversity Press! :ew 2elhi ' 3 ' NC $: /. $luid 8echanics by 7.$.2ouglas! 7.8. 4asere" and 7.A.*waffirld ()ongman) 0. $luid 8echanics by $ran".8. ,hite (Tata 8c.4rawhill Pvt. )td.) @. $luid 8ehanics by A.A. 8ohanty! Prentice 'all of India Pvt. )td.! :ew 2elhi B. A text of $luid mechanics and hydraulic machines by 2r. +.A. ?ansal & )axmi Publications (P) ltd.! :ew 2elhi. C. $luid 8echanics and 8achinery by 2. +amdurgaia :ew Age Publications.


II Year B.Tech. C. . I $e; L " T/P/D -/-/C "

<-N-# 'I-L C(N(<IC$ -ND 3IN-NCI-L -N-LY$I$ )nit I Introduction to <anagerial cono;ics: 2efinition! :ature and *cope of 8anagerial Economics32emand Analysis6 2emand 2eterminants! )aw of 2emand and its exceptions. )nit II (lasti%ity o# Demand6 2efinition! Types! 8easurement and *ignificance of Elasticity of 2emand. 2emand $orecasting! $actors governing demand forecasting! methods of demand forecasting (survey methods! statistical methods! expert opinion method! test mar"eting! controlled experiments! -udgmental approach to demand forecasting) )nit III Theory o= Production and Cost -nalysis 6 Production $unction 3 Iso uants and Isocosts! 8+T*! )east 9ost 9ombination of Inputs! 9obb&2ouglas Production function! )aws of +eturns! Internal and External Economies of *cale. Cost -nalysis: 9ost concepts! .pportunity cost! $ixed vs. <ariable costs! Explicit costs <s. Implicit costs! .ut of poc"et costs vs. Imputed costs. ?rea"&even Analysis (?EA)&2etermination of ?rea"&Even Point (simple problems)& 8anagerial *ignificance and limitations of ?EA. )nit I+ Introduction to <ar.ets > Pricing Policies: < structures: Types of competition! $eatures of Perfect competition! 8onopoly and 8onopolistic 9ompetition. Price&.utput 2etermination in case of Perfect 9ompetition and 8onopoly. (57ecti8es and Policies o= Pricing& <ethods o= Pricing: 9ost Plus Pricing! 8arginal 9ost Pricing! *ealed ?id Pricing! 4oing +ate Pricing! )imit Pricing! 8ar"et *"imming Pricing! Penetration Pricing! Two&Part Pricing! ?loc" Pricing! ?undling Pricing! Pea" )oad Pricing! 9ross *ubsidi(ation. )nit + Business > New cono;ic n8iron;ent 6 9haracteristic features of ?usiness! $eatures and evaluation of *ole Proprietorship! Partnership! 7oint *toc" 9ompany! Public Enterprises and their types! 9hanging ?usiness Environment in Post& liberali(ation scenario. )nit +I Ca/ital and Ca/ital Budgeting6 9apital and its significance! Types of 9apital! Estimation of $ixed and ,or"ing capital re uirements! 8ethods and sources of raising finance. :ature and scope of capital budgeting! features of capital budgeting proposals! 8ethods of 9apital ?udgeting6 Paybac" 8ethod! Accounting +ate of +eturn (A++) and :et Present <alue 8ethod (simple problems) )nit +II Introduction to 3inancial -ccounting: 2ouble&Entry ?oo" Aeeping! 7ournal! )edger! Trial ?alance& $inal Accounts (Trading Account! Profit and )oss Account and ?alance *heet with simple ad-ustments). )nit +III 3inancial -nalysis through ratios: 9omputation! Analysis and Interpretation of )i uidity +atios (9urrent +atio and uic" ratio)! Activity +atios (Inventory turnover ratio and 2ebtor Turnover ratio)! 9apital structure +atios (2ebt& E uity ratio! Interest 9overage ratio)! and Profitability ratios (4ross Profit +atio! :et Profit ratio! .perating Profit +atio! P%E +atio and EP*). T 1T B((2$: /. Aryasri6 8anagerial Economics and $inancial Analysis! T8'! 0HHG. 0. <arshney > 8aheswari6 8anagerial Economics! *ultan 9hand! 0HHG. ' 3 ' NC $: /. +aghunatha +eddy > :arasimhachary6 8anagerial Economics> $inancial Analysis! *citech! 0HHF. 0. Ambrish 4upta! $inancial Accounting for 8anagement! Pearson Education! :ew 2elhi! 0HHG @. '. 9raig Peterson > ,. 9ris )ewis! 8anagerial Economics! P'I! 0HHG. B. *uma 2amodaran! 8anagerial Economics! .xford 5niversity Press! 0HHG. C. )ipsey > 9hrystel! Economics! .xford 5niversity Press! 0HHG. D. 2omnic" *alvatore6 8anagerial Economics In a 4lobal Economy! Bth Edition! Thomson! 0HHG. E. :arayanaswamy6 $inancial AccountingXA 8anagerial Perspective! P'I! 0HHF. F. *.:.8aheswari > *.A. 8aheswari! $inancial Accounting! <i"as! 0HHF. G. Truet and Truet6 8anagerial Economics6Analysis! Problems and 9ases! ,iley! 0HHG. /H. 2wivedi68anagerial Economics! <i"as! 0HHG. PrereAuisites: :il (57ecti8e: To explain the basic principles of managerial economics! accounting and current business environment underlying business decision ma"ing. Codes/Ta5les: Present <alue Tables need to be permitted into the examinations 'all. Cuestion Pa/er Pattern: C Muestions to be answered out of F uestions. Each uestion should not have more than @ bits.


II Year B.Tech. C. . I $e; L G T/P/D -/,/C ! $)'+ YIN# L-B I LI$T (3 1 'CI$ $ : /. *urvey of an area by chain survey (closed traverse) > Plotting 0. 9haining across obstacles @. 2etermination of distance between two inaccessible points with compass. B. *urveying of a given area by prismatic compass (closed traverse) and plotting after ad-ustment. C. +adiation method! intersection methods by plane Table survey D. Two point and three point problems in plane table survey E. Traversing by plane table survey F. $ly leveling (differential leveling) G. An exercise of ).* and 9.* and plotting /H. Two exercises on contouring. List o= <a7or Aui/;ent: /. 9hains! tapes! +anging rods! cross staff! arrows 0. 9ompasses and Tripods! .ptical s uare. @. Plane tables! Alidade! Plumbing for"! trough compasses B. )eveling instruments and leveling staves C. ?ox sextants! planimeter.


II Year B.Tech. C. . I $e; L G T/P/D -/,/C !

$T' N#T% (3 <-T 'I-L$ L-B /. Tension test 0. ?ending test on (*teel % ,ood) 9antilever beam. @. ?ending test on simple support beam. B. Torsion test C. 'ardness test D. *pring test E. 9ompression test on wood or concrete F. Impact test G. *hear test /H. <erification of 8axwell#s +eciprocal theorem on beams. //. 5se of electrical resistance strain gauges /0. 9ontinuous beam 3 deflection test. List o= <a7or Aui/;ent: /. 5T8 for conducting tension test on rods 0. *teel beam for flexure test @. ,ooden beam for flexure test B. Torsion testing machine C. ?rinnell#s % +oc" well#s hardness testing machine D. *pring testing machine E. 9ompression testing machine F. I(od Impact machine G. *hear testing machine /H. ?eam setup for 8axwell#s theorem verification. //. 9ontinuous beam setup /0. Electrical +esistance gauges.


II Year B.Tech. C. . II $e; L T/P/D C , &/-/, P'(B-BILITY -ND $T-TI$TIC$

)NIT-I : Pro5a5ility: *ample space and events 3 Probability 3 The axioms of probability 3 *ome Elementary theorems & 9onditional probability 3 ?aye#s theorem! +andom variables 3 2iscrete and continuous. )NIT-II: Distri5utions ?inomial ! Poisson > normal distributions related properties . *ampling distributions 3*ampling distribution of means ( and 5n"nown)


)NIT-III: Testing o= %y/othesis I Tests of hypothesis point estimations 3 interval estimations ?ayesian estimation. )arge samples! :ull hypothesis 3 Alternate hypothesis type I! > type II errors 3 critical region confidential interval for mean testing of single variance. 2ifference between the mean. )NIT-I+ : Testing o= %y/othesis II 9onfidential interval for the proportions. Tests of hypothesis for the proportions single and difference between the proportions. )NIT-+: $;all sa;/les 9onfidence interval for the t& distribution 3 Tests of hypothesis 3 'ypothesis. t& distributions! $& distributions

& distribution.

Test of

)NIT-+I: Correlation > 'egression 9oefficient of correlation 3 +egression 9oefficient 3 The lines of regression 3 The ran" correlation )NIT-+II: Cueuing Theory Arrival Theorem & Pure ?irth process and 2eath Process 8%8%/ 8odel . 8AT)A?%+ Introduction. )NIT-+III: $tochastic /rocesses Introduction to *tochastic Processes 3 8ar"ov process classification of states 3 Examples of 8ar"ov 9hains! *tochastic 8atrix! limiting probabilities. T 1T B((2$: /. Probability > *tatistics by T.A.<.Iyengar > ?.Arishna 4andhi > .thers! *.9hand. 0. Engineering 8athematics ?y ?.<.+amana! Tata 8c.4rawhill Publications @. Introduction to 8AT)A? by +udra4upta ' 3 ' NC $: /. 'igher Engineering 8athematics by ?.*. 4rewal! Ahanna Publications. 0. Advanced Probability and *tatistics by *.9.4upta and <.A.Aapoor @. 'igher Engineering 8athematics by 7ain > *.A.+. Iyengar! :arasa Publications. B. A first course in Probability > *tatistics by ?.).*. Pra"asa +ao! ,orld *cientific. C. Probability > *tatistics for Engineers! 8iller and 7ohn E. $reund! Prentice 'all of India. D. Probability > *tatistics by 2.A. 8urugesan > P.4uru *wamy! Anuradha Publications. E. Probability > *tatistics for Engineers by 4.*.*.?hisma +ao! *citech Publications. .


II Year B.Tech. C. . II $e; L T/P/D C " &/-/" $T' N#T% (3 <-T 'I-L$ II

)NIT I T('$I(N (3 CI'C)L-' $%-3T$ : Theory of pure torsion 3 2erivation of Torsion e uations 6 T%7 J %r J :Y%) 3 Assumptions made in the theory of pure torsion 3 Torsional moment of resistance 3 Polar section modulus 3 Power transmitted by shafts 3 9ombined bending and torsion and end thrust 3 2esign of shafts according to theories of failure. $P'IN#$ Introduction 3 Types of springs 3 deflection of close and open coiled helical springs under axial pull and axial couple 3 springs in series and parallel 3 9arriage or leaf springs. )NIT II C(L)<N$ -ND $T')T$ : Introduction 3 Types of columns 3 *hort! medium and long columns 3 Axially loaded compression members 3 9rushing load 3 Euler#s theorem for long columns& assumptions& derivation of Euler#s critical load formulae for various end conditions 3 E uivalent length of a column 3 slenderness ratio 3 Euler#s critical stress 3 )imitations of Euler#s theory 3 +an"ine 3 4ordon formula 3 )ong columns sub-ected to eccentric loading 3 *ecant formula 3 Empirical formulae 3 *traight line formula 3 Prof. Perry#s formula. )NIT - III B -< C(L)<N$ : )aterally loaded struts 3 sub-ected to uniformly distributed and concentrated loads 3 8aximum ?.8. and stress due to transverse and lateral loading. )NIT I+ DI' CT -ND B NDIN# $T' $$ $ : *tresses under the combined action of direct loading and bending moment! core of a section 3 determination of stresses in the case of chimneys! retaining walls and dams 3 conditions for stability 3 stresses due to direct loading and bending moment about both axis. )NIT + )N$Y< T'IC-L B NDIN# : Introduction 3 9entroidal principal axes of section 3 4raphical method for locating principal axes 3 8oments of inertia referred to any set of rectangular axes 3 *tresses in beams sub-ected to unsymmetrical bending 3 Principal axes 3 +esolution of bending moment into two rectangular axes through the centroid 3 )ocation of neutral axis & 2eflection of beams under unsymmetrical bending. )NIT +I B -<$ C)'+ D IN PL-N: Introduction 3 circular beams loaded uniformly and supported on symmetrically placed 9olumns 3 *emi&circular beam simply& supported on three e ually spaced supports. )NIT - +II P'(PP D C-NTIL + '$ : Analysis of propped cantilevers&shear force and bending moment diagrams&2eflection of propped cantilevers. 3I1 D B -<$ 3 Introduction to statically indeterminate beams with uniformly distributed load! central point load! eccentric point load! number of point loads! uniformly varying load! couple and combination of loads & *hear force and ?ending moment diagrams& 2eflection of fixed beams effect of sin"ing of support! effect of rotation of a support. )NIT - +III C(NTIN)()$ B -<$ : Introduction&9lapeyron#s theorem of three moments& Analysis of continuous beams with constant moment of inertia with one or both ends fixed&continuous beams with overhang! continuous beams with different moment of inertia for different spans&Effects of sin"ing of supports&shear force and ?ending moment diagrams. T 1T B((2$: /. A Text boo" of *trength of materials by +.A.?ansal 3)axmi Publications (P) ltd.! :ew 2elhi 0. *trength of materials by ?asavara-aiah and 8ahadevappa! 5niversity press @. *trength of 8aterials by ?havi"atti! <i"as Publications ' 3 ' NC $: /. 8echanics of *olid! by $erdinandp ?eer and others 3 Tata 8c.4rawhill Publications 0HHH. 0. *trength of 8aterials by *. +ama"rishna and +.:arayan 3 2hanpat +ai publications. @. *trength of materials by +.A.+a-put! *.9hand > 9o! :ew 2elhi. B. *trength of 8aterials by A.+.?asu! 2hanpat +ai > 9o! :ai *arah! :ew 2elhi. C. *trength of 8aterials by ).*.*rinath et al.! 8acmillan India )td.! 2elhi.


II Year B.Tech. C. . II $e; L T/P/D C " &/-/" %YD'-)LIC$ -ND %Y'-)LIC <-C%IN 'Y

)NIT I (P N C%-NN L 3L(0: Types of flows & Type of channels 3 <elocity distribution 3 Energy and momentum correction factors 3 9he(y#s! 8anning#sL and ?a(in formulae for uniform flow 3 8ost Economical sections. 9ritical flow6 *pecific energy&critical depth 3 computation of critical depth 3 critical sub&critical and super critical flows. )NIT II (P N C%-NN L 3L(0 II: :on uniform flow&2ynamic e uation for 4.<.$.! 8ild! 9ritical! *teep! hori(ontal and adverse slopes& surface profiles&direct step method& +apidly varied flow! hydraulic -ump! energy dissipation. )NIT - III %YD'-)LIC $I<ILIT)D : 2imensional analysis&+ayleigh#s method and ?uc"ingham#s pi theorem&study of 'ydraulic models 3 4eometric! "inematic and dynamic similarities&dimensionless numbers 3 model and prototype relations. )NIT I+ B-$IC$ (3 T)'B( <-C%IN 'Y : 'ydrodynamic force of -ets on stationary and moving flat! inclined and curved vanes! -et stri"ing centrally and at tip! velocity triangles at inlet and outlet! expressions for wor" done and efficiency&Angular momentum principle! Applications to radial flow turbines. )NIT - + %YD'-)LIC T)'BIN $ I: )ayout of a typical 'ydropower installation 3 'eads and efficiencies&classification of turbines&pelton wheel&$rancis turbine&Aaplan turbine&wor"ing! wor"ing proportions! velocity diagram! wor" done and efficiency! hydraulic design! draft tube 3 theory and function efficiency. )NIT +I %YD'-)LIC T)'BIN $ II : 4overning of turbines&surge tan"s&unit and specific turbines&unit speed&unit uantity&unit power& specific speed performance characteristics&geometric similarity&cavitation. )NIT +II C NT'I3)#-L-P)<P$ : Pump installation details&classification&wor" done& 8anometric head&minimum starting speed&losses and efficiencies&specific speed multistage pumps&pumps in parallel& performance of pumps&characteristic curves& :P*'&cavitation. )NIT +III %YD'(P(0 ' N#IN 'IN#: 9lassification of 'ydropower plants 3 2efinition of terms 3 load factor! utili(ation factor! capacity factor! estimation of hydropower potential. T 1T B((2$: /..pen 9hannel flow by A!*ubramanya . Tata 8c.4rawhill Publishers. 0. $luid 8echanics! 'ydraulic and 'ydraulic 8achines by 8odi > *eth! *tandard boo" house. @. $luid 8echanics > $luid machines by :arayana pillai! 5niversities press. ' 3 ' NC $ : /. A text of $luid mechanics and hydraulic machines by 2r. +.A. ?ansal & )axmi Publications (P) ltd.! :ew 2elhi 0. Elements of .pen channel flow by +anga +a-u! Tata 8c.4raw 'ill! Publications. @. $luid mechanics and fluid machines by +a-put! *.9hand >9o. B. .pen 9hannel flow by <.T.9how! 8c.4raw 'ill boo" company. C. $luid 8echanics and 8achinery by 2. +amdurgaia :ew Age Publications.


II Year B.Tech. C. . II $e; L , T/P/D -/-/C ,

N+I'(N< NT-L $T)DI $ 5:IT&I: C($Y$T <$6 9oncept of ecosystem! 9lassification of ecosystem! $unctions of ecosystem! $ood chains! $ood webs and ecological pyramids! $low of energy! ?iogeochemical cycles! ?iomagnification! carrying capacity. 5:IT&II6N-T)'-L ' $()'C $6 9lassification of +esources6 )iving and :on&)iving resources! +enewable and :on&+enewable resources. ,ater resources6 use and over utili(ation! )and resources! land degradation! $orest resources! 8ineral resources uses. Energy resources6 growing energy needs! use of alternate energy sources&case studies. Environmental effects due to exploitation of various resources. 5:IT&III6 BI(DI+ '$ITY -ND BI(TIC ' $()'C $ 6 *pecies! ecosystem diversity! 'otspots! <alue of biodiversity! Threats to biodiversity! 9onservation of biodiversity6 In&*itu and Ex&*itu conservation! ?iological disasters! pandemic and epidemics! ?iological warfare. 5:IT&I<: N+I'(N< NT-L P(LL)TI(N -ND C(NT'(L 6 9lassification of pollutions and pollutants! causes! effects of water! air! noise pollution! Introduction to control technologies6 ,ater (primary! secondary! tertiary)! Air(particulate and gaseous emissions)! *oil(conservation and remediation)! :oise(controlling devices) *olid waste 6 types! collection and disposal methods! characteristics of e&waste and its management. 5:IT&<6 #L(B-L N+I'(N< NT-L P'(B L <$ -ND #L(B-L 33('T$ 6 4reen house effect! 4reen 'ouse 4ases(4'4)! 4lobal ,arming! *ea level rise! climate change and their impacts on human environment. .(one depletion and .(one depleting substances(.2*). 2eforestation and desertification! International conventions%protocols6 Earth *ummit! Ayoto Protocol and 8ontreal Protocol! green&belt&development! 9oncept of 4reen ?uilding! 9lean 2evelopment 8echanism(928). 5:IT&<I6 N+I'(N< NT-L I<P-CT -$$ $$< NT J I-I -ND N+I'(N< NT-L <-N-# < NT PL-N: definition of Impact! classification of impacts! methods of baseline data ac uisition. Impacts on different components6 such as human health resources! air! water! flora! fauna and society. Prediction of impacts and impact assessment methodologies. Environmental Impact *tatement (EI*). Environmental management plan (E8P). 5:IT&<II6 N+I'(N< NT-L P(LICY: L #I$L-TI(N: ')L $ -ND ' #)L-TI(N$: :ational Environmental Policy! Environmental Protection Act! )egal aspects! Air (Prevention and control of pollution) Act&/GF/! ,ater (Prevention and control of pollution) Act&/GEB! ,ater pollution 9ess Act&/GEE! $orest 9onservation Act! solid waste ( biomedical waste and ha(ardous waste)management and handling rules. 5:IT&<III6 T(0-'D$ $)$T-IN-BL 3)T)' 6 9oncept of *ustainable 2evelopment! Threats to *ustainability! *trategies for achieving *ustainable development! Environmental Ethics! Environmental Economics! 9oncept of 4reen 9omputing! 4reen chemistry and low 9arbon life styles.. Te4t Boo.6 /. 0. @. TEIT ?..A .$ E:<I+.:8E:TA) *cience and Technology by 8.An-i +eddy 0HHE Principles of Environmental *cience and Engineering by P.<enugopal +ao Introduction to Environmental *tudies by A.8u""anti

'e=erences /. Tata 8cgraw'ill 6 Introduction to Environmental *tudies by ?enny 7oseph 0. Environmental studies by Erach ?harucha 0HHC! 5niversity 4rants 9ommission! 5niversity Press


II Year B.Tech. C. . II $e; L " T/P/D &/-/C "

$T')CT)'-L -N-LY$I$ I )NIT I -rches: Types of arches& three and two hinged arches& 9ircular and parabolic arches& ;ielding of supports& Effect of shortening of rib & Effect of temperature changes & Tied and )inear arch. )NIT-II $L(P -D 3L CTI(N < T%(D: Introduction! derivation of slope deflection e uation! application to continuous beams with and without settlement of supports. )NIT III <(< NT DI$T'IB)TI(N < T%(D6 Introduction! applications to continuous beams with and without settlement of supports. )NIT I+ N '#Y T% (' <$: Introduction&*train energy in linear elastic system! expression of strain energy due to axial load! bending moment and shear forces & 9astigliano#s first theorem&2eflections of simple beams and pin -ointed trusses. )NIT + <(+IN# L(-D$ : Introduction maximum *$ and ?8 at a given section and absolute maximum *.$. and ?.8 due to single concentrated load 5.2 load longer than the span! 5.2 load shorter than the span! two point loads with fixed distance between them and several point loads&E uivalent uniformly distributed load&$ocal length. )NIT +I IN3L) NC LIN $: 2efinition of influence line for *$! Influence line for ?8& load position for maximum *$ at a section&)oad position for maximum ?8 at a section & Point loads! 52) longer than the span! 52) shorter than the span& Influence lines for forces in members of Pratt and ,arren trusses. )NIT +IIH IND T '<IN-T $T')CT)'-L -N-LY$I$: Indeterminate *tructural Analysis 32etermination of static and "inematic indeterminacies 3*olution of trusses with upto two degrees of internal and external indeterminacies 39astigliano#s theorem. )NIT +III <-T'I1 < T%(D$ (3 -N-LY$I$: Introduction & 2ifferent approached to matrix methods & *tatic and Ainematic Indeterminacy $lexibility and *tiffness methods for beams and simple frames.

T 1T B((2$: /. Analysis of *tructures&<ol I > <ol II by <.:. <a(irani > 8.8.+atwani! Ahanna Publications! :ew 2elhi. 0. Analysis of *tructures by T.*. Thandavamoorthy! .xford 5niversity Press! :ew 2elhi @. *tructural Analysis by * * ?havi"atti 3 <i"as Publishing 'ouse. ' 3 ' NC $: /. 8echanics of *tructures by *.?.7unnar"ar! 9harotar Publishing 'ouse! Anand! 4u-rat 0. Theory of *tructures by Pandit > 4uptaL Tata 8c.4raw 3 'ill Publishing 9o.)td.! :ew 2elhi. @. Theory of *tructures by +.*. Ahurmi! *. 9hand Publishers B. *trength of 8aterials and 8echanics of *tructures& by ?.9.Punmia! Ahanna Publications! :ew 2elhi. C. Introduction to structural analysis by ?.2. :autiyal! :ew age international publishers! :ew 2elhi.


II Year B.Tech. C. . II $e; L T/P/D C , &/-/, B)ILDIN# <-T 'I-L$: C(N$T')CTI(N -ND PL-NNIN#

)NIT I $tones and Bric.s: Tiles: ?uilding stones 3 classifications and uarrying 3 properties 3 structural re uirements 3 dressing . ?ric"s 3 9omposition of ?ric" earth 3 manufacture and structural re uirements. )NIT-II Ce;ent > -d;i4tures : Ingredients of cement 3 manufacture 3 field > lab tests Admixtures 3 mineral > chemical admixtures 3 uses. )NIT III 0ood: -lu;inu;: #lass and Paints ,ood & structure 3 types and properties 3 seasoning 3 defectsL alternate materials for wood 3 4I % fibre 3 reinforced glass bric"s! steel > aluminum. )NIT-I+ Building Co;/onents : )intels! Arches! walls! vaults 3 stair cases 3 types of floors! types of roofs 3 flat! curved! trussed L foundations 3 types L 2amp Proof 9ourse L 7oinery 3 doors 3 windows 3 materials 3 types. )NIT - + <asonry and 3inishingLs ?ric" masonry 3 types 3 bonds L *tone masonry 3 types L 9omposite masonry 3 ?ric"&stone composite L 9oncrete! +einforced bric". $inishers 6 Plastering! Pointing! Painting! 9laddings 3 Types 3 Tiles & A9P )NIT +I 3or; wor. : +e uirements 3 *tandards 3 *caffolding 3 2esign L *horing! 5nderpinning. )NIT +II Building $er8ices : Plumbing *ervices 6 ,ater 2istribution! *anitary 3 )ines > $ittings L <entilations 6 $unctional re uirements systems of ventilations. Air&conditioning & Essentials and Types L Acoustics 3 characteristic 3 absorption 3 Acoustic design L $ire protection 3 $ire'ar(ards 3 9lassification of fire resistant materials and constructions. )NIT +III Building Planning : Principles of ?uilding Planning! 9lassification of buildings and ?uilding by laws. T 1T B((2$: /. ?uilding 8aterials and 9onstruction 3 Arora > ?indra! 2hanpat +oy Publications 0. ?uilding 9onstruction by ?.9.Punmia! Asho" Aumar 7ain and Arun Aumar 7ain & )axmi Publications (P) ltd.! :ew 2elhi ' 3 ' NC $: /. ?uilding 8aterials by 2uggal! :ew Age Internationsl 0. ?uilding 9onstruction by P9 <erghese P'I. @. 9onstruction Technology 3 <ol 3 I > II by +. 9huddy! )ongman 5A.


II Year B.Tech. C. . II $e; L T/P/D C G -/,/! C(<P)T ' -ID D D'-3TIN# (3 B)ILDIN#$

/. 0. @. B.

Introduction to computer aided drafting *oftware for 9A2 3 Introduction to different softwares Practice exercises on 9A2 software 2rawing of plans of buildings using software a) single storeyed buildings b) multi storyed buildings C. 2eveloping sections and elevations for a) single storeyed buildings b) multi storyed buildings D. 2etailing of building components li"e 2oors! ,indows! +oof Trusses etc. using 9A2 softwares E. Exercises on development of wor"ing of buildings T 1T B((2$ : /. 9omputer Aided 2esign )aboratory by 8. :. *esha Pra"sh > 2r. 4. *. *ervesh 3 )axmi Publications. 0. Engineering 4raphics by P. 7. *ha 3 *. 9hand > 9o.


II Year B.Tech. C. . II $e; $)'+ YIN# L-B II LI$T (3 1 'CI$ $ : /. *tudy of theodolite in detail & practice for measurement of hori(ontal and vertical angles. 0. 8easurement of hori(ontal angles by method of repetition and reiteration. @. Trigonometric )eveling & 'eights and distance problem (Two Exercises) B. 'eights and distance using Principles of tacheometric surveying (Two Exercises) C. 9urve setting 3 different methods. (Two Exercises) D. *etting out wor"s for buildings > pipe lines. E. 2etermine of area using total station F. Traversing using total station G. contouring using total station /H. 2etermination of remote height using total station //. 2istance! gradient! 2iff! height between tow inaccessible points using total stations LI$T (3 C)IP< NT: /. Theodolites! and leveling staffs. 0. Tachometers. @. Total station. L G T/P/D -/,/C !