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Program :- RHAUTUPD_NEW DESCRIPTION This report performs the user master comparison for the selected roles. You can also start the user master comparison for individual roles in transaction PFCG. You can execute this report with the individual processing types in dialog or to schedule it as a complete comparison in the !ac"ground.# To !e a!le to perform the comparison for only certain processing types as a !ac"ground program schedule a variant of the program $%&UTUPD'()*. +elect the processing types,  Profile comparison, +tart the profile comparison immediately after profiles are generated or imported. -f you use time#dependent role assignments we recommend that you schedule this daily as a !ac"ground program. The authori.ation profiles are compared with the user master records/ that is profiles which are no longer current are deleted from the user master records and the current profiles are added to the user master records.  Composite $ole Comparison, +tart the composite role comparison if you are ma"ing changes to a composite role definition 0that is adding or deleting single roles to a composite role1 or importing a change. The single role assignments are compared with the composite role asisgnments to the user here. -f you have added single roles to the composite role the single roles are assigned to those users that have an assignment to the composite role. %owever the single role assignments are deleted for usrs if the single role has !een removed from the composite role.

$ole assignments in the child system which arose from lin"s in the local %$#2rg model are replicated for information in the central system.1. . To do this the swtich %$'2$G'&CT-3) must !e set to Y)+ in ta!le P$G('CU+T.  Cleanups.  Display 4og.  $eplicate 4ocal %$ &ssignments in the Central +ystem 0Can only !e selected if this client is a child system of a CU& group and %$#2rg is active. -n dialog mode only errors and warnings are displayed in a dialog !ox that appears after the program has ended. &n exception to this are errors that occur during a %$ comparison. &dditional 2ptions. %$ Comparison. Generated profiles for which no roles exist are deleted. -n !ac"ground mode all status and error messages are listed in the 5o! log. For technical reasons these errors are displayed separately and need to !e confirmed !y the administrator. +tart the %$ comparison if you are ma"ing changes to the %$#2rg model that affect the indirect role assignment. Perform cleanups if you generate or import profiles. You can onl select thsi processing mode if %$#org is active.