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Thesis Chapter Review

Done By Ameer Mohammed Abbas Al-Dafaie Jordan University of Science and Technology

The chapter contained several types of errors such as grammatical erros, spelling errors, and poor phrasing; these types of errors are clear in the sentences quoted from the chapter. The errors are underlined and written in italic bold style.

Phrasing errors: The jet-ejector proposed in this thesis is assumed to be one-dimensional flow ejector and operating at steady state. the two fluids mixed together in the mixing chamber The words to be must be removed such that the sentence becomes is assumed one-dimensional, also the words mixed together must be replaced by mixed only.

The primary fluid is called the motive fluid, its a high pressure, high velocity, & high temperature fluid, while the secondary fluid is called the suction fluid, its a low pressure, low velocity, & low temperature fluid. The sentence above requires major rephrasing; also the & symbol must be replaced by and.

we must employ the continuity It is not allowed to use personal pronouns in theses and papers, thus the above sentence must not contain we.

Grammatical errors: The primary and secondary jets enter the ejector. and exits into the mixing chamber the two fluids mixed together in the mixing chamber and exits the mixing chamber at section In both cases, the word exits must change to exit since it is related to plural nouns (two jets); also, the words fluids mixed can be changed to fluids are mixed.

the density () is varying with respect of pressure The author is illustrating a fact, and a fact must be expressed using simple present, i.e. the density varies; also, with respect of must be changed to with respect to or simply with.

Spelling errors:

Newton's second law of motion for an enertial reference The spelling of the word enertial is wrong; the correct spell is Inertial.

Misused word: The low of conservation of energy The word low is misused, and have to be changed to law.

Using Multi-level structures Liquid-Gas flow model: The primary jet is liquid (e.g Water), the secondary jet is gas (e.g Vapour, Air) and the output jet is liquid (e.g Water). Liquid-Liquid flow model: the primary and secondary jets are liquids (e.g.Water). This type of structures must be avoided since it is custom to use three-level structure in theses. The above structure can be written as 2.2.1 Liquid-Gas Flow and Liquid-Liquid Flow Models.

Improper equations symbols definition Equation (2.1) has improper symbols definition. The symbols are defined using either a table or list of symbols placed in the beginning of a thesis or a paper, or by defining them as they appeared in the text; the symbols definition must be within related paragraphs or in a separate paragraphs.

Miscellaneous errors 1. 2. 3. 4. The word matlab must be written as MATLAB . EntrainmentRatio must be written as Entrainment Ratio. Figure(2.2) must be written as Figure (2.2). The text is not properly aligned or distributed; it is better to distribute the text evenly between the page margins.