Question 1 : (a) Write the name of the most suitable wireless communication channels for each of the following situations

. (i) Communication between two offices in two different countries. (ii) To transfer the data from one mobile phone to another. (b) What is UNIC !"# Name one Indian language$ which is supported b% UNIC !". (c) "&pand the following terms' (i) () ** (ii) +TT, (d) -r. Chander.ardhan is not able to identif% the !omain Name in the gi.en U/). Identif% and write it for him. http'00www.cbse.nic.in0aboutus.htm (e) What do %ou understand b% Networ1 *ecurit%# Name two common threats to it. (f) Write one ad.antage of *tar Topolog% 2us Topolog% and one ad.antage of 2us Topolog% *tart Topolog%. (g) What is -3C address# What is the difference between -3C address and an I, address#

Question 4 : (a) Which propert% of palette )ist2o& is used to enter the list of items while wor1ing in Net2eans# (b) What is the difference between the use of 5Te&t(ield and 5,assword(ield in a form# (c) 6The .ariable0e&pression in the switch statement should either e.aluate to an integer .alue or *tring .alue.7 *tate True or (alse. (d) Name two attributes of FONT tag of +T-). (e) +ow man% times will the following loops e&ecute# Which one of them is "ntr% Control and which one is "&it Control# )oop1 int i=10, sum=0; while(i>1) )oop4 int i=10, sum=0; do

(10 Marks)

ide a simple e&ample considering %ourself as an online web support e&ecuti. INT in a transaction.*tring(*um)).) C"". (b) -r. What will be the cardinalit% and degree of the Cartesian products of *TU!"NT and -3/@*# (e) There is a column *alar% in a Table "-. }while(i>1). for(int C91. @rishnaswami is wor1ing on a database and has doubt about the concept of *3A". C=94) *um==. Write down the meaning of *3A".setTe&t(Integer. 8Te&t(*tring(C)).iew the constraints of "-. i-=3. 8Te&t(ield4. The following two (10 Marks) . } { sum+=i. i-=3. C<9)ast. Table -3/@* has 4 rows and ? columns.e. (f) What will be displa%ed in 8Te&t(ield1 and 8Te&t(ield4 after the e&ecution of the following loop# int *um9:$ )ast91:.. INT and pro.setTe&t(Integer.{ sum+=i. (c)What is the difference between CU/!3T"() and !3T"() functions# (d) Table *TU!"NT has B rows and 4 columns. (g) !ifferentiate between the < T/ > and < T! > tags of +T-) with the help of an appropriate e&ample. iew !nswer " Question ? : (a) Write a *Q) command to .

"-. @apoor is a programmer at "1ansh "nterprise. Write an appropriate 5a. *he wrote the following *Q) Guer% and she did not get the desired output' *")"CT D (/ .e Guer% to get the desired output.*TU!"NT /!"/ 2C N3-"$ 3FF/"F3T" !"*C.parseInt(8Te&t(ield1.getTe&t()).setTe&t((*ub8ect.) C"". (b) /ewrite the following programme code using a if statement' *tring /emar1s.a statement to transfer the content from strPassword to intPassword.setTe&t(65ustt3nothern!a%7). 8Te&t(ield1.ariable called int. int Code9 Integer.statements are gi. +e created E digit password and stored in a string . *")"CT C UNT (*alar%) (/ .ractices7.assword.assword. @umar is using table *TU!"NT* with the following columns' /N $ 3!-N $ N3-"$ 3FF/"F3T" *he wants to displa% all information of students in descending order of names and within ascending order of aggregate. H1=1=1=1=4=4=491:I Question B : (a) What will be the content of 8Te&t3rea1 and 8Te&t(ield1 after the e&ecution of the following statement# (i) 8Te&t3rea1.length() =1:)= 6 6). +e wants to store the same password in an integer t%pe . (f) -r. (ii) *tring *ub8ect 9 6Informatics . (1# Marks) . (g) different outputs. /ewrite the abo. What ma% be the possible reasons# *")"CT C UNT (D) (/ .ariable called str.) C""."-.

brea1. case 1' /emar1s 9 6E:K Ta& "&emption7.setTe&t(6*omething7). M (c) bser. default' /emar1s 9 get e&ecuted in the code# int t91.alid "ntr%7. brea1.e the following code carefull% and find which statement will ne. case 4' /emar1s 97?:K Ta& "&emption7.ass7). t=9?. brea1. 00*tatement E else 8Te&t(iled.switch(Code) J case :' /emar1s 9 61::K Ta& "&empting7.setTe&t(6. do J if(t>1?) 00*tatement 1 00*tatement 4 00*tatement ? 00*tatement B 8Te&t(iled1. 00*tatement N 00*tatement O 00*tatement P .

setTe&t(Integer.setTe&t(Integer. (g) 3dit%a is a programmer at "dudel enterprises. 8Te&t(ield4.concat(*tr1).to*tring()ast)). (e) What will be displa%ed in 8Te&t(ield1 and 8Te&t(ield4 after the e&ecution of the following code# int )3*T$ (irst9?$ **tring(*econd)).a statement to ma1e the 8Te&t(ield1 nonReditable. )ast9 (irst=*econd==. *tr497+ello7. 8Te&t(ield1. (f) What will be the contents of *tr1 and *tr4 after the following code is e&ecuted# *tring *tr4$ *tr1. *tr19*tr4. *tr9 6!ear (riend7.M while(t<91E). 00*tatement Q 00*tatement 1: (d) Write a 8a. . +e created the following FUI in Net2eans.

(ii) To calculate Frade obtained and displa% in 8Te&t(ieldE on the clic1 of command button 6Fet Frade7.a for the following' (i) To calculate Total mar1s obtained and displa% in 8Te&t(ieldB on the clic1 of command button 6Fet Total7.+elp him to write code in 5a. Criteria for Frade calculation is gi.en below' -ar1s !$o%e &0 !$o%e '# and (=## !$o%e #0 and (='# (=#0 Frade ! ) * + .

3 .) and output for (.(iii) To stop e&ecution and e&it from the application on the clic1 of command button 6"&it7./IC" .C !" . Write commands of *Q) for (i) to (i.1000 .1 .0000 10000 30000 ##00 -3NU(3CTU/"/ *os/ore !one 1elia$le *os/ore 1e4rosene (10 Marks) . . 5ames created a table C)I"NT with 4 rows and B columns. Table' (ITN"** . What is the Cardinalit% and !egree of the Table C)I"NT# (c) Consider the following table (ITN"** with details about fitness products being sold in the store.N3-" -readmill )ike *ross -rainer Multi 23m Massa4e *hair .# ..0 . +e added 4 more rows to it and deleted one column.ii).) to (. H4=4=1=1=4=4=4=4=191EI Question E : (a) What is the use of C --IT statement in *Q)# +ow is it different from / ))23C@ statement# (b) -r.

(. Table' A"+IC)" C )U-NTN3-" 1e45o 1e4date 9wner !ddress !3T3TC.) To add a new row for product with the details' 6.(ITN"** W+"/" -3NU(3CTU/"/ N3-" )I@" 6Ke7. H4=1=O91:I iew !nswer " Question N : (a) Write *Q) command to create the table A"+IC)" with gi. (i.O7 $ 6Aibro "&erciser7$ 4P:::$ 63one7.(ITN"**.(ITN"**./IC") (/ .en constraint.' )ell3 i$rator )elt '#00 !m$awa3 (i) To displa% the names of all the products with price more than 4::::. (.ii) *")"CT -3S(.) C"" .) *")"CT D (/ ."(*IU") *6!1(10) +!-8 !1*6!1(30) !1*6!1(00) C N*T/3INT .rimar3 7e3 (b) In a !atabase 23N@$ there are two tables with a sample data gi. (. (iii) To change the price data of all the products b% appl%ing 4EK discount reduction. (ii) To displa% the names of all the products b% the manufacturer 63one7..i) *")"CT C UNT(!I*TINCT(-3NU(3CTU/"/)) (/ .en below' Table' "-.

# .3/T-"NT table should be matched with "N of the "-.' 3' 30 F/3!" ! ) ! ! ) !".) C"".e).0 30 Table' !".0 10 . 3 0 # "N3-" Mona Muktar 5alini <ana= <ur3a *3)3/C :0000 :1000 '0000 '#000 #&000 U N" 8ast .T refers to !epartment Code ? + ! refers to "mplo%ee number ("N ) of the head of the !epartment.alues inclusi.0 30 Note' ? "N3-" refers to "mplo%ee Name ? !N3-" refers to !epartment Name ? !". Write *Q) Gueries for the following' (i) To displa% "N $ "N3-"$ *3)3/C and corresponding !N3-" of all the emplo%ees whose age is between 4E and ?E(both . (ii) To displa% !N3-" and corresponding "N3-" from the tables !".3/T-"NT and "-.3/T-"NT !". +int' + ! of the !".T 10 .est 8ast <outh 5orth 3F" 00 0# ."N 1 .T 10 .) C"" table for !N3-" *om>uters 8/onomi/s 8n4lish + ! 1 .

(iii) To displa% "N3-"$ *3)3/C$ U N" and INC -" T3S (Note' Income Ta& to be calculated as ?:K of salar%) of all the emplo%ees with appropriate column headings. H4=4=4=4=1=191:I iew !nswer " Question O : (a) +ow has popularit% of eR2usiness benefited a common man# Write domain name of one popular eR2usiness site as an e&ample. (b) Fi.getting the desired result. (c) In a database *TU!"NT$ there is a Table /"*U)T with the following contents' Table' /"*U)T /"FN 1:::B 1:411 1:Q4? 1:?1? N3-" -ohit -u1ta -ohit *ana -3/@* Q: PE Q4 P: *"CTI N 3 2 2 3 C)3**T"3C+"/ -s Nathani -r Fo1hle -r Fo1hle -s Nathani 3!-N U1:1 U1:Q U14: U4?B (i) Identif% the attributes$ which can be chosen as Candidate @e%s in the table /"*U)T.en as options . +elp her to choose most appropriate controls from )ist2o&$ Combo2o&$ Te&t(ield$ Te&t3rea$ /adio2utton$ Chec12o&$ )abel and Command 2utton for the following entries' *No 1 (unction To enter N3TI N3)ITC from all the? nationalities gi.e domain names of two most commonl% used eRCommerce site. (c) *hobhit is creating a form for his compan%. (ii) Write *Q) Quer% to change the -ar1s of -u1ta to QE in the table /"*U)T.

/T* out of the gi.en N options B To enter *UFF"*TI N in the form of a paragraph H4=1=49EI .4 ? To enter 3F" between range 4: to 4E To allow to select one or more (3A /IT" *.

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