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On the glory of Tulas

p. 897

1. Nrada said :-- How did Nryana i pregnate Tulas! "indly des#ri$e all that in detail.

%-11. Nryana said :-- &or a##o plishing the ends of the 'e(as) *haga(n Hari assu ed the +aisna( ,y) too- the "a(a#ha fro ./an-ha#h0da and assu ing his for ) went to the house of Tulas. 'undu$his 1#elestial dru s2 were sounded at Her door) shouts of

p. 898

(i#tory were pro#lai ed and Tulas was infor ed. The #haste Tulas) hearing that sound (ery gladly loo-ed out on the royal road fro the window. Then for auspi#ious o$ser(an#es) .he offered ri#hes to the *rh ins3 then .he ga(e wealth to the panegyrists 1or $ards atta#hed to the #ourts of prin#es2) to the $eggars) and the other #hanters of hy ns. That ti e *haga(n Nryana alighted fro His #hariot and went to the house of the 'e( Tulas) $uilt of in(alua$le ge s) loo-ing e4#eedingly artisti# and $eautiful. .eeing her dear hus$and $efore her) .he $e#a e (ery glad and washed his feet and shed tears of 5oy and $owed down to Hi . Then .he) i pelled $y lo(e) ade hi ta-e his seat on the $eautiful 5ewel throne and gi(ing hi sweet s#ented $etels with #a phor) $egan to say :-- 6Today y life has $een #rowned with su##ess. &or 7 a seeing again y lord returned fro the $attle.8 Then she #ast s iling glan#es as-an#e at hi and with her $ody filled with rapturous 5oy lo(ingly as-ed hi the news of the war in sweet words :--

1%-19. O Thou) the O#ean of er#y: Now tell e of your heroi# (alour) how you ha(e #o e out (i#torious in war with ,ahde(a who destroys #ountless uni(erses. Hearing Tulas/s word) the ;ord of ;a-s ) in the guise of ./an-ha#h0da) spo-e these ne#tar-li-e words with a s iling #ountenan#e.

1<-17. O 'ear: &ull one .a (atsara the war lasted $etwi4t us. =ll the 'aityas were -illed. Then *rah Hi self #a e and ediated. >ea#e) then) was $rought a$out and $y the #o and of *rah ) 7 ga(e o(er to the 'e(as their rights. ?hen 7 returned to y ho e) ./i(a went $a#- to His ./i(alo-a. Thus saying) Hari) the ;ord of the world) slept and then engaged in se4ual inter#ourse with her. *ut the #haste Tulas) finding this ti e her e4perien#e @uite different fro what .he used to en5oy $efore) argued all the ti e within herself and at last @uestioned hi :--

18-%%. ?ho are you! O ,agi#ian: *y spreading your agi#) you ha(e en5oyed e. =s you ha(e ta-en y #hastity) 7 will #urse you. *haga(n Nryana) hearing Tulas/s words and $eing afraid of the #urse) assu ed His real $eautiful figure. The 'e( then saw the Aternal ;ord of the 'e(as $efore her. He was of a deep $lue #olour li-e fresh rain-#louds and with eyes li-e autu nal lotuses and with playful ;ls e@ui(alent to tens and tens of illions of ;o(e personified and adorned with 5ewels and orna ents. His fa#e was s iling and gra#ious3 and he wore his yellow-#oloured ro$e. The lo(e-stri#-en Tulas) seeing That ;o(ely &or

p. 899

of +sude(a) i ediately fell senseless3 and at the ne4t #ons#iousness) she $egan to spea-.

o ent) regaining

%9-%7. O ;ord: Thou art li-e a stone. Thou hast no er#y. *y hypo#risy Thou hast destroyed y #hastity) y (irtue and for that reason didst -ill y hus$and. O ;ord: Thou had no er#y3 Thy heart is li-e a stone. .o ;et Thee $e turned into a stone. Those who de#lare Thee as a saint) are no dou$t ista-en. ?hy didst Thou for the sa-e of others) -ill without any fault) another *ha-ta of Thine. Thus spea-ing) Tulas o(erpowered with grief and sorrow) #ried aloud and repeatedly ga(e (ent to la entations. .eeing her thus (ery distressed) Nryana) the O#ean of ,er#y) spo-e to her to #heer her up a##ording to the rules of 'har a.

%8-1B%. O Honoured One: &or a long ti e you perfor ed tapasy in this *hrata) to get ,e. ./an-ha#h0da) too) perfor ed tapasy for a long ti e to get you. *y that tapas) ./an-ha#h0da got you as wife. Now it is highly in#u $ent to award you also with the fruit that you as-ed for. Therefore 7 ha(e done this. Now @uit your this terestrial $ody and assu e a 'i(ine *ody and arry ,e. O C e: *e li-e ;a-s . This $ody of yours will

$e -nown $y the na e of Danda-) a (ery (irtuous) pure and pellu#id strea in this holy land of *hrata. Eour hairs will $e turned into sa#red trees and as they will $e $orn of you) you will $e -nown $y the na e of Tulas. =ll the three worlds will perfor their >05s with the lea(es and flowers of this Tulas. Therefore) O &air-fa#ed One: This Tulas will $e re#-oned as the #hief a ongst all flowers and lea(es. 7n Hea(ens) earth) and the nether regions) and $efore ,e) O &air One) you will reign as the #hief a ongst trees and flowers. 7n the region of Dolo-a) on the $an-s of the ri(er +ira5) in the Csa #ir#le 1the #elestial $all dan#e)2 where all a orous senti ents are played in +rindrana forest) in *hndra forest) in Fha pa-a forest) in the $eautiful Fhandana 1.andal &orests and in the gro(es of ,dha() "eta-) "unda) ,alli-) and ,lat) in the sa#red pla#es you will li(e and $estow the highest religious erits. =ll the Trthas will reside at the $otto of the Tulas tree and so religious erits will a##rue to all. O &air-fa#ed One: There 7 and all the 'e(as will wait in e4pe#tation of the falling of a Tulas leaf. =ny$ody who will $e initiated and installed with the Tulas lea(es water) will get all the fruits of $eing initiated in all the sa#rifi#es. ?hate(er pleasure Hari gets when thousands and thousands of 5ars filled with water are offered to hi ) the sa e pleasure He will get when one Tulas leaf will $e offered to Hi . ?hate(er fruits are a#@uired $y gi(ing =yuta #ows as presents) those will $e also a#@uired $y gi(ing Tulas lea(es. Aspe#ially

p. 9BB

if one gi(es Tulas lea(es in the onth of "rti-) one gets the fruits sa e as a$o(e entioned. 7f one drin-s or gets the Tulas leaf water at the o entous Ti e of 'eath) one $e#o es freed of all sins and is worshipped in the +isnu ;o-a. He who drin-s daily the Tulas leaf water #ertainly gets the fruit of one la-h horse sa#rifi#es. He who plu#-s or #ulls the Tulas leaf $y his own hand and holding it on his $ody) @uits his life in a Trath) goes to +isnu ;o-a. ?hoe(er holds in his ne#- the garland ade up of Tulas wood) gets #ertainly the fruit of horse sa#rifi#es at e(ery step. He who does not -eep his word) holding the Tulas leaf in his hand) goes to the "las0tra Hell as long as the .un and ,oon last. He who gi(es false e(iden#e in the presen#e of the Tulas leaf) goes to the "u $hp-a Hell for the life-periods of fourteen 7ndras. He who drin-s or gets a $it of the Tulas leaf water at the ti e of death) #ertainly goes to +ai-untha) as#ending on a #ar ade up of 5ewels. Those who plu#- or #ull the Tulas lea(es in the &ull ,oon night) on the twelfth lunar day) on the passing of the sun fro one sign to another) the id-day) or on the twilights) on the night) while applying oil on their $odies) on the i purity periods) and while putting on night dresses) (erily eat off the Nryana/s head. O Fhaste One: The Tulas leaf -ept in the night) is #onsidered sa#red. 7t is #onsidered good in ./rddha) (ow #ere ony) in the a-ing o(er of any gift) in the installation of any i age or in worshipping any 'e(a. =gain) the Tulas leaf fallen on the ground or fallen in water or offered to +isnu) if washed out #an $e used in holy and other purposes. Thus) O Dood One: Eou will re ain as tree in this earth and will re ain in Dolo-a as the >residing 'eity thereof and will en5oy daily the sport with "risna. =nd also you will $e the

>residing 'eity of the ri(er Danda- and thus $estow religious erits in *hrata3 you will $e the wife of the .alt O#ean) whi#h is ,y part. Eou are (ery #haste3 in +ai-untha you will en5oy e as C a li(es with ,e. =nd as for ,e) 7 will $e turned into stone $y your #urse3 7 will re ain in 7ndia #lose to the $an- of the ri(er Danda-. ,illions and illions of inse#ts with their sharp teeth will a-e rings) 1the #on(olutions in the ./lagr a or sa#red stones2) on the #a(ities of the ountains there) representing ,e. Of these stones) those that ha(e one door 1entran#e hole2) four #on(olutions) adorned $y the garland of wild flowers 1ha(ing a ar- li-e this2 and whi#h loo- li-e fresh rain-#loud) are #alled ;a-s Nryana ,0rtis 1for s2. =nd those that ha(e one door) four #on(olutions and loo- li-e fresh rain-#louds $ut no garlands are #alled ;a-s Gnardana Fha-ras 1dis#us2. Those that ha(e two doors) four #on(olutions) and de#-ed with ar- li-e #ow/s hoof and (oid of the garland ar- are #alled Caghuntha #ha-ras. Those that are (ery s all in siHe) with two Fha-ras and loo- li-e fresh rain

p. 9B1

#louds and (oid of the garland ar-s are na ed + ana Fha-ras. Those that that are (ery s all in siHe) with two Fha-ras and the garland ar- added) -now then to $e the ./rdhara Fha-ras. These always $ring in prosperity to the household. Those that are $ig) #ir#ular) (oid of garland ar-) with two #ir#ular Fha-ras) are -nown as ' odara for s. Those that are edio#re in siHe) with two Fha-ras and ar-ed as if stru#- $y an arrow) ha(ing ar-s of arrows and $ow-#ases are -nown as Cana-C as. Those that are iddling) with se(en Fha-ras) ha(ing ar-s of an u $rella and orna ents) are #alled C5ar5es/(aras. They $estow the royal ;a-s to persons. Those that ha(e twi#e se(en #ha-ras) and are $ig) loo-ing li-e fresh rain-#louds are na ed =nantas. They $estow four fold fruits 1'har a) wealth) desire and li$eration2. Those that are in their for s li-e a ring) with two #ha-ras) $eautiful) loo-ing li-e rain-#louds) ha(ing #ow-hoof ar-s and of edio#re siHe are na ed ,adhus0danas. Those that ha(e one Fha-ra are #alled .udars/anas. Those that ha(e their Fha-ras hidden are #alled Daddharas. Those that ha(e two Fha-ras) loo-ing horse-fa#ed) are -nown as Hayagr(as. O Fhaste One: Those that ha(e their ouths (ery wide and e4tended) with two Fha-ras) and (ery terri$le) are -nown as Narasi has. They e4#ite +airgyas to all who ser(e the . Those that ha(e two Fha-ras) ouths e4tended and with garland ar-s 1ellipti#al ar-s2 are #alled ;a-s Nrisinghas. They always $less the householders who worship the . Those that ha(e two Fha-ras near their doors 1fa#es2) that loo- e(en and $eautiful) and with ar-s anifested are -nown as +sude(as. They yield all sorts of fruits. Those that ha(e their Fha-ras fine and their for s li-e fresh rain-#louds and ha(e any fine hole ar-s within their wide gaping fa#ets are #alled >radyu nas. They yield happiness to e(ery householder. Those that ha(e their fa#es of two Fha-ras stu#- together and their $a#-s #apa#ious) are -nown as .an-arsanas. They always $ring in happiness to the householders. Those that looyellow) round and (ery $eautiful are =nirudhas. The sages say) they gi(e happiness to the householder. ?here there is the ./lagr a stone there e4ists ./r Hari Hi self3 and

where there is Hari) ;a-s and all the Trthas dwell there. ?orshipping ./lagr ./il) destroys the *rah ahaty 1-illing a *rh in2 and any other sin whatsoe(er. 7n worshipping the ./lagr a stone loo-ing li-e an u $rella) -ingdo s are o$tained3 in worshipping #ir#ular ./ils) great prosperity is o$tained3 in worshipping #art-shaped stones) iseries arise3 and in worshipping stones) whose ends loo- li-e spears 1./0las2) death ine(ita$ly follows. Those whose fa#ets are distorted) $ring in po(erty3 and yellow stones $ring in (arious e(ils and affli#tions. Those whose Fha-ras loo- $ro-en) $ring in diseases3 and those whose Fha-ras

p. 9B%

are rent asunder $ring in death #ertainly. O$ser(ing (ows) a-ing gifts) installing i ages) doing ./rddhas) worshipping the 'e(as) all these $e#o e highly e4alted) if done $efore the .Ilagr a ./il. One a#@uires the erits of $athing in all the Trthas and in $eing initiated in all the sa#rifi#es) if one worships the .lagr a ./il. ?hat ore than this) that the erits a#@uired $y all the sa#rifi#es) all the Trthas) all (ows) all austerities and reading all the +edas are all a#@uired $y duly worshipping $y the holy ./lagr a ./il. He who perfor s his =$his/e-a #ere ony always with ./lagr a water 1$eing sprin-led with ./lagr a water at the initiation and 7nstallation #ere onies2) a#@uires the religious erits of perfor ing all sorts of gifts and #ir#u a $ulating the whole earth. =ll the 'e(as are) no dou$t) pleased with hi who thus worships daily the ./lagr a. ?hat ore than this) that all the Trthas want to ha(e his tou#h. He $e#o es a G(an u-ta 1li$erated while li(ing2 and $e#o es (ery holy3 ulti ately he goes to the region of ./r Hari and re ains in Hari/s ser(i#e there and dwells with hi for #ountless >ra-riti# dissolutions. A(ery sin) li-e *rah Haty) flies away fro hi as serpents do at the sight of Daruda. The 'e( +asundhar 1the Aarth2 $e#o es purified $y the tou#h of the dust of his feat. =t his $irth) all his prede#essors 1a la-h in nu $er2) are sa(ed. He who gets the ./lagr a ./il water during the ti e of his death) he is freed of all his sins and goes to the +isnu ;o-a and gets Nir(na3 he $e#o es freed entirely fro the effe#ts of "ar a and he gets) no dou$t) dissol(ed and diluted for e(er in 1the feet of2 +isnu. He who tells lies) holding ./lagr a in his hands) goes to the "u $hp-a Hell for the lifeperiod of *rah . 7f one does not -eep his word) uttered with the ./lagr a stone in his hand) one goes to the =sipatra Hell for one la-h an(antaras. He who worships the ./lagr a stone without offering Tulas lea(es on it or separates the Tulas lea(es fro the stone) will ha(e to suffer separation fro his wife in his ne4t $irth. .o if one does not offer the Tulas lea(es in the #on#hshell) for se(en $irths he re ains without his wife and he $e#o es diseased. He who preser(es the ./lagr a stone) the Tulas and the #on#hshell) in one pla#e) $e#o es (ery learned and $e#o es dear to Nryana. ;oo-: He who #asts his se en on#e in his wife) suffers intense pain) no dou$t) at ea#h other/s separation. .o you $e#o e dear to ./an-ha#h0da for one ,an(antara. Now) what

wonder: That you will suffer pain) at his $erea(e ent. O Nrada: Thus saying) ./r Hari desisted. Tulas @uitted her ortal #oil and assu ed a di(ine for ) $egan to re ain in the $reast of ./r Hari li-e ./r ;a-s 'e(. Hari also went with her to +ai-untha. Thus ;a-s ) .aras(at) Dang) and Tulas) all the four #a e so

p. 9B9

(ery dear to Hari and are re#ognised as Js/(ars. On the other hand) the ortal #oil of Tulas) no sooner @uitted $y Tulas) $e#a e transfor ed into the ri(er Danda-. *haga(n Hari) too) $e#a e also #on(erted into a holy ountain) on the $an-s thereof) yielding religious erits to the people. The inse#ts #ut and fashion any pie#es out of that ountain. Of the ) those that fall into the ri(er) yield fruits undou$tedly. =nd those pie#es that fall on the ground $e#o e yellow #oloured3 they are not at all fit for worship. O Nrada: Thus 7 ha(e spo-en to you e(erything. ?hat ore do you want to hear now! .ay.

Here ends the Twenty-fourth Fhapter of the Ninth *oo- on the glory of Tulas in the ,ahpurna ./r ,ad 'e( *hga(ata of 18)BBB (erses $y ,aharsi +eda +ysa.