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December 1, 2013

______________________________ Homebound:

Church Family
Remember in Prayer: Mr. Trent Timmer Mr. Howard Vanden Toorn Mr. Rick Vander Veen Pastor Al Martin

Order of Worship

Morning Worship - 9:30 AM Silent Prayer Votum and Salutation Psalter 10 Reading of the Law Reading of Scripture Psalter 41:1, 2, 5 Pastoral Prayer Offertory Psalter 384 Sermon Psalter 419:2, 3 Prayer Offertory Psalter 364 Benediction Doxology Psalter 315

Song Service - 5:50 PM Psalter 129: all Psalter 373:1, 9 Evening Worship - 6:00 PM Silent Prayer Votum and Salutation Psalter 87 Reading of Scripture Psalter 242:2, 3 Apostles Creed Pastoral Prayer Offertory Psalter 389:1, 2, 3 Sermon Psalter 233:2, 3, 6 Prayer Offertory Psalter 426:9, 10 Benediction Doxology Psalter

Mrs. Elsie Arnoudse Mr. Everett Beute Mrs. Fran Hekman Mrs. Dorothy Hitchcock Mrs. Barb Kwekel Mr. & Mrs. Albert Vanden Toorn Mrs. Gertrude VanderGraaf Mrs. Marian VerHage Serviceman: Dan Arnoudse

Mr. Bas Vant Voorts knee replacement surgery went well this past week and he was able to return home and continue therapy. The congregation extends its sympathy to the families of Mrs. Shirley Rademaker in regards to her recent passing, Saturday, November 23. Shirley was a sister to Mr. Bill VanDyk and a sister-in-law to Mrs. Mina Vant Hof. May the Lord give comfort to the grieving families. ______________________________

Consistory Members
Pastors: Dr. David Murray (Chairman-Consistory) Dr. L. W. Bilkes (Emeritus) Dr. Jerry Bilkes Peter VanKempen (Vice Chairman) David Faasse (Secretary) Tom Karel Sr. Henk Kleyn Dwight Prince Ron Rittner 616.647.0570 616.458.3250 616.954.7094 616.677.3735 616.304.2946 616.667.9105 616.780.9426 616.299.4610 616.485.2344 616.361.6348 616.361.8096 616.446.0587 616.669.5758 616.299.4611 616.791.1512


Sermon : The Biblical Requirement of Self-Examination Scripture: 2 Corinthians 13 Text: 2 Corinthians 13:5 Lord's Day 30 - Q&A 81

Sermon : God Invites His People to Join Him in Examining Their Criminal Record Scripture: Isaiah 1:1-19 Text: Isaiah 1:18

Deacons: Joel Markwat (Chairman-Deacons) Roger Osmun (Secretary) Ron Vander Boon (Asst. Treasurer) Bill Pols David Pronk Treasurer: Gerrit Kleyn

VISIBLE MORALITY In what consists those fruits of the Spirit which shows plainly to ourselves and others that we are born of God? This inquiry is of the most practical kind as it brings every man to sit in judgment on his character. Know thyself is an injunction which comes to us under the combined sanction, both of reason and revelation, and which, though not without difficulty in its impartial fulfillment, may and must be fulfilled if we would discharged our duty or enjoy the full measure of comfort which the religion of Jesus imparts.. It must be conceded that men have no right to mistake their own moral character. There is a wide and essential difference between holy and unholy affections. God has given them all proper and necessary means to assist them in an acquaintance with their own hearts; He has expressly forbidden them to mistake the nature of their religious affections and to deceive themselves in respect to their spiritual state; and it is impossible that they should make the mistake unless they are under the influence of some selfish and sinful motive, with which they have no right to comply. The Holy Spirit would not so often have urged the sentiment---Be not deceived, Let a man deceive himself, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of, Examine yourselves whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves? if there were any n ecessity of self-deception. There are some things which neither prove nor disprove the existence of grace in the soul; there are others that prove the existence of it, and that may be safely relied on as furnishing conclusive testimony that we have passed from death unto life. It is no less important to examine the inconclusive than the conclusive testimony, and it is to the former that we solicit your attention---there is no certain evidence that a man is a friend of God resulting from his visible morality. There is much apparent religion in the world which consists in mere visible morality. Man looketh on the outward appearance. Can it be necessary to say, there are thousands who rest their hopes for eternity on this sandy foundation? Melancholy view! Melancholy proof that the heart is deceitful above all things, as well as desperately wicked! Yet, thousands who on no other foundation than this are persuaded that their mountains stand strong and who, because they see nothing to shake their hopes or alarm their fears, are environed by all impenetrability of an unyielding selfrighteousness and allured by a confidence that is as the spiders web. G. Spring

Thank you so much for coming to worship God with us today. We hope and pray that you will be blessed among us and that you also will be a blessing to us. If you have any prayer needs or if you'd like to know more about our church, one of our pastors or elders would be very happy to speak with you.

______________________________ O Lord, thou hast searched me, and known me. Psalm 139:1 ______________________________

Congregational Life
Today, we welcome Pastor C. Pronk who will conduct the worship services. Today, Pastor Pronk will preach a preparatory message for the observance of the Lords Supper scheduled for next Sunday morning. The observance of the Lords Supper, in our congregation and denomination, is a close communion. Therefore, those who are not members are asked to appear before the consistory prior to being permitted to partake of the Lords Supper. Those visitors desiring to attend are encouraged to contact the pastor or one of the elders. There will be no catechism classes on that morning. The adult Sunday School class will meet today for the last time this calendar year due to communion next week, Sunday School Christmas program practice the following 2 weeks and Christmas break. We hope to resume class on Sunday, January 5, 2014. The Sunday School classes (beginners 7th Grade) will meet upstairs today. The songs of the month will be the Christmas program songs. Please review them with your children. Today is the last day to submit special numbers for the Christmas program.

"The Lord willing" James 4:15 December 3 (Tuesday) 7 PM Dorcas Guild meeting. We will be collecting gifts for Kent Community hospital. See the Dorcas notes in your mailboxes, for details. The Dorcas Guild would like to thank the congregation for their support. We were able to fill 33 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. December 7 (Saturday) 7 AM Mens Breakfast Bible Study at Russ in Grandville. All men of the congregation are encouraged to join us. December 8 - (Sunday) 4:15 PM Youth Group. Snack: Hucksteads There will be no Youth Group on December 22. This will be our last meeting until January. December 10 (Tuesday) 9:30 AM Ladies Bible Study. Coffee will be at 9:30 AM with study starting at 10 AM. All ladies are welcome and encouraged to join us. December 11 (Wednesday) 5:45 PM The Youth Group will be providing and serving the Fellowship Meal this evening. Proceeds from donations at the dinner will be to support the mission activities of the YPS during next years Spring Break trip. Details of where and what are being worked out. We plan to eat promptly at 5:45 and finish the meal by 6:45. The speaker portion of the evening will start promptly at 7 PM. December 11 (Wednesday) 7 PM Fellowship meeting. Pastor Al Martin will continue his series on A Happy, Holy, and Fruitful Household. December 11 (Wednesday) 7 PM Boys & Girls Club will be canvassing the neighborhood. Parents are welcome to join us. We are still collecting for the Food Pantry. December 14 (Saturday) 7 PM Informal service at Mel Trotter Mission. December 14 (Saturday) YABS (Young Adult Book Study) will be having their Christmas dinner.

Sermon Notes
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Other News
The Consistory recommends for your edification the recent edited reprint of Pastor C. Pronk's book, Expository Sermons on the Canons of Dort. Copies are available on the book table in the Narthex by your mailboxes. The price is penciled on the front page and may be placed in a general collection (marked for the book).

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Please send material for the bulletin to Julie La Rocque by noon on Thursday: 616.647.9198 or The Banner of Truth Radio Broadcast, sponsored by our church, can be heard every Sunday on WFUR 102.9 FM at 10:45 AM 950 Ball Avenue NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503 616.456.8473

LITURGY December 1, 2013 Morning Service Votum & Salutation Psalter: 10 Law Scripture Reading: 2 Corinthians 13 Text: 2 Corinthians 13:5/Lord's Day 30, Q&A 81 Psalter: 41:1, 2, 5 Pastoral Prayer Offertory Psalter: 384 Sermon: The Biblical Requirement of Self Examination Psalter: 419:2, 3 Prayer Offertory Psalter: 364 Benediction Doxology: 315

Song Service: Psalter 129: all and Psalter 373:1, 9

LITURGY December 1, 2013 Evening Service Votum & Salutation Psalter: 87 Scripture Reading: Isaiah 1:1-19 Text: Isaiah 1:18 Psalter: 242:2, 3 Apostles Creed Pastoral Prayer Offertory Psalter: 389:1, 2, 3 Sermon: God Invites His People to Join Him in Examining their Criminal Record Psalter: 233:2, 3, 6 Prayer Offertory Psalter: 426:9, 10 Benediction & Doxology: 31