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SWITCH Chapter 1 CCNP 6.

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Take Assessment SWITCH Chapter 1 CCNP SWITCH: Implementin Cis!" IP S#it!hin $%ersi"n 6.0& Ans#ers 2012 2013
1. Whattwo traffic typesmustbe includedwhencalculatingthe bandwidthrequirements to supporta voicestreamin an IP telephonynetwork?(Choosetwo.) voice queues voice carrier stream voice services traffic call control signaling routing updates 2. Whatare threepropertiesof peer-to-peer applications?(Choosethree.) require dedicated bandwidth allocation can be used in video conference applications may require real-time interaction between peer devices can be used to fulfill the requirements for IP phone calls may require a direct physical connection between devices require centralized authentication 3. Whatare the responsibilitiesof devicesthat are locatedat the corelayerof the hierarchicaldesignmodel?(Choosetwo.) access list filtering packet manipulation high-speed backbone switching interconnection of distribution layer devices redundancy between the core devices only 4. A networkdesignermustprovidea rationaleto a customerfor a designthat will move an enterprisefroma flat networktopologyto a hierarchicalnetworktopology.Whichtwo featuresof the hierarchicaldesignmakeit the betterchoice?(Choosetwo.) reduced cost scalability

less equipment required higher availability lower bandwidth requirements 5. Duringan evaluationof the currentlyinstallednetwork,the IT staff performsa gap analysisto determinewhetherthe existingnetworkinfrastructurecan supportcertainnew features.At whichstageof the CiscoLifecycleServicesapproachdoesthis activity occur? prepare phase plan phase design phase implement phase operate phase optimize phase 6. Whichphaseof the CiscoLifecycleServicesstrategymayprompta networkredesignif too manynetworkproblemsanderrorsarisein the network? prepare plan design implement operate optimize 7. Whichportionof the enterprisenetworkprovidesaccessto networkcommunication servicesfor the end usersand devicesthat are spreadover a singlegeographiclocation? enterprise edge campus module WAN module Internet edge data center 8. Whichfamilyof Ciscoswitchesis specificallydesignedfor data centers? Catalyst 6500 Catalyst 2000 Nexus 7000 Catalyst 4500 9. Whattypeof specializedmemoryis usedto facilitatehighperformanceswitchingin Ciscomultilayerswitches? content-addressable memory (CAM) ternary content addressable memory (TCAM) address resolution protocol (ARP) memory Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF) memory

10. WhichCatalyst6500switchcomponentintegrateson individualline modulesas well as on the supervisorengine? CPU Flash ASIC NVRAM 11. WhichtechnologyconsistentlyincreasesCPUloadon multilayerCatalystswitches? quality of service (QoS) access control lists (ACLs) policy-based routing (PBR) network address translation (NAT) 12. Whichfamilyof CiscoswitchessupportsFibreChanneloverEthernet(FCoE)? Catalyst 4948G Catalyst 4500 Catalyst 6500 Nexus 5000 13. Whichfamilyof Ciscoswitchessupportsthe greatestnumberof slots? Catalyst 4500 Catalyst 6500 Nexus 5000 Nexus 7000 14. Whichtwo featuresare unavailableon a Layer2 switch?(Choosetwo.) use of ASICs Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) snooping QoS marking Time to Live (TTL) decrementing rewrite of the source and destination MAC addresses 15. Whatis the purposeof the CiscoEnterpriseArchitecture? It replaces the three-layer hierarchical model with a flat network approach. It provides an enterprise-wide system network architecture that helps protect, optimize, and grow the network infrastructure that supports the business processes of a company. It provides services and functionality to the core layer by grouping various components into a single component that is located in the access layer. It reduces overall network traffic by grouping server farms, the management server, corporate intranet, and e-commerce routers in the same layer. 16. On whatis Layer3 switchingfundamentallybased? access control

the ability to circumvent CPU processing software-based forwarding Parallel eXpress Forwarding (PXF) 17. A user needsto accessa file serverthat is locatedin anotherdepartment.Whichlayer of the CiscoHierarchicalNetworkModelwill processthe traffic first? access core distribution control 18. In its networkdesign,a companylists this equipment: TwoCatalyst4503Layer3 switches One5500securityappliancefirewall TwoCatalyst6509switches Twolightweightaccesspoints TwoCatalyst2960switches Whichtwo typesof devicesfromthe list wouldbe appropriateto use at the accesslayerto provideend-user connectivity?(Choosetwo.) Catalyst 4503 switches Cisco 5500 security appliance firewall Catalyst 6509 switches lightweight access points Catalyst 2960 switches 19. Whichprotocolis requiredfor CiscoExpressForwardingto be able to successfully forwardpacketson a multilayerswitch? Cisco Discovery Protocol Spanning Tree Protocol Address Resolution Protocol Dynamic Trunking Protocol VLAN Trunking Protocol


Referto the exhibit. Giventhe traditionalhierarchicaldesignmodel, whichset of features correctlyidentifiesthe modulesof an enterprisenetwork? 1. Multilayer 2. Edge 3. Security 4. Internet Gateway 1. Workgroup Switch 2. PSTN 3. Connectivity 4. Telecommuter Gateway 1. VoIP and Multilayer 2. PSTN Edge 3. Firewall 4. Home Branch 1. Workgroup and VoIP 2. Core 3. Internet Backbone 4. Telecommuter Edge 1. Building Access and Distribution 2. Internet Connectivity

3. Edge Distribution 4. Remote Access and VPN 1. Campus Edge 2. WAN Services 3. Core Security 4. PSTN Edge 21. On whatis Layer3 switchingfundamentallybased? Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF) the ability to circumvent CPU processing software-based forwarding Parallel eXpress Forwarding (PXF)