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CONTAINING ALL THE MOST NECESSARY WORDS FOR THE TRAVELLER, THE SOLDIER, AND THE SAILOR; WITH THE EXACT PRONUNCIATION OF EACH WORD . IN THE ENGLISH CHARACTER. BY DE. L. LOEWE. Member of the Boyal Asiatic Socieiy of Great Britain and Ireland ; of the Asiati c Society of Paris ; of the Numismatic Society of London ; and of the Syro-Egyptian Society. Oriental lins^uist to his late RoysJ Highness the Duke of

Sussex ; Author of " Letters from the East/* " The York Medal,** * ' The Origin of the Egyptian Language^ " ' * Observations on a Unique Cufic Gold Coin ;" Translator of '* Efee Dammin" and " Matt^ Dan," ^. Ac. Ac.


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Digitized by VjOOQ IC


It is generally admitted, that the tract of country known as the Caucasos affords to the philologist, as well as to the student of Ethnography, most interesting and important subjects of inquiry. Already in the time of the well-known Aboold, who wrote his work on G^graphy in the year 1321, the Caucasus, or Dj6b61 el CditHk (jjj^l Jj^) has been denominated, on account of the numerous languages which were spoken there, "Dj6b61 el Alson" (^dwJjJt Jj^)> "Tl^e mountain of languages;"''^ and the researches and inquiries of modem geographers and historians most completely confirm this view. According to the treatise entitled "EULzeezee," (^O jJl) quoted by Aboolfl5d^ there were not less than three hundred different languages spoken by as many different tribes inhabiting the districts generally spoken of as the Caucasus ; and this estimate is fully borne out by the accounts of recent authors. From all we can discern of the past, it appears a settled fact, that in the remote ages of the world, various great waves of population flowed, so to speak, from that mountain, and gradually overspread the earth. The nations and tribes thus descended have been able, with more or less distinctness, to trace their genealogy to the descendants of Noah; and to the greater and lesser immigrations from Central Asia, the present Teutonic and Scandinavian families in Europe undoubtedly own their origin. The author of the His^ L\^ Jjfel ^\ Jjo isSlk* G^ographie d'Aboulfeda. Texte Arabe public d'apr^ les mannscritB de

Paris et de Leyde, &c., par M. Bdnaud et M. le Baron Mc G. de Slane. p. 71.

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4 PREFACE. toiy of the Empire of Trapezunt calls the Cauoasus the gate through which the first glimpse of oaltnre from the East penetrated into Europe. Bitter is quite certain^ that the aborigines of the Greeks ought not to be looked for in the Peloponnesus, nor in Attica or Doris, but in the valleys of the Caucasus ; for he maintains, that, in remoter ages, certain tribes, either with a view to conquest or in the pursuit of agriculture, came from the neighbourhood of the Caucasian isthmus into the cis-Euxine countries near the Haemus and Olympus.* The Caucasus therefore claims the attention of the Scholar more than any other spot on the Globe. But, notwithstanding the acknowledged importance of the Dj6b6l el-Alson very little information has hitherto been obtained in comparison with what has been achieved in other branches of philology. The impracticability of much intercourse between Europeans and the people who inhabit the mountain chain of the Caucasus, and the great difficulty of acquiring their respective languages, have hitherto presented almost insurmountable impediments in the paths of the studious inquirer. I therefore cheerfully responded to the call of the Philological Society of London to fill tp, to a certain degree, the gap which remained in the field of research since the tinie of E[laproth,t by placing heiore their learned members and the public at large my '' EngMah-Ciroassian-Turklflh, and Circassian-EngliBh-Turkish Diotionairies" which I trust will assist to lift the veil that has so long hung over the Caucasus, and facilitate the acquisition of ft language spoken by its e$aiiest inhabitants. To make it more easy for ^^ student to penetrate into the spirit of the Circassian language, I deem it rleoessaiy to say a few words respectmg the locality of the different districts which the Circassians now occupy; their religious observances, and the opinions of European send Oriental Scholars conoeming their languaga * V. Der Kaukasus und daife tiatid der Kosaken, by Moritz Wagner, pp. 19 and 20. t Chora-Beg-Mundn-Nogma, in St. Petersburg, is said to have composed a Grammar and IKctionarj of the Eabardian langiuige. Sjogem and Dubcns de Montperrenx have made interesting researches respecting the West-Caucasian languages. The latter is of opinion, that the languages spoken by the Circassians, Edbdrdians, and Abkhdses belong to the Tshoodish stock, and bear a close affinity to the Finnish language (v. Wagner's " Der Kaukasus," p. 20). . Unfortunately, I have not been able to see any work written by these authors.

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PREFACE. O The Oircassiaiis call themselveB the people of Addee-ghey (which word I take to signify " Monntaiiieer/* or " Higblimdar/* from the Circassian "AttdghUgh** ( cUUuOj "height" of a place), and occupy the territory of the Caucasus situated between the rivers Ssotscha (pr. Ssotsh^) and Ubi, the Lower Kuban (pr. Koob&i) and the J^ack Sea. To this territory belong the following provinces: The province of the Besstinfy (pr. B6steen6-y), situated between the Urup (pr. Ooroop) and Choda (pr. Kh6ds). The province of the Machothi (pr. Mikh6t-hee), between the lAha, and Kirs. The provinces of the Jegerukai (pr. Y6ghrook6i) ; the Ademi (pr. Ad6mee) ; and the T6mirgoi (pr. Temirg6i), situated on the coasts of the rivers IAb6, and the Kuban, on the north-western boundaries of the province of the Nfigfii. The provinces of the Shane (pr. S-hfin6) ; the Qatjukoi (pr. G^tyook6'i) ; and the Bsheduch (pr. Bs-heydooHi), between the Schaoughwascha (pr. Sh&-o-oogwish) and the Afips. The province of the Abasech (pr. Ab&sekh) is bounded west by the district inhabited by the Schapsuch (pr. Shdpsookh) ; south by the district of the Schapsuch and the XJbych (pr. Oobykh) ; east by the Schaougwascha; north by the province of the Qatjukoi and that of the Bsheduch. The province of the XJbych, situated between the Schapsuch and the Dshighethi (pr. Ds-hig-het-hee). The province of the Schapsuch, which is bounded east by the province of Ubych, west by the province of Natchokudasch (pr. Ndtkho-kood&h), north by the Kuban, and south by the Pontus. The province of the Natchokuadsch (pr. Nfitkho-koo-^dsh), situated between the Taman, the Kuban, the province of the Schapsuch, and the Pontus. The province of the Karatschai (pr. Kirat-tsh^i), near the sources of the Kuban and the province of the Nagai (pr. Nfig^'i.)* The province of the Nagai, between the Kuban and the lAhL Since the appearance of Sheykh Manzoor the princes and nobles profess the Mookhamadan religion, and belong to the sect of the * V. Die Volker des Kaukasus, by Fr. Bodenstedt, p. 171.

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Soonites, bat the mass of the people adhere fidthfiilly to their former idolatrous worship. Their principal deities are : I. Sheebley, the god of thimder, war, and justice. To him all the warriors address their supplications previous to their going to battle ; and if the result of the war be favourable they sacrifice to him the best sheep of their flock. Should there be any thunder and lightning before the fighting commences they regard it as a good omen. The tree struck by lightning is regarded as holy; and, under its branches, the greatest criminal finds safe refdge. For the same reason they also consider a man stricken to death by lightning as holy, and he is interred with unusual honors. n. Tleps, the god of fire. The worship of this deity is probably a mutilated fragment of the fire-worship practised by the Guebers; and of this old worship there are still many traces among the various tribes that live high up in the mountains. III. Sseosz6res (pr. S8ey-6-s'tsr6s) the god of the waters, rivers and winds. To this deity the sea and the clouds show obedience ; at his command the great masses of snow fall from the icy tops of the mountains, and springs of water flow spontaneously from the rocks. The husbandman who prays to that deity for rain, pours a libation over the parched vegetation of the field. The young woman, the wife and the mother, if the objects of their love and attachment happen to be at sea, entrust their sacrifices to a river discharging itself into the ocean, believing the waves to carry the holy message before the deity, whose throne is in the deep; and Sseosz^res, on his part, makes known his answer to his devout worshippers by the rushing winds or the moving clouds. IV. Sekutcha (pr. Sey-koo-t'khd) the god of travellers. He extends his dominion over those who travel on foot, and favours particularly the individual who sets out on a holy pilgrimage. He rewards hospitality with blessings and prosperity, whenever it is practised cheerfully and disinterestedly. On the arrival and at the departure of a traveller, the master of the house always offers a libation to this deity. V. Mesifcha (pr. Mey-see-fkhd) the god of forests, is worshipped in the shadow of groves ; these being generally consecrated to him, as well as to the other deities. As far as the foliage of

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PREFACE. 7 the tree selected for worship extends, the criminfil who there takes refuge is sure to find a safe asylum ; as it was formerly, in the temples of the Greeks and Bomans. Under the shadow of the consecrated oaks in the forest, the old men of the tribe assemble to administer justice. There also counsel is held respecting war or peace, and it is in such a consecrated spot that the people assemble previous to their going to battle.*

The Circassian language is considered one of the most difficult in the world ; it differs both m the nature of the words and the syntactical constructions from all other Caucasian language& More than this, the pronunciation is so difficult, that even the most distinguished linguists find it hard to imitate the sound of a syllable as uttered by the mouth of the Addee-^ey peopla Klaproth expresses himself on this subject in the foUowinj^ words ^'La langue tcherkesse est une des plus difficiles du monde k prononcer, et aucun alphabet n'en pent compl^tement peindre les sons. Elle office sur^tout, dans plusieurs lettres, un claquement de langue impossible ^ imiter, et une modification excessiyement multipli^e des Toyelles et des diphthongues. Plusieurs consonnes se prononcent si fort du gosier, qu'aucun Europ^en n'en pent rendre les sons.'^t It is related among the Turks^ that on one occasion, a Sultan of great repute for his leamiag sent an eminent student, belonging to the College of the Oolm at Constantinople, to the Caucasus, for the purpose of there acquiring a knowledge of the Addee-ghey language, with the ultimate intention of compiling a Grammar and Dictionary. After being absent for a considerable time, he returned to his master hopeless of success, and carrying in his hand a bag of pebbles. ''There," said he, shaking the bag, '' I can give you no better imitation than that of the sounds of the language spoken by that people.";]: They have no Alphabet of their own ; no Grammar or Dictionary; no literature whatever, except some poetry, in which they give vent to their feelings, on occasions of victory or defeat ; Die Volker des Kaukasus, by Pr. Bodeiistedt, pp. 201 and 202. t Voyage aa Mont Caucase et en Q^rgie, par M. Jules Klaproth, tome second, p. 381. X Spencer, in his ** Travels in Oircassia," vol. ii., p. 176, relates a mmilar story.

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8 PBEFACE. bat tli^ are suj^poaedy as I stated before, to be the OTigmal inhabitants of the Oaucat^LS. On this account alone the i^udent diould endeavour to form a better acquaintance with them than he has hitherto attempted ; because by such knowledge he may be the means of supplying the long-required link in that chain of limguages by whidi some of the first races of mankind communicated. ,1 have composed this Dictionary, together with a Grammar and Dialogues of l^e Circasskun language, whilst in company with five, ten, and sometimes twenty of the Addee-ghey people. I communicated with them in the Turkic language, and put down, in writing, in their presence, every word which I heard from them ; I then read it over to them^ And made them translate the same inte Turkish, so that I could c(HLvince myself of having expressed

with correctness every sound as it fell from their lips. I was not satisfied with one examination of each sentence, word, or syllable, but I caused my companions, on various occasions during a period of six months, to listen te my reading and pronouncing their language, and made them always translate it again into Turkish. Sometimes, I used te invite new comers from their different provinces, and I had the satisfisustion of hearing them translate the Circassian words which I read te them by such Turkish words as I had in my manuscript. I have adopted the Arabic Alphabet with some of the Persian and Turkish letters, so as te enaUe me te express every sound of the Addee-ghey language. With regard to the mode of transcribing it by English letters, I thought it best to approximate it as much as possible to the usual English pronunciation, that the English student may acquire a knowledge of that language with but little trouble. It will, however, be necessary, that he should pay attention te the following remarks in reference te the pronunciation of some of the vowels and diphthongs and a few of the consonants : The letter " a," when it is to have the soimd of ''a" as in " barter," is expressed by the accent above ; thus " &. " ^'i,'* when representing the sound which it has in the wm*d "be'* is expressed "ee" except in monosyllables as "it," "fit" where the letter retains its usual form. To express a soimd like

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PRBFACB. 9 that which "ey" has in "money," "honey," <fec., I have invariably adopted the diphthong " ey." " o" represents the same sound which it has in the word "abode," and whenever particular stress is to be laid on the sound it is followed by the letter "h." "oo" represents the sound it has in "moon." " {[" gives the sound of the French " u," as in the word " bu," "su." " eu" expresses the sound which that syllable has in the French word " peur." "g" when it represents the sound it has in the English word "get" is expressed by "gh," and when it. is to have the sound like g"in"gin"by "dj." "gh" indicates the guttural sound of the letter "r"a8 pronounced by the natives of Berlin in the word " Braten^" " Brunnen." "kh** expresses the sound of the "ch" in the German word ^ " Buch" or that of the " j " in the Spanish word " junta.**

I have affixed to this Dictionary a Table containing the Arabic Alphabet with some of the Turkish and Persian letters, together with their names and the corresponding English letters. The student, or traveller in the Caucasus will find this exceedingly useful, as he will have the opportunity thereby afforded to him of making the Circassian Chief or Priest of the community pronounce the Addee-ghey word by pointing it out to him in the book. In conclusion I have to observe that in the whole of the Dictionary as well as in my Oranmiar and the Dialogues, there is not a single word which I have copied from any printed book, or manuscript; but that I have extracted, as it were, every word firom the mouth of the Circassian and tested the accuracy of my pronunciation in the manner before described. L. iiOEWE. 4, BUCKINOHAM-PLACB, BbIOHTON, Mayy 1854.

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Digitized by VjOOQ IC


The ia^ {Fdthhd) -^- expresses the sound of d in " farm;' as ji\ (dldr). The Hy^ {KStrd) ^ represents the e in "met;" as hJdj (bSdSdey), and the short i in "pin;" as ^^ (sin); preceding ^^ (yrf), it expresses the long ee in "bee;" as /^^ .\ dreethSr, The <u^ {Dhdmmd) -^ sounds like the u in "bull" or "pull;' aJ9 jJJai^ (BoodSdo). The syllable ^^ represents either the sound of ouy or the sound* of euy {ou \b invariably pronounced as in the word '' our/ and euvuam the French word " peur '). The letter . {wdv), preceded by a consonant, expresses either the sound of o in the word "bone," as \^^ (ghotd), or the French u in "bu," as tl\j^ (sht^iih). ^~^ represents the sound of eye. ~^^ XJ^ (MSdddh) signifies extension, and extends the sound of \ (a), over which it is placed; thus 4^^ {ahh).

s\AJb (JSwma) softens the letter over which it is placed; as in ^\\j {tciain). "^ JjJjjjj {Teshdid) to make the letter sound as if it were doubled . -^ ^ >- (JDfezm) is placed over the letters which have no vowel points. The following words will show the student the mode in which the Oriental vowels will be represented in this Dictionary : 4.^\ L^t^^\ (mJ'j] L^^\ L^j\ L^j\ i^^^\ L^\ L^\ 4^1 eye-b ouy-b eub ub oob ob eeb ib ^b h FranoliM . . . %

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Digitized by VjOOQ IC

ERRATA. Page line xxxiii 3 for JI^Al^ read JSL>^b^ 4 /or yytJb|^j rK^ yyutj 7 /or khadshe rcae^ kWdahey. XXXV 1 for ^^^jo\j rawi\oorjU?|j 3 /or ^_^^ reoc? ^^It 7 />r itshSni-sh^rmish ihsht^sh read itsh^nee-sh^rnisheehsht^h. 8 for dshehennem read dsh^h^nnem. xxxvi Bfor^\^^^ read ^\^^^\j^ ^ O ^ ^ O 10 /or ^^^ytu- read ^l^jr^l^-a 12 /o7* seffe-kahbz read s6ff(-kalib2. 15 for shuy eefish, shuy. yead sh'eye eefish^ sk'eye. 19 for zQ^\^kTQ' read zeesli6rey. xxzyiii 7 /or T.^\,^ skhdrwa read TjiUs^ ekhdrwd. 9 for ^zdjahb read 6zdjdhb.

18 for ehkdtz read ehkdtz. 19 for boshooyetlagho read boshfty^tldgho. 20 for shigorsehn read sheegiirs^hn. xxxix 16 for 8dmek6 read sam6ko. 17 for megiizweh read m%iizw61i. xl 1 for sherdt read sh6rdt. 4 for ^^ read ^^Jlt xli 13 for ^J? rtfac? ^^^^ xlii 7 ybr pshikho read psheekho. 9 M lJ^ ^"^"^ c5j^ 15 for za^sh6 read zftdsh6. If o 18 />^ ,^.U^ ^\^read ^J,^ jl/

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

2 Fage line xliii 3 for sehtlo read s^htlo. o 9 for ^U? reoc? ^U? 10 for y^^ read ^'^\ xliv 4 /or ^^ r^odf ^^^llt 11 /or pshahsi reoc? pshabsee. 23 /or ^^1 rca^ ^^\ JO xlv 1 ybr U^A-tf ^^<^ Uytx-tf 7 /or nahsh read nahsh. 17 for C)jjjJ ^^^ i^Jj xlvi 5 /or ^^ read ^^Sb 10 /or zeyeesha rcoci zeyeeshd. 11 for 6h6gha read shdgh^. xlvii 5 /or sbekoo reoc? sbfekoo. 1 6 for ^^ read ^^IL 20 /or ^_^^ reoc? ^^^

li 12 /or eigil rowi seegd. 25 /or fti^ly noo-ey-soo read ^1 J noo-ey-sA. Hi 5 for ^^j r6(wi ,^|j 15 for zehr read z^hr. 21 for ^y^ read ^^ liv 8 for bzegb read bz6gb. Ivi 12 /or JLi^^ read iiA^jL:* Iv^ii 1 for iJ^Ci\K^ read <U>jU^ 2 /or tlogba read tlogbd. Iviii 7 /or j^y read ^_^U lix 12 /or <U>1 read itiiU . Ix 7 /or d^katkba read dftkdtkbd. 10 /or tsdgba read ts6gbd. Ixi 16 for CJJ). ^^d cJJ. .

Digitized by VjOOQIC

Pa?e line Ixi 23 far ^^ read ^^^\\J^ Ixiv 22 for kittpaghe read kittpdghey. Ixvi 15 for pahboosh read pdhboosh. 17 for yeehpaboosh read yeehpdboosh. 18 for bexer read blz6r. 24/or ^.^Uib - /U^U mici ^^EUjU - ^U^^ Ixvii 1 for ^j^j read ^^\j 6 for rejkdh read reykh6h "^/^ c^jT *W<i UTj^V Ixix 24 for ^^^ read ^^^ Ixx 9 /or ^^It rw ^^it 20 /or zeeghadshas read zeeghddshds. Ixxi 1 for ^^IL rea<? ^^H, Ixxii 1 /or ^UcjTjlt' - ^I^c^jil? read ^^U^j:^!!^ - i.^jil? CO O O o Ixxiii 19 /or ^.^i^l^^^ read y^^\y.ys^ .# 24/or ^jry *v<w? ^^l3

Ixxiv 8 for ^Uj ^^^ ^llbJ 21 /or j^i\s^ read ^U. ^ O O J ^ o o Ixxv 15 for T^*ilL^> s'z'show-Ab rca<i J^j-^l .^..^.* s'z'sbou-ih. Ixxvi 5 /or ahsh rea<2 dbsh. 13 for ^^ read ^^It Ixxvii 15 /or ^^ read ^^lU Ixxviii 12 /or mebfok reaA m^bfok. 15 for ^U reflc? ^_^3U Ixxix 5 /or i^ij^ji read ^^/cjrjjj^

Insert after line 81 as follows :

Tribute, B. ^dJii sbeytey (Giro.), -.Lr>- 4 A3 (Turk.) Ixxxi 4 /or c^jUp-jj ^^ ^*^1>=Sj

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

Page line Izxxii 4 fw tzshghdgd rtad tz'sbghdg^. 13 for etkhoo read ^tkhoo. Ixxxiii 15 f<yr ^^\ read ^h 20 for ^^ read ^^% 21 for sikwehslogha read sikw^hsloghd. Ixxxv 11 for zsh6 read z'shd. Ixxxvii 7 /or ^-y read ^^ Ixxxviii 19 for ^J read ^Aj

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

o < o <



1 -V^ ^^^v=^ Tl' V 1^^-^-^^^ -=S^


o ^ ^ ^ W)


:2 1

>* M

^ ^ -^ ^

xoT xoj ^ "^ d d d

$ a

si~'^^rf.-^ -i-^'\

^ ^- ^^

jj :) '^ ^ ^^^ -t)

- ^ >

>-' 1 "i "^ ^ '^ "^ *-

1 -j^ :^>3 \^^


>3 >3 2 :^ es

a fl d b. t ^i J .9 S I > ^

-a 3

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

Digitized by V^OOQ IC

Bnglish. ClBOASSIAN. Tvasisa. Able, a. (apt, U) ak^j w6sht6 ^\ Able, t;.w.tobe able ) <U^ ^^^ psee shooney CUb >j\ Above, prep. Or*. iUjl ^hpsey

"^Ji About, prep. <l;S" ^lU^v.A.i> tshitlem ghey ^JiJ^ _ ail;L Abridge, v,a. Ui\^Ji^ t'z'shee-6fm6 ^JUJIl>a4 Absent, a. jW^lj <^<u; or ^,^^ ^ yeeh mep; tipsh6h voonem JjS-^U Absnrd, a. j\j\jj\ tedrdr >0b Accept, v,a: Uj^^jjU k^booloo tzo^i[ ciLr! Jj>i Accommodate, v,a, (one's self to circumstances) Accomplish, v,a. jjJb^jl oohshoohn

Account, v.a. ^->^ .5^w* {ii^tr} <iW1 mUw*. Accustom, v,a. ^^^.o*^ y^hs^n JUAll Ache, 8. .(pain, smart) ly ^5 J.|j ^;^^1 ^^ mouy iiz-zey, wt-we ghoo^ ,J!^1 ^ w4>6l Acquaintance, 8, Ijul^cjIj^ sodtsheedd jIUaI Across, ad, (athwart) Across, ad, (obliquely) Address, 8, (a direction) Adorn, v,a. (to clean) Advantage, 8, idalry boott^y <U)^l3 n&hshey tshitley ookoodshook

Uj^ ll>li fdi'dd tsogh^

Advise, v.a. . t . All/ ddhshee ) t?y^ O^W iye-w6fck/ cX^j <,f->sa^ VOL. VI. ^

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

English. Circassian. Turkish. After, prep. ajU) yeytdlmey 'Jjj^ - *j/ Afternoon, 8.

*bj^ - ufJ^i

shdgdoosh, yej-ken-dee Jr"

Afraid, a. ^jlLijbUa^ shtdbsb Jijy Again, ad. <)JI^ (X> yed klian6h ^1;^" Again (once more) ^fUs^jj^] egriz skhAghe >> Again, <zd. (more) UUL yetkhdnd LS^'^ Against, prep. O X c o m^sh^hndt, tleyndgh ^y "^M - rt? Aeainst, prep. (oontruy) Age,. ipUu^JJb^l iihdsheendt dem tshee nemtsheerey tzoon

Ahl int. jljij Tfl6h ^!> Air, 8. * 1^ shoo^y, lj wdh 1^ Aim, 8. (end, derign) Alas 1 int.

AH, a. jlji^ eezdhk v^^ All over ^yuj^ psonghee "i;*^* All together Jjj^ ps6rik t?*^ Almanac, 8.

<uUjj^ roozndmey <UUyj Almost, ad. Uyi-a^oU mddsbokhooni ^jJlSjl Alms, 8. eg Me (tiJu0 Alone, a. <U^ JojJ ^j z6h fit 8h6m6Ii J^e

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

English. ClBCASSIAN. Turkish. Already, ic?.

JixOb begh-ded ^^ Also, ad.


Alter, to, V. change) (to c--oJi e;j^^ ?/ti*kr z**^^ hiidem n6mtsheere shoghon shib gbdtleemey r^kbon cJv^yLi^j Although, ad. (notwithstanding, however) Always, ad. Ujurf seb-fcAb

t6nba dzokh songbee

Amusement, 8

oosboogbey weygbotsoon

Anchor, 8.

fjMj^\j UU kdbd woors c^j tsA>^ Ancle, .

dy^ L5^ *^ yeyboofc <ii> Angel, 8.

ajljX m^laeekey cAiX. Angels, 8.

JiSjX^ m^l^eeksber >U Anger, 8.

4A^ l^^t^T'"} ^,1 Angry, a.

ULtf^l^ rfigoos&gbA cyt*"^ Animal, 8,

^^jsHju billim wW^ Answer, .

ljljb4j boobsbd <-j|,erAny, a, (any ( one) J-::-^*; ^aypit V* V* Appear, v. a, come in sight' Appearance, 8 pect) Apple, . (to .(as^jliUj z^bat-louy UlLu^J E^kbdUdgbii f!v^ see-y6h

Application, 8 dustry) (in*\j y^gA

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EhGHiISH. OlRCASSIAK. TtntKisH. Arise, v.a. \^ . ., . f kheezo \ r^r- aji^ ttli6gh6sh6J tiUK* <>;y Ann, 8. (the limb from the hand to the shoulder) Army, *. ^\ 6h ^;J dzey

Arrive, v,a. ^.Ju- snehso j;.4auJU

Arrow, s. )iy bzey Ji' Artery, 8. iJi^^Lal? ts&ee-pey >*Li. Artilleryman, 8. ^J^ii^y yh topoo-dshe ^> As, eonj, (like) b6dd6 derdto psheekho r6kh6 wW^ l/ As soon JftrfMM} ses-wed "^^ Ashes, . <Lib y^sh^h J/ Astonished, to be ui^ u^ j^j {ro'^Sfe"}

ju-i.U At, prep, (near to, in, by, on) Attempt v.a, (to try) ^j^ kdztsho

Autumn, s. shagho, gh&tshihpey j/ -jV ^^ Avaricious, a. ^^Li yc tSOOpgOtSUSh jl^ Awake, o. \iJLi\ ^^ kouy eehshooyd c^^ij^ Away, ad, (absent; be gone, let ns go) Awry, ad. (obliquely, asqmnt) *U^ n6kwdh O X o

Bachelor, s.

iUjUl^ ^U k&t shahdbtey M Back, . i^. i,,f,V> taheeb iS^t - ^j^

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Back, ad. Backgammon, s. Bad, a. Bail, 8. (surety) Baker, s.

Balance, . (a pair of scales ; the difference of an account) Ball, s, (cannonball) Band, . (a bandage or tie) Baptism, 8,

Barber, . Barrel, . Batb, 8. Bathe, vm. Battle, 8, Be, VM. Beam, 8.

Beard, 8, Beast(of burden), 8, Beat, V. (to strike)


/jjuJb.Ul oh-oohsb aj*j pshey bdbz^bey, bzagbey sbebse

tshdkh zkbdsbeyree terdzoo, w6z-ney zokboshee Jijj^\^ sbey-ee-pisb ^ pk^

pseemee egootshoo tet ^ujjj\* skhoo eepsee f^^CjS- kbeekdee Aj^ hbdmdm ^jsiJ^\l^\ oghalaskin UU zdbwab LL)t^5J r6khoon iAli>U<id? tebga-tlesh sbdgh&, shdkey sb'shee goobzdghey ^l^aj ye3rw^n, if^ y6b




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English. Circassian. Turkish. Beantifol^ a. a^t.Jhb d&hshey jj/ Because^ conj, (for, on his account) JjJ^ c-j>jf iUjJ adSi b6d6 ddseh glib sheezeh ^^:^.sxjj z6ppet LiJ Bed,. j^^j^j wosli6kir tJJbjO Bee, 8, iUj bshej c?;'! Bees, 8.

<U>a;j!!:i.t b'shej-shej ^^T Beef^ 8, J.A.4.uJp tshej-mil 4]/^ 1 Beer, s. :^^->^n{'^t-} *J:^i Before, prep. epb^ded, ep"-h61i J5I - i>J Begin, v. bdhse slhghn-zdz^ '

Beginning, 8. teerdi, bohl ehudet * y Behold, VM. (to look upon) Believe, v. ildku yeptley <ijo^ m6hbkey

Belly, 8. <UuJ neebey u;^ Below, ad. a;!*, 2(^1 ooh sbeygey Jiil)t Bend, vm. jrLjUyj zehghazkhd t'liTl Better, a, (superior) metn^fer, zefer zogha '^-Jd^ Better {comp, deg,) dJJ^^ i^\j bdsh-shoodet yJ JJ?Between, prep. (j^UfhUtl et-k^htsh 2JJU)1;1

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English. Circassian. Turkish. Between sunrise and midday Big, a. b|^^^ rokhwihdA

Bill of exchange, 8, t^ J^ i"^} c5*Xcl^ il:sa)^ Bind, V. ji^ LfJ^-** "^P^ sh6gh6 J-^ Bird, 8. ,jj bzoo c^j5 Bitter, a. ^ J digh-ghee c/r^

Black, a. IjJ^ shoodzdh 2^\js^ . if^ Black Sea, 8. UjUuJLii shish-oozd P'J Blind, a. y.*J nee-eha J Blood, 8. rftli; kleeh, ^ mh J^ Blow, 8. ajijj nedshey cAy^ Blue, a. iU)Us* skhdntey CTjU Blunts a. (duU) pew b'dshee neb

Board, 8, (nourishment to live in a house and pay for lodmngandeaiing) Board, *. (a flat peoe of wood) Body, 8. ^j! n- *-*^- shehnisht o y^l^ pkh&mbii J^Ajuutj wetshooz leegh&nee shore sho-ey-oo

ybJ^i^\ ^dshooz Boil, V. ^3.. jsU*.! steer-rookho Jh^liurv Boiled meat, 8. Ia-IjJ liz-shooa Ll^i Jm^

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English. Circassian. Turkish. Bold, a. jy>-J^ tlookhoo* jr^ Bolster, 8. l^AjJbL- steesh6ghA J-J^. Bond, 8, Bone, . o o o o o skha-tshes psh^hnsht ^Uj.pshdh, UJj^kutshd

Book, 8. Boot, . (coTering for legs) Bosphorus, the, 8. (in Constantinople) Bow, . (a fiddlestick) keetdb, tsheetlish iUjlJi shdzmey jjji4-i shooghoon c ^ ,<*tjljLUj psheendbsee

*-> Bow, 8, jb ^Ulj z^han dkk

Boy, 8. M k&dld, ^L, sdghoo Jr^ - u^j^ Brain, . (brains) Bread, <. Breadth, 8. sMitsook, eshkhdkdtz o y o tsh&khii, tshouykh CI^jUjL*, sBAbgh&det

Break, va. llaxvo^ seeb6ta M cf!/ Breakfast, . )aAJ\ aiA^ teehshey-isht J31 t^_j^ Breakfast, v.n.

i2^lAuuUbll? tdhtishensht y JIJI ciT^ Breast, *. (bosom) y yo bghd, Lkyu, sib-kha ijMff {j^y Breath ii;fi*.jUj z^gh^bs^fl yJu ii,\ ji^ Bridge, 8. ^/ kofihr ^Jj Bridle, 8. 1^ shii&h, Tyb 8h6-&h ^ - ^j''

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English. Circassian. Turkish.

Bring, v,a. 1$ k&kh cXv^ Broad, a, (large, wide) Bronze, s. jAj dsherz

Broom, s. U>.4^3U^ pkhdnshookhd <?^ Brother, s. coo istzsh^, s shey ^b> Brother-in-law, 8. jy^JUs-M, sib-shok .^.^ Broth, 8. <UjJ leb-sey ^j-^^ Burden, 8,

.Uiij yitH9h6 ^y. Business, 8, (buying and selling) But, conj, (except) (j^LO-^ shen-ten

shey-eb, skhdgh^, oozdk Ufi-jJ Butcher, . tsher zoo keerer drdr6y ,^ytJa)L^ khsdbtshee (_ld Butter, . tkhoo-tdatsh, tkh6

Button, 8. (a knob for the fastening of clothes) Buy, v.a. Ji^ tshoo iUjlit tkhAbfi^ey

Calf, . (thick part of the leg)

tleey-ey kap, tley gjTp " jjJU Calf, 8. (the young of a cow) <^ sh'key ^ Calf's head, 8. Us^ <U^ shkey skh& L^v yijj^ Camp, 8. (the order of tents for soldiers) VOL. VI. gheezoo ghadet, dz^hsh 6

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GampaigD, s. Can, v.n. (to be able)

Candle, 9. (taper) Candlestick, s.

Cannon, 8. (a great gun) Cap, 8, (the Turkish cap)

Carcass, 8. body of an Care, 8.

Carrier, . (one who carries) Carry, v, (to convey by (land or or water)

Cartilage, 8. Cat, 8. Catch, V. Caps, 8. Cash-box, 8. (money-chest) Castle, 8, Castle, 8, (the interior) of the Dardanelles, on the European side Cattle, 8. Cause, 8. (reason)

if\j\^\j zi-woo-d ^^fju3 kenp6khookh Udal^l) wostdghd westdgha tdghdndp paghd, pagha, pahoo yjU. khdd^h ia^uJulJjS goobshist

j^j -U hdn zekhreer m^giishej, h'khd yo-oort, shaghazmi aju3 kettoo JlW*1 oobid

iJajUi p'khdntey aiSU ka&ley woot-keebz boshishkhamoo

j^jJJjo bi


, . f s^b^boo \ ^>=^JJ ^^ Irokhoo-df

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English. Circassian. Turkish. Cavern, .

Cease, v. ^j^/^{t:!^}

Celebrated, p.part. Certain, a. bony dhzee tlehferit o Uuuu? tseepkd

Certainly, ad, (indeed) Chain, 8, c:^j.z6ppet *uj ps6h

Chair, . ^U; pkhateyghey ^\^<,.,1 Chamber, s. ^^^jtwlJ^l dtsh^sh jdpjl Change, v. ^jX-Jajfi*.^ eykhohsheen CJv^0

Chaste, a. (pure) Cheap, a. Cheat, . (a fraud) Cheek, . n6msdhsin bddz zeydghoshey in-sapee ohsheetok psee sh^h ghsebash J^ n^hk t Cheeks, 8, Cheese, 8. nek kher kleesheedey ^b p^hyey

Chest, 8. (a large box) Child, 8. Childhood, 9. ajwlii; pkhantey d'yaley(ordjiley), tshkhley ^.t^kK-, eit-shey-iagh

Chimney, 8. j_5^Jjl ohdjok J^3<


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Engsish. Circassian. Turkish. Chin, 8. LlJ dshA, y, J dsh6 a^ . i^ Choose, V, i^ji y^^'^ Ci^l Choroh, 8. dsh^ey, meyshitter LjJ^ Cipher, . (the character (0) in numbering; the initials of a person's name) Circle, s. iUJ^iU yeyhtshey v^U^^ khdkheye

Circumstance, s. z^rr^h shittem y6tsht

j^ Citizen, 8. sh^hir mookeye-key jirv-^ Clandestine, a. aa^ s6hpey ^> Clean, a. ^j^l5 kdhhzey ^^. -J^" Clear, a. (plain, distinct) oohshoo, birghillu rokhood, hish ghildey, oshok iJ^J^ ^J\ Cleft, . (flaw, scratch) Clever, a. UU k^gha dp h^ghee k'eye-key

Cloak, 8. ya tsoo, ^j tsee

air^Uy, Cloth, 8. iG^ sh^hkey jjil4 <**,Clond, 8. woz shabshey, washabshey C^jly c:^^ Coarse, a. (gross, thick, rough, rude) ^^^\ ooghoonmey V-=

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English. Circassian. TlTBKraH. Coffee, 8. ir*y kdhway *^Cold, a.

o o tsbee-ett-sha, tshee-yey, tsbeeydh J^ Collect, V. (to gather) jj^jl oghdyd J^,> Colour, 8, j^^M 6zsh OJj Comb, 8. <Li>U mdhshey J]> Come, V. aj^l^ kdbkooy^y t'i^K Comfortable, a. seegoa pshe f6d6t Ci-^&-l_; Command, v.a. i^l^ kdeegb^y

cr'Jj:H Commerce, 8, (traffic) Jh ^ sben ten L^jtj U^^ Common, a. JJbjni 1! f nemtshoobz ^W Companion, 8. (associate, boy) ^j^U ^^ dhz6h ghdsen

Compare, v. peddey y^boogbdz sh^n^r Ci^jJO Compassion, 8. ^\ (jTjLi J^good shouy-oo rv - ^^^^y^ Compel, V, LwJ^S' juuJUwj sib-shoo gbeesd i^X(o\jjXaya

Complaint, 8. bokhdot (or bordot) touy-yeeh yish-shdgbey C^.lli Compose, v.a. ^^^Ij woo-key-ner CJ;u\ i-Jlb Confectionary, 8. (sweetmeats) > *^-^.. so-shookb 4A Conjecture, v.n. IcLi^ji^w. setshdghi ti^j-

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English. Circassian. Turkish. Conquer, v. ^y, shoon

C)^ Consolation, . ' tkhoy-seesha gH kdkdsh

Constantly, ad, (eyep) zdhpeet, z^hp^t WJ Content, a. ^V, r&zey jyulu-w Continent, . (land not disjoined by the sea from other lands) Convent, . (a religious house) Convince, v. aiLvAt tsheeley V jjLjU.* monaster l^ .^ U*^J *'^ seyzis gh6tka

Cook, 8. shoonaz, liz-khd sheyrer

CO L5?>^^-u^V^ Copper, 8. dghapley, w&hptley % Copy, 8. ^^jya '^fiv..^ seefey tsiiret ,^ ^jy^ Com, 8. (seeds which grow in ears) Comer, . (angle, nook) Corpse, 8, (a dead body) Cost, i2.n. iJiJL^^ bemshesh ^^jj yogkun, ^^ ghon ^J^U- kh&hdey yeyzogha seplinisht

Costume, . (characteristic dress) Cough, 8, <Li*\j ddhshey iJ^LuJ psgay

Cough, V, apsgey, waps'gey cX^jl Council, 8. (counsel) n^hsib yoo-or6kho Xjj\jL^

U....V ^ buy-orookho

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Count, V, Countryman, s. Couple, B. (a pair) Courage, . Course, . (run) Court, . Courteous, a. (civil, polite) Cover, v. a. Covering, . (anything that coTors) Cow, 8, Craft, 9. (cunning, slyness) Create, v.a.

Creation, s. Creator, . (God) Creature, . Credit, . (belief, trust reposed) Crooked a. (bent, curved) Cross, 8. Crown, 8, (a diadem worn on the heads of Sovereigns) Crown, 8, (the top of the head)


j_-uJ? L-i^-o-uJ? tsheep-tsbee jyL tghok tldkhoob khdded J^ ^^p- ghotshee ajli tshey i/uuUb\j <di> tley zansb It tikb ^yt!b tsbooan (^ sh'kdh jitolft^lju? tseppashoodhz ^^ *ij ; z6ghd khwo \jijuutjl 6t-sif-d& ;UjG ^IL Tdm Keeghdz6 tMj^ v^il? tlouy oosb AUit bittey Jb\*-iJ dsboowdhr b W>)]^ tlees-hd pd (jjLiLl^ ^^^. ^T^ Usui?

tsh'kb4 sheegoo-a yookashee peym&tsh




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English. ClBCABSIAN. Turkish. Gruel^ a. JS^ tl^hsh fit Cry, V. (to scream, to bawl) oghon, m^h-k'u6h J^lc\ -. Jm^ Cucumber, .

i^fy^j^^ nehsheeboog j^ Cudgel, V. (to cane, Current, a. (valid) afaJj dl^gh6

Curse, v.a. iyluj^^^ ( zish^rey } <^}J^ Curtain, a. ^JjJi eptleb '^A Custom, . shdbbzey, shdbzeli

Customary, a. sh^bzeL sht6, deygha

Cut, v.a. ^^^y poob sheen cX^ Damage, s.

4^4^ tzogho Jj^ Danger, s. (peril) llujJUk^ ts^peezy^gd *^Uy Dance, . ^^1 oobgbee J^ Dance, v. ^^ ^-^^ ^ {"^^gSl CXfiJ tyrSDark, a. (dusky, obscure) m^zdbshe, atsbiler-bomezdhsh^

Darkness, s. m^zdhsh^, meys&shey Ji/y - Ji^y Date, 8. d^ya fjii\j ifJiX) bMd^ ddsh tso^hey

e^>Daughter^ . psdhsey, soopshdz (or sipshdz) J^ - >

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E^MEEifiSH. OnejuMAv. 'KnBMB. t)awn^s.

kh&fao, neyf(r&3oghd u^^t/ Day, #. Day after to-morrow, #. m^pey, m&dfey nou-sbel-nonsb-mish 0. n4hslieb iiftflb-misli

Day before yes-


Dead, a. Uit tldgW tMjl Deaf, a. jTw deygoo >U Dear, a. \4% bdtldpgd jiW Death, 9, jfwU hidpygho (^^^ Debt, s. .UoAI; tsbeepey CJJ* Decent, a. (JiiJb\jjM^^ p^hsoow^fa V-r<U

Deceiye, v.

luJ^^^^Js^ sibgbobsd 4JK^^^ Deed, s. ^t J^ di'sbee Jf Deep, a. 2rJ kodi 4ibjO DdSonoe, . (prohibition) Defend, v. bJd:. tenbd

Degree, . (step) ^S\j derekfi *^j> VOL. VI.

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ENGtitBlEr* ClBOASSIAN* Turkish^ l)einaiid| v.a. (to ask, to reqmre) Departure, . U^ jJuo beenee kesh

Derision^ . fj^jUimJ^ mis-khdr^sh j3;L^ Desert, 8. (wilder^ ness) Desert, 8. (deserted places) Desire, . (wish) ijjjX^ meyzzey ,^J^ b<%6dshee y^jUkx^ tshdyooj

Destroy, v. y\^j\ ohkh&ner

cfVJ^ Devil, 8. ^UaJLl sheytdn lijUjjJi Devotion, 8, ^U^ ^JLe, df6h sh^m^h c^jUfi Dew, 8. yjo-ilj wAsheedeer

Diamond, 8, {ji}^ elmds t^W Die, v,n. UXia^j dsh6tl6ghd cUjI Difference, 8. UUl h^hdgh " LJ/ Different, a.

aiuJ t^T Difficult, a. ^ been s/ Dig, v.a. ^ trfh jt*j\i - (yjp Dignity, s. UjUb J witlogha ^ Dinner, . zookhoo-ghet teeshey-isht J^iP'y Dirty, a. 4^^ Is kab-zep J^ Disadvantage, 8. ^Utj zdkhdr j> Diftbanded troops

v.::-'^^Jo jilj raghoo nidit i^i^y

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SVQUBBU GlROASSIAir. TuBKISff. Discourse, 8. (conTeisation) 1^ ^ tlee-qwdh

/1J^ Pishonourable^ a. jjji ^Ji^ ts^fee bzee-yuh

jrtfDispute, #* ^ 2r^ *Li 2fj - ^)^ zdabw^y, zey-sh^i-goo-ser

- di^

Distribute, v.a. ai^UiL)^^ - ajl/

- cJ4^

ghlsh^h, oobtshdtey c3<1u^li Do, V. (to act anything, either good or bad) Dog, 8.


Dogs, 8. y,U. kh&sh^r

>,/ Dollar, 8. (Spanish dollar) ^jJ^J^ AJo p^rdb shoots * ^_j/*j5 Door, .

^ti tshey

J^ Doubt, 8, tsh&h^ peesee ep

*e^ Down, a. ^^^ ayshay

o^UI Dozen A^.^; {^^i}

ALiO Draw, V. j^jyj koohdee

cu:*. Drawing, . >uu yeyhstd

ry Dream, 8. UjLi UUlI? tsh^^ sldgha kv - lA}'^ Dress, 8. (clothes) shooghoon, shdghen mU - ^ii.^' Dress, v. X^ugijj zeeshisldh

<J^ Drink, v. i[^ yedi-wey

c)^ Drive, v. ^^yifct tshoopen


Drop, 8. ^i^^ metkoo


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&CFLISH. dftdAMlK. TvtOBsa. X^imfcenness^ 8. i^'ii ^0' {r^r} t^jA-j^ Ihy^ a. (arid) j^y |%ooi^ j^ ^hooa V^ - ^J^i I>acat, 8, j^> "^is i^J^

Duck, 8. l^tbfth* i^^J Dun, a^ (stupid, silly) Dumb^ a. (mute)

Dung, 8. La L^nJj shit shoo-& cJJ>j5^ Dust, * <b^ shoh-y6h ^>^ Duty, . Dwelling, 8. ajuo*j tsheepey lmj^^ {'.Sir}

Dwarf, . l^li itttlejrtUkU *Tj*r Sat, Vw

tLIfit"***' cJ< Eagle, .

JLy - j^jJ |r;5 Baii*. ^jS^U? tdhkoom , J^y Ears, 9. ^J^lt tdkkoi^ J4^ Early n^fr^zo, nlpr^zo u(^^ Earthquake, s. 7&tt^ w^tey, ysihtey . **t '^A" f taker- 1 tshig-w^r r6see seeghd

East, . 4^U h4hH9h^ Lf-J*?^ w/

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Encojb^ OnteABBiAir. TumKIBB. Ea8y,a, ^"iy k6Mee Jiy EducatioB^ a. (bringing up) k&ngfiey, tsh&nkey

Eight, a. ^j yee > Eighteen^ a. t^l c^l^ ^^^ psee-kouy-ee J^ U>JI^ Eighty, a. idiu^jl 6t-shit.ley ^J*uL^

Eighty-one 6t-shit-ley zeerey J cT^ Eighty-two 6t-8hit-ley t^oorey ^Jcr^ Eighty-three dt-shit-ley sheerey ^J^ cT^ Eighty-four dt-shit-ley hitley ^jy cT^ Eighty-five dt-shit-ley tpeyrey yjj ^j.>> Eighty-six 6t-shit-ley shoorey ^yJI u/-^ Eighty- seven 6t-shit-ley hleerey

^^ uT^ Eighty-eight 6t-shit-ley yeerey

Eighty-nine 6tHshit-ley ghoo-ghoorey jy> cT^ Eight hundred ^ see JjiJ^ Eight hundred and one \jlj Ijjl ^ Bee 6r^ zeerft ^J>!>-

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Engush. ClBOASSIAN. Turkish. Eight thonsand

^Jiu^ meenee

cJu^jLElbows, 8. seelee&n, leeahn CJ^J -C)-yJ Eldest brother, s. s'shooltl^hd, s'shilt-l^hi

^1J;5 jljl Eleven, a. JjSj^ seekiz

^ titf^ Ell, 8. ifj\jj\ 6nddz6 yj^jJ' - cA^ Embarrassment, 8. koohb shI sen^r

CJJixasA Embrace, v. ^Jjjjj^ jjj irl dhplee y^shSk <>ia-y Emperor, 8, \j^j\j padeeshah

_>u Empire, ,

cuAf Empty, a. <j;Aii) net-shey

yy Enamoured, a. ^i^" o^ {d.'SS,}


Encrease, v. y^ u'^^ ^^^AJSi'to}

J^^ End, 8, Enem J, . en6k6-aree, 6-ish y^JjdJ y^dzeeshoo - cJ,->

Enough, a. (sufficient) .A,J n6hsin

>^l Enquire, v. (to ask after ^/L ^U {""^^/^l

cii];^ Enter, v, (come in) j^jS'y^ ayk6tz

c^;^! Entire, a, (whole,

aU, fuU) ^^JjI eez^pit

UJ^ Environs, 8, UuJbJjl idshinna ^! -^> Envy, 8. 5jjldv, yeshgdwdh


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English; ClBOASSIAM. Turkish. Error, s. iaj^y^j] oghdsh-shd C^-

Eternal c:^^ 26pp^t lj<ij\ Eternity, #. ijJLu^ nib-shee-yey *jjj^ Even, a. (just) l^Xkc^ sdghdygd jy - wv? Even, a. jjjl dshped Jp. -J^J " J^ Evening, f .

^\ Ever tkbdmish-dem-t^h-kuyet yUj^b Every, a. Jg^t <Uj psay-oreek

jij" Evil, s (misfortane) <tf \gy^ bzeygbdghey jllii Evil, a. (iU, bad) af }jj bzdghey j^/ _ Ui Exact, a, (ponotual, earefol) As&fgbdddt, ^supgh^ddt jUSJ Examination, a, trial) tlem beezey goes sbkheyreb gwey nemtsbeerem yob oob tsbeee yl^t Exchange, v.o. IS^ b6W cf*jy ExchangCi . (barter) ^^ kbosb

^> _ i/^o Excose, 1^. R^zitgbee sit^o wdsbd 4iUjji* Exercise, s, (practice) ^ ^ j^ tsooneb yUo< Exercise, v*a. (to practise) ijJAj ^bds Cil^l ^"

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EKOLna. OlROASSIAN. TlTBXUH. Expense^ s, (oost^ charges) kjjjj Jj^U Mshil tBp-to ^y. - H;^

Gztingoisliy v.a. JLjJLOJb\j iOii^A cX^Juuj^ Eye,. ^ n^ j/ Eyebrows, J. <Ub 2rl3 nttpteey ^13 Eyelid,^. nem k6tzoor Hej ^^j/ Pace, 8, ihtehooz, nAhpey

Paint, a. U4*u^ r6bs6ghd U^J^ Pair, 8. ^Uu p^ndyir J^.

Pair, a. (weather) ^Iji^ mMMftshey Ij^cff^ Paith, 8. (creed) ^\^} eelim&n, ^ j din yW - cM** Paithful, a. tz^p^hzdneli, zalipeyz^dahey Jl^Jk-e _ jllSjia. Paithless, a. ^^^U> tsiliey zeem6r

PaU, . juj Jj y^deesho (^^iiyj FaU, V. JLViuu^j Jj wMiblieeniBht **x'*x ? cA^j Palse, a.

u,^ Fame, 8. jt if\j^if^ goobshdb dz w^ - Cli Family, 8. j^^ Jj ya-yihsoosli JUc J*l Far, a. (distant) /l;/i,..A.U tsheelialiAV

Fast, a. (firm, stog) <uL^ seebtcy, 4>^ peebtey Pat, a. ,Ui? tsb^b >

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TUBXISB. Fate, 8. i^^sJ^if\j ndhseeb cyL,!^ Father, s. L::^lt tdht, JjU- seeyat VV Mj father JjLu) seey&t (V^J Thy fother -LbuM-o ses-yftt Jub His father l>\)^jjjj^\ asheey^ry&t ^V^ <^' Our fibther -LU J9Uh- seey&tem y&t . >V^ Your father

-y* ^ >Vl^ Their father -Lb A-iljJpb y&teeshem yAt ^bb 4ij\ Fathers, s. ^;juaLljU9 seey&teesh6r ^Vl^ My fathers see-y&teeshem yArt

Thy fathers seyseeya^imy&teesheer cJ;bb His fathers i,b ^b {y^^yt''"} ue;vi; Our fathers see-y&teeshim y&t .>!;^i^

Your fathers JpUuu^-o seyseey&t m Their fathers yateesheerem y&t ^;bb c3;ji Father-in-law, . J^^J^ L5r {shoowebshj . w^.u Fatherland, 8, J,./.lii\ eet-sheehl u^j. - 1Fault, 8. \f U^(| rdghoshdgi ^b Favour, s. i.::.oo<JU) B^I^t ti^^ Favourable wind



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English. CutCASSIAN. Turkish. Fear, s. (dread^ fright) l^U mdhshtbd ?jy Fear, u. (to be afraid of something) <J^kS.lcb j&ghiBhthk

Feel, V. (to be <iU^ ghfigh6h j^jj - cKji* sensible)

Feet, 8, iSit tlAhkey JVJ Fellow, 8. (a mean person)

JCr^ Fever, . (ague) U cfJsS-U? Ukhfiy-y& \L\ Few, a, (a small <tii?^U m^btshey j\ number)

Field, 8. ^ijuiy biigbodsbee \,\ - J(>" Fifteen, a. ^qU< ,...! psee-kootf

{J^ ty^ Fifth, a. <ut tpey LS?^ Fifty, a. cJyua seynook O"' Fifty-one y j (^ Jua sey-nookzeerey ^O"^ Fifty-two ,> cJjL {7-~^) Ji^J^^ Fifty-three 1^ 'i'^- {xr;=} ^i^o"^ Fifty-four 1^ '^^ {'^;3S'=} CyyJ JJ1 Fifty-five

^ 'j^ te^'} tA^ JJ^ Fifty-six .,^ ^>- 17^;') J5^ J3< Fifty-seven ^ ^^ ftcr;'} c^JV. JJ^ Fifty-eight ^Ju cjjuosey-nookyeerey >-o"^ Fifty-nine sey-nook ghooghoorey J^>Ji^ Fill, v.a. ^y,^. yee-zooshun J-j^>

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Find^ v.a. Fine, a. (pure, thin, without mixture) Finger, .

Fire, . First, a. Fish, s. Fist, . Five, a. Five hundred, a. Five hundred and one, a. Five thousand, a. Flag, 8. Flat, . (a level) Flask, 8, (flagon, bottle) Flee, v,n. (to fly, to run from clanger) Fleet, . Floor, 8. Flour, *. (the fine part of ground wheat) Flower, . Foam, f .

Circassian. iajuAJULkLa^al 6ghoteenisht lc^*yj psoghd

efkhab, epkhdb, 6b-kh&d mdhzwd, mft-asey CLJJ^ hegd^t, ^ zee J^\ zeyshee, i^ tzey ^jtl 6tzim <ut tpey cjikxt titf t.,^juc^ meenootp j5/ brdk iJ!Lj\J^ tIeghMnshe yl)T dpkii, ^T ^iftu idiaL^U; z6ghdbiltl6 j;j jU-l5 k&-kh&-zik i^J^t^ dshug lS'|*,jljb h^dsheegd a;^ j*-o s6r6ke JLcb ^^ ret-khoo bdghey





1 _


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mqlisu. '4ClRAfiStAN. T0RIUBH. Fog. t. o pshdhwdh, psdghp c^y. - u^j^ Fold, V. iAy^ *ll shah khoosh cX,jjJ Food, 8, JtLuulJuj see-shest tiJ^'S^ Fool, 8. zejkdk6kh, z^gw^dy^ga J> Foot, 8.

yJt tHk6 JW For, prep. tfi^j\ ookdhts u^.' - ^>J^ Force, . bds-tsooghey zejshikhft 1 mA Forehead, . meyn&htey ket-shey pey-s&tsh J^ Forign,a. (exotic, strange) Foreign cotintry <LuJubljb hdhtshey nemtshiret shil

Forest, 8. jj^iU meyzee, ^a^^ m6hz6 UJ^J^ Forget, V,

shoogoob shey-sheener J^yj^ Forgienes8, 8. ^Jtj^ sht6hb6hee tiX<u|^ f(k^8. cJjijL tooghok JIV Fonn, 8. ^.'t.^hbl^ k^ddhsh6 . (^ - S-5^ Fountain, 8, ^liSy kd^eeghey V Fountains, . <L^lj(y kd-iaeegheyshey Jujijj^^ Fort, 8. wooner boo in neetsh& j\^

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E&Lvm. ClRGAfiSIAll. Turkish. Four, a. ^ tley . cyjjj Poupteen, a. jLyuuj psee-kootl ^j^ cy Fourth, a. *dt tley c^ -ty-^ Forty J a. jluu^Wjl 6t-shitk jy Porty-oue '^y<^^H'^^]

v^lv Forty-two .> jL^,S \^^ Ls^-' jy Forfy-three e^ c^^ {r^,'j s:-?^ l2/ Forty-four ^. J^.^ {'Ji?K?} '*^jy jy Forty-five ,^ c?l-^.l \t^ - lAj J/ Forty-six .J Jl^.l {risj} " ^ U5^^ lP Forty-seyen .^ ji^.t {j;;i^} ^*i jy Forty-eight

e^^^,, r,*:^} /- cl/ F^fty-niae 6t-fihitk ghooghoorej Jy> jy Four hundred Jiajw-, sitl J^. ^jj'i Four hundred and one \jjj \jj\ Jk- sitf 8wl zeer& yjy~ '^jj'^ For thousand jLyu^ meenootl A Fowl, 8. (a hen) rtl;!^ kitt6y j^" - j>Free, a. ^^ ti\j\ ix&d-eezdit - jljV

Freah^ a. (brisk, LIoAjuu ttib-she^h^ ',ij vigorom) ^ '^ ^ v" Fresh butter, s. ^M^ LS^'i y Friday,*. *T'>4;{fi:S} ^<i/U^

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Friend^ 8. (relation)

Frigate^ s. Frighten^ v.a. Frightful, a. From, prep, (of) From me, abl. case From thee, ah. c. From him, ab c. From us, ah, c. From you, ah. e. From them, ah. cFruit, 8. (com) Fruit, s. Full, a. (replete, stored) Fund, 8. (stock) Funnel, $. Fur, 8. Fusil, 8, Fusileer, s. Future, a. Oarden, 8.

UXju sib-ldghd /_JjyljJl5 kdleednoos A rM}A-t mdhshtey C b t^r VvA . U n * <f beysht^ynsht ijlujjaxX/* meehshish [cjji^ seyr6ghd UT^^lj w6rdghd JU*i> terrogasher ^^Ij wdhyem jl<U 4^l-il dshd-ee yee-lr jcjj deyzee UU shdghd yee-zey-roo-khoo, yeehz ^^c:-^^ eehtsh^hn jUl khdhnee (^v\S gheydoob

/j;3\*Ao skoo^nk, or sk6v4nk jl^^Lij sh-kongas ^ ^ Csl^ kdhoogh^sht .UtoU, shdhtey

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Garlick, . Garrison troops^ s. Gate, 8. Gender, . (race) Generallj, adv. Genus, s. (sort, kind, species) German, s. German, a. Gift, 8. Girl, . Give, V, Glad, a. (joyful) Glass, 8. Gnat, 8, Go, V, Goat, . God, 8. God (Creator of the Universe) God&ther, 8, Going, 8. (walk)


cjiijuujo bishnef <Ui? tshey metlouy eedshee nemshoo U>-<0 yeykhd l^j^ u^jit tlouy-iish nemtsheereh fdkum kikey (like* in "bind") ^'^^Wr nem-tsheedjey iidajjc* mee-y4-te ^^Lj psdhs6y <JUo y^tt^h jLwJUOk} sidshaz Sj\ dbkoo ^jb bddzey ^b y^go, ^U mdgo /UA ^^ i tshen-ney . ^U; pkhdb t'b&dee keygb^so soreek Ji^'^Ji^ tl6kdrkdgh6sb \^\^ magoo-dh



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EXQUBB, QlBOASSIAir. TI7BKIS&. Gold,*. b J diz, ^jij4> dish u>yl^ Good, a.,pos,deg. souy-yey, shoodet C^Ja^^ s-Lood6t t^y^ - yJ Goodness, . UUft-i shoosdgha eiiyj Goods, 8. (merGoose, s. ij^aJi shehkey, ^ lim ^U, _ JU Grace, . (favour) nowsht khagdsht ujy Grain, s (com)

i^A kotzey t^ljjw Grandfather, s. (j^uJsLUuu psee-ydtsh 00 Grandmother, s. ^yU- see-ydnoosh ^^ *^JJ^ Grape, s. Grateful, a. Gratis, ad. i/uJbl) Li sdndhsh ^1^ yLi /ILp y^I shnshoo zghagoo sh-shoo tley-o

Grease, 8. Jij^ tkh6g68h ^kc?;^ Greasy, a.

Great, a., pos, deg

&soodet, bahsh^ CIJJ*^ shoodet *^^ Greater, comp, deg. ^JJ^^^b Ishoodedeyf '^J:^^ LS^*^ Great-grandfather eee-ydhtem yahtee *

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English. Circassian. Turkish. Great-grandmother Green, a. t. t u . fseehz-shd C x- o <Ij!jUs-j shkhdntey A Greet, v.

* iL . M i seldm ) U'f^ ('^ ispehtish} r^ Grey, a. (hoary) ^^AJ^lJJ wdhshwey CJ/-^ Ground, s, (bottQiDy foundation) Liu^j z6pp6t

Grudge, . ^1 L5^^ tiohghee-eehzey c;:*^ - uir^ Guest, . (customer, stranger) iU,jU^ kh^dshe t^^AjUU^ JLUA^ Gulf, 8. u%^ TTSr} >:./ Gunpowder, . Jaj;, sheyner ^j;V

Hail, . o s'kh^hzee, yeehz j!>_j5,j. Hair, . sh^tzey, s-khahtsee ->= - Ji-E^ Half, . liLfcy noohkii r>Half-an-hour jJ ci^^L s4-ftt aok ui-^Li |*^U Half moon jy ,^U mdsee nok '^ Cjk Hand, a. c^.j< oyg> ^^ ey The .1 or o is pronounced as the , in the Turkish J

word cJiy 5 OJ* as the ^

eu in the French word


Hand, v, (to deUver) sey-loo-dt-k&khoosh ^V^


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English. Circassian. Turkish. Handicraft, $, {J^js^^\ ohpeekhzdn JlMM ^tletsh

Handkerchief^ $, jUU Hard, a. 8hdfi, shdpey, keytoo ^ _ c:^ Hatred, s.


sipjeeh, sid-shdz s6p U:*^'^>i Haughtiness, . botsoopisli weedeygooshd rokhooneb 0%a Have, V. uy^JL^ rokhoon JJ.1 He, she, it, nam. CU UJU9 seesha

J^ - Jj' He, pro. 4^;. khA J.^ - .^ Head, 8. tehkha, yiikotsh feym&ter Ul sh'khd (or sh'kh&h) u^V Heal, V, \s.jj ^i(\i^ dahshoo-zogha <^'jd^ Healing, a. U^^ /jiJJt> tloosh-6gha jSliLi Hear, v. ^j<0 yayd6h cUa^ Hearing, s. Hearken, v. ^ o o *^ ^JJJ ^;^' 4^*A)j^ J^l fighor oldee tleyser rookh6 jjaj yayd6h

Heart, f. <^1 eg, aif ghey ^jji Hearth, f. jU^ ddjdk jy Heat, 8. <U^\i f&h-bey jLsu.\ Hearen, s. was shoohey, wahsey

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English. Circassian. Turkish. Heavy, a. zddhd, wah-tow'y-yey **. \ ^\ woo-touy-) ^y^^J^jb ighoo-kee}

^/ .>\ . ^y^ Hedge, . jU^ll Bhkkhkl c^ ^- JV Height, 8. (altitude) ^\JJ\ dttagh&gh

ciK^^. Heir, . (inheritor) (^^k^yl (jjuJw^ 4j^Ak! jj^ifU _ ijL}j\j

itsh^ni-sli^rmish ihsht^sh

Hell, . dshehennem, kikree


Help, s. (assistance) \jy jj^ seeyey pooyah

r'^>Herb, 8. au^jl oohtzey

c:.j\ Here, ad. <Lia*J<U mehdehshey

SJJj) Hermaphrodite, (androgynus) oogoobzee eygheekho

Hide, 8, (skin) aj, sh6h

^j<i Hide, V, (to conceal) J^bU ghad.6shl

Jk1L. Hideous, a. lt^\ eje-ee

^MJA High, a. atta, ^t-ha-det

t'X-^y Hill, 8. UIj^U? tghez-y6gha

'^.'^^ Him, pro., ace. 2^i"&rey

^^ To him, dot. ^j\ 6shyep


Himself, herself, itself, nom, dose 2r^ s6p6y

A His, pron ju^\ dshee-yer



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English. Circassian. Turkish. History, s. (story) Li)*^ gooshd c:^!^ Hither, ad. <Li>J^ maydayshay

^rjjy Hold, V. JaJUUb^l oohbeet (J^> Hole, s. ^Ujt oghan e)Jj

Hollow, a. Holy, a. Holy-day, b. Honey, . Honour, s. Honour, -v.a. Hoop, . Horse, %, Horse-soldier, . Host, 9, Hot, a. Hour, . House, . Houses, .

j^U^l oghan ** > y \j^ jl^ bodz shood 4JI5I A\jXi byram aftee tooza shooghoo, shouy-oo ^^LiV^-^ s'shou-oo boz-sfiz-seffe-kahbz shuhflbzme shuhu

shuy eefish, shuy eepish )i\<^yJ^ shoo-hoo-dzey b^4 J}!r^ (zeeshSel <ob p^hbey c:jUL , g^ see sah^t oohney, woo-ney I -iiiUjIj woo-ney-sh6r

jUlcl - ^j.


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English. Circassian. Turkish. How, ad, (in what manner) JaA-i. ^JJu- seedoo shit J^U

However, ad, (notwithstanding) How much .jjurf seed6h ^^;AJl>\n.l-r yet shdhsh

Humble, a. ,*.t, ket-shee J^^ Humour, . ULii kehf coaST Hundred, a. dsli^ khoshed J^. Hundred and one khoshed seerd zeeri ^jy. Hundred and two khdshed seer&t ora ^.ijy. Hundred and three

khoshed seera sheera ^j^jy Hundred and four khdsh^d seera tloor& ^jj-^jji Hundred and five kh6sh6d seerd tpeyrey cA^ JX Hundred and six khoshed seerd shoorey .r^^JX Hundred and seven khdsh^d seerd bleerey t^'V. Jy. Hundred and eight khoshed seerd yeerey /-JX Hundred and nine kh6shed seerd ghooghoorey Ji>J^.

Hunger, . ^J^M neydshee Jl^' Hungry, a. Jtit}(ij neydshee tr'

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English. Circassian. Turkish. Husband^ 8, Husband's brother*8 wife I, pers. pro. aj^^ tlee-y6h, Jj yil Jr" L5i L5^ tshee-yeey suz 2r^<U> sayray

I myself ^^ seyree

p^ Ice, 8. JJus^ mil-lee, Jl^ millel

jy. Idea, 8. (fancy) L^j^Mi s^hgub

> Idle, a. UjiLss-j skbdrwa jh^ - uAy Idol, 8. c->Lij;l 6zdjahb

C2^ If, conj\ c:^^ zeppet


Ignorant, a. aJj^LlJ dsbdeeley

Jfcl*r 111, a. ^J zweg

<<jLufc^ Illness, 8. JjIj jg^ oozeeshell

(--"\r. Imagination, 8, iUjL sloghagh

J^ Imitate, v. ^bj zeedpehro

CXf>. Important, a. tshitlish, oppoo

(^ In, ad, (denoting immediate entrance, as " come in") Inclination, 8, (^A:Jif\ elik6tz jilk>^^ boshooyetlagho

Injure, v,a. ^j^^jJ^ shigursehn C^,y. - JAjI;^ Ink, 8. \,^j^ merkeb

-r^^ Inn, 8. (hotel) shddtez zdeesheer^h ter^r


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Inspector^ a. Instead^ ad. Instruction^ 8. Intention^ 8, Intercourse^ *. Interest, s. Interpreter^ a. Investigate^ v. Iron^ f. Island, 8. Janissary, . Jejune, a. (empty) Jest, s. Jew, 8. Joke, 8. (sport, jest) Joy, 8. (joyfulness, pleasure) Judge, 8. Judicious, a. (prudent) Juice, 8, (sap in vegetables) Jump, V. Just, a.


Jajoj J zep-pit Jgiub pdhbshey O X o ^ ^uiujlr UuMi*t oossd ghdssey Juljli' keer&bshey ^ULd? tilm^sh ayuJb ghootshey

koos-khd, koosra o ^^ijJtJu yen-shee-resh ^jIjLJ j^ goohnetsli L>yUyi s^mekh-kooyah JJbb y^kood 4iLL) sdmek6 ^J ^C* meguzw^h yjUuL teekadly a^CjU mdpsghey o o iL^JuLibU zdhndske


c^> -


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English. Circassian. Turkish. Justice, 8. c:^Li sherdt

Keep, v.a. <1js^ meghee-kee tf*y J^ Kill, v.a. i^C\ oo-ikUj CUjji,^ Kind, a. ui?Uj^ tlonyfish t/"-**r King, s. ,-uuJ pshee *li Kiss, . Jfejlaj . reb^oohn ^^ Knee, *. iUJlj^ tleygftdnshey >* Knees, s. a^^JJljudl? tleeb&ndshey

Ji-^ Knife, *. ^4^ soozee jW: Know, V, z'shdghd, skbdner cK^ -*cUL Knowledge, . ^^iJl etldbs r^ Known, p<w part. J^^ bushu UaI _ jlL Known, a, (celebrated) Labour, s. Uu soohka t-^1 ohp

Labourer, s. jL2b<U meyshdk L5^

liamb, 8. jJJuu*) see-nel uf'^ ^jy Lame; a. ^Jd, tldhehey Jk> Land, . (country) \A\vfX tshill6h *-^^J Language, 8. ^^^ bzegh t^U _ Jo Last, a. cAviV ^"^ ^yo. Late, ad. ^j dleykee ^

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Encflish. CiROAflBIAN. TCBKISS. Late, a. (deceased) Ult tl^hd r^v^ Laagh^ v. ifj^j weegoomy cH/ Laughter, $. hy^jy gooz-shw6y 4/ Lavish, v. Uj-i5^ r^h6gh& ^i^W Law, 8. (role) jl ^ tloh dz ^jL _ j^U Lay, v.

J^yeehl CM.jS Lead, <. ^J;,UJ psdahee cAj* Leaf,. ^Llj dshdss oWi Learn, v. Lm-U ghdssa .cvy^l Leather, s. ^.*^ shoovray c5>J Leave, v. ^j^lxS eheeneyhdb C?4];^ Left, a.

Jl' Lendy v.

u>jAy> {^Jlf^^hl

Lent, 8. (fasting) 4^ ^>i - J:^ pehriz, yooy-bitt6 ,J:^V, Letter, $, Jj^ tshtl **

Letter, a. (in the alphabet) Liberal, a. (generom) U^UJL. stlBh8gha

Lid, a. t_*llUsi. 8l>kh^l# jUi Lie, V. (to tell an mitnith) Ul <Uj ps^-^ tiULj-^^ Life, f.

^)j^ niT* J


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English. liift, V. (ta heave) Lights s. (a spark of fire) Light, 8. (clearness) Light, a. (not heary) Light, V. (to kindle) Lightning, s. Like, a. (resembling) Limb, 8. Limbs, 8. (mem^ bers of a society) Line, 8. Linen, 8, Lip, 8 Lips, 8, List, <.

Little, a. Little, a, (insigni^ ficant, unimportant) Live, V, Living, part, a.

Load, 8, (burden, charge) Lock, V,

CiRGASSIAN. o ^jj\ ^ttey o <Uj^ leyhpney o <UJu nef-ney <.^l>uVjuuj psindshej o ifJutfU ghdsdey c aJju-1 shiblej Ox w b6dd6 derdto pshikho r6kh6 CO ^JuujUiG fejm^htshdey tlouy oozereehs ^jijl oghoon jH^^i^ meyghootsher iOjl oobzey jj^l * yj^ o-koof-ftree y^\ \j JjbyuL tshiihlzadsho tzook, tzick, tseegoodet

^^jUl ^hdzin if Lj psdghd t o <Uj yeehtshey o o ^ Jjoiljlj wootkeebz


Digitized by VjOOQ IC


English. Circassian. Turkish. Lougy a. kdkhd, kahadet

Look, V. (to observe) JU/... sehtlo J^

Look at me! interj. *^!J^v ^ ^ ^ (sep-peylj J^ ^. Look on, V. <Li^J<U seyeer-shey (jJJiAjj^ Look up, v. sseedeyflee-6nsht

Looking-glass, 8. j^ji^l ohghoork <jJuT Loose, a. (slack) ^IL tdskh eUjT Lose, V. irjUSj^t ouy-keeyd-d6h cX<u1 <-r^ Loss, f. j\j\j zdrdr

JiJ ~JJ^ Loud, a. jijlt tlighoo bf Love, . jLiJj^ bozdsh^z ^^^-^se^ ^ya Love, V. \\ji JLK*rf sid shdz tiL.j-. Low, a. (inferior, ignoble) C^ jU U-jU gh^pd h&det Cff^ Low, a. (not high) ^^n*l esh-shey ^U.i Luck, *. (fortune, happiness) Lukewarm, a.

Mad, a. zeykdhk6h, z^kwdi-key J*^ - d^^ Maid, 8. tley-deymook ps&s-dey M Make, v. 1x4^ sogha 1 . . c^T'V.


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Enolish. Circassian. Turkish. Man^ s. Manifold^ a. Manly, a. tsiffey, tseep61i, z^ffey Jh^ \J^ Uk] <-0^ tlouy-ish tlee-ish JJ^is tleeded

Manner^ s. ifji/ goobzey pu . -i;j'^ Mariner's compass U^U !SjIS kdbld-mdkmd

4^o^ Market, s. jy, beyzeyr

^??, Marriage, . c->UbLii uu^lS ,^5***^^ pflhahRi-k&ht-sMhdb

i^^\ Married woman, s. ^jL ^, ^ tley-yey-soos '^JJ* jSjl

Mass, 8* (jjjJUjb ytendlik

{ju\iii Mast, 8. jjjU-lS k&kb&neez

cJjJ Master, s. |j! ^jjifj seyzee dzd <^-l,^ IJU.1 Master, s. (lord) a^ psbay

U1 Maternal uncle fjjjhj zeeydnesh

U^^'^ Matter, . (aflfair, " thing) Mature, a.

JO a^ koppOO \^yi rokhoo-^

K A Me (to), dai. case ^^iU seysee

^ Meadow, s. ^J^y4 m6ksbey

^> Meagre, . ajl^jc^Ug tamisbkey

Meal, 8. cA^J^ t^J^ ouy-oobsb

<U> Mean, r. (to think) yjjU ij^l ^hrpt sbdzoh


Digitized by VjOOQ IC


Enolish. Circassian. Turkish. Measure^ v. U*jjuutf ts-shogha eU^,1 Measure^ 8. j^^U shdhbkh >-J.^ Meat, . a3 Jey, ^J lee oj! Meet, V. Cj>4SlUj4-2a 8hoozer-6g6t j;^_jj Mellow, a. (tender

boUed) tsbdbey, s'shahbey J^^^ji Melon, *. ^jijbU naheh . UJ^ Melt, V. . 7 " " ,^ jshey poorl WjJJi ^ irokhoo-af tAj^ <->! Men, 7wm. case, pi jLju^ tseepey sh6r J^J\ Merchant, 8. liAt J detshoo-d Jiij^. Merchant-ship, 8. U-At J detshookhd J o^bV

Merit, s.

Merry, a. (cheerful) Midday, 8, Middle, *. (interval, medium) Middle, . (centre) Midnight, 8.

Mien, s, (look, countenance) Mild, a.

sebeboo-feykhoo, s^beboopeykhoo I^U-M, J^ boz seypdyoo-d ^V ^,1 l^ {sheeghdl ^Ji (V' ^'':^^ loom yoo' i^b!^ ^j^goozey gudr&roo o o sheyshnock, sh'kh^shnock ^\ ^sh shdhbey, sdhbey



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English. Circassian. Turkish. Mile, *. Jj^ mil Jj^ Milk, *. shey-s6nnee, shdh, shey-zen Jttdy Mindedness,*. (inclination) Mine, . Minute, *. <>Ju >l?U-4j bokhatree-yeh sheetlou3dsh bozshey

Miracle, 8. cLi^lj ^ boh ddhshey CL^\}^^ Mistress, $, J\^lJ}^ boh-zee-sh&z

^^j^jjf^ -. jiijU Mix, V. Lu*jlifj zeyeesha chj^J Moderate, a. U-i> sh6gha ^^j^ Moiety, . jybJl aynoohk '-*-=' - -;V Moist, a. (wet, damp) Mole, 8. <0Lj sdb^h JUjjiuk^ sish-khdl

Monday, s. Money, 8. billif^, biUip^" ^b pdrey

Month, 8, Moon, 8. mdhzey, m^see ^\U m&-dthee zeysdhzey wiishoomshey

Moonlight, . ^jjifljiU meyzdhwey <-^UjbU More, a. jjj bedded 2fL>lj ;

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Afore beautiful, comp. deff. More humble^ comp. deg. Morning, s.

Morrow, s. Most, a. Most frequently Motb, 8. Mother, $,

Motber-in-law, . Mountain, f Mouse^ f . Moutb, , Much, ad. Muddy, a. (troubled) Multitude, 8. Murder, v. Music, 8. Musket, 8* (weapon, arms)

deysheydeydo dHhshey ijJiJ^Aj bdk^d-shey-det d^h^m, yeekee shekoo roKhoo-d ^Ju ney-fey f^jWl ydboosh shabgha, seykdhd6t . . . . ( kbeezob i ^^ ^J^ \ kheeadh } JjUb hdbloo j^Ut teedn, ^^b ydn iii\^yj^ L^** ^ shoodsh ^<t meyzee ya j^ifj deyshee tsoo ajb shey JJJj b^dd^d y o Jb sh^rkh jjaj beyd^d i^\ oohkey UJukuo pshinndb djljhl Ahsbey







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Mustaohes, s. Mutton^ 8, Nail, . (on fingers and toes) Naked, a. Nakedness, 8, Name, $. Name, v.

Namely, ad. Narrow, a. Nature, . Navel, *. N^ar, a. Necessary, a, (needful) Neck, . (the nape of the neck) Neck, . (windpipe, throat) Neck, *. (stubbornness) Need, *. necessity) Needle, . Needle-merchant,s. Neighbour, .


pddshey, beeylck JjA^U mey-lil ghootshooghoon, tleb-zdn <U2fLyj psdhney ^ y UbJO^ sooghid'hd Lp tsdh Ijj U <Ca^ ptsey kd wdh ^\ aygbey A^y: zey-shoo JJulI sh^nded ox o neebinsh, neezAbtsee Ult tMghd

ajot teepey eddee, zeymer, pdoomey jlL^Lj psahtdk ^^Uj dm&hsheck iiuUb pdhdyey ULj^U mdhstd o j^ljurfU mdsddsh o yX.^ toghno


6^, W V

1 _ j1


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Snqlibh. ClBOAflSIAIf. TUBXKB. Neither nor^ cor^. see<yt-H9eedem " ^ . A) N|)teW| . Jjj.ijal? teepkh8rl _ u;> Never> CK?. ^i^j^MMJ. neebsheeghey 'Jji^ New, a. SCO Wet, tsheyritsh Ji News, . jbU. khdMr ji^ Newepaper, *. seedee khftbershee

ji^ - ^J^ Night, $. kayshey, tdieytehee *^ l^ine, o. j^ booghoo jiy> Nineteen, a. jSj^^uj psee-koo jy> uyl Ninety, a. ^,y^^j\ Hoo.ghoob-gh cr> Ninety.t,WiQi^ a. 6-goo-ghoe]^ghee tkooiey J^^ uT-'J^ Ninety-three, a. d-goo-ghoob-ghee Aeerey ^j1 cr*>Ninety-four, a.

4^ ^^^/j^ 6-goo-ghoob-ghee beetley ci^jjj ttr> Nij^^-five, a. 6-goo-ghoob-ghee tpeyrey cA; ttr^jl Ninety-six, a. d-goo-ghoob-ghee shoorey ^^c:r-i> Ninety-seyen, a. d-goo-ghoob-|^ bleere^ ^'^^^:y^.^ Nifl$.1y-eight^ a. fi^. L^y^< >-^r*> VOL. yi. d-goo-ghoob-ghee yeerey y

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Ninety-nine, a.

Nine hundred, a. Nine hundred and one, a. Nine thousand, a. Noble, a.

Nobody, pron. (none) Nobody, . Noon, 8. Nose, B. Not, ad. Note, 8. (ticket, bUlet) Notify, V. (to report, to teU) Nought, 8. (nothing) Nourish, v, (feed, keep) Nourishment, 8. Now, <zd, (at this time) Number, 8. Nat, 8. Oi^, . Oats, f.


6-goo-ghoob-ghee ghoo-goor^ aju<m9 seeboo t . t t ^ . (seeboo drk)

*>AAjyA-t meeneebookh boht tlouy mood shooz L^ ^.^^n t A dreeshet c^\ j^ flx^ sik shee ep JU^ tsheygh&l ^ pey A_-^-tT shgh^b ^ j<Lt ^JmL tsheetleezee b^Ubkd shooz-khiikoo IcyL) sfdgn^ \jJJ^ shoonn^ ^^^^&) h6gh-ghee 1^^ jlL tl6h louy ijj^ii deshwee t'hdh, tSzghAghey o it^sJkUut tsh&khey


^ ^^ ^ J Ifl^

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Obstinate, a. "* t iv i z^hpitmes-l r^^->iib { . sioo f j^^jUii Ocean, . UMK.*y bdH3hish-kh6 'W'aa^>=C Of, prep. ^Jtuo^j^ meehshish U'^ Of me ^JU seysee .^ Of thee j^ kJ^ j'j woh-ee-sher cXL> Of him jj^\ &sheeyer clil Ofns

^^ ikx-ahkr

Of you ji^ s68-y6r f> Of them (jjLjjLjI dsdreesh c3;ji Of this ^iij^ moo-shee cJJ^ Offend, V. yLt \/^ p^ sign shdbrd tsho j^^jj *^U. Office, 8, C^^Iil 6hf6ddet

Often, oc?. mdhnoo, mdhnee *> d>r - J-

Oil, 8. ^b ^;J^U zeyeetin dagh LS*^ wyij Old, a. iTj z^y jl<UrjS Old, ad. dey mdhzee tshdssoo boh dookhd kdkhd j\^\ J^\ Old age Old man, 8, tley tsogh rokhoo-^ jUj^ lish

Old woman, 8. 4^U3 noo-ey-soo te-j5


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Mmxsa. QmoAsetA^^ TVBiOSB. Omelet, . Itjl JiJb y&nkee-dt& ^iLmjo On account of, prq>.

uy^ Once, ad. (one Ulj ^\ ^IgiMez^ghd J^JJ One, a. c^ ee J One after another ^^l '-^-^ '^ *h'^J' J. <-?/.

Only, ad.

Op%n, V.

Open, a. Opening, a. (aperture) Operation, . (effect) Opinion, . (meaning) Order, i . Origin, $. Orphan, .

Otherwise, ad. (etae)

Out, a(.

zekke zouy eehshey ptdney, ps^ney oohshey, oreeaheenisht AJbj^ oohshoo J^^\ dgh^n <UAfl k^hs^h zehr shooto sh6z6 ^Ub j^j zeegh6-hdzr6h immj\i^\ zee-^b kh^iAk, pshftHE^y jlsq^ aI^ kh&m-sheekhAd

jJb^ - u:-JU

teebsowy tshiin GO O sii6bdiin feebso fetahun

i ^Jbjuuji ^tshoob

>i - J*



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En<}LISH. Circassian. Turkish. Our, pron. Expressed by a repetition of the noun to which the pronoun beloAgs, adding the syllable ^^ "em" as an affix t6 \k first noui^ thus:

i,b y&t, "fother" 1 1 vv

^\^>\'^!tZ^\ 1 j^bL

Oval, a. \y*^\ it***>oz Mw Over, prep. * ^ iUJLj! Ovee, . Overthrow, v.

Own, u. (self) ^yfebahee t^jJilT Ox, . A jvSr tshoo-ey jO.' PlMik,. ijli\ji, shdtey V^ Pain, . <tS^ y6tl6rkey

<tsv^t PaJe, a. l^i^Jj^i* {^K,kh<w} tA^jr* Pakce,A {(ImmJ^^ oohnesh-wiUi fc^lr* Palate, . v'>^^(S&^l ^U*> Paper, . JyLl? tshool j.ii Parcel, . aui*j .f gweehshey aU Pardon, . ./.' .{:: fsht'khol U-^.>=^ ipehish/ /* Parson, 9.

Part, *. (a portion) shiUey yey-y^-ooriz aj^^jhjf UU tdgh^gushey

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Ekolish. Circassian. Turkish. Party, 8. JC^^ tley-nkli6 ^ -> Passport, 8. j^aj yeehk6h U:*^^

Pastime, . cfAJ s^m^khooy


Pasture, v. JbjS kw6yhn

cXo/ Paternal aunt, 8. -i*-i <)LLUt teedtey shookh

4lU Paternal uncle, 8. uljiff\jj zeeydtesh

-ter^jy Patience, s. SjJbjfji^ sib^roozey

j^ Pattern, . ^j) hzegh

<^jj\ Pavement, #.

o -to ^^^1^ woo-tzey r^ - p-^^ Pay, V. yeyteen6r, 8teezoosh6

CX^i>ij\ Pear, . jiyi^ khtz^

Jy.j\ Pen, 8. Jj kdUem

(^ Penurious, a. pdhghey, hdrdt

J:^^ People, #. ts^yfd, te^p^ tsheehley

^ ^J^\ Pepper, s. ^^^^.Ijj^ shib-shee

^ Perceive v. (to attend) Perfect, a. UU-) sghdghd r " t \1 ( tdmdm ) '^JL?^^ r^ l6r6khoodf

Perhaps, ad. ^jjlyut tshoo-6z-z6h

.5^ Permission, 8. (leave) Person, . Ju**^ jo3^ ^ ^^<1 ^^ tzeypey r^^ - d^

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Persnade^ v. Perverse, a. Physician, #. Pie, 8. Piece, 8, (part) Pig, 8. Pilgrimage, 8, PiU, . Pinch, 8. Pious, a. Pipe, . (to tsmoke tobacco) Pistol, 8. Pitcher, . Place, 8. Plague, 8. Plain, 8, Plan, . Plaster, 8. Plate, . Play, 8. (game)


dsh6 soo r6khooa z^p^hdzd, z^fdghdzd ^ Jbl ^hzeh

^U^ kh&16h L^Ub \) hzeedhAb jtaj koh ijAJbfUjU hddsh^ohsh ^JUalj.U woot-zey cXuuJj yey-pesk JJiUju ye-ghdr-dd jli^ looldk j^A-u>4>- khoshoon shA-^p^, shigh a;^! V.JUU-J seeboobzdghey ^Iswjy koozkhdsh jjjoJLt tsheepey J^Jb^ pooshoo ^jX\^ 8hoo-dh-z<J ^^^ghee-ybgh [See the word "Hand."]





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Play, V. Pleasure, . {hr Yo^ kindnees) Pleaaure, $. Pledge, 8. (pawn) Plum, . Pocket, $, Poet, 8. Point, 8. (a dot) Point, 8, (a sharp end) Point, V, ( to diai^n) Poison, 8.

Pomp, 8. (magnifioenoe) Poor, a. Port, . Portion, . (part of anything) Possessor, . (owner, proprietor) ^Possible, a.

Post, . Potato, 8. Powder, 8, (gunpowder)


<^.^gliee.y5gh u:i!j didgh^ ^^^*mJ^ (^ 1k)7 keyp^siee JjmmJ^ shes-ssey Jy a5^ pkhdhbool

'' djib

fi^ -/-O o

*;jbl it^jf ait tl6 gC[bz(i tld fthze jJjUyLlaJj sii^di^ghdzi^ n^gneessee ^shousht j^jI^m*!? tsheyrddsli ^jmJ^U^ tkbdmish aiLft^ khootley <U^*t ahg(61ishey ajjj>l iz-y6h tkhdhzey neebsheedshey j!j^ gliogool6h jj^joli? tsheer6k a3 a^ shoonoo


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Power, #. (strength)

Power, 8, ( violence, force) Praise, s. Praise, v. Pray,v. (the prayer wnich the Mookh^-

m^dans have to say five times a day) Pray, v. (to entreat) Prayer, . [to God] (a vow) Prayer,*, (request, demand, petition) Precious stone, s. Preference, s.

Preferable, a. Pregnant^ a. Prepare, v. Prescription, . Presume, v. Pretty, a. (bandsome) Price, s. Pride, s. (haughtiness) Prince, s. VOL. VI.


wahtshey, quadshey ' U JJt tlogha ^^^ajJ^ shitkh6 jo>sji?>^ shootkboon Uj-iijls^U n^bdzsboghd y^Uy ^J^ {sddtf&lhd} ^s^^j doo-g6kh6 yc!i C-^U-Mj s6dt l^bo <Lilj jy moozey d^bey ddr6tl^r po ghoobzo

^\j jj*i^ m^drer kdgbey L^\ <Ly&^jJ Idbsbey lb r^ /b JAjuut tsboozeelpen 4 1 t . . (zreez-ob-i ^yiJj;^ ighotshoo/ i^jl ^*d^ shoob 6zzee <Lyb*lj ddbsbey

<Uj^j W:

iC^^bJlt tldpdhsbey <Ua pshey



J3J - -r^


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Circassian. Turkish. Process, . (1*^" i^\j^ shdhs \y.^ suit)

Profession, . (haniUuj ^ yfigopeesey(Fr.t*) W*,-rtJ^^

dicraft) x" >'' "^**

Promise, v. ^..,Ui .L\S kirar p6tzoo c3^J^5/< Pronunciation, i. seeshey gftshd edashey keye-kee iaib-

Proof, s. nouy koobsheesa ij^ Prophet, 8, peygh&mbersher, r^sool i}r'j - v^^v Property, #. (forajj ^LitiV tshehnooney cJX^l - JU tune, power) Prostitute, 8. i M; i.-x * jshoozeyi L5^^ *^^r- kdkhp/y \.^V Proud^ a. jj^ylj psheehshey dy^ Prove, V. ^Uj Ka^ {.^h&gheel cXtiA c:j\m\ Proyince, #. teezee-y6h pddeeshdh

<u-U Proyision, 8. jjUi. Lj z6arkhdzir cJj\ss Prow, . O X ^ a;^Uy koo-hdb-hey Jj^cl^ Prudent, a. (wise, , M X* koobzoo ^ discreet) ^o^^ o

Puhlidy, ad. beegiUee, beegoolloo jlCiT Punish, V. gdtshd-ooz speykhoo CUK ^JaA>

Punishment, 8, jUjli? tlohghdz 1;^ Purchase, v. o ^ o z'shey-p6a, s-sh6h fdgd <jil uy^

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English. CiRCASSIAK. Turkish. Puree, s. ^j^ kiss <UJ^ Push, V. ^Ib y^h-oo d^JJ^ Putrid, a. (corrupt) IS^ ts6ghd

^J^ Quarrel, a. lylj zAhw& ><Quarter, a. (ward, lodging) Quarter-of-an-hour ^jJL^jI^ khddshesh o cJLiJuu- see tsheyrek

Question, , (interrogation)

Jlj- _ J^J^ Quick, a. (speedy, swift) kheezd, khuzeh <iiV Rage, 8. (fury) meyzey w&h-heeyey-bzaghey J^>r-- oii'i Rain, s.

wdshghey, wdsh^h

Rain, v. j- ^1^ \ keysh6h i (J-*M^ iiy*M Rain-water, g. ^^.gjj^jl^ w6h-ships uiJ-JJ^ Rainy weather ^\^jj\^ w6zMney !^jb*k

yiJbU kdtldgho k^ Rank, s. l?*i4j bdghotd ijjj^ Rat, . t86kh6, kwdhd tzoo

Raw, a.

rUAJs^ tzinney r^ - c3^ Reach, v. (to attain) UjJ^jy-Jb^ shuhsl4ghA <J4,1 JJli Read, v. a;f<0 y^hghey J-JSJ^ Ready, a. C^jjjlsL khdzirdet >^

A 2

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Ekouw. CiROASSIAN. Turkish. Beady money , <^Uv <Uju>U ifJii^

h^gd^d^h wdst6n6h poghdghee ^jiAjj^. Real, a. (true) a;^^ ^p-hey xV J^^ Reason, . ^^ goobzegh i,s-ua\ji Receipt, 8, * X X ,^^^j>\ Recite, v. (as pmyere) Red, a. ^I^^O diikatkha ^t^j]]ff tleeshee ^^x "^

Refuge, i. li^ 'j^^J {^'} ^^

Refuse, v. v^ J^ jij; lo^ho kh6dee t'j^^j::^ Regiment, s. Cl^A-H^ji ghdbesh-det cJjLj Related, a. UXuj zeebl^hd r^ Release, 9. (from captivity) Religion, 9. f^y L^^\ y^ bo-ohp-kohn X X Url Remain, v.

skhotsh^eesht JA^ Remainder, s. (what 18 left) kktldh, keyle^ itj^;^ - LSV

Remind, v.a. bo Ididtir yee-ydkb jl>^ Remoye, v. jjj^j-uJ? tshee-sh6hzii j^b^ ' Repast, 9. .* aju^ sboonney JtrU Report, v.a. X X khdbdree ket f^rdkh6 j^ Reside, v. ^ teyhz &*jy3^

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Resembling; part pres. Rest; 8. (repose) Rest, V, (to lie down) Resurrection; a. Revenge, s.

Reyenge, v, (being about to fight in consequence of a dispute) Reward; s. (wages) Riband; s. RicO; 8. RicH; a. Ride, V, (on horseback) RidiculonS; a. RiflO; 8. Right; a. Righteousness; 8.

ji fedd


b u^^y.

bos rdkhdt

li^hteo (truth,


Right hand (to the) Ring, s.

u:^%uJ^jj r6]diiinsht c o ^ ^ ^ teedtejs zood shoghdr sookeensht ^JJktLwj psdhteek ajlfL khdhpej jJOJjjj psheener ^j^ pirdflh JJ^^U beye-d^d UjiiCiU) sheysoghd c:^%uJjij^j weegoozwensht CiiJjj jiL skii-wenk LlJL)|j z&nt-sh& zeemee jeekhdk oomish-ree yet-tish ^_^^ shouy jJJl elteen


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English. Circassian. Turkish. Hirer, s. cf Ui? tsh&ee u^V Riyers, , JJ\\J^ tsh&isher Road, 8. (path, way) Roast meat, . ^i^l oghdgoo UjU3 ldghdz-sh&

Robber, 8. IjLjuJouuJ psee-shddz L5?^ J->! Robbery, . (prey, spoil) Room, i. (P^L-^J zer6b-kh6sh c

^j^JUtU h&tsh^sh Room, 8. (space) ajui sh6p6h c>^J^ Root, f. ^^^1 et-ldbs ^^ Rope, 8. ^jjgj Is ijlsw khdy-kdbs J^\i^

kd&bsey, gdh-psey V^J - w^;J^ Rough, a. (not smooth) Round, a. ,l,,;ii ket-tet ^U^fii^ khoordhee

Round about (on this side, and on the other side) Rout, 8. (uproar)

irj^^jl ahd^mayde y y y jol <^U <g1j ajb x- y y ** y ** ydhney ydhtey mafey in

Rudder, 8. UjSiuiS k4h&tl6ka ar^i'^ Ruin, 8, (invasion) irl^^ul 8heeh25ey ^ Ml;^ Rule, 8. ait tley y *^lii _ ^^yU Rust, 8. ijj^ j3 kir shey-y^h X ^ -^^ y ;Airfl Sabre, . sesh-kh^m, pee-yoobsho 3b

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English. Circassian. Turkish. Sack, , Ijjj dzoo- Jl^ - 4Ua^ Sacrifice, 8. C^Vjy koorln uk/ Saddle, s. j!i -^ >J Sail, 8. JJuuU^ kkftneedz c^. Saints, 8. 4^- l^SS^)

JW Salt,. zogho, shogho, ahoogoo jy Salute, V. ^y- r% i^K'h) iiX^jij (! Salye,. (a plaster) ^^,L wootzoo rviSand, 8. |^UL> pshdkLoo-d rj*" Satiated, a. (satisfied) ziz-shdsh-khddslioli j> Saturday, . IShjsiU mdfizdkd j_j*uJ;t U,*-

Save, V. (to spare) zdoo booghdtshey ney-peye CJs^u! ifW^ Save, ad. (excepting) Say, V. .KmiUf n^hmtshir UU-) sghdghd

Say, V. (to call) a;f Um sMghey tJ<:v> Scarce, a. (rare) ^tf tz^kh, ^ tz6r t7 ^ jjb _ cJ>School, 8. c^^JiU m6kt^b

Scissors, 8. jxwuJsJJ l^h-nist u-iU Scull, 8.

LfT^ji r-i^yji ^-*^^ tshlchA yookoorom yookftshee peymfttsh LS^'Vu^V

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EiiaiflSH. CmCIABSIAN. Turkish. Sea,<. shej, psee, shoo > Seal,<. jJbj^ miihur j<^ Seat, 8. ^Li; pkhdteygoo ^^ - ^\^ Seat, V. ^^;ygjJ? tOCS

d^jj^j^ Second, a. Jit tkoo e5?^J Secret, a, (secretly) iLwS ks6p^ j1/ See, V. Ui^Li sloghoo-d C^v/ Seed,. dLla^ m^yshey J^ Seek, V. (to search) jo%>. jlt tlookhoon d^b^ Selfishness, s. (egotism) Sell, V. li^iU> 6ayr%hd ajaj^ sh^hneh

Send, V. stghoobshinisht <>% Sense, . Jjoljjf goobshiz J^ Sentence, . (from the judge to condemn) Sentence, #. Sentinel, 8. (guard) ^^t.\lit1 eetlesh ^i" dhzey

Series, *. (row) t::^j zeppet V Sermon, #. yeypende kittpaghe ^ Serpent, . ajj bley ...x.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


English. Circassian. Turkish. Senrant, s. (maid)

Seryanfc, *. (male or female) p8h6rakh6, psheyrdkhd

Set out, V. khiz-m^t^sh psheerdkhd *-^^J ''i!;:^^ Seven, a. ajj dley <-^*\t Seventeen, a. Jjj^^mJ psee-koobel c^'M Uj'

Seventh, a. idt) dley v^'V. Seventy, <r. ,jJ^^LiJiI>j\ 6*rBhiirl6An cA<v. Seventy-one Seventy-two 6t-shit-16sin zeerey 6t-8hit-16sin tkoorey

Seventy-three 6t-shit-ldsin sheerey ^jl i>^. Seventy-four 6t-shit-168in bitley CL>;jJ (j^J Seventy-five 2r^ ^;:^-yl%*tJl 6t-8hit-16sin tpeyrey u^ cA^. Seventy-six 6t-shit-16sin shoorey

J&\ cA^ Seventy-seven dt-shit-ldein bleerey c^*^ cA^i Seventy-eight dt-shit-ldsin yeerey jCa JL^^ Seventy-nine VOL. VI. ot-shit-loein ghoogoorcy j9^ cA^. *

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^0LIBB. Circassian. Tbbkish. Seven hundred Jjuu- seebl Jji ^"V.

Seven linndred and one) Seven tHoasand JjuuLk^ meeneehl

Shade, s, (shadow) t^ghir, k^bsey, mSghoo ^U<U m^zdsho ^/ Shame, s. ^Uc-jy boob-ghin V^ Stafe, * ^b u^:^ C'tTh^p^} JCi Sharp, a. J^ tlesh c;:^^ Sheep, 8. aJJ<u may-lley u!>^

Ship, 8. Shipwreck, . khdfihshey, gahd ^J^^ ,sh6-eye

Shirt, e. ^If g^nn cJl./ Shoe, 8. ily[j paboosh t,^^. Shoemaker, 8. Shop, 8, yeehpaboosh, tsh^k&zey

Kiort, a. k6htshtfjr, ^h68&g]b6det ^jLj psihrey ^_jcjL*i <U5 Shoulder, 8, <ult tdhm^h >.' Shoulders, . <u\k-. et&hmey

Jrv^ Show, v. ^Eujv. - ;^ur>'^ liU/^/

ghatlou-oo, yaz-gh&t-loo-yee

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Sbriek, s. (scream^ ciy) Shat, V, Side> 8. Side^ at one's, . (close to) Sights ^*

Sign^ 8. (token) Signature, . Silent, a. Silk, 8. Silly, a. Silver, . Simple, a. Single, a. (indiyidual) Sin, v.n. (to offend, tQ tian^pross)

Sin, . Since, ad. Sincere, a. Sing, V, Sister, . Sit>v.

ii\ ^jjij zouy ah J^\]j\j pAz^eesh ^yX> pl^nook Kd&tsner fejmdtsh reykdh JSiij} iSf\ ouy-ish jJb^ meyhftr ^i- U>ji goosbdreykhoon jL^ ddnee sseh-^-kooz sghtu^ ' teesneen, tish-ney Uj-uJj r^hsogkd / , ^ ,^ V rnj^ tseypee bz^gh jIUjJ^ meyd6z-ghd^ tsbeebkb, tshee-ydkb isMJlss^l oofl-kbdnsbt




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English. Circassian. Turkish.

Six, a. ^ shoo ^^ Sixteen, a. /ij^j^Mj psee-koosh ja^^y Sixth, a. ^ shey e^^ Sixty, a. JLiJi.],j\ dtahish u*^' Sixty-one tdj t^J^ Izeereyf ^ (jJ>j^' Sixty-two "t'' i'' 1 f fitshish ) 'J^ C/vJ^J^ itkooreyf j-yj^"^ Sixty-three

,>. ,;a^,1 ir?e^} ^^1 ,ji^l Sixty-four -dL, ^,1 {{,t^:J} ts^jj lAj>^' Sixty-five *^ C/^J' itpeyreyf 1^^ j^^iIiOiAJi Sixty-six V-^ C^^jl ishoorey; J^ cA<31 Sixty-seven ,^:^,MJS;^} i^Jj ^/tiJ^t Sixty-eight '^-cA^^MyeSyl jC (>J^1 Sixty-nine otshish ghooghoorey jjSjS? (jj^x^t

Six hundred A^ soosh jy-.ys^ Six hundred and one t . r t * " isoosh ora) ^.^^'^^ Six thousand ^^Vjju^ meenikh ^ L5^^ Sketch, 8, (a rough draught) ** ^ . ^ ^ I(Jaamw '!r'"->';' ^-^ V-x

meezeghdgiin seeneesht^b moghofer

SkiU, . (art) ^jti^'^ zeetleys

Skin, 8.

^*^ shooway vj^J

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Slave, 8. Sleep, V, Slender, a. Slipper, s. Slow, a. Small, a. (narrow) Smell, 8, (scQnt) Smell, 8. ( the power of smelling) Smell, V. Smoke, 8, Sneezing, 8, Snow, . Snuf-box, 8. 8o,ad. Soap, 8, Soft, a. Softly, ad. (gently) Softness, 8. Soil, 8. (dung) Soldier, .

jU glidr V:^-^ U.;.!, tshee-ydh tf'jij' itc^lSj^^ psogookdkhey jby igs^ ISlAt tshdkd ^y^r mahdshey, mdhbiir J'k aj^y^ boo-ghoo-zey jlt J^^} jijj^ meeshoo ^y^} ^/ \y^ bud gfin <uU cj^^ key-feem, keypeem cfy ^luuj pshdgh6 e>^>

<tft-uyjL m&hbskey <u^t woo-Ah-see, weyfcee J^ J^y k^tey J-y iiJJ drdbrey <dey yU> sdboon uy^ sdbbey, m&dsbey r^> ^.^txU mdhtshey lPV. ipbU 0^li shdhbeypdhsh jljiUuf. ^ u^^j^ shweye-yee > Jj? ^j\j zouy-ddl Lf?^

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ENGX.ISH. Circassian. TUB](I9H. Solitary, ad. (retired) jhjurf seehzdk >i^ Some^ a.

Uf^ Somebody, s. j zay ^ Something, s. j^j zeegw^r ^^ Son, 8. sim-shdgh4, sl4h-w^h

J4,< Son-in-law, s. ^l^ teem^-kho /t/ Sorrow, . (affliction, pain) Sort, . ^j diggheq J^^^^J^ tlouy-^h

Soul, 8. iUj psey u.V Sound, 8, (^2(U mdhkd ^^a**a 'jUtf Sound, a. (healthy) ^Ujl 6zsh&boo t^ Sour, a. (acid) ^4-i shogho ^yt^\

Source, . (fountain) South, 8. ^'i^ iUj psey kooMghey ^^iJjU k&b-leyshee

South-east ^Uj>^ khobnahahyee iAiJi^< South-west j^^Alcy toghl-shee IJUjM Sow, 8, (a pig) irjjy kobzey ^.'> Span, 8. <U*J bshey cP^ Speak, V. ^juuLIjUjJ zeeghadshas CXJijSpecially, ad.

seeshp4hd6h shiitob n^mtsheero sheetob L^<d>>

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fiiractstt. ClBOABSlAS. TUBKBSfi. %cies,.(akind, sort) j^j^cfjUi tlouyAsh L/^ Spectacles, s. JJujj n^hreef(l eJJJ/ Speech, . \J^^ goOBhi

Speed, 8. (haste) ClJJJ^ kh^z^d^ 4la(i

Speedy, a. JJ^ h6gh-d6d Jf^'" Spice, . LUjj yoghAssi ^J Spirit, #. (mind, genius) Splendour, s. Lit^b ddkhshd zv ^poil, V, IS^^l 6hkdh (S^Jyi Sponge^ Y. J^Ual L^\j kdb shtdmel jU -j^j- ->^ "Spoon, 8. J^yi^ geymoosk j^U Spot^ . (stain)

^JtJbjjl eedekskee ^ ^ptiag,8. ^.*.CU ifhAfc^qr j^^ Sweaf , V. (to take an oath) Sweat, 8. ^ui;\L Mzt^ghil-ghey JJbLjuurf s'shdd J'* Sweet, a ^jt 6z-shft, ifjj\ ez-rey jL-lt Swift, a. (fast, pri^mpt, quick) ^!^j^ kheehzey J:^^" - JiV Sword, 8. (sabre) lyu-uuuM^ seyh8hoo& .^(^ _ JIuJJ^

sesh-wey, tz^skwey

Stable, 8. ^^ly^ sk^di J^^

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English. Circassian. TuRKISfi. Staircase^ s. tlouy-wey, tlouy-ghdy U^^^J Star, s. ooshdgh6, dshoghd jjL State,*, (condition) ,\b bdh-oo J^ Stature, .

U. ^\ eekeekh&kh I1jj1 _ 4^^ Steel, 8. Ji\^x\j^ sh^liteh C3isStem, i, (trunk) ys^ pkhdh ^*j/ ^w Step, 8. iUaL tsey H Step-daughter, . [^ neema .;i^ Steril, a. (unfruitful) Stick, . ^.^4^ shooneb 14 pkhdh >5 Stick, 8. (wand) ^^ b^sh

c3Jk^o Still, a. (calm) <)L2*b ddhshey CA-JSting, V. ^joaj yeypeeghoo J^^ Stink, 8. ^\}}^ Ujl oghdm^bzSghey jSjS Ui Stink, V. bzdgh6 ehoomeypoh t^jy Stockings, 8. cji^idt tleypet ^bj?Stomach, s. sigh-w^, see-ghey jt^ Stone, 8.

jLijy miishey ^it Stop, V, LZ^J\ ubit <J^> Storm, 8, djb Jjlj w6z bdhney <u^

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ESOLIBU, CUtOAdSlAN. TtJEKIBH. Straw, s. ifjj]^ wdrzey u^ Streiun, a. ^^^dwj^ \jy kddd-gheps cH;^

Street, s. 6gh6ghoo, ^6gA jU^ - Jji Strength, s. aJaJU peetay c;LjU String, 8. ^Ijjjb ddnow6kh uM Strong, a. ajifU <j2lL tlsh shdhpey '^^ - Jjv Strong wind Student, s. Stuff, a. (building materials) Stuff, 8. (cloth) shib-gha beydey-deyshee y^shghd, z6ghdshghd dS'aL^ sheykey 4^<JL*:, sheykey

Subject, 8.

ai^y y^rmeyley *i^ Subscribe, v. ^ o o hjuJb t^s^dz^h J4U,1 Sudden, a, (suddenly, ad,) Suffer, V, u^JJj^ kooddee

Sugaj, 8. j^ ^ shdh shoo > Sulphur, 8, At . t r tkhdm- 1 >=^W=^ tz&sh-khd} 0// Summer, . hdmdpey, ghdm^ey JV Sun, 8, Uj teygha

cA'/' Sunbeams, . ^IjU m&z&-togh y>, - ^ Sunday, 8, VOL. VI. nouy-tsht-khi-mdf

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English. Circassian. TUREUH. Suneet^ . ^r^.A {tJlS'l ^y^jib <>j/ Superfluity,*, (exuberance) Supper, B. vj:,^ berket yshlihk lokb-ni& teeshey-isht

Surface, s. aj^U ndhpey jySurpass, v. (to excel) ^ajj dleygb^y <'U^ Surprise, v, (to be troubled, to become confused) Ll ji gbooshd jK-i,U Surrender, v. ULI ^1 ^J dbey-a-stkbd {J^\ j,jLj Suspicion, a. XI sbeyfee J^\ Table,*. ajub^ 6bney *A

Tailor, s. ddgwdh, tsh6gbdn ^y - '-oj'^ Take, v. ^^j 1-^ tzeereesb6h cA^ Take a walk, v. \j(^ beyzeyghwdb cX./ Take beed, v. Wi^ 1^ ^^ kbdzr6d CX^ul cJ>j\Si Take sometbiug upon one's self, . 6hgootsbook y^hshtsb Ji\ Ail-,^ Take off, v. a.f..n*f^^y gho-oo-tz8h6h cr-y J^ Tale, *. b-vS keeydb

d^.y Tame, a. ^^j**L^U mihtsbey lPV- - J-^^ Tart, 8. ;4^U- kb&lo-gbooz i/jJ^>"^Tafite, 8. (savour, Telish) ^\j\ ezoo ti^il _ jb Taste, s. (tbe act of tasting) c^\ ^_^c:^ly kfidtsheeei . J^j-

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Tax, 3. (duty, assessment) ^iLi sheytej />.: Teach, v. ^Ul ^ghds^m ^>j' Tear, s. . -a*j^ neypsee LT'^-J/ Tempest, . b6ghoo8bdn& keesokh u^>. Ten, a. a;^ tsey Ul< Tender, a. l^MuJ ps6gha cJjU Tent, i. jktLl ehAteer

joU Terrify, v.a. ^U( 6ghdsht6 J<ujj3 Testament, . (the lastwiU) ^-X Ulk t^nbd petz6 c:^^ Thanks, s. shukiir tkh&mgdtsh > Thank, v. tsheethlm weeindr6khneb jlj^^U That, rel. pron* (which, who) That, dem. pr<m. #- X o o li^yUa-ya sVshow-dh

The, ar. murrey, miirrey

j^ - r' -y^ Thee, pran. ^^Ij w6hree A To thee ^jlj w6h-y6r ISL. Them, pron. pL j\^j\J;\ ^hd-^e-eey6r ^1 To them ^1 dsh-y6r .>! Themselves, pron. pL Then, ad. (at that time)


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^mumCtecassian. T.VBKIBH; There, ac?. (yonder) ^;;j^^ fzeet-shee-l 0l[,\ _ JJl ^ ^ ^^^ -^^ -W WW V \J ^ " ^ ^^J^^T^-^ \ lemshey J There, ad. (here)

<lCiUj _ JJy Therefore, ew?. (for this reason) Therefore, flk^. (for that reason) They, pron. meeshfdf psheeghey *j il dreesher

Thick, a. (large, stout) Thief, 8. - ^^ ghiimu

Thigh, 8.

\^JJt tMkM j^: Thin, fl. (lean) lij wfedd J^^ Thing, 8. Think, t>. Third, a. (tierce, a third of the night) Third, . Thirst, . *, ehee 4^i rssr )

Thirteen, a. Thirty, o. ^^^j<Vmi sik-weehsh

Thirty-one Thirty-two flhet-shoorey zeerah shet-shoorey tkoorey

Thirty-three shet-shoorey sheerey ^^.h^

Thirtyrfour shet-shoorey bitley "^jy^?^

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KlKOJSH. ClRCASSIAH. TlTBKISH. Thirty-five shet-shoorey tpeyrey u^3^ Thirty-six shet-shooiev shoorey .^'J^.^ Thirty-seven Thirty-eight shet-shoorey bleerey shet-shoorey yeerey


shet-shoorey ghoogoorey ji^^h^ This, pron,, nom. c. iU^lj wiisey 9. To this ^\ &sh-yoo . ^^ Thither, ad. <U)rjj ddayshey -o^l Thou, pron. jjHj we3rroo CTThought, 8. mougub shiihzey

Tkousand, a. ^yt moon CJjj Thready s.

dhd&n, ood4n V" Three, a. ^ shee ,^J^ Three hundred Three hundred and one Three hundred and two Three hundred and three ijjuJ^ sish 1 . ^ , Jsish ordl ]/g bj' U^ { zeerA | *J!^ Ly' U^ Ukoorey' ?^ y u*:*^ {tit?}

Three hundred and four sish dri bit-ley '^jj'^jji 5:^^

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. English.



T^ree hnndred and five Three handred and six Three handred and seven Three handred and eight Three handred and nine Three quarters of an hour Three thousand Through, prep. (by, by means) Throw, V. Thunderj s. Thursday, . TiU, ad. (untU) Time, s. Tin, 8. Tip, 5. Tired, past part. Tobacco, s. Toe, s. To-day, . Together, ad. (eqnal)

^ y U^ {t^yrey} Xjj^ bj^ L^ {shoorey}

fsish 6ra)

slsh 6rd ghoogoorey JuA cJ-uJ tsh^rek ish

^ Ju^ meenoosh llll^! iihshdha

i^j dzey ^a5^ mehfok \^^jt^ h^gheeb * > *j ajJUw) seedim yoh jr. fT^-x ^l5 kdleye 6p-h6ptzogh Uj*uJ psogha ^^^ tiiteen e: -,A \ ^ij tee z&hpet

tAi Jji ^j^

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English. Circassian.

TUSKISH. Together, ad, (with) Toll, 8. (custom) if}^ teehzey * o * cJj^^ koomrpok

Tomb, s. U. kh& j!>To-morrow, 8. J^^r^^ {shey^tsh} u>. Tongue, 8. tshey-mil bzouy-g j0> Tongue, . (language) bzey-g6, bzegh J'> Tooth, 8.

iJUak tsey cAi*^ Torment, . (pain, pang) Torrent, 8. jjifcjUa-l shtdhpsh ij^\ 1 Jjd kodd oogh

Towards, prep, (against) Tower, 8, (steeple, spire) Town, . u5l^4>^ ddr6bheye ifjlx-& sheeld^y

Track, 8. (trace) ^^ keysey J"^ Trade, 8. ^^1 6hpey \j:^-jlu> Train, s. (rear, tail) Travel, . ^JJi keeyey ^yu jjf IfiL khdgooreekwey

Treason, 8, ^jylAuXfcwj paee-shdh-zey ^JL^\yj>~ Treasure, .

(Ujjcfc. Tree, a. ii\^ frah E^' Tripe, . <UuJ neebey AA-4^1 Troop, . *)Jl>!jjo b6d6d-id-aoy U^31

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Troop, a. (host) Trouble, 8, (pains) Trowsers, . True, a. Truet, V, Tuesday, a. Turn, V, (to alter, to be spoiled) Turn, V. (to return) Turning, . (from the road) Turkish, a. Twelve, a. Twenty, a. Twenty-one Twenty-two Twenty-three Twenty-four Twenty-five Twenty-six Twenty-seven Twenty-eight


nooka-nopka-bo-gakhd ui^^ - u^-W kee-eehn, koo-eehn j^jiJLto^l ohnsh^gh Jjlji4j sookdhded y^k U-f% {ylkhoo} u-ifjui tkhdrdf jUai key-ghdz

jU^lsv.^ sokhdwdz og^bsey-ee-igh cJjJj^jd? teerkoo-bz^gh JajJljUa seekit o .Ul^l 6t-8hey


i^jy^ - CJJy

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English. Circassian. Turkish. Twenty-nine 6t-sheyrey ghooghoorey Jy> lt!;^. Twilight, a. t^jU^j^ rokhw&hdee t^Lr i^l^i*^^ Twin, a.

Twins, . tgh6ree keezey dU-poh jlajjju. see-zitk

Two, a. ^\ 6h ^j Two hundred

j^. u^j Two hundred and one Uj^ U cA- {te^} V^JjiLS^J Two hundred and two eitk 6rd tkoorft' ^Jjy.^J Two hundred and three sitk ord sheera ^jUje Ls^-^ Two hundred and four

'sitk ora beetle/ ^^yjji t/i' Two hundred and five .^jjj^i'^X} lA? Jji t/i^ Two hundred and six sitk 6rd shoorey ^u^. ^.^ Two hundred and Beyen sitk 6rd bleerey <^*^tjy. L5^^ Two hundred and eight sitk 6ra yee-rey >J^. ^J Two hundred and nine sitk 6rd ghooghoorey JjO^J^. ls^J Two thousand ^yuc^ meenootk

^LS^.^ Ugly, a. (deformed) VOL. VI. if\i^ eye-^h, Jbl ^y-y^h 7

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English. CmCASSIAN. Turkish. Unclean, a. (impure) Understanding, . (intellect, reason) Understanding, . thought, idea, reflection) Understand, v. ajt^i eye-yay Xc J^jf goobzood-ghed yjJ^S goobsheehz ^ o o Is U-lutf tzshghdgd

Ungrateful, a. Ji^ tl^sh u;^^ Unhandy, a. (nnskilful, awkward) Universal, a. Jj k'ghooz Cs^^oJ;,^ dshp6t

Unknown, a. (unacquainted) Unmarried, <$, UluJbLii shdhsh-zghd jS luJc^lJi ^UdImJ pshahsey kazmee6hdg6

Untie, V. tatshee sh&md rokhiin cUj^ Untied, a. r^^.r^l {p8he^h6} uH/,j J^ Untruth, iUJ psey u^

Unto, prep, (to) seebh&ghey, seek^nsht, em <IU Unwell, a. meemdg fey-yoo-ghoob c-^jijjj pay-y6ghob _lj^ <*>> l-t. Up, ad. iUjl ^psey ^yyUrine, . ox O ottkhdbz, wdtkhdbs cJju. Us, pron. ace, case jy^J^ tereeshw^r ^J^ . Tons Tji^U. ^jJtujlLiJp *J^

teytidish khdgoo-^

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Use^ 8. (usage, application) Useful^ a. Use, V. Valiant, a. (braye) Valley, . Valae, 5. Veal, 5. Vein, . Veliement, a. Vendible, a. (saleable) Very, a. Vessel, . Vexation, 5. Vice, 8. Village, 5. Vine, 8. Virgin, 8 Virtue,*. Visible, a. Visit, 8. Voice, 5.

idjbLl shdhlzey Uj^ sdgid X o o o ^UAkxli> tleetsh-ydn <t^ J koo l&ghey o if}y^^ teehbzey Jj^^U-i shkey-il ^jiji tl^sh ^Ll sh&nee ^UUit pit-tey js^jualaSilj p4rk6tzeeg ^ o / ii^Jfj pgbo-koosb ^^Ji ^J z^PP^l>^ JjuUjCjj zouy-tshil o /vOK^'L* sdn^htsbee psay-say-sibkd, ps&b-sbey bbh iUL) sdpey zdbd o xo ^^ 4j?jlt tlouy-ghoon o c \/,l>;v>/i sikwehslogba \^^^ boohshd



2 2


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English. Circassian. Turkish. Void, a. (empty, idle) a;i'^.;,j nehtsheh tPy Voluptuousness, a. gheygher tUid ghw6hr \Ju> _ Jjj Wager, s. ^^ t^U^ tldhb gh6p cA^. Wait, V. 1U p^pl^ JiU fifl* V V 'UK, WaU, 8.

o o o ddfkd, d&pkd, dahbka M'^ Want, s. (diminution) J.K9J pflnn6r j^LaS) Want, s, (nothing) tdmeehshk, tdmooshk o%t War,^. \^^\j zahwdh cXJtfr Warm, a. aj^li fdhbey, aj^b p^hbey c??v-^ Warm, v. ajiliU ghdfdbey t?A**' Wash, V, J^c^'UeetTht}

<>*^ Watch, 8. iU-L sdkhdt UUscL) Watchmaker, 8. ^UjUL sdhdtdst l^^ Water, . ^J^^ psee, j^ psoo ^ Waters ^^^IjuuJ psee-sh^r > Water-closet, a. ^*uj pssuhn > Jy. J^' Water-seller, 8, o U-. Wave, .

j^jjuJa sheeboosh <USU We, prow. jj<d? tejrroo Ji We ourselves jJUjio teyreesher >,J^

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English. Circassian. Turkish. Weak, a. Weariness, . (tediousness) ^0 j^l^ wood sigoomeygoozdzooy

Weather, s.

j^j wez-shoo

\^ Wednesday, . j^^^j^^^i^ beyreyskeyzee

Week, 8. sit tkhim^fey, hdmdpey" <iJiA Weeping, . ^ghey cAil Weight, 8, JCQ^*".^ shek^ ^> Weigh, V. j^ajj sh6hkir tK>" WeU, a. ^j zsh6

yJ WeU, . <Ujuj^ perssinney jJ^ K^mJ>Well-water, 5.

^jyujJuuuj psee-neps Lsi.r'^ Wench, *. bzagh6y shkhdrdwdck tJjy- _ JIL-^ West, 8. ^l->bl &baseyshee J'V Wet, a. <ui^,;^{---j-i-} ui^. What, inter, pro. 0^0 (ajJtili) or *U^!j ^.juuu^ pseedoom papshey (fafshey) <o

Wheat, . ^^^^^^jUiJO k6htzey-peehsh t^l^ c/jT Wheaten bread . lAt tshdkh %V" When, ad. y (^JlX-j seedee y6h u^*5 Where, ad. ^j^ teh-doo-ey *j>

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English. Circassian. Turkish. W^hich, rel. pro.

y^l^ ter-r^rey ^.w,V,ir,\3 White, a. iLu^jj peehshey U^^ Whither, ad. ;^/b y; jj? ted-rey pdg ^V Who, inter, pro. JL^ sh6t r^ Who, rel. pron. (which, what) Why, ad. Ulj|4*yu*> ses-wAgha Ijo^ seedd

Wicked, a. Aji bzdg^h ^-r^-V/ Wide, a. UjLI sh&bghd

>J Widow, 8. Lj\\yL shoOzAb CJj^ JjJ Widower, . (jw;V6rs J^ Jj'* Wife, 8. shiihz, yeeshuhz JfcU c?;3 A>-j,J Wife's sister ^i^ut tib-kho jj]b WUd, a. ^lS^ ye-y6h ^ ^W Will, 8. shdbzeh, ndhsib C^jljl Will, V.

>L...>.^ khs6t cl^mI Willingly, ad. jllo^l eehtshdz CJ>L-1 Wind, 8. UjulI shib-ghd ^^A* Wind np, v. (to wrap up) Window, 8, <jt.ft*, sh^hkey (jijjiliUsj skhandghubsh

Wine, . ^Lsdn t_>]/. Wing, . (of a bird] t/^ bzee jUj

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English. ClBOASSIAN. Turkish. Wing, 8. (of an army) hkdz^T ogh-eye-ghd Ji\j^ Winter, s. tsheemdhf, djdhdT tA Wipe, V. JUid^ tl6m^h cUL, Wise,, a.

J^l Wit,. s^m6rkouy sib-koh tooghagh^b (tijJaS

Witchcraft, . [to use] j-xAj <3D neypsheer^r

With, prep. ibyfjj? teezeypat ^];^ Withdraw, v. uhshey iiz6tsh6kw6tsh jAjIjjI Without, prep. ifjifj weyrey, 2[;jJ boorey > Without, ad. (externally) UUAJ? ikU^U ^;J0lJ9 Jj z^n^mtsheereji hdkeeghey tshghdghd ii,o,liij Witness, . CjUU sh&h&t jotili Witness, v.

^yj-^^ttt^} cJ^J cjUjM Woman, s. (lady, mistress) JjJ shiz, l^J^ sheez Woman, s, (wife) (juu^ sus '^Jj* Wood, i. u;pkha UJ^J^ Wool, 8. ^^see ^^ Word, s. Lib^y boohshd ^^ji _jjWork, 8. L,.^\ ohp, iUii ahf-fey t->^jt _ jlA

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English. ClBCAfiSIAN. Turkish. World, $. mejdoonyk 4rdeylee U}j Worm, i. jnj^^ toghoozoo ^jjS Worst, a. seb-k&h-det do-soobkh6h ^ 2rJuuU Worthy, a. jjjuwuj pey-sesh Jd^ Wound, . lf*|/t oor^ghd

*>Wrap, V. bsj! ajjLyj s-sh6h key-yd J^JL, Wrong, a. shk'Ut, shd-pip rV Write, V. o iUJ^U mdhtshey 6^j\ Writer, s. 2fyluut> tsh&kwey ^h Writing, . U^jui? tshoghd ^h Year, 8. Year (the current) tlaysee, seekhless U^ mogha

Yellow, 8. ^jijl oghooshi ijj^ Yes, ad. ^Hj wayhee ^,S Yesterday now-oosh, toghaz UJ^ Yet, conj. (notwithstanding) You, pr<m,nom,c. iULoLi sdhstey jJUxjjy^ sdreesh^r

To you ^^Ij woh-y6r *> You, acctu, case 4j^j1j w6hree L^>!

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English. Circassian. Turkish. YoQDg, a. o o <L2*jLXjijuJ neebsheedshey o '' ^ ^ Young man Uj tgh& uW-^ Youngest brother tsheenAh&tshit tziok u^\^J CA*./ Youth, $. (tender ^<,ujusUJ tghfigWbaoh cJisif Youth, 8> (a young man)

^jlAiJ tsheyiekh u%' Zea], 8. gh&yr^t'zts^m&tsh c:^


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M jjt


Sj\ abkoo o P^y, waps'gi.y <Uj^ dhpsey C <Uul epsey v_Jle^ 6ptleb i^\ 6p he J

V) Itsogbd/

Uyi t_^ vj {tLghlj ftp h%hee keje-key 4..^Jfe*juuJl ^tshoob ijyyjjbi etldbs j\^\ ddjilk * . o eddee^ zeymer, paoomey 4^1^j1 adr6bbeye VOL. VI.


west, B. glass; . congb^ V.

real, . (tree) pointy V. (to sharpen) tip, <. clever, a.

height, 9, (alti-

titude) lift, t>. (to beave) out, (id. knowledge, & beartb, . cbange, v. neck, a. (the nape of the Beck) towards, prg>. (agahiBt)


-J^ .

above, prep.

*o/ji up, a<f .

^yji curtain, .

'^y. before, pre^. ^t -.>J

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o^ Jijt

ClBOASSIAN. Engush. Turkish. ddr6tl6r po ghoobzo preference, $, > ^^\i jjd^ m^dr^r kdghey

Ji,S\ aydaah Bide, at one's, t . (close to) sjuul) lU^rjl ddayshey thither, (id. *i)j^

round about (on this side, and on the other side) lSJ^j\ Jum^ ^^^\ oezn ks^d permission, 8, (leave) .U^\ C^jy, Jtoy - \djj\ beginning, s. V bohl shudet, &reerd4

"^ w^y {^} that, rel, pron, (which, who) <r<L.j\ _ 4^ ^^V,i ^rdhrey so, ad. AiJ^ j\J\jj\ arzdrdr absurd, a.

j-.jb (jw;l ^rs widower, s. v^ J.^ 2f;l Arey him, pro.,, ace. J^ ^^it.* j^ dreeshet nobody, pron* (none) <L^ ^ ^ijj\ dreesh^r they, pron. >^ 3?} j);l dzdd-eez6h free, a. oij^ jlj^ eaoo taste, s. (savour, relish) ojli - Jb

t_,\Aj;\'fedjahb idol, 8. uu^ o sweet, a. ,b-lt J} ^zsh colour, . ^j

sound, a. (healthy) t^

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U Jt<


ulujXa\ ^sdreesh ^oodet^ bihsh CL^Jft-Ja shood^t j^c^UjI dshd-ee-eey^r jl<0 4^U! dshd-ee yee-^r ] dshpit

>^ dshped aA-fi1 esh-shey jj^\ dflh-y6r jl2*1 Asheeyer jjjj^\ ^shee-yer Jbb JuJal asheey^r y&t jj^l &sh-yoo CiJjUJpl &t-h&-det, U,l atta ^v-aI^ I atsh^sh ^^it) et-ldbs


of tbem greats a.> po. de^.

mien^ . (look, oountenance) tbem, pron., pi, from tbem, ah, c. nniyersal, a, eyen, a. from bim, a5. c. low, . (nothigb) to-morrow, s, to tbem of bim bis, ^ron. bis fatber to tbis bigb, a. untied, a. fist, . cbamber, 0. root, 9.



m 2

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jti y^


CutCASSIAK. English. Turkish. ^\ fiUer fellow,*. (a mean person) handkercbief, .

^jUl iigh^n live, V. Jk*^ j^UI gli6fl6m teach, V, ci^^J^

iXi>\L\ ighfislitfe ^ terrify, v.a. d^jy

opening, a. (aperturo) wash, V.

efkh*ab, epkMb, 6b-kh&d finger, *. J^j\j _ jKt^i e^lil 6hftddet office, 9, ija.V. ,^^j\ ohp, aj^ ahf-fey work, . C-^^jl? tji*i\

flask, . (flagon, bottle) again (once more)

i^\ ayghey

namely, ad. lM U|j ^1 ^gbee zdghd middle, . (interonce, ad, (one day)

vy\ ^Iteen ring, . <tAL>. -. cJjy (^H1 elmds diamond, . c^H^ y)1jJl enddz6 ell, #. jf)U1 - ^j\ insipi ohsbitok cheap, a. jliU\ jjt>y\ aynoohk moiety, . ioi t/jb

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xcr y'-uij' Circassian. English. Turkish. en6k6-aree, d-i'eh end; 8.

A 61i two, . J^} ^JiJb^\^\ oh-oohsh back, c^v. ^ \^ii\^\ OO-dgM wound, 8. b^. /iA]\ oo-ikk6y

km, 'y.a. cUjjJjt tAvi^j^ ii-isb last, a. ^^ ayji oobzey lip,. jb> t::^oo^l Abit stop, V. <K> juuijl oobid catcb, V, <>r,j - tK> ^^^ 6hpey trade, .

^Usa^jl obpeekhzdn handicraft, .

4JU3j! oobtzey

herb, . C^jl JU-j1 obkhaner destroy, v. i3^jy. j^jjl ohdjok chimney, JV^^ Jj^j.^ oozeeshell illness, . uJU JauJLi*.a\ oos-khdnst sit, V. c^v* <U-jU Lu*rfj! oossa ghdssey instraction, 8, UJ^ iisiifgbdddt, iisupgbdddt ooebdgbd, dsboghd exact, a. (punctual, carefol)

star, 8,

Ull^^ ubshabd through, prep, (by, by meami)

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l W


Circassian. nqlish. Turkish. ur'j^^^ <^jl amasementy . ooebooghey weyghotsoon

^-ij\ oohshoohn accomplisb, t;.a.

i^ji^ yjsJi,j\ dahyer to bim, dot. ^ ottkhdbz, wdtkhabe urine, . cJa^

uIkSj] 6t.sif-(l& creation^ . jjU. 'i^ !^.' {"itl^l twenty-four '^JJ'^ Lf!^ i^ '^Jl {"^'] twenty-seven c?'*i o^ 'j^. eAi C^'^^) tbirty, a.

JO^ '^^ 'A^ ri^^} twenty-one > Lf!^ i-y- vf4i {*S^1 twenty-six ^^ O^J^.^ ^,1 {'SSs:;'} twenty-tbree ^J^ ^Ji ^ '^.1 {"^s^} twenty-five lM LftA > ic^y {*5iSi;;n twenty-two Ji^LS^J^

twenty-nine jy> Lf!^" dt-eheyrey ghoogoorey

'M 'J-'' {"tS^] twenty-eigbt J^\^Ji ij-Jt^S 6t8he7 twenty, a. ^A jLyJli^S dtahish sixty, a. ij^^ ,^: ^,1 {jsiu} sixty-seven ^^ jij^\ M A a!' t f^tshiehl sixty-four cjyj (.A^^^ *viJ U^y \ zeerey/ sixty-one ^ (,;ta<vJ1

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xcvii eAj^ U^j' Circassian. English. Turkish. ,,y. ^,\ {^t,} sixty-six J^\J!*J^\ ,^^y{Si^} sixty-three 3:J^tAN3' J- ^.' {^] sixty-five ^JuJ ^JitJ^^^ .J.y^,\{^,] sixty-two Ji} u^\ tijfy- (jJoAlyl sixty-nine

Jy^ u*^^ 6tshish ghoogoorey

*^. U-^J^ 1 yeerey } sixty-eight jL tAs<31 Jn^Sr,^ diHihitk forty, a. a? t .1 *i t fdi-skitkl *^ jL^l ibleereyj forty-seven ^^^di? ^ jwj,^i fj;?!^;!'} forty-four ^Ji'^ o?

forty-one j.^ : ..L.Lt ffit-shitk) forty-six

v^'d;^ i;:^ t?^*^-?' tsheereyj forty-three ^3^6?

forty-five v^. J/ ,> Jl^,l {J,^^;^^} forty-two J-^} ^ njf^ JhJtJi^j^\ forty-nine J^> ^/ dt-shitk ghoogoorey

^ <^^-' I yeerey/ forty-eight >-^ jj^s-jjlLxiisjl 6t-shit-16sin seventy, a.

tA^ *;jij ^^jiL^jl seventy-seven. cf A (J^ dt-shit-ldsin bleerey O GO

idku ^^^^iax^jl seventy-four C^jjJ (jisu 6trBhitrl6sin bitley

Hjlj ^^^JutfjlIaJoM^jt seventy-one J. lA<vi 6t-shit-16sin zeerey

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^>t/^ ^>ly1 zcYiii

Circassian. English. Turkish.

dt-shit-ldsin sbooiey seventy-six cP lA^ dtHsbit-ldsin sheerey serenty-three ^j^ cA^i

dtrshit-losin tpeyrey Strshit-losin ghooffoorey seventy-fire seventy-nine

dt-eliit-ldsin tkoorey seventy-two L5^' cA^i

6t-shit-l6sia yeerey seventy-eight J^ cA^i

adU.Ju^.Ujl 6tHBhit-ley eighty, a. ^^;.*^

6tH8hifc-ley bleerey eighty-seven t^*x> er*^

6t-shit-ley bitley eighty-four

6t-8liit-ley zeerey eighty-one y cr*^

ot-sbitrley shoorey

eighty-six ^1,,;^

6trsliit-ley sheerey eighty-three ^y U-^

6tH3hit-ley tpeyrey eighty-five

At-shit-ley tkoorey eighty-two o^Jcr-^ 6t-shit-ley ghoogoorey eighty-nine jjSjt cT^

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j^\ Ji\^^\





ot-shit-ley yeerey ^ O O 4W y^JL^ ^^* uS<^j\ jy^ &ghor oldee tlejser rookhd J^jijl obghoork \ Ai^'j rj^ ogh6sli-shd i<-^>4^^ oghooshee JaAjuusLAi*! 6gli6tinisht 6gli^pley, wdhptley ^^^jjLliUjt oghdfdskin iiUiUx^ U^l oghi mebzAghey ^Ujl oghan ^m oghan ^^^t 6gh6goo (%h6ghoo^ gh6gu ogbon^ m6h-kw^h ^^jl oghoon <L^4i\ ooghoonmey ji^j^ ogh6y6h j^liul ookdhts VOL. VI.



adorn^ v.a. (to cleui) hearing, 9.

looking-glfuss, s. error, . yellow, 8. find, tf.a. copper, . baihe^ v,a. stink, . hollow, a, hole, . road, r (path, wy) street, s.

cry, V, (to scream, to bawl) line, s. coarse, a. (gross, thidc, rough, m^) collect, 1;. (to gather) for, prep.



i Ui

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'J^ O^^ c

Circassian. English. Turkish. o ^ ^ 4M*1? Jj\ ookootsho oyer, prep. aJuLd^l i^j\ 4-Jyj\ o-koof-aree lips^ $. jbjj d^^\ oohkey murder, v. CJ^jdJjl oogoobzee ejgheekho hermaphrodite


{^Sj\ i^liUjjS^l tumiDg, 8, (from the road) i}yJ^ offubsey-ee-Jgli

A^. J>i-^/^^ take somethiDg ji.\ <uL.j^ dHgootsbook jeshtsli upon one*s self, v.

^,y-/^\ 6-goo-glioob-ghee ninety, a. cr^> ?;:A^ L^y^^ ninety-seven ^^jj j^jt. o-goo-ghoob-ghee bleerey Kj o #

<dk>j ^y^.^fy^ ninety-four C^yO ^^jl* 6-goo-ghoob-ghee beetley

*J^ L5^^^^ ninety-six i^^us> o-goo-ghoob-ghee shoorey

?;:^r L5^--^^^ ninety-three ^j^ cr^> 6-goo-ghoob-gbee sheerey

i^ L^^/' ninety-five

cA^ ur4)^ 6-goo-ghoob-ghee tpeyrey * O > *

i^^ L^^^' ninety-two L5^J cr^> 6-goo-ghoob-ghee tkoorey

h/y" J^y^y^^ ninety-nine Jy^ cr*2> d-goo-ghoob-ghee ghoo-goord

^ L^y^' . ninety-eight >-cr-2> 6-goo-ghoob-ghee yeerey

Jajujbjl Qphbeet hold, V, tK> c^j^ o^iP labour, . lA:'.^

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a] b^\


Circassian. English. Turkish. 6hdan, ood&n thready s.

I^UuJaJJ^aI iihtsheendt ai, if^\ ooh siieyghey against, prep. (contrary) below, adv.

oohsliey, oreesHeenisht open, V, o^' (jjttjLi*tjjfcjl ajijb^\ withdraw, v. J^li.^ ahshey ilzetsh^kwltsh

ytjb.^ oobshoo open, a. J^^ oohshoo^ birghillu r6khiia^ clear, a. (plain, distinct) i^l^T j;>-l bishghildey, oshok

U\^ * Axl /^>otey shoo-\ drunkenness, $, C?^^^2*;:;-9

U^jl 6hkdh spoil, V. (J^jy^ ^^^^1 oohgliee dance, s. ifJyS^

trowsers, . u> AyJJJif^ oonesh-wdh palace, . c.^r' ajjtj ajLtojt house, 8. J^ oohney, woo-ney

cA^J^ ^1 ouy-ooksli meal, 8. ^

sign, . (token) yUj 2rjUS t^jll ouy-keeyd-d6h lose, V. CX<ul i_Jui *1 6h arm, . (the limb from the hand to the shoulder) Jy

n 2

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^\ i\


ClBCASSIAlf. English. Turkish. ^^j\ oyg, if\ ey band, 8.

J^ The A or o is pronounced

as the J in the Turkish

word cJjyiy or ^ *^

eu in the French word


J^. ^/Tahpleey^sh^k embrace, v.


syAOakh physician, . ,_oal. -^"^ ^V^ hj^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ mean, V. (to think)

i}C^ ^^\ Ahzey sentence, . (maxim, a saying)

&iijjt\ dhz^h liberal, a. (generous)

^J^ ^U ^^^ &Hzeh ghasen companion, . (associate, boy) A

4^:^^ ayshay down, a.

^U^ 4j*Jb^ &hshey musket, . (weapon, arms)

^^>lA^^ {hdpVeghey} therefore, cd, (for that reason) UJ^<^^ j^^yAfc^ dhshyogh6n then, ad. (at that time)

u^i Jr ^^A ehkStz in, ad, (denoting immediate entrance.


as " come in";

^^^^ aykotz enter, V. (come in)

^C;^' ^^/^1 dhg6hshey portion, 5. (part of anything) <U3- ^\

table, .


hideous, a.


ugly, a. (deformed)


/tJbJol eed^hshee spot, . (stain)

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b dj\


Circassian. English. Turkish. lJusJiJo\ idsbinna environs^ . ^>1 - 4-i> jljdHz^ ally a. L^**^ ij:,,joJj^ eez6pit iUJjl iz-yeh o o o *

istzsh^, s'shey entire, a. (wbole, aU, full) possessor, . (proprietor, owner) brother, s.

(>^^ J^J^ L5^T^V itsheni-shenuish eehsbt^sh heir, (inheritor) J^lr^ - ^j!^ j.n.U*^ it-shooz oval, a. Iajo J^s.1.k>^ eet-sheeU fatherland, a. ^,1^,-1^tAUa eetlesh jluuuujj eehtshaz sentence, s. (from the judge to condemn^ willingly, ad.

^^Ji^J ihtehfehn fund, s, (stock)

cU, tbitshooz, n&hpey face, B,

^U^ jjal eekee kWkh stature, . j.^Ju\ (^^ y ^^1 eye-yeh wild, a. ^W <Otj\ eye-yay ^Ib bdh-oo unclean, a. (impure) state,*, (condition] V bMz6r dgk-eye-gha wing, . (of an army) tfXl^,il*c ^jjb bddzey gnat, 8.


gxe^A^TyComp.deq, ^J^ ^^"^ C:^j4^ ^b bash-shoodet better, comp. deg. yjj>?-

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!;e lPV





o U k dv JjJab bdshil tlip-to hAhk& shooz-kbdkoo jj^b beye-dM ^U3-it^b bye-sht&h *;jj1jJj b^ded-id-zey o JJJo bedded jjj bedid

jjj bedded y.^ y^, >bt? ^'^> biddl derate psheekho r<nih<J O X w bedd6 derdto psheekbo rokbo isLyC /j^)^ ^J<^ b^dd6 ddsh zoghl

expense, %, (cost, charges) notify, V. (to report, to teU) ricb, a. pistol, . troop, . mucb, oc^. tower, . (steeple, spire) more, a. as, conj, (like)

like> a. (resembling)


L->^ <Loi

ij 2rjjj

b6d6 dos^b g^b sbeezlh r* L/^J'* *'^'^ jdo'sh sh6f jV^ brdk

^^^^jyL^ beyreyskeyzee ^,^ ^y berket bzaghly shkhdrdwdck

date, 8.

because, co/. (for, on his account)

encrease, v, pray, v. (to entreat) flag, . Wednesday, . superfluity, 5. (exuberance) wench, .

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Circassian. English. Turkish. ^^\y bzdghih

wicked, a, (evil, ill, bad) ^-r^-^/ bzdgh^ shoomejpoh stink, V. cH>5 jy beyzeyr market, s. ^!?. ^ b6z6r shop, *. u'^o t^ bzegh language, . c^U _ Jj \%{^S\i beyzeygbwdb take a walk, v. CJ-,> t-^1 {J^ y, bzey gbish 6p dumb, a. (mute) jjj

3^ bzoo bird, , L^y /^j\ J? bzoo-oosh eagle, $. Jby - j^^ *y ^^ bzey arrow, $, O.^ ^y bzegh pattern, b. - ^Jj' <^lf^ bzeygbdgbey ^s^ bz6gh, ^^jj bzey-g6 evil, B, (misfortune) tongue, . (language) Jo ^jy bzee wing, 5. (of a bird) oLu

c-^Ub Jj. bzeeAdb piece, 8. (part) <te-;b _ <Ub (jjuj bish stick, B. (trand) tu;<ro auij bsbey bee, B, ^jl ^^JmJ b'shey-shey bees, 8. >J auij bshey span, 5. iJt? iOj bley serpent, . uh {JuJl^^ bemshesh com . (seeds

whinli <n*naf in AttMi\ wj\^

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\ *, jUj bodz shood ^/ly bMgiin jo%3 < >^ y bo-ohp-kohn bdbz^ghey, bz4ghey ^^U^-^ boob-ghdn ^:^\ Uy or) e^^^ u.^ bokbaot (or boriot) touy-yeeh yisb-shdgbey ^ iUv bokbdtree-yeb bo kbdtir yee-ydkh ^ilj 4j bob ddhsbey ^2^^ weyrey, i^^ boorey o ;Lijj;*J bozdsbdz l^U-o jy boz seypdyoo-d O GO boz-efiz-seffe-kdbbz j^tij^ bob-zee-shdz


bos rdkbdt

bostsoogbey zeysbakb&


take heed, v. holy, a. smell, 5. (the power of smeUing) release, . (from captivity) bad, a. shame, s. complaint, s.

mindedness, s. (indination) remind, v. a.

miracle, s, shape, s, without, prep, love, 8. merry, a. (cheerful) honour, s, mistress, s, rest, 8, (repose) force, 8.




jUict ^jO^

djyijjiy -. JJ^J^

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i^y, * u^y.


b6hse eehghu-zdz^


illajj-l^j boshooyetlagho LssAj^^ b6-shish-khd

b6t80opish weedeygoosha rokhooneb aUU j* boottey ^-iJftiftj bfighodshee 2( jfti*^ boo-ghoo-zey boghQosbdn^ keesokh Auiy b6ghot6 tiy b6kar o i?JL^J^4i b6k6d-shey-<let j^ booghoo ^gJ^J^jj hdgodshee [jMjb^ booLsbd

boht tlouy mood shooz bouy ahzee tlehflrit VOL. VI.


begin^ v. known, past, part inclination, s. ocean, s. haaghtiness, s.

across, ad. (athwart) field, 8. small, a. (narrow) tempest, s. rank, s. exchange, v,a, more humble^ comp, deg, nine, a. desert, $, (deserted pUces) voice, . (word, answer) noble, a. celebrated, p.part.


,^ -



- \ju -


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Circassian. English. Turkish. ^y*^ ijy. W keypessee pleasure, . )jJ^ t>J<U beyd^ multitude, $. o^*>r

frightful, a. ch^j!^ ^1 j%]^j byram &ftee holy-day, s.

u,PUuJu bishnef garlic, 8. ^\*M^j\^ iSlalaju bit tey <Ul3 ^Jaku bitteendhsLey beegillee, beegoolloo crooked, a. (bent, curved) awry, ad, (obliquely, asquint) publicly, ad.

billife, bi11ip6 Monday, s. LS^J* Jjk ^jjjj^j billim animal, s, (cattle)

Jyi^ ^jo been difficult, a. ^/ ^jju^ ^JUL beenee kesb departure^-s. u>-^-e/ JUJujb pdbbsbey instead, ad. <Uj^^ jivl^ paboosh shoe, 8. ^A <b\j p^bbey hot, a. J^^ - ^ ^Lijjb pddeesbdb emperor, s. V > V pddshey, beeyick

mustaches, 8. J^ (juul?^ ^Ub pdrdb shoots t^<v>.rr^^b pdrk6tzeeg dollar, *. (Spanish dollar) vessel, 8,

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(^M;U p&zdeesh pdgh6, pagba, pdhoo p^hdshlr, paghoshey pdlighey, hdrdt <uUb p^Hdyey V C <Uj2(b pdhbshey 0^ * * <JL*U fdhbey, <bib P^bbey ajjbb p^byey <GLj psdney, ^jGUo ptdney U^ pkh&

^U; pkbdteygoo i^U; pkbdteyghey o y^U:^ pkb&mb{i auuU^^ pkhdntey l^yuJl^^ pkbdnsbookbd aijjU^ p'khdntey ^L^ pkhdb

money, . shut^ t;. cap. . (the Turkish cap) caps^ %, penurious^ a, need^ . (DecesBity) on account of, prep, wann, a, cbeese^ .

only, ac?. credit, . (belief, trust reposed) stick, 5. (wood)

seaty . chair, . board, (a flat piece of wood) chest, . (a large box) broom, b, cash-box, b, (money chest) God,.

w V V o2

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ri >^


Circassian. English. Turkish. ^ pkh6h stem, 8. (trunk) ^^i^j/ ^U\ Jy^ pkli61ibool plum, 9, c;v.j' peddej ylbooghdz sh6n6r compare, v. eLr> ^/^^jeK}

Friday, 8, ^^/U^ 4UJU3 J persinney well, 8, yj ^u^ 4^ ^ji -M p^hriz, yooy-bitt6 Lent, 8. (fasting) J:^V. 4f^i. {"S^;;?'-} thirst, 8. j3>^ *,Uj psdshee lead, 8, cA^y /LvLLj psdhteek revenge, v, (being about to fight in jAj^ ?;^^ \f Lj psighd consequence of a dispute)

liying, part. a. ^U

neck, 8. (windpipe, throat) daughter, 8. (girl)

soopshdz (or eipshdz), psdhsey

4J^Uj psdhney naked, a. J^ uVny.t pey-sesh worthy, a. Jd^

cough, 8. vij^j^ 4^guJ pSdb chain, s. j^j

^**j psee, y^ psoo water, . j^ Ifl^yuwJ ps6klid point, . (a sharp end) ^jy^ Jij^^ Pfl6rik all together \ ^^-su*

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L^ ri CXI ~ Circassian. English. Turkish. U^ psogha fine, a. (pure, thin, without mixture) Ascul ^i^'

lij.uuj psogha ^ired, past, part. ^Jjt U^ psoghd tender, a. cJjU <^U ^Sj*4j psogoo kdkhey slender, a. ^^^ <^rl ^yuj psonghee all over ^'V-y jjAjw pssuhn water-closet, . Jy. oVJ <Uj psey untruth, . u,li iUj psey soul, 8,

u>V iUj pseh spirit, . (mind, genius) cv Ul iUj psey-^gh^ lie, V, (to tell an untruth) O^tr- u^fjlj^\ iUj psey-oreek every, a. ^y ^ " X ^ x- *

psey-sey-sibkd, ps&h-shey virgin, .. j - ^lk^\^ <^f iiy iUj psey kooldghey source, 8, (fountain) o^ i^, psee juice, 8. (sap in vegetables)

y IjIjJpUwwJ psee-ydtsh grandfather, 9. iM (<UJU or) <Ujb ^.Juufcj pseedoom pdpshey (fdfshey) what, tw<er. pron. ij tjluuJuwj psee-shddz -/ - ^ robber, . ^f^ J^ irj^llJuwj psee-shdh-zey treason, . iji^\jj>. JLv-uwj psee-sh6r waters, . > <U^ ^*; psee skooney able, v,n. (to be able)

CUL ifJj\

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

J^. LS^.



o ^UUjouwJ psee-kdzaheyrey J ^ psee-koo Jj^ ^ psee-koobel JJft^^AvJ psee-kootl v_p|^X ^^ psee-kootf ^^\ v^\^ j^^ psee-kouy-ee pseemee ^gootshoo tet ^y^jJuw psee-neps <LiJjLXdu*j pseendsliey ^\JmJ pshdgh6 Iat^-LIj pshdkhoo-d

psh4h4 lokh-mfi teeshey-isht c^ULl ci^-sibU _uJbLij psk&hsee-k^ht-shdhdb pshdhwdh^ psh&gho psh^rakh6, psheyraklid khiz-m^tash psheer^khd


cheat, 8. (a fraud) water-seller, .

nineteen, a. seventeen, a. sixteen^ a, fourteen, a. fifteen, a, eighteen, a. baptism, s. well-water, $, light, a, ( not heavy) smoke, 8, sand, s, unmarried, a. supper, 8. marriage, 8. fog, 8.

servant, >. (male or female)



^iafr\^ jljuUi.1


Digitized by VjOOQ IC





CL^SJ^fy^^ {^hrmeedet} <Uj pshey ^jUj pshey y <Uj pshay V o ^^^ psbee tf*ujUjou*j psheen^bsee Jfb j^U|j zaghan ddk jjoJojj psbeener ' o ^ o UuLkiuLj psbinndh o A.^^.*.* psbeebsbey li U <Ui ptsey kd wdh {J^^y^ pgho-koosb Juj pfnn6r Ki'pkd jJX pMnook ^Uu pdndyir ij poorr ^jouujy poobsbeen AjuJby pooshoo <^j p6b

English. Turkish. big, a.

>" prince, 8. 2fj\j^ - CX/ backgammon, 8, J.u^ master, 8, (lord) w king, s. *u. bow, 8. (a fiddlestick) bow, 8. u^Vi^^U^ riband, 8. Juu _ i U _ Jo -i music, . ^V proud, a. Jj^ name, v. ^^Mtr- ^.j^

trust, V. j^^-.^ vexation, 8, ^_^,iUi!U>U want, . (diminution) b^nd,s. (a bandage or tie) sentinel, 8.

side, 8, ^^l. _ ^> fair, . ^.^ servant, 8, (maid) ^uLm) cut, v.a. CXkm*^ plaster, . L5?i' vein, . >

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

j^ H


Circassian. English. Turkish. *^ py nose, . \J3J9. fJ!uJb\jAH^> p^hsoowdhsli decent^ a. v.^.^Mtflv ^j^ pirdsh rice, . r>^ aiuu peetay strength, #. ciXl:^U iU^ seehte, ^idaJk^ peehtey /tUUii pit-tey

fast, a. (firm, strong) rery, a.

peygh&mbersher, r^aool prophet, . J^^ - >^. pew b'dshee neb blunt, a. (dull)

a;^^ peehshey white, a. u^^ &J'uh.^\k\i tdghdgushey part, ^ (a portion) ^U <Ui&^^^Ju^jjbl; tdhdshish extinguish, v.a. cJv^Juu^ i^iuX^Li! tkhdmish poor, a.

l/i tsbkhd, yukotsh feym&ter head, cPV Ul Bh'kha (or sh'kh&h)

tsher zoo keerer drdrily butcher, . C->L2S ,^j^lu^ khsdbtshee

^. ,.. / tsher 1 L5r^'^^ igh^eeseej earthquake, %, <U^'J ijJjJj tshiigwer r^su seeghd

\jLi\ C^jLj tsher^k ish three quarters of anhotflr

Digitized by VjOOQ IC



Circassian. English. Turkish. .^<UJ tslieyl6kh tshee-ett-ehA, tehee-yey, tsheeydh youth,*, (a young man) cdid, a.

iUXutJ tsheepey duty, *. ^'^^ Jj^" tshil letter, .

^i^ {f JfXheyJ sincere, a.

jjU Uy tghA young man uW - ^ Uj teygh& sun, 8. Jij/ jmxc.\ju tghfigh^baoh youth, s, (tender il)is^ V^Ay5 ( W" {6r6khwd} age) perfect, a. r^" tenba &zokh son^^ee always, ad. *> GO ^^^^y toghl-shee cannon, s. (agreat gun) south-west

-> u^^^

bath, s. r^ U. kMh dog, 8. ^,/ U kh& tomb, g. > ^bU^ khdbdr news, 8. /=^ ,u;ii>>>{"4~''} lend, V.

<0U- khdhpey reward, (wages) ^>=rj^ i/u-ljl^ khddshesli VOL. VI.

quarter, . (ward, lodging) p

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Circassian. English. Turkish. <Lijlc^ khddshey guest, . (customer, stranger) fjiJxL^ ^lu*.* ^jU. khddey Cl^Jyjl^ khdzirdet carcass, . (tbe dead body of an animal) ready, a.

U\f - iLiu-U. skip, .

J^.^ - ^ khds-shey, gaM

*,U. khdeh^r dogs, . J^J ^^)S^ khdgooreekwey travel, #. Jji - u^y. ^Ul kMkey oven, 5. V^ JU- khM6h pie, 5. *4^ j^U- kh&lo-ghooz tart,. l/jJ^>"^" <UUj jHi^>-^^ orphan, .

J^jl khdmishk, psli&-shey

jli^tia >lc^ kham-sheekh&d

jL^ kkdhnee funnel, . Jy^ jJuuU^' kkaneedz sail, 9, cA-. ^J^U- kk&hdey ^^U^U. kkdy-kdbs corpse, 9, (a dead body) rope, .

V'J - u^y^ k^bsey, gdh-psey

kkdbdree ket f^rdkbd report, v. a. >;^ kbebso, neyr680gba dawn, . o ,>,^ khssed, ju**- k'sed demand, v.a. (to ask, to require) c)^^

Digitized by VjOOQ IC





o kh^tl451i, keylee j^jLjuJ^ kh6b-sh&hyee t^lcL^fi^. khdkheye JbKft^ khoordhee




Jblftfiw kh6sh6d kh6sli6d seerat ora khdsh^d seerd bleerey khdsh^d seerd zeer& kh6sb6d seerd shoorey kkdsh^d seerd skeerd kh6sh6d seerd tpeyrey kh6sh6d seerd tloor& khdshed seerd ghooghoorey


will, v. remainder, . (what is left) he, 'pron. south-^ast circle, z. round, a, speed, %, (haste) pear, 9, exchange, . (barter) hundred, a. hundred and two hundred and seven hundred and one hundred and six hundred and three

hundred and fire hundred and four hundred and nine


kM JUL p2

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

s\j / ji



Circassian. English. Turkish. ^^ \jj^ fcX-1^ hundred and eigbt >-J^. kh6sh6d ^rd yeerey

*,^ khoshoon

pitcher, . J^^^ ^^ khootley port, B. uW. . r kh6neh \ 2r/^^ ^^ 1 zish-rey | curse, t'.a. ^^.^> , jyL khuzeh, |jj<::^ kheeza quick, a. (speedy, swift) JiV fkheezoh) iJ^ ^^ \kheez8h| most frequently J^ o^ ^P , . r khiz6 \ y^^ J>^ \kli6gliesh6| arise, v. ciUK _ JhTv^' ^Jd^ kheek&ee

barrel, . L^ ^ vxfi*. kkeehzey swift, a. (fast, prompt, quick) j^^' - JeV ltX(} ddkhshd splendour, a. *1j^ l^r ^bj^. lT*^^ |yez-w6kh| advise, t^.a. CJv^'^ c:.-^is^ '^i; /f* Ji - r^^^ morning, . - u5-*:^^> ^^ ddgbdm, yeekee sheekoo

C^ rokkoo-d

^Ju ney-fey

wall, . jk^ ddfkd, d&pkd/d&hbka

tailor, s. ^jy - ^jv'^ d^wdh, tflhdgkdn

Uylj ddnowdkh string, . uM ^\j ddnee silk, . V** ajy^^j ddhshey beautiful, a. Jj/

^ (pretty, handsome ) ^j^b ddhshey still, a. (calm) L>-r dL:,^L> ddhshey costume, . (cha|.Jw^

racteristic dress)

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j^j ^b


Circassian. English. Turkish. Ujj 4^*1 J dahshoo-aogha heal, V.

<^J y} ^_^jj dei^kA degree, s, (step) a>-jj Ljj dzoo-d sack, . J\p- auMj<^ yjj dzey army, . jL^mS^ ^JJ dzey throw, i;. j^\ ^jj dezih fruit, 8. (corn)

dLlLlJ dshdeeley ignorant, a. JjUr JaJJ^^ <U*U>J

church, $, \.K jdmey, meyshitter

(jwl-iJ dshdss leaf, . oWi J*, J dsherz bronze, 8. tr>^' UlklJ dsh^tldgh^ die, ;.. eU,^ 4^yr\{iS;} palate, . ^Uj Li J dsli&, -*J d8h6 chin, 8. V 4^ ^ o

Jblft-ijJ dslioowdr cross, . ^^

floor, 8. ^. - cr^ti ,^4-ijJ d^shwee nut, . J/r T ^ ^ > A ^^ f dsh6 sool persuade, v. J^j-AiUj^ dshehennem, ^&ree hell, 8. rvr t^^jJ-J djib pocket, s. ^r^ U-yuS?J d^tshookb^ merchant-ship, s.

J c.^!;V ^4juutj detshoo-d merchant, 8. u'^jV

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JmJJ 4^J


Circassian. English. Turkish. 4^J d6gh wise, a.

^.^ ^j dleykee pleasure, . (fa^ vour, kindness) late, ad.

4jj dley

seventh, a.

us^-^i <dj dley seven, o.

c?^^4jj dl6gh6 current, a. (valid)

^ ^4jj dleygli6y ^Jit^j dm&hslieck dem tshee nemtsheerey tzoon surpass, v. (to excel) neck, . (stubbornness) age, .

\ki^^ diikdtkhd iJsS^^ doo-gh6kli6 "to o Uk-9 i\ ^J dhey-6h-stkhd recite, v. (as prayers)

prayer [to Godl,*. (a vow) surrender, v.

deysheydeydo d&hshey more beautiful, COflip. cfe^.

^)J 4*tf yJ^^^ deyshee tsoo . mouse, . o^V* - J*^ ^2f J deygoo deaf, a.

>L, dey mdhzee' tshassoo boh dookkd kdkhd old, a. UIs-l - ^^ d'yaiey (or djw'ey), tsli4hley

child, #. jj^j^ " J*r^ ^a dis ducat, .

u^a^ JjJ diz, ^^J dish gold, .


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

I; ^j





^j digghe ^j digh-ghee

^l^J ihm&n, ^ j din <Uju J deeneeyey 2fj}^ rdzey Uj-iaL ra8li6gha ci-^JO jiU rdglioo nisht

UU^l, r&goos&gb& U-ttJj rebs6gha Uj^ r^bsoghd lftsi.4. rokboo-A j^^fi^t J r6khoon uU'JtJ 4^-3. r6kbunsht IjUc^mj. rokbw4bd& i^fc>l4fiv.5j rokbwahdee aL^Ujiii roozndmey



sorrow, . (affliction, pain) bitter, a, aith, . (creed) religion, *. content, a. lavish, 8. disbanded troops fault, 8. angry, a. faint, a. sin, v. n. (to offend, to transgress) kiss, 8.

garrison troops, . mature, a. be, v,n, resurrection, 8. between sunrise and midday) twilight, a. almanac, 8,

zaoo boogh^tshey ney-peye

save, V, (to spare)


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

U-j^lj CXXIl

Circassian. English. Turkish. zddhd, wdh-tow'y-yey heavy, a. ^/->^-uV~

/'". n" "to |woo-touy-\

i^J zdrdr loss, a. uVj - v ^Ulj a^lias exercise, v,a, (to practise) CXtT (.:*i-; \.^U-,|] z&nt-8b& right, a. v!/> *l>Vj 2^-^^^^ campaign, s. >zdhpit, zehpet constantly, ad. (ever) Wo <LiuVA^U zdhndsh^ just, a.

u?>> - d^ \j^\j zkhwk quarrel, . cA^ lj^(j zdhwdh war, 8, (battle) CXX5jiT^^lj zouy-ddl soldier, . L<?5^ cb ^i;J^.5; zeyeetin dagh oil, . L5^V. UJ^J <2/);j bj z^PP^ i>z^g vice, . t^y^-Jj ^i j z^P^t certainly, (W^. (indeed) ^Ib

eternal fc^Jjl

if, conj. J^ ,^j z6pp6t ground, . (bottom, foundation)

^J:^j zeppet series, . (row) 1^ iuooj zep-pit inspector, . J^ ,. ^ ^, .": fzkh&t8hey\ refuge, s. ^^-

Digitized by VjOOQ IC




^ 2f^ irU if) iTj^j) zddhwey, zej-shah-goo-ser /i^c-^ z^r^b-khcfeh zerreh sliittem yotaht


f z^t6pee- \

^J^) im6l5ioo|

<UaxjUj zeghdb86f< t/jI-LU) z^ghat-louy zekke zoay eehshey

z^n^mtskeereh kakeeghey tshghagh^



Jij^ \jj z6arkhdzir z<yoklioo-ghet Uekfikey isht


appearance, . aspect) minute, dispute, 9.

robbery, . (prey, spoil) circumstance, z.

prepare, v. some, a well, a.


breath flee, v.w. (to fly, to nm from danger) appear, v.a. (to come in sight) dull, a. (stupid, silly) one after another

education, s. (bringing up) without, ad, (externally)

nought, z, (nothing) provision, s, dinner, .

JUL i^


Digitized by VjOOQ IC


^j Jj


Circassian. English. Turkish. zdglio, shdglid^ shoogoo salt,. jy ^^ fcC^J z6gli6 khw6 create^ v.a. j^]/. t^ 4jyi. ^jy zogho kWdee refuse^ 9. 0^ t*J^ zweg

ill, a.

JjuiJc^jlj zouy-tsta sliriek, 8, (scream, ciy) Tillage, 8.

Hj^ zay somebody, . ^J ^J zey old, a. jS^y \j!j\iij zeyeeshd mix, V, <>vv z^pagMza, z^laghaza perverse, a. u^" t::..ooy; zaypit any, 0. (any one)

^.^ ^"Wi'^rsr-} obstinate, a. LrT'i^ >M'i'iAf^-iA investigate, v. cX<ui jjijJU; li^ ^ii ^y^ *^^ master, 8. <t*J-\yi. U\ z6hr shooto shozo opinion, 8, (meaning) (jwtw J^i\ zey-shoo narrow, a. > J^&^^\ z6h-sh6h-shoo difierent, a. (tiLlj _ ^T y^jU^ zehghazkho

bend, v,a* ci^ <UJ;> iaJsi ^j zeh fit shemeh alone, a. >5^.

fool, 8. J'^

zeykak6kh, zegwddy^ga

Digitized by VjOOQ. IC

ro ^



zeykahk6h, z6kwdee-key ^j zee ^j zee c:^J^ h^gdet, ^j zee ^-^lt^ zee-6b j^Ljj zeedpebro ^^^bj zeeydtesh ^^Ljj zeeydnesh

UJbuj zeebUghd iofc^jjuj zeetleys JjKj J J>;J J zeeriz zeeriz zishHBb^b-khddsboh


XmJuIj J zeesbeesUh o jljUyLk; ; zit-sb6ghdz^k .j^Jj^j^^ f zeet-shee- 1 ^- ^ 'y I lemshey J (jmL^jUj J zeegbddsbds jyjU ^j zeegbd-bdzroh J^^ zeegw^r zeemee yeekhtt oamish-ree yet-tish

mad, a. one, a. alms, . first, a. origin, . imitate, 't^. paternal uncle, & maternal uncle related, a. skill, 5, (art) single, o. (indiidual) satiated, a. (satis^


attempt, t^.a. (to try) dress, v. point, z. (a dot) tbere,ac?. (yonder) speak, V. order, . sometbing, . rigbteoHsness, .


[truth, justice)

* 4 22

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

j;jui .. L


Circassian. English. Turkish.

soap, 9. U^^

moist, a. (wet, dMip) virtue, . f iU-L. sdkhAt watcb, . u:>%cUi BAtAghee sitsbo wdsbd excnse, v. yet, eonj. (notwithstanding) balf-an-bonr

:3tK kftdW, yLi saghoo boy,. Jr^ - U^J^ ^S^L) samek6 joke, 8, (sport, jest) iAJi, ^L s^n wine, . M]/A

i*>{*L* s^n^htshee grape, . Tine, ^ r3^ M j^ltUL. sdhdtash watcbmaker, 8. ^j^^

soft, a. ~- ri^ s^hbey, m&dsbey sibtsook, ^bkb^kdtz . - ^^^ / B^b^boo \ brain, 8. (brains) cause, 8. (reason)

seb^boo-feykboo, e^blboopeykboo o Ijix-s seb-kAb 1 1 *1 J 'a J_ l-l-l-Almerit, 8. altbougb, ad. (notwithstanding, however) worst, a.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

I>M**S I Aji



GmcAasiAN. English. Turkish. 4U-a selipey clandestine, a.

;> i*-^ j^x-j spee sh6gli6 bind, 1^.

c^^ Uli,CW, B^tshdgd conjecture, v.n.

cX.> o sudden, a. (suddenly, ad,)

ti*ir^' UyuJL) steeebdghd letter, . (in the alphabet) *-^ ct;^

idle, a. j^ - L^^ s'kh&hzee, yeehz skhd-tsbes psh^hnsht hail, ^. bond, t. j>>

ijij^ilili-o Bkhdndghubsli window, %.


4JUuUs* ekhdntey blue, a.

U^jU . t aC . *' J skhot- \ ^^r%^ {shueesht} remain, v.

d^^ tj^ seyree himself, herself, itself nam. ease I myself

^^ JtJ^MaUj-- s^zghasehnsht also, ad.

^0 GO O ^ O seys-shoo^, s^shwey, tz^shwey sword, . (sabre) ?^ - LT^

\s^'y***^ ses-w&gbd who, rel. pron. (which, what) as soon

A iUl- s^s-y&t thy father

cJUb ju-- ses-y6r of you

4* )c\^jJ^M^ sesyerseeat your father


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

4Xm9 ^




V>U -vuj seyseeyat seyseeyatim y&teesheer JJbLuAiA<} s'sliM sesh-kh^m^ pee-yoob sho ' U^ <CuLw} SHsh^h key-yd s'shilt-ldgh^, s'shoolti^hd > - ^- ^'-z (sheenishtj ^^oJa-M> steer-rookho l^AjdsdM) steeshoga UlL- sgh^gh4 UU-- sghagha Uji^ sf6gha Cl^A^ <U* sseefeh zuret Um) sookkd ^1Ju skoo^nk, or skevenk o c C)jj ^dj sku-wenk



your fathers thy &thers sweaty . sabre^ %,

wrap, V. eldest brother, . that, c2fm. prtm. shoulders, . send, tr.

fonr hundred and one, a. boil, V, bolster, s. perceive, v. (to attend)

nourish, v, (feed keep) copy, . known, a. (celebrated) fusil, . rifle, .

t L5^ ^J^

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

UmJ i-^. jXm)





4UjL> sloghdgh Iji Ju*> sloghoo-d b Ci.^j s^m^kh-kooydh

s^merkouy sib-koh tooghiagb^b C^Jui seynook ^ J i ciJ^JUi sey-nook zeerey i!^ ^^ {X^rey } XjXm CJyA-s I gheerey J sey-nook gbooghoorey \iXJJL (JL^\f^ sodtsbeedd

idea, Si (fancy) salute, V. (greet) imagination, 8. see, V. jest, 8 pastime, t. wit, 8, left, a. : arrife, v.a, fifty, a. fifty-seven fifty-four fifty-one fifty.five fifty-two fifty-six fifty-three fifty-nine

fifty-eight acquaintance, 8.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

^Lm) ^ 1*


Circassian, English. Turkish. y^i C^l^ 86dt lago jljjlfiL^ sokbilwdz prayer,*, (request, demand, petition) turn, v. (to return)

^^Jy^ 8dr6k6 flower, s. d^ ju*ijy^ soreesher you, pron. nom, c. J> - > jcj4^ soozee

knife, 8. o^ ^yi BUS woman, 8, (wife) ^j>^ ^^ soosh six hundred jy.J3t t . t t * " J soosh oral six hundred and one ^jy. Lf^' ^^*s s5-shookh U-o fiogha confectionary, $. (sweatmeats; make, v. 4p \s,y^ s6ghd use, V. j^y Ujuus^ s6ghdygd

even, a. (just) Jj^ - c^^ JjlSj-j sookdbdM true, a. t^ - ciV> Ujjill*rf sooghid'hd nakedness, . iLr'l'j^ jU sooh-det, tshejritsh new, a. o^souy-yej, shoodet good, a., po. deg. u^y^ - yJ c:^J*^ s-bood^t

iLi^liU seyeer-shey look on, v. cX<ul^ u;^JOiU s6hpiht

favour, 8, *-=-V> U^a^ sayrogha lijjiU* seyr6gL4 selfishness, . (egotism) from me, ahl, case

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

. <L*j


Circassian. English. Turkish. ^au* sayray I, pm's, pro. cr^ S86h-zd-koo2 sghoreb silly, cf. cfrl

\^j, {j^\(^ eeyzis gh6tka convince, v. cX^\ c^Uil ^d^ seysee of me (^ ^<U seysee to me, dai case '^ jlUg.o sehtlo sey-loo-dt-k&khoosh look, v. (to obserre) band; v, (to deUver)

^S^ see eigbt hundred, a. jy^j^ ^ see wool, $, ^y JbU- seey&t

my father r^V r* .^U? tdht, Jbljuj seey&t father, s. VV -LU JpIju) seey&tem ykt our father >VV ^'Vr^'^ri;fir} great-grandfather A JLoLIjuj seey&teesh6r fathers, . JVV see-yateeshem y&t my fathers rJVV see-yateeshem y^t our fathers >JVV

Ijiybuj see-ydnoosh grandmother, s. li^ ^JJ^ \j)J ]j^\ ^ see 6t& zeera eight hundred and one, a. ^Jji>^ bgh6, li^U**> sib-kh4 breast, s. (bosom) u^/j^ - u^:f jyuJUuj sib-shok brother-in-law, . ^^


Digitized by VjOOQ IC





UmJo Ajujuud sib-shoo gheesd o Jjuu seebl o UXa*9 sib-l^ha



<o Uj 4JUU0 seeboobz^gbey aeebb&gbey^ seek^Dsht^ 6m sit-tkb^m&fey, bdm^pej v^AiiAAo? see tsbeyrek




;LiJJuj sid-sbdz seed6h

li-i*. .jjuj seedoo sbit seedee khabersbee

compel, t;. break, v.a. deceive, v.

prove, V. seven bundred friend, *. (relation^ seven bundred and one nine bundred, a. nine bundred and one plague, . nnto,/?r^. (to) qnarter-of-an-bour wby, ad, love, V, glad, a. (joyful) however, odf. (notwithstanding) Bow, ad, (in wbat manner) look up, V. newspaper, .

Am) CJj^ji

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

^^uulXm) ^^ JJ^i^




j[ /W Juu> seedim yoh * seedit seedem y j^Juuj seedee yj6h jUjuj seehzdk /ik^jX-j see-zitk c:^UL) j^**> see s&b&t ^jlo^ sish IAAoj seeshft sish ora bitlej . . /sish 6rd\

A t t A fsish 6rd\ ?;r- Ly' U^ tshooreyj \rt^ b^^ CA^- {""sheers / jjSt y JiJ^ j^tkoorey} mah 6ra gboogoorey seeshp^hddli shutob o o ^^mtsbeero sheetob

time, 8. neither nor, conj\ when, ad. solitary, ad, (retired) twins, f . hour, 8. three hundred he, she, it, nom. ease three hundred and seven

three hundred and four three hundred and one three hundred and six three hundred and three three hundred and five three hundred and two three hundred and nine three hundred and eight speciallj, ad.

^ . ^

^-J^ Jj:^. Ze-?^ tA Jji ^^^


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h^Vii i-^. /;m,Vo*





JUyluX-M, sish-khdl ii^.M.>luis^.) see-sliest A, A f see \ ^^^ L5:- jshoow^bshf seesney gusha 6dashej keye-kee y -! jluukx-j sit-skaz sh6yoo o c^iLlkk**, sit-skey-lagk ^U i. > sitk sitk 6rd beetley sitk 6ra bleerey Aw Aw o sitk 6rd sheera sitk 6ra shoorey sitk 6rd tkoorey sitk drd gkooghoorey r t ..(^ . [sitk 6ri) ?;l.^ b^^ &^ iyee-reyj Jkx-Mj sitl

mole^ f , food, . mother-in- law, . father-in-law, *, pronunciation, . desire, . (wish) childhood, . two hundred two hundred and four two hundred and seven

two hundred and one two hundred and three two hundred and six two hundred and five two hundred and two two hundred and

two hundred and eight four hundred, a.

jy ^jj**

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CUICASSIAN. English. Turkish. L^\ Jti ^jJ^ sik shee ep

nobody, . ^ ^^J^ j\/j^ stomach, s. tSA^ sigh-wuh, see-ghey

'^ <^^ {as,} think, V. C3.;uijJ

comfortable, . v::-,r^^ seegoo psh6 fedet

yii. \y\j^ /ju, offend, V. J^jJ iJeU^ seeg& shdbr^ tsho

lS^J^J/^/^ weariness, s. (tediousness) ^_J:^lwii ii,V sigoomejgoozdzooj

Uj!j^H-^yuU) sikwehdogha visit, 8. '^jVj (Juy^uu) sik-weelish thirteen, a. ^j' Wj' IxGuj seekiz eleven ^ Wj' ^Cx- seekit twelve O^J u^^ ^L^ ^l^ elbows, 8.

CJ--,0 - C)--;J J seeleean, leedhn

^IjU, - Ull^ son, 5. Ji,l nmHihdghd, shah-wdh

JJu^ see-nel lamby & Lf'^ ufjy 1. t t A . fseehz-shd] great-grandmother A b y dUu seeyey pooy&li help, s. (assistance) r^jV ^.^ seey^h apple, s.

\i\ Ujll sh&bgh& * broad, a, (large, wide) ^} c:^*jlS<u - \xi\J^ most, a. u=-^U - J^ tJl sMhghA, seykdhdet

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^Ui ol^




JU.ll 8b&khM


shitzej, s-khihtsee i]ff[*i shdteer Ulii sbagha ^Li slidkej, UU shdgb^ &kd-f(f, sbd-pep sbdf^, shdpey, keytoo sbdgdoosb, yey-keordee ^Iji sh&nee d^UbLii sbdbat o -si^^Lrf sbdbbkb flhdbbzey, shftbzeb o sbdbzeb^ ndbsib sb&bzeb sbto, deygbd

breadth, . witness, v. bedge, s. boot, . (covering for legs) process, s. (lawsuit) bair, 8. tent, . fruit, . beard, . wrong, a. bard, a. afternoon, . vendible, a. (saleable) witness, , measure, s, custom, s. will, 8,

customary, a.


Ji -^U


^ c:^



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A A yl A


Circassian. English. Turkish.

shdhbey, sdhbey mild, a. S^ ( .^'^ (jjuJbb iU^lii sMhbeypAhsh softness, . ji^L^ <UtoLi shdhtej garden, d* <^b <0'2fl^ sh^tey pack, . v^ j^^ 2fLii shMi koosh fold, v. cX.j^j shagho, ghitshahpey autumn, . A 2rjLtoLi> sh^Mzey use, 5. (usage, application)

Sjyi <_^Jtt ax.o sh^peh room, . (space) u^'V^ 1^ ij:-^ shitshoo-d dung, 5. ^^ c-^lLU-:, shkhdtdp lid, f . J^ o -^ o 4juUs^ shkhiintey green> a. Jxij Cl:]^ sli^rdt justice, . Cl-^M^ ^ sberkh muddy, a. (troubled) bail, t. (surety)

o 't^ tr afififi-Rfty pledge, . (pawn) C^J CO o stable, a. Ji^' sheyshnock, sh'kh^shnock midnight, . ijfS ^j\i /id]. yLi /U-p yLi sh-shoo zghdgoo sh-shoo tley-6 grateful, a. J^.<^} ^^^.i^ sh'shee deed, . Jf

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CIBOA8SIAN. English. TlTBEISH. sh'shee goobz^hey beast of burden, . ia^ 8het who, inter, pro. ^ -^0 jjljjbUa*, shtdbsh afraid, a. Jl'y

^jijlkt shtdhpsh torment, *. (pain, pang) pardon, s. i.saLe\ V^. t^ 1 pshish / j shet-shoorey bl^erey

thirty-seven i-^'Hj'j^ shet-shoorey bit-ley thirty-four <C^j3^}i\ shetnghoorey zeerih thirty-one Jh^ shet-shoorey shoorey thirty-six .^'J^J^ shet-shoorey sheerey thirty-three ^.^Jo^ shet-shoorey tpeyrey thirty-five J!^.jij\ shet-shoorey tkoorey thirty-two J-^h"^

shet-shoorey ghoogoorey thirty-nine j^^ji'^ shet-shoorey yeerey thirty-eight jC-j:f,l /:j,Vr*i sht6hbshee forgiveness, s. {^^\fS.

UU^ shghdghd difference, . 0/ hjr^ sheyfee suspicion, 8 S^\

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jy!^ -i GjLti cxxxix:

Circassian. English. Turkish. o JjJiUL^ shkey-il veal, . J\^ Us) <ULi shkey-skM calfs head, s. L^V y!j^ jUjjiLi> sh-kong&z fusileer, . L5?i^^ K.*, sh'kdh cow, 5. C)JuJ u^ sh'gWb calf,. (the young of a cow) not, ad. J>1

^-.U k1 .:, 8h61itsh steel, . V JJUL^ sh^nded nature, . L::..N*j>jd? Jb ^ shen ten 4^ shoo commerce,*, (traffic, business, buying and selling) six, a.

5^ shiiAh, Tj^ sh6-&h bridle, . ^ - ^j'' fihii-6p6, shigh place, . J-as-* shddtez zdeesheerdh t6r6r inn, . (hotel) ij\sfyt

host, . L5r ^^^^ jiflj-i) shoo-dh-26 plate, 9. jW t^lj-i. sh6-eye shipwreck, . cJJ^Up

^ t^lyb shweye-yee soil, B. (dung) > Ujj-i, shoodz^h black, a. 2^tjUa ^' ^->|j j-2 shooz&b widow, . ^jr Jj^ Ci^jS^l^^ slioozer-6gdt VOL. VI. meet,v.

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i^y^ ^_ (juyii


Circassian. English. Turkish. UL>j-l shoos^hd goodness, . ^y} J^ J^ shdh shoo sugar, 8. > ^ys^J^ shootkhoon praise, v. iL^\ ^Ju^ UftJa 8h6gh^ moderate, a. M^

^aJj sbogho sour, a. (acid) j^\ sliooghoon^ shoghen dress, 8, (elotbes) C_>Ijo\ __ U>jj\ ^ys.J^ shooghoon CO sh^Oif^bzm^'shuhii the Bosphoras, . (in Constantinople) bonour, v.a.

shiikiir tkhdm^tsh thanks, s. > shoogoob shey-sheener forget, tf. cKyj' \^^ sboon conquer, t>. cJ^.

c^^j-i> shoon^b Iju 4-1 sboonnd steril, a. (nnfmitful) nourishment, .

y^J^ shoonoo o ^ dJoyii sboonnej powder, . (gunpowder) repast, .

a'yti shooway skin, . (leather) ^^j tijjl *j^ shoob ^zzee presume, v. ti)<^1 u*W ^^ g*^ {kX^} prostitute, t. c^jy UXjljbj^ sbubslfigba reach, v. (to attain)

to tibe right band jAjl cP'U ^y, sbouy <iiiU

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dj^ _ (J[v^


CiROASSIAN. English. Turkish. ^4-i> shoh-yeb dust, 8, jy aj:, shey ^ mouth, 8. >

hide, . (skin) c^J^

ij^ shey sixth, a. ^55^< <Li shey horse, . ciT shey, psee, shoo sea,. but, cony, (except)

shey-eb, skha^h^, oozdk

sh^h^r mookeye-key citizen, *. y^ jL>j^\iJ^ shey-ee-pish ball, 8, (cannonbaU) us-*/ *-^^^" 7" " * /shey poorl I^^jyjy. ^ \ rokhoo^d/ melt, tf.

d^j'. '-^. shey-s6nnee, shdh, shey-aen milk, <. J*Mi U*-*i<U sheysoghd al,^ sheytey ^0^*. sh^kd ride, v. (on horsebvk) . tax, 8, (duty, assesEoneiit) weight, 8,

iXJ^ sh6hkey <lG^ sh^hkey wind up, V. (to wrap up) cloth, . (stuff)

i)^^ sheykey j^<U sh6hkir stuff, 8. (building materials) weigh, V. -tJu.1/ J<Li sheyner gunpowder, 8,

. ^jyV <U<U sh^hn^h sell, V. <KI-9

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Circassian. English. Turkish. V"^*y.V^-l sli^liniaTit irjjj^ shoo-hoo-dzey board, . (nourishment, to live in a house and pay for lodging and eatifkg) horse-soldier, .

shuhz, yeeshAhz wife, . Jjbl

c^ - *=rj5j shoohhndz, liz-khd sheyrer cook, s. .^^-^^ ^ shee third, a

ur^rj' ^ shee three, a.

^^^ shdy eefish, shdy eepish hoop, .

Uju^ shib-ghd wind, .

shib-ghd beydey-deyshee strong wind

J^.-^ *jj^ shib-shee pepper, a.

^ ,Oju^ shib-ley lightning, s.

rj'^. jiyjJb sheeboosh wave, .

<U!IL \j^l.^.j<-: shish-oozd Black Sea, *.

p 'J ^Ikx^ sheytdn devil, .


praise,. .

z^ sheetlouyish boz-shey mine, . simple, a.

"J i<^ . f sheeffhd 1 ^Jd r^^ ^^^ t com yod I midday, 8. LS^J <ii>jl _ aJjj^ ^.^j^jJ^i sheegureehn injure, v.a. '^j^ - (A-l)^

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ILp JjJi,


Circassian. HjIjJ^ sheeld^y

> y . O shilley yej-yd-ooriz ^^iiJ^jJ^ sheen^yhsh jj^ shiz, j^^ sheez aj.^ sheehzey U tsdh ts4h& peesee ep -f IfcU? tsahey zeem6r yjb^jk^a sab^roozey jJbl*-5U-tf tseppdshoo^hz IGujju^ ts^peezy^gd o o tzepehzdnsh, zdhpeyzddehey ,^ tz6kh. ^ tzir o ts'shdghd, skhdner IsUa^ ts'shghdgd Ic^dilutf ts-shdghd t8'shey-p6a^ s-sh^h f6ga c * a^ilL? tsghdgh^h

English. town, . parson, 9, leave, 1;. woman, . (lady, mistress) rain, . (invasion) name, . doubt, 5. faithless, a. patience, . craft, *. (cunning, slyness)

enamoured, a, danger, . (peril) faithful, a. scarce, . (rare) know, V, understand, v. measure, v, purchase, v. feel, V. (to be


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CIRGA88IAN. English. Turkish.

y jj Ju> tfi^fee bzeeyiih iLyJo^ yo zoopgodsClsh dishonourable, a. ayaricioos, a.

^0 ^

ts6kh6, kwahd tzoo rat, .

tzook, tzick, tseegoodet little, a. orf v_^j^ tsooneb <U<U teeypey exercise, . (practice) person, .

ts^yfd, te^pa, teheehl^y people, . jU- _ ^^ImJ\ ^ tsoo, ^ tsee cloak, z. <Uya.4

Ijuxtf tsee-pkd certain, tz. i^SfO JjjjjX^ tseereeshoh

take, v. J4^ . IL t^kh cover, tf.flr. ^jj^ b ^^IL tilkhiiy.ya fever, . (ague) u-1 ^uijlL tdzt-gbd-ghey swear, f>, (to take an oath) cJ^J u:K: ^\L tdskh

tlLt./ tdtshee ^uma rokhiin untie, V. ^^ Ubjflt tdghez-ydghd bin, .

jjjloj ^U? Tdm Keeglidz6 Creator, %, (God) u^'^l;:'. ^iL tdhmeh aboulder, . >.^ tameelishk^ tdmooshk want, B, (nothing) ipa

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Circassian. English. Turkish. aCAui^li? tamislikey ** meagre^ .

ia^JuiuJjblL t^teesh^nsht breakfast, r.n. J^^ ^y^ / y^lL tdhkoom ear, . jV / J^flL tdhkoom * ears, s. >^y iUt tpey fifth, a. ^?^ iJUst tpey five, a. {j**-> iUjUi tkhdbshey buy, v./jr. J-^^ ^y^ uJi^ui tkMrdf

Tuesday, s. J^^ tkh^mish-deni-t6h-kAyet ever J^jj^ -^ tkhoo fresh butter, . ^V. ?/ tkhd, tkhoo-t^tsh butter, 8.

J^^yd^ tkhdg6sh grease, . ^V.ufjl-'

sulphur, 8. o;/ tkhoy-seeshd ghd, k^kdsh consolation, . J-tS/b ir^ji? ted-rey pdg

whither, ck^. "i*/ iUbliJ? ter-rdhrey which, rel, pron. i.S^**^ lii^&zoo, w6z-ney z6kho8hee *, i t6r-sher Balance, a. (a pair of scales; the difference of an accoant) of us

JbUjii? terrogasher from us, ab. c. ^Jjt - ^^y.

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UJb ^


Circassian. English. Turkish.

aj, tr61i dig, v.a. U^J^ - &*'} jt*jj^ tejreesher we ourselves


us, 'pron,, ace, case

^y. -^ o o IjJuJ? t^s-dzdh subscribe, v.

JJ.U,1 UJj tshAh j^luJb tsh&ee do, V. (to act anything, either good or bad) river, s. J^.

yL)JUJ? tshaeesher rivers, .

mellow, a. (tender

d^'^ys'shahbey, tshdbey boiled)

Af-X tsbdkli wheaten bread

V9 o o tshdkh zkh^sheyree baker, s.

.^^ O > y O O

bread, .

o^^ tsh&khii, tshoaykh

UUi tshdkd slipper, s.

^^k ijiLii? tshAkwey writer, s.

v^=FCJ^^T ,^l^ {^^.t^-} barber, *. . /J ^^**j\ .ss-j skhoo eepsee *

UIaL tshdM evening, s.

^\ ao^U^.V, tsh&khey oats, 8.

i_J^y U^ UL!LL tshdhd sl6gha dream, s. ^.v

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yHjJO ._ ;J*i^





^ o o

tsh'khi yookoorom yookashee peym&tsh tsh'kha sheegoo-d yookSshee peym&tsh ^j]^^ tshejrddsh tsheetlum weemorokhneb JUaL tsheyghil Jju.^ tshey-mil tshey-mil bzouy-g iUjLui? tshen-ney j^l^-ijuL tshoodn 2^1 juLkL tshoo-ey ^[jjLaI? tshoo-ez-zeh ^^uL tshoopen j^ Jj J juaL tshoozeel pen UjjlkL tshogkd iSyLL tsh6gha J Ijuul? tshool x^AjL tshoo VOL. VI.

scal]| .

aim, . (end, design) crown, 5. (the top of the head)

pomp, 8. (magnificence) thank, v.

noon, 8. beef, 8. tongue, 8, goat, 8. covering, s, (anything that covers) ox, 8. perhaps, ad, drive, v, pregnant, a. writing, s, putrid, a. (corrupt) paper, s, button, s. (a knob for the fastenmg of clothes)

i>^- u^V




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^^ ^mujjff I yMjff


ClBOASSIAN. English. Turkish. >!;>r^{S} list, .

tc.lji ay^ tsbey gate, .

^ <L^t tsbey court, .


fat, OP. (greasy)


A&i, tshey door, .


prescription, .

V'J-i^ (Xi,^ tishfelit eat, V.

ciA^ A}1 ^oir^ tshfelin ooney \ytv}^ tshee-ydh property, a. (fortune, power) sleep, V. cJXt ~ JU o v^^ooJLt tebeeb back, . <tijl

- '^-r,-^ u-^^juii? tsheep tshee count, v.

J^.U .UJoiJ? tsheepey debt, a.

^^J^ ajuul^t tsheepey plan, .

r-^ tsheebkh, tsbee-ydkh sister, .

cP^'^/J^ j-)guuL tsheerok potato, .

er-\i^y. i}^.^Ji^ t8hee-8h6hzu

remove, v.

J^\j\ (^Uv-^i^ taheetleb receipt, . ,

^:>A^j\ .00 a;S JkiLc^lr tshit-Iem ghey about, 'prep. ^j/ JiiliU > ^ ^ tsbit-ley ookoodshook address, . (a direction) note, . (ticket, baiet)

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Circassian. English. Turkish. tshit-Iish, oppoo important^ a.

^l ^l ftsheetlee) T=^^ J^ [ tzigh 1 bill of exchange^ . cavern^ s.

i^.xiA) tsheeley continent, a. (land not disjoined by the sea from other lands) land, 8. (country) ,J5 t, o winter, s. (jJJi tsheemahf^ djihi

tsheen&hdtshit tzick

youngest brother ^loy cU-/ ^^, i.^U tsheehshey far, a. (distant) j!^.^ ^jJujoiJ? tsheehley empire, . c^Af j^^'^.^C^r^} husband's brother's wife) i^j/ ^j^Uat ts&ee-pey artery, $, >*Li, ^^ ^jX^ tseypee bzegh sin, 8, *U^

abridge, v.a. fj;;J^!l.^

j yj^ tzoghq damage, 8. ^ ^j zeyshee, JUat teey fish, 8. c?5V JUat tsey step, 8. ^.1 1 ^ 1 iUat tsey 1 ten, a. ^,^ 4^ tsey tooth, 8. ^jSaJ jLkjJ^ tseepey sWr meii,nom.ca8e,pL >.jT


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311, __^ cl

Circassian. English. Turkish. aliLV.^ teinney raw, a. C^ - cV iI^'i,^,uL{t$tf} sunset, . ^^I>U j^^ ^J irjjj <j^^ twin, a. /' tgh6ree keezej dil-poh

j^ tghok couple, s. (a pair) ^ tkoo second, a. .^J iU*bit tldpihshey pride, *. (haughtineae) ,> U.1L. tlfikhd thigh, s. o^

courage, 8. CL^LjlCJtlikhoob kh&ded

toe, 9. Ls^ji jy

^^ tldhshey UIL tldghd lilt tldghd Ult tldghd Uit tldghd ^it tl^hoo yit tldkd ^ tl&hkey ^^^<^jit tlouy-ush tlouy-wey, tlouy-ghdy ^^^ IL tldhb ghep

lame, a, near, a. dead, a. duck, 8. late, a. (deceased) loud, a. foot, 8. feet, . sort, . (genus, kind, species) staircase, s. wager, .

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^jiJJp tlesh o o o <U*l-i (Ail? tl^sb sbdhpey <UJlill> tlegudnshey ,UJ\ilt tleygudnshey tlem beezey goos shkheyreb gwey Demtsheerem yoh oob tehee o \\ jlL tloh dz j^AL tlookhooz ^JJj, tlookhoon Ujl ^jii? tloosh-dglid UjlL tlogbd o jUJlL tlohghdz o y^\ ^AL tlohghee-eehzey t/*nily^^ ^-^-^-^ {oozeerehsj tAi^ J^ {j^} ^)^ tlouy-ish tlee-ish

angratefal, a. sharp, a. Tehement, a. strong, a. anger, . flat, . (a level) knee, a* examination, .



law, a. (rule) bold, a. seek, V, (to search) healing, a. power,*, (violence, force) ^ punishment, a. grudge, 5. limbs, . (members of a society) third, 9. (tierce, a third of the night) manifold, a.

- uy>^

hi'^ jly*^

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Circassian. English. Turkish. ^^ ^j^ tlouy-ghoon visible, a. yj^ ^ji ur/iL tlouy fihsh creature, . JjUy* ji=^ ^j3 ^ tldh louy number, . ^iiOi tley o rule, . !/*^ - uy^ 4lJ tley fourth, a. Ls^'>;^'^ ^ tley

four, a. e.^_,o cr^ait tleyp^t stockings, s. ^W tley-deymook ps^s-dey maid, . ^ (jjcJubJj <dl? tley z&nsh courteous,^, (civil, polite) -J^**^ - v>^ tlaysee, seekhless year, . **- - Ji Ji^ tlehsh cruel, a. f"^ tley tsogh rokhoo-d old age

Ji^\jj^^\L tlekdrkdgh6sh godfather, s. ^JlcUp if^Jbl 11? ^^ ait tie g&bzti tld 4hze poet,. ^U,

wipe, V. ,uU^a^ tley-nkh6 party, . i-J^ ij^y^ <JU ^ tley-yey-soos married woman, . ^jy^ j!jl <Li>JjUjdL> tleeb&ndshey knees, s. Ji^ t^J^JJ? tleeded manly, a.

Jj- - J^^t

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^mj]^ tleeshee ^UjuJajdl? tleetsh-ydn T^^it tleequA jyaj ^Jit tlee yejbook tleygdp, tleey-eyk&p" ^ buL tenbd <L^ bud? t6nb4-p6z-shey yaioj Ijud? tenba petz6 ^Jini2fyJ^ topoo-dshee tooza shooghoo, shony-oo jlj^LuL* s'shou-oo ^jJ?J? tAteen (jjujLuijL toghsahbs ^Ift^ toghno JjijL toghoozoo cJji^ tooghok t'hdh, tozghdghey


crown, s. (a diadem worn on the heads of Sovereigns) red, a, valiant, a. (brave)

discourse, s. (conversation) ancle, 8. calf, 8, (thick part of the leg) defence, . (prohibition) defend, v. testament, s. (the last will) artiller3rman, s, rest, V, (to lie down) honey, 8,

tobacco, 8, thief, 8. neighbour, s, worm, 8, fork, . oath, 5.



CJs^ut jUaJ

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CJjj^ ^U<^ oJ^l? t'hddee keygh^o soreek sS^ t^h-doo-ey ^<d? teyroo J^ teyhz teyt&dish khdgoo-d o J^\,i^ tehgha-tlesh ,^ aijUl? teedtey rfiookh

teedteys zood shoghdr sookeeusht teebsowy fetshun o c c su6bshin f6bso fetshun ,^jj^ tib-kho J j^sCuL teepkhdr^l ,UJsl? teepey V ^ i^*j^jj]:> teerkoo-bzegh ui^-v'U J? tee zihpet L>l>ilxL> teezeypdt teezee-yeh padeeshdh

God (Creator of the Universe)

where, ad, we, pron. reside, v. to us beam, . paternal aunt, 8, revenge, .

otherwise ad, (else)

wife's sister nephew, s. necessary, a. (needful) Turkish, a. together, ad, (equal) with, prep. province, .


A>^ - or'

h'^ ^j^

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uJl^ ..^;uuJd? civ

Circassian. English. Turkish. lu^ tees seat, V. J^J^j' u%^^ {^I^SD gulf, 8. Ji^/

silver, s. lA/ teesheen, tish-ney

ujjLl titf five hundred, a. Jji u^ l^j y J^ {'irj five hundred and one, a. yjy. u^

Jjliijj? teekad^y judge, S. ^^ ^iUUj tilmdsh interpreter, s. o^y ^14, teemdl-kh6 son-in-law, s. /i/

^Iv^jxl? teehbzey value, $, u:-^ JaAjL\ ^Li^jd? teehshey-isht breakfast, s. ja\ ^^ a;.^^! iUc ^feh shemeh devotion, . c^jb^

Jibli ghad-8hl

hide, V. (to conceal) j-JiU j\J: gMr slave, s. ^^ '^/^>{*J1.T} intercourse, s. uJl>

C^jU U-oU ghaspd Mdet low, a, (inferior, iguoble) J^^

:rJu-U ghdsdey light, V. (to kindle) J^. Lmu-jU gh^a learn, v. ^y^'

iUuV^U gh&tshey

spring, 5. j^ ^>u3v. - ^^.o"^^ show, V, Cl^^j^ ghatlou-00, y&z-gh^trloo-yee

^ ajilsU ghdf^bey warm, v. J^^^


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j\3 (^U





ghkyrei zts^mitsli o o * /t.*.,^'? .LA gho-oo-tzsheh C-?JuujAr ghobesh-det ghootshooghoon, tleb-z&n ^jyu^ ghoos, j^ ghooz Li^ ghooshd

Jgh6 shiiz) \ rokhM J

ijjj^^ ghootshej JtJjji ghotshee J^i gliogool6h A^fti ghiimu ^jijj joghon, ^y ghon <U*U ftli-bej U^ IjjIs fdeedd tsoghd ji fedd ^JuUU^ feymdlitshdej cj^jU k&b-zep

take off, 1^. regiment, 5. nail, 8, (on fingers and toes) dry, a. (arid) surprise, v. (to be troubled, to become confused) pale, a. iron, 8, course, . (run)

post, s. thick, a. (large, stout) comer, . (angle, nook) wait, V. heat, . advantage, s. resembling, part, pres. tree, . limb, . sponge, 8, dirty, a.

jW? ^^ ^V V

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' L^\j


Circassian. English. Turkish. ^jj^i kdhbzey clean, a. V

- >" U^U ibU kdbld-mdhmd mariner's compass

v^ [^ya JylS kdbooloo tzogha accept, v.a. O-rl J^ --ixOjlS kab-leyshee south, .

<L5 j^jU^U ka-kha-zik fleet, .

<l^Ujy jjJIsLU k4kh&neez mast, s.

(JjO ..^Ut .^.U kdrdrpltzoo promise, v.

CA;Cil j\;i\ jU kdz goose, .

J^" ^Ull -LU k^fc sh&hbtey bachelor, .

J^ yJltU kdtl^ho ram, .

SJ^ kaMey, woot-keebz cleft, 8. (scratch, flaw) castle, 8. (lock)

/jiybJU killeednoosh frigate, .


Ji\i kdleye tin, 8.

^15 k&nghey^ tsh&nkey egg, .

^j<: ISjliuii k&hatl6ka rudder, .

U^J*^ /wijl* UU kdhd woors anchor, & <-Cr'> .2A4 jj^Jo<UsIS kehtzey-peehah wheat, . u^^ ^ u^f^T i'^ ket-tet

Jui kettoo rough, a. (not smooth) cat, s.

it 2

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V cr^ clviii

Circassian. English. Turkish.

secret, a. (secretly) ^> koos-khd^ koosrd island, $. ^1 ^-llaS ket-shee bumble, a.

j^' jye k ghooz unbandy, a. (unskilful, awkward) Ui key-feem, key-peem smell, V, 0^>i ii kdUem pen, . r^ ^y;.j.k.'A3 kenp6khookb can, v,n. (to be able) tAj^ j^ rtjjj kleeh, ^ kleb bk>od, 8. u^ ku&tsher feymatsh reykh6h sight, 8. SjAl iZJyi

L^\ ^J^(JLj\ii knAtahee ep ^y kobzey taste, 8. (tbe act of tasting) sow, 8, (a pig)

J^ kutey snuff-box, 8. LS=i^ i^l Ijy k6da oogh torrent, 8. J^^j^ by k6da gheps stream, . <>j' ^bj,y koorban sacrifice, . uk/ -JiU^jJi koozkhdsh plain, . J <JjuX>lj(y kd-laeegheyshey

fountains, 8, J"^^ 4liy k61^eeghey fountain, 8. V <H^ J koo l&gbey valley, 8. *;0 Ji^ k61dee easy, a. U^V

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>i^__ s^


Circassian. English. Turkish.

i^y kdh pig, .

ifJi kooh deep, a.

<^J^ koohb 8b6 '8^n6r embarrassment, 5.

C)iL)wsjJb <^j\j^Jj koo-hab-hey prow, s. J/ciJs4 i^d^ koobdee draw^ V.

V Jby kweybn pasture, v.

cUj/ ztLflAi^* kebseb jUiO* key-gbdz ^^ kdhway operation, . (effect) turn, V. (to alter, to be spoiled) coffee, 5. >1 - J* u 4i^^ {'^-t/} set oat, V. CLX^j Aj]^ aJLi -JO kir shey-y6h rust, 8.

t^\ Ujo keey^b tale, .

OjJ ^i^ kdttey train, s. (rear, taU)

fowl, s. (a hen) o>-

. 1^ k&kb bring, v. a.

C3v.^ kdkbd, kabadet long, a.

c:yjj^ iL^-jtJyi-l^ kdkhoonsht cease, v.

o^ <1ftbl^ kiddsh^ form, 5. (^ _ ^u y^jl^ kdztsbo ^4^ kdhkooyey at, p?'ep. (near to, in, by, on)

come, ?.

iJuwb c^j;^!^ kdboogb^sht future, a.


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ClBVASSIAN. English. Turkish. 4^ kdeeghey command, v.a.


book, . c^U^ .

. 4)ULaJ keetdb, tshit-lish

AM.y)\j^ keer&bshej interest, s.

!/ ^'jX koobzoo yo j^ koppoo j^JJj^ kooddee prudent, <7. (wise, discreet) matter, . (affair, thing) suffer, V, ^^...U. A iLjuj pshdh, \r.,V^ kootshd bone, .

ciU A^X kotzey grain, . (com)

^Ijuw ^J^ kofeer bridge, .

^y./ C^r^S koomrook toU, %, (custom)

cV jl ^Li*^^^ goohsb^h dz fame, k. u^ - r^ \i J:J\ ^X kouy eehshooyd awake, a.

cPVj^ k^htsbey, gbds&gb6det short, a. L5^^

.. <l^ ^Lj ps&hrey

<U^ keysey track, 6, (trace)

y' kaysbey, tsbeytsbee night, 9.

^ kee-eebn, koo-eebn trouble, . (pains)

c:-vr)j v_Q><?' kehf humour, .

cjj^ j^^ kiss purse, .


punish, v. (^^K ^JOAfi-

gdtshd-ooz speykhoo

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^\f gdnn c-^j J^ gheydoob g6hsli6h, oobtshdhtey \S^*^t^ J^ \shee-imineej ^^ goobzegh ^r^jjS goobzey IXuLjj^ goobshiz }2muJJmJ^ goobshist jjjgjtj 4^ goobsheez

, X *#

j\ i^U J^ good shouy-00 jljjjf goorzoo o o Xy^j^ gooz-shw^y \j^^ gooshd Li^gooshd U**^y gooknetsh iJUjS gweehsbey ^gbey

shirt, . fur, . distribute, v,a.

little, a. (insignificant, unimportant)

understanding, s. (intellect, reason) manner,. 8. sense, . care, 8. understanding, 9, thought, idea, reflection) compassion, $, judicious, a. (prudent) laughter, s, niiddle,* (centre) history, s. (story) speech, . silent, a, jejune, a. (empty)

parcel, . weeping, .


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Circassian. English. Turkish. i^\ eg, af ghey heart, 5. ^jH ghezoo gh&det, dz^hsh gheygher tkhd ghw^hr J^y^^ geymoosh camp, $. (the order oftents for soldiers) voluptuousness, . spoon, s.

^. ^ghee-yogh play, V.

d^^J 4*^ ^ghee-yogh [See the word ^,.f\ UjliS Idghdz-sha play, *. (game) roast meat, s.

^^\ iU>*j( I6hshey6b preferable, a. Uj-as;^ ^ leb-sey broth, g. LSiJ^^^ U-. *^a) I6h-Dist scissors, 8. t/a^ Jij looWk ^Jo^ leyhpney ^ ley, J lee pipe, s, (to smoke tobacco) light, *. (a spark offtre) meat, s.

\4-i)JjJ liz-shood

boiled meat, *. cy^ iju^j^ iAjJ lish old man, . jUii-1 ^(r-y G<l:, sh^hkey, ^ lim ^j\U m&-dt-hee goods, *. (merchandize) moon, 8. ^UU _ JU zeysahzey washoomshey dance, v. cXrP jy^ <ULwjU mahbskey sneezing, s. <u^^

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b[^ -.,-. L^[^


CiROABSIAN. English. TUSKISH. aiCu)U mdpsgliey jump, V, ci^irr* T/L. w^u {-/45f } enquire, r. (to ask after) . jil;^U^L4-i*jU mddshokhoond almost, ad. ^jjujl

slow, a. tpw m^hcLshej; mdhbiir

^IjU maz&-togh sunbeams, %. Ji/. -' ^

needle-merchant, . ^^1 jy L5***^ mdsee nok half moon ^< (V^- ' ^kiU mdhsht-hd fear, . (dread, fright) A?^ iJLlt^ mahshey comb, . J]>

Saturday, . ^^^^^ U-*.5jfU y^go, ^U mdgo go, V. CJ^ L^U magoo-dh going, . (walk)


day, *. Vii/ mdhpey, midfey

iUJ^U mdhtshey softly, ad. tPV o (gently)

i^J^U mdhtshey write, V. J^jk

fire, *. j^^\ _ ^/gJt mdhzwd, m^-asey

^^_^U ^arU

month, B, *U - J\ mdhzey^ m&hsee

Udyj^U mdhstd needle, . iU^\ 4^3^ ^t mdhshtey frighten, v.a. cK,^1 ault.L^U mdhtshey tame, a. tPW. - <:?^' VOL. VI.


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u:.X ^U


Circassian. English. Turkish. <U^^U mdhtshej few, a. (a small number) sound, .

mahnoo^ mahnee often, ac?. */ o^ - <i<Ujc^ m^hbsey false, a. u^. ^j'^{^^) look at me ! irderj. ci^ '^ j^UjJ^ meyd^z-ghd&z since, ac?. -2/ U^ <JLlX m6d6hshey

murrey, murrey there, ad, (here, hither) . the, aH,

{^jy4 merkeb ink, . v^^ m^z&hshe, atsliiler-bo-mezdhehe dark, a. (dusky, obscure)

mevB&shey, in6zkhsh6 o ^ o o darkness, . J?/]/ - J^l/ m^sh^^dshndt, tleyn<%li against, 'prep. >V "^-J^ - ^-Z AVi^ metkoo drop, . , -^ metlouy eedshee neinshoo

gender, . (race) ("^^ C/*^^ mltn^fer, tsefer zo^hd better, a, (superior) -^-yJ ^l|,\fi^ mIfMashey fair, a. (weather) iy^c?ri

favourable wind ^y e.j;L* mekteb school, 5. i .;;:.

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J<t ^^^S^/%





^J\j\ LiX m^giisha drdrd ^uX meghee-kee o jtLil^ ineylaiksher JLjUl^ monaster meyndlitey ket-shej pey-s&tsh <IC^^ muhbkey ^ilj ^j^ moozey d^shey iU*^ mushey *,j,^ moo-shee l^^ mogha iUuil*^ mdkshey ^y^ moon j^j^ miihiir !^ ^? ^'j - ^jjj' ccjt. mony ^z^j^ wdt-wee ghood mongub shuhzey meydoony& drdeylee ^^^JiU mehd^hshey

joy,.(joy^ttlness, pleasure) thing, . keep, v.a. angels, . angel, b, convent, 5. (a religious house) forehead, . believe, v,

precious stone, . stone, %. of this year (the current) meadow, . thousand, a. seal, 9. ache, . (smart, pain) thought, B. world, . here, ad.

- ufA X 2

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Jj^ J<u


ClBCASSIAN. English. Turkish. s^\J^^ mejzdhwey moonlight, .

c-^UibU ^a^ raeyzee, >jiU rnkhze forest, s. J^J3^ meyzey wdh-heeyey-bzdghey rage, . (fury) u^y^ - j!j^ jj^^ meyzee mountaiD, s. t^ ^^ meyzzey jUiU meyshdk desert, 8. (wilderness) labourer, .

a^^ m^yshey seed, 8. C^ juJbU raeyghootsher linen, s. ^_yiU>>-

j^^^ m6hfok Thursday, *. -4^^. alJiU mey-lley sheep, 8, c>yj JjJ^ mey-ia mutton, 8. J^ u)^ jjbtU meyhiir signature, . \^\ ^^..La^ ^^Li;^ sketch,*, (a rough draught) KJyu^ meez6ghdg{in seeneesht^b moghdfer

i>iLss*J^ mis-klidT6sh derision, .

jJ;iU^ meeshfdf psheeghey therefore, ad.{f ot this reason) ^^1 CJJ^ ^^j^ meeshoo smell, 8, (scent) yyy^ Jj^ mil mile, 8, J^o AJj^ nul-lee, Jjjt* millel ice, . jy

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English. Turkish. meeraag fey-yoo-ghoob unwell, a. ^\yt Axuuf^ c-^y^ pay-y6ghob

^yu^ meenoosh three thousand, a. c^Ju.^ meenootp five thousand CXjJ (JiJ ^ Ju^ meenootk two thousand ^. J^} Jt Jlx** meenootl four thousand cLj CI^jjJ

.u.# meenee eight thousand

JjuJu^ meeneebl seven thousand cJoj tJJJ ftjuuu^ meeneebookb nine thousand A A ^^jjXX* meenikh six thousand CXw ^^ i m ^'vif v-f meehshish from, of, prep. u-^ aJaJUc^ mee-ye-t6 gift, s. jCm. o ^ y U4-ijU-U ndkhdz-shogha pray, v. (the prayer

which the Mookhinoidans have to say five times a day) J^- JW ^^^U naseb luck, 8. (fortune, happiness) ^U? (J:-<aE? y^v3^y^ *-r^^ council, 8, (counsel) _ t;;.^^ nahsib yoo-6r6kho S;jlA^ ^JLJ^^L^ b'eye-oorokho

., " \ M. f ndfeeloo 1 ^jy-i; J^^ i rokhoo-d ] gratis, ad. ^ykjU _ <dU ^.^^ ^U n&h ptsey eyebrows, 8. U^^

JO^U nahpey surface, . J*". c^jUtf^U ndhseeb fate, 8. cijUj

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^ ii\j


Circassian. English. Turkish. ijjjbli ndhsh meloD^ jf. U3^ aJb^U n&hshey across, ad, (obliquely) to-day, .

aJiJj n^dshey blow, s. cAy' Ji) J n^hreef^l spectacles, . eUj/ 4juuu*J nes-shu blind, a. ^/ ^jw n^hsin enough, a. (sufficient) >;i a..^.^,; net-shey empty, a. cPj^ n^frlzo, n^pr^zo early, a. JJ^ Ksjali nef-ney light, 8. (clearness)

i^<^} nek kher kleesheeedey cheeks, . J^^. if\Jj nekw^h ybJ^j^ n^mtshoohz away, ocf. (absent; 1>egone; let us go) common, a.

nimtsheeret shil foreign country uW ^iS^^ nem-tsheedjey German, a. '^v*' nemtsheereh f^kum k'eye-key German, s. v" nlmsdhsin b6dz zey6gh6shey chaste, a. (pure)

^^ nem k6tzoor 4dey eyelid, . l/v^ J/

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^ \y


Circassian. English. Turkish. y^\y noo-ey-soo old woman, .

^y ^jMjby>^y ii6kli6sh countryman, .

uCrr^ U-l^ \jy [sy troop, . (bost)

^jy^ - cJJ^ nooka-nooka-bo-gdkhd

\Aiby noohkd half, 5.

r-^V P^ - lA'^j^ yesterday

UJ^ nowy-oosh, toghaz

^^^ v-j^^fLo Ujl? togha s6n6heb day before yesterday, 8, c/i)'

v-jUUjt cA>Jc^l3 Sunday, .

J^ h\ nouy-ish tkh&-mdf

ci^^lfU l::^j^^Ij grace, . (favour)

^v\ nowysht khfigdsht

lAm^jU Jjt,jl} day after to-mor^J^jl ^'^ wwV. nowy-shel noosh-mish WW, 8,


^jio^^rli L^^U

n&hsheb n4sh-mish

L*jJbc--y ^^jU proof, .

^>r nouy koobsheesd

- '

eye, .

j/ ^ujaj neypsee tear, .

.^V.j/ ^^j^juIj aj ney psheerer witcbcraft, d. fto use] <j^^ j/ o


void, a. (empty, idle)

tPy ^J^ neydsbee hungry, a.

tr' j^^j<0 neydsbee hunger, .


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Ji\^ (^*j


CmOASSIAN. English. Turkish. j^^ju^aj Dehsheeboog cucumber, .

^\:^=^ j^nehk cheek, .

J^ fcmiU^ n^hmtshir \ ^ ^\ ' |nee-6het\ save, ad. excepting) intention, b.

L*j^.*^jjo nib-sheesh^ iJ^iXyJLyjJ neebsheedshey fresh, a. (brisk,

vigorous) young, a.

iijJij^ neebsheeghey never, acZ.

/^ 1^ <ij^^*jaj nib-shee-yey eternity, .

duJj^ Ksj:.) neebey belly, .

U.^ ajjj neebey tripe, 5.

4^aC>^ neebinsb, neez&btsee ' navel, .

cX./ \qj neemd step-daughter, 5.

c^^ ^^ nivsh ^* v^^i^ Jneev-Tsbeed-l ^^^^^ 1 shey i life, 5. wet, a.

^ u^^. j\, w&r saddle, .

yy o straw, .

- u^ wasbSlibshey, woz shdbshey wasshoohey, wahsey cloud, . heaven, .

ai^lj w&bsey price, .

^ ^1^ . ^Ij rain, 8.

Jy4^. washgbey, wdsheh

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J^^ uPl^


Circassian. English/ Turkish. >^i '^'i {t:^}

rain, f^. J^J^ ^JULilJ wftsheeder deW; . V jljlj voo-oh ah! alas! tn^. ^^3 woo-dh-see, wejrfsee snow, <. J^ jjj ^ jlj woh-ee-sher of thee i^X)^ j^lj wood weak, a. cPV. \^j^\^ wdrfighd from thee, ah, c. ^,jj-.

<*i!^lj wdhree thee, pron. U5*ijfyljl w6hree yon, accus, nose u^ <Ub Jjlj wdzbdhney Ulkljlj wostdghd storm, . (rainy weather) candle, . (taper)

<U^1) wAsey this, pron.,rk)i.c. ^ ^^^tj wosh^kir bed,*. cX&jj ^^^^^jo-l^lj wdh-ships rain-water, s. ^r-j>^ t'i^'y^ ;ij {ri^-}

astonished, to be j^li Jju^jlj wootkeebz lock, V. >^ y^^^ wootzoo salve, s. (a plaster) rv^ <Uil?jlj wootzey pavement, s. rv^ - cj^"^ a-<3ly1j wootzey pill, 8. ^ y^Gjlj woo-key-n6r compose, v,a. i^X^\ cJlli

fort, 8, jtd>.


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jb j'j


Circassian. English. Turkish. JSa^jlj woo-ney-6h6r houses, 8. >^ ^^1j w6h-y6r toyott ? yJi "^^^-y^^ to thee \L ^elj w6hyem from you, 6. c. U)"^

grey, a, (hoary) CJ/ _y wjlhdH ghdtl^kh6 l% b6tlapgd dear, a. j!l^ ^U-i slioo^y, ^^j wdh air, s. 1^ ^^)j wdhb^y lukewarm, a. J?*!::' wdhtshey, quadshey jg wdd power, B. (strength) thin, a, (lean)

j-t^'^..j^jLjL^.^j w^dufiheenisht ^^UjJ 2;;^ weyrey doghdn fall, V, sing, t;.

^j. wez-shoo

weather, s. ^^.

w^staghd tdghdndp candlestick, s. able, a. (apt, fit) ^1 w^tsbooz, edfihooz body, . w/ - c;'" leeghfinee shor^ sho-^y-00

^,2,^ weyroo thou, pron. cT*

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^U 2rj




^}fj wayhee UJIai wit-loghd ^^^-'^Jli^J weegoozw^nsht sj^j weegoozay JjU hdbloo L^r- r-^^ \ shoosh J ^^^Jlt ^ tley tl&khsh l^^-ljU hddsheegd f^^plib hddeygho 4...^ ^4y, ^/s^W ^ jU O hddem n^mtsheere shoghon shib ghatleomey rekhon o ^jIu-ALU tatsh^sh ^UU ajUU hdm^pey, ghdmifey iJUluJbiib h^htsh^ J Lj '^U b^n zekhreer


yes, ad. dignity, s. ridiculous^ a. laugh, tf. moth, < pifgrimage, . dwarf, . dwelling, 8. flour, . (the fine part of ground wheat) death, s. alter, V. (to change)

treasure, s. east, 8, room, 8, summer, s.

foreign, a. (exotic, strange) carrier, . (one who carries)





LS-^J^ u/



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t!i Uft clxxiy

GiBCASSIAN. English. TuRinsH. o h'khd, m^giishej carry, v. (to convey by land or water) speedy, a.

JJ^ h6gh-ded already, ad. u^ ^U^ <UjLj\J ifjj^ pogh^hee c '^v.vjb h^gheeb ready money till, ad. (until)

o ^Jb h6gh-ghee h^giieesee shoosht now, ad. (at this time) poison, s.

i^r '^^^ CsJt}

account^ v.a. cJs^l <._L.. ^1b ydh-oa push, V. tHy^ ^^\b ydh-oosh morrow, r. c;ij^. CJjJUjb y^nnilik mass, 8. (jwloi ^b ydhsh^h ashes, . J/ JpL, y&t father, . V^ -tb a-uaJsLU yateeshem yAt \ ** ** their father

^vv 4^1 yateesheerem yat their fathers his fathers

j^fctA, wahtey, ydhtey earth, s. oWl' i^L^lib yaghasht-h^ fear, v. (to be afraid of something) <>ly

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<^^. u^.


CiBCAaeiAN. English. Turkish. ^Ut teedn, ^b ydn mother^ 9. i3i

omelet, . AMjki j^l iGU iO'lj ajL ydhney ydhtey mafey in rout, . (uproar) ^/bb Ul JJbb y^tood Jew, . '^^Vi cXu^ yey-pesk pinch, 4.

JiUaju y^ptley yeyp6nde kittpdghe behold, tr.a. (to look upon) sermon, 9,

<OLju yeytdhney after, />r^. *J^1 - i>/ iU) yett^b

give, V. <^jrfj ^Ulfii^jj yed khdneh again, a<f. ^1/^" JUjjjSi^ yedzeesho enemy, . cr^'i yLjju y^deesho fall, 5. (>-ijj o ^ J y6rmeyley subject, *. v^^ ^^^ y^z^kh choose, V, v'i^r9 U^^ijil yee-zooshun fill, tf.a.

j-j^> yeyzogha sepleenisht cost, v.n. cK^'J y^hsesh, mdnim beer, . *^. yeshghd, zeghashghd student, . ^^/j! . c^lL ^IjlClj yeshgdwah envy, 5. ^/

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<U i. 4MJ



^yL> yesh-wey Jij. ylhshee c

olJblAk) yet shdhsh j^^ yit-sbe ik(ik> yetl^rkey '' ^ * f yeyfettdee-1 ^J^.Ja^. i sfieiHley / ^l^ yegd o ^ ^ tlee-y6h, Jj yil ^^ Jj yil-yeesoosh J;,jJJLjj^ yen-sliee-resh yo-oort, shaghdzmd ^\^ yoli^n Llijj y6gh&ss& iUJo /5J yugopeesey (Fr. ^ yee yeehpdboosh, tshakazey



drink, v. own, a. (self) again, ad. (more) how niiicB burden, . pain, s, saints, 8. application, 5. (industry) husband, 8, family, . Janissary, . q^uestion, . (interrogation)

cartilage, 8. cudgel, V, (to cane, to beat) spice, 8, profession,*, (handicraft) beat,v. (to strike) eight, a, shoemaker, 8,



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Ixiij yeypeeghoo IfiLaj yeykhd AmJjsj yeehtshey . jjaj yayd6h ^j^j yeyzeyghey yee-zey-roo-khoo, yeehz tviv^ yeyhstd ii-ff t yehs^n .Ujaju yeetsLey auiJjiO yeylitsey yeyteen^r, steezooshd ^^ yeehk6h a^tb y^tghey

<)tj yeeh mep

*5^AJa yish-wdh


sting, t?. generally, ad. load, . (burden, charge) hear, v. (kearken) accommodate, v.a. (one*8 self to circumstances) full, a, (replete, stored) drawing, s. accustom, v. a. overthrow, v, cipher, . (the character (0) in numbering; the initials of a person^s name) pay, V, passport, s, read, v. lay, V. absent, a.

useful, a. pious, a. themselves, /?ron., pi.



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0-v>D /^A

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