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Name: Date: FINAL TEST TOP NOTCH UNIT I II III + Free Topics Contenido a Acreditar: o Reconocimiento de estructuras gramaticales

cales dentro de una contextualizacion. o Comprension de textos escritos o Reconocimiento del vocabulario dentro de un contexto especifico o
1 Look at the picture: 2- Write a questions for each answer (10m) 1 - A : B: They are my brother and sister in law 2 - A : B: Their names are Johan and Marcello. 3 - A : B: Mexico 4 - A : B: He is an interpreter of an international Company 5- A : B: She is a flight attendant 6- A : B: He is 8 years old 7 - A : B: She is 10 years old 3- Write the corresponding INFORMATION in the chart: (10m) PICTURE A


3- Write the corresponding subject pronoun or possessive adjective in the gaps: (10m) 1. I'm George and Anne is sister. 2. This is Anne with dog. We're Mary and Pam .Tom and Liz are 9. cousins. 4. How old is grandfather? 5. Look! is my uncle Sam. 6. This is Susan with brother Robert. 7. . 's Susans brother. 8. Look at this bird. What's name? Here are my friends with children, Robin and Anna. 10. Jennifers father is a teacher. is very friendly, and hardworking too.


3- Choose the correct response: Circle the correct one (5m)

4- Make sentences using the possessive case for each drwing (10m)

5 Complete the following states and relationships: (10m) o o o o o o o o o o My sisters boyfriend is mybrother in law My grandparents are my fathers My aunts children are.. My husband is dead, I am They are huband and wife, so they are. They are not huband and wife anymore, so they are. My sons sister is my My sisters son is my. My sisterss husband is my.. I have no brothers or sisters, I am a ..

6- Complete with at in on . Remember sometime you may not need a preposition (10m) o o o o o o o o o o I get up 6:00. I saw the interview Christmas I don't work . the summer. She lives Main street. He always visits .. night. I finish school at 4:00 the afternoon. I saw him Sunday. He works.tomorrow He lives . 333 Main street. School starts August.

7- Read the following text :

8- Answer the following questions: (10m) o o o o Does she get up early? Is she married? Does she go to college by bicycle? What time does she have lunch? o o o What does she do after work? What does she do in the evenings? Does she go to sleep early?

9- Write about your daily routine: (Add a circumstantial or time) Remember to make it in a chronological order! (10m)
o o o o o have breakfast Wake up have dinner get up watch Tv o o o o o go to work go to sleep have lunch read the newspaper have a shower


I wake up early in the morning / at 7.00 oclock . . .. .. . ..

10- Complete the following text (5m) Susan Wolf, sheis(be) 28 and (live) in Chicago. She is short and blonde. She (study) law and she.(work) in the law department. Susan.(be not) a big movies fan, however she is a big fan of classical music. She.(go) to classical concerts and (have) lots of classical CDs. She.(like) some other kind of music, too, but she.(not like) hip hop or rock.

_______________________ 100 marks Final Grade: ___________________ . Garrido, Cinthia Teacher Funes, Jose L. Teacher