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Apr 2010 1. What is radio spectrum.

Radio spectrum it is group of consecutive frequency assigned to particular user for a purpose with emission designator , It starts from vlf i.e. ! h" to ehf i.e. 00 # h" then descri$e equipment in each $and. 2. %ypes of electromagnetic waves. Radio waves, &icro waves, Infra red, light, ultra violet, ' rays , #amma rays. (y propogation surface wave, s!y waves, space wave. . What are R)*& flight levels. *pecial )+R. Who grants it.

,. -mission designator. *hould $e a$le to e.plain each sym$ol such as A1A, A -, / -, A0W etc 1. 2. What is R%R A. What are the restriction. 34%A&*, *eries of 34%A&* and format.

5. 6+ propagation, 7ay and night frequency, s!ip distance, dead space, critical angle, critical frequency. 8. What is RA7AR, 7ifference $etween primary radar and secondary radar. Advantage disadvantage of $oth. 0. %ypes of message, priority indicator **, 77, ++, ##

10. 3autical mile, great circle, Rhum$ line, Why nautical mile is used, $ecause it is easier to calculate on chart. 1 nm is 1 minute. 11. 12. 1 . 1,. 11. 12. 15. 18. 10. 7efinition of 9ocation indicator. What does ) stand for. 7efinitions transition layer, transition level. 7ifference $etween aircraft and aeroplane. 6eight, altitude, elevation, I:A4 Anne.e 1,2,2,10 , what is anne.e for dangerous goods. 3ame and e.plain any 1 q codes. what is ;++, ;7&, ;%-. 6ow many 37( needed for a fi., Why is )4R and 7&- co located and not 7&- with anything else What is the need of selcal.

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What is the speed of electromagnetic wave, where is it fastest. A%I* freq of 7elhi. What is the international emergency freq and the need of it.

2 . Wave length to freq numerical < cm= what is this called and y is it restricted. 2,. 21.

+e$ 2010 22. 25. 28. 20. 0. 1. 2. . ,. What are A-RA7I4, AI> and its >arts, 34%A& and its series. What is the sylla$us. 6ow have you prepared. Important documents 74: ,,,,, Radio Regulation, I:A4 Anne.e, 7#:A :AR. I%? and its purpose. Radio Regulation and its volumes. R%# and R%R<A=, +ull form of R%R A 7ifference $etween telephony and telegraphy. W>:, IW% :R4 :4> Act I:A4 and anne.e, 7#:A, AAI Requirement of radio, Radio net wor! R7ARA, &AWARA %ypes of telecommunication services, %ypes of message and priority indicator, ** 77 ++ ## , what is flight safety message, :ancelling of message :ommunication procedure, +requency to use, :ommunication failure, Reciever failure, %ypes of :all sign, callsign of controllers *&: @ #round )7+ A homer etc, ?%: 7istress and urgency communication procedure . 7istress frequency, -9%, *attalite search rescue, 9?%, &::, R::


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Aeronautical $roadcast service, A%I*, )49&-% Radio navigation service ; :odes, accuracy Aeronautical information service. AI>, 34%A&, AIRA:, AI:, :AR, A-RA7I4,A7IB, 8 A7IB in india north, south, east, west, central , mum$ai, delhi, !ol!ata (riefing procedure, +IR in India ; :odes ;36, ;+-, ;3-, ;++, ;7&, ;7R, ;%-, ;?/, ;%+, ;#-, ;79, ;R&, ;+?, ;(I Why ;36 is used in vicinity of ground %ypes of airspace, A%* route are class 7 airspace Airport lighting and mar!ing >hrases, ac!nowledge, approved, cleared, maintain, report, request, say again, I say again, read$ac!, contact, changing to, monitor, roger, $rea! , $rea! $rea! , Wilco word twice, A$$reviation, hC, h2,, . >ronouncing Alpha$ets, calling num$ers. 3autical mile, great circle, Rhum$ line, 7efinition, Aeronautical fi.ed service, Aeronautical mo$ile, Aeronautical $roadcasting service, Aeronautical radio navigation service, Aeronautical fi.ed station Aircraft station, air to ground, air ground, Aerodrome elevation, Aerodrome reference point, Airmet , *igmet, Air report, Air ta.i, A%: cDearence A%: instruction, A%I*, 7AE76, &7A, -stimated Approach time, -stimated off $loc! time, -stimated time of arrival, -.pected approach time, 7ifference $etween 6eading and trac!, Altitude , 6eight, elevation, +light 9evel, %ransition altitude, %ransition 9ayer, %ransition 9evel, Rapid ta.i way, A%*, What are air traffic services ,A%* routes, &aneuvering area, movement area, prohi$ited area, restricted area, control area, control "one, aeorplane, aircraft, aerodrome, airport, simple., duple., Is mo$ile duple. (lind transmission >rimary frequency, *econdary frequency, 9ocation indicator 3otam, AI>, :AR, >reflight (ulletin >I(. %4RA, %47A 2 >rohi$ited areas. Where is it given. Rules of air, +light >lan, +light plan filling in india, 4ne hour on land 10 minutes in Air, ) for )+R, I for I+R etc & for mach num$er , + for +9 )&:, )+R, *pecial )+R, I+R , *emi circular +9, R)*& +9, 9ight signal, #round *ignal, 9ight displayed $y aircraft. Why Red on port

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-lectricityF 4hmGs 9aw, Ampere, Watt, )olt, Resistance, (( R4H #( )#W, adding in series parallel, :ells and $attery, Inductor, :apacitor, #enerator, Alternator, &otor, %ransformer, Why domestic supply is 10 6" and aircraft supply ,00 6", 4hmGs law for ac, Impedence, 6ow to calculate Impedence, 9:R circuit diagram. +requency in ac circuit, resonance. Resonance is 1E 2 pai under root 9 : Irichoffs law, 7iode, %riode. *ym$ols and 7iagram of cell, resistance, inductor, capacitor, 9:R circuit, transformer , transistor, >3> D 3>3, diode, triode, %ransmitter, %+R <tuned frequency receiver=, *uper hetrodyne reciever,. 3umericals $ased on resistance , capacitor etc. What is diode and triod. :R%, #as used in :R%. Radio theoryF Atomic structure, )alence shell, how is ac produced, What is oscillator, magnetron, cyclotron, what is electromagnetic wave, +requency spectrum )9+ to -6+ and equipments in each $and. >hase difference, polari"ation, *peed of light, refractive inde.. *peed of light does it vary yes it is more in vacuum and it is slowed down in transparent media li!e air and water the ratio $y which it is slowed is refractive inde.. %he e.act speed is 200502,18 mEsec &odulation, types of modulation, What is frequency modulation modulation depth. 7iagram, What is side $and. -mission designator of 37(, R%+, )4R, I9* 7&- -mmision designator what is 2 in A2A / - *uppressed carier used in 6+ communications as intelligence is contained in side $ands only single side $and is sent to economise on $and width Amplitude, wave length, frequency relationship, numericals $ased on it >ropogation of radio wave F *urface wave, *!y wave, *pace wave, #round wave, duct propogation. 6 + >R4>4#A%I43 *!y wave 7, -, +. 9ayer, how are 7 - + layers created . :reated $y sun rays $rea!ing o"one ions *!ip distance, 7ead *pace, :ritical angle, critical frequency, 7ay and night frequency, Range of )6+ and 6+ (loc! diagram of %ransmitter, Reciever, *uperhetrodyne receiver. ;ualities in a receiver. %riple * +, *witches in a receiver )olume control, (+4, A):, *quelch, 3oise limiter 6ow do you tune a transmitter We use a varia$le air capacitor for tuning. *ynthesi"ers are also used. &icrophone, %ypes of microphone, spea!er +ading, *elective fading. 6ow to overcome it.


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What is antennae, types of antennae, whip antennae, wire antennae, ferret rod antennae, 9oop antennae, sense antennae, para$olic antennae, 9og periodic antennae. ifference $etween antannae , ariel . Antannae is solid metal structure , ariel is wire $ased , A%?, Antannae length for 0 & 6", +actors affecting strength of signal amplification and design and orientation of antennae, *elf radiating mast is used for transmitting long and medium wave in which mast itself acts as an antennae. Atannae gain is ratio $etween radiation intensity in a given direction and that produced $y an ideal antannae which transmits in all direction. What is loop antannae with two arms used in A7+ -IR> stands for effective isotropically radiated power. it is the amount of power that a theoretical isotropical antennae would emit to produce pea! power in direction of ma.imum antannae gain. -IR> J power at transmitter A ca$le loss K antannae gain 37( wor!ing and limitation, 3ight effect )4R wor!ing , )4R, frequency of reference signal and varia$le signal, limitation of )4R , Which has got more range )4R or 37(. 7ifference $etween )4R and 37( I9* wor!ing and diagram 7rawing I9* diagram :ategory of operation, (ac! course, #lide slope off the air non precission approach 9ocali"er off the air non instrument approach #>* 9inear , 3on 9inear transmission Radar principal, %ypes of radar and their power, %ypes of Radar **R , A**R, &**R, >AR >rimary and *econdary radar, AWR, 7&-, **R, %:A*, #>W* Why tv antannae is $igger than vhf antannae more antannae gain. +R-;?-3:H (A37 4+ 6+ , )6+ A%I* +R-;?-3:H 6ow does tv wor!

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What is radio spectrum. Radio spectrum it is group of consecutive frequency assigned to particular user for a purpose with emission designator , It starts from vlf i.e. ! h" to ehf i.e. 00 # h" then descri$e equipment in each $and. 9atitude and longitude of india e.tent Relationship $etween watt and deci$el d( J 10 9og watt , 100 watt is 20 d( L *igmet, >A>I, )A*I, -ldeMs lamp signal . *teady red etc What is electro magnetic wave and its use. &icrowave for telecom , infra red for remote control , ? ) for strerli"ation, . ray gamma ray in medical, 7iagram of runway, &ar!ings etc, Runways lighting refer cd given to you. Width of stripes feet. :7&A, #*& full form.

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