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1. SPOT : Settlement of funds takes place on the second working day 2. If spot G P is 1.!"""# and 1 month forward as 1.!

"$"# then G P is Compounded %. The interest factor is the &asic factor in arri'ing at the forward rate# in a perfect market. (. The date of settlement of funds is known as value date. )credited into *ostro account on 1" and message recei'ed &y our &ank on 11 th what is 'alue date. 11th
$. Pro&lem &ased on +,cess of assets o'er the lia&ilities )Long position: The &uying of a security such as a stock# commodity or currency# with the e,pectation that the asset will rise in 'alue.!. .ho prescri&es guidelines and rules of the game in fore, market operations# merchant rates# /uotations etc. FEDAI

0. 1or retirement of import &ill : 1- TT non

uying 2- TT Selling %-

ill &uying rate (-

2. 3ross rate pro&lem : G P45S6 7 5S64I*8 com&ination. 9. Pro&lem on ill due date : usance period %" days. 6ue date is 10 1e& in e,am answer is none of the a&o'e. 1".The risk of failure of the counter party during the course of settlement due to the time ;one differences &etween the two currencies to &e e,changed <nswer: =erstatt risk. 11.To trigger the limit or say ma,imum loss limit for ad'erse mo'ement of rates. Stop loss limit 12.>um&ai &ranch of a&c &ank maintaining an 5S6 account with *ew ?ork &ranch of ,y; &ank. In the &ooks of a&c >um&ai &ranch *OST8O account 1%.In Pro&lem one straight /uestion for @OST8O account. 1(.In same pro&lem on /uestion on mirror account. )reconciliation of entries in the nostro account in a&c &ank >um&ai &ooks.1$.T<8G+T facilitates receipts and payments of funds across the +58O Aone on 8TGS system. 1!.If a person a&road want to send money speedily he will use 1- S.I1T 2- 8TGS %- *+1T (- P<P+8 66. 10..hich is wrong statement for O3 1- Predominantly owned &y *8I 2- Owner ship of *8Is should &e minimum !"B

%- The facilities for in'estment into India# granted to O3 s were almost similar to those granted to indi'idual *8I. )% is the <nswer: Because now not allowed from 16.0 .!00"12- < is an Indian origin person married a foreigner . Got 2 sons > 7 *. On > married a oman lady f# * is doctor settled in Pakistan &y marring G. 1ST /uestioncan open *8I account Cointly with <

2nd /uestion- > is an *8I %rd /uestion- G cannot open *8I account as she is a Pakistani. 19- 53P63D!"" all are irre'oca&le E3 2"- ack to ack E3 : on the strength of e,port E3. ill of entry# e'idencing import of good

21- The importer id re/uired to su&mit into India. 22+cgc classification D 0

2%The ultimate responsi&ility for designing and implementation of I3<<P lies with 1- &ankFs &oard of directors 2- 8 I %- 1+6<I 2(.ho is the nodal agency of +>1 G +HI> ank

2$y using interest rate swaps# forward rate agreements &etween 2 currencies# using cross currency or financial futures. Interest 8ate 8isk is mitigated 2!202229%"%1running ac facility gi'es +m&edded option risk E3 discount had default risk which leads to funding risk long duration &onds are more Sensiti'e prepayment of loans +m&edded option risk how may diamond dollar accounts an importer can maintain # 3 EO is issued &y 33IE

%2*ot a constituent part of tire ii capital G inno'ati'e perpetual de&t instruments %%If the daily 'olatility of the stock is ."2 B what is it 1" day 'olatility