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Noorullah Baig To all Medical Doctors, who r looking for plastic prescription files (folders ) or CT/MRI covers with !lticolored design please contact "#$#%&''$'#(( or ! can visit o!r we)site http*//www. / if ! give !r ail ID I can send sa ple files for !r reference.

,n average wo an cons! e % l)s ('.&' kg). of lipstick in her lifeti e.

-hat are .astric /ro)le s0 112cc!rs in sto ach / oesophag!s 11Dist!r)ance of gastric !cosa leads to acid secretion 11,cids contact sto ach nerve endings 11Ca!ses pain / disco fort

T3pes 11Ma3 )e ac!te / chronic 11,c!te gastric pro)le red!ces 4!ickl3 11Chronic gastric pro)le s lead to !lcers

Ca!ses 11/h3sical and ental stress can also ca!se !lceration. 11Ca!ses of gastric !cosa infla ation*

a. ,cidic foods ). ,lcohol c. 5 oking d. 5tress e. Dr!gs

Dr!gs which ca!ses gastric tro!)le 11,spirin 116icotine 11Corticosteroids 117r3thro 3cin 118eta1 8lockers

53 pto s 11Constant /ain 11Indigestion 116a!sea 119o iting 11:oss of appetite 11Diarrhea

,void 11;ot 5pic3 foods 11,lcohol 115 oking 117<cessive eating 11:arge eals )efore )ed 11=att3 food 11/!lse 11:ate nights

Treat ent 11,c!te pro)le s resolve spontaneo!sl3 11Chronic pro)le s sho!ld )e treated 11Dr!gs for treat ent incl!de* a. ,ntacids ). ;' antagonists c. /roton p! p inhi)itors Ti el3 eals releives pain d!e to !lcers

Cons!lt 1 .astroenterologist.

8od3 =act >o! sit on the )iggest !scle in 3o!r )od3, the gl!te!s a<i !s a.k.a. the )!tt. 7ach of the two cheek3 !scles tips the scales at a)o!t two po!nds (not incl!ding the overl3ing fat la3er)

Top $? -a3s to .et a 8etter 6ight@s 5leep Tonight $) .et !p and go to )ed at the sa e ti e ever3 da3, even on weekends. ') Make s!re 3o!r sleep environ ent is 4!iet, dark, cool, and co forta)le. A) 8edroo s are for sleeping and se<, not for watching television, ind!lging 3o!r pets, or doing work. B) ,void caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine B1% ho!rs )efore )edti e. () DonCt take naps. %) 7<ercise ever3 da3, )!t avoid doing it B ho!rs )efore )edti e. &) Develop sleep rit!als which incl!de 4!iet activities, s!ch as reading, $( )edti e. in!tes )efore

D) If 3o! are having tro!)le getting to sleep, as occ!rs in inso nia, donCt str!ggle in )ed or 3o! will train 3o!rself to have diffic!lties there. #) There are an3 things that can r!in 3o!r sleep, and 3o! sho!ld avoid eating or drinking in the few ho!rs right )efore going to )ed, as these ight lead to disr!ptions of 3o!r sleep. $?) Make sleep a priorit3* donCt sacrifice sleep to do da3ti e activities

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Dno: 15-15, Mandal office Road, Kankipadu, Vijayawada

Andhra Pradesh !ndia P!" #ode:5$1 151 Ph "o: %&''-$&$(&%' Mo)ile:*+1-++,&+++&&%,*+1-++,&'1'-&' ./ail: /eh)u)a//p01/ail co/
875T 5:77/I6. /25ITI26 .enerall3 speaking, side or )ack sleeping is the )est. I sa3 this )eca!se tr!e sto ach sleepers !st wrench their necks to either side. -hen 3o! are a s all child, it works )eca!se 3o! can t!rn 3o!r head #? degrees to either side. ,s 3o! get older, this )eco es ore diffic!lt and 3o! can end !p with a strained neck. 8ack and side sleeping will keep 3...o!r spine in its )est align ent. 5o eti es, snorers, sleep apnea s!fferers, or people with heart)!rn/acid refl!< a3 have so e diffic!lt3 with these sleep positions. ;owever, with a good neck pillow that opens !p the sin!ses and restores the neck c!rve, apnea and snoring are !ch i proved. -ith a slight incline, refl!< disease can )e i proved also. , neck pillow also keeps 3o!r head level when 3o!re on 3o!r side. /!t a pillow )etween 3o!r knees and 3o! keep 3o!r legs and pelvis level too.

,ppendicitis is swelling (infla ation) of the appendi<. The appendi< is a s all po!ch attached to the )eginning of 3o!r large intestine. Ca!ses, incidence, and risk factors ,ppendicitis is one of the ost co on ca!ses of e ergenc3 a)do inal s!rger3 in the Enited 5tates. It !s!all3 occ!rs when the appendi< )eco es )locked )3 feces, a foreign o)+ect, or rarel3, a t! or. 53 pto s The s3 pto s of appendicitis can var3. It can )e hard to diagnose appendicitis in 3o!ng children, the elderl3, and wo en of child)earing age. The first s3 pto is often pain aro!nd 3o!r )ell3 )!tton. (5ee* ,)do inal pain) The pain a3 )e inor at first, )!t it )eco es ore sharp and severe. >o!r appetite will )e red!ced, and 3o! a3 have na!sea, vo iting, and a low fever. ,s the swelling in the appendi< increases, the pain tends to ove into 3o!r right lower a)do en. It foc!ses right a)ove the appendi< at a place called Mc8!rne3@s point. This often occ!rs $' to 'B ho!rs after the illness starts.


If 3o!r appendi< )reaks open (r!pt!res), 3o! a3 have less pain for a short ti e and 3o! a3 feel )etter. ;owever, once the lining of 3o!r a)do inal cavit3 )eco es swollen and infected (a condition called peritonitis), the pain gets worse and 3o! )eco e sicker. >o!r pain a3 )e worse when 3o! walk or co!gh. >o! ove ent ca!ses pain. :ater s3 pto s incl!de* Chills Constipation Diarrhea =ever 6a!sea 5haking 9o iting 5igns and tests If 3o! have appendicitis, 3o!r pain will increase when the doctor gentl3 presses on 3o!r lower right )ell3 area. If 3o! have peritonitis, to!ching the )ell3 area a3 ca!se a spas of the !scles. , rectal e<a a3 find tenderness on the right side of 3o!r rect! . a3 prefer to lie still )eca!se s!dden

Doctors can !s!all3 diagnose appendicitis )3* >o!r description of the s3 pto s The ph3sical e<a :a) tests In so e cases, other tests ,)do inal CT scan ,)do inal !ltraso!nd Treat ent a3 )e needed, incl!ding*

If 3o! do not have co plications, a s!rgeon will !s!all3 re ove 3o!r appendi< soon after 3o!r doctor thinks 3o! ight have the condition. =or infor ation on this t3pe of s!rger3, see* ,ppendecto 3. 8eca!se the tests !sed to diagnose appendicitis are not perfect, so eti es the operation will show that 3o!r appendi< is nor al. In that case, the s!rgeon will re ove 3o!r appendi< and e<plore the rest of 3o!r a)do en for other ca!ses of 3o!r pain. If a CT scan shows that 3o! have an a)scess fro a r!pt!red appendi<, 3o! a3 )e treated for infection. >o! will have 3o!r appendi< re oved after the infection and swelling have gone awa3. F with 5all3 5atti.

Asthma is a disorder that causes the airways of the lungs to swell and narrow, leading to wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing . Causes, incidence, and risk factors Asthma is caused by inflammation in the airways. When an asthma attack occurs, the muscles surrounding the airways become tight and the lining of the air passages swells. This reduces the amount of air that can pass by. In sensitive people, asthma symptoms can be triggered by breathing in allergy causing substances !called allergens or triggers". Common asthma triggers include# Animals !pet hair or dander" $ust Changes in weather !most often cold weather" Chemicals in the air or in food %&ercise 'old (ollen )espiratory infections, such as the common cold *trong emotions !stress" Tobacco smoke Aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs !+*AI$s" provoke asthma in some patients. 'any people with asthma have a personal or family history of allergies, such as hay fever !allergic rhinitis" or eczema. ,thers have no history of allergies. *ymptoms 'ost people with asthma have attacks separated by symptom free periods. *ome people have long term shortness of breath with episodes of increased shortness of breath. %ither wheezing or a cough may be the main symptom. Asthma attacks can last for minutes to days, and can become dangerous if the airflow is severely restricted. *ymptoms include# Cough with or without sputum !phlegm" production (ulling in of the skin between the ribs when breathing !intercostal retractions" *hortness of breath that gets worse with e&ercise or activity

Wheezing, which# Comes in episodes with symptom free periods in between 'ay be worse at night or in early morning 'ay go away on its own -ets better when using drugs that open the airways !bronchodilators" -ets worse when breathing in cold air -ets worse with e&ercise -ets worse with heartburn !reflu&" .sually begins suddenly %mergency symptoms# /luish color to the lips and face $ecreased level of alertness, such as severe drowsiness or confusion, during an asthma attack %&treme difficulty breathing )apid pulse *evere an&iety due to shortness of breath *weating ,ther symptoms that may occur with this disease# Abnormal breathing pattern breathing out takes more than twice as long as breathing in /reathing temporarily stops Chest pain Tightness in the chest *igns and tests Allergy testing may be helpful to identify allergens in people with persistent asthma.

Common allergens include# Cockroach allergens $ust mites 'olds (et dander (ollens Common respiratory irritants include# 0umes from burning wood or gas (ollution Tobacco smoke The doctor will use a stethoscope to listen to the lungs. Asthma related sounds may be heard. 1owever, lung sounds are usually normal between asthma episodes. Tests may include# Arterial blood gas /lood tests to measure eosinophil count !a type of white blood cell" and Ig% !a type of immune system protein called an immunoglobulin" Chest & ray 2ung function tests (eak flow measurements Treatment The goal of treatment is to avoid the substances that trigger your symptoms and control airway inflammation. 3ou

and your doctor should work together as a team to develop and carry out a plan for eliminating asthma triggers and monitoring symptoms. There are two basic kinds of medication for treating asthma# Control drugs to prevent attacks 4uick relief drugs for use during attacks Control drugs for asthma control your symptoms if you don5t have mild asthma. 3ou must take them every day for them to work. Take them even when you feel okay. The most common control drugs are# Inhaled corticosteroids !such as Asmane&, Alvesco, 4var Aero/id, 0lovent, (ulmicort" prevent symptoms by helping to keep your airways from swelling up. 2ong acting beta agonist inhalers also help prevent asthma symptoms. $o not take long acting beta agonist inhaler drugs alone. These drugs are almost always used together with an inhaled steroid drug. It may be easier to use an inhaler that contains both drugs. ,ther control drugs that may be used are# 2eukotriene inhibitors !such as *ingulair and Accolate" ,malizumab !6olair" Cromolyn sodium !Intal" or nedocromil sodium !Tilade" Aminophylline or theophylline !rarely used anymore" 4uick relief drugs work fast to control asthma symptoms# 3ou take them when you are coughing, wheezing, having trouble breathing, or having an asthma attack. They are also called 7rescue7 drugs. They also can be used 8ust before e&ercising to help prevent asthma symptoms that are caused by e&ercise. Tell your doctor if you are using 9uick relief medicines twice a week or more to control your asthma symptoms. 3our asthma may not be under control, and your doctor may need to change your dose of daily control drugs. 4uick relief drugs include# *hort acting bronchodilators !inhalers", such as (roventil, :entolin, and 6opene& 3our doctor might prescribe oral steroids !corticosteroids" when you have an asthma attack that is not going away. These are medicines that you take by mouth as pills, capsules, or li9uid. (lan ahead. 'ake sure you do not run out of these medications. A severe asthma attack re9uires a check up by a doctor. 3ou may also need a hospital stay, o&ygen, breathing assistance, and medications given through a vein !I:". A*T1'A CA)% AT 1,'% *elf care skills that are important in taking care of your asthma are ;now the asthma symptoms to watch out for ;now how to take your peak flow reading and what it means ;eep the phone number of your child5s doctor or nurse with you. ;now which triggers make your asthma worse and what to do when this happens. Children with asthma need a lot of support at school. They may need help from school staff to keep their asthma under control and to be able to do school activities. Asthma action plans are written documents for anyone with asthma. An asthma action plan should include# A plan for taking asthma medications when your condition is stable A list of asthma triggers and how to avoid them 1ow to recognize when your asthma is getting worse, and when to call your doctor or nurse A peak flow meter is a simple device to measure how 9uickly you can move air out of your lungs. It can help you see if an attack is coming, sometimes even before any symptoms appear.

(eak flow measurements can help show when medication is needed, or other action needs to be taken. (eak flow values of <=> ?=> of a specific person5s best results are a sign of a moderate asthma attack, while values below <=> are a sign of a severe attack.

How does alkaline water work to extend life By Sang Whang

)3 :ivingwater Davao RiGal1:egaspi 8ranch on -ednesda3, Han!ar3 $#, '?$$ at $*$#p Alkaline water and stomach acid I

-e all know that we get old and sick )eca!se of e<cess acid acc! !lation in o!r )od3, and that alkaline ne!traliGes acidJ therefore, drinking alkaline water akes sense. 8!t do we know how alkaline water works

in o!r )od3@ 5o e doctors sa3 that o!r sto ach acid will kill the alkalinit3 and, therefore, drinking alkaline water is !seless. ;ow do we answer that@ ;ave 3o! tho!ght a)o!t that@

This is what happens in the sto ach. The sto ach aintains its p; aro!nd B.?. -hen we drink high p; alkaline water, the water p; co es downJ

)!t sto ach p; goes !p as a res!lt. ;ow high it goes !p is a f!nction of the a o!nt and the p; of the alkaline water we drink. -hen the sto ach p; rises a)ove B.(, the sto ach will prod!ce acid and p!t it in the sto ach to )ring the sto ach p; down to )elow B.?. ore h3drochloric

;ow the sto ach prod!ces h3drochloric acid is not well known to che ical for !la of h3drochloric acid prod!ction is*

edical doctors, e<cept pathologists. The

H ! " #!

" Na#l $ H#l " NaH#!%

-ater, car)on dio<ide and sodi!

chloride (ta)le salt) prod!ce h3drochloric acid and sodi!


The h3drochloric acid goes into the sto ach, and the sodi!

)icar)onate goes into the )loodstrea .

K6ote* ,n interesting fact is that the for !la a)ove looks si ple, )!t no scientist in a la)orator3 can prod!ce h3drochloric acid and sodi! )icar)onate fro water and car)on dio<ide and salt. 2nl3 living cells can do )icar)onate will instantl3 prod!ce

that. In the la), the reverse is eas3* adding h3drochloric acid to sodi! water, car)on dio<ide and salt.L 5odi!

)icar)onate is an alkaline )!ffer in o!r )lood. In o!r )lood, there are alkaline )!ffer and acid )!ffer onitoring the )lood p; to aintain a constant )lood p; of &.A%(. -hen the )lood )eco es too


alkaline, the acid )!ffer works to )ring the p; downJ and when the )lood )eco es too acid, the alkaline )!ffer works to raise the p;.

,lkaline )!ffers are )icar)onate (;C2A1) )icar)onate (6a;C2A), potassi!

ated with alkaline

inerals. 7<a ples of the

are sodi! agnesi!

)icar)onate (M;C2A), calci!

)icar)onate (Ca(;C2A)') and

)icar)onate (Mg(;C2A)'). ,cid )!ffer is

ainl3 car)onic acid (;'C2A), a water and car)on dio<ide

co )ination. Car)oh3drate co pletel3 )!rnt )eco es car)on dio<ide (C2') and water (;'2)J therefore there is no shortage of acid )!ffer. DI5C297R> 8> DR. :>6D, =R,557TT2

In $##% Dr. :3nda =rassetto at the Eniversit3 of California, 5an =rancisco, discovered that as we age, starting aro!nd age B(, we lose the alkaline )!ffer @ )icar)onates 1 in o!r )lood. 83 the age of #?, we lose $DN of )icar)onates in o!r )lood.

=ig!re ', graph 8 of Ho!rnal of .erontolog3* 8I2:2.IC,: 5CI76C75, $##%, 9ol. ($,. 6o. $, 8#$18## 83 Dr. :3nda =rassetto of Eniversit3 of California, 5an =rancisco Dotted line added )3 5ang -hang

Ins!fficient a o!nt of )icar)onates in o!r )lood red!ces o!r capa)ilities to

anage (ne!traliGe and d! p)

the acid o!r )od3 prod!ces. &his is the cause of aging' The age of B( is the average age when h! an )eings start to show s3 pto s of dia)etes, h3pertension, osteoporosis and diseases. ,nd since we cannot an3 other ad!lt degenerative

anage the acid, we acc! !late acidic wastes in o!r )od3. These wastes

show !p as cholesterol, fatt3 acid, !ric acid, !rate, s!lfate, phosphate, kidne3 stones, etc.

-;IC; I5 T;7 M25T IM/2RT,6T /R2/7RTI> 2= ,:M,:I67 -,T7R@

There are

an3 properties in alkaline water, s!ch as s!rface tension, str!ct!re of water,

olec!lar siGe,

o<3gen red!ction potential, p; val!e, which alkaline

inerals are !sed to s!stain the p; val!e, etc.

;owever, with the e<ception of the water@s p; val!e, nothing else helps the )lood receive )icar)onates. ,lso, all the other properties change as the water reaches the sto ach and interacts with the sto ach acid. 7ven the p; val!e changes in the sto ach. ;owever, the change of p; val!e ca!ses the sto ach to prod!ce h3drochloric acid that goes into the sto ach, and the )icar)onates go into the )loodstrea . &he most im(ortant function of alkaline water is to increase )icar)onates in the )lood )ecause we lose )icar)onates as we age'

-hen we sa3 that we alkaliGe o!r )od3, we don@t necessaril3

ean increasing o!r saliva p; or !rine p;J it

eans increasing the )icar)onates in o!r )lood. The )lood p; does not change, )!t the a)ilit3 of o!r )lood to ne!traliGe acid in the )od3 increases.

In the Han!ar3/=e)r!ar3 '??A iss!e of , erican Ind!strial ;3giene ,ssociation Ho!rnal, Dr. .ospodinka R. /radova p!)lished the res!lt of a $?13ear st!d3 of ind!strial poll!tion in 8!lgaria. The st!d3 co pares two gro!ps of people in a plastic an!fact!ring plant* one gro!p working in the plant with che ical poll!tion, the

other in the non1poll!ted office environ ent of the sa e co pan3. The concl!sion shows that people living/working in a poll!ted environ ent have less a o!nt of )icar)onates in their )lood than people working in a clean environ ent.

-e live in a world that was changed fro prod!ces

an agric!lt!ral environ ent to an ind!strial environ ent, which ore acid, which ca!ses !s to !se !p ore

ore poll!tion. 2!r stressf!l life1st3les create

)icar)onates. 5o e foods are

ore acidic than others, especiall3, high protein

eat prod!cts and highl3

acidic soft drinks. These are the reasons wh3 we lose )icar)onates in the )lood as we age.


edical societ3 considers the red!ction of )icar)onates in the )lood as an inevita)le fact of aging. I

arg!e that the red!ction of )icar)onates in the )lood is the ca!se of aging and diseases, not the res!lt of aging. ,s long as we can replenish )icar)onates in the )lood, we don@t have to ageO

&his is the good news a)out alkaline water*

-;76 T2 DRI6M ,:M,:I67 -,T7R

5ince )icar)onates enter the )loodstrea

onl3 when the sto ach prod!ces h3drochloric acid, it is i portant end we drink alkaline water on an

that we drink as high a p; val!e alkaline water as possi)le. I reco e pt3 sto ach. 2n an e pt3 sto ach, the sto ach p; val!e

a3 )e high )!t the a o!nt (vol! e) of

h3drochloric acid in the sto ach is s allJ therefore, drinking high p; (#.( to $?) alkaline water will raise the sto ach p; relativel3 high. That a3 ca!se the sto ach to prod!ce ore h3drochloric acid, allowing ore

)icar)onates to enter the )loodstrea .

,nother possi)ilit3 is that alkaline water

a3 pass into the intestine i

ediatel3, since there is no solid food

in the sto ach to )e digested. -hen that happens, the )lood will a)sor) alkaline water into the )loodstrea fro the intestine. If alkaline water is introd!ced directl3 into the )loodstrea fro the intestine, the acid

)!ffer (car)onic acid, ;'C2A) will interact with the alkaline water to )ring down the )lood p; and the acid )!ffer will )eco e the alkaline )!ffer.



+H #!%, $ #a""+H#!%-,


+H !,

,n increase of )icar)onates in the )loodstrea diseases. 6ow 3o! know the scientific

will prevent aging and the onset of ad!lt degenerative

echanics of how alkaline water e<tends life.

The a)ove e<a ple is )ased on calci! water ioniGer )eca!se the alkaline

h3dro<ide1rich alkaline water. This kind of water is prod!ced with a

ineral in tap water is predo inantl3 calci! .

,lkaline water

ade with ,lka:ifeP contains potassi! h3dro<ide or sodi!

h3dro<ide and sodi!

h3dro<ide in a patented

ratio. -hen potassi!

h3dro<ide goes into the )loodstrea , again the acid )!ffer,

car)onic acid (;'C2A) reacts with the

and the3 )eco e )icar)onates and water.

.!H " H #!% $ .H#!% " H ! Na!H " H #!% $ NaH#!% " H !

26:> ,:M,:I67 -,T7RO

9ario!s kinds of co

erciall3 prod!ced water clai

health )enefits* energ3 water, /i water, snow


water, special spring water, ;owever, none of the

agneticall31treated water, o<3genated water, he<agon str!ct!red water, etc.

adds )icar)onates to the )lood e<cept high (H alkaline water. -hen we think of

health, we think of diet and e<ercise. 8!t no diet or e<ercise adds )icar)onates to the )loodstrea .

5o e people arg!e that we can ingest )icar)onates ()aking soda). It will )e like ingesting salt )eca!se o!r sto ach acid will )reak that down into water, car)on dio<ide and sodi! )loodstrea . ,nd we all know what salt can do to the h! an )od3. saltJ no )icar)onates will reach the

!nly alkaline water can extend your life*

Drink water to a )etter healthO :ike I I 5hare

% people like this. ' shares

/onel Stx a good defended thesis.Qlets appl3 it in o!r life to revive o!r de1aging powerQ .2D gave !s the power to learn and !se his creation last longerQ H!ne '' at $*(Da I :ike

Melesin 0acorte kangen water ...alkaline, icro cl!ster and anti o<idant water.. H!ne '' at &*B$p I :ike