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This specification covers the requirements of Power Cables up to 11kV, Control, Instrumentation and Lighting Cables. 2.0 2.1 CODES & STANDARDS The design, construction, manufacture and performance of cables shall comply with all currently applicable statutes, regulations and safety codes in the locality where cables will be installed. Nothing in this Specification shall be construed to relieve the VENDOR of this responsibility. Unless otherwise specified, the cables shall conform to the latest applicable standards as specified in the relevant Data Sheet A2. TESTS The cables shall be tested in accordance with the latest applicable standard as specified against each group of cables. The tests shall include all type tests, routine tests, and acceptance tests specified in the applicable standards. Copies of type test certificates shall be furnished along with the bid if specified at Section - 3. CABLE DRUMS Cables shall be supplied in non-returnable wooden drums of heavy construction. The wood used for construction of the drum shall be properly seasoned, sound and free from defects and wood preservative shall be applied to the entire drum. All ferrous parts shall be treated with a suitable rust preventive finish or coating to avoid rusting during transit or storage. The BIDDERS shall indicate in the offer, the maximum length for each size of cable, which can be furnished on one drum. The actual length supplied on each drum shall be within tolerance limit of +/- 5% unless otherwise indicated in Data Sheet A1. However, before packing the cables on drums, the VENDOR shall obtain the PURCHASERS approval for the drum lengths. CABLE LENGTH Cable lengths specified in Data Sheet-A1 are approximate. Actual requirements will be advised to the successful BIDDER at the time of placing the order. Unless otherwise stated by the BIDDER, the unit rates shall apply for the actual lengths required. Cable length shall be marked on the outer sheath of the cable at an interval of 1 M. 6.0 XLPE INSULATION Core insulation of XLPE shall be provided where specified. The insulation shall be suitable for 90OC continuous operation. 7.0 HR PVC INSULATION Heat resistant PVC core insulation/inner sheath/outer sheath shall be provided as specified in DATA SHEET- A. DATE:22-06-2006 ISSUE No: P0

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The PVC compound used for insulation shall have reduced flame propagation property if specified in Section 3 and or Data sheet A. This shall also have reduced emission of hydrogen-chloride gas fumes, etc., when severely overheated during fires. 9.0 PVC SHEATH The PVC compound used for outer sheath shall be resistant to termites, fungus and rodent attacks and shall have in addition the property mentioned in clause 8.0 above. 10.0 ARMOUR The armour shall be strip/ wire armour of GS as per cable size and according to standards. Single core cables shall have aluminium strip/wire armour. 11.0 12.0 SHIELDS Instrumentation cables shall have copper braid shield as specified. DATA TO BE FURNISHED The BIDDER shall furnish technical data as required in Data Sheets B and also furnish technical and descriptive literature giving details of the insulation, sheathing, Dimensions, Weights, de-rating factors, testing, etc., of the offered cables.

DATE:22-06-2006 ISSUE No: P0