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THIS STORY WAS HANDED DOWN TO ME BY: Piekiah Tuska. He is known as a – “Universal Historian” for the ANDROMEDA COUNCIL’s - Universe Education Observation & Advisory Board. He is the equivalent of a Department Head.



They, the Titans & Olympians, are all originally from the same star system:

All sixteen (16) Greek ‘gods’, as the people of ancient Greece called them, are originally from the Perseus constellation, the star Algol, and their home world is known as: Myra {Mear-ah}. It might be valuable to know Myra was originally colonized approximately 200,000 years ago by people who were originally from Lyra {Lie-rah}.

Collectively, they were a group of people from the 6 th dimension, and explorers of many worlds around the universe …. who manifested physical bodies… who dropped their energy patterns into physical human form…into order to interact with Earth people. As they manifested, as they created their Earth bodies of 10- 12’ tall… they maintained many of their natural 6 th dimensional powers

The twelve (12) Olympians first migrated to the Cassiopea constellation, the star Chaph, for which the capital “B” is its symbol . The Olympians lived on a planet by the name of – Lakima {Lah-kee-mah}, 42 light years from Earth’s solar system.

{Lah-kee-mah}, 42 light years from Earth’s solar system. When Olympians on Lakima found out that the

When Olympians on Lakima found out that the Titans had left their home world of origin Myra… to go to planet Earth, the Olympians choose their fastest shipped and flew to Earth as soon as possible. So, in practical terms, both Titans & Olympians arrived on Earth within weeks of each other. But the Titans flying in their own star ship went directly to and arrived on Earth… first.

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As to the actual timing of all of this.

All sixteen (16) of them, the Titans & Olympians both, arrived to Earth again, within weeks of each other, about 10,000 plus years ago and settled in ancient Greece.

As to their ‘god’ like status & knowledge of their 6 th dimensional powers & capabilities… relative to the people of ancient Greece at

that time. The Titans & Olympians knew they were people of great power & abilities… as 6 th dimensional beings. They used their extraordinary abilities and seemingly supernatural powers of telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, teleportation, and instant manifestation - to control, influence & rule the planet, the weather, the animals… and the indigenous people of ancient Greece at that time.

They were however always fighting among each other as to who would rule the indigenous people … some of them certainly felt superior to the indigenous Earth people, and used their powers accordingly.

As regional rulers of ancient Greece during their time, all of the gods, Titans & Olympians both, began to interact with these indigenous people. The gods of course wanted a way to ensure their reign of power. So, sons & daughters of the gods, of mixed race, half Myra and/or Lakima, and half Earth human.

However, over time, and with each resulting generation - the more these sons & daughters of the gods interacted and bred with the local indigenous humans of ancient Greece… the more their 6 th dimensional powers were lessened in their progeny… the hybrid children of the gods & Earth humans.

As most of you know, the Titans (Gaea, Uranus, Atlas & Prometheus) ruled first from their Temple on Mount Olympus.

The Titans during their time ruled with ruthless…

of the indigenous Earth humans as they saw fit. They used humans of Ancient Greece as house servants, out door laborers, soldiers & slaves; for entertainment, and sex partners, and unfortunately performed genetic manipulation & gene splicing to create bigger, better, stronger, faster laborers & slaves. They also created these hybrid eugenic humans to live longer as well. The Titans were also the ones responsible for performing cross gene splicing with animals… the centaurs, minotaurs and the like… these mythological human/animal beings were real. Genetically & un-naturally created, but real. It was a difficult and very dark period of time in the history of the Ancient Greek people.

power, greed, control and abuse

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A time of change. Therefore, after 2,000 years of abusive treatment of the

people of ancient Greece… the Olympians…

Athena, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, Dionysus… after ruthless rule & so many broken promises by the Titans - they, the Olympians had - had, seen & tolerated… enough!

Backed by the remaining few free people in the cities, by the slaves & laborers who had been continually abused by their Titan masters rebelled, by the people in the country side - collectively the Olympians & their human allies - defeated the Titans in a war of freedom to free the ancient People of Greece. This fight for their freedom lasted approximately two & a half years (2 ½ years) of brutal on- going battles.

Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter,

The actual final battle for power & rule of the people.

As you have learned over time: “The Titans were the first to dwell in Mount Olympus and rule Ancient Greece, but were overthrown and expelled to the lower basement of Hades”. This is a true story. It is the story of the actual final battle between the Titans and the Olympians & their human allies.

The Titans (Gaea, Uranus, Atlas & Prometheus) were literally driven underground from the Temple on Mount Olympus to what was thought to be an underground city. It was actually the original star ship of the Titans called – Hades.

From a secret chamber in the temple on Mount Olympus the Titans escaped into a glass tube, which functioned as a tunnel running from this secret chamber to their star ship, Hades, about 1 mile deep below the planet surface.

The Olympians knew this had happened. And when the knew the Titans were finally lodged well below the surface of the planet and in their star ship… the Olympians blew up the entrance of the glass tube, the tunnel, much of it literally melted shut… permanently blocking off the Titans ability to again go back to the planet surface.

Of course you may reasonably ask, if the Titans were originally 6 th dimensional beings - why were they blocked off, unable to return to the surface?

You’ll remember they retained most of their 6 th dimensional powers while manifesting human form 3 dimensional bodies for their lives on Earth. But, the longer they were on the planet surface, the more their 3D bodies acclimated to Earth… the weaker some of their inherent 6 th dimensional powers became.

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Therefore, they were not able to de-materialize from their prison in their star ship Hades… and rematerialize back up on to the planet surface.

However, also remember, these were still functionally - ‘immortal’, 6 th dimensional beings, having fine matter essence spirit lives. This is who these extraterrestrial from the Perseus constellation, star Algol, and the planet Myra were.

So… after living, and essentially being trapped for about 350 years in their star ship, a functional “underground city” having everything they needed to


yet at the same time eternally bored with their lives together;

the Titans decided to go into their stasis chambers on board their star ship… to keep themselves alive in stasis, in a ‘sleep’ state… until such time in the future when they would awaken.

Prior to going to sleep they checked their time travel ‘charts’ because they wanted to awaken at a time when humanity had finally developed to the point when modern technology would be advanced enough… that they could again gain control & use their powers.

As to the change in the rule of the land & people of Ancient Greece, this part of this star origin story of the gods is about the years of rule under the Olympians.

The twelve Olympian gods that ruled in harmony with each other: Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Athena, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, Dionysus…

they were very good & noble people… and they cared greatly about the indigenous people of Ancient Greece… they wanted to make a real difference in their lives, and to make up for what people from their planet, the Titans, had done to them.

The Olympians and their descendents ruled approximately for 5,000 years of peaceful rule. This era of their rule was called the: Golden Age.

The changes of the Golden Age included improvements of all aspects of the lives of the people of Ancient Greece… the development of better crops & agriculture overall; the planning, development & building of infrastructure like: roads & aqueducts, schools, libraries, government centers & buildings, amphitheaters,

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beautiful city parks, market places for the selling of trade wares, fruits, vegetables & various exotic foods from around the globe, new ships, docks & ports.

The Greek people traveled to the far corners of the globe and brought back new healing herbs for the betterment of peoples health & exotic spices for their food. And yet money was not necessarily needed or used… everything was bountiful and trade across the globe provided the people with all they needed.

The Olympians also brought the first grapes to this land of ancient Greece from their planet - Lakima - in the Chaph star system - in the Cassiopea constellation. They also brought black & green olives from their home world.

also brought black & green olives from their home world. The Olympians wanted the people of

The Olympians wanted the people of Ancient Greece to grow, to evolve, to develop their knowledge of the world… to travel to other far lands, to be educated; to engage in & enjoy sports (bow & arrow, practice sword fighting, swimming & wrestling competitions - all for enjoyment & the challenge of the betterment of self - AND ALSO - so that the people could defend themselves if needed. There was no need for a military at that time - but these kind of activities kept the men of ancient Greece during these times in good shape.

This was also the period of time when community baths were introduced… because the people did not have running water, or bath rooms, as we know them today, in their homes. The aqueducts besides being used for fresh water & agriculture - refreshed the community baths with clean mountain water… and the dirty used water was drained & released into the sea.

The Olympians really wanted their adopted people, the people of Ancient Greece, to live good lives, to be fulfilled… to be happy, well fed, educated, enlightened & entertained in experiencing the theater, the arts & music.

Of the 12 Olympian gods, Dionysus introduced to the people of ancient Greece the - pan flute also known as the pan pipe.

Though not of the original twelve gods… Musae, daughter of Zeus, introduced the musical instrument we know of as the: lyre.

And though it is not widely known as part of mythological history… Artemis originally introduced poetry to the people of ancient Greece.

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Apollo, among his many gifts, he was a star map maker, a star cartographer… who had great knowledge of the stars. He taught astronomy to the students of this time about the various star systems. He also taught: about the people who lived there and what they were like. Though it is not known, Apollo was the original person to introduce the concept of: the Constellations.

In closing

The Olympians brought with them to Earth & introduced many of the institutions,

improvements & finer aspects of life…

only the day-to-day lives of the people of ancient Greece… but positively touched

& changed the lives of so many people around the globe.

that greatly improved the quality of not

As to Andromeda The people that I interact with from planets in the Andromeda constellation & Andromeda Galaxy want you to know they have always had, and continue to have, very good relations with your ancestors, your star fore fathers & mothers… the benevolent rulers of ancient Greece known as – the Olympians.

In moving forward to today - Know that… the Greek people of today, a people of amazing culture, history & heritage, people over time greatly impacted - architecture, education, literature, government, theater, the arts… and other aspects of our lives that today… make up the best parts of this civilization.

You have every right to be proud, people of Greece – and people of Greek heritage around the globe – as many of you are truly the children of… the sons & the daughters of…. the Olympian gods, a great, kind & noble people from the stars.

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