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Hi, I m SUDHIR PARWAL (Electrical Engg.) I got selected in Vedanta Resources

through campus interview in our college. I want to share my experience with u.

Screening of students is take place in four steps:-

1. very tough eligibility criteria
2. written test(totally from both R S Agarwal)
3. G.D
4. Interview (technical+hr both at a same time)

There were separate marks for written test, GD & Interview. The sum total of all
the marks was taken for the final results. Although the written test was the only
elimination round, they didn�t eliminate anyone in the GD.

Eligibility Criteria:
1. Ist class in Ist attempt in 10th 12th and in BE
2. Aggregate 60% in 10th 12th & BE
3. No history of Backlog
4. Maximum 1 year gap between 12th & BE
5. No gap b/w 10th & 12th
6. Must be medically fit (no colour blindness)

At first :-( Pre Placement Talk)

The session started with the PPT. It was of 1 hr.

2nd Round:-

The ppt was followed by a written test. It consists of 35 questions to be

completed in 45 minutes. The questions were very simple but speed was the main
factor. There was no negative marking in the written test.

The written consists of

1. 5 questions- Data Interpretation (Bar Graph problem)
2. aptitude questions (simple maths)
3. Venn diagram questions (refer r s agarwal whole chapter, do it first)
4. 5 questions- jumbled puzzles(R S Agarwal pg. 299)
5. 2 Questions-Analogy
6. 1question-syllogism
7. 5Questions-from Probability, chain rule, allegation of mixture, area

The aptitude questions were simple but time management is very important. They
were mainly from both R.S. Aggrawal. The topics were- Average, Problems on ages,
Percentage, Profit & Loss, problems on train, ratio, numbers, probability, chain
rule, volume & surface area, series completion, coding& decoding, analogy(verbal),
venn diagram, syllogism.

For Data interpretation, refer RS Aggrawal- quantitative aptitude.

3rd Round:-

The written test was the elimination round. It was followed by a Group Discussion.
Out of 28 students 18 were selected for G.D.

They had made two groups of 10 & 8 students.

1. The topic for Ist group was �LIFE AFTER 100 YEARS�
2. The topic of the IInd group was �HUMAN AFTER DEATH, IN HEAVEN OR IN HELL�

don�t forget to go in the GD room with a pen & a register, they had given us one
minute to think on the topic. They checked our registers what we had write in the
register in that one min.

Nobody eliminated in the GD round.

4th Round:-

The last round was the Interview. The interview consists of Technical + HR

1. What about ur GD?
2. Tell me about yourself?
3. Reason for one year drop?
4. Future ambition?
5. Favourate subjects?

I have said microprocessor, transformer and machines. But he didn�t ask me any
question from microprocessors.
6. Transformer rating in KVA but motor rating in KW, why?
7. What is power factor?
8. What is active and reactive power, difference?
9. What are the effects of reactive power, how can you reduce the effects of
reactive power?
10. What is capacitor bank, how it works?
11. When reactive power enters the system, what happens in the system?
12. Can u explain all this technical terms to any laborer, worker?
13. different tests on the transformer, and their details?
14. conditions for parallel test?
15. types of faults, what are symm. And asymm. Faults?
16. At last the result was announced.

DATE: - 4th AUGUST, 2008


Hi, I m Sougata Pani, (Information Technology) from Kalyani Govt. Engg. College,
WestBengal . I got selected in Vedanta Resources through campus interview in our
college. I want to share my experience with u.

Eligibility Criteria

1. The candidate must not have crossed 24 years of age as on 30 Sept, 08.
2. The candidate must have achieved first class in his/her 10th & 12th with
first/single attempt. And no year gaps in between.

3. The candidate must be having no Keep Terms/ Backlogs history and must have got
above aggregate of 60% or first class in his/her engineering.
4. The candidate should not have more than one-year gap between 12th and
Engineering admission.
No Diploma / Lateral entry engineers.
5. They should be medically fit as per our medical norms, eye power should be
within limit of +/- 4 with no color-blindness.

One important thing about VEDANTA is that they are very strict about their
Eligibility Criteria. They are not relaxing the criteria whatsoever.

Total No. Of Candidates- 19

Selected from written- 12
Branches- Mech, IT



2) G.D.


The written exam was a set of 35 easy simple questions to be completed in 50 mins
.You need not be an expert to solve these questions. Only 2 questions came from
Verbal Ability. It was a simple analogy. Another was a word meaning. There was a
set of 6 puzzle problems where one has to identify A,B,C,D,E,F. Relevant
informations were given.

The APTI part was simple Class 10 questions involving simple SPEED-TIME-DISTANCE
problems (4questions on train crossing each other) , few numerical sequential
problems, simple Profit-Loss-Discount problems ( 3-4), there was set of 5-6
graphical interparatation problem ( between Demand and Supply of 3 companies),
Few Age problems, problems on simple Probability, Percentage problems�

1. Find the next term of series

0, 6, 24, 60, 120, 210, 210, ?
ans - 336

2. There are some no. of men and horses , After some time half of the men left,
then total no. of legs (of men and horses) will be 70, find the no of
Ans � 14

3. If a train runs at 40kmph it reaches its destination late by 11 mins,but if it

runs at 50kmph then it late only by 5 mins The correct time to complete its
journey is-
ans- 19 mins

4. A train of 110 mtr long is running at 60 kmph . In what time it will pass a man
who is running at 6 kmph in the direction opposite to train ?
ans � 6 sec.

5. A radio when sold at a certain price gives a gain of 20%. What will be the gain
percent, if sold for thrice the price?
A) 260%
B) 150%
C) 100%
D) 50%
Ans: 260%

6. x^2 + 4 y^2 =4xy.Find x:y

7. epaulet : shoulder : : ring :?


8. vernacular : place : : fingerprint : ?


Of the six men of literature A,B,C,D,E and F being considered here, two belonged
to the 17th century, three to the 19th and one to the 20th century. Four were
recognized as great poets, three as great novelists and three as great dramatists.
One contributed to Bengali literature, two to Hindi, two to Marathi and one to
Tamil. The 20th century writer wrote poetry only and contributed to Marathi
literature and the other Marathi writer contributed to poetry, novel and drama.
One Hindi writer and the only Tamil writer belonged t other 19th century. The
former contributed to poetry and novel while the latter to novel and drama. The
Bengali writer belonged to the 17th century and contributed to poetry only. A
belonged to the 20th century, B wrote drama only, C contributed Marathi
literature, D was a Hindi Poet and novelist and belonged to the 19th century. E
also belonged to the 19th century, and F contributed to Poetry only.

9. To which language did B contribute ?

ans. Hindi

10. Among these, who was the Tamil writer ?

ans. E

11.To which branch of literature did A contribute ?

ans. Poetry
12. Among these, who was the Bengali writer ?
ans. F

13. To which branch of literature did C contribute ?

ans. All of these ( Poetry, Drama, Novel)

14-19. question from Venn diagram.

20-35 other questions I cant remember. But it was so simple��.

I cleared the written exam. Then there was GD round� each group have 6 members �.

GD topic in our group was �JOB VS HIGHER STUDY�

And GD topic in other group was �IT VS CORE COMPANY�

I cleared the GD round�. Then there was interview�.

I gave my interview confidently at 6pm�.

Results were out br 8.00 Pm, I was happy that i was selected...our offer
intimation letters were given on the same day..

So friend don�t upset if u not selected in this company� then u think that there r
better company wait for u�

I attended so many campus interviews in our college. At last I selected in the

better company i.e. VEDANTA.....


give the interview confidently�.give your best��.

Wish u all the Best���will meet in VEDANTA�.. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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