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Paranormal Activity Jessica Kim West Career and Technical Academy


Paranormal Activity: Although there is no scientific proof of paranormal phenomena that stands up to scientific examination, there is observable evidence of its existence. But there are questions that have been drawn quite different conclusions in addressing the following questions: 1. What is paranormal activity? 2. What are some signs of hauntings? 3. Why does this occur? 4. Can you talk to the spirits? 5. What are some stories that involve paranormal activity? What Is Paranormal Activity? In order to understand what paranormal activity is we must first define what paranormal means. The word Para itself was once a prefix in the Greek language meaning similar to or near to however, in Latin Para means outside of, against or beyond. The word normal simply denotes an average, standard or usual condition or characteristic. When the prefix and the word are put together we find that we have a totally different meaning for the two, that being paranormal (Grove, 2010). Now paranormal activity involves ghosts, spirits, and demons. There are 3 different types of ghosts: residual recordings of hauntings, messengers, and poltergeists. Residual records of hauntings are when you heard, smelt, or seen the same vision repeatedly. They are still seen and heard, but have been long gone for many years. The actions and appearance are always the very same. Messengers are ghosts that are the most common and happen after a person has passed


away and come to offer comfort to their loved ones to let them know they do not have to grief that they will be okay. Poltergeists are the most feared with the ability to affect physically. Unexplained noises, sounds of walking, banging on the wall, doors slamming, lights turn on & off, objects being moved, pulling on clothing or hair, or scratches on a persons body and slapped. Some investigators label these ghosts as demons because of the cruel nature of their spirit. While other investigators discredit ghost theories and believe it is not caused by anything paranormal, but rather just people living under stressful conditions. But what are they made of? First some believe they are made up of energy and can manifest themselves by gathering energy from various sources around them such as humans, heat in the air, batteries, among many other things. While others believe ghosts can possibly be made up from plasma which is the fourth state of matter. Plasma is a grouping of atoms that has absorbed a large amount of energy (Krissy72, 2012). Are There Any Signs Of Hauntings? The most obvious would be to see apparitions or forms of people who are not living. Other signs include, but are not limited to. You could have one or more of the following: Cold spots. Tapping. Wrapping and knocking sounds. Sounds of objects being dropped or broken. Living plants and flowers dying. Pets and young children acting as though their interacting, watching, playing or chasing something that isnt visible to the naked eye. Aromas, good and bad, of tobacco, cooking, flowers, perfume, cologne, rotten garbage, or other offensive odors and if you smell this one, start to worry, sulfur. Of course theyre much more of other evidence of hauntings, but these are the most common known signs (Unknown, 2001). Why Does Paranormal Activity Occur?


Most often because their unaware that theyre dead. Sometimes its something a little more complicated as they need assistance. That they want the person to know or to relay a message. Sometimes they didnt want to move on and decided to stick around. They could be looking for something or someone no longer at the location. Perhaps they were very fond of the location and just wanted to stay or return there after death. Humans are much as an intruder or stranger to them as they are to humans. A new building can also be haunted. The land may have history and thats where the attachment is. Just because a building is new or has no history of death in it, doesnt mean that it cant be haunted. Sometimes a ghost can become attached to the land or an object brought to the location. If youre at a new building and suddenly notice activity, it could be that whatever was on the land had been dormant for a period of time and has just recently come out. Also, if youve recently bought a second hand object, someone gave you an item, or brought an item to the location that has an attachment to it then chances are youve just brought the activity to the location. Renovation and remolding can also cause activity to suddenly start at a location that was not known to be previously haunted. Its usually because it stirs things up and brings out whatever was dormant. It could have a lot to do with a whole disruption of the environment and or conditions that kept them dormant for all this time (Unknown, 2001). Can You Talk To The Spirits? The answer is yes of course. Its called a Ouija Board which is one of the most misunderestimated tools of communication in the world (Unknown, 2011). The Ouija Board has been manufactured now for over 100 years, billed as the Wonderful Talking Board in 1901 when a businessman named William Fuld stole the idea from his boss Charles Kennard, and an


associate named Elijah Bond whod created something similar in 1890. The name Ouija simply was a blend of the two words Oui which is yes in French and Ja which is also yes except in German. It contains no electronically moving parts, no batter-operated gizmos, yet it has a pointer to move around and a letter/number board with yes and no listed. Sold in toy sections of stores, it sends a mistaken message that it is safe, harmless, whimsical board game. Just because its in the same section with the chess boards and checker boards doesnt mean its completely safe. But what moves the pointer? Spirits do! Users obviously notice that the pointer is moving without your own hands pushing it around. They know this for a fact, as you can feel something else theresomeone else doing it. What they are actually doing engaging in this board game is linking to the Spirit Realm, but who in the Spirit Realm? There is no guarantee that the person using the board is going to contact that one person that they want to, even though they asked. Its not like dialing up a friend knowing their telephone number,--its more like dialing up a hug citys phone booth with many people accessing the single telephone, and chances are that the one person whom they wish to speak to is slim to none. Sometimes dark spirits act like they are the person the users are trying to reach, but really they are just saying that to gain your trust. The planchette, also known as the pointer, needs two people to work. They are all giving: 1. their attention to it, 2. they are automatically opening up their Auric Fields to contact by their welcoming the contact, and 3. asking questions hoping that the pointer will move to form words for answers. The spirits are usually not just standing there politely waiting while you ask your questions and chat with each other. They are also trying to force their energy into your back Chakras which are the Will Centers. They can and frequently do reach inside your bodies and force their minds to link with yours while the contact is established. It is intent that the important


factor and the easy access for dark spirits to access you during the usage of the board plus later on also that makes this board really a danger (Hope From Beyond, 2002). What Are Some Stories Of Paranormal Activity? There are many stories containing paranormal activity. It could be about anywhere, anytime, anyplace. But Alcatraz has some very interesting ones. One of the areas which some claim is the most active with paranormal is a utility corridor where inmates Coy, Cretzer, and Hubbard were plummeted with bullets after a failed prison escape. It is there that in 1976 a night security guard reported hearing unexplained eerie clanging sounds coming from inside. In Cell 14D, one of the hole cells is believed by some to be very active with spirits. Visitors and employees have reported feeling a raw coldness and at times a sudden intensity encompasses the cell. Tales have been told of an event in the 1940s, when a prisoner locked-in 14D screamed throughout the night that a creature with glowing eyes was killing him. The next day guards found the man strangled to death in the cell. No one ever claimed responsibility for the convicts death; however the next day when doing head counts and the guards counted one too many prisoners. Some of the guards claimed seeing the dead convict in line with the other inmates, but only for a second before he vanished. Visitors to cellblocks A and B claim they have heard crying and moaning. A psychic visiting wrote that while in Block C, he came upon a disruptive spirit name Butcher. Prison records show that another inmate in Block C murdered Abie Maldowitz, a mob hitman known as Butcher. Other odd events experienced over the years include guards smelling smoke, but finding no fire; sounds of unexplained crying and moaning; unexplained cold spots in areas of the prison and claims of seeing ghosts of prisoners or military personnel (Montaldo, Unknown).


Even though its undefined, there is currently still no proof that stands up to scientific examination and probably never will. But theres still observable evidence of its existence.


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