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____ PC is a special type of notebook computer that allows you to write on the screen using a digital pen. a. Enabled b. Whiteboard c. Tablet d. Smart

2. Which of the following cannot be a wireless network a. W!" b. #!"

c. $!" d. !ll of the abo%e

e. None of these &. ____ is data that is organi'ed( has meaning( and is useful. a. Shareware b. )nput c. E*mail d. Information +. Which of the following is to be done by the auditor while internet banking ser%ices audit a. Tour the server room b. ,he user is not allowed to log * in after defined repeated failed attempts c. Contract clearly states the ser%ices that will be pro%ided by the %endor d. e. !ll of the abo%e "one of these

-. ,he components of the !.CS #oti%ational #odel are ____( ____( ____( and ____. a. Attention, Relevance, Challenge/Confidence, Satisfaction/Success

b. !ttitude( .etention( Challenge/Confidence( Satisfaction/Success c. Willingness( .ele%ance( Challenge/Confidence( Satisfaction/Success d. "one of the abo%e 0. 1irewall is used in PC for a. Security b. !uthentication c. 2ata transmission d. !ll of the abo%e e. "one of these 3. ! personal computer is defined by the fact that it ____. a. Can be used for desktop publishing b. )s lightweight and portable c. Performs all of its in ut, activities by itself rocessing, out ut and storage

d. )s owned by an indi%idual rather than a corporation or institution

4. Which of the following statement5s is true about computer %iruses a. )t can come with data b. It can be attached to an e!ecutable c. )t can be attached to a data file d. e. )t can be attached to a data record "one of these rogram

6. ____ is ha%ing the knowledge and understanding of computers and their uses. a. Computation literacy b. )ntegration literacy c. )nformation literacy d. Com uter literacy 17.! _______ connection pro%ides a dedicated link between two de%ices. a. Point"to" oint b. #ultipoint c. Primary d. Secondary 11.2ocumentation while de%eloping a software for a 8ank is re9uired for a. Auditing b. Correction c. Editing d. !ll of the abo%e e. "one of these

12.What in a distributed database supports multi*user access a. 2istribution design b. Concurrency control c. .eplication

d. .edundancy e. "one of these

1&.,his was the first network. a. CS"E,

b. "S1"E, c. !"S"E, d. ARPAN#T 1+.:on ;on "eumann de%eloped < a. ,he first electronic computer b. 1irst electronic chip flip flop

c. Stored" rogram conce t d. "one of these

1-.,he _______ is the physical path o%er which a message tra%els. a. Protocol b. $edium c. Signal d. !ll the abo%e

10.1re9uency of failure and network reco%ery time after a failure are measures of the _______ of a network. a. Performance b. Reliability c. Security d. 1easibility 13.Which topology re9uires a central controller or hub a. #esh b. Star c. 8us d. .ing 14.Communication between a computer and a keyboard in%ol%es ______________ transmission. a. Simple= b. >alf*duple= c. 1ull*duple= d. !utomatic 16._______ is the protocol suite for the current )nternet. a. TCP/IP b. "CP c. ?")@ d. !C# 27.______ refers to the physical or logical arrangement of a network. a. 2ata flow b. #ode of operation c. To ology d. "one of the abo%e 21.2e%ices may be arranged in a _____ topology.

a. #esh b. .ing

c. 8us d. All of the above 22.________ is a collection of many separate networks. a. ! W!" b. An internet c. ! $!" d. "one of the abo%e 2&.________ is an idea or concept that is a precursor to an )nternet standard. a. .C1 b. R%C c. )2 d. "one of the abo%e 2+.! ______ is a data communication system spanning states( countries( or the whole world. a. #!" b. $!" c. &AN d. "one of the abo%e

2-.,he purpose of echo re9uest and echo reply is to _______. a. .eport errors

b. Chec' node"to"node communication c. Check group memberships d. "one of the choices are correct 20.,he logical addresses in the ,CP/)P protocol suite are called _______ addresses. a. Port b. IP c. Email d. "one of the choices are correct 23.! _______ address is an internetwork address with uni%ersal Aurisdiction. a. Physical b. (ogical c. Port d. "one of the choices are correct