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CAN/FLEXRAY: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

A Virtual Control System for Automotive and Railway Industries Bus data acquisition and romote monitoring system based on CAN bus and GPRS Design of vehicle bus data acquisition and fault diagnosis system Online Fault Diagnosis for Controller Area Networks Simulated Analysis on the Automobile Body Electrical Control System Based on CAN-LIN Bus 6. An On-line Distributed Induction Motor Monitoring System Based-on ARM and CAN Bus 7. Measurement and Control System of Soil Moisture of Large Greenhouse Group Based on Double CAN Bus 8. Remote Monitoring and Diagnosis System for Wind Turbines Based on CAN 9. Research on an integral driving controller based on DSP for robot moving joints 10. Implementation of CAN bus in an autonomous All-Terrain Vehicle 11. Evidence Collection from Car Black Boxes using Smartphones 12. The Design Of A Vehicle Network Using Can/Lin Gateway Based On Arm. 13. Design of Online Interactive Data Acquisition and Control System For Embedded Real-time Applications. 14. A Multichannel temperature Acquisition System Based on Arm 7 & Can. 15. Data Acquisition System with Can and SD Card. 16. Smart And Secure Environment For Automobiles Using Can Protocol. 17. A Modified remote control car that drives autonomously between lanes and avoids forward collisions. 18. Smart Conveyor With Color Sense And Dimension Analysis. 19. Wireless Multi-Sense base Environmental Airflow Control System. 20. Wireless Smart sensor for Gas detection with control. 21. Smart And Secure Environment For Automobiles Using Can Protocol. 22. Highway Cruise Control Using RF-id Technology and CAN Protocol with Parental Lock for Automotive. 23. Design of Online Interactive Data Acquisition and Control System for Embedded Real-time Applications. 24. Designing of Flex Ray and CAN based Communication Gateway for Embedded Applications. 25. Hybrid Network Control System using ISO and SAE Standard CAN Protocol with GPRS. 26. Development of data acquisition system for remote monitoring through internet. 27. ISO Standard CAN Protocol implementation on ARM7TDMI Controller. 28. Designing of Device Driver for CAN Protocol Using ARM7 Architecture. 29. CAN base accident avoidance system. 30. Design of Vehicle Safety System with Double Active belt system and ABS. 31. Designing of Advance, Flexible, Informative and User Friendly CAN based Information Display System for Automobiles of the future. 32. Design & implementation of Ethernet data acquisition & control system. Using ARM 7 controllers. 33. Design and Implementation of Multi CAN Network for Automotive communication protocol. 34. Designing of Hybrid fuel system for vehicles using Fuel Cell with CAN Protocol for communication. 35. Automation of Home Application for Elder and Physically Challenged using RF and CAN. 36. Designing and Implementation of TCP/IP and Java Based Data Acquisition System for Industries on a 32Bit Controller Platform. 37. Advance Security Interface for Vehicle with CAN Protocol Implementation for inter ECU Communication. 38. Designing and Implementation of I2C Protocol on ARM7TDMI Architecture

39. Implementation of CAN bus in an autonomous all-terrain vehicle. 40. Evidence collection from car black boxes using smart phones 41. Application and implementation of CAN bus technology in industry real-time data communication 42. Development of solar power based automatic sunlight adjusting system for home care 43. A Low cost solution for an Integrated Multisensory Lane Departure Warning System. 44. Automatic Object Identifier. 45. Development of data acquisition system for remote monitoring through internet. 46. Analyzing Real Time Communication Over Flex Ray Wireless (ZIGBEE/TCP/IP Protocol (ETHERNET)/Bluetooth): 1. Design of Intelligent Home Appliance Control System Based on ARM and ZigBee 2. Zigbee wireless sensor network for better interactive industrial Automation 3. Remote management and control system for LED based plant factory using ZigBee and Internet 4. A Reliable Transmission Protocol for ZigBee-Based Wireless Patient Monitoring 5. ZigBee based energy efficient outdoor lighting control system 6. Bus Monitoring System Based on ZigBee and GPRS 7. System architecture challenges in the home M2M network 8. Wireless Monitoring System Design based on Embedded 9. Intelligent sensor hub benefits for wireless sensor networks 10. Design of Monitor-and-control System for Supermarket Fresh Area Based on ZigBee 11. Secured wireless communication for industrial automation and control 12. Design of landslide warning system 13. A Hybrid Wired/Wireless Networking Infrastructure for Greenhouse Management 14. Implementation of Embedded Web Server for Mobile Robot System 15. Design of on-line Interactive Data Acquisition and Control System for embedded real time applications 16. Development of a distributed data collection system based on embedded Ethernet 17. Low Cost Cultivation aiding system using IEEE 802.15.4 wireless standard (ZigBee) Technology 18. Development of Low cost and Lightweight TCP/IP for Embedded wireless Systems 19. Designing of Multi-Sensor Wireless Mesh Network using TCP/IP based Web Server 20. Designing of Mobile and flexible Monitoring System on a Scattered Network with Mobile technology 21. TCP/IP Protocol implementation for Real Time Industrial Machinery 22. Firmware Development for TCP/IP Protocol on ARM9 for Embedded System 23. Designing of Wireless WIFI based Power Consumption Monitoring System on ARM7TDMI 24. Wireless IEEE 802.11 protocol (Wi-Fi) and ARM7TDMI architecture based Robotic Arm Control with Remote Vision Research and remote Data Acquisition System. 25. Designing of a Wireless Communication Protocol for Industrial Atomization 26. Designing and developing a Web Server on Embedded Platform 27. Ethernet and ARM7 base DHCP implementation 28. A zigbee-based home automation system 29. Voice Recognition based wireless home automation system. 30. Design implementation of Wireless Data TXRX. 31. Humidity and Temperature Based Irrigation control and Photosynthesis. 32. Event Management Monitoring system. 33. Designing of a 32 Bit Architecture for Mobile Communication for Industrial Application 34. USB2.0 Protocol base HID (Human Interactive Device) Development

35. Design of Wireless System for ECG monitoring utilizing Bluetooth Protocol 36. Designing of USB 2.0 Device Drive for LPC2148 target based on ARM7 37. USB 2.0 Device Driver for Mass Storage Device 38. Automation of Industrial Equipment Monitoring using Bluetooth Protocol 39. Design and Development of Bluetooth Protocol for Embedded System 40. Device Driver for STR9 Based USB Host Controller for Embedded Application 41. Development of Firmware for Bluetooth communication for Embedded Applications 42. Designing of Remote Controlled Smart Home. RS485: 1. RS-485 based multi axis motor controller 2. Design of the Multi-computer communication system based on RS485 ROBOTICS: Development of an UAV for Search & Rescue Applications Design of an Intelligent Combat Robot for war fields Altitude estimation and control of a Quadrocopter Full Control of a Quadcopter Fire Analyzing Robot with Voice Feedback Color Sensor based pick and place robot. Radio Control Combat Robot (Fighting Robot With Gun and wireless Camera) :- To Tackle The 26/11 Mumbai Like Situation 8. Touch screen and Arm Based Robot Motion Control 9. Touch screen Based Robot Using Speech. 10. Industrial Robot with Image monitoring Using CCTV. SPI: 1. Message Communication between 2 CPUs Using SPI Protocol 2. 2 Analysis of Pre-Crash Data Transferred over the Serial Data Bus and Utilized by the SDM-DS Module 3. Implementation of Network Communication Device Driver for Samsung S3CEV40 based on ARM7 Architecture 4. Development of SPI Driver for Graphical Display System on ARM7TDMI 5. SD Memory Card driver development for implementing Audio Player Interface 6. Designing of a 32 Bit Architecture for Mobile Communication for Industrial Application 7. Medial Player implementation on ARM Architecture based Controller 8. Embedded Audio Driver development on 32 bit Controller 9. Firmware development for SD-Card Flash Memory on ARM7 Based LPC2129 Micro Controller 10. Implementation of Touch Sensitive Display for Hand Held Mobile Application Based on ARM Architecture. 11. Designing of Touch Base Display System for Mobile PDA's. BIOMEDICAL: 1. Redtacton-Data logging Using Human Body as a Communication Media 2. Fully Secured & Automated Corporate Environment Using Biometric Device. 3. Portable ECG Monitoring Device with Bluetooth and Holter Capabilities for Telemedicine Applications. 4. Voice Actuated Speaker-Dependent Control System for Hospital Bed 5. Designing of Tele Medicine application on ARMTDMI architecture 6. HID based Device Monitoring and Control System using ARM7

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7. A Wearable Sensing System for Tracking and Monitoring of Functional Arm Movement GSM/ GPRS/ GPS: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Home automation and security for mobile devices Development of an Embedded Monitoring Device for a Manufacturing Plant Real time embedded control system development for wireless mobile platforms Intelligent water dispenser system based on embedded systems Simulation of earthquakes and tsunami through GSM network PIC18LF4620 Based Customizable Wireless Sensor Node to Detect Hazardous Gas Pipeline Leakage 7. The real-time temperature measuring system for the joint less rail 8. Vision-Based Automated Parking System 9. Design and Implementation of Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor Based Security System Using Microcontroller. 10. Electricity Smart Meters Interfacing the Households 11. Solar power wireless monitoring system based on ARM7 12. Research and Design of Short Message Service System Based on ARM and GPRS 13. Design of Remote Data Acquisition System Based on 3G 14. Microcontroller based neural network controlled low cost autonomous vehicle 15. Vehicular Communication and Safety in Realization of Intelligent Transport System 16. Microcontroller Based Neural Network Controlled Low Cost Autonomous Vehicle 17. Design of Vehicle positioning System Based on ARM 18. Design of Intelligent Mobile Vehicle Checking System Based on ARM7 19. GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services. 20. GSM based prepaid card for power. 21. Vehicle tracking system using GPS and GSM using 32 bit arm controller. 22. Implementation of Mobile Communication Technology in Real Time Industry. 23. GSM based mobile telemonitoring and management system for intercity public transportations. 24. Development of Algorithm for Speed Tracking of Vehicles based on GPS 25. The Research And Realization Of Traffic Service System Based ON GPS and GPRS 26. Design & Development of a GSM Based Auto Burglary Tracking System 27. Implementation of Mobile Communication Technology in Real Time Industry 28. Design of smart home based on embedded system. 29. Designing of Mobile and flexible Monitoring System on a Scattered Network with Mobile technology 30. Design of home care instrument based on embedded system. 31. Wireless Home-care Appliances Monitoring and Control System 32. Designing of Embedded Web Gateway Server for Wireless Home-care Monitoring System 33. Designing of Remote Controlled Smart Home 34. Real-time monitoring and pre-alarm system for dangerous mountains in the railway line 35. Design and Application of an Automatic Packaging Machine Controller Based On Atmega. 36. Design and Development of Effective Manual Control Systems for Unmanned Air Vehicle 37. The design of the scene of the accident alarm system based on ARM and GPS. 38. Control of Dam Gate Using Mobile Phone By DTMF Digits Through Voice Call. 39. Automatic Meter Reading GSM for post-paid energy Meter 40. Digital Fuel level Indicator with Vehicle tracking system using GSM 41. A wireless Vending Machine System Based on GSM. 42. Intrusion Detection using Face Recognition and GSM. 43. Intelligent Work Supervisor.

44. Patient Request To Nurse Using Flex Sensor. BIOMETRIC: 1. 2. 3. 4. RFID: ATM Terminal Design Is Based On Fingerprint Recognition. Finger Print Authentication Based Smart Vehicle Security System Pc Login System Using Finger Print Recognition Terminal Design Is Based On Fingerprint Recognition

1. A Design of Self-service Speech Explaining System Based on RFID 2. Distributed intelligent climate system for indoor locations 3. Design of Auto-guard System Based on RFID and Network 4. A Group Tour Guide System with RFIDS and Wireless Sensor Networks. 5. The Autonomous Recognition of Left behind Passengers in Parked Vehicles. 6. Voice Actuated Speaker-Dependent Control System For Hospital Bed 7. Bus Detection Device For The Blind Using RFID Application 8. Intelligent Perfect parking with a reversing aid for vehicles. 9. RFID & GSM based intelligent courier mail box system. 10. Wireless car access and tracking system. 11. Implementation of Mobile Technology for Atomization of Vehicle Parking System 12. RFID and Zigbee Based Library Management. 13. Design of intelligent Mobile Vehicle Checking System Based on ARM7 14. Vehicular Networking and Traffic Congestion System. MISCELLANEOUS: 1. Instrument Landing System: Enhanced Model 2. Verification of On-Line Vehicle Collision Avoidance Warning System using DSRC 3. Accurate Real Time Inertial Navigation Device by Application and Processing of Arrays of MEMS Inertial Sensors 4. Design and Implementation of an Integrated Man-Machine Interface by Touch Panel for an Embedded Electronic Measurement System 5. Innovative Application of SIP Protocol for Communication Platform 6. Solar Powered Sensor Network Design and Experimentation 7. Implementation of Solar Illumination System with Three-Stage Charging and Dimming Control Function 8. A Modular Real-Time Field bus Architecture for Mobile Robotic Platforms 9. A networked embedded real-time controller for complex control systems 10. The design of intelligent building control system 11. Design and Implementation of a Home Embedded Surveillance System with Ultra-Low Alert Power 12. A Microcontroller-Based Multi-Function Solar Tracking System 13. Design and Development of Microcontroller Based Electronic Queue Control System.

Matlab 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Automatic Parameter Selection for Multimodal Image Registration Simultaneous Reconstruction of Activity and Attenuation for PET/MR Research on Preprocessing Algorithm for PET-CT Image Registration Fingerprint Recognition using Image Segmentation A Novel Hybrid HVS Based Embedded Image Coding Algorithm Using DTT and SPIHT

6. A Probabilistic Framework to Detect Buildings in Aerial and Satellite Images 7. A System Based on Ratio Images and Quick Probabilistic Neural Network for Continuous Cloud Classification 8. Blind and Semi-Blind Deblurring of Natural Images 9. A STATCOM-Control Scheme for Grid Connected Wind Energy System for Power Quality Improvement 10. Harmonic Elimination of Cascade Multilevel Inverters with Nonequal DC Sources Using Particle Swarm Optimization 11. Hybrid Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel-Inverter Induction-Motor-Drive Direct Torque Control for Automotive Applications 12. Application of Cascaded H -Bridge Multilevel Inverter in DTC-SVM Based Induction Motor Drive 13. Performance Evaluation of Membership Functions on Fuzzy Logic Controlled AC Voltage Controller for Speed Control of Induction Motor Drive 14. Design and Control of Bidirectional DC/AC and DC/DC Converters for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles 15. Direct Voltage Control for a Stand-Alone Wind-Driven Self-Excited Induction Generator With Improved Power Quality 16. Simulation of Four Quadrant Operation & Speed Control of BLDC Motor on MATLAB / SIMULINK 17. : Harmonic Elimination of Space Vector Modulated Three Phase Inverter 18. Direct Current Vector Control for HVDC Light System Using 12 Pulse Converter 19. Enhancement Of Voltage Stability And Power Oscillation Damping Using Static Synchronous Series Compensator With Smes 20. Volatility of Power Grids under Real-Time Pricing 21. An Enhancement Method for the Compensation of Voltage Sag/Swell and Harmonics by Dynamic Voltage Restorer 22. Optimization of Loss Minimization Using FACTS in Deregulated Power Systems