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4295 Fowler Drive, Bellbrook, Ohio 45305 (937)-546-5466 jillian.varner09@gmail.


Jillian Varner

________________________________________________________________________ Ohio University; Athens, OH September 2009-May 2013 Bachelor of Arts; Integrated Language Arts Cumulative GPA 3.3

Teaching Experience
________________________________________________________________________ Marietta Middle School; Marietta, OH October 2012-April 2013 Observed the environment of a 7th grade Language Arts class Practiced lesson planning and use of the Common Core Facilitated reading as a class and review of worksheets Exercised strategies for classroom management Collaborated with cooperating teacher to increase information regarding education Warren Elementary; Marietta, OH October 2013 th Observed the environment of a 7 grade Language Arts class Discussed and engaged in lesson planning with my cooperating teacher Observed an 8th grade Social Studies class for two periods to gain a better understanding of teaching strategies Facilitated independent student work during study halls

Teaching-Related Work Experience ____________________________________________________

Private Flute Lessons 2008-2009 Qualified instructor who can teach private flute lessons to junior high and high school students. I instruct a student during a thirty-minute lesson. Teach correct fingerings and playing techniques. Instruct the student on warm ups and songs. Assign songs and other pieces of work for the student to practice for the next lesson.

Schuster Centers Broadway Childrens Choir 2011 Assistant Director

Fall 2010-Summer

The Broadway Childrens Choir is an organization of the Victoria Theatre Association in Dayton, Ohio. The students range from ages 8 to 14. They perform at various events downtown, including receptions and festivals. Responsibilities included: Leading the choir in warm up and run-throughs of songs, focusing on points of the song that need particular attention. Choosing the songs that the choir would perform. Organizing events at which the choir would perform.

Bellbrook Marching Band 2013 Visual/Music Tech

June 2011-November

The marching band at Bellbrook High School is a very successful program. The band is 8-Time Nation Champions. The program is open any student currently attending the high school. Responsibilities included: Leading the flute section, which included up to fifteen students. This included rehearsing their music and working on visual technique. Working with the entire marching band on visual technique. This would be individually helping a student, or teaching the entire 110-member ensemble. Leading the entire woodwind section. This is included working with the flutes, clarinets, and saxes. I would work with them through scales, warm-up songs, tuning, and any section of the music that required work.

References furnished upon request