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ECO 2023 Principles of Microeconomics

Fall 2010 Term Professor Ana C. Corrales

Harvard Business c!ool Case "ud# $2% &e"fli' Please read the HBS Case Study Netflix. Prepare and submit a case (rief. You must submit your assignment in person a" "!e (e)innin) of class on the due date to recei e full!credit. Please ans"er the follo"ing #uestions$ *!a" is "!e difference (e"+een "!e produc",service provided (# Bloc-(us"er vs. &e"fli'. *!a" do #ou (elieve +ill (e "!e effec" of /O0 1video2on2demand3 on &e"fli'4s (usiness. *ill "!e effec" (e posi"ive or ne)a"ive for &e"fli'. Ho+ s!ould Has"in)s and !is mana)emen" "eam prepare for "!is developmen" in "!eir core (usiness. 0iscuss "!e role of innova"ion and crea"ive des"ruc"ion in "!e Case "ud# Ho+ can &e"fli' earn revenues from i"s recommenda"ion s#s"em. Please use economic reasonin) to explain your response. Support your recommendation "ith e idence from the case. %n addition& please gi e a brief update on Netflix since the publication of the case. Forma""in) 5e6ues"s% Please "rite your first and last name at the top of the first page of your document. Please limit your response to "!ree 133 pa)es. Please format your paragraph's( in sin)le spacin) to conser e paper. Please use )* point +imes Ne" ,oman font "ith ) inch margins 'or less( on all sides. Please do no" su(mi" a cover pa)e. On Academic 0is!ones"#% You must use your o"n "ords. Copying "ords from the article or the textboo- "ithout proper citation is considered plagiarism and #our assi)nmen" +ill au"oma"icall# earn a 7ero 103 . You "ill not be allo"ed to resubmit your assignment if you commit academic dishonesty. Please re ie" the .cademic /ishonesty section of your Students Rights & Responsibilities Handbook 'http$00""".mdc.edu0policy0student1rights1and1responsibilities.pdf( if you ha e any #uestions as to "hat constitutes academic dishonesty and the potential conse#uences of such actions. Please re"urn "!e !ard cop# of "!e HB Case "ud# on "!e da"e of "!e in2class discussion. Failure "o re"urn "!e !ard cop# +ill resul" in an au"oma"ic )rade of a 809 in "!e course 1no" "!e assi)nmen"3. Please no"e "!is assi)nmen" is +or"! :; of #our final )rade in "!e course