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Tokyo, Japan

Dear PriGndss

You will be interested to know that I am returning to ^

a1!^Y"sEall continue to work for the kingdom. With the

Since 1 cUii ingood

aura^/Likin family I shall sail on June the 6th from Yolio

stopping in Hawaii June 15jl6 and arriving in Seattle ne 25. This year will make thiriLY^five --va^-ps sinco my Japan. It seems much shorter During that ^me,
There have been difficult

nsv-Q^^ent seven years in America - four years during the

war and tliree other furloughs.

know how few have been touched with Christian knov/ledgs and faith, it seems that little has been done during these years.
The population increases faster than the growth of the church. Since the war there have been a large number of young mis
sionaries of many denominations who have strong faith and have accomplished much in spreading the gospel. V7e have some
splendid young missionaries of the Church of Christ ccattorod

times and happy times. I wish that more could have been ac complished. \7hen I see the crowds of people in Tokyo and

throughout Japan.

t If ^ome young'

people are interested in giving their lives for Christ's work in Japan, I shall be glad to give any assistance possible. In the past few months several have accepted Christ at
ilabashi. Three were former Bible School children. This is

a great field but difficult to get them in to the church.

\7hen they enter Junior High School, the parents think that Sunday should be a time for study. One of thses v/as the dau^ter of a former church officer. Though they had moved to a distance the girl wanted to be baptized here. One was

a girl who had attended summer camp and 'became interested.

One baptism was the result of our regular hospital visitation. Although only Ihiee from the hospital have "been "baptized here others
have written us that they have "become Christians in churches near

their homes. The mother of one of our young men "became a Chris tian recently. She had also spent two years in a T. B. hospital

and we often visited her.

a Christian for ten years.

Her son, now church treasurer, has "been

Like most students he was not faithful

during examinations "but he would come during the week to bring his
offering- unusual even in Japan where a few coins thrown down be fore the shrine is a part of the worship.

^ I have had several trips recently.

During my stay in Japan,


time a teacher in an" army

/school, who does so much for missionaries, ac companied me and insisted on paying my fare. I spoke at \he chap el service of the Osaka Bible Seminary and visited the Osaka mis

At the egd of March, the all-Japan Chii3!ches _of_^liriat conven ..^tion^^ held in Tanabe where "Vivian Lemmon works. Tfie former ISiss
Moifiese, who worked with us before the v/ar went with me to attend

the convention but also to have a visit with me on the long train
trip. She is now the mother of four children but seems to have

changed little during the years since she came every day to teach
kindergarten and lead the women*s work.

She is the same dear

It was an ^ogjci^^cgny^j^t^orij


ihree day m-; We stayed at a beautiful Japanese hotel on the beacii "lia^ng'i^^erf^ fellow-

ship. The mi flR-inyiaripff^gave me a fJewell with a beautiful gift.

I also spent a few days with_jJie^gests.

Uork in the country

villages is always difficult but^TT^f^^ave won the hearts of the people. I7ith the earnest pastor and his wife, they are doing
a wonderful work there "but they are on too much of a tension for
their health.

took me to the place hundred years ago. Another trirj vras to

The women's group

landed, more than a ns \Br>(:xe the

cherry trees were in full bloom.

thing for me.

They are all tryi i^fy t.n

re^tire. Iwill see how .I feel about thai; afte^^'

happy about that and they hope to get her to persuad^^ me mt to

We are expecting J.1rs Hongo for a month's visit Everyone is\

' ^urlough^^

sisted by the 'Aoicis. More could W 4one if there was a regular pastor but a good one is difficult to find# Tha Mabashi young X part of that group. The ITo-Chy:ch-group only has a man give lec
tures on the Bible teaching.
and no Lord's Supper.

The work here is in good o,emotion, led -fc^ an elder and as-

people who were trained in the Toky6 Bible Seminary were led into the No-Church way of thinking, though they did not all become a

There is no organization^ no baptism

a has been doing
A Vacation Bible

I heard of some good work that

when I saw the Eickersons at the convention.

School had been held a few years before near the school where lirs.
Kuninaka now teaches. Some of the mothers came to Mrs. Kuninaka asking her to teach them more. She held a Bible class for them and

twelve of them accepted Christ. Mrs. Kuninaka's eyesight is bad but she continues to teach in the public school. She had an oper
ation on her one good eye a year ago.
Miss Arlene S^

teacher in the array school, who is a mom-

'Christ, is beginning an English Bible class

here at the church and will continue through the year. She has been attending quite regularly on Sunday mornings since last fall. As she understands no Japanese, I sit beside her and write an out\line of the sermon in English. She always gives generous offerings ^ me and to the church. I use mine for special evangelistic projec^s^

Please write tTsSm, (s. 0. P. Wegner, 1895 24th Street^. E.,

prayers and offerings.
is no country like America.


s. I ghall visit, .thfc^^urches.

Salem, Oregon) if you wish me to come. Thanking you again for yova?
It will be wonderful to be home again. There
Your missionary,
Grace Parnham

P5 CO H-J vo o

Octobcr 1, 1959 to March 31> i960 S3342.80

4i>> ta

Cash on Hand Octoher 1





Salera, Court Street Salenij Court Street Jr. Salom, Court St,

$ 674.40

Loyal Friends Coquille Christian Church OraLtree, C. V/, F.



Mr, & Itrs. Benton (gift)




Llr. & ISrs. Bunting (gift)

Kansas Sublotte Christian Church



Urs. Chas. J . Greene

Canton TT. Id. S.



2^.00 5-00

lirs. Robert Gore (gift)

Reccivoa on Loan

Grand Total Cash

Pis bur g e r.o n t s


Livin^^ Link Salary (6 mo.) 600.00

Court Street, Salem
Mrs. Furuta

llrs. Greene (Ga. )& others

Hospital visitation

66.00 12.00

(travel, tracts, etc.)

Tape Recorder
^Gift to Osaka Bible Sem.

Afternoon Bible School rent 17.00

Total Disbursements


Balance of Cash Harch 31> I96O


*A11 Church of Christ missionaries, have been


asked/fSI^^ a $5100 contributions to the ) buil^ng^unmof the Osaka Bible Seminary. I ^

v;g ^ould help this good work

>1 )> beli^^e

J ly 21, 1960

More On Forlough

Miss Grace Famham returned to the States in June from Japan ending a period
of service for Christ which began in Japan 35 years ago# "Perhaps for retirement"

she said about her return# She spent 28 years altogether on the field, having spent
four war years and three other years on furlough. She wants to viiit the churches to

speak of her work, and assist in recruiting young missionaries for Japan and may be
contacted through her Forwarding Agent: Mrs, 0, P. Wegner, 1895
Northeast, Salem,Oregon*

24th Street


Kt\'* '/



Dear Friends;

Some of you v/ill "be surprised to know that I am still in

Japan, Shortly "before I v;as to have sailed on June 6, we found that we did not have the deed to our property. It had "been en
trusted to a man v/ho is a public accountant and one who had done all the "business when we bought the land. He had sinoc bccomc a

Christian as had his wife and three members of his family.

church people trusted him.


He has told different stories - one

that he gave the papers to one of the church officers, then later he and his \7ife both said that they had given them to me, v/hich v/as not true. Since the property is under a Christian corpora tion we were able to have a new registration made. However, v/e
are not sure that he may have borrowed money on the papers.
It was very fortunate that we found out before I left, Mrs,


church officers have asked me to stay for a while to see v;hat may happen. Those holding the papers may be v/aiting for mo to leave.
Sato who also planned to go to America with me to visit her daugh ter, did more than any one else in making the new registratioii,
I had been sad about leaving Japan especially since I was
thinking of retiring. I am sure that missionaries all have the

same feeling - glad to return to the homeland but a lonely feel ing at the thought of not seeing these good friends again, I \7as

touched when visiting an old lady who has been bedfast for many-

years and on whom I had often called. She prayed thanking God that my return to America had been delayed. Ilrs. Kongo, my good friend
since first coming to Japan, came a sixteen hour trip and spent a
month with me. Another friend v/ho had moved to a distance came for

a week.

It v/as such a joy to have them with me.

A missionary couple were ready to move into my home when I went to America. How, they are living in the apartment in the church and I am enjoying the fellowship with them. Since it is terribly hot in Toliyo, I came to the mountains where I have a sum mer cottage with the Fleenors. They have been having summer camps
here and these camps will continue through the summer. and I shall return to Tokyo for a while since I The mis

sionary couple will come here for conferences the first of August
do not want to
leave the house without someone there this summer.

Another young woman who spent years in the T. B. hospital was

baptized this spring.

Since she lives at a distance, she cannot

attend church regularly at Mabashi. Recently she came to my home weeping telling the sad story that her sister had committed suicide. She had knovm that her sister had been taking sleeping pills. Novr, the parents blame her for not telling them. She was discouraged
and felt that her faith was weak so she came to us. T/e called her

parents then kept her over night and she went home feeling strength ened. She had another problem. There is a special festival in July when they welcome back the spirits of the dead to the family shrine. She asked if it were all right to go through the form of worship if you do not believe in the heathen ceremonies. I told her that as a Christian we cannot even go through the form. Of course, she will be scolded by her parents for not doing it and maybe forbidden to attend church.

A Christian young man came to my home one evening. Because of his mother's opposition, he seldom comes to church. She is a zeal ous follower of one of the new religions of Japan - a branch of
Buddhism. She often goes to her religious services leaving her

husband alone, lying helpless because of paralysis. She says that his sickness is a punishment because the son has become a Christian. Recently, i^. Aoki has been coming to Mabashi three times a month to speak at the morning services. Ho had been coming only

twice. Everyone appreciates his messages even thou^ he cannot spe^ just as a Japanese does since English is his language. He has the American way, though, of making his message clear and de finite. The Aokis are making plans to return to America for a few months during the winter because of the illness of his mother.

Because of this, it seems best for me to wait until spring before

returning to America.

IThen Ruth Schoonover passed away in November, 1948, a church

in Tanabe said that her ashes could be buried in their church


Later they said that there was not room so the ashes were

kept in the Tanabe church parsonage. Ve did not know of this until the pastor left this spring. Since the Mabashi church has

a cemetery plot, I asked that Ruth's ashes be brou^t to Tokyo.

On July 10, a simple service attended by members of the Mabashi church and several of Ruth's former Japanese friends was held in the beautiful cemetery near Tokyo, and Ruth's ahses were laid to rest beside those of Mr. Kaneko, the former Buddhist priest who became a Christian preacher.
Again I want to say thank you for your prayers and offerings and may the Lord bless all in His service.

Your missionary,

Grace Parnham

(See reverse of paper for Grace's Financial Report)


h-' VD o o

April 1 - June 30, 19^0


o Cash on Hand April 1

fr" Recei'otg



^ Oregon ^ SaleiTi, Court Street

Salem, Court Street Jr. Salem, Court Street
Travel Fund


130.00 30.00 39.00

T-Irs L. n Allumba^ifrh (6mo,)

Stayton Church of Christ

Crabtree, Primary S. S. Class Coquille Christian Church ^


/II. ^9

Marysville Christian Church Georgia
Hrs. Chas. J . Greene




Grand Total Cash


$>4227*26 300.00

Living Linlc Salary (3 rco.)

Court Street, Salom

l^s. Furutai (3 mo.) Krs. Groehe (Oa.)

Hospital visitation
Total Disbursements



Balance of Cash June 30, I96O

i> cz



Since I;Irs. Furuta is a valuable helper,

I have increased the amount which I give her.
She could not live on this amount but receives


some from her husband from v.'hora she is separ


The afternoon Bible School is continuing but at Mrs. Hongo's suggestion the Mabashi Church provi(ies the rent.



]3ear Friends:



I have already returned to America Although we have the new re gistration and the property is safe, I have "been told that if money was borrowed in the name of the church, the church mi^t he asked to repay the sum. So, I was asked to stay longer# There mi^t even be an attempt to take the property although illegally*

Since I failed to send afall letter, some friends thi^^^t

Europe the first^f-Ko'vember* He had the opportunity to teach in

the U. S. Army educational program in Germany. This helped great

Mr. and

Aoki^and family returned to America by way of

ly in the expense of their fares home besides giving them an op portunity of seeing Europe and Palestine. His teaching was only
part time so he was planning on doing evangelistic work as well. They will return to Japan in August.
I have aske4,,the..,Aokis to,t.&fe;e^..Q3^gEUffl5JiQg^^ both

Mr. and Saveoeen helping in the work at Mabashi, it will be better for them to be near as well as for his work among
students in the central part of Tokyo.

Mr. Alvin Hammond, formerly of Kyushu, but now studying in Tokyo,has been preaching at Mabashi once a month. I enjoyed a visit v/ith the family recently when they were all kept at home
with a siege of chicken-pox.
Grace Elizabeth Fleenor was born on August 21. It is an

honor to have a little one named for me.

may some day be a missionary to Japan.

I am praying that she

The Pattons have a new

boy born January 5.

This is their third boy.

They have one girl.

The Pleenors have three girls and one boy.

The Church of Christ missionaries held their regular prayer

service and social gathering at the Buttray home on December 30. We had drawn names for an exchange of gifts. There are now six families in the Tokyo area, with twenty-one children. It makes a lively gathering. Since Tokyo is the largest city in the world with a population of more -thaxi nine million, there is a big field here but som6 families are pleuining to go elsewhere.

We enjoyed a visit with the Eugene Morse family on their way to America from Burma. Leter their parents also visited the Tokyo missionaries. It thrills one to hear of their victories through
earnest prayer and effort.
pleasure and prosperity.

ism in Japan hut a modern civilization and a proud people enjoying

We were all shocked and saddened to hear of the sudden death

We have the same idolotry and heathen

of my good friend and helper through the yeaxs, Lirs. Hongo. They
was "brought on by the fumes of a stove burning something made of coal dust hut v/ithout a pipe. To,me it is like losing a member of the family. When I came to Japan in 1925, she was in the church I attended. Later I went to live with her for a year. She had re cently lost her husband and one child and was lonely as was I. She
was teaching to care for her two children and took me in as one of
said that the cause of death was heart failure hut I am afraid it

on the dock with tears streaming down her face.

the family. When I started home on my first furlou^, I saw her

She has been a

orga^i. Topther we called in this area, visited the sick and made regular trips to a T. B. hospital. We always talked over the church

ful work among the women, teaching Bible School and playing the

great help in the Mabashi work since the war having a very success

troubles and never mentioned her own. Sveryone was her friend. She lived here with me for three years before going to live with her daugnter. We had many happy times together and she wanted very
much to return to Tokyo.

problems together. She was always willing to listen to everyone's

her father was a Christian,she must study the Bible.

The dau^ter was pleased with the gift of a Bible saying that,since
It was a happy time for me with these two families. I got so

it was not so important that he marry a Christian. They believe that their wife will, of course, follow them but often she does not.

^d the Kanekos, and help in leading 1/Lrs. Kaneko and her daughter to Christ. Mr. Kaneko, like many other Christian young men, thou^t

and daughter of.the former Buddhist priest, Lir. Kaneko, live in a near by town, I hoped to get the two families together, the Kotos

I visited the Koto family again in October.

Since the widow

English "Just throw your feet out." In a Japanese home, like a

tired sitting on my feet on the matting covered floor that I felt like following the advice of a young man who at one time said in

Japanese hotel, they furnish the ni^tgown hut noi


could not stand the weight of the heavy comforter I had to push aside the hard roimd pillow hut I slept well oil the hard mat

tress on the floor. The food, a mixture of Japanese and American, tasted good as we had happy fellowship around the tahle. On Sunday,
the Kanekos came to attend church with the family. The two older girls in the Koto family are Christian as well as the parents. A Christian family in Japan is unusual. I spoke one day to a small group of Christian women and called with Mrs. Koto. Mrs. Koto and I were entertained oy the Kanekos in a pretty room in a hotel. You

are immediately asked, "Would you like a hath?" Vie objected, how ever, to the hig room v/ith a pool in the center because the v/indows looking on the garden full of flowers were all of clear glass. We
had our bath in a smaller room.

At Mabashi, several young people have accepted Christ in the ast year. One young woman, who has been a Christian for about three years would like to attend Bible College and marry a minister.
Because of family objections she probably cannot. If there were a

BiMLauGtil3cge in Tokyo, it would be easier for her to attend.

plan nov/ is to return to America in June or July. Perhaps

the "sMe' slii^l^th 'tEe"* Plfeelidrs'^a^ they^^iT-goirng on furlS^S'^^^^"

shall want to rest for a while but will plan to visit the chtirches


You may v/rite- me in care of my sister in Salem, Oregon.

If any church would like to have the Aokis visit them, you
may reach them in care of one of the churches supporting them.

Dr. and J/trs. Kideo Aoki, Anaheim Church of Christ, Anaheim, Calif. They are earnest spiritual people and will bring a helpful message.
Again I want to express my gratitude to all those who continue to uphold me with prayers and offerings.

Praying God's blessing upon all you who are serving Him in
the homeland.

Your Missionary,
Grace Parnham

C/3 M


July Ist - December 31at

<0 VJ1

Cash on hand July Ist


$ 75^*59


Salem, Court Street

Salem, Court Street Jr.

Mrs. L. E. Allumbaugh Yoncalla, Jr. Girls Stayton Church of Christ
Crabtree C. W. F.

30.00 10.00 35*00

Sublette Christian Church California

45.00 50.00

45.00 50.00

William V. Barney

Mrs. Chas. J Greene

Grand Total Cash


Living Link Salary (6 mo.)

Court Street, Salem

600.00 120.00

Mrs. Puruta Salary (6 mo.)

Concrete fence along church property Painted ceiling in

"q ^trFace *s house


^tal I4bursement^ s l i M I



of Cash December 31> I960



Special donations by a teacher in the ol, aiiss Arlene Seal, were used for tracts and treats for the hospital
he Bible School. Miss Seal is a the Church of Christ and teaches an

^ble Class at the Mabashi Church. The hurch is also assisting in paying for

^dr distribution' at hospitals and in