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Step-by-Step Template for sales planning.

The template is structured as follows: Tab 1 of this Workbook: Tab 2 of this Workbook: Tab 3 of this Workbook: Tab 4 of this Workbook: Tab of this Workbook: Instructions on how to use Does the sales/revenue forecast Does the sales budget Does the actual sales plan I!ple!ents the sales plan Does sales pipeline !anage!ent $o!!on sales plan !istakes to avoid

Tab " of this Workbook: Tab # of this Workbook:

Click on the relevant tab to complete each component ** Sales Plan !ction Plan Spreadsheets are also available as "#$% documents

%&'()T'I$T(D )*'(+D),((T +-+I.+/( T0 )%/)$'I*

as follows:

This is only one of our tools. *lease be sure to review all the others The3 are even !ore valuable than this one4 +lso5 3ou !ust look at the !arket research5 business intelligence5 and how to videos links becau along with the te!plates is trul3 all 3ou need to get the 6ob done4

kes to avoid

le as "#$% documents

.+/( T0 )%/)$'I*TI0& 1(1/(') 0&.2

be sure to review all the others on the website4 s one4 +lso5 3ou !ust look at the presentation te!plates5 e5 and how to videos links because the3 offer insights that u need to get the 6ob done4

Sales &orecast '() *onths+

(nter 3our $o!pan3 &a!e here
&iscal 4ear 3egins 7an813

,-$.ST$/CT.% SP$.!%S0
()-month Sales &orecast

5an-(6 $at 1 units sold )ale price 9 unit Cat ( T#T!2 $at 2 units sold )ale price 9 unit Cat ) T#T!2 $at 3 units sold )ale price 9 unit Cat 6 T#T!2 $at 4 units sold )ale price 9 unit Cat 7 T#T!2 $at units sold )ale price 9 unit Cat 8 T#T!2 $at " units sold )ale price 9 unit Cat 9 T#T!2 $at # units sold )ale price 9 unit Cat : T#T!2 *onthly totals: !ll Categories







-otes on Preparation

: : : these instruc -ote: 2ou : !a3 want to print this infor!ation to use:as reference:later4 To delete D(.(T( ke34

<orecasting sales of 3our product or service is the starting point for the financial pro6ections4 T : to use realistic : esti!ates4:Divide 3our pro6ected : : : =$ategories=5 is i!portant !onthl3 sales into business4 T3pical categories !ight be: product lines5 depart!ents5 branch locations5 custo!e (nter the actual categor3 na!es in the first colu!n5 replacing the e;isting =cat415 cat42=5 etc4 ( colu!ns on the right side of the sheet4 >)tartup businesses !a3 delete this section4? )tud3 3o : : : : are e;pected : to recur4 /e s periodic fluctuations@ deter!ine what caused the! : and when the3 co!ing 3ear4 2ou !a3 forecast sales in dollars using the rows labeled =Total=4 0r5 if 3ou prefe per >9? unit5 and the spreadsheet will auto!aticall3 calculate the dollar sales volu!e4
: : : : : :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

.% SP$.!%S0..T !1!/2!3. T# S,3SC$/PT/#- *.*3.$S #-24

Sales 0istory

)-month Sales &orecast






!nnual Totals : : : : : : : : : : : :

Current *onth .nding mm<yy


: : border of this : : then press : the er4 To delete these instructions5 click the te;t bo; and

the financial pro6ections4 The sales forecast is the ke3 to the whole financial plan5 so it : which are natural : : that !ake sense : : t3pe of 3 sales into =$ategories=5 divisions for 3our branch locations5 custo!er groups5 geographical territories5 or contracts4 ;isting =cat415 cat42=5 etc4 (nter annual sales5 b3 categor35 in the four =)ales ,istor3= ete this section4? )tud3 3our past sales records in detail4 &ote seasonal or other : sure to build:these fluctuations : : pro6ections : re e;pected to recur4 /e into 3our for the ed =Total=4 0r5 if 3ou prefer5 3ou !a3 enter sales in units5 then indicate the sales price ollar sales volu!e4
: : : : :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

.$S #-24



: :

: :

!dvertising= Promotion and Sales Staff 3udget

,-$.ST$/CT.% SP$.!
.nter data in 32,. areas
7an A: : : : : : : : : $0 : : : : : : : <eb A: : : : : : : : : $0 : : : : : : : 1ar A: : : : : : : : : $0 : : : : : : : +pr A: : : : : : : : : $0 : : : : : : : 1a3 A: : : : : : : : : $0 : : : : : : : Promotional activity Mailers Seminars Sales literature Advertising Public relations Trade shows Catalog Telemarketing Subtotal Sales training meetings Salary and fringe benefits Commissions or bonuses Relocation and recruiting Travel ntertainment Tem!orary em!loyment $utside services &e' g'( Consultants( marketing research( re!rogra!hic services) "ui!ment rental M#S costs $!erating su!!lies %reight Miscellaneous Total

: : : : : : $0

: : : : : : $0

: : : : : : $0

: : : : : : $0

: : : : : : $0

$/CT.% SP$.!%S0..T !1!/2!3. T# S,3SC$/PT/#- *.*3.$S #-2

7une A: : : : : : : : : $0 : : : : : : : 7ul3 A: : : : : : : : : $0 : : : : : : : +ugust A: : : : : : : : : $0 : : : : : : : )ep A: : : : : : : : : $0 : : : : : : : 0ct A: : : : : : : : : $0 : : : : : : : &ov A: : : : : : : : : $0 : : : : : : : Dec A: : : : : : : : : $0 : : : : : : :

: : : : : : $0

: : : : : : $0

: : : : : : $0

: : : : : : $0

: : : : : : $0

: : : : : : $0

: : : : : : $0

#- *.*3.$S #-24
+nnual $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0

$0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0

Sales Plan Template

,-$.ST$/CT.% SP$.!%S0

1ost $o!panies have a /usiness *lan and a 1arketing plan5 however5 a )ales *lan is the greatest tool that an organiBation can produce and i!ple!ent4 This is because without a sales plan5 we !a3 not be in a position to create the necessar3 revenue to keep the business !eeting its cash flow ob6ectives4 /elow is a te!plate for a )ales *lan4 This eas3 four step guide will walk 3ou through the process of creating a powerful sales plan Take 3our ti!e in co!pleting the plan5 and when co!pleted5 i!ple!entation of the plan will ensure that 3ou are at least in a position to !ove forward with 3our selling strategies4 'eview of the sales plan is necessar3 on a regular basis to ensure that the ele!ents of the plan are still working4

SECTION ONE is about the e;pectations of the sales tea!4

Executive Summary

Company Mission Statement

Company Vision Statement

Report on Current and Expected Business Climate + narrative on the current business cli!ate as well as the forecasted cli!ate over the ne;t two 3ears4 +lso provide a short co!!ent on how the new sales plan will be achieved in the current econo!ic cli!ate4

Revenue Targets5 What are the revenue targets5 when we will achieve the!5 who will achieve the!5 what industries will this revenue co!e fro!5 etcC

Resources What resources have been allocated to achieve the sales plan outco!es5 what skill level !ust the sales tea! have5 how !an3 !e!bers are dedicated to the sales tea!5 what support will the sales tea! have5 what selling e;penses have been allocated to the sales tea!5 what level of custo!er relationship !anage!ent s3ste! >$'1? is reDuired b3 the sales tea!5 and what staff resources are reDuired to operate the $'1 s3ste!C

!PI"s What Ee3 perfor!ance indicators have been set for the sales tea!C These need to be calculated fro! a reverse plan which has calculated the sales activit3 reDuired to achieve sales

targets4 The plan needs to include E*IFs such as the nu!ber of cold calls !ade5 the a!ount of )ales *ipeline activit35 The -alues of 0pportunities in the )ales *ipeline5 Ee3 +ccount 1anage!ent activit35 sales achieved5 new sales achieved5 profits achieved5 both as a tea! and individuall3 broken down into sales tea! !e!bers and areas4

Milestones )et !ilestones regarding who will achieve what targets at what ti!e4 It could also include what industries will be penetrated b3 what date5 and what profits will be achieved b3 when4 *erhaps even what new !arkets are created b3 a certain ti!e4

SECTION T#O is a$out t%e implementation o& t%e processes'

)pecif3 how the tea! will collect and !anage leads4 What industries the3 will co!e fro! and how we will !ake contact with the!5 and at what rate we will contact the!4

(uali&ication how will we Dualif3 the leads and how we will !anage the!4 0nce the3 are converted to a prospect5 how will we choose a particular salesC ,ow will we !anage leads which do not Dualif3C

Clients what is the sales process for an e;isting client5 how we write an account planC What is the lo3alt3 s3ste!5 and who !anages itC ,ow do we Dualif3 the difference between an +ccount5 1a6or +ccount and Ee3 +ccount5 and a )trategic *artnerC

Opportunity how do we create and !anage a new opportunit34 What process will we use to ensure that we have correctl3 Dualified the realness of the opportunit3C We need to use at Duantitative !ethod of !easuring the realit3 of an opportunit34

SECTION T)REE is a$out %o* *e measure t%e e&&orts o& t%e sales team'

+eads and Prospects *ut a value on leads and prospects so the3 can be !easured at an3 ti!e4 This infor!ation !ust be live and available to all sales tea! !e!bers4

Sales ,ctivity !easure sales activit3 such as nu!ber of prospecting phone calls and the success rate5 !easure success of proposals5 !easure success of face8to8face prospecting visits with custo!ers4

Sales Processes need to be established for all for!s of sales activit35 including the gathering and Dualifica of leads5 prospects5 clients and opportunities4 These sales processes should be integrated into the $'1 s3ste!

Sales !easure sales and profitabilit35 slice and dice the infor!ation in accordance with the E*IFs in section o the sales plan5 and !ake the infor!ation available to the sales tea!4 1easure the value of opportunit3 which t tea! has created4

Pro&its !easure profits and establish where the greatest and least return is co!ing fro!4

Sales Team Mem$ers !easure sales tea! !e!berFs skills and establish if coaching and strengthening o reDuired4

Customer Service What are the custo!er service procedures and how does it integrate into the planC If th service procedures do not e;ist5 then the3 should be forecasted as a !ilestone to be achieved4


,naly/e the ite!s !easured in )ection three and ad6ust the plan to ensure that we achieve the targets set i the sales plan4 The anal3sis should be a for!al process and !ust be scheduled each Duarter5 or three8!onth p During the anal3sis process we should identif3 the *ersonal Develop!ent needs of the sales tea! !e!bers a i!ple!ent progra!s to assist the !e!bers to achieve the goals4

$/CT.% SP$.!%S0..T !1!/2!3. T# S,3SC$/PT/#- *.*3.$S #-2

)ales *lan4 erful sales plan

of the plan will

e!ents of the

over the ne;t chieved in the

e!5 who will achieve

outco!es5 what skill es tea!5 what o the sales tea!5 3 the sales tea!5

hese need to be d to achieve sales

de5 the a!ount of +ccount 1anage!ent and individuall3

t ti!e4 It could also e achieved b3 when4

co!e fro! and how

4 0nce the3 are converted to which do not Dualif3C

count planC What is the lo3alt3 ccount5 1a6or +ccount and

cess will we use to ensure that t Duantitative !ethod of

e !easured at an3 ti!e4 This

ne calls and the success rate5 visits with custo!ers4

luding the gathering and Dualification be integrated into the $'1 s3ste!4

rdance with the E*IFs in section one of e the value of opportunit3 which the sales

co!ing fro!4

sh if coaching and strengthening of skills is

does it integrate into the planC If the custo!er e to be achieved4

that we achieve the targets set in )ection 1 of ed each Duarter5 or three8!onth period4 eds of the sales tea! !e!bers and

#- *.*3.$S #-24

Sales !ction Plan &or:

,-$.ST$/CT.% SP$.!%S0..T !1!/2!3

.stablish your ob>ective What is the pri!ar3 goal 3ou want to acco!plishC Tr3 to be SMART about it >Specific5 *easurable5 !ttainable5 $ealistic and Ti!el3?4

Step #ne: 2ist your top 8 target customer segments 'to increase wallet share+ These would include categories of custo!ers that 3ou want to get !ore business fro!4 The3 could be 'ealtors5 specific co!panies5 certain t3pes of custo!ers >loan custo!ers without checking?5 heav3 +T1 or debit card users5 et Double check reports and other internal resources that help deter!ine who the profitable relationships are for 3our institution4 1 2 3 4

Step Two: 2ist your top 8 prospects 'to increase market share+ Identif3 other areas where 3ou could generate !ore business4 +re there niches that 3ou are currentl3 serving now that have other opportunities in 3our co!!unit3 >education5 healthcare5 !anufacturing5 electronic banking5 etcG?4 If there are profitable categories of custo!ers fro! 0ne >above?5 look for prospects in si!ilar industries4 1 2 3 4

Step Three: %efining the key employees that will help in the process Identif3 those in the bank that will help 3ou acco!plish 3our goals and what role the3 will pla34 1 2 3

Step &our: Create your ?milk route@ &ow that 3ou have identified who 3ou are going to go after5 3ou need to have a wa3 to go get the!4 Depending on 3our role with the bank5 a H!ilk routeI could be so!ething as si!ple as !aking a few phone calls and sending pe notes to developing an out8of8office calling plan to get out of the bank and see the custo!er and/or prospects on a regular basi Week 1 1onda3 Tuesda3 Wednesda3 Thursda3 <rida3 Weekend "ill youA Call Them? See Them? Mail Them? E-Mail Them? J(nsure that 3ou perfor! the necessar3 follow8up >phone calls5 thank 3ou note5 etcG? and tie up an3 loose ends4 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

Step &ive: #utreach and awareness .ist things that 3ou can do to get 3our !essage out so people know who 3ou are and what 3ou do4 These ite!s could be things like e8!ail !essages and taglines5 direct !ail ca!paigns5 online tools >like blogs or <acebook pages?5 etcG /e cons 1 2 3 4

Step SiB: Create your ?personal brand@ *ick five things that 3ou can start to use that will help to create 3our own personal brand4 1 2 3 4

Step Seven: %evelop a networking plan What are so!e of the things that 3ou can do to get !ore Hface ti!eI with custo!ers and prospects on a !onthl3 basisC 1 2

3 4

Step .ight: .ducate yourself What can 3ou do for an hour each week to i!prove 3ourselfC 'ead a book5 industr3 6ournal5 bank literature on products/service 3ou donFt know well5 attend training se!inars5 podcasts5 webinars5 etcG 1 2 3 4

Step -ine: $eview and ad>ust 'eview this plan on a regular basis and ad6ust areas that need !odification ever3 !onth4 This will be a Hwork in processI and over ti!e will develop into a useful tool for 3our sales efforts4 Step Ten: Stay motivated What are so!e of the things 3ou can do to sta3 !otivatedC 1 2 3 4


!%S0..T !1!/2!3. T# S,3SC$/PT/#- *.*3.$S #-24

5 heav3 +T1 or debit card users5 etcG lationships are for 3our institution4

ng a few phone calls and sending personaliBed and/or prospects on a regular basis4

ie up an3 loose ends4

3ou do4 These ite!s could or <acebook pages?5 etcG /e consistentK

ospects on a !onthl3 basisC

bank literature on products/services

his will be a


,-$.ST$/CT.% 6Company Name7 Streamlined Pipeline Management

SP$.!%S0..T !1!/2!3.

Instructions: Enter data into the white and green cells only.
Account Name A. Datum Corporation Adventure Works Alpine Ski House "ald#in $useum o% S&ien&e "lue (onder Airlines Cit! )o#er + Li,-t Co-o .ine!ard Co-o Winer! Co-o .ine!ard + Winer! Contoso, Ltd. Contoso )-arma&euti&als Consolidated $essen,er /a0rikam, 1n&. /ourt- Co%%ee 2rap-i& Desi,n 1nstitute Humon,ous 1nsuran&e Lit#are, 1n&. Lu&erne )u0lis-in, $ar,ie3s 4ravel 5ort-#ind 4raders )rose#are, 1n&. S&-ool o% /ine Art TOTAL Lead Lead pportunit! pportunit! Solution )roposed Solution )roposed /ormal Approval /ormal Approval Lead pportunit! Solution )roposed /ormal Approval Lead /ormal Approval /ormal Approval pportunit! Lead Lead /ormal Approval Solution )roposed Solution )roposed Solution )roposed Pipeline Stage Foreca t Clo e Q1 Q1 Q1 Q2 Q2 Q2 Q3 Q3 Q3 Q* Q* Q* Q1 Q1 Q2 Q2 Q* Q* Q* Q2 Q2 Q3 Potential Opportunity $300,000 $200,000 $100,000 $'00,000 $*00,000 $300,000 $200,000 $100,000 $'00,000 $300,000 $*00,000 $200,000 $100,000 $200,000 $300,000 $300,000 $*00,000 $200,000 $'00,000 $300,000 $200,000 $200,000 $6,200,000

S0..T !1!/2!3. T# S,3SC$/PT/#- *.*3.$S #-24

C(ance o) Sale 2'8 2'8 '08 '08 9'8 9'8 1008 1008 2'8 '08 9'8 1008 2'8 1008 1008 '08 2'8 2'8 1008 9'8 9'8 9'8

*eig(ted Foreca t $9',000 $'0,000 $'0,000 $2'0,000 $300,000 $22',000 $200,000 $100,000 $12',000 $1'0,000 $300,000 $200,000 $2',000 $200,000 $300,000 $1'0,000 $100,000 $'0,000 $'00,000 $22',000 $1'0,000 $1'0,000 $!,"#$,000

+& *eig(ted Foreca t $9',000 $'0,000 $'0,000 $: $: $: $: $: $: $: $: $: $2',000 $200,000 $: $: $: $: $: $: $: $: $%00,000 $%00,000

+2 *eig(ted Foreca t $: $: $: $2'0,000 $300,000 $22',000 $: $: $: $: $: $: $: $: $300,000 $1'0,000 $: $: $: $22',000 $1'0,000 $: $&,600,000 $2,000,000

+! *eig(ted Foreca t $: $: $: $: $: $: $200,000 $100,000 $12',000 $: $: $: $: $: $: $: $: $: $: $: $: $1'0,000 $$#$,000 $2,$#$,000


+% *eig(ted Foreca t $: $: $: $: $: $: $: $: $: $1'0,000 $300,000 $200,000 $: $: $: $: $100,000 $'0,000 $'00,000 $: $: $: $&,!00,000 $!,"#$,000

Sales strategy: Top eight mistakes to avoid

The selling of goods and services reDuires a plan4 We have alread3 discussed how to create a sale 7ust as having no plan is a bad idea5 having the wrong plan causes its own set of proble!s4 ,ere we will: .ist a set of co!!on sales strateg3 !istakes Talk through how 3ou can avoid !aking the! (. -ot using a range of sales channels

Deciding on one sales channel and sticking with it sounds like an eas3 option4 +nd it certainl3 is eas 1ultichannel distribution isnFt solel3 a choice !ade b3 co!panies5 itFs a de!and !ade b3 custo!er wa3s4

If 3ou refuse to acknowledge this 3ou risk falling behind 3ou co!petitors4 + website5 !obile site5 so which 3ou need to consider serving4 ). Targeting the wrong customer

When 3ou are choosing products to sell 3ou probabl3 have an idea of 3our target !arket and how to market research and competitive benchmarking analysis4 .ook at what 3our co!petitors are do !ake sure 3ou have the right audience in !ind4 Metting this wrong will throw off the success of 3ou 6. Sticking rigidly to your plan

/eing ni!ble is an essential ele!ent to success in business4 What is right one week !ight not be ri order to !ove with the !arket4 What feedback are 3ou getting fro! 3our sales tea!sC What are the updated to !ake sure 3ou are getting 3our focus right4 7. *aking is a one way process

2our sales strateg3 involves 3ou talking to 3our target audience4 /ut occasionall3 3our audience wil feedback fro! 3our custo!ers wherever the3 choose to contact 3ou fro! L social !edia5 live chat5 8. Prepare for growth

2ou sales strateg3 is ai!ing for high sales and big growth but can 3our business handle it if it co!e 3our sales tea! know how to handle !ultiple ordersC These are Duestions 3ou need to ask 3oursel 9. -ot cross-sellingC

$ross8selling is an effective wa3 of boosting sales b3 increasing the value of e;isting sales4 +n enga so!eone 3ou havenFt drawn onto 3our site 3et4 :. Skipping channel research

(ach of the channels 3ou will be using to sell 3our products through reDuire a full understanding to g brand headfirst into a Twitter or <acebook without grasping their nuances is a !istake which 3ou ! D. &orgetting about budgets

%sing these e;tra channels will cost 3ou4 The3 !ight involve an initial invest!ent5 an ongoing fee o the3 co!e5 3ou need to keep on top of the!4 DonFt blow budgets for no good reason4

d how to create a sales plan4 &ow itFs ti!e to look at the pitfalls in creating one4 et of proble!s4

+nd it certainl3 is easier5 if 3ou are prepared to lose out on lots of sales4 nd !ade b3 custo!ers L driven b3 their desire to shop in a range of different

ebsite5 !obile site5 social !edia and !arketplace L these are all channels

get !arket and how to reach it4 These assu!ptions need to be backed up with our co!petitors are doing5 speak to 3our !anufacturer and scour the internet to off the success of 3our entire sales strateg34

e week !ight not be right the ne;t and 3ou need to be able to read the signs in s tea!sC What are the anal3tics telling 3ouC 2our plan should constantl3

all3 3our audience will talk back4 1ake sure 3ou are 3ou listening to the ocial !edia5 live chat5 co!!ents on 3our site4 &ot listening will lose leads4

ess handle it if it co!esC Will 3our site crash if it gets a spike in trafficC Does u need to ask 3ourself and plan for in the strateg34

e;isting sales4 +n engaged and interested shopper is likel3 to spend !ore than

full understanding to get the !ost out of the!4 Throwing 3ourself and 3our !istake which 3ou !ight pa3 for down the line4

ent5 an ongoing fee or take up a lot of ti!e4 Whatever the costs are and how reason4