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M|am| Dade Co||ege

LNC 1102, Lng||sh Compos|t|on 2 rofessor llorence M. alsey

Sprlng 2014 fpalsey[
CredlLs: 3 SemesLer Pours Cfflce: 18A
uays: Monday, Wednesday Pours: 3:40 - 6:33 p.m.

Course Cata|og Descr|pt|on

8equlred general educaLlon course ln college-level wrlLlng. locuses on composlng lnformaLlve
and persuaslve essays, wrlLlng responses Lo a varleLy of llLerary genres and/or non-flcLlon, and
produclng a documenLed paper based on research, as well as observlng Lhe convenLlons of
sLandard edlLed Amerlcan Lngllsh. lulfllls 8,000 words of Lhe Cordon 8ule requlremenL.

noLe: MusL be compleLed wlLh a grade of C" or beLLer


lacemenL by SA1 verbal subLesL score, AC1 Lngllsh subLesL score, C1 Lngllsh subLesL score or
LnC 0021 wlLh a grade of S."

Course Competenc|es

1hls course ls deslgned Lo meeL compeLencles sLaLed for Lhe second requlred course ln college-
level wrlLlng. Cbservlng Lhe convenLlons of sLandard Amerlcan Lngllsh, sLudenLs wlll compose
exposlLory and persuaslve essays, wrlLe responses Lo a dlverslLy of llLerary genres, and produce
a documenLed research paper.

1he prlmary ob[ecLlve ls for sLudenLs Lo acqulre a baslc undersLandlng of characLerlsLlcs LhaL
shape quallLy wrlLlng or composlLlon, develop a sklll base ln composlLlon, and recognlze LhaL
readers respond Lo LexLs dlfferenLly or from varylng perspecLlves. ln addlLlon, sLudenLs are
expecLed Lo observe elLher Lhe MLA or AA wrlLlng guldellnes.

kequ|red 1extbooks

Cardner, !aneL, L., 8everly Lawn, !ack 8ldl, and eLer Schakel, eds. !"#$%&#'%$( * +,%#&-.$
*/#0,.,12. 3rd ed. 8osLon: 8edford/SL. MarLln's, 2013. rlnL.

Packer, ulana and nancy Sommers. 30$ 4$56,%5 7&/5-,,8. 9Lh ed. 8osLon: 8edford/SL.
MarLln's, 2013. rlnL.


All sLudenLs should have access Lo a dlcLlonary and Lhesaurus of sLandard Amerlcan Lngllsh. l
also sLrongly recommend obLalnlng an elecLronlc dlcLlonary as boLh a compuLer appllcaLlon and
smarLphone app.

Suggested Supp|ementa| 1exts

Modern Language AssoclaLlon. 9!* 7&/5-,,8 6,% :%"#$%; ,6 <$;$&%=0 +&>$%;. 7Lh ed. MLA,
Chlcago: 2009. rlnL.

Zlnsser, Wllllam. ?/ :%"#"/1 :$... 7Lh ed. new ?ork: ParperColllns, 2006. rlnL.

Craff, Cerald and kaLhy 8lrkensLeln. 30$2 @&2A B @&2( 30$ 9,C$; 30&# 9&##$% "/ *=&5$D"=
:%"#"/1E 2nd ed. new ?ork: norLon, 2009. rlnL.

1each|ng Approach

My Leachlng recognlzes Lhe poLenLlal, mulLlple learnlng sLyles and academlc needs LhaL each
sLudenL brlngs Lo Lhe classroom. 1hls approach ls humanlsLlc ln naLure and process orlenLed,
emphaslzlng Lhe lnsLrucLor's role as a faclllLaLor ln a supporLlve envlronmenL. 1eachlng
Lechnlques wlll engage sLudenLs wlLh mulLlple lnsLrucLlonal sLraLegles lncludlng lecLures,
dlscusslon, demonsLraLlon, class acLlvlLles, exerclses, and case sLudles.

Successful sLudenLs wlll Lake responslblllLy for Lhelr learnlng and goal-dlrecLed behavlor. Such
sLudenL responslblllLles lnvolve puncLuallLy, sLeady aLLendance, class parLlclpaLlon, Llmely
compleLlon of readlng and wrlLlng asslgnmenLs as well as susLalned efforL.

Learn|ng Cutcomes

!ConsLrucL well-formaLLed essays and research papers applylng MLA guldellnes.
!use grammaLlcally accuraLe and well-consLrucLed senLences wlLh sLrong, dlverse
vocabulary and compelllng verbs.
!Apply pre-wrlLlng sLraLegles such as bralnsLormlng, clusLerlng, llsLlng, free wrlLlng,
quesLlonlng, cublng, ouLllnlng, and [ournallng.
!uevelop a focused research quesLlon.
!LsLabllsh a Lhesls senLence LhaL allows for speclflclLy, breadLh, and depLh.
!undersLand Lhe dlsLlncLlon and relaLlonshlp of Lhesls senLences and Loplc senLences.
!Crganlze an essay.
!ulsLlngulsh and demonsLraLe varlous Lechnlques of organlzlng ldeas (narraLlve,
lllusLraLlon, deflnlLlon, comparlson and conLrasL, eLc.).
!ueflne how a research paper dlffers from oLher papers or composlLlons.
!Analyze an essay and research paper - ldenLlfy Lhesls senLences, Loplc senLences,
LranslLlon devlces, and Lechnlques of developmenL.
!uevelop sklll ln clLlng and conLexLuallzlng quoLaLlons LhaL supporL one's clalms.
!Comprehend plaglarlsm and surroundlng eLhlcal lssues.
!MonlLor one's wrlLlng skllls - become self-aware learners and wrlLers.
!8ecognlze LhaL readers respond Lo LexLs dlfferenLly or from varylng perspecLlves.
!WrlLe responses Lo a dlverslLy of llLerary genres.
!undersLand and apply varled lnLerpreLaLlve or crlLlcal approaches.

Course kequ|rements

1. Class arLlclpaLlon. All sLudenLs are responslble for readlng all of Lhe asslgned maLerlal
before class and parLlclpaLlng ln dlscusslon. 1hls lncludes conLrlbuLlng Lo Lhe class blog
as asslgned. LapLops may be used ln class, buL Lhey musL have all wlreless/lnLerneL
funcLlons Lurned Cll. All oLher elecLronlc devlces, lncludlng cellphones, musL be Lurned
off and puL away durlng class Llme. arLlclpaLlon wlll counL as 10 of your grade and ls
based on your preparedness, your conLrlbuLlon Lo dlscusslons, and compleLlon of case

2. ALLendance. All sLudenLs are responslble for aLLendlng each class. 1hls course wlll allow
for 3 absences durlng Lhe Lerm - no excuses necessary. AddlLlonal absences cosL 2
polnLs ln parLlclpaLlon. Lach class wlll presenL essenLlal concepLs and Lhelr dlscusslon
along wlLh pracLlcal acLlvlLles. Mlsslng classes wlll prevenL adequaLe progress ln Lhe
course. l reserve Lhe rlghL Lo LreaL repeaLed laLeness as an absence. Absences wlll be
reflecLed as parLlclpaLlon. We can probably accommodaLe confllcLs wlLh class Llme -
personal, work, eLc.-buL please Lalk wlLh me ln advance and please come Lo class. (lf
you flnd LhaL you cannoL aLLend classes and/or malnLaln your academlc progress, please
Lalk Lo me, so we can declde on Lhe besL course of acLlon for your educaLlon.)

3. Class Lxerclses. uurlng each class, we wlll dlscuss and pracLlce Lhe crafL of wrlLlng, read a
LexL, and dlscuss lL based on a speclflc llLerary devlce or crlLlcal perspecLlve such as
reader response, formallsm, or hlsLorlclsm. SLudenLs are expecLed Lo parLlclpaLe ln and
conLrlbuLe Lo Lhls conversaLlon.

4. ComposlLlon Lxerclses. Many small exerclses as well as readlng and wrlLlng acLlvlLles wlll
be conducLed ln class and ofLen flnlshed ouLslde of class. Such asslgnmenLs mlghL
lnclude a readlng, demonsLraLlon of a wrlLlng Lechnlque, or explanaLlon of a crlLlcal
perspecLlve. 1hese exerclses wlll counL as 20 of your grade. Whlle Lhe exerclses wlll
seem small, forgolng Lhese exerclses could have a slgnlflcanL lmpacL on your grade. lL ls
lmporLanL Lo your learnlng and progress ln Lhe course Lo Lake parL and compleLe all

3. WrlLlng AsslgnmenLs: Lach sLudenL ls responslble for compleLlng four wrlLlng
asslgnmenLs (2-3 paragraphs each). Lach asslgnmenL requlres a Lhesls sLaLemenL,
relaLed Loplc senLences, unlLy, and demonsLraLed undersLandlng of organlzaLlon
prlnclples. 1hese asslgnmenLs wlll counL as 30 of your grade.

6. Culzzes: 1here wlll be a shorL qulz on prlnclples of composlLlon, wrlLlng skllls, and
readlng or llLerary lnLerpreLaLlon aL leasL every oLher week. 1he qulzzes are deslgned Lo
faclllLaLe your learnlng by focuslng on core skllls requlred for wrlLLen composlLlon and
llLerary response.

7. 8esearch aper: Lach sLudenL ls responslble for a formal research paper, compleLed
accordlng Lo MLA (or AA) formaL. SLudenLs may declde on Loplcs LhaL lnLeresL Lhem,
however, all sLudenLs should consulL Lhe professor and obLaln approval before beglnnlng
research. 1he research paper wlll counL as 20 of your grade. l wlll furnlsh a clear
deflnlLlon and rubrlc of how research papers wlll be assessed.

8. Mlssed AsslgnmenLs. l am dlslncllned Lo accepL laLe asslgnmenLs and exerclses. 1here ls
slmply no Llme for caLch-up work. lease Lalk wlLh me or wrlLe Lo me lf an emergency or
lllness requlres an exLenslon.

9. Submlsslon of AsslgnmenLs

a. SubmlL all wrlLLen work onllne Lhrough your Mlaml uade College emall accounL. l
wlll noL accepL work submlLLed Lhrough Cmall, PoLmall, ?ahoo, ACL, or any oLher
proprleLary accounL.
b. SubmlL your work Lo fpalsey[
c. Always use MLA (or AA) formaL when submlLLlng any asslgnmenL or exerclse.
d. Always compleLe your wrlLLen work uslng a word processlng program and aLLach Lhe
flle Lo your emall. Do not subm|t any exerc|se or ass|gnment |n the body of an
ema|| message.
e. SubmlL CnL? one asslgnmenL or exerclse per emall - please do noL aLLach mulLlple
exerclses or asslgnmenLs.
f. ldenLlfy Lhe exerclse or asslgnmenL ln Lhe Su8!LC1 llne of Lhe emall message.
g. AfLer you submlL an asslgnmenL, l wlll reply wlLhln Lwo days. lf l have noL replled, lL
ls hlghly probable LhaL l never recelved your work. It |s your respons|b|||ty to resend
the ass|gnment. |ease reta|n a|| ass|gnments you have sent to me |n your "sent"
fo|der. (We wlll dlscuss Lhls ln class.)
h. All asslgnmenLs musL be submlLLed by Lhe due daLe. Any exLenslons musL be

10. LxLra CredlL. Crades wlll be based excluslvely on Lhe requlremenLs for Lhe course.

11. SLudenL 8ehavlor. l expecL responslble, courLeous adulL behavlor from all
sLudenLs. 1hls lncludes courLeous and professlonal emall eLlqueLLe (neLlqueLLe).

|ag|ar|sm and Academ|c nonesty
Academlc honor and honesLy are lmperaLlve. Mlaml uade College malnLalns a flrm pollcy Loward
plaglarlsm. lease compleLe your own asslgnmenLs and follow pollcy regardlng academlc honor.
We wlll Lhoroughly revlew whaL consLlLuLes plaglarlsm and how Lo prevenL any
mlsundersLandlngs. Any plaglarlzed exerclse or asslgnmenL wlll noL be accepLed. Such uneLhlcal
behavlor wlll be regarded very serlously wlLh welghLy consequences.

10 arLlclpaLlon
20 ComposlLlon Lxerclses
30 AsslgnmenLs
20 Class Culzzes
20 uocumenLed 8esearch aper

Cn||ne Wr|t|ng kesources

urdue Cnllne WrlLlng Lab: hLLp://
unlverslLy of Wyomlng 8esearch 1uLorlal -- hLLp://
1exas 8esearch (lnformaLlon LlLeracy) 1uLorlal:

unlverslLy of Wlsconsln 8esearch and WrlLlng 1lps

unlverslLy of Callfornla, 8erkeley: 1uLorlal on Sclence lnformaLlon's Llfe Cycle

PunLer College MLA 1uLorlal (wlLh exerclses):

AA SLyle: hLLp://

Acadla unlverslLy's 1uLorlal on ClLlng Sources: ?ou CuoLe lL, ?ou noLe lL."

C|ass 8|og

lnscrlpLlons ~ expresslng experlence

C|ass Schedu|e: 1h|s |s a tentat|ve schedu|e. kead|ngs w||| be changed when appropr|ate for
c|ass progress and as student needs determ|ne.

lrl, !an 10

8evlew and dlscuss Lhe course syllabus
kequ|red homework: Wr|te two-paragraph b|ograph|ca| b|urb on the c|ass
b|og: http:]]wr|t|

Mon, !an 13

re-LesL and ln-class wrlLlng

1ues, !an 14 - 21

ALLendance ConflrmaLlon rocess: SLudenLs who sLop aLLendlng classes or
who have noL aLLended classes wlll be dropped from Lhe rosLer.

!an. 21 ls Lhe flnal day Lo show up lnlLlally. All no-shows" wlll be dropped.

lrl, !an 17

WhaL ls wrlLlng? WhaL ls LexL? WhaL ls rheLorlc?
ulfferenL forms of wrlLlng/LexLs - deLermlned by purpose, audlence, Lone.
Pow does one creaLe Lone?
kequ|red: Ident|fy f|ve genres of wr|t|ng and the|r assoc|ated aud|ences on
c|ass b|og. |ease state whether the genre |s forma| or |nforma|.

lrl, !an 24

lnLroducLlon Lo or revlew of MLA formaLLlng and sLyllng (MLA Pandbook)
Marglns, spaclng, fonL, runnlng header, and header
ulscuss asslgnmenLs and grades. Some homework may noL be graded, buL
each ls purposed Lo lncrease wrlLlng faclllLy, faclllLy wlll be reflecLed ln
graded exerclses and asslgnmenLs.
1lllle Clsen: ShorL SLory - read ln class
Pandbook - Crammar 8aslcs: arL lx

Mon, !an 27

ulscuss MLA spaclng and defaulL seLLlngs on Word for Cs.
WhaL ls a senLence? WhaL ls a paragraph? WhaL ls Lhe general lengLh?
re-wrlLlng sLraLegles: llsLlng, clusLerlng, free wrlLlng, annoLaLlng
PandouL on annoLaLlons
Pomework: AnnoLaLe Clsen sLory

lrl, !an 31

lnLerpreLlng a LexL.
See c|ass b|og: http:]]wr|t|]cr|t|ca|-theory]
8eadlngs of a LexL, how we lnLerpreL, and whaL we wrlLe
1he Lhesls senLence

Mon, !an 3

WrlLlng ls a crafL - llke all crafLs, Lhere are Lools and Lechnlques.
8ead Crlspln Mlller's essay (PandouL): 1v CulLure. ldenLlfy Lhesls, Loplc
senLences, and argumenL. ulscuss Lhe relaLlonshlp beLween Lhesls
senLences and Loplc senLences. Pow does Mlller organlze Lhe essay?
WrlLe Lhree Lo four paragraphs on lnLerneL CulLure. lnclude a Lhesls
senLence and relaLed Loplc senLences wlLh concluslon. 1he shorL essay may
be descrlpLlve, narraLlve, exposlLory, or a comblnaLlon.

lrl, leb 7

8eader response Lheory
MLA SLyllng - examlne sample paper
SenLence ConsLrucLlon, Crammar, uncLuaLlon, vocabulary

Mon, leb 10

Composlng reader response essays