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Q1 of 45: John is going to the party with _____. I we us he Q2 of 45: Where is the book? _____ is on the table.

He It She The Q3 of 45: Whose house is it? It is _____ house. him Michael he Michael's Q4 of 45: What color is your car? _____ car is blue. It My Me I Q5 of 45: I want _____ apple and two oranges. an a -the Q6 of 45: I live in an apartment. _____ apartment is big. An A -The

Q7 of 45: The cat is _____ the box. at in -to Q8 of 45: Where is John? He is _____ home. at in on to Q9 of 45: He runs _____ Mondays and Fridays. at in on to Q10 of 45: There _____ three glasses of water. is are am its Q11 of 45: There is not _____ milk. much many some none Q12 of 45: He doesn't have _____ money. some many any none

Q13 of 45: They _____ got a car. not do not no have not Q14 of 45: _____ she like ice cream? Do Do not Does -Q15 of 45: He never _____ vegetables. eats eat is eating are eating Q16 of 45: What are you doing now? _____. I study. I be studying. I am study. I'm studying. Q17 of 45: You're lying! I _____ you! don't believe am not believing not believe believe Q18 of 45: Elige la repuesta correcta: You perfectly speak English. You speak English perfectly. Perfectly you speak English. You speak perfectly English.

Q19 of 45: They are moving to Barcelona, _____ they really like Madrid. however because and therefore Q20 of 45: New York is _____ than Los Angeles. more big the biggest big bigger Q21 of 45: I like that dress, but it's _____ than this one. expensiver expensive more expensive expensivist Q22 of 45: She enjoys _____ in the mornings. running to run runs run Q23 of 45: They decided _____ to Australia in May. moving to move move moved Q24 of 45: Elige la repuesta correcta: Where she work? Where work she? Where does she work? Where do she work?

Q25 of 45: He _____ for an hour in the morning, _____ all afternoon and didn't r eturn home until 10 at night. study, work studies, works has studied, worked studied, worked Q26 of 45: Alice _____ for 30 years. She is retired now. teached taught has teached teachs Q27 of 45: Jose called while I _____ TV. was watching were watching am watching watch Q28 of 45: At 10 o'clock last night we _____. worked were working work was working Q29 of 45: We _____ a party tonight. have has are going to have having Q30 of 45: They _____ their rooms. will clean cleans will be clean will cleaning

Q31 of 45: They _____ a movie yesterday afternoon. have seen seen saw had seen Q32 of 45: I _____ three exams already this week. had have has have had Q33 of 45: John _____ at the bank since 2005. worked has been working had worked works Q34 of 45: They _____ English for three years before they _____ to London. had studied, went studied, had gone have studied, went study, had gone Q35 of 45: I _____ for hours when I _____ asleep at my desk. worked, fell worked, had fallen had worked, fell had worked, had fallen Q36 of 45: Pon esta frase en el estilo indirecto: "We went to the movies," he sa id. He said me that they had gone to the movies. He said me that they went to the movies. He said that they went to the movies.

He said that they had gone to the movies. Q37 of 45: Pon esta frase en el estilo indirecto: "You must wear your seatbelt," mom said. Mom said us that we must wear our seatbelts. Mom told us that we had to wear our seatbelts. Mom told to us that we had to wear our seatbelts. Mom told to us that we must wear our seatbelts. Q38 of 45: The book _____ by Mark Twain. wrote was wrote was written was writing Q39 of 45: The house _____ in 1975. was built built was builded is built Q40 of 45: I would bring an umbrella, it _____ rain later. may must ought to can Q41 of 45: We _____ leave now or we will be late. may must can will Q42 of 45: If Bill studies, he _____ the exam passes passed will pass

would pass Q43 of 45: If I had known then what I know now, I _____ things differently. would have done would do would done would had done Q44 of 45: It was the most stressful week. By Friday I _____ and cried. breaked down broke up broke down broke in Q45 of 45: We are having a fantastic time on vacation. We don't want to _____! go back come in go out come back

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