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1. How do you understand the role of Local Committee President.

CEO: Visionary. Creates learning environment. Monitors process. Ensuring the realization of organizational goals. EB leader: Team builder. Friend. Facilitates planning. Monitor realization. Encourage synergies. Coach.

Leader of MM Comission: Responsible for the body. Develops MM. Ensures Leaders Commission. Ensures communication with EB and coaching.

Representant in external environment: Presence on key events. Networking for the Local Committee.


Representant in @ network: Building LC image. Presence on NPM, G.A. conferences. Cooperation with MC and other LCs. International representation.

2. Please list your 3 main strengths and 3 main weaknesses and answer the following questions: How those strengths are going to make you a better LCP? What are you doing to overcome these weaknesses? The decision I made in terms of chosen characteristics was based on opinions of my colleagues from EB and few members of Middle Management Commission. I decided to chose them this way as these are the people that I would like to work with and their points of view have a great importance for me. Strengths: I look at things in the long run. I am able to keep calm in nervous situations. I have a strong feeling of responsibility.

Well, my ability to look at the things from wide perspective and think in terms of long term consequences is strategic. LCP should be a person concentrated on these kind of issues and looking at the longer run than anyone else in the committee. This would be hopefully be one of my key responsibilities connected with implementing strategies and creating the organizational space to meet upcoming changes. This would be useful particularly if we consider the intensiveness of upcoming term. What goes after is the fact that I hardly let myself follow extreme emotions. Being able to think in a logic way in case of emergency situations and difficult moments helps us manage such challenges. People around me can usually have a support in me and count on ideas that I share with pleasure. The last of listed strengths is actually one of the reasons why I decided to apply. I do really feel responsible for the whole entity and each of you individually. I know how much the society will loose without LC d and the leaders that we are creating and I want to do my best to help other people discover and develop their leadership potential. Weakness: Too much self confidence. Overworking taking too much on my back. Formal relations.

When it comes to the things that I am doing to overcome my weaknesses I can say that I am all the time learning to appreciate others opinions. At this point there is one particular citation that is in my head since couple of days: If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Thanks to @ I become a person loving to talk with those who present various points of view to collect as many inputs as possible and then make a decision. The other thing derives from an advantage (ironic, isnt it?) which is perfectionism. I just like to see and fell that all the things are made and we travel smoothly into the future. However, handling with so many responsibilities shows me that another aspects of my personality long term looking is kind of

mechanism that prevents me from breakdowns. Just looking is not enough. The important thing is analyzing what I see and creating plans to realize visions. Prioritizing is inevitable in here and a great lesson that I have already taken is the ability to agree that some things are more important than the others so it may happen that particular actions, steps or initiatives will not be realized. Coming back again to the intensiveness of 2014 term prioritizing and empowerment are tools to the success. The last thing is connected with my business approach. Some time ago I realized that even business is based on relations between people representing sides. I am doing my best to use every possibility to

share time and experiences with other AIESECers. I also keep the distance toward myself knowing that laughing at ourselves is the best way not to become too selfish and self confident.


What is the AIESEC relevance for our local environment? I will start with the fact that @ is an organization which creates opportunities. This is very important aspect for me personally. I come from a really small town in which my peers have limited options. Saying the truth without AIESEC I would be probably spending my evenings sitting with demotivated guys blaming the society for not giving them hope and talking about how funny were the things that they did last night trying not to be caught by police. Maybe this sounds like an exaggeration but few years ago that was part of my life. I would like to concentrate on blaming the society for not giving the hope. I strongly believe that @ gives it(the hope) through the values that we share. This is a place where you can discover that everything depends on you. You make decisions. If you have courage and faith you can challenge the status quo and just change it. No one can give you hope if you do not give it to yourself. The true leader for me is a person who does it. Thanks to that some of the people around him get inspired and can also discover and follow this attitude. This way leaders are created, the more of them, the better society will be. It also comes along with the beginning of our organization and need of building not only tolerance but cultural sensitiveness. AIESEC gives opportunity to meet and understand other people no matter how far they live or what language they speak.

4. What kind of leadership is needed in our LC and how are you going to shape it? Our LC needs leadership concentrated on maximizing profits from undertaken actions as well as the one that will facilitate development of future leaders. One of the key learning points from being EB member is that many time consuming aspects of our activities do not really contribute in an effective way to our performance. One of my key goals would be to define and capitalize on actions that bring us closer to settled goals. To find them we shall go through all process that take place and look for time eaters and get rid of them if it is possible. Of c ourse such an analysis should be made with external help of professionals and Alumnies. Next steps are already planned within one of strategic projects that we as EB planned for 2014. I just cannot wait to see the results. There is an extra issue that I would like to highlight at this place. I mean the passion and feeling of

joy that all of us need. I would do my best to cultivate a culture of celebration because the result would not appear without ones engagement and effort. These are things that the committee would underline and award.

On the other hand our entity needs leadership concentrated on development of leaders. There are many possible ways for LCP to shape it and one of them leads through creating space in which people are kind of forced to go out of their comfort zone, to create new habits and face challenges that at the first glimpse make us too scary to face them. Shaping this kind of leadership cannot go without LCP image of role model but also engagement of LC members into creation of shared responsibility and willingness to leave a positive impact.

5. What is the role of Middle Management? How are you going to work with this group?

One of roles of MM is to give people possibility to develop themselves through gaining new experiences they collect thanks to leading a team and achieving results or not. This is essential to facilitate development of skills useful in everyday life and future work. On the other hand it is also about being the role model for the newbies among whom new leaders should discover themselves and develop. Last but not least is the fact that MM is the body that has great influence on the LC culture and at the end of the day LC performance as well. According to Frankilns thought I would like to involve MM body into the process of leadership development as well as culture creation and cultivation through goals realization. This involvement will be based on building MM group as a team through regular meetings, integration and support, individual meetings, coaching from EB members, problem solving and including into analysis and planning process.

6. How will you take care of your Executive Board and Middle Management Commission in terms of their personal and leadership development from the moment of elections till the end of 2014? Draw 3 strategies for each group.

Starting from Executive Board I will have individual approach toward them. Without knowing their temperaments and

characteristics it will be impossible to create a real team. The other thing that I will do is to help them become specialist within their area by enhancing them to participate in national initiatives. Thus striving for more will lead to achieving more in terms of personal

development. The other thing is enhancing to participate in external events (workshops, conferences etc.) in the area of their interests as well as organizing workshops or just suggesting a book to read. This cannot happen without appreciation of their efforts and dedication toward realization of personal goals. Last but not least will be making sure that the way they will be going through will help them discover themselves. Coming to MM I will concentrate on developing managerial skills by organizing workshops lead by externals or Alumnis. As well as EB I will enhance MM to participate in national working groups so that they could see different aspects and wider perspectives. I will do my best to create learning environment in which work on self discovery will be one of the paths to go through. Failures would be study cases on which we would analyze, define problems and look for solutions that will be implemented. An extra issue is about creating positive habits, starting with really small things every month. I would like to see how many habits those people would have after the term.

However, all these plans will not be relevant if those people would not like to cooperate the way I present. I understand that sometimes it is better just to meet and chat because the time spend with valuable people is never lost. That is why I will do my best to look for their expectations and needs and build my actions as a response for them. 7. If you could change 3 things in our countrys reality:

a) What would they be? b) Why? c) How do you think AIESEC can help you to do it?

First change I would like to see is connected with everyday attitude. We are known to be the nation of those who complain all the time. What is more is the fact that we have this awful ability to always find something bad or negative in our situation. I believe that If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. The moment we stop blaming ourselves for failures and weaknesses and start looking at strengths and positives will be the moment in which the change will happen. From this one comes another change which is finding solutions. As we are pessimists we usually believe that things go wrong because they have to. It is just about sitting down and asking ourselves not the question: What did I do wrong? but What can I do differently/better?. The way question is asked have a significant impact on the response. In first case we will stay with the knowledge that what we did was bad. Meanwhile in the second case we will find the way to make a progress or find a solution for future. Thus having solutions we can strongly influence the environment.

The third thing is the focus of negative concentration. What is supposed to be normal in our society is to look for mistakes of other people and to highlight their failures. Whenever something goes wrong we are looking for people to blame. What is the worst is that the person that we never blame are ourselves. We stay in the zone of theoretical comfort and stability in which we are almost ideal and untouchable. This way it will never let us develop and create positive change. The only one that we can asses and judge are ourselves. If we start looking at our behaviors and attitudes instead of looking at others we will start changes.

AIESEC is an environment where I discovered this knowledge. The more people will be engaged in our actions and inspired by our attitudes the more positive impact leading to the above changes we will have. This is why AIESEC maintains its relevance for the external environment.

8. How would you like to see our LC in: a) 5 years? In 2019 AIESEC in d is in the Top 3 most successful entities within AIESEC Poland. We are organizing international events with the help of local partners who are doing their best to help us create future leaders but also change d into a better place to live, study and work. We are First Choice Partner for companies as a consultant for students affairs and for academic environment when it comes to self development, opportunities to gain valuable experience and travelling. Our legal and financial position let us implement initiatives which contributes to the development of our environment. AIESECers from our entity are known in the whole entity for living according to AIESEC values on every day basis. We are known for the quality of experience that we offer. What is more we are developing and realizing projects in countries of so called third world which influences positively life of people living in there.

b) 1 year? I would like to see the organization delivering more valuable experiences in each of ELD programs. This will be achieved thanks to performance culture in which members perceive result as a tool leading toward self development rather than a tradeoff

between achievement and concentration on people. Members do really cultivate organizational values particularly in terms of enjoying participation and striving for excellence which makes them stay longer with the organization. To achieve that many of them benefits from exchange program during holidays. What is more, thanks to empowerment of Middle Management Commission, and well functioning structures Executive Board work on long term, strategic plans and develop themselves in their areas of

interest. Thanks to our partners and relevance to the local market we do not have to worry about financial condition. We have dozens of potential leaders willing to make a positive impact on the world thanks to external connections and relations within AIESEC network. Last but not least is the fact that our own office is a place where one can concentrate without any interruptions and just feels comfortable there.

c) What needs to change in your LC in order to fulfill both visions? When we will perceive result as a tool leading to self development and a reason to celebrate we will start looking more carefully at our actions. By making smart choices leading to achievement we grow not only in numbers but also in quality of experience we deliver and recognition within Culture of performance external environment. Proactiveness and empowerment of this group will let them discover even more possibilities to self development and make the impact by delivering high quality experience to our customers Empowered turning them into promotors and partners. Meanwhile the concentration on creation of new leaders will contribute to strength of local entity. MM. Collection of wide range of exeprience and mixing it with knowledge of local environment and ability to face challenges will lead to incremental changes in the development of process and Longer @ procedures within the Committee. Thanks to that changes in structures of MM and EB will go in a experinece smoother way allowing to keep on realizing coherent plans.

Thnaks to longer experience and empowerment of the MM body Executive Board could conentrate on relevance of our actions toward specific needs of local environment. External Long term advisory within external analysis and planning process will let us create long term action plans strategic that could be realized by next terms. plans.

9. Make SWOT of each ELD program in our LC. What are your main conclusions.

There are three main observations that I have: We need strong synergies between specific areas. We need to benefit from opportunities deriving from external environment. We are aware of many bottlenecks.

Starting from the last one I can say that we do not have the head in the clouds and we are able to see what are the areas of possible improvements. This shows that we managed to maintain somehow fresh minds. The other thing is the amount of chances that we do not take. To me so far we were finding out those chances too late to take from them as much as we could. Sharing the knowledge we have is one of the best ways to show how much we care about the Committee. With this kind of knowledge we need to create coherent plans for at least quarters and of course realize them because I have an impression that we pay a huge attention and efforts to planning and less into realization which is kind of crazy taking into consideration that our main idea is to develop leaders thorugh

experiences which will not happen without simple acts. However to make sure that our actions will bring us results we expected we should be able to work on synergies to take as many benefits as possible in every of ELD area. 10. Evaluate performance of LC d in last 3 terms (including 2013) Answer following questions for each term: key changes, key achievements, has to be improved in the term, main conclusions. 2011/2012 Key change Good ER knowledge. OGX orientation. 2012/2013 New projects. 2013/2014 Cooperation between OCPs and EB. Replanning. Key achievement BoA reactivation. Financial stability. Growing X number. Lack of penalty points. Many candidates to EB. Strong support of LCP for MM Commission. Engaged and motivated leaders. Biggest TMP recruitment. Growth in X. OCPs supporting settled direction. To be improved Conference planning and number of TMP and ELD participants. Cooperation with LCVPS. Engagement of LCVPs at the end of the term. Coopeartion between LCVPs and OCPs. Synergies. Empowerment of MM. Culture of performance. Structures.

One of the conclusions that I have is that we are going in a good direction as numbers in ELD are growing and we are giving more and more possibilities for our members to grow comparing to previous term. The other thing is that solid EB2EB transition is needed to ensure the coherence of undertaken actions. To make it possible cooperation among EB and MM Commission is also important. The other factor that I would like to mention is engagement and empowerment of MM Commission.

11. Analyze the culture of our LC in the year 2013. What aspects of the current culture will you retain and what aspects will you change in the coming year? How do you plan to do so? With the change of terms we were working hard on proving that we can possible the impossible. Readiness and strong drive to make a change are the aspects of current culture that I would like to maintain. However we should make more and more changes understood as an impact on society rather than making next revolution in terms of analyzing the committee and setting plans. What I would also like to retain is high level of education and availability of knowledge sources for members. These are the tools

that will help us. The other thing that I like so much about current Middle Management Commission is their leadership attitude toward their team members. By the way current OCPs and OCVPs are talking about their teams I know how responsible and concentrated on developing the others they are. This is also one of the things I would like to see during next term. Moreover, cooperation among members of different areas during TMP recruitment and current OGX promotion is another positive aspect of our Local Committee culture. Las but not least is the fact that we are willing to spend time together because we just feel good in such a group. Things that I would like to implement and cultivate during next term are connected with striving for high efficiency and willingness to develop ourselves through the achievement of results. It is connected with the intensity of the next term so concentrating on the most fruitful actions is crucial.

12. What is a synergy in Executive Board? Name 5 most important ones and describe characteristics of 3 of them. What is your role as LCP in building those synergies? To me, synergy in Executive Board is a specific kind of relation among members of the team. Their cooperation is essential to achieve goals of specific areas. Sharing goals and setting coherent action plan is one of the strongest tools to boost up our performance. There are many synergies among Executive Board. To me among them those are the most important ones:

This synergy is crucial for the existance and legal functioning of Local Entity. Without this one the organization could not exist in current form. Morover financial indicators gives clear information about the condition of the entity and should be taken into consideration while talking about plans.

OGX is currently our main source of incomes and thus not only contributes to impact that we have on society but also thanks to financial sustainability allows us to run other areas. d is a market with hughe potential and with this synergy we would be able to grow in terms of amount of experiences delivered as well as financial resources to invest in other areas.

We can not talk neither about leadership development nor realiziation of other organizational goals without the people. Thanks to this synergy we gain not only new members but we can also enhance people to stay longer in the organization.

What is also essential are cooperation between ER and COM as well as the one between ICX and TM due to the number of people allocated to the area. My role as an LCP would be to build within the team need for cooperation and the understanding that If you want to go far, go together. To facilitate it I would like to create and work on a planning tool in which

an important issue would be the allocation of resources needed to realize particular tasks. This means that we would be able to see what synergies should happen at specific period. What is more is the realization of strategic plan as a respond to needs of few areas. The plan is one thing and the realization is another one. To make sure that synergies will really exist I will do my best to build a team connected by positive relations, trust and shared values and goals. 13. How are you going to ensure high quality of AIESEC experience in each ELD Program, at the same time, not letting the number of realizations drop?

The most significant result I would like to achieve is to create the culture of looking at results as a tool helping in development instead of a tradeoff between them and what we call concentration on people. We cannot develop if we do not act. We cannot achieve if we do not act. Actions brings consequence which are positive or negative and this are results. Thus we can state that with the result goes development. I do not want us to think that for me only result is important because this is the journey (so the effort, failure as well as success) that is the most developing, not the achievement itself, however the actions always bring their results. I also want to create a mood for creating habits. Lets make it a rule that every month we are going to make some small change, take an extra effort every day or every week. Lets concentrate on habits that may develop us. With this kind of actions each of us can discover better version of himself. Another step to be taken is to benefit from external opportunities particularly in terms of knowledge and network that we can gain thanks to participation in external events and additional workshops. Another way is questioning our assumptions. We come to the organization and we see how the things are getting done. After some time we keep trying to make this things function in a better/more effective way. The question we should ask is not only: how can we optimize our actions? but what if we would do it the other way?. For this one we need external opinion and consultancy. I believe that these are the things that may help us grow.

14. On which market opportunities are you going to capitalize during your term? First of all, this question is a really good reason to ask ourselves what do we know about Employer of the Year investigation? What information can we find there? I suppose that not many of us is aware of the fact how much knowledge and arguments it gives for our organization. If we read it carefully we would see arguments that we have but we hide them from external environment. It is time to start using them. Basing on result of investigation will actually make our message more reliable. So the first opportunity is to strengthen our message. The other thing is to reach to specific segments of the market with personalized information. According to our survey 48% of students (3rd, 4th and 5th year) are thinking about going abroad for voluntary program or internship. 40% is willing to go abroad during holidays but every 5 student wants it

during academic year. Then we can see that Global Citizen and Global Talents can reach to dozen of thousands of students. Particular segment of the market belongs to private universities on which we are almost invisible so this is the market to be discovered. The other thing is that 50% of students surveyed agree that being an active member of students organization will help to find them a better job. What is funny is the fact that only 20% of them is actually engaged. Why I claim it is funny? Because it shows how many people can become AIESECers. Of course some of them will deny but we do not know how many people have never heard about us and this is the main reason they did not join yet. These are only some opportunities concerning students environment. The other opportunity comes with the Ambassadors program which is becoming more and more popular among corporations. With our know-how we are very competitive at this edge. The last thing, this year almost totally neglected is iGIP. Why we do not do it? From the very beginning of my @ experience I have been told that it is difficult. Now it seems to be funny because: the most perspective market segments are defined, this is the most developed program in terms of standardization, we have tools to collect information about global supply and demand and the companies are asking about it. It is just about getting people who will start it and lead to realization of already raised TN forms and then basing on potential recommendation we will explore the market more.

15. What improvements must be implemented in the internal processes in each ELD program in order to optimize the delivery of our services? The most basic thing is to be more customer oriented. It is important the every participant of ELD program is our customer no matter how long, intense or diverse is his AIESEC experience. With this knowledge we can go to another step which is about listening carefully to his needs because only knowing them we can create possibilities. The third thing is the way we are creating our value proposition. Some time ago I had an impression common for the whole Y generation that I should receive, get, be given or however to call that. I did not understand that the only way to get what I want is to strive and work for it. I think we should be more oriented toward showing people that they will not be given anything if they do not take it by themselves and this connects with perceiving result as a tool. We will not get anything if we do not work for it. The other thing is to create procedures that will help us act more effectively and have higher control over our situation.

16. What strategies do you propose to ensure financial sustainability of our LC?

Taking into account financial sustainability of our organization I have some strategies already prepared and implemented to ensure it. Theoretically the easiest possible idea to come up with is to say: diversify source of incomes. In our situation it means earning serious money from Employer Branding and iGIP. However how can we start earning from something that needed to be created and started from the 0 level. Saying the truth we still have few months to see the results of our efforts on these fields. What is very positive is the fact the we are becoming more and more recognizable on the market. Some companies already contacted us willing to benefit from our services. Our job is not to waste these opportunities. However there is something over it. These are relations between our organization and some representatives from external environment. Our actions should be concentrated on cultivating these relations because having partners and not only customers will contribute in a positive way to our sustainability. The other thing is to open environment of students organizations for cooperation. Thanks for that we will come closer to the position of first choice partner. Thus we will be more recognizable and we will have more opportunities to promote OGX programs. We just need to be more open for cooperation and participate actively in the events that we are invited to. What still needs to be set up is a constant cooperation with city council which may happen to be the most remarkable in terms of cost cutting. Here we comes to the point that sustainability can be improved not only by increasing the incomes but also by decreasing our costs. The last thing is connected with putting more attention to the budget creation not only of LC but also of every project we are realizing.

17. Draw desired LC structure for the upcoming term including Executive Board and Middle Management.









Coo F

Coo iGIP

Career Days


Coo IM


Global Talents

Global Citizen

Global Talents


Gobal Mindset

Coo PR


OGX promo.


18. Considering term shift in year 2014, what challenges might it affect on LC health and performance? What do you plan to do to overcome those challenges?

Due to the term shift I can see many challenges. All of them are about people which makes the real value of his organization. Term of EB 2014 will be extremely intense due to its shortened duration. It means less time to get knowledge about, plan and implement actions developing particular areas. Actually this is not such a big deal as it may look like at the first glimpse. To be prepared enough to face this challenge is to have the will, courage and a plan of course. When it comes to the plan I can say that as current EB we created possibility for our successors to understand our point of view and direction that we decided to set. We presented the analysis process that we went through, shared and discussed our conclusions and presented plans we made for 2014. I hope that we made it as clear as possible and our successors will not only agree but also share the belief that direction set by us is the one they would like to follow. In such a case we would be able to smoothly came to the part of implementing area based and strategic projects. As history shows revolution cannot happen too often and what I mean by revolution is creation of totally new plans with the change of EB terms. Our LC already went through this stage and now we should do whatever we can to see the long term results.

Having the plan that we agree on is one side of the coin. The other is humans tendency to look for stabilization. How it connects with term shift? In October 2014 we will (hopefully) have leaders that will start their projects with EB 2014 but there would also be an already elected EB 2015. Which means that the projects will end during the other term. To avoid feeling of uncertainty or misunderstandings deriving from communication barriers it is essential to communicate clearly from the very beginning that this will happen. Next step is to build sense of responsibility for our local entity within MM that will start their projects since march 2014. The other step is to engage members of EB 2015 into the cooperation with OCPs from October 2014. That feeling of responsibility can be build thanks to investments we are going to make in 2014. Encouraging people to go for national and international conferences is a strong tool. In fact budget planned for 2014 assumes that the investment in members development will be 56% larger than it was planned for current year.

EB 2014 should consist of members supporting the direction that we set for the next year. However if it is not the case then we will just have to sit down once again and go through all the analysis and insights and set up new goals and plans to achieve them. Actually this is not an issue that frightens me because if it happens I will not force anyone to follow plans and vision that he or she does not agree on. It will be natural to make new one as I do not want to impose anything because if I do I would not be able to build a strong team. Saying the truth intensity of upcoming term seems to me as a chance. We will have very

limited time so we will be forced to develop resistance for time pressure and ability to plan and prioritize. I am aware of the fact that many plans may not be realized but thanks for that we will still have goals to realize and vision to share. I hope that we could build next generation on them as we will stay hungry. The last thing that probably many of our LC members are afraid about me as LCP is my dedication to the work itself which is one of important values to me. Maybe you are afraid of the fact that I do not seem to be people oriented in a conventional way. However I do not want anyone to perceive AIESEC as a work. Talking about work-life balance in terms of AIESEC should not be an option. I want to be an LCP because AIESEC is to me like a passion. People we meet and things we do should gives us more pleasure than exhaustion. During current EB term I got many lessons from life and that made me aware that sacrificing people for the results is not the way.

19. What will be your legacy in January 2015? What will you say to your successor? What will be you remembered for? At the end of this journey I would like to tell that past months made the most challenging period in my life. So many times I was pushed out of my comfort zone and that helped me find out a lot about myself and other people. This experience would not happen without the trust that I got from LC members on 7 th December 2013. With this trust came great responsibility. I know that I did not let you down because even if not everything was perfect I did my best to develop our entity. Having strong leaders within EB and MM commission is a pleasure and huge challenge at the same time as it made my strive for excellence every day. I am really happy to say that Members of LC d are the most amazing people that I could have meet so far. I am really happy that the culture I wanted to implement is working really well and people do really enjoy it. I hope you will remember me as a leader you wanted to have, demanding and supportive. The changes that our generation started already lead us to a moment when we can be proud of ourselves but this is not the end of the way. There is one more thing I would like to say: remember how much effort we put and that it is even more worth if you do not give up.