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MikroTik UserManager with Wireless HotSpot

This tutorial follows on from the !How to setup a MirkoTik Hotspot" tutorial. Please ensure
that your hotspot is currently running as described before proceeding with this tutorial.
The MikroTik usermanager is an add-on application that is able to centralize all accounting
and user management for your hotspot systems.
To start off we will need to install the UserManager package onto a MikroTik router of your
choice. Proceed to and click on their downloads section.
Once in the download section you can select the series of Routerboard that your are
particularly using.
Download the latest version of the MikroTik RouterOS software, but make sure you
download the !All Packages" option as this has the Usermanger package that we require.
Unzip the le and inside you will nd all of the individual packages available for the
MikroTik RouterOS, particularly the Usermanager package. If you are already on the latest
version of MikroTik, then just copy the usermanager package, if not, just copy all of the
packages inside the folder.
Log into winbox and open up the !Files" window. Click the !Paste" button and this will copy
all of the les that you have selected onto the MikroTik router.
Once the les have nished copying, goto !System -> Reboot" and reboot the router. This
will take a few seconds longer than normal for the router to reboot as it needs to install the
new packages.
To check that the UserManager package is installed correctly, head to !System ->
Packages" and check that the package is displayed.
Now that the usermanager package is installed, we must congure our hotspot to use this
service for all user accounting. We will do this via the Radius feature. Head to !IP ->
Hotspot" and click on the !Server Proles" tab. Here you should nd a hotspot prole that
was created for you when you initially setup the hotspot. Double click on this prole.
Once you have opened the prole, click on the Radius tab and click !Use Radius". You will
now never have to create a hotspot user inside winbox again. Everything will be handled
by the usermanager.
Now we need to congure the Radius settings. Click on !Radius", and add a new radius
interface. Make sure you have !Hotspot" selected and then proceed to enter in an address
for the usermanager. If the usermanager package is located on the same MikroTik router
as the actual hotspot (such as in this example), the IP of can be used. If the
Usermanager is installed on a remote MikroTik router, you will need to type in the IP
address of that remote router. Lastly, a password/secret is needed and can be anything of
your choice. For this example, I will use 123.
We can now proceed to login to our Usermanager interface. Open up your web-browser
(any web-browser should work perfectly) and type in the IP address of your Router"s
ethernet port and add a /userman on the end. Eg;
You should then be prompted for a username and password. The default username is
admin and the password is left blank.
The rst thing that we need to congure is the routers section. Click on !Routers -> Add" to
add a new router interface.
This interface is where you can inform the Usermanager system about the Hotspot
system, and to grant it access. If the Hotspot system is running on the same Router as the
usermanager system (as it is in this tutorial), an IP address of can be used. If the
Hotspot is running on a remote MikroTik router, then the IP address of that remote router
must be used. The shared secret should be the same as the one specied when we
congured the Radius. In our example we set it to 123.
The next step is to congure some proles and limitations for our hotspot users. We will
start with the Limitations. Click on !Proles" and then click on the !Limitations" tab and add
a new limitation. You can name this limitation anything of your choice and you can create
as many limitations as you require. This is where you will be able to !CAP" your users
upload/download amounts, as well as limit their upload and download speeds. Set these
values according to your specications and then click !Add".
Now that we have a limitation (or a few), we can proceed to creating a prole. Click on the
!Proles" tab and click the !+" button. Give the prole a name of your choice and click
Once the prole has been created we can apply one of our previously created limitations.
Click on !Add new Limitation". Here you will be able to select the time and days that this
limitation will take effect. Tick the limitation you created earlier and then click !Add".
Finally we can head to !Users" and add our rst hotspot username and password. Assign a
prole to this user and click !Add". This username and password will now be able to be
used by a hotspot client. You can also generate full reports on users login data.
Tutorial by Chris Sutherland
Miro distribution