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Elias Israel Sanchez English 1311 Discourse Community Response Our Society changes constantly with new groups

of people with different goals, but in some way most groups may share a goal that are similar to others. This is a Discourse Community map and response is an example of four different communities; School, AFROTC, Family, and Football Player, all which have common goal in working together, to strive to be the best. It is a team effort overall, but individually everyone will get something great out of it for themselves. The community life at school is always on the move. Students are working hard day in and day out to learn every day in every class, absorbing every bit of information they can to pass a quiz or exam. Students also scramble to get to class on time to turn in that assignment that maybe due that day or even night. And keeping that high GPA is important so that they can get a step closer to get their degrees. That is every students main goal. To achieve this goal, students may need the help of their peers, for studying and group work if assigned. Instructors and staff are also there every day to see if they can help all students in any way to see them strive and excel to the highest achievements possible. Being a part of the academic community, students all have a common language which is their specialized vocabulary. UNIV, or University, is a class every new student knows, especially freshman it is a transition class to help new students settle in to college. With classes comes homework and every student knows about this, along with quizzes and exams. The Air Force R.O.T.C. community is a group of people who have taken the first step to serving their country, at the same time pursuing their degree. Cadets are the students in the program, and every Cadet has the same goal, become a leader and get their flight to work as a team, within and with other flights. As a Cadet you learn about the Air Force and learn some Officer training. If you are an underclassman you are in the General Military Course, or a GMC. Their goal is to reach Field Training. Once completing that goal you are then in the Professional Officers Course, or a POC, once achieving that position in the program you then work on your leadership skills to become a Commissioned Officer. Everyone in R.O.T.C. is your audience, all Cadets, all POCs, and the Cadre, the active duty officers. The convection to the class is to listen and learn from the POC, and to help each other out, working as a team. Specialized vocabulary is the 7 basic responses, the way youd ask questions answer, or tell them you do not know. The Air Force song, the Airmans Creed is things all airmen and cadets should know. Also wingman, everyone needs a wingman. And the values of the Air Force, everyone in the program or active duty should go by, Integrity First, Service before Self, and Excellence in all we do. Being a part of the Family community is important. The main goals in being in a family are to be there for each other no matter what, through all circumstances, helping each other out, and last but not

least making one another happy. The audience of course will always be your mother or your father, siblings, your grandmother, aunts and uncles, and your cousins who may also be referred to as your longtime best friends in some cases. When with family laughing usually occurs, it always shows that everyones having a good time. Family also helps each other with big or small problems. Families altogether hangout from time to time to have a blast, or go out on family outings, for example a small road trip for the day. Being a football player is great; the community is awesome as a whole. On every football team everyone wants to be the best athlete they can be, everyone wants to win the division, and everyone wants to be a champion. You have to listen to your Coaches and teammates, let them criticize you so you can get better and help the team. Let your team, family, and fans motivate you to fight for the extra inch on the field to help get your team to victory. You have to work hard every day push yourself and your team. Not everyone can do this; you have got to put in the hard work at every practice and outside of practice. Working as a team will get you that championship. If you get to playoffs, its the perfect opportunity to show what your community can do as a team, school, and fan base. Specialized vocabulary is key, hard work pays off, the best motto to go by in the football community. Every play call is different, whether it be on offense, cut, down block, pull, or defense de-cleat, cover 2, cover 3, and double eagle.