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Vol. 57 No. 12


Newsjournal Of Kansas and Nebraska Southern Baptists


This is a big deal. The death toll is expected to rise sharply. The stories coming out of the Philippines are heartbreaking. You could rush off to the Philippines and it might make you feel better, but its probably not the best thing. Your Southern Baptist Convention, network, and agencies already have staff and plans, and trusted churches are also already taking action. Shipping blankets might make you feel better, but sending money through reputable sources makes more sense. Pastor, grabbing some relief supplies and a camera is not what the Philippines need right now. Here are three ways you can get involved and organizations to help you do so... 1. In most cases monetary donations are more helpful than volunteers or supplies. Yes, we live in a world where some want to DO more than they want to HELP, but at the end of the day that is more selfish than helpful. Ministering to disaster victims should be about meeting their needs, not fulfilling our need to feel helpful. Its perhaps not as personally fulfilling as delivering a warm meal in a storm shelter, but it is an effective way to help. Furthermore, dont send supplies. The cost to ship them is far too high and you dont know the needs on the ground. Send money. Local leaders can buy the supplies. 2. The best way to support is through established, reputable relief agencies. International Mission Board disaster response arm, Baptist Global Response (BGR) is on the ground in the Philippines. Pat Melancamp BGR representative to the Steering Committee of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief is our direct connection on the front line of the relief efforts already on the ground. BGR is charged with organizing, specialty training, and coordinating support from stateside Southern Baptist Disaster Relief teams and churches. Your Southern Baptist disaster relief system is much more efficient and beneficial to the victims than you setting up your own pipeline. I could go on and on. There is no reason for you to not get involved. You (and your church) can do so right now through your trusted denominational relief agency. 3. By giving to agencies already in place, you minimize inefficiency and get resources to the areas of need. Giving directly can be helpful if you have friends and relationships in an impacted area, but it is almost always better stewardship to give through a disaster relief organization. During times of extreme devastation like the Japanese and Christmas Eve tsunamis, the Haitian earthquake, or Hurricane Katrina, relief opportunities pop up all over the place. The problem is that some of them are bogus, set up on the fly by hucksters using a coffee shop WI-FI and their black-ops PayPal account. Others are rife with overhead expenses creating what amounts to an organization of jobs where much stays home and little relief is accomplished. Others are just inefficient because they are not prepared to deal with the influx of funds. The best way you can help those affected by Haiyan in the Philippines is to give generously to one of the organizations identified above so that they may use the resources you give them in whatever ways they need most. More disasters are coming. They always do. Be prepared, not just for the disaster, but to serve the hurting in these critical times. Perhaps you and your church might use this opportunity to learn how you might be prepared for disaster relief efforts nationally and have connections to do so globally.
(compiled from an article by Ed Stetzer)

Typhoon Hits Philippines

December 2013

Ministry is underway in the Philippines in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan. Southern Baptists and their partners are responding to immediate needs. Kansas Nebraska Southern Baptists can respond to Super Typhoon Haiyan in several ways: First and foremost is pray for the people of the Philippines as they rebuild their lives in the aftermath of the disaster. Next, KNCSB individuals and churches may consider going and serving on a disaster response team from our convention. Finally, you can financially support the relief effort by sending checks to KNCSB Disaster Relief designated for Typhoon Hatyan Relief, at 5410 SW 7th Street, Topeka, Ks, 66606. Your contributions will be used to assist with supplies and relief items, plus assisting team travel to the Philippines. The devastation is major and the ministry opportunities are great. Please consider what you and your church can do to be the hands and feet of Christ in the midst of catastrophic loss. You can also give to the International Mission Board directly at, PO Box 6767, Richmond, Va. 23230-0767.

o p e n d o o r

This photo symbolizes how the gospel is gaining an open door with refugees fleeing war-torn Syria. Southern Baptist workers with Kansas-Nebraska ties are helping them find new hope. Your gifts to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Cooperative Program help them share the gospel with Syrian refugees. (Submitted photo)

WWW.KNCSB.ORG The Thought Occurred to Me

By Bob Mills
KNCSB Executive Director E-mail:

By Georges Boujakly

Walking With the Master

Are you ready for Christmas? What does it mean to be ready for Christmas? Does it mean you have completed all of your shopping? Does it mean you have completed decorating your home? Does it mean all your travel plans are finalized in an effort to visit family? Are you ready for Christmashow would you answer? It is so easy to get caught up in the commercialism of Christmas. It seems like each year the retailers start advertising earlier and earlier. I understand this year stores will be open on Thanksgiving evening so that folks can get a head start on Black Friday. Will we

even recognize this time of year in twenty years? A friend of mine from Home Mission Board days celebrates Christmas with his family in a special way. Only the children in the family will get gifts (only a few gifts) while everyone else would use money they would have used to give gifts to give to community ministries. On Christmas Day, as a family, they

Bob Mills

would go to a homeless shelter and serve all day caring for the poor and telling them of the love of Christ. What you need to know is this activity was not just a Christmas thing but something that happened at other times throughout the year. Are you ready for Christmas? Are you ready to receive Christ into your life anew this season? It really is all about Him. To whom will you give Him this year? Our Father in heaven took the first stepHe gave. For God loved the world in this way; He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16. My dear friends, from our hearts to yours, Lynne and I want to wish you a blessed and joyful Christmas.

What A Plan For Growth Looks Like Each year around this time, I begin to think about areas of growth in my life. Where have I made progress in becoming more like Jesus? What should I consider including in my spiritual growth plan for next year? This I know: Without a vision, intention, and means to bring about change, transformation will remain a stranger. Some people I know plan their sports watching schedule months in advance. I know others who painstakingly pour over their budgets daily, weekly, monthly, but with no plan whatsoever to deal with their souls. Often vacations, and retirement plans take more preparation in our lives that Georges Boujakly preparation for our spiritual development. And, sad to say, there are some who think that showing up in church once a week is their spiritual growth plan. Change, from personal experience, and research, will not happen haphazardly in our economic status nor in our spiritual status. I offer you today that a few guiding thoughts in planning for spiritual growth would be helpful! First, consider (think deeply) your growth over the last year. Did you make progress in your walk with God? Be honest without boasting. Face the truth without dwelling on blame. Question yourself around three themes: Wholeness, holiness, and love. Am I becoming more whole (together; a person who is the same in private as in public)? Am I becoming more holy? And am I more loving than I used to be? The standard of measurement here is Jesus himself as he is revealed in Scripture. Are my relationships with family, friends, colleagues, the poor, and those I serve improving? Is my attachment to material things, the things of this world, decreasing? A trusted friend may help you answer those questions more objectively than you possibly can. Second, write out a simple plan for areas of growth you sense you are being called to achieve next year. Mine is still developing but it includes the life long

KNCSB State Director of Missions E-mail:

journey of becoming more and more conformed to the image of Gods Son (Romans 8:29). My curriculum for putting on Christ includes the following means. 1. Reading. Reading the Bible continuously. There is no substitute for this. Reading the Scriptures habitually has a cumulative effect on our growth like nothing else. There is no shortage of reading plans. Adopt one that suits you. For a while now I have been following a reading plan on a YouVersion app, which has audio and text. I find it helpful to listen to the text while I read it. Downloads as of this writing is around 118 million. Impressive! Its free at But reading Scripture is only the necessary beginning. Choose from any number of authors or sacred readings that will accompany you on your spiritual growth journey this year. In my reading plan I will continue to focus on learning Jesus. With over a 1,000 books published yearly about Jesus, theres no shortage. A recommendation of a couple of books is enough to get you started: Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes by Kenneth Bailey, Lets Start with Jesus by Dennis Kinlaw, and Living Jesus by Luke Timothy Johnson. Three other books to help you understand the journey youre on could be: Hidden in Christ by James Bryan Smith, The Holy Way by Paula Huston, and Abba, Give Me a Word by L. Roger Owens. One last reading recommendation for those who teach the Word of God: Reading For Preaching: The Preacher In Conversation With Storytellers, Biographers, Poets, And Journalists by Cornelius Plantinga Jr. 2. Memorizing. I know, I know. Youve tried memorizing and youve convinced yourself you cant do it. Still, I would encourage you to memorize as much Scripture as you can. The process itself is very rewardThe Baptist Digest

ing to your spiritual walk. I am memorizing Colossians 1:1-17, and the Sermon on the Mount. The older I get the more urgent the need to memorize chunks of Scriptures is becoming for me. The secret to memorization is repetition and consistency. Hard work? Yes! But the payload is rich in intimacy with God, a well-lived life, less sin, and a character that is like the character of Jesus. Of course Jesus memorized Scriptures as evident in his many quotes and allusions to the Old Testament. Did Jesus need to know the Scripture by heart? Do we? You be the judge? 3. Prayer and Fasting. The two go hand in hand often in Jesus teachings. The reason for this is that both are the same kind of thing. Both are invitations of Jesus to enter into his life with God and share in the burdens that God has for humanity. Through prayer God invites us in Christ to be incorporated into the inner life of the triune God (N. T. Wright) and to experience this union each life event we go through. Fasting is the prayer we do with our bodies. When we abstain from food we are making a declaration of our need for Gods sustenance and our hopefulness in his provision for our needs. Fasting is also the way the Bible teaches us to enter into the tragic moments of life (ours and others) with full engagement of mind, soul, and body. Choose a 24 hour period of time every couple of weeks where food is absent from your life (such as from breakfast one day to breakfast the next). Drink lots of water. Pay attention to your soul and to what God is saying to you during this ready-to-hearGod-day. All these are necessary, but the greatest thing of all is learning to love Jesus, love as he loved, and love the things he loved.
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Presidents Perspective
By Andy Addis
KNCSB Convention President E-mail:

Sharing & Strengthening

are going to kill us. They are not the answer! The next doctor visit for my son was a teary-eyed drive out of town to a specialist in pediatric endocrinology. His words changed our life, and my sons future. Noah is not growing because his pituitary gland is not giving him the hormone he needs to grow. We can fix that, he said. The doctor described a process of constant evaluAndy Addis ation, costly medications and the discipline of daily shots for the next several years. In the description of all the medical details I needed to ask some practical questions: Will he start to grow? How much will he grow? Will he mature? Will he have a normal life? His response let me breathe for the first time in weeks: Dad, listen to me. When he gets this medicine in his system, hell have what hes missing. Hell be healthy and healthy things grow. Pastor/leader/member, listen to me, healthy things grow. A healthy church grows. Healthy churches love Jesus, serve Jesus and share Jesus. When Jesus is the focus, the center, the all in all... everything else takes care of itself! Do you need to change your music? Maybe, If its bad. Do you need to change the dress code? I dont know, they wore robes in the bible! Right? Try that. Do you need to fire volunteer grumpy face from usher duty? No clue, maybe hes actually a happy guy, but forgot to tell his face. Before you run out to get that next book, or drive over to that next conference, why dont you take the spiritual temperature of your church. Dont focus on the symptoms, target the illness. Is Jesus center stage every weekend? Is He the one you are trying to please? Is His name more important than the church name? Because thats a healthy church, and healthy things grow! I hope to be an encouragement to you during my time as President of the KNCSB. Its a joy and responsibility I do not take lightly. Thank you for the opportunity. By the way, Noah has been taking his shots daily for more than a year. Hes 5 inches taller and his teenager-ness reminds me every day... healthy things grow.

The news was devastating. My son who had miraculously escaped kidney failure two years before had a lingering effect...hidden and hideous. In his battle with his kidneys, there was a previously unknown casualty. His pituitary gland had shut down. He hadnt grown for two years, and... he wasnt going to grow. When something you care about does not grow it either causes you concern, throws you into panic, or leaves you stranded somewhere in between either of those destinations. Many feel this way about their church. Why arent we growing? Whats happened to all the young families? Why arent we baptizing anyone? These are all good questions, but let me encourage you -- dont panic. First, remember that God loves your church more than you do. You are not alone in your concern, and the God you serve wants growth in your church more than you can imagine. Second, God has a plan and its better than anything you or I could ever hope to create. Remember, you dont need Gods help; thats backward. You need to serve God where He is working. Third, quit chasing church growth. Books, conferences, online seminars, models, strategies and innovations

En el 2014, la Junta de Misiones Internacionales (IMB) quiere enviar al campo misionero un nmero rcord de 40 hispanos. El proyecto se llama Kairs porque es el tiempo de Dios para los hispanos.

Un Momento Histrico Para la Iglesia Hispana A Historic Moment for Hispanic Churches
Asia, Asia Central, el Sudeste Asitico, el Norte de frica y el Medio Oriente, Europa y las Amricas en las reas de evangelismo, discipulado y la plantacin de iglesias. No hay tiempo que perder! Si Dios te est llamando a servir como misionero, llama a Movilizacin Hispana al 866-407-9597. Ve a para ms informacin. Ve videos de obreros hispanos actuales en In 2014, the International Mission Board (IMB) wants to send a record number of 40 Hispanics to the mission field. The project is called Kairos because it is Gods time for Hispanics. Why is this initiative different? nBecause IMB has identified specific field assignments where Hispanic cultural characteristics and skills will be strategic nBecause IMB has reactivated a program for which the requirements correspond to Hispanic realities nBecause 40 new Hispanic missionaries will raise the current number of 90 (Hispanic missionaries) by almost 50% What are the requirements? nGood emotional, physical, and spiritual health nMember of a Southern Baptist church nCitizen or resident of the United States nSkills and education to fulfill the task The candidates for missionary service do not have to be pastors or have formal theological training. There are opportunities for people from many walks of life: engineers, teachers, businessmen, former military, bankers, nurses, etc. Kairos is open to singles, married couples, and families with children; for people from 22 to 70 years of age. They will serve in South Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. Dont delay! If God is calling you to serve as a missionary, call Hispanic Mobilization at 866-407-9597. Go to for more information. See videos of current Hispanic workers at

A Christmas Thought
2 Corinthians 9:15 (NASB) Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! What is the best gift that you ever received for Christmas? As I look back across the years I can remember some remarkable gifts that I received at Christmas. Sometimes it was the gift itself. Sometimes it was the thought or the sacrifice behind the gift. I remember one Christmas in particular when I was not expecting very much for Christmas. My fathers union had called a strike against his company and he had been out of work for weeks. I knew that we were struggling and I suspected that there would not be much under the tree. However, when I woke on Christmas morning and ran to the living room, I was shocked to see present after present for both me and my sister. I still dont know how they did it. I never asked where the money came from. But, at that moment, I knew that I was loved because of the sacrifice that went into those gifts. Years later I experienced the gift that is described in the verse above. That gift of Jesus Christ has eclipsed all the other gifts that I received since or before. Even the sacrifice of my parents on that Christmas long ago pales in comparison. This year I will give and receive gifts. I will enjoy both the giving and the receiving. I love the lights and the decorations. I love the family gatherings. However, in all of the celebrating, I will remember that the indescribable gift of God in Jesus Christ is the real reason for the season.

Por qu es diferente esta iniciativa? nporque IMB ha identificado puestos especficos en el campo donde las caractersticas y habilidades culturales de los hispanos sern estratgicas nporque IMB ha reactivado el programa donde los requisitos corresponden a la realidad hispana nporque 40 nuevos misioneros hispanos aumentara el nmero actual de 90 por casi el 50% Cules son los requisitos? nBuena salud emocional, fsica y espiritual nMiembro de una iglesia Bautista del Sur nCiudadano o residente de Estados Unidos nHabilidad y estudios para cumplir la tarea Candidatos para el servicio misionero no tienen que ser pastores ni tener estudios teolgicos formales. Hay oportunidades para personas de muchos mbitos de vida: ingenieros, maestros, empresarios, ex militares, banqueros, enfermeras, etc. Kairs est abierto a solteros, matrimonios y familias con nios; para personas de 22 a 70 aos. Servirn en el Sur de


Support the Cooperative Program. Make a Kingdom Difference!

By Tim Boyd, Digest Editor

Lottie moon offering

Who was Lottie Moon? Lottie Moon was a legendary Southern Baptist missionary who served in China for 39 years. She was appointed as a missionary in 1873 and served until her death on Dec. 24, 1912. Why was the offering named for Lottie Moon? Throughout her career, Lottie Moon wrote many letters home, urging Southern Baptists to greater missions involvement and support. One of those letters triggered Southern Baptists first Christmas offering for international missions in 1888 enough to send three new missionaries to China. What is the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering? Southern Baptist churches collect the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for the sole purpose of supporting international missions. Every penny of the offering goes to the International Mission Boards overseas budget. The offering provides the largest portion of the IMBs income 54 percent. 2013 national offering goal: $175 million

Fast Facts about the Lottie Moon Offering:


2013 theme: The 2013 theme is Totally His Heart, Hands, Voice, based on Matthew 22:36-39. Totally committed to God, first to love Him, then love others. No less than all of our heart, soul and mind is whats required of us as believers in Christ. All believers, all of the church, all Southern Baptists totally His.

4 (Source: International Mission Board Web site)

Studying Bible Points Man to Faith in Christ

(This article was written by a Kansas-Nebraska couple who serves in an area where traditional missionaries are not allowed. Their names are not listed for security reasons. Thanks to Priscilla Sapp for contacting this couple so they can share their story.) Alan attended an Islamic boarding school. His oldest brother, Ben, moved far away and met some Western Jesus followers and was reconciled to God through Jesus. Because of the influence outsiders had on Ben, Alans teachers taught him how to kill people. One day, Ben came back to his village with a Western friend. Alan planned to kill him but couldnt. Alan continued to receive more jihadi training, but he became disillusioned. One day he ran away to where Ben and the Western believer lived. Alan proposed that they read each others holy books the Quran and the Bible. He read the Bible for a year and had a dream of three people coming to teach him truth. After a visit by Ben and his two Western friends and many long discussions, Alan got permission from his family

Lottie moon offering

and then made a decision to follow Christ. And now we work closely with Alan reaching many with the Good News of Christ and forming small house churches. Please pray with us: n For Alan to continue to stand strong in his faith and that the truth of Gods Word would continue to bear fruit in his life. n For open doors and people of peace as we share the Good News. n For Gods protection and provision for Alan and his family. n Pray for our family to be salt and light to those we see each day. Thank you for supporting our ministry through your gifts to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and the Cooperative Program. The Lottie Moon offering was named for Lottie Moon, a legendary Southern Baptist missionary who served in China for 39 years. She was appointed as a missionary in 1873 and served until her death on Dec. 24, 1912. The offering provides the largest portion (54 percent) of the International Mission Boards income.

A man challenged his brother named Alan (name changed for security reasons) to study the Bible and the Quran. After Alan had read the Bible for a year, God used a dream to point him to a saving faith in Christ. A Kansas-Nebraska couple helped him come to faith in Christ. Your gifts to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Cooperative Program provide financial support for their work. (Submitted photo)

Family Sees Great Contrasts in Middle East

We are a family of six with Kansas-Nebraska ties. Our family serves in a city in the Middle East where there are great contrasts. I thought it might be good to try to put our situation in a familiar context for many of you: Kansas City. Now Kansas Citys metro area population is about 2 million, and our Middle Eastern city was about 2 million in 2005. That is, perhaps, where the similarities end. Imagine that Kansas City is the capital of the nation and that the President lives there. All of the trappings of a national capital can also be found there, from national government and military leadership to the Ministry of Antiquities. Imagine further that a majority of the Kansas City population is from a land just beyond, say, the Bonner Springs toll booth on Interstate 70. They dont think of themselves as Kansas Citians, and they long to return to the land of their fathers to cities like Lawrence, Manhattan, Emporia and Salina from which their families were expelled some 60 or even just 40 years ago. Not only is it the land of their ancestry, but it is also a land where some of the most important events in world no, universal history have occurred. Instead of being surrounded by the suburban sprawl of a city about 150 years old, imagine that you can look out the window of your home and see the ruins of a temple about 1,850 years old. Then you turn your head to the west and see the construction of several new few steps later you might drop 10 qersh onto a beggars blanket. If you drive (OK, ride in a taxi) to a mall where Starbucks, Gap and Ace Hardware await you, you might find yourself delayed by a herd of sheep driven by a young boy whose family lives in a large tent right beside the mall. Imagine that if you are of the fairer gender you feel compelled depending upon where you and your family are on the conservative dress continuum to dress modestly but fashionably but also to cover your head. Or you might wear a floor-length black robe with only a small slit for eyesight whenever you go out of your house. Whatever you might think of the short snippets above, know that our family feels this crazy city is exactly where were supposed to be right now. However, people are lost, closed and empty, just like the streets are early in the morning. Please pray for us to find the right ways to reach them with Him. Your gifts to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and the Cooperative Program support us as we serve in this Middle Eastern city a place of contrasts.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering 2013

A Kansas-Nebraska missionary family serves in a city in the Middle East where there are great contrasts between the modern and ancient worlds. People are lost, closed and empty, just like the streets are early in the morning. Please pray for us to find the right ways to reach them with Him, the family says. The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Cooperative Program provide financial support for their ministry. (Submitted photo)

skyscrapers. However, the rapid and widespread construction is no surprise to you, considering the citys population is projected to more than double to 6.5 million over the next 15 years. Of course, that will mean that the local population of true Kansas Citians will be a quickly shrinking minority. Imagine that everything you really need is within walking distance of your home. As you walk, you might pass a line of parked cars that includes expensive luxury cars. At


Students Urged to Follow Jesus All the Way

Kansas-Nebraska students were challenged to choose a life direction in which you follow Jesus all the way. More than 600 students and leaders gathered Sept. 27-29 at Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan., for the KNCSB Fall Conference for students. Renowned author Gordon MacDonald and his wife, Gail, were the featured speakers. They shared the ups and downs of their life journey with the students. Following Jesus takes on a different shape as the years go by, MacDonald said. He cited the poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. The road less traveled is the Christian road, MacDonald said. He helped the students examine four life questions: 1. Who will I follow? 2. How will I grow? 3. How will I serve? 4. Who is my community? In other activity, directors of Kansas-Nebraska campus ministries met separately to network and strategize to reach students more effectively. They welcomed Chris Presnell who is starting the newest KNCSB campus ministry: Christian Challenge at Baker University, Baldwin, Kan., 20 miles south of Lawrence. It began on Wednesday, Oct. 2, with a five-week Bible study on Romans. The campus ministers examined the vision and values of KNCSB campus ministry. The vision is to launch the Christcaptured next generation. Reaching incoming freshmen is a major need for campus ministries. Super Summer youth camp tries to connect high-school seniors and recent high school graduates with campus groups. Collegiate night takes place every Tuesday night during Super Summer. Incoming college students also may be connected through Campus Connect on the KNCSB Web site at http://www. ministry/ A way to support KNCSB campus ministry is through the Friends of Campus Ministry Association. Friends of CMA held its first reunion Aug. 2-4 in Overland Park, Kan. The group an-

KNCSB on mission

Time alone with God is always an important part of the KNCSB Fall Conference for college students. The 2013 event attracted more than 600 people. It was held Sept. 27-29 at Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan. nounced the goal of raising $2.5 million to support campus ministries in Nebraska and Kansas. Visit the Friends Web site at Another way to support KNCSB campus ministry is through a bequest in an estate plan with the Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptist Foundation. The Foundation provides free estate-planning services for people who will leave a percentage of their estate to Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptist causes. For more information about the Foundations estateplanning services, call Bob and Marie Clark at (800) 984-9154 or send e-mail to bclark@kncsb. org. The Clarks are estateplanning consultants with the Foundation.


By Priscilla Sapp From across Kansas and Nebraska parents who have children serving overseas with the International Mission Board gathered recently at Western Hills Baptist Church, Topeka. What a gift to be together with others that not only understand what you are experiencing but have invested one of Gods most valuable gifts, their children and grandchildren, in places without a clear gospel witness. David and Judy Steverson came from the International Mission Board in Richmond,

Parents of IMB Workers Meet for Fellowship

Va., and shared with the parents. David serves as vice president of the finance office and IMB treasurer. Judy was born in Hutchinson and grew up in Topeka. It was reassuring to hear of the support that our international missionaries have. The parents also caught a renewed glimpse of the importance of the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and the Cooperative Program in supporting missionaries. But we also heard from two couples serving overseas who call Kansas home and a Third Culture Kid, Rob Dent, who is youth pastor at Pleasantview Southwestern aims to send preachers to every state. The seminary has provided this program for more than 50 years. It is open to churches of any size. Southwestern pays for round-trip transportation of preachers to and from the

Baptist Church, Derby, Kan. They each shared how parents can strengthen and support them while they are on the field. Parents came with displays of their childrens ministries and had wonderful times of fellowship, sharing and prayer. Thank you to the churches that helped with this event: Western Hills Baptist Church for hosting and for the evening meal; Covenant Baptist Church, Topeka, for the Saturday lunch; Women of Joy at Immanuel Baptist Church, Wichita, and the women of Metropolitan Baptist Church, Wichita, for the contents of the gift bags. revival locations while churches provide housing, meals and local transportation. Churches may request revival preachers and download resources at http://www.swbts. edu/rtn. For more information, call (817) 923-1921 extension 7304.

Southwestern Seminary Offers Spring 2014 Revival Preachers

Churches can join Southwestern Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas, in promoting spiritual awakening by hosting revival preachers as part of its Revive this Nation program March 9-12, 2014. Revive this Nation is open to churches in all 50 states, and

The praise team from Christian Challenge at Washburn University, Topeka, Kan., led worship for the KNCSB 2013 Fall Conference for college students. Carly Wingerson and her husband David (playing drums in the background) were part of the worship team. The Wingersons are now in graduate school at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas.

Make This the Christmas Thats All About Others

Each Christmas season I begin with a desire to gift myself more through service to my family, friends and community, and then I get caught up in the to-do lists and gift lists and gotta do lists andahhhthen its the day after Christmas. So, this year Im making myself accountable to you readers by letting you see my number one gift myself list:

Signs of Christmas
Patty Boswell
KNCSB Womens Leadership, Ministry Wives Consultant

As we chose and decorate our tree, I will meditate on

the One who gave himself to unite heaven and earth. As we place the angel on the top of our tree, we will pause to remember and worship Suddenly there was a multitude of the heavenly host with the angel, praising God and saying: Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth to people He favors!

Keeping Intimacy Alive Acrostic

Debra Bonds
WWW Life Session Leader


This season I will be more intentional about sharing the free gift of salvation with those around me and through social media. As my family joins in celebration, rather than loading a table with more food than we could ever eat, we will remember those who are going through dumpsters looking for leftovers or are eating another bowl of watery soup, and we will be frugal with portions and not waste any food. We will invite the neighbors on our cul-de-sac over for an evening of fun and celebration of Christs birth. After cleaning out our coat closet, we will be donating gently used coats to our community drive. And because my husband has such a beautiful voice, we will gather some neighbors for caroling to some of our elderly folks on our street. Simple, yes? YES! Hope your Christmas is about others too! Merry Christmas!

When I was a little girl, my father would tell us, Keep your eyes on the ground! Look for money! Now Im not sure this was because he came out of the Depression generation, or he was trying to keep two children busy while out in public places, but it became a part of me. To this day, I still find money on the ground wherever I go! When I lean down to pick up a penny or a quarter, I say Hi Daddy! It has become a remembrance of him, the life he lived, and his love for me. Signs of Christmas are all around us during this season. As youve

unpacked boxes and placed special, shiny, sparkly items around your house, do they serve as remembrances of your Heavenly Father? As you shop in the stores around you and see Christmas trees, glittery garland, majestic angels, Nativity scenes, do these things remind you of Him? I challenge you to let each decoration, each tree you see, each bell and bow, each poinsettia and sugar cookie, bring to mind the greatest gift of all, our Heavenly Father, our precious Jesus. Lets not allow the commercialism, the time crunch of activity, and the daunting task of decorating and un-decorating Christmas dampen our spirits. As you wrap gifts of love for your family and friends, as you enjoy the beautiful lights and music of the season, reflect on His greatest gift. Look up, and say, Hi Abba Father! and rejoice in His most precious and sacrificial love for us. For God so loved the world He gave, Merry Christmas! Patti

The Core of the Matter

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spouse Nighttime can become exciting after the kids are asleep Time for one another Is it your marriage? Then take control-God created it, not the devil who wants to destroy it Make it interesting, have FUN And have a surprise of any kind every once in a while Continue to flirt with your spouse You make the move, dont always wait on your spouse Allow the spirit of God to direct you. Just listen! Looksyour spouse likes to look at YOU Invite your spouse to a special occasion you created Vengeance is mine says the Lord, let it go and let God. Be happy and have FUN!

Kissing that passionate kiss, at least once a week to start Egos have to be stroked every now and then Eye contact, a wink, a smile Putting your hands together for long holds Intentional is a must for it to work Never expect change if you dont start to make some Go somewhere different Intimacy and coming together sexually is Gods outlet for you and your

The best way to entice someone into an exercise class is to put the word core in the title or description. In the last decade the core has gotten a lot of attention in the fitness world. Why? Because without your core you couldnt stand, sit or walk about. It is the vital link between shoulder and hip stability. Right about now you are probably considering the state of your abs.but there is much more to your core than you think. Your core, also known as your powerhouse, is the deep musculature of your torso. Think mid-chest to mid-thigh all the way around your body. It is made up of several muscles that work synergistically to stabilize your spine, create powerful rotational movements and allows you to maintain an upright posture. To successfully strengthen your core you need a variety of exercises that target these muscles from all angles. Its hard work, but the payoff is huge. Less back pain, better posture, increased joint health. Did I say less back pain? Yes, possibly even eliminate your back pain. You definitely need to look into this kind of intentional exercise. Your spiritual core, your faith, needs the same kind of consideration. Jesus Christ is at the core of our faith, for in Him we live and move and have our being..Acts 17:28 In order to strengthen your faith you need a variety of spiritual exercises that target your faith from all angles. Im thinking not only of the intentional study of Gods Word and prayer, but also of trusting God thru difficult circumstances, waiting on His timing and provision, practicing forgiveness and mercy, committing to sharing the Good News of Jesus with someone at least once a week, sharing and meeting others needs, and in everything give thanks; for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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March 21-22, 2014--Webster Conference Center For Leaders in Churches Running Under 150 in Worship Featuring Richard Blackaby James & Marilyn Easley (417-271-4530 or

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Pacific Northwest church with a strong Missions and Bible-teaching culture seeks an Associate Pastor for Education and Family, to help lead the church to the next level of discipleship, family, and relationships. Church is seeking a seminary graduate with experience, training, or interest in modern small group Bible study methods (Life Groups, ABFs). In addition, we envision a strong family emphasis will be critical to preparing our congregation for a challenging future society. The Church has built and sustained a strong platform of missions, outreach, Bible study, discipleship, and age group ministries. We are preparing for the future and need an energetic small group leader with a proven record of making Godly things happen, and who wants to join a solid, caring staff team. Contacts: Informal inquiries Bob Marshall 509-521-2494 www.Richland Baptist
Suburban Kansas City church, averaging 400 in Bible Study, 450 in worship, seeking full-time Education Pastor with emphasis on children and young families. Send resume to: Search Committee, South Haven Baptist Church, PO Box 827, Belton, MO 64012. LifeSpring Church, located on the south side of Omaha, is seeking an experienced full-time High School/College pastor. Resumes should be emailed to Darin McLaughlin, search team chair, at .

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During this season of Thanksgiving, we have many reasons to give thanks to God for what He is doing at Webster Conference Center in Salina, KS. 1) Floyd Foster, WCC Building, Grounds and Equipment Associate, retired from WCC on October 31st. We will miss Floyd, but we wish him well as he moves to Virginia in retirement. 2) On November 5, 2013, WCC welcomed its newest staff member aboard the team. Ron Emery has joined the WCC Staff as the Building, Grounds and Equipment Supervisor. Ron is a Kansas Certified Arborist and a Master Gardener. 3) Development of the Disc Golf Course continues and WCC had the privilege of hosting the 2013 State Disc Golf Tournament this fall. 4) The WCC Building and Grounds Sub-Committee will be presenting the final blueprints and cost estimates to the WCC Board of Directors at their February 2014 Meeting for the Dining Hall Expansion Project. This will allow the board to know the estimated cost of the building and determine the date for ground breaking. 5) The $50,000 Matching Challenge Grant was met in early November and the WCC Board of Directors wishes to express thanks to all of the churches and individuals who made this possible. Since the Dining Hall Expansion Project will cost more than the current amount raised, individuals and churches are encouraged to continue to give to this project. Please consider sending your end of the year tax deductable checks payable to WCC to Webster Conference Center, 5410 SW 7th Street, Topeka, KS 66606-2398. Thank you! 6) The KNCSB/WCC Strategic Planning Team will be meeting on December 11th to continue drafting the 2014-2018 WCC Strategic Plan to present to the WCC Board in February and the KNCSB Mission Board in March. Please pray for this team. To God be the glory for all that He has done! Thank you for your continued support of this mission facility as we continue to reach people for Christ and train believers for the work of the ministry! The WCC Staff

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LifeSpring Church Seeking High School and College Pastor

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I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. Phil. 4:13

KNCSB Goal: $215,000

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Out of 105 counties in Kansas, 30 have no Southern Baptist work. Out of 93 counties in Nebraska, 58 have no Southern Baptist work. Many of these counties have no evangelical work at all. Over 5 million people live in our two states. The great majority have no pesonal relationship with Jesus Christ. Your gifts to Viola Webb will make a significant difference in bringing the Gospel to the lost in our Judea. PLEASE GIVE!

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