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FAQ on WiMAX 1.) What is WiMAX? WiMAX acronym meaning Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access .It is an I!

based Wireless "roadband Access #echnology $tili%ing I&&& '().1*e+)((, standard as the air interface. ).) What is the range of WiMAX? -ange of WiMAX. 1, /ms for -$ral area 0123). 4 /ms for 5rban area. 6.) What is the data transfer speed of WiMAX technology for end $sers? 5ser can e7pect to have broadband access speeds ranging from ),* /bps to ) Mbps. 4.) What will WiMAX services offer to the average cons$mer? WiMAX will provide broadband connectivity anywhere8 anytime8 for any device and on any networ9. &7amples incl$de. :igh speed internet access where it is c$rrently $navailable. 3$bstantially increase data speeds for applications li9e 2nline ;aming8 3treaming <ideo and <ideo =onferencing. ,.) What is the difference between WiMAX and Wi+>i? WiMAX is the ?e7t ;eneration of Wireless "roadband instead of Wi+>i . It can connect yo$ to the internet in faster speed and wider coverage compared to Wi+>i that can only be connected on :otspots li9e :otels8 -esta$rants8 Airports and -ecreation =enter etc. *.) What are the benefits of WiMAX? =onvenience. @o$ can move aro$nd the =!& device and get the Internet access everywhere in yo$r home8 and in the office. And yo$ can s$bscribe only one connection for both office and home $se. ?o Wire -eA$ired. ?o Wire8 ?o #elephone connection reA$ired. B$ic9 set$p C activation. WiMAX set$p and activation are A$ic9 and fast. @o$ donDt have to wait for telephone r$nning. B$ality connection. 5sing WiMAX yo$ can browsing at a very good speed. E.) Who can $se WiMAX? WiMAX is most s$itable for home $sers8 individ$al8 small office and home office. =$stomer who want to $se internet at home and in the office b$t want to s$bscribe only one connection can $se this facility. =$stomer for those who have no phone line at the location and F or live in the rented apartments can also $se WiMAX =onnection.

'.) What do I need to get WiMAX connection? @o$ will need yo$r des9top or laptop comp$ter with &thernet card and the wireless device i.e. =!& 0=$stomer !remise &A$ipment). G.) Is WiMAX sec$re? @es. WiMAX technology incorporates m$ch better and more fle7ible sec$rity s$pport than the Wi+>i standard. All $ser traffic is encrypted before being ro$ted thro$gh the ?etwor9. 1(.) Is WiMAX safe? @es. It is safe and there is no harmf$l effect on h$man body. 11.) :ow do I connect my comp$ter to the WiMAX 3ervice? @o$ have to connect yo$r =omp$ter to =!& $sing &thernet cable. 1).) =an I r$n <oI! over WiMAX? @es8 yo$ can $se <oI! in following manner.+ a.) != to != 0In India and 2$tside). b.) != to !hone 02$tside India).