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Placement English Test Profession: Companys Name: Department: Phone: E-mail address:

First Name: Last Name: Age: Address: Linguistic Experience: You have studied English n school n highschool At the uni!ersity Pri!ate lessons"courses Experiences Abroad #usiness trip $acations %tudies !ther studied languages #eginner Number of years/months

Number of hours per week

ountry/Time spent there

ountry/Time spent there



'( &atch the pictures )ith the correct structures:





'(slippery road +(turn left ,(traffic lights -(ahead only

+( Choose the correct picture to illustrate the meaning of .come in/





,( 0ead the text and choose the correct ans)er: #an1s are places )here people can 1eep their money( &ost people use *an1s to sa!e money in their sa!ings accounts and to pay money from their chec1ing accounts( 2oday3 )hen a person earns money from their 4o*3 their paychec1 is often electronically deposited 5put6 into their sa!ings or chec1ing account( 2hen3 he or she can pay their *ills *y )riting chec1s from their chec1ing accounts or pay online )here their *ills are electronically connected to their *an1 accounts( #an1s also gi!e loans to people( #an1s use the money that their customers deposit to lend to people to *uy ne) houses3 cars3 or to start *usinesses among other reasons( 2he *an1 ma1es money from lending *y charging interest( n other )ords3 people ha!e to pay *ac1 more than they *orro)ed( 2his amount depends on ho) ris1y the *an1 thin1s the *orro)er is and ho) fast the loan is paid *ac1 among other things( 7 8o) does 9interest9 )or1: #an1s pay people more money than they *orro)ed( #an1s re;uire people to pay *ac1 the same amount they *orro)ed( #an1s re;uire people to pay *ac1 more money than they *orro)ed #an1s re;uire people to pay *ac1 money they *orro)ed !ery ;uic1ly 7 8o) much 9interest9 do *orro)ers ha!e to pay: &ost *orro)ers don<t ha!e to pay interest E!eryone pays the same amount of interest( t depends on a lot of things 2he story doesn<t say 7 8o) do *an1s ma1e money: Electronically %a!ing their customers deposits #y ha!ing a lot of accounts Charging interest to those they lend to 7 =hat do *an1s do )ith money their customers deposit: 2ax people Lend it to *orro)ers %a!e it Put in a *ig !ault 7 =hat do *an1s N>2 do: pro!ide a place for people to sa!e their money help people get 4o*s

lend money to people pro!ide a place )here people can pay their *ills from -( Choose the right ans)er 7 =here ???from: m from 0ussia( A6 you are #6 you C6 are you

7 =e ha!e ??? house in &osco)( A6 any #6 a C6 an

7 ha!e t)o???( 3 a *oy and a girl( A6 sons #6 daughters C6 children

7 )or1 in a ???( m a doctor( A 6hospital #6 hotel C 6supermar1et

7 2his is my *rother( ??? names Paul( A6 8er #6 8is C6 8es

7 ???? fi!e people in my family( A6 2hey are #6 2here is C6 2here are

7 get up ??(( @ ocloc1 in the morning( A6 for #6 at C6 in

7 li1e apples3 *ut ??????*ananas( A6 dont li1e #6 li1e C6 do li1e

7 Excuse me3 ???? spea1 French: A6 do you #6 you do C6 you

7 8o) much are ??( shoes: A6 this #6 these C6 that

A( =rite a short text in )hich you present the ad!antages and disad!antages of the internet 5minimum half of page3 maximum one page(6