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2013 Guide for New International Students


We take this opportunity to welcome you to NTU and wish you a successful and happy stay here. This guide has been compiled to help you through most of the formalities and procedures both before and after your arrival. You will nd information ranging from the important immigration regulations to student life at NTU. We have included in this guidebook the contact details of the many services which are available to support you throughout your stay.

If you have any unanswered questions after reading through this guidebook, please contact the International Student Centre at for further information.


Welcome to Nanyang Technological University (NTU), and thank you for making us your partner in this knowledgegaining journey. We have no doubt that your experience in NTU will be one of signicant personal growth and discovery. Here at NTU, you will experience the thrills of engaging intellectual giants and of meeting talented and dynamic students from about 80 countries around the globe. Find time to engage others and reserve some time to nd yourself. Helping you to complete this journey at NTU will be the International Student Centre. Its programmes will pave the way for you to adjust to the local environment and forge friendships that open doors to new cultures and a vista of fresh ideas and perspectives. Welcome to an exciting new world of learning and discovery!

Assoc Prof Lok Tat Seng Director of Students Nanyang Technological University


INTRODUCTION .............................................................4 About Nanyang Technological University ..................4 Travelling within Campus...........................................5 About International Student Centre ...........................6 BEFORE LEAVING HOME .............................................8 ARRIVAL .........................................................................9 How to Get to NTU ....................................................11 Check-In to Your Accommodation .............................12 Register with ISC ......................................................12 Matriculation ..............................................................12 Bank Account ............................................................12 Network and Windows Live Accounts .......................13 Update Your Particulars .............................................13 Mobile Phone ............................................................13 Orientations and Welcome Events ............................13 A Vibrant Student Life................................................13 IMMIGRATION ................................................................15 Students Pass...........................................................15 Medical Examination .................................................16 Overstaying ...............................................................16 Social Visit Pass (For Spouses and Children of Full-Time Graduate Students) ...................................16 Useful Contacts .........................................................16

Pastoral Care ............................................................28 Counselling ...............................................................28 Stay Healthy ..............................................................29 Insurance ..................................................................29 EMERGENCY HOTLINES ..............................................32 Who to Call................................................................32 ACADEMIC CALENDAR AND UNIVERSITY HOLIDAYS ...... 34 2013-2014 Academic Calendar (Undergraduate) .....34 2013-2014 Academic Calendar (Graduate) ..............35 University Holidays ....................................................36 Academic Services ...................................................36 YOUR LEARNING ENVIRONMENT ...............................38 e-learning and Mobile Learning ................................38 IT Services ................................................................38 Computer Ownership Scheme ..................................38 Computing Facilities and Learning Spaces ...............38 NTU Libraries ............................................................39 STUDENT LIFE @ NTU ..................................................41 Student Organisations...............................................41 Sports and Games ....................................................41 Meals on Campus .....................................................42 Postal, Banking and Retail ........................................42 MANAGING FINANCE ....................................................44

HOUSING ........................................................................18 On-Campus Undergraduate Housing ........................18 On-Campus Graduate Housing.................................19 Short-Term Housing ..................................................22 Off-Campus Housing.................................................22

Estimated Living Costs..............................................44 Money Management Tips ..........................................44 Financial Assistance .................................................44 Part-Time Employment..............................................44 ABOUT SINGAPORE .....................................................46

HEALTH, WELLNESS AND INSURANCE......................26 General Medical Care ...............................................26 Medical Emergencies ................................................27 Academic Counselling...............................................28

Experience Singapore ...............................................47 Travelling within Singapore........................................51

All information provided is correct at the time of print. For the latest update, please refer to All amounts listed are in Singapore dollars. All images of Singapore are courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board.


About Nanyang Technological University

Young and research-intensive, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is one of the fastest-rising universities in the world with globally acknowledged strengths in science and engineering. The university has roots that go back to 1955 when Nanyang University was set up. Today, NTU has ve colleges, including one that focuses on interdisciplinary graduate research, and a new medical school, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, set up jointly with Imperial College London.

NTU provides a high-quality global education to more than 33,500 undergraduate and postgraduate students. The student body includes top scholars and international olympiad medallists from the region and beyond. Hailing from more than 70 countries, the universitys 3,800-strong teaching and research staff bring dynamic international perspectives and years of solid industry experience.

College of Engineering
School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering School of Computer Engineering School of Civil and Environmental Engineering School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering School of Materials Science and Engineering School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Travelling within Campus

Internal Shuttle Bus
Get the internal shuttle bus arrival information at your ngertips at The movement of the buses on different routes can also be viewed real-time on the map. You may even view the number plate and speed of the individual bus. You can also download a free iPhone application Traversity that tracks internal shuttle bus services at NTU.

College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

School of Art, Design and Media School of Humanities and Social Sciences Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information

Public Bus Service

Public bus services 179, 179A and 199 ply the Yunnan Garden campus in addition to the NTU shuttle bus service. Visit Transportation.aspx for more details.

College of Science
School of Biological Sciences School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences

Campus map
The new interactive Campus Map enables you to locate lecture theatres, tutorial rooms, buildings and landmarks on campus, and nd directions between places easily. You may also print the map or send a friend an email with information on a location or direction. Google street view and internal shuttle bus routes are also integrated in the map. Best of all, it works on your mobile device too! Visit to get interactive directions now!

Interdisciplinary Graduate School Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine Autonomous Institutes
Earth Observatory of Singapore National Institute of Education S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies Singapore Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering


About International Student Centre

Service and Information

The International Student Centre (ISC) and the Student Affairs Ofce offer a full range of services and programmes to foster student success, global perspectives, intercultural awareness and international goodwill. We assist international students with: Pre-arrival Information Application for a Students Pass Enquiries on Immigration Insurance Pastoral Care Help during a Crisis Enquiries on Part-Time Employment

Contact ISC
Need assistance? You can approach ISC via phone call, email or personally. We are located at the temporary ofce behind Student Services Centre building.

Mailing Address
International Student Centre (ISC) Nanyang Technological University 42, Nanyang Avenue Student Services Centre Level 6 Singapore 639815

Telephone Number
(65) 6790 6823 (during ofce hours) (65) 9721 8066 (24-hour crisis line) (This number should be used strictly for emergencies only.)

Events and Activities

The centre promotes cross-cultural understanding and interaction. All students at NTU are welcome to attend ISCs events and activities, which include: Orientations Campus Tours Coffee Sessions Community Service Work Cultural Tours and Outings Festive Open Houses Host Family Programmes Luncheons Pre-Graduation Seminars Growth, Embracement and Learn (G.E.L) Programme


Ofce Hours
Monday to Thursday: 8.30am to 5.45pm Friday: 8.30am to 5.15pm Weekends and Public Holidays: Closed

Locate Us
Visit students centre to locate ISC on the map OR Visit us at the temporary ofce behind Student Services Centre building




Use this checklist to prepare for your stay in Singapore. Accept the Offer of Admission by stipulated deadline Apply for an Entry Visa (if applicable) to enter Singapore
(Please refer to

Apply for a Students Pass

(Please refer to Students Pass section)

Make housing arrangement

(Please refer to Housing section)

Make travel arrangement to Singapore Pack your belongings

A print-out of eForm16 and duly signed by you Colour passport-sized photographs, including digital copies Original letter of Admission from NTU Original copies of educational certicates, examination results and other
documents submitted in support of your application for admission

Cash of at least $3,000 for initial expenses (excluding tuition fees and rental) Funds to place a deposit and pay housing rental upon arrival Prescribed medication Personal items such as toiletries, towel, bed linen, pillow cases, alarm clock,
adapter, etc

Clothes and footwear, including a light jacket for air-conditioned venues such as
the Library

Formal wear for interviews or important functions Notebook if you are not purchasing one in Singapore (Singapore is using 230V for

Make sure these items are with you for clearance at the Singapore Checkpoint

Your passport with at least six-month validity from the commencement of your course Your plane, train or bus ticket A print-out of your In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter A print-out of your Letter of Admission



You will be busy for the rst few weeks at NTU! Use this checklist to settle down. Know how to get to NTU Check-in to your accommodation Register with ISC

Complete registration procedures Been briefed on how to complete the Students Pass formalities
Undergo a medical examination at the NTU Medical Centre for students on more than 6 months study programme
(Please refer to Medical Examination section)

Complete the Students Pass formalities and collect your Students Pass
(Please refer to Students Pass section)

Complete all matriculation procedures Open a bank account if your study duration is more than 6 months Purchase a Singapore mobile number (optional) Activate your network and Windows Live accounts Access StudentLink (undergraduates) or GSLink (graduate students) at to update your particulars and contact details Attend orientation, welcome events and ISC activities Join a student club or society and plug into NTUs vibrant student life (optional)


How to Get to NTU

NTU is located in the west of Singapore in an area called Jurong. Changi Airport is located in the east of Singapore. Singapore has an efcient, safe and affordable public transport system. You can take a taxi, Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train or bus to campus. If you are travelling to Singapore for the rst time and have luggage with you, we recommend you to take a taxi. For more information on the public transportation in Singapore, please refer to the Travelling within Singapore section.

MRT and Bus


Should you decide to travel by MRT train and bus from the airport to campus, take a train from Changi Airport MRT station on the East-West line to one of the following stations and then board the bus. Boon Lay MRT station: Take the public bus 179 or 199 from Boon Lay Bus Interchange located inside Jurong Point Shopping Mall which is next to the station Pioneer MRT station: Take the NTU-Pioneer shuttle bus directly outside the station You can board a taxi at the taxi bays outside the Arrival Hall at the airport, at taxi stand or anywhere safe along public roads in Singapore. Inform the driver the address of your destination. If you are travelling to NTU, request the driver to take the Pan Island Expressway (PIE). The journey will take about 45 minutes and cost about $45 (including the peak hour and midnight surcharge). To know more about the surcharges imposed by the taxi companies, please visit the individual taxi websites. The journey to campus by MRT train and bus will take about two to three hours. Please take note that MRT trains and public buses do not operate between midnight and 5.30am daily. For a map of MRT stations in Singapore, please visit aspx.



Check-In to Your Accommodation

If you have applied for and been offered a place in campus housing, please ensure that you have provided your arrival details online. You will receive further information from the Office of Housing & Auxiliary Services (HAS) on the collection of your room key. Collection of Room Key During Ofce Hours Monday to Thursday: 8.30am to 5.45pm Friday: 8.30am to 5.15pm Weekend and Public Holidays: Closed After Ofce Hours Please take note that there are separate arrangement for undergraduate, graduate and exchange students. For further enquiries on accommodation matters, please contact HAS. Graduate Students HAS will advise you on the collection of your room keys

Undergraduate / Exchange Students Check-in at the Hall Ofce of your allocated Hall of Residence

Students are to make their own accommodation arrangement

Students are to make their own accommodation arrangement

Register with ISC

After you have settled down in your accommodation, register with ISC during ofce hours to complete the registration procedures and be briefed on the procedures to complete the Students Pass formalities.

Matriculation refers to the process of registering as a student of the university. After you have completed all matriculation procedures, NTU will issue you with a matriculation card identifying you as its student.

Bank Account
For students whose study period is 6 months or more, you may choose to open an account with the bank of your choice in Singapore. The banks offer a wide range of services and have different types of saving accounts. The OCBC bank has a branch on campus at the North Spine at Block N2.1. Some other banks are located near NTU at Jurong Point Shopping Mall. Please contact the banks or visit their website to know their requirement for opening and maintaining an account. Local Telephone Number 1800 111 1111 1800 438 3333 1800 339 6666 (65) 6790 1185

Name of Bank Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) POSBank United Overseas Bank Ltd (UOB) To open a bank account, you will need: Your passport Your Students Pass Your Singapore address


Note: During registration period, OCBC NTU campus allows applicant to use Letter of Admission from NTU instead of Students Pass to open a bank account.


Network and Windows Live Accounts

Your network account will give you access to the NTU network (Intranet portal iNTU sg), e-services (StudentLink, GS Link), e-learning (edveNTUre), library databases and campus computers. You will receive the details upon registration. Your Windows Live account will give you access to email and a suite of Windows Live e-services at http:// This account can be kept for life.

Orientations and Welcome Events

The Freshmen Welcome Ceremonies, orientations, campus and laboratory tours, and welcome events organised by ISC, schools and halls of residence provide new students with useful information on student services and campus life. They are also great occasions to interact with fellow students and widen your social network.

A Vibrant Student Life

Immerse into NTUs vibrant student life with more than 100 student organisations with diverse interests from astronomy to sports to music. Please visit www.ntu. for more details.

Update Your Particulars

Please access StudentLink (undergraduate) or GSLink (graduate students) to update your particulars and contact details.

Mobile Phone
If you wish to sign up for a mobile phone line, you may do so at the nearest mall or convenience store. Singapore has 3 telecommunication companies. Please visit their website to know more about their plans and rates. M1 SingTel StarHub




Students Pass

Back of Students Pass

Front of Students Pass

All international students who have been accepted by NTU as full-time matriculated or registered students are required to hold a valid Students Pass issued by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore.

Application Fees and Charges

Processing Fee (online payment through credit/debit card upon submission of eForm16) Issuance Fee Multiple-Entry Visa fee (for required nationals) $30

Application for Students Pass

New application for Students Pass must be submitted at least 1 month and not more than 2 months before the commencement of the course. The application must be submitted through the Students Pass Online Application and Registration (SOLAR) system which is accessible through ICA website at International students who had pursued pre-university studies in Singapore need to produce their Students Pass if these have not been returned to ICA. You may wish to email ISC should you have further enquiry on Students Pass application.

$60 $30

Note: A replacement fee of $60 will be imposed if the Students Pass is lost or stolen. An additional $30 processing fee will be imposed for amendments made to eForm16 after submission.

Cancellation of Students Pass

Please surrender your Students Pass to ICA for cancellation within 7 days from the date you complete or terminate your full-time studies, go on leave of absence or convert to part-time studies. Please visit for more information.



Medical Examination
The offer of admission to NTU that you have received is conditional upon the issuance of a Students Pass by ICA. If the period of your studies at NTU is 6 months or more, you are required to pass a medical examination conducted at the NTU Medical Centre before you can be issued this Pass. The examination will include tests for the Human Immuno-deciency Virus (HIV) and Tuberculosis. Upon satisfactory completion of the medical examination, the NTU Medical Centre will issue you a medical report which you need to submit with your Students Pass application. Should you fail the medical examination, you will be denied admission and must return home at your own expense.

Overstaying is a punishable offence under the Immigration Act. You need to note the expiry date of your Social Visit Pass or Students Pass and apply for an extension at least a month before the expiry.

Social Visit Pass (For Spouses and Children of Full-Time Graduate Students)
Applying for an Entry Visa
If your spouse and children require an Entry Visa to visit Singapore, they may apply for one at a Singapore embassy in your home country.

Appointment for Medical Examination

All international students will receive instruction on how to complete the medical examination when they report to ISC upon their arrival at NTU.

Extending the Social Visit Pass

You may approach ISC for a letter of support to extend the Social Visit Pass of your spouse and children. Please visit for more details.

Useful Contacts
Ministry in-charge of Students Pass Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) Address: ICA Building 10 Kallang Road Singapore 208718 Next to Lavender MRT station (65) 6391 6100 (24-hour ICA call centre) The Riverwalk 20 Upper Circular Road #04-01/02 Singapore 058416 Nearest MRT station: Clarke Quay MRT station (65) 6438 5122

Location: Telephone Number: Website: Ministry in-charge of Temporary Employment Pass and Work Holiday Pass Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Address:

Location: Telephone Number: Website:





On-Campus Undergraduate Housing

On-Campus Housing Undergraduate Housing Halls of Residence 1 to 16 Graduate Housing Graduate Hall 1 Graduate Hall 2 NTU has 16 halls of residence that are home to some 9,200 undergraduates. This community forms a large family unit, actively engaging in a range of cultural, social and sporting activities. With these many levels of interaction, networking has never been easier. As many seniors would attest, living in a hall of residence presents a unique experience that would leave one with fond memories long after graduation. The 16 halls offer similar styled accommodation. All halls are co-ed by oor or wing. Each hall has communal facilities like television rooms, air-conditioned reading Ofce-In-Charge Student Housing Office of Housing & Auxiliary Services Student Services Centre Level 5 rooms, kitchenettes and laundry rooms with coin-operated washing machines and dryers, and offers single and double occupancy rooms. All rooms are fully furnished and have internet access. Double rooms are shared by residents of the same gender. With the exception of Halls 1 and 2, which offer shared shower and toilets, all halls have genderspecic communal showers and toilets. Meals are not provided by the halls but residents have access to a wide range of meals at the many canteens, cafes and other eateries on campus.

Rental Rates (with effect from 1 August 2013)

Hall of Residence 1, 2, 4 to 7 8 to 15 3 and 16 Room Rates (Per Person Per Month) $210 $235 $240 Room Type Twin-sharing Twin-sharing and air-conditioned* Twin-sharing and air-conditioned*

Note: *Air-conditioned room operates on prepaid card or pay-as-you-use system.

How and When to Apply

All new full-time international undergraduates who apply by the stipulated deadline are assured of housing in one of the halls of residence. You may apply online for housing after you have accepted the offer of admission online. Please refer to the Admissions Handbook for Freshmen for details.


Application Deadlines
Local A Level and Polytechnic Students Apply from Deadline Outcome Available 3 June 2013 8 July 2013 19 July 2013 International Students 3 June 2013 8 July 2013 19 July 2013

Visit for details on: Application Room details Room assignment Rules and regulations

Housing for Undergraduate Exchange Students

Undergraduate exchange students will receive information on applying for accommodation in a hall of residence with NTUs offer of admission. Applications must be submitted online prior to arrival.

Double room in Hall of Residence 16

Reading room

On-Campus Graduate Housing

On-campus graduate housing is available at 2 locations on campus - Graduate Hall 1 and Graduate Hall 2. As demand for housing greatly exceeds supply, only fulltime graduate students may apply for graduate housing with new students on research programmes given priority. Successful applicants may stay for a maximum period of one academic year. Meals are not provided but residents have easy access to a wide range of meals at the many canteens, cafes and other eateries on campus. If you have children, please seek off-campus housing with amenities that meet the needs of families.



Rental Rates
Location Room Rates (Per Person Per Month) Room Type Single Room Double Room Spouse Room Single Room Double Room Apartment bedroom Bathroom Attached

Graduate Hall 1 $420 $310 per person $620 per room Graduate Hall 2 `$480 `$370 per person $1,000 - $1,100 per married couple Note: `Rates do not include the use of the air-conditioner. Residents are provided with a single bed, wardrobe, desk, fan and internet connection. Rents include the use of furnishings, and utilities such as electricity, water and internet usage. Additional charges apply for the use

Attached Common/Attached

of the air-conditioner (calculated based on usage) and for the consumption of electricity from the use of other electrical items, for e.g., a mini refrigerator.

Graduate Hall

Double room in Graduate Hall

Nanyang Valley


Application Deadlines
Semester 1 Opening From Closing Date Outcome Available Check-In 02 May 2013, 9.00am Singapore Time 12 June 2013, 4.30pm Singapore Time Early July 11 July 2013 onwards Semester 2 November* End November* Mid December* January*

Note: *The deadline for Semester 2 is not conrmed. For conrmed dates, please visit or email HAS.

Apply Online for Graduate Housing

Note the following before you apply online: You must accept NTUs offer of admission before you can apply for housing Use only Internet Explorer (do not use any other web browser, for e.g., Mozilla and Netscape) Use the same application number assigned to you when you applied for admission You will receive an acknowledgement of your application and the outcome by email. You are advised to check your emails, including your junk folder regularly If you are successful in your application, but fail to check in within ve days of the stipulated check-in date, your room will be allocated to the next person on the waiting list Arrange for short-term housing if you are arriving before the given check-in date If you are unsuccessful in your application, please arrange off-campus housing before you arrive in Singapore

Accept Offer of Admission Apply online for Graduate Housing at aspx. You will receive the outcome via email. If you are successful in your application, conrm your acceptance online within 5 days of receiving the offer and provide your arrival details at the link stated in our email. Please collect your room keys from the Ofce of Housing & Auxiliary Services (HAS). If you are unsuccessful in your application, please arrange off-campus housing before you arrive in Singapore.

During check-in, Sign the rental agreement Pay the application fee, a deposit of 1 months rental and the rental for the first quarter/half-year



Short-Term Housing
Please arrange for short-term housing if you are arriving in Singapore before your check-in date. Your options include the on-campus Nanyang Executive Centre or a hotel. Visit default.aspx and for rates and other related information.
Nanyang Executive Centre

Off-Campus Housing

HDB ats

Students living off-campus should begin their search for housing well in advance of their departure for Singapore. Neighbourhoods near NTU include Jurong West, Boon Lay and Jurong East. Your options include rooms or apartments offered by homeowners and privately-run student hostels.

Rooms/Apartments Offered by Homeowners

Residential housing in Singapore can be broadly divided into two categories - private and public. Private housing refers to privately-developed landed property and apartments that may come with condominium facilities such as swimming pools and tennis courts. Public housing is developed by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) and consists of apartments or ats. Rooms in HDB housing are cheaper to rent in general.


Student Hostels
The following privately-run student hostels are relatively near NTU and amenities such as supermarkets and food centres. Do contact the hostels for their rates and to check the availability of rooms. Surf the internet for information on other hostels near NTU.

Scholars Residence @ Yuan Ching Tel : (65) 9181 9928 / (65) 9669 7573 Email :

Student Hostel @ Jurong West Tel : (65) 6795 8864 Mobile : (65) 9129 3688 Email

yo:HA @ Jurong Tel : (65) 6560 7122

Factors to Consider when Shortlisting OffCampus Housing

You may wish to consider the following factors when you are shortlisting the off-campus housing. Budget Proximity to NTU, MRT stations and bus-stops Amenities Size of the room or apartment Whether it is furnished Single versus shared occupancy Duration of lease

Rents for HDB Housing

Visit the website of Housing and Development Board (HDB) at for the median rents of HDB ats by town and at type. These statistics serve as a useful guide. Check what the rent includes before you enter into any agreement e.g., electricity, water, gas and furnishings.

Before you rent a room off campus, use the How2Go public transport journey planner at sg to learn how long it will take to commute to NTU. Please contact the Office of Housing & Auxiliary Services should you need any advice on renting a place off-campus.



The Tenancy Agreement

The tenancy agreement is a legal agreement designed to protect the rights of the tenant and landlord by setting out all the terms and conditions of the rental arrangement. Check your rights and responsibilities before signing any tenancy agreement and related documents. Get promises for repairs and improvements in writing before you enter into any agreement and place a deposit. Keep a receipt for any payment made with a description of what it is for and whether it is refundable. A sample tenancy agreement is available at the website of the Consumers Association of Singapore (

Before you view any piece of property, check whether a real estate agent is involved and whether you need to pay a commission should you decide to rent the property. Before you hand over any commission, check these websites to make sure he or she is a registered property agent. Institute of Estate Agents - Council for Estate Agencies -






General Medical Care

NTU Medical Centre

Clinics Near Campus

There are several clinics, such as follows, that are near NTU. You may wish to visit PatientCare/GP/Pages/Home.aspx for a comprehensive list of clinics in Singapore. Central Clinic & Surgery Address Blk 450 Clementi Ave 3, #01-291 Singapore 120450 Telephone Number (65) 6773 2925 Operating Hours 24 hours daily Healthway Medical Group Address Blk 690 Jurong West Central 1, #01-193 Singapore 640690 Telephone Number (65) 6792 1812 / (65) 6791 5719 Operating Hours Monday to Friday: Saturday: Sunday and Public Holidays: 8.30am to 12.30pm 2.00pm to 6.00pm 7.00pm to 12.00am 8.30am to 12.30pm 7.00pm to 12.00am 8.30am to 12.30pm 7.00pm to 11.00pm

The Medical Centre on campus is operated by Fullerton Healthcare Group. Medical and dental services provided include general outpatient treatment, laboratory investigation and minor surgery. The centre also provides before and after travel medical advice and immunisation. You can locate the centre at the South Spine, beside the Lee Kong Chian Lecture Theatre. Address NTU Medical Centre 1 Nanyang Avenue, SS3-B2-15 Singapore 639798 Telephone Number (65) 6793 6974 / (65) 6793 6828 Operating Hours Monday to Thursday: 8.30am to 1.00pm (last registration at 12pm) 2.00pm to 5.30pm (last registration at 4.30pm) 8.30am to 1.00pm (last registration at 12pm) 2.00pm to 5.00pm (last registration at 4.00pm) 9.30am to 12.30pm (last registration at 11.30am) Closed


Saturday: Sunday and Public Holidays:


Silver Cross 24 Hr Clinic Address 502 Jurong West Ave 1, #01-803 Singapore 640502 Telephone Number (65) 6899 2141 Operating Hours Monday to Sunday (including Public Holidays) 8.00am to 12.00am

Medical Emergencies
In a medical emergency and for medical care beyond what a general practitioner can provide, please visit a hospital. The National University Hospital (NUH) is the nearest hospital to NTU. Telephone Number (65) 6779 5555 (24-hr main line) (65) 6772 5000 (24-hr emergency department) Email Address Website

As the information above is subject to change, it is important that you call the clinics to verify their operating hours, charges and location before visiting them. Please note that visits to private clinics are subjected to your own expenses and non-reimbursable.

Seeking Reimbursement for Hospitalisation

Eligible students may seek a reimbursement under the Group Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance (GHSI) scheme for the hospitalisation fee incurred in Singapore government/restructured hospitals. The insurance company will review and determine the reimbursed amount based on the schemes terms and conditions. For more information on GHSI, please refer to Insurance section.

Pharmacies Near Campus

These are the pharmacies which are near NTU. Guardian Pharmacy Location Jurong Point Shopping Mall 1 Jurong West Central 2 #B1-27/28 (JP2) Singapore 648886 Watsons Your Personal Store Location Jurong Point Shopping Mall 1 Jurong West Central 2 #B1-12/13/14 Singapore 648886

Seeking Reimbursement Specialist Care



Eligible students are covered up to $500 per policy year for treatment by a specialist (including diagnostic tests such as x-rays and scans) or A&E department (strictly for accidents and emergencies only) in Singapore government/restructured hospitals. The coverage is subject to the terms and conditions of the GHSI. For more information on GHSI, please refer to Insurance section. Important: Outpatient specialist care will only be reimbursed if the specialist whom you are seeking treatment from is referred by the NTU Medical Centre or the A&E department of a government/restructured hospital.



For a list of Singapore Government/Restructured Hospitals and Specialist Clinics, please refer to the table as follows. Singapore Government/Restructured Hospitals Alexandra Hospital Changi General Hospital Institute of Mental Health Khoo Teck Puat Hospital KK Womens and Childrens Hospital National University Hospital Singapore General Hospital Tan Tock Seng Hospital Website

Academic Counselling
If you are unable to cope with your studies, please seek help from your lecturer, tutor or the Assistant Chair of Students at your school.

Professional Counselling
The Student Wellbeing Centre provides help and guidance to students with personal issues or challenges. Its team of registered counsellors are experienced in helping students from various backgrounds and with a wide range of issues. If the personal issues or challenges you are facing are affecting your quality of life in the areas of your health, relationships, daily activities, academic performance or eating and sleeping patterns, please seek professional counselling. Should you have troubled thoughts or behaviour such as self-harm or harming others, please seek professional counselling or medical help. To make an appointment to see a professional counsellor, please call (65) 6790 4462 during ofce hours. You may also email the Centre at sg. The Centre is located at Student Services Centre, Level 5. Consultations are free of charge for students and held in condence. After ofce hours, please call the ISC crisis line at (65) 9721 8066, Campus Security at (65) 6790 4777 or approach your Hall Fellow if you live in a hall of residence.

Pastoral Care
Being away from home can be an especially lonely experience when you fall ill or are hospitalised. Do contact ISC should you need any assistance. Locate ISC Visit us at the temporary ofce behind Student Services Centre building Telephone Number (65) 6790 6823 (during ofce hours) (65) 9721 8066 (24-hour crisis line) (This number should be used strictly for emergencies only.) Email


Peer Helping Programme

The Student Wellbeing Centre administers a peer support network for students on campus called the Peer Helping Programme. If you wish to nd out more about this programme, please call or email the Student Wellbeing Centre.

Group Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance (GHSI)

GHSI is compulsory for all full-time international students, including Singapore permanent residents. Falling ill and being hospitalised in Singapore can be a nancial drain on international students. Not only are international students not entitled to the medical subsidies that Singapore citizens enjoy, hospitals also typically require a deposit of the entire estimated bill size upon admission. For example, if the estimated bill size for a hospital stay is $5,000, you must place a deposit of $5,000 with the hospital upon admission. For eligible students on the GHSI, the underwriter of GHSI will prepare a Letter of Guarantee (LOG), which you can present to the hospital in lieu of the cash deposit, subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance scheme. Details of this insurance scheme, including the annual limit, coverage, and exclusion can be found at

Workshops and Self-Help Resources

The Student Wellbeing Centre further promotes student well-being through workshops and talks on topics such as strategies for better learning, and stress and relaxation techniques. The self-help tests and information at the Centres website deal with topics such as money management and relationship issues. Visit for more information.

Stay Healthy
Learn how you can adopt an active and healthy lifestyle. Check out SportsAndRecreation/Pages/default.aspx for the programmes of the Sports and Recreation Centre and the Healthy Lifestyle Unit.

Group Personal Accident Insurance (GPAI)

The GPAI Scheme provides basic coverage for accidental death or permanent disablement as well as medical reimbursement for accidents for undergraduates and full-time graduate students (optional). Please see www. HealthAndCounselling/MedicalInsuranceSchemes/ Pages/GPAI.aspx for details including conditions for eligibility.

NTU has two insurance schemes - Group Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance and the Group Personal Accident Insurance - to help eligible students meet basic medical costs.



Additional Insurance Coverage for Overseas Travel

All students are strongly advised to have adequate insurance coverage when travelling overseas for internships, conferences, exchange, study programmes, etc. The GHSI scheme does not provide adequate coverage for overseas travels. Please refer to the table as follows for a summary of the insurance scheme. Insurance Scheme Group Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance Insurance Coverage Administered By Eligibility Full-Time International Students, Singapore Permanent Resident

International Student Accidental death, hospitalisation and surgery Centre as a result of illness (including mental illness), and accidental bodily injury Student Affairs Ofce

Group Personal Accident Death, permanent Insurance disability and medical costs arising from an accident Undergraduate/StudentServices/HealthAndCounselling/MedicalInsuranceSchemes/Pages/GPAI. aspx

Undergraduates Full-time Graduate students may opt for this insurance

Note: Full-time international undergraduates who require hospitalisation and/or surgery as a result of an accident should rst claim under the GPAI scheme. Information on the GHSI and GPAI is subject to changes.




Emergency Hotlines
Please make sure that you have saved these numbers in your mobile phone. They will come in handy in an emergency. For more crisis helplines, please visit Emergency Party Police Ambulance NTU Student Wellbeing Centre NTU Medical Centre NTU Fault Reporting Centre and Campus Security International Student Centre (ISC) Crisis Line Telephone Number 999 (24-hour) 995 (24-hour) 6790 4462 6793 6828 6790 4777 (24-hour) 9721 8066 (24-hour)

Who to Call
Medical Emergencies Emotional Distress/Suicidal Tendencies Road Accidents Crime Missing Persons Fire Rowdy Behaviour Lift Breakdown/Power Blackouts/ Burst Pipes

During ofce hours: Call NTU Medical Centre After ofce hours: Call Campus Security/Hall Fellow During ofce hours: Call Student Wellbeing Centre After ofce hours: Call ISC crisis line, Campus Security/Hall Fellow Call Police, Ambulance and Campus Security Call Police and Campus Security Call ISC crisis line Call Campus Security Call Campus Security Call NTU Fault Reporting Centre

24-Hour Campus Security

Our campus is patrolled round-the-clock on a daily basis by a team of security ofcers. Complementing these patrols are CCTV and security access control systems. A low crime rate, however, does not mean that there is no crime so please guard your safety and belongings. Fire drills and emergency evacuation procedures are in place for students security and safety.







2013-2014 Academic Calendar (Undergraduate)

Academic Year 2013-14 Semester 1 Orientation Week Teaching Weeks Recess Week Teaching Weeks Revision and Examination Semester 1 Vacation Semester 2 Teaching Weeks Recess Week Teaching Weeks Revision and Examination Semester 2 Vacation Special Term I Teaching Weeks Revision & Examination Special Term II Teaching Weeks Revision & Examination Events Convocation 2013 Qualifying English Test Freshmen Welcome Ceremony Union Day/Academic Council Meeting Celebrate NTU! From 05-Aug-13 05-Aug-13 12-Aug-13 30-Sep-13 07-Oct-13 18-Nov-13 09-Dec-13 13-Jan-14 13-Jan-14 03-Mar-14 10-Mar-14 21-Apr-14 12-May-14 12-May-14 12-May-14 16-Jun-14 23-Jun-14 23-Jun-14 28-Jul-14 Date 25-Jul-13 to 1-Aug-13 2-Aug-13 5-Aug-13 to 6-Aug-13 29-Aug-13 11-Mar-14 To 06-Dec-13 09-Aug-13 27-Sep-13 04-Oct-13 15-Nov-13 06-Dec-13 10-Jan-14 09-May-14 28-Feb-14 07-Mar-14 18-Apr-14 09-May-14 01-Aug-14 20-Jun-14 13-Jun-14 20-Jun-14 01-Aug-14 25-Jul-14 01-Aug-14

For the full calendar and details, please visit AcademicCalendar/Pages/2013-14.aspx.


2013-2014 Academic Calendar (Graduate)

Academic Year 2013-14 (Indicative Only) SEMESTER 1 Teaching Weeks Recess Week Teaching Weeks Revision & Examination Semester 1 Vacation SEMESTER 2 Teaching Weeks Recess Week Teaching Weeks Revision and Examination Semester 2 Vacation From 05 August 2013 12 August 2013 30 September 2013 07 October 2013 18 November 2013 09 December 2013 13 January 2014 13 January 2014 03 March 2014 10 March 2014 21 April 2014 12 May 2014 To 12 January 2014 29 September 2013 06 October 2013 17 November 2013 08 December 2013 12 January 2014 03 August 2014 02 March 2014 09 March 2014 20 April 2014 11 May 2014 03 August 2014

Graduate programmes do not follow a common calendar. For the calendar of your programme, please visit http:// 2014.pdf.


University Holidays
The university is closed during public holidays in Singapore. If the public holidays fall on a Saturday, there will be no classes on the following Monday.

2013 and 2014 Public Holidays

For a list of public holidays in 2013 and 2014, please refer to the table as follows. Hari Raya Puasa National Day Hari Raya Haji Deepavali Christmas Day New Years Day Chinese New Year Good Friday Labour Day Vesak Day 8 August 2013, Thursday 9 August 2013, Friday 15 October 2013, Tuesday 2 November 2013, Saturday 25 December 2013, Wednesday 1 January 2014, Wednesday 31 January 2014, Friday 1 February 2014, Saturday 18 April 2014, Friday 1 May 2014, Thursday 13 May 2014, Tuesday

Academic Services
Please refer to the respective websites for information on: The Academic Unity System Curriculum Structure Examinations Course Registration Other Academic Services

Undergraduate students Graduate students





e-learning and Mobile Learning

e-learning and mobile learning are key features of NTUs learning environment. edveNTUre - NTUs e-learning platform for anytime, anywhere learning - allows you to view course content, watch online videos of lectures, turn in your assignments, participate in an online tutorial and much more. Blackboard Mobile Learn, a free app for smartphones and tablets, gives you on-the-go access to announcements, your class roster, group discussions and even your grades using your iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or android device. The Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) manages NTUs e-learning environment. For more information about the different e-learning tools used in NTU, like Clickers, LAMS, eUreka, Turnitin, BBConnect, AcuStudio and etc, please visit https:// For more information about CELT, please visit

The department managing NTUs IT environment is the Centre for IT Services (CITS). Please visit www.ntu. to learn more.

Computer Ownership Scheme

Each new student is advised to have a notebook computer for more effective learning. Students will nd that notebooks are useful tools for formal lessons and coursework anytime and anywhere. Before you purchase a computer, refer to the preferential prices that students enjoy with some vendors under an arrangement with NTU. Please see http://www3.ntu. For information on the NTU Student Personal Computer Loan scheme administered by the Ofce of Admissions and Financial Aid for full-time undergraduates, please visit sg/UndergraduateAdmissions/FinancialAssistance/ Pages/PCLoan.aspx.

IT Services
NTU students enjoy state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and services. Each matriculated student is given a lifelong Windows Live account and a network account which enable free access to: a high-speed wired and wireless campus network, including remote access e-services such as course registration, examination matters and e-billing e-learning and library resources online storage and sharing of personal documents, blogs and web pages live video webcasts of interesting seminars and events on campus the interactive campus map, internal shuttle bus information and virtual tour, via web or mobile platform subscription to NTU mailing lists and e-newsletters

Computing Facilities and Learning Spaces

Computing facilities and learning spaces are available throughout campus in schools, libraries and the halls of residence. One such state-of-the-art learning space is the Learning Pod @ South Spine. This creative learning space provides: discussion rooms with LCD screens and glass writing boards an open learning space with comfortable and congurable furniture tables with a flexible power outlet and security bar for laptop users pay-per-use printing service


NTU Libraries
NTU libraries provide students with access to rich information resources, collaborative learning spaces and research assistance. There are 7 libraries, all open to every student. Art, Design and Media Library (ART-01-03): Print and multimedia collections Asian Communication Resource Centre (WKWSCI-01-18): Communication and Information Studies collections Business Library (N2-B2b-07): Business collection and media services Chinese Library (S3.2-85-01): Chinese collection Humanities and Social Sciences Library (S4-B3c): Humanities and Social/Sciences collections Lee Wee Nam Library (NS3-03-01): Engineering and Science collections Wang Gungwu Library (CHC-02) : Overseas Chinese collection For more information and access to resources, visit

Smart classroom

Learning Pod @South Spine

Practice your presentation in the recording room at Lee Wee Nam Library

Lee Wee Nam Library






Student Organisations
Cultural performances, sporting events and many recreational pursuits enliven student life throughout the year. With more than 100 student organisations dedicated to diverse interests from astronomy to ballroom dancing to current affairs and community work, there is bound to be one that will catch your fancy. Search Clubssocieties.aspx to know more.

Sports and Games

Keen on sports? Whether you are a recreational or a competitive athlete, there are programmes and activities that will suit you. You are welcome to make use of the sporting and recreational facilities at the Sports and Recreation Centre. Visit campuslife/SportsAndRecreation/Pages/default.aspx to learn more.

Adventure/Water Sports Canoeing Dragon Boat Lifeguard Corps Mountaineering Outdoor Adventure Scuba Diving Swimming Wakeboarding Windsurfing Water Polo Yachting

Field Sports Cricket Hockey Rugby Soccer Softball Touch Football

Other Sports Air Rifle Aquathlon Archery Bowling Canoe Polo Cheerleading Fencing Golf Inline Skating Runners Club Snooker and Pool Track and Field Ultimate Frisbee

Mind Games Chinese Chess Contact Bridge International Chess Weiqi

Ball Games Basketball Floorball Handball Netball Volleyball

Martial Arts Aikido Judo Shitoryu Karate Silat Taekwondo



Meals on Campus

Postal, Banking and Retail

The NTU canteens, cafes and restaurants offer a wide variety of food. A meal in the canteen costs an average of $4 but is subject to your food preference. Please visit for a list of the canteens, cafes and restaurants. Postal Facilities SAM Machines

There are various amenities that can be found on-campus. For an updated list of facilities, please visit http://

Location North Spine, Level 1, outside Cheers South Spine, Level B3 NIE Canteen, Level 2 Location North Spine, Level 1, near N2.1 South Spine, Level B3 Near Canteen 2 North Spine, Level 1, near N2.1 North Spine, Level 1, near N2.1 South Spine, Level B3 Canteen 2 North Spine, Level 1, near N2.1 North Spine, Level 1, near N2.1

Banking Facilities OCBC Bank (NTU Branch) OCBC ATM Citibank ATM POSB ATM

State Bank of India ATM UOB ATM


Retail Outlets Campus Book Centre Eight Flags Computer Systems & Supplies Nanyang Hair Corner Giant Supermarket 7-Eleven Convenience Store Cheers Convenience Store Yunnan Bookstore Other Facilities AXS (Prepaid card top-up, bill payment and other transactions) Photo-Me (Instant photo taking)

Location NIE 4-B1-10 South Spine, Level B3 Next to Canteen 2 Next to Canteen 2 Near Canteen 2 North Spine, Level 1, near N2.1 South Spine, S4-B5A-01 Location Blk N2.1 South Spine, Level B3 Blk N2.1 South Spine, Level B3

For a list of supermarkets that are near to NTU campus, please refer to the table as follows. Supermarkets Giant Supermarket Location IMM Shopping Centre, 2 Jurong East Street 21 Singapore 609601 Pioneer Mall, Blk 638 Jurong West Street 61 #03-01 Singapore 640638 NTUC Fairprice Extra (24-hour) Prime Supermarket Jurong Point Shopping Mall, 63 Jurong West Central 3 #03-01 Singapore 648331 Blk 763 Jurong West Street 75 #01-01 Singapore 640763 Blk 962 Jurong West Street 91 #01-300 Singapore 640962 Sheng Shiong Supermarket Blk 544 Jurong West Street 42 #01-97/99 Singapore 640544 3 Yuan Ching Road #01-01A/02 Singapore 618642 7 Jurong West Avenue 5 #01-01/08 Singapore 649486



Estimated Living Costs

Item On-Campus Undergraduate Housing On-Campus Graduate Housing Meals Personal Expenses Transport for Travel within Singapore Textbooks and Course Materials Note: *Varies with room type and subject to revision #Varies according to lifestyle Estimated Monthly Expenses# $195 - $330* $310 - $1,100* $300 - $400 $200 - $400# $100 $200 - $500 per academic year

Money Management Tips

The Student Wellbeing Centre has valuable tips on money management at their website. Please visit www. to know more about the tips.

Part-Time Jobs outside Campus

Prior approval from the university is required for matriculated international students to work parttime. Undergraduates should contact the Student Affairs Ofce while graduate students should contact the ISC. A fresh application is required for each job. Scholarship holders require the additional approval of their sponsors. Full-time matriculated international undergraduates and graduate students may work a maximum of 16 hours a week during term time and full-time during the vacation.

Financial Assistance
Need nancial help? Loans are available for students in need. Learn more about nancial assistance schemes from the information provided in the admissions package or from Freshmen/FreshmenGuide/FinancialMatters/Pages/ FinancialAssistanceSchemes.aspx.

Part-Time Jobs on Campus under Work Study Scheme (undergraduates only)

Undergraduates working part-time on campus may work a maximum of 14 hours a week during term time and nine hours a day or 44 hours a week during the vacation. Prior approval from the university is not required. International students on exchange or in nongraduating programmes may not engage in any parttime work in Singapore. For more information, please visit Pages/ParttimeEmployment.aspx.

Part-Time Employment
The ISC does not recommend that international students rely on part-time work as a source of funds. Doing so is very risky as part-time work may not be available when needed nor will it provide sufcient funds to sustain your stay. Students who wish to take up part-time work for the experience should note the following:



ABOUT SINGAPORE Know what to do and where to visit to experience Singapores way of living. Read more about her transportation system and travel like a local does in Singapore.




Singapore, ofcially the Republic of Singapore, is a Southeast Asian city-state off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, 137 kilometres north of the equator. It is an island country made up of 63 islands, separated from Malaysia by the Straits of Johor to its north and from Indonesias Riau Islands by the Singapore Strait to its south. She has a land area of about 710 square kilometres, making her one of the smallest countries in the world and the smallest in the region hence the moniker The Little Red Dot. Although small in size, Singapore commands an enormous presence in the world

today with its free trade economy and highly efcient workforce. With her strategic location in the region, it has enabled her to become a central sea port along major shipping routes. The current population in Singapore is about ve million, with English as the main language of instruction, and a mother tongue for each major ethnicity. There are four major races namely the Chinese (majority), Malay, Indian and Eurasian. Each community offers a different perspective of life in Singapore in terms of culture, religion, food and language.


Experience Singapore
Being a multi-racial society, Singapore is as diverse as it is cohesive. Beyond the history, culture, people, shopping and food, there are many more facets to Singapores thriving cityscape for you to discover. These can only be experienced as you immerse yourself in the exploration of this once shing village turned cosmopolitan city. To read more about Singapore, visit and

Old World Charm

If you are interested to discover the old world charm, you can explore and experience the islands key historical landmarks or memorials. You can embark on a heritage trail to enjoy the sights and sounds at various cultural precincts, such as the following.

A visit to Chinatown promises fascinating encounters with local customs and lifestyles.

Helix Bridge
Walk across this architectural marvel and admire the Singapore skyline.

Kampong Glam
Explore the alleys of Kampong Glam for exotic treats and buys.

Little India
Little India fascinates with shops selling everything from spices to ower garlands.

Modern City
If you prefer the bright city lights and being amidst the hustle and bustle, then you will be delighted to know that there are numerous shopping malls, museums, and dining and entertainment hotspots to choose from.

Orchard Road & Marina Bay Sands

Spend a day in Orchard Road and Marina Bay Sands. You will understand why Singapore is dubbed a shoppers paradise.

Clarke Quay/Boat Quay & Marina Bay

Experience Singapore nightlife activities at the club in these locations. You can also nd Avalon, one of Hollywoods hottest clubs at Marina Bay.

Helix Bridge

Singapore skyline

Geylang Serai

Night Safari

Little India



The other thing that will strike you most about Singapore is its multifarious offering of food regardless day or night. With a range of dining options from Peranakan to Chinese, Indian to Malay, fusion and more, youll be spoilt for choice.

Chinatown Complex Market

Blk 335 Smith Street S050335 Located in the heartland of Chinatown. Have a meal with the locals and explore the shops of Chinatown.

East Coast Lagoon Food Village

1220 East Coast Parkway S468960 Tuck into scrumptious local fare after cycling or rollerblading at East Coast Park

Chomp Chomp Food Centre

20 Kensington Park Road S557269 Located at Serangoon Garden, this hawker has a wide variety of food at a reasonable price.

Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre

1 Geylang Serai S402001 Sample traditional Malay fare at this market and the eateries in Geylang Serai

Golden Mile Food Centre

505 Beach Road S199583 Popular for its wide array of local fare

Lau Pat Sat Festival Market

18 Rafes Quay S048582 Largest remaining Victorian ligree cast-iron structure in Southeast Asia built in 1894 and is now a food centre offering a wide variety of local food

Holland Village Market and Food Centre

1 Lorong Mambong S277700 Holland Village is popular for its al fresco caf culture

Newton Circus Food Centre

500 Clemenceau Avenue North S229495 Popular with tourists and locals

Maxwell Road Hawker Centre

1 Kadayanallur Street S069184 This centrally-located food centre is packed to the brim during peak hours.

Peoples Park Cooked Food Centre

Blk 32 New Market Road S050032 A good destination for traditional local fare after shopping in Chinatown

Old Airport Road Food Centre

Blk 51 Old Airport Road S390051

Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre Tekka Centre

Blk 665 Buffalo Road S210665 Located in the heart of Little India 30 Seng Poh Road S168898 Popular with locals for its wide array of dishes

Clementi Market and Food Centre

Blk 353 Clementi Avenue 2 #01-108 S120353 Surrounded by HDB shops that offer household items at a bargain price


Arts and Culture

Singapore thrives with arts and cultural events. Visit these places to know more.

Esplanade Theatres on the Bay

Engage in the arts at this distinctive landmark.

Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium

Step back in time and learn about the history of the ancient maritime trade.

National Museum of Singapore

93 Stamford Road S178897 Visit its Singapore History and Living Galleries to learn about Singapore culture and also its 11 National Treasures.

Singapore Discovery Centre

Learn more about Singapore through SDCs fascinating exhibits.

ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands

10 Bayfront Avenue S018956

Asian Civilisations Museum

1 Empress Place S179555

Chinatown Heritage Centre

48 Pagoda Street S198501

Malay Heritage Centre

85 Sultan Gate S198501

Peranakan Museum
39 Armenian Street S179941

Community and Sporting Activities

The Peoples Association promotes social cohesion in Singapore through its network of grassroots organisations and community clubs. Visit to learn about the activities of the community club near you. For Singapores sporting calendar, please visit

Besides major holidays, you can look forward to a vibrant calendar of events in Singapore. These are some of the events that are held in Singapore.

Chingay Parade Singapore Dragon Boat Festival Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard F1 Singapore Grand Prix Great Singapore Sale Mosaic Music Festival National Day Parade and celebrations

Singapore Arts Festival Singapore Food Festival Singapore River Festival Singapore Sun Festival World Gourmet Summit ZoukOut



National Parks oversees the development of Singapore as a Garden City. Visit for information on the parks and nature reserves in Singapore as well as information on free nature appreciation walks.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Discover the rich ora and fauna of this reserve as you climb Bukit Timah Singapores highest hill.

East Coast Park

A well-loved destination of Singaporeans for barbecues, cycling, rollerblading and water sports.

Gardens By The Bay

Spanning 101 hectare, this superpark houses over a quarter of a million rare plants in huge domed conservatories.

Jurong Bird Park

The largest bird park and a haven for 8,000 birds representing species. Visit for details.

MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Explore its scenic and tranquil nature trails and go on a treetop walk.

Night Safari
As dusk falls, observe over 1,000 nocturnal animals upclose.

Labrador Nature Reserve

An oasis of tranquillity and natural wonder. A staircase built on the edge of the secondary forest offers a prime view of the cliff side vegetation coupled with a panoramic view of the sea.

Fronting the main Istana Gate, Istana Park provides a vantage point for people keen to view the monthly changing of guards ceremony at the Istana.

Marina Barrage Jurong Central Park

It is the rst in Singapore to have life-sized board-game features. It is situated across Boon Lay MRT Station. Catch the grandeur of the Singapore Flyer and the Central Business District skyline at this rst reservoir in the heart of the city.

Mount Faber Park

From this park, you can take a cable car to Sentosa Island. A mural wall depicting scenes of local history can be seen at Upper Faber Point, the highest point in the park.

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

The Ridges comprise of 9km of green, open spaces spanning the hills of Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Kent Ridge Park. The main highlights are the Forest Walk and Canopy Walk.

Youth Olympic Park

The Youth Olympic Park is named after the inaugural Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore in August 2010. A broadwalk connects the Park to Marina Promenade.

Fancy a day island hopping? Sentosa has a well-mixed of activities ranging from the thrilling rides at Universal Studio and surf at 10-foot FlowBarrel wave, to learn about Singapores past at several historical landmarks. Visit to read more.


Travelling within Singapore

Travelling within Singapore is a breeze with its advanced transportation system. This is a list of phone booking hotlines for the respective Taxi Companies.

Taxis can be agged down at any time of the day at a taxi stand and along any public road outside of the Central Business District (CBD). Alternatively you can book a taxi with any of the Taxi Company via phone call where a booking fee is applicable. To know the booking amount, please check with the individual taxi company. All taxis in Singapore are metered. The fares must be charged according to the taxi meter based on the ag down rate, distance travelled and applicable surcharge (such as midnight surcharge, peak hour surcharge, location surcharge and Electronic Road Pricing charges). Please take note that each taxi company imposes different surcharge and ag down rate. You may need to check with the driver or Taxi Company on the surcharge before boarding the taxi. Should you wish to retain a receipt, you need to request for it at the end of the trip. Payment is usually by cash although some Taxi Companies do accept credit cards/NETs payment.

Common Taxi Booking Number

(+65 6-DIAL-CAB) +65 6342-5222

Comfort & CityCab

+65 6552-1111

Premier Taxi
+65 6363-6888

Smart Cab
+65 6485-7777

+65 6555-8888

Trans-Cab Services
+65 6555-3333

Prime Taxi
+65 6778-0808



Public buses operate from 5.30am to midnight daily and the frequencies range from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. The information panels at the bus stops provide useful route and fare information for the bus services available at that stop. The buses pick up and drop off passengers only at designated bus-stops. You need to ag down the bus you wish to board at the bus-stop. For all bus trips, you can pay using exact cash or ez-link card (please refer to Contactless Smart (CEPAS-Compliant) Cards section). For more information, please visit sg or

Queue System
It is an unspoken rule that commuters must queue at bus-stops, taxi stands and train stations to board and alight from buses, taxis and trains. This applies to service and retail outlets throughout Singapore as well.

Contactless Smart (CEPAS-Compliant) Cards

To ease the need of carrying sufcient cash for travelling, you may wish to purchase an ez-link card or a NETS FlashPay card. These are contactless tap-andgo Smart cards for public transit use on the MRT, LRT and buses. You can get them from the network of sales points within most MRT stations and 7-Eleven stores. Please visit or for more information on the Smart cards.

Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) & Light Rapid Transit (LRT)

Commuters in Singapore enjoy a comprehensive public transport network similar to other developed cities. There are also LRT systems that link MRT stations within the HDB housing estates. Both MRT and LRT operate from 5.30am to midnight daily. The rst and last train departure times vary between stations, as well as weekends and Public Holidays. For fare information, you may wish to use the easyto-use maps at the MRT ticketing machines. Please visit or should you wish to know more information on public transport fares and MRT map.

Changi Airport
Changi Airport is the main airport in Singapore and a major aviation hub in Southeast Asia. Please visit www. to view the Airport interactive map and access the guide for arriving passengers.


International Student Centre Student Affairs Ofce, Nanyang Technological University 42, Nanyang Avenue, Student Services Centre Level 6, Singapore 639815 Tel: (65) 6790 6823 | Fax: (65) 6793 4558 | Email: | Website: